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# CEDICT Mon Apr 28 13:31:43 2003; Copyright 2003; -*- coding: cn-gb-2312 -*-呵 [a1] /(phonetic particle)/阿 [a1] /an initial particle/prefix to names of people/啊 [a1] /(interj.)/ah/阿比西尼亚 [a1 bi3 xi1 ni2 ya4] /Abyssinia/阿比西尼亚人 [a1 bi3 xi1 ni2 ya4 ren2] /Abyssinian (person)/阿波罗 [a1 bo1 luo2] /Apollo/阿不来提.阿不都热西提 [a1 bu4 lai2 ti2 a1 bu4 du1 re4 xi1 ti2] /Abdulaidi Amudurexiti (chairman of Xinjiang autonomous region)/阿昌族 [a1 chang1 zu2] /the Achang nationality living in Yunnan/阿多尼斯 [a1 duo1 ni2 si1] /Adonis/阿尔巴尼亚 [a1 er3 ba1 ni2 ya4] /Albania/阿尔巴尼亚人 [a1 er3 ba1 ni2 ya4 ren2] /Albanian (person)/阿尔法 [a1 er3 fa4] /alpha/阿尔及利亚 [a1 er3 ji2 li4 ya4] /Algeria/阿飞 [a1 fei1] /hoodlum/阿伏伽德罗定律 [a1 fu2 jia1 de2 luo2 ding4 lu:4] /Avogadro's law/阿富汗 [a1 fu4 han4] /Afghanistan/Afghan/阿哥 [a1 ge1] /(regional expr.) elder brother/阿根廷 [a1 gen1 ting2] /Argentina/阿克伦 [a1 ke4 lun2] /Acheron/阿肯色 [a1 ken3 se4] /Arkansas/阿空加瓜 [a1 kong1 jia1 gua1] /Aconcagua/阿拉巴马 [a1 la1 ba1 ma3] /Alabama (U.S. state)/阿拉伯 [a1 la1 bo2] /Arabian/Arabic/Arab/阿拉伯文 [a1 la1 bo2 wen2] /Arabic (language)/阿拉伯语 [a1 la1 bo2 yu3] /Arabic (language)/阿拉丁 [a1 la1 ding1] /Aladdin/阿拉摩 [a1 la1 mo2] /Alamo/阿拉木图 [a1 la1 mu4 tu2] /Almaty (capital of Kazakhstan)/阿拉斯加 [a1 la1 si1 jia1] /Alaska/阿拉塔斯 [a1 la1 ta3 si1] /(Ali) Alatas (Indonesian Foreign Minister)/阿里 [a1 li3] /Ali (proper name)/阿曼 [a1 man4] /Oman/阿们 [a1 men2] /amen/阿米巴 [a1 mi3 ba1] /amoeba/阿摩尼亚 [a1 mo2 ni2 ya4] /ammonia/阿摩司书 [a1 mo2 si1 shu1] /Book of Amos/阿片 [a1 pian4] /opium/阿奇里斯 [a1 qi2 li3 si1] /Aeschylus/阿奇历斯 [a1 qi2 li4 si1] /Achilles/阿塞拜疆 [a1 sai4 bai4 jiang1] /Azerbaijan/阿司匹林 [a1 si1 pi3 lin2] /aspirin/阿托品 [a1 tuo1 pin3] /atropine/阿旺曲沛 [a1 wang4 qu3 pei4] /Ngawang Choepel (Tibetan, Fulbright scholar)/啊呀 [a1 ya1] /oh/阿姨 [a1 yi2] /auntie/啊 [a2] /an interjection/to express doubt or to question/to show realization/to stress/嗄 [a2] /ah (exclamatory part.)/啊 [a3] /(interj. for surprise)/阿 [a4] /(phonetic character)/啊 [a4] /oh (interjection)/阿 [a5] /(final part.)/(interj.)/啊 [a5] /(a modal particle showing affirmation, approval, or consent)/哀 [ai1] /sorrow/grief/pity/to grieve for/to pity/to lament/哎 [ai1] /an interjection/hey/lookout/why etc/唉 [ai1] /an interjection/to express realization or agreement (yes, oh, right, etc)/埃 [ai1] /dirt/dust/angstrom/挨 [ai1] /lean to/in order/in sequence/哀兵必胜 [ai1 bing1 bi4 sheng4] /an army burning with righteous indignation is bound to win/哀愁 [ai1 chou2] /sad/sorrowful/哀辞 [ai1 ci2] /lament/挨次 [ai1 ci4] /one after another/in turn/one by one/哀悼 [ai1 dao4] /grieve (mourn) over somebody's death/lament somebody's death/哀告 [ai1 gao4] /beg piteously/supplicate/哀歌 [ai1 ge1] /a mournful song/dirge/elegy/挨个儿 [ai1 ge4 er2] /one by one/in turn/哀号 [ai1 hao2] /cry piteously/wail/哀鸿遍野 [ai1 hong2 bian4 ye3] /a land swarming with disaster victims/埃及 [ai1 ji2] /Egypt/挨近 [ai1 jin4] /get close to/be near to/哀怜 [ai1 lian2] /feel compassion for/pity/埃米尔 [ai1 mi3 er3] /emir/哀鸣 [ai1 ming2] /a plaintive whine/wail/哀泣 [ai1 qi4] /wail/哀求 [ai1 qiu2] /entreat/implore/埃塞俄比亚 [ai1 sai4 e2 bi3 ya4] /Ethiopia/哀伤 [ai1 shang1] /grieved/sad/distressed/唉声叹气 [ai1 sheng1 tan4 qi4] /heave deep sighs/sign in despair/哀失 [ai1 shi1] /bereavement/哀思 [ai1 si1] /pensive/grief/哀叹 [ai1 tan4] /lament/bewail/bemoan/哀痛 [ai1 tong4] /grief/deep sorrow/哎呀 [ai1 ya1] /Damn/Ah/My God/哎哟 [ai1 you1] /hey/ow/ouch/哀怨 [ai1 yuan4] /sad/plaintive/哀乐 [ai1 yue4] /funeral music/dirge/挨 [ai2] /next to/suffer (hunger)/endure/drag out/delay/stall/play for time/捱 [ai2] /dawdle/suffer/皑 [ai2] /white (of snow/etc.)/癌 [ai2] /cancer/挨打 [ai2 da3] /take a beating/get a thrashing/come under attack/矮 [ai3] /short (not tall)/嗳 [ai3] /(interj. of disapproval)/蔼 [ai3] /friendly/霭 [ai3] /cloudy sky/friendly/矮凳 [ai3 deng4] /low stool/矮墩墩 [ai3 dun1 dun1] /pudgy/dumpy/stumpy/矮杆品种 [ai3 gan3 pin3 zhong3] /short-stalked variety/short straw variety/矮个儿 [ai3 ge4 er2] /a person of short stature/a short person/矮林 [ai3 lin2] /coppice/brushwood/矮胖 [ai3 pang4] /short and stout/dumpy/roly-poly/矮小 [ai3 xiao3] /short and small/low and small/undersized/矮星 [ai3 xing1] /dwarf (star)/矮壮素 [ai3 zhuang4 su4] /cycocel/矮子 [ai3 zi3] /a short person/dwarf/矮子里拔将军 [ai3 zi3 li3 ba2 jiang1 jun1] /choose the best person available/艾 [ai4] /(surname)/Artemisia vulgaris/Chinese mugwort/唉 [ai4] /alas/oh dear/爱 [ai4] /to love/affection/to be fond of/to like/隘 [ai4] /a pass or defile/narrow/confined/in distress/嗳 [ai4] /(interj. of regret)/暧 [ai4] /obscure/clandestine/瑷 [ai4] /jasper/precious stone/碍 [ai4] /to hinder/to obstruct/to block/嫒 [ai4] /your daughter (hon.)/爱不释手 [ai4 bu4 shi4 shou3] /fondle admiringly/爱称 [ai4 cheng1] /term of endearment/pet name/diminutive/爱戴 [ai4 dai4] /love and esteem/爱德华 [ai4 de2 hua2] /Edward/艾德蕾德 [ai4 de2 lei3 de2] /Adelaide/爱德玲 [ai4 de2 ling2] /Adeline/艾迪生 [ai4 di2 sheng1] /Addison/爱尔兰 [ai4 er3 lan2] /Ireland/爱抚 [ai4 fu3] /to show tender care for/to care for (affectionately)/爱国 [ai4 guo2] /patriotic/love of country/patriotism/爱国者 [ai4 guo2 zhe3] /patriot/爱好者 [ai4 hao3 zhe3] /lover (of art, sports, etc)/amateur/enthusiast/fan/爱好 [ai4 hao4] /to like/to be fond of/to be keen on/interest/hobby/爱护 [ai4 hu4] /cherish/treasure/take good care of/艾姬 [ai4 ji1] /Aggie/爱克斯光 [ai4 ke4 si1 guang1] /X-ray/Roentgen ray/隘口 [ai4 kou3] /(mountain) pass/爱理不理 [ai4 li3 bu4 li3] /look cold and indifferent/be standoffish/爱怜 [ai4 lian2] /show tender affection for/爱恋 [ai4 lian4] /be in love with/feel deeply attached to/隘路 [ai4 lu4] /defile/narrow passage/暧昧 [ai4 mei4] /illicit/shady/ambiguous/爱面子 [ai4 mian4 zi3] /be concerned about face-saving/be sensitive about one's reputation/爱莫能助 [ai4 mo4 neng2 zhu4] /willing to help but unable to do so/爱慕 [ai4 mu4] /adore/admire/爱情 [ai4 qing2] /love (between man and woman)/爱人如己 [ai4 ren2 ru2 ji3] /love others as self/爱人 [ai4 ren5] /spouse/husband/wife/sweetheart/艾绒 [ai4 rong2] /moxa/碍事 [ai4 shi4] /(adj) be of importance/(adj) inconvenient; obstructive/爱屋及乌 [ai4 wu1 ji2 wu1] /love me/love my dog/爱惜 [ai4 xi2] /cherish/treasure/use sparingly/爱因斯坦 [ai4 yin1 si1 tan3] /Einstein/爱游玩 [ai4 you2 wan2] /playful/爱憎 [ai4 zeng1] /love and hate/艾炷 [ai4 zhu4] /moxa cone/艾滋病 [ai4 zi1 bing4] /AIDS/艾滋病病毒 [ai4 zi1 bing4 bing4 du2] /AIDS virus/艾滋病患者 [ai4 zi1 bing4 huan4 zhe3] /AIDS patient/艾滋病抗体 [ai4 zi1 bing4 kang4 ti3] /AIDS antibody/安 [an1] /content/calm/still/quiet/to pacify/peace/氨 [an1] /ammonia/庵 [an1] /hut/Buddhist convent/small Buddhist temple/鞍 [an1] /saddle/谙 [an1] /be versed in/know well/鹌 [an1] /quail/桉 [an1] /eucalyptus globulus/安保 [an1 bao3] /(abbreviation) maintain security/安瓿 [an1 bu4] /ampoule/安步当车 [an1 bu4 dang4 che1] /walk over leisurely instead of riding in a carriage/walk rather than ride/安插 [an1 cha1] /place in a certain position/assign to a job/plant/鹌鹑 [an1 chun2] /quail/安第斯山 [an1 di4 si1 shan1] /the Andes mountain range/安定 [an1 ding4] /stable/quiet/settled/stabilize/maintain/stabilized/calm and orderly/安定化 [an1 ding4 hua4] /stabilization/安顿 [an1 dun4] /find a place for/help settle down/arrange for/undisturbed/peaceful/安放 [an1 fang4] /lay/place/put in a certain place/安分 [an1 fen4] /not go beyond one's bounds/be law-abiding/安分守己 [an1 fen4 shou3 ji3] /abide by the law and behave oneself/know one's place/安抚 [an1 fu3] /placate/pacify/appease/安哥拉 [an1 ge1 la1] /Angola/安好 [an1 hao3] /safe and sound/well/安华 [an1 hua2] /Anwar/安徽 [an1 hui1] /Anhui (province)/安徽省 [an1 hui1 sheng3] /(N) Anhui, an east central China province/氨基 [an1 ji1] /amino/amino-group/安家 [an1 jia1] /settle down/set up a home/安家落户 [an1 jia1 luo4 hu4] /make one's home in a place/settle/安静 [an1 jing4] /quiet/peaceful/calm/安居乐业 [an1 ju1 le4 ye4] /live and work in peace and contentment/安康 [an1 kang1] /good health/安乐 [an1 le4] /peace and happiness/安理会 [an1 li3 hui4] /UN Security Council/谙练 [an1 lian4] /conversant/skilled/proficient/安谧 [an1 mi4] /tranquil/peaceful/安眠 [an1 mian2] /sleep peacefully/安眠酮 [an1 mian2 tong2] /methaqualone/hyminal/安眠药 [an1 mian2 yao4] /sleeping pill/安民告示 [an1 min2 gao4 shi4] /a notice to reassure the public/advance notice (of an agenda/安娜 [an1 na4] /Anna (person's name)/安乃近 [an1 nai3 jin4] /analgin/安南 [an1 nan2] /[Kofi] Annan [UN Secretary General]/安宁 [an1 ning2] /peaceful/tranquil/calm/composed/free from worry/安宁片 [an1 ning2 pian4] /meprobamate/安排 [an1 pai2] /to arrange/to plan/to set up/to set up/安培 [an1 pei2] /ampere/安全 [an1 quan2] /safe/secure/safety/security/安全带 [an1 quan2 dai4] /seat belt/安全灯 [an1 quan2 deng1] /safety lamp/safelight/安全考虑 [an1 quan2 kao3 lu:4] /security consideration/安全理事会 [an1 quan2 li3 shi4 hui4] /the U.N. security Council/安全问题 [an1 quan2 wen4 ti2] /safety issue/security issue/安全性 [an1 quan2 xing4] /security/safety/安全与交换委员会 [an1 quan2 yu3 jiao1 huan4 wei3 yuan2 hui4] /Securities and Exchange Communication/SEC/安然 [an1 ran2] /safely/peacefully/at a rest/安如磐石 [an1 ru2 pan2 shi2] /as solid as rock/安如泰山 [an1 ru2 tai4 shan1] /as secure as Mount Taishan/as solid as a rock/安设 [an1 she4] /install/set up/安身 [an1 shen1] /make one's home/take shelter/安身立命 [an1 shen1 li4 ming4] /settle down and get on with one's pursuit/安神 [an1 shen2] /calm (soothe) the nerves/relieve uneasiness of body and mind/安生 [an1 sheng1] /peaceful/restful/quiet/still/安适 [an1 shi4] /quiet and comfortable/安提瓜岛 [an1 ti2 gua1 dao3] /Antigua/安土重迁 [an1 tu3 zhong4 qian1] /hate to leave a place where one has lived long/be attached to one's native land and unwilling to leave it/安危 [an1 wei1] /safety and danger/safety/安慰 [an1 wei4] /comfort/console/安稳 [an1 wen3] /smooth and steady/安息 [an1 xi2] /rest/go to sleep/rest in peace/ Parthia/安息日 [an1 xi2 ri4] /Sabbath/安祥 [an1 xiang2] /serene/composed/unruffled/安详 [an1 xiang2] /serene/安歇 [an1 xie1] /go to bed/retire for the night/安心 [an1 xin1] /feel at ease/be relieved/set one's mind at rest/keep one's mind on something/安逸 [an1 yi4] /easy and comfortable/easy/安营 [an1 ying2] /pitch a camp/camp/安葬 [an1 zang4] /bury (the dead)/安之若素 [an1 zhi1 ruo4 su4] /bear hardship with equanimity/regard wrongdoing with equanimity/安置 [an1 zhi4] /find a place for/help settle down/arrange for/安装 [an1 zhuang1] /install/erect/fix/mount/installation/俺 [an3] /I (northern dialects)/铵 [an3] /ammonium/岸 [an4] /bank/shore/beach/coast/按 [an4] /to press (with the hand)/to push/to control/to restrain/to check/pressing down (brush movement in painting)/according to/in the light of/案 [an4] /(legal) case/incident/record/file/table/暗 [an4] /dark/gloomy/hidden/secret/黯 [an4] /deep black/dark/犴 [an4] /jail/胺 [an4] /amine/暗 [an4] /to shut the door/unilluminated/暗暗 [an4 an4] /secretly/inwardly/案板 [an4 ban3] /kneading or chopping board/暗堡 [an4 bao3] /bunker/岸边 [an4 bian1] /shore/岸标 [an4 biao1] /lighthouse/shore beacon/按兵不动 [an4 bing1 bu4 dong4] /not throw the troops into battle/bide one's time/take on action/按步就班 [an4 bu4 jiu4 ban1] /follow the prescribed order/keep to conventional ways/暗藏 [an4 cang2] /hide/conceal/暗娼 [an4 chang1] /unlicensed (unregistered) prostitute/暗潮 [an4 chao2] /undercurrent/案称 [an4 cheng4] /counter scale/暗袋 [an4 dai4] /camera bag (for changing film)/暗淡 [an4 dan4] /dim/faint/dismal/gloomy/暗地里 [an4 de5 li3] /secretly/inwardly/on the sly/暗害 [an4 hai4] /kill secretly/stab in the back/暗号 [an4 hao4] /secret signal (sign)/countersign/cipher/暗合 [an4 he2] /agree without prior consultation/(happen to) coincide/暗河 [an4 he2] /underground river/暗盒 [an4 he2] /magazine/cassette/暗花儿 [an4 hua1 er2] /a veiled design incised in porcelain or woven in fabric/暗疾 [an4 ji2] /unmentionable disease/a disease one is shamed of/暗记儿 [an4 ji4 er2] /secret mark/暗间儿 [an4 jian1 er2] /inner room/案件 [an4 jian4] /law case/legal case/judicial case/暗箭 [an4 jian4] /attack by a hidden enemy/a stab in the back/暗礁 [an4 jiao1] /submerged reef (rock)/暗井 [an4 jing3] /blind shaft/winze/案卷 [an4 juan4] /records/files/archives/按劳分配 [an4 lao2 fen1 pei4] /distribution according to work /按理 [an4 li3] /according to reason/in the ordinary course of events/normally/按立 [an4 li4] /ordination/暗流 [an4 liu2] /undercurrent/按脉 [an4 mai4] /feel (take) the pulse/按摩 [an4 mo2] /massage/按捺 [an4 na4] /restrain/control/按钮 [an4 niu3] /push button/按期 [an4 qi2] /on schedule/on time/案情 [an4 qing2] /details of a case/case/岸然 [an4 ran2] /solemn/serious/暗杀 [an4 sha1] /assassinate/暗伤 [an4 shang1] /internal (invisible) injury (damage)/岸上 [an4 shang4] /ashore/按时 [an4 shi2] /on time/before deadline/on schedule/暗示 [an4 shi4] /drop a hint/hint/suggest/suggestion/暗室 [an4 shi4] /darkroom/暗适应 [an4 shi4 ying4] /dark adaptation/按手礼 [an4 shou3 li3] /ordination/按说 [an4 shuo1] /in the ordinary course of events/ordinarily/normally/暗送秋波 [an4 song4 qiu1 bo1] /make eyes at sb/while others are not looking/stealthily give sb/the glad eye/make secret overtures to sb/暗算 [an4 suan4] /plot against/暗锁 [an4 suo3] /built-in lock/暗滩 [an4 tan1] /hidden shoal/暗探 [an4 tan4] /secret agent/detective/案头 [an4 tou2] /on one's desk/按图索骥 [an4 tu2 suo3 ji4] /try to locate sth/by following up a clue/按蚊 [an4 wen2] /anopheles/malarial mosquito/案文 [an4 wen2] /text/暗无天日 [an4 wu2 tian1 ri4] /complete darkness/total absence of justice/按下葫芦浮起瓢 [an4 xia4 hu2 lu2 fu2 qi3 piao2] /solve one problem only to find another cropping up/暗线光谱 [an4 xian4 guang1 pu3] /dark-line spectrum/暗箱 [an4 xiang1] /camera bellows/camera obscura/暗笑 [an4 xiao4] /laugh in (up) one's sleeve/snigger/snicker/按需分配 [an4 xu1 fen1 pei4] /distribution according to need/案验 [an4 yan4] /investigate the evidence of a case/暗影 [an4 ying3] /shadow/umbra/案由 [an4 you2] /main points of a case/brief/summary/按语 [an4 yu3] /note/comment/暗语 [an4 yu3] /code word/按照 [an4 zhao4] /according to/in accordance with/in the light of/on the basis of/按照法律 [an4 zhao4 fa3 lu:4] /according to the law/按照计划 [an4 zhao4 ji4 hua4] /according to (the) plan .../按照字面 [an4 zhao4 zi4 mian4] /literally/暗中 [an4 zhong1] /in the dark/in secret/on the sly/surreptitiously/暗转 [an4 zhuan3] /blackout/暗自 [an4 zi4] /inwardly/to oneself/secretly/案子 [an4 zi5] /long table/counter/ case/law case/legal case/judicial case/肮 [ang1] /dirty/filthy/肮 [ang1] /filthy/肮脏 [ang1 zang1] /dirty/filthy/昂 [ang2] /high/soaring/raise/lift/expensive/to raise one's head/昂 [ang2] /high/raise (head)/昂昂 [ang2 ang2] /high-spirited/brave-looking/昂贵 [ang2 gui4] /expensive/costly/昂然 [ang2 ran2] /upright and unafraid/昂首阔步 [ang2 shou3 kuo4 bu4] /stride forward with one's chin up/stride proudly ahead/昂扬 [ang2 yang2] /high-spirited/盎 [ang4] /abundant/bowl/dish/pot/盎然 [ang4 ran2] /abundant/full/overflowing/exuberant/盎司 [ang4 si1] /ounce/凹 [ao1] /a depression/indentation/concave/hollow/熬 [ao1] /to boil/stew/to simmer/凹岸 [ao1 an4] /concave bank/凹板 [ao1 ban3] /intaglio/gravure/凹槽 [ao1 cao2] /socket/凹洞 [ao1 dong4] /cavity/pit/凹度 [ao1 du4] /concavity/凹面镜 [ao1 mian4 jing4] /concave mirror/凹透镜 [ao1 tou4 jing4] /concave lens/凹凸印刷 [ao1 tu1 yin4 shua1] /embossing/die stamping/凹凸轧花 [ao1 tu1 zha2 hua1] /embossing/凹陷 [ao1 xian4] /hollow/sunken/depressed/敖 [ao2] /ramble/嗷 [ao2] /loud clamor/the sound of wailing/熬 [ao2] /endure/to boil/遨 [ao2] /make excursion/ramble/travel/翱 [ao2] /soar/hover/聱 [ao2] /difficult to pronounce/鏖 [ao2] /violent fighting/廒 [ao2] /granary/獒 [ao2] /mastiff/螯 [ao2] /Astacus fluviatilis/nipper/鳌 [ao2] /sea turtle/嗷嗷待哺 [ao2 ao2 dai4 bu3] /cry piteously for food/熬煎 [ao2 jian1] /suffering/torture/翱翔 [ao2 xiang2] /hover/soar/熬夜 [ao2 ye4] /stay up late or all night/遨游 [ao2 you2] /roam/travel/媪 [ao3] /old woman/袄 [ao3] /coat/jacket/short and lined coat or robe/拗 [ao4] /bend/break in two/傲 [ao4] /proud/overbearing/insolent/arrogant/奥 [ao4] /obscure/mysterious/懊 [ao4] /to regret/澳 [ao4] /Australia/deep bay/cove/bay/harbor/坳 [ao4] /a depression/cavity/hollow/骜 [ao4] /a noble steed/untamed/傲岸 [ao4 an4] /proud/haughty/澳大利亚 [ao4 da4 li4 ya4] /Australia/Australian/奥德赛 [ao4 de2 sai4] /The Odyssey, by Homer/奥德修斯 [ao4 de2 xiu1 si1] /Odysseus/奥地利 [ao4 di4 li4] /Austria/奥尔布赖特 [ao4 er3 bu4 lai4 te4] /(Madeleine) Albright (US Secretary of State)/傲骨 [ao4 gu3] /lofty and unyielding character/懊悔 [ao4 hui3] /feel remorse/repent/regret/奥克拉荷马 [ao4 ke4 la1 he2 ma3] /Oklahoma/奥克拉荷马市 [ao4 ke4 la1 he2 ma3 shi4] /Oklahoma City/拗口 [ao4 kou3] /hard to pronounce/awkward-sounding/奥林匹克 [ao4 lin2 pi3 ke4] /Olympic/傲慢 [ao4 man4] /arrogant/haughty/澳门 [ao4 men2] /Aomen/Macao/奥秘 [ao4 mi4] /(n) profound; deep; a mystery/奥秘 [ao4 mi4] /profound mystery/懊恼 [ao4 nao3] /annoyed/vexed/upset/傲气 [ao4 qi4] /air of arrogance/haughtiness/傲然 [ao4 ran2] /loftily/proudly/unyieldingly/懊丧 [ao4 sang1] /dejected/despondent/depressed/傲视 [ao4 shi4] /turn up one's nose/show disdain for/regard superciliously/拗陷 [ao4 xian4] /geological depression/奥运村 [ao4 yun4 cun1] /Olympic Village/奥运会 [ao4 yun4 hui4] /Olympic Games/澳洲 [ao4 zhou1] /Australia (continent)/八 [ba1] /eight/8/巴 [ba1] /(suff. for certain nouns)/to hope/to wish/叭 [ba1] /denote a sound or sharp noise (gunfire/etc)/扒 [ba1] /climb/pull (out)/to strip/hold on to/cling to/dig up/rake/push aside/吧 [ba1] /(onomat.)/dumb/芭 [ba1] /a herb/banana/疤 [ba1] /scar/捌 [ba1] /complicated form of the numeral eight/split/笆 [ba1] /an article made of bamboo strips/fence/粑 [ba1] /tsamba (food in Tibet)/巴巴多斯 [ba1 ba1 duo1 si1] /Barbados/八宝 [ba1 bao3] /eight treasures/八倍体 [ba1 bei4 ti3] /octoploid/巴比伦 [ba1 bi3 lun2] /Babylon/巴比妥 [ba1 bi3 tuo3] /barbitone/barbital/巴不得 [ba1 bu4 de2] /anxious/look forward to/earnestly wish for/巴布亚新几内亚 [ba1 bu4 ya4 xin1 ji3 nei4 ya4] /Papau New Guinea/八成 [ba1 cheng2] /eighty percent/most probably/most likely/八带鱼 [ba1 dai4 yu2] /octopus/扒钉 [ba1 ding1] /cramp/笆斗 [ba1 dou3] /round-bottomed basket/巴豆 [ba1 dou4] /(purging) croton/八度 [ba1 du4] /octave/巴儿狗 [ba1 er2 gou3] /pekingese (a breed of dog)/sycophant/lackey/巴尔 [ba1 er3] /Baltic/巴尔干 [ba1 er3 gan1] /Balkan/巴尔舍夫斯基 [ba1 er3 she3 fu1 si1 ji1] /(Charlene) Barshefsky, US trade negotiator/八方 [ba1 fang1] /the eight points of the compass/all directions/八分音符 [ba1 fen1 yin1 fu2] /quaver/eighth note/八哥儿 [ba1 ge1 er2] /myna/巴格达 [ba1 ge2 da2] /Baghdad/八股 [ba1 gu3] /eight -part essay/stereotyped writing/八卦 [ba1 gua4] /the Eight Diagrams/八国联军 [ba1 guo2 lian2 jun1] /the Eight Power Allied Force/巴哈马 [ba1 ha1 ma3] /the Bahamas/疤痕 [ba1 hen2] /scar/八会穴 [ba1 hui4 xue2] /the Eight Strategic Nerve Points/巴基斯坦 [ba1 ji1 si1 tan3] /Pakistan/八级风 [ba1 ji2 feng1] /force 8 wind/fresh gale/八级工 [ba1 ji2 gong1] /eight grade worker/top-grade worker/八级工资制 [ba1 ji2 gong1 zi1 zhi4] /eight grade wage scale (system)/芭蕉 [ba1 jiao1] /plantain/芭蕉扇 [ba1 jiao1 shan4] /palm-leaf fan/八角 [ba1 jiao3] /anise/star anise/aniseed/octagonal/八角枫 [ba1 jiao3 feng1] /alangium/巴结 [ba1 jie2] /fawn on/curry favor with/make up to/八九不离十 [ba1 jiu3 bu4 li2 shi2] /pretty close/very near/about right/八开 [ba1 kai1] /octavo/巴克夏猪 [ba1 ke4 xia4 zhu1] /Berkshire (swine)/巴枯宁主义 [ba1 ku1 ning2 zhu3 yi4] /Bakuninism/扒拉 [ba1 la1] /push lightly/巴拉圭 [ba1 la1 gui1] /Paraguay/巴勒斯坦 [ba1 le4 si1 tan3] /Palestine/芭蕾舞 [ba1 lei3 wu3] /ballet/巴黎 [ba1 li2] /Paris/巴林 [ba1 lin2] /Bahrain/八路军 [ba1 lu4 jun1] /the Eighth Route Army/八面玲珑 [ba1 mian4 ling2 long2] /be smooth and slick (in establishing social relations)/巴拿马 [ba1 na2 ma3] /Panama/八年 [ba1 nian2] /eight years/八旗 [ba1 qi2] /the "Eight Banners" (military organization in Qing Dynasty)/八千 [ba1 qian1] /eight thousand/8000/八十 [ba1 shi2] /eighty/80/巴斯克 [ba1 si1 ke4] /Basque/巴斯克语 [ba1 si1 ke4 yu3] /Basque (language)/巴松管 [ba1 song1 guan3] /bassoon/八天 [ba1 tian1] /eight-day/eight days/巴望 [ba1 wang4] /look forward to/巴西 [ba1 xi1] /Brazil/八仙 [ba1 xian1] /the Eight Immortals/八仙桌 [ba1 xian1 zhuo1] /old fashioned square table to seat eight people/八小时工作制 [ba1 xiao3 shi2 gong1 zuo4 zhi4] /eight hour working day/八月 [ba1 yue4] /eighth month/August/巴掌 [ba1 zhang3] /palm/hand/八字 [ba1 zi4] /character 8/Eight Characters/拔 [ba2] /pull up/pull out/select/promote/跋 [ba2] /travel/walk/茇 [ba2] /betel/菝 [ba2] /smilax china/魃 [ba2] /drought demon/拔除 [ba2 chu2] /pull out/remove/拔掉 [ba2 diao4] /to pluck/拔钉锤 [ba2 ding1 chui2] /claw hammer/拔顶 [ba2 ding3] /topping/拔毒 [ba2 du2] /draw out pus by applying a plaster to the affected area/拔根 [ba2 gen1] /uproot/拔罐子 [ba2 guan4 zi3] /cupping technique used in traditional Chinese medicine/拔海 [ba2 hai3] /elevation (above sea level)/拔河 [ba2 he2] /tug-of-war/跋扈 [ba2 hu4] /domineering/bossy/拔火罐儿 [ba2 huo3 guan4 er5] /detachable stove chimney/拔尖儿 [ba2 jian1 er5] /tiptop/top notch/拔节 [ba2 jie2] /jointing/拔锚 [ba2 mao2] /weigh anchor/拔苗助长 [ba2 miao2 zhu4 zhang3] /spoil things through excessive enthusiasm/拔染 [ba2 ran3] /discharge/跋涉 [ba2 she4] /trudge/trek/拔丝 [ba2 si1] /wire drawing/candied floss/拔秧 [ba2 yang1] /pull up seedlings (for transplanting)/拔营 [ba2 ying2] /strike camp/把 [ba3] /(a measure word)/(marker for direct-object)/to hold/to contain/to grasp/to take hold of/靶 [ba3] /target/mark/钯 [ba3] /palladium/把柄 [ba3 bing3] /handle/靶场 [ba3 chang3] /shooting range/range/把持 [ba3 chi2] /control/dominate/monopolize/靶船 [ba3 chuan2] /target ship/把舵 [ba3 duo4] /hold the rudder/hold (take/be at) the helm/steer/把风 [ba3 feng1] /keep watch (during a clandestine activity)/be on the lookout/把关 [ba3 guan1] /guard a pass/check on/靶机 [ba3 ji1] /target drone/把酒 [ba3 jiu3] /raise one's wine cup/fill a wine cup for sb/把式 [ba3 shi4] /person skilled in a trade/skill/把手 [ba3 shou3] /handle/grip/knob/把守 [ba3 shou3] /guard/把头 [ba3 tou2] /labor contractor/gangmaster/把稳 [ba3 wen3] /trustworthy/dependable/把握 [ba3 wo4] /grasp/seize/hold/assurance/certainty/把戏 [ba3 xi4] /acrobatics/jugglery/cheap trick/game/靶心 [ba3 xin1] /bull's eye/把兄弟 [ba3 xiong1 di4] /sworn brothers/靶纸 [ba3 zhi3] /target sheet/靶子 [ba3 zi3] /target/把 [ba4] /handle/爸 [ba4] /father/dad/pa/papa/耙 [ba4] /a rake/harrow/罢 [ba4] /to stop/cease/dismiss/suspend/to quit/to finish/霸 [ba4] /feudal chief/rule by force/tyrant/lord/master/hegemon/usurp/坝 [ba4] /dam/dyke/embankment/灞 [ba4] /name of a river/爸爸 [ba4 ba5] /(informal) father/罢黜 [ba4 chu4] /dismiss from office/ban/reject/霸道 [ba4 dao4] /overbearing/high-handed/(of liquor, medicine, etc) strong/potent/(feudal) rule by force/罢工 [ba4 gong1] /strike/go on strike/罢官 [ba4 guan1] /dismiss from office/罢教 [ba4 jiao4] /teacher's strike/罢课 [ba4 ke4] /student's strike/罢了 [ba4 le5] /a modal particle indicating (that's all, only, nothing much)/罢了 [ba4 liao3] /a modal particle indicating (don't mind it, ok)/罢论 [ba4 lun4] /abandoned idea/罢免 [ba4 mian3] /recall/霸权 [ba4 quan2] /hegemony/supremacy/罢市 [ba4 shi4] /shopkeeper's strike/罢手 [ba4 shou3] /give up/霸王 [ba4 wang2] /Xiang4Yu3 (232-202 BC) the Conqueror/overlord/despot/霸王鞭 [ba4 wang2 bian1] /a rattle stick used in folk dancing/rattle stick dance/罢休 [ba4 xiu1] /give up/abandon (a goal, etc)/let it go/forget it/let matter drop/霸占 [ba4 zhan4] /forcibly occupy/seize/霸主 [ba4 zhu3] /a powerful chief of the princes of the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC)/overlord/hegemon/把子 [ba4 zi3] /handle/吧 [ba5] /(modal particle indicating polite suggestion)/...right?/...OK?/罢 [ba5] /(final part.)/掰 [bai1] /to break with both hands/白 [bai2] /white/snowy/empty/blank/bright/clear/plain/pure/gratuitous/白矮星 [bai2 ai3 xing1] /white dwarf/白白 [bai2 bai2] /in vain/to no purpose/for nothing/白班儿 [bai2 ban1 er5] /day shift/白报纸 [bai2 bao4 zhi3] /newsprint/白壁微瑕 [bai2 bi4 wei1 xia2] /a slight blemish/白壁无瑕 [bai2 bi4 wu2 xia2] /impeccable moral integrity/白冰冰 [bai2 bing1 bing1] /Pai Ping-ping (well-known Taiwan performing artist)/白布 [bai2 bu4] /plain white cloth/calico/白菜 [bai2 cai4] /Chinese cabbage/白痴 [bai2 chi1] /idiocy/idiot/白痴 [bai2 chi1] /idiot/白炽 [bai2 chi4] /white heat/incandescence/白搭 [bai2 da1] /no use/no good/白蛋白 [bai2 dan4 bai2] /albumin/白道 [bai2 dao4] /moon's path/白饭 [bai2 fan4] /plain cooked rice/rice with nothing to go with it/白匪 [bai2 fei3] /White bandits/白费 [bai2 fei4] /waste/白粉病 [bai2 fen3 bing4] /powdery mildew/白干儿 [bai2 gan1 er2] /spirit/白宫 [bai2 gong1] /White House/白骨 [bai2 gu3] /bones of the dead/白骨顶 [bai2 gu3 ding3] /coot/白果 [bai2 guo3] /ginkgo/白鹤 [bai2 he4] /white crane/白喉 [bai2 hou2] /diphtheria/白狐 [bai2 hu2] /arctic fox/白花花 [bai2 hua1 hua1] /shining white/白花蛇 [bai2 hua1 she2] /long-nosed pit viper (agkistrodon acutus)/白话 [bai2 hua4] /vernacular/白化病 [bai2 hua4 bing4] /albinism/白僵蚕 [bai2 jiang1 can2] /the larva of silkworm with batrytis/白金 [bai2 jin1] /platinum/白金汉宫 [bai2 jin1 han4 gong1] /Buckingham Palace/白净 [bai2 jing4] /(of skin) fair and clear/白酒 [bai2 jiu3] /spirit usually distilled from sorghum or maize/white spirit/白卷 [bai2 juan4] /blank examine paper/白开水 [bai2 kai1 shui3] /plain boiled water/白口铁 [bai2 kou3 tie3] /white iron/白蜡 [bai2 la4] /white wax/insect wax/白兰地 [bai2 lan2 di4] /brandy/白痢 [bai2 li4] /dysentery characterized by white mucous stool/white diarrhea/白脸 [bai2 lian3] /white face/face painting in Beijing Opera/etc/白磷 [bai2 lin2] /white phosphorus/白令海 [bai2 ling4 hai3] /the Bering Sea/白榴石 [bai2 liu2 shi2] /leucite/白露 [bai2 lu4] /White Dew (15th solar term)/白茫茫 [bai2 mang2 mang2] /(of mist, snow, floodwater, etc) a vast expanse of whiteness/白煤 [bai2 mei2] /anthracite/hard coal/white coal/waterpower/白米 [bai2 mi3] /(polished) rice/白棉纸 [bai2 mian2 zhi3] /stencil tissue paper/白面 [bai2 mian4] /wheat flour/flour/白面儿 [bai2 mian4 er5] /heroin/白面书生 [bai2 mian4 shu1 sheng1] /pale-faced scholar/白描 [bai2 miao2] /line drawing in traditional ink and brush style/simple and straightforward style of writing/白木耳 [bai2 mu4 er3] /tremella/白内障 [bai2 nei4 zhang4] /cataract/白砒 [bai2 pi1] /white arsenic/arsenic trioxide/白皮书 [bai2 pi2 shu1] /white paper/white book/白皮松 [bai2 pi2 song1] /lacebark pine/白旗 [bai2 qi2] /white flag/白区 [bai2 qu1] /White Area/白屈菜 [bai2 qu1 cai4] /greater celandine/白热 [bai2 re4] /white heat/incandescence/白热化 [bai2 re4 hua4] /turn white hot/白人 [bai2 ren2] /white man and woman/白刃 [bai2 ren4] /naked sword/白日做梦 [bai2 ri4 zuo4 meng4] /day dream/indulge in wishful thinking/白肉 [bai2 rou4] /plain boiled pork/白色 [bai2 se4] /white (color)/White (as a symbol of reaction)/白色人种 [bai2 se4 ren2 zhong3] /the white race/白色体 [bai2 se4 ti3] /leucoplast/白芍 [bai2 shao2] /(peeled) root of herbaceous peony (Paeonia Lactiflora)/白蛇传 [bai2 she2 zhuan4] /Tale of the White Snake/Madam White Snake/白手起家 [bai2 shou3 qi3 jia1] /build up from nothing/start from scratch/白薯 [bai2 shu3] /sweet potato/白水泥 [bai2 shui3 ni2] /white cement/白苏 [bai2 su1] /common perilla/白素贞 [bai2 su4 zhen1] /(name of a person) Bai Suzhen, from Madam White Snake/白糖 [bai2 tang2] /(refined) white sugar/白陶 [bai2 tao2] /white pottery (of Shang Dynastry 16-11th century BC)/白体 [bai2 ti3] /lean type/白天 [bai2 tian1] /daytime/during the day/day/白铁 [bai2 tie3] /galvanized iron/白铜 [bai2 tong2] /copper-nickel alloy/白头 [bai2 tou2] /hoary head/old age/白头翁 [bai2 tou2 weng1] /root of Chinese pulsatilla/Chinese bulbul/白头谐老 [bai2 tou2 xie2 lao3] /live to ripe old age in conjugal bliss/remain a devoted couple to the end of their lives/白文 [bai2 wen2] /the text of an annotated book/an unannotated edition of a book/intagliated characters (on a seal)/白钨矿 [bai2 wu1 kuang4] /scheelite/白细胞 [bai2 xi4 bao1] /white blood cell/leucocyte/白晓燕 [bai2 xiao3 yan4] /Pai Hsiao-yen (daughter of Pai Ping-ping)/白血病 [bai2 xie3 bing4] /leukemia/白血球 [bai2 xie3 qiu2] /white blood cell/leucocyte/白熊 [bai2 xiong2] /polar bear/white bear/白眼 [bai2 yan3] /supercilious look/白眼珠 [bai2 yan3 zhu1] /the white of the eye/白杨 [bai2 yang2] /poplar/白夜 [bai2 ye4] /white night/白衣战士 [bai2 yi1 zhan4 shi4] /warrior in white/medical worker/白蚁 [bai2 yi3] /termite/white ant/白银 [bai2 yin2] /silver/白鱼 [bai2 yu2] /whitefish/白云母 [bai2 yun2 mu3] /muscovite/white mica/白云石 [bai2 yun2 shi2] /dolomite/白纸黑字 [bai2 zhi3 hei1 zi4] /(written) in black and white/白种 [bai2 zhong3] /the white race/白昼 [bai2 zhou4] /daytime/白术 [bai2 zhu2] /the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes (Atractylodes macrocephaia)/白字 [bai2 zi4] /wrongly written and mispronounced character/白族 [bai2 zu2] /the Bai (Pai) nationality/living in Yunnan/百 [bai3] /hundred/佰 [bai3] /(complicated form of) hundred (used to avoid fraud)/柏 [bai3] /(surname)/cedar/cypress/摆 [bai3] /pendulum/to place/to display/to swing/to oscillate/to show/to move/to exhibit/捭 [bai3] /spread out/to open/百般 [bai3 ban1] /in hundred and one ways/in every possible way/by every means/百倍 [bai3 bei4] /a hundredfold/a hundred times/摆布 [bai3 bu4] /order about/manipulate/百步穿杨 [bai3 bu4 chuan1 yang2] /shoot with great precision/百尺杆头更尽一步 [bai3 chi3 gan1 tou2 geng4 jin4 yi1 bu4] /make still further progress/百川归海 [bai3 chuan1 gui1 hai3] /all things tends in one direction/摆荡吊环 [bai3 dang4 diao4 huan2] /swinging rings/摆动 [bai3 dong4] /swing/sway/百读不厌 [bai3 du2 bu4 yan4] /be worth reading a hundred times/摆渡 [bai3 du4] /ferry/百端待举 [bai3 duan1 dai4 ju3] /a thousand things remain to be done/numerous tasks remain to be undertaken/百儿八十 [bai3 er2 ba1 shi2] /about a hundred/a hundred or so/百发百中 [bai3 fa1 bai3 zhong4] /every shot hits the target/shoot with unfailing accuracy/be a crack shot/百废俱兴 [bai3 fei4 ju4 xing1] /all neglected tasks are being undertaken/full scale reconstruction is under way/百分 [bai3 fen1] /percent/percentage/百分比 [bai3 fen1 bi3] /percentage/百分点 [bai3 fen1 dian3] /percentage point/百分率 [bai3 fen1 lu:4] /percentage/per cent/百分数 [bai3 fen1 shu4] /percentage/百分之 [bai3 fen1 zhi1] /percent/百分之百 [bai3 fen1 zhi1 bai3] /a hundred percent/out and out/absolutely/百分之九十 [bai3 fen1 zhi1 jiu3 shi2] /90 percent/百分之十 [bai3 fen1 zhi1 shi2] /ten percent/百分之五十 [bai3 fen1 zhi1 wu3 shi2] /fifty percent/百分制 [bai3 fen1 zhi4] /hundred mark system/百感交集 [bai3 gan3 jiao1 ji2] /all sorts of feelings well up in one's heart/百合 [bai3 he2] /lily/百合花 [bai3 he2 hua1] /lily/百花齐放 [bai3 hua1 qi2 fang4] /(saying) a hundred flowers bloom; let the arts have free expression/百货 [bai3 huo4] /general merchandise/百家争鸣 [bai3 jia1 zheng1 ming2] /(saying) let a hundred schools of thought strive/摆架子 [bai3 jia4 zi3] /put on airs/assume great airs/百科全书 [bai3 ke1 quan2 shu1] /encyclopedia/百孔千疮 [bai3 kong3 qian1 chuang1] /riddled with gaping wounds/afflicted with all ills/摆阔 [bai3 kuo4] /parade one's wealth/be ostentatious and extravagant/百里挑一 [bai3 li3 tiao1 yi1] /one in a hundred/cream of the crop/百炼成钢 [bai3 lian4 cheng2 gang1] /be tempered into a steel/百灵 [bai3 ling2] /lark/摆龙门阵 [bai3 long2 men2 zhen4] /chat/gossip/spin a yarn/摆轮 [bai3 lun2] /balance (of a watch or clock)/balance wheel/摆门面 [bai3 men2 mian4] /keep up appearances/百米赛跑 [bai3 mi3 sai4 pao3] /100-meter dash/百慕大 [bai3 mu4 da4] /Bermuda/百年 [bai3 nian2] /a hundred years/a century/lifetime/百年大计 [bai3 nian2 da4 ji4] /a project of vital and lasting importance/摆弄 [bai3 nong4] /move back and forth/fiddle with/摆设 [bai3 she4] /furnish and decorate (a room)/摆设儿 [bai3 she4 er5] /ornaments/furnishings/百十 [bai3 shi2] /a hundred or so/摆事实讲道理 [bai3 shi4 shi2 jiang3 dao4 li3] /present the facts and reason things out/百事通 [bai3 shi4 tong1] /knowledgeable person/know all/柏树 [bai3 shu4] /cypress tree/百思不解 [bai3 si1 bu4 jie3] /remain puzzled after pondering over sth/a hundred times/remain perplexed despite much thought/摆摊子 [bai3 tan1 zi3] /set up a stall/maintain a large staff and organization/百听不厌 [bai3 ting1 bu4 yan4] /worth hearing a hundred times/摆脱 [bai3 tuo1] /break away from/cast away (old ideas, etc.)/to get rid of/to break away (from)/to break out (of)/free (extricate) oneself from/摆脱危机 [bai3 tuo1 wei1 ji1] /to break out of a crisis/百万 [bai3 wan4] /million/millions/百万富翁 [bai3 wan4 fu4 weng1] /millionaire/百闻不如一见 [bai3 wen2 bu4 ru2 yi1 jian4] /seeing for oneself is a hundred times better than hearing from others/百无聊赖 [bai3 wu2 liao2 lai4] /bored to death/bored stiff/overcome with boredom/百无一失 [bai3 wu2 yi1 shi1] /no danger of anything going wrong/no risk at all/百姓 [bai3 xing4] /common people/摆样子 [bai3 yang4 zi3] /do sth/for show/百叶窗 [bai3 ye4 chuang1] /shutter/blind/百叶箱 [bai3 ye4 xiang1] /thermometer screen/百依百顺 [bai3 yi1 bai3 shun4] /docile and obedient/all obedience/百战百胜 [bai3 zhan4 bai3 sheng4] /emerge victorious in every battle/be ever-victorious/百折不挠 [bai3 zhe2 bu4 nao2] /keep on fighting in spite of all setbacks/be undaunted by repeated setbacks/be indomitable/摆钟 [bai3 zhong1] /pendulum clock/摆子 [bai3 zi3] /malaria/百足之虫死而不僵 [bai3 zu2 zhi1 chong2 si3 er2 bu4 jiang1] /a centipede dies but never falls down/old institutions die hard/拜 [bai4] /to pay respect/worship/visit/salute/败 [bai4] /be defeated/to defeat/loss/呗 [bai4] /to chant/捭 [bai4] /weed/稗 [bai4] /millet/Panicum crus/拜把子 [bai4 ba3 zi5] /become sworn brothers/败北 [bai4 bei3] /suffer defeat/lose a battle/败笔 [bai4 bi3] /a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting/a faulty expression in writing/拜别 [bai4 bie2] /take leave of/拜倒 [bai4 dao3] /prostrate oneself/fall on one's knees/grovel/拜访 [bai4 fang3] /pay a visit/call on/败坏 [bai4 huai4] /ruin/corrupt/undermine/拜会 [bai4 hui4] /pay an official call/call on/visit in an official capacity/败火 [bai4 huo3] /relieve inflammation or internal heat/败绩 [bai4 ji1] /be utterly defeated/be routed/败家子 [bai4 jia1 zi3] /spendthrift/wastrel/prodigal/拜见 [bai4 jian4] /pay a formal visit/call to pay respects/meet one's senior or superior/拜金主义 [bai4 jin1 zhu3 yi4] /money worship/败局 [bai4 ju2] /lost game/losing battle/败类 [bai4 lei4] /scum of a community/degenerate/败露 [bai4 lu4] /(of a plot/etc/) fall through and stand exposed/败落 [bai4 luo4] /decline (in wealth and position)/拜年 [bai4 nian2] /pay a New Year call/wish sb a Happy New Year/拜寿 [bai4 shou4] /congratulate an elderly person on his birthday/offer birthday felicitations/败诉 [bai4 su4] /lose a lawsuit/败退 [bai4 tui4] /retreat in defeat/拜托 [bai4 tuo1] /request sb/to do sth/拜望 [bai4 wang4] /call to pay one's respect/call on/败胃 [bai4 wei4] /spoil one's appetite/拜物教 [bai4 wu4 jiao4] /fetishism/败兴 [bai4 xing4] /disappointed/败血症 [bai4 xue4 zheng4] /septicaemia/拜谒 [bai4 ye4] /pay a formal visit/call to pay respects/pay homage (at a monument, mausoleum, etc)/败仗 [bai4 zhang4] /lost battle/defeat/败阵 [bai4 zhen4] /be defeated on the battlefield/be beaten in a contest/败子回头 [bai4 zi3 hui2 tou2] /return of the prodigal son/扳 [ban1] /to pull or draw (up or out)/班 [ban1] /team/class/rank/squad/a work shift/a measure word/(a surname)/般 [ban1] /sort/kind/class/way/manner/斑 [ban1] /variegated/搬 [ban1] /remove/transport/move/shift/颁 [ban1] /promulgate/send out/issue/to grant or confer/瘢 [ban1] /mark/scar on the skin/斑白 [ban1 bai2] /grizzled/greying/斑斑 [ban1 ban1] /full of stains or spots/斑驳 [ban1 bo2] /mottled/motley/斑驳陆离 [ban1 bo2 lu4 li2] /variegated/颁布 [ban1 bu4] /promulgate/issue/publish/扳不倒儿 [ban1 bu4 dao3 er5] /tumbler/roly-poly/班车 [ban1 che1] /regular bus (service)/斑翅山鹑 [ban1 chi4 shan1 chun2] /partridge/班次 [ban1 ci4] /order of classes or grades at school/number of runs or flights/扳道员 [ban1 dao4 yuan2] /pointsman/switchman/班底 [ban1 di3] /ordinary members of theatrical troupe/斑点 [ban1 dian3] /spot/stain/speckle/颁发 [ban1 fa1] /issue/promulgate/award/班房 [ban1 fang2] /jail/颁给 [ban1 gei3] /confer/瘢痕 [ban1 hen2] /scar/扳机 [ban1 ji1] /trigger/班机 [ban1 ji1] /airliner/airplane/plane/班级 [ban1 ji2] /classes or grades in school/搬家 [ban1 jia1] /move (house)/斑羚 [ban1 ling2] /goral/班轮 [ban1 lun2] /regular passenger or cargo ship/regular steamship service/斑马 [ban1 ma3] /zebra/班门弄斧 [ban1 men2 nong4 fu3] /display one's slight skill before an expert/搬弄 [ban1 nong4] /move sth/about/fiddle with/show off/display/搬弄是非 [ban1 nong4 shi4 fei1] /sow discord/tell tales/make mischief/班期 [ban1 qi1] /schedule (for flight/voyage/etc/)/班师 [ban1 shi1] /withdraw troops from the front/return after victory/扳手 [ban1 shou3] /spanner/wrench/lever (on a machine)/斑纹 [ban1 wen2] /stripe/streak/班务会 [ban1 wu4 hui4] /a routine meeting of a squad/team or class/颁行 [ban1 xing2] /issue for enforcement/搬运 [ban1 yun4] /carry/transport/班长 [ban1 zhang3] /class monitor/squad leader/team leader/斑竹 [ban1 zhu2] /mottled bamboo/班主任 [ban1 zhu3 ren4] /a teacher in charge of a class/扳子 [ban1 zi5] /spanner/wrench/班子 [ban1 zi5] /organized group/theatrical troupe/班组 [ban1 zu3] /teams and groups (in factories/etc/)/阪 [ban3] /a slope/hillside/板 [ban3] /board/plank/plate/slab/版 [ban3] /a register/a block of printing/an edition/version/page/舨 [ban3] /sampan/钣 [ban3] /metal plate/sheet of metal/板 [ban3] /boss/板板六十四 [ban3 ban3 liu4 shi2 si4] /unaccommodating/rigid/版本 [ban3 ben3] /version/edition/release/板壁 [ban3 bi4] /wooden partition/板擦儿 [ban3 ca1 er2] /blackboard eraser/版次 [ban3 ci4] /the order in which editions are printed/板凳 [ban3 deng4] /wooden bench or stool/板斧 [ban3 fu3] /broad axe/板鼓 [ban3 gu3] /a small drum for marking time/板规 [ban3 gui1] /plate gauge/板胡 [ban3 hu2] /a bowed stringed instrument with a thin wooden soundboard/版画 [ban3 hua4] /a picture printed from an engraved or etched plate/print/板结 [ban3 jie2] /harden/版刻 [ban3 ke4] /carving/engraving/板栗 [ban3 li4] /Chinese chestnut/板梁桥 [ban3 liang2 qiao2] /plate girder bridge/版面 [ban3 mian4] /space of a whole page/layout (makeup) of a printed sheet/板皮 [ban3 pi2] /slab/版权 [ban3 quan2] /copyright/板上钉钉 [ban3 shang4 ding1 ding1] /that clinches it/that's final/no two ways about it/版式 [ban3 shi4] /format/板书 [ban3 shu1] /writing on the blackboard/板刷 [ban3 shua1] /scrubbing brush/版税 [ban3 shui4] /royalty (on books)/板条 [ban3 tiao2] /lath/板条箱 [ban3 tiao2 xiang1] /crate/版图 [ban3 tu2] /domain/territory/板鸭 [ban3 ya1] /pressed (dried) salted duck/板牙 [ban3 ya2] /front tooth/incisor/molar/screw die/threading die/板烟 [ban3 yan1] /plug (of tobacco)/板岩 [ban3 yan2] /slate/板眼 [ban3 yan3] /measure in traditional Chinese music/orderliness/板油 [ban3 you2] /leaf fat/leaf lard/板羽球 [ban3 yu3 qiu2] /battledore and shuttlecock/shuttlecock/板纸 [ban3 zhi3] /paperboard/board/板滞 [ban3 zhi4] /stiff/dull/板桩 [ban3 zhuang1] /sheet pile/板子 [ban3 zi5] /board/plank/bamboo or birch for corporal punishment/半 [ban4] /half/semi-/incomplete/(after a number) and a half/half/伴 [ban4] /a partner/companion or associate/to accompany/comrade/扮 [ban4] /to disguise oneself/to dress up/adorn/拌 [ban4] /to mix/mix in/to toss (a salad)/绊 [ban4] /to trip/stumble/hinder/办 [ban4] /to do/to manage/to handle/to go about/to run/to set up/to deal with/瓣 [ban4] /petal/section/办案 [ban4 an4] /to handle a case/半白 [ban4 bai2] /fifty (years of age)/半半拉拉 [ban4 ban4 la1 la1] /incomplete/unfinished/办报 [ban4 bao4] /to run a newspaper/半辈子 [ban4 bei4 zi5] /half of a lifetime/半壁江山 [ban4 bi4 jiang1 shan1] /half of country/半边 [ban4 bian1] /half of sth/one side of sth/半边天 [ban4 bian1 tian1] /half the sky/women of the new society/women folk/半场 [ban4 chang3] /half of a game or contest/half-court/伴唱 [ban4 chang4] /vocal accompaniment/accompany a singer/support of sb/echo sb/chime in with sb/半成品 [ban4 cheng2 pin3] /semi-manufactured goods/semi-finished articles/semi-finished products/半岛 [ban4 dao3] /peninsula/半导体 [ban4 dao3 ti3] /semiconductor/绊倒 [ban4 dao4] /stumble/办到 [ban4 dao4] /to accomplish/to get sth done/半点 [ban4 dian3] /the least bit/半吊子 [ban4 diao4 zi5] /dabbler/smatterer/tactless and impulsive person/办法 [ban4 fa3] /means/method/way (to do something)/半封建 [ban4 feng1 jian4] /semi-feudal/半复赛 [ban4 fu4 sai4] /eighth finals/办公 [ban4 gong1] /handle official business/work (usually in an office)/半工半读 [ban4 gong1 ban4 du2] /part work/part study/work-study program/半公开 [ban4 gong1 kai1] /semi-overt/more or less open/办公室 [ban4 gong1 shi4] /office/办公自动化 [ban4 gong1 zi4 dong4 hua4] /office automation/半官方 [ban4 guan1 fang1] /semi-official/半规管 [ban4 gui1 guan3] /semicircular canal/拌和 [ban4 he2] /mix and stir/blend/半价 [ban4 jia4] /half price/绊脚石 [ban4 jiao3 shi2] /stumbling block/obstacle/半截 [ban4 jie2] /half (of a section)/半斤八两 [ban4 jin1 ba1 liang3] /not much to choose between the two/tweedledum and tweedledee/半径 [ban4 jing4] /radius/半决赛 [ban4 jue2 sai4] /semifinals/半空中 [ban4 kong1 zhong1] /in mid air/in the air/半拉 [ban4 la1] /half/半劳动力 [ban4 lao2 dong4 li4] /one able to do light manual labor only/semi-able-bodied or part time (farm) worker/办理 [ban4 li3] /to handle/to transact/to conduct/半流体 [ban4 liu2 ti3] /semi-fluid/半路 [ban4 lu4] /halfway/midway/on the way/半路出家 [ban4 lu4 chu1 jia1] /switch to a job one was not trained for/伴侣 [ban4 lu:3] /companion/mate/partner/拌面 [ban4 mian4] /noodles served with soy sauce/sesame butter etc/瓣膜 [ban4 mo2] /valve/半年 [ban4 nian2] /half a year/半票 [ban4 piao4] /half-price ticket/half fare/半瓶醋 [ban4 ping2 cu4] /dabbler/smatterer/半旗 [ban4 qi2] /half-mast/半球 [ban4 qiu2] /hemisphere/半日制学校 [ban4 ri4 zhi4 xue2 xiao4] /half-day (or double-shift school)/半身像 [ban4 shen1 xiang4] /half-length photo or portrait/bust/半生 [ban4 sheng1] /half a lifetime/伴生气 [ban4 sheng1 qi4] /associated gas/半失业 [ban4 shi1 ye4] /semi-employed/partly employed/underemployed/办事 [ban4 shi4] /to handle (affairs)/to work/办事处 [ban4 shi4 chu4] /office/agency/半熟练 [ban4 shou2 lian4] /semi-skilled/半数 [ban4 shu4] /half the number/half/半数以上 [ban4 shu4 yi3 shang4] /more than half/半衰期 [ban4 shuai1 qi1] /half-life/伴随 [ban4 sui2] /to follow/to accompany/半天 [ban4 tian1] /half of the day/a long time/quite a while/半透明 [ban4 tou4 ming2] /translucent/semitransparent/半途 [ban4 tu2] /halfway/midway/半途而废 [ban4 tu2 er2 fei4] /give up halfway/leave sth/unfinished/半脱产 [ban4 tuo1 chan3] /partly released from productive labor/partly released from one's regular work/半文盲 [ban4 wen2 mang2] /semiliterate/半响 [ban4 xiang3] /half the day/a long time/quite a while/扮相 [ban4 xiang4] /the appearance of an actor or actress in costume or makeup/半信半疑 [ban4 xin4 ban4 yi2] /half-believe, half-doubt/伴星 [ban4 xing1] /companion (star)/办学 [ban4 xue2] /to run a school/扮演 [ban4 yan3] /play the part of/act/半夜 [ban4 ye4] /midnight/in the middle of the night/半夜三更 [ban4 ye4 san1 geng1] /in the depth of night/late at night/半以上 [ban4 yi3 shang4] /more than half/半圆 [ban4 yuan2] /semicircle/半月刊 [ban4 yue4 kan1] /semimonthly/fortnightly/半载 [ban4 zai4] /half load/半真半假 [ban4 zhen1 ban4 jia3] /(adj) half true and half false/半职 [ban4 zhi2] /part-time work/半中腰 [ban4 zhong1 yao1] /middle/halfway/拌种 [ban4 zhong3] /seed dressing/扮装 [ban4 zhuang1] /makeup/半自动 [ban4 zi4 dong4] /semi-automatic/半自耕农 [ban4 zi4 geng1 nong2] /semi-tenant peasant/semi-owner peasant/伴奏 [ban4 zou4] /to accompany (musically)/拌嘴 [ban4 zui3] /bicker/squabble/quarrel/办罪 [ban4 zui4] /to punish/邦 [bang1] /a state/country or nation/梆 [bang1] /watchman's rattle/傍 [bang1] /near (approaching)/帮 [bang1] /to assist/to support/to help/group/gang/party/帮办 [bang1 ban4] /assist in managing/deputy/磅秤 [bang1 cheng4] /scale/platform balance/帮厨 [bang1 chu2] /help in the mess kitchen/帮倒忙 [bang1 dao4 mang2] /be more of a hindrance than a help/帮工 [bang1 gong1] /help with farm work/helper/帮会 [bang1 hui4] /secret society/underworld gang/邦交 [bang1 jiao1] /relations between two countries/diplomatic relations/邦联 [bang1 lian2] /confederation/帮忙 [bang1 mang2] /help/give (lend) a hand/do a favor/do a good turn/帮派 [bang1 pai4] /faction/帮腔 [bang1 qiang1] /vocal accompaniment in some traditional Chinese operas/帮手 [bang1 shou5] /helper/assistant/帮闲 [bang1 xian2] /hang on to and serve the rich and powerful by literary hack work/etc/帮凶 [bang1 xiong1] /accomplice/accessory/帮助 [bang1 zhu4] /assistance/aid/to help/to assist/梆子 [bang1 zi3] /watchman's clapper/wooden clappers with bars of unequal length/梆子腔 [bang1 zi3 qiang1] /a general term for local operas in Shangxi, Henan, Hebei, Shandong, etc/the music of such operas/帮子 [bang1 zi5] /outer (of cabbage, etc)/upper (of a shoe)/绑 [bang3] /to tie/bind or fasten together/榜 [bang3] /a notice or announcement/a list of names/public roll of successful examinees/膀 [bang3] /upper arm/wing/膀臂 [bang3 bi4] /upper arm/arm/reliable helper/right-hand man/绑匪 [bang3 fei3] /kidnapper/绑架 [bang3 jia4] /kidnap/staking/绑票 [bang3 piao4] /kidnap (for ransom)/绑腿 [bang3 tui3] /leg wrappings/puttee/榜样 [bang3 yang4] /example/model/绑住 [bang3 zhu4] /fasten/bind/膀子 [bang3 zi3] /upper arm/arm/wing/蚌 [bang4] /oysters/mussels/傍 [bang4] /near/nestle/棒 [bang4] /a stick/club or cudgel/smart/capable/strong/膀 [bang4] /to flirt/磅 [bang4] /a measure word/pound (unit of measurement)/scale/weigh/谤 [bang4] /to slander/defame/speak ill of/镑 [bang4] /pound (sterling)/蒡 [bang4] /Arctium lappa/great burdock/棒槌 [bang4 chui2] /wooden club (used to beat clothes in washing)/棒硫 [bang4 liu2] /roll sulphur/棒磨机 [bang4 mo2 ji1] /rod mill/棒球 [bang4 qiu2] /baseball/棒糖 [bang4 tang2] /sucker/lollipop/傍晚 [bang4 wan3] /in the evening/when night falls/towards evening/at night fall/at dusk/棒子 [bang4 zi3] /stick/club/cudgel/maize (corn)/ear of maize/corncob/包 [bao1] /to cover/to wrap/to hold/to include/to take charge of/package/wrapper/container/bag/to hold or embrace/bundle/packet/to contract (to or for)/胞 [bao1] /the placenta/womb/苞 [bao1] /flower calyx/luxuriant/profuse/褒 [bao1] /to praise/孢 [bao1] /spore/煲 [bao1] /pot or saucepan/to boil/cook or heat/包办 [bao1 ban4] /take care of everything concerning a job/run the whole show/包庇 [bao1 bi4] /shield/harbor/cover up/包藏 [bao1 cang2] /contain/harbor/conceal/包层 [bao1 ceng2] /cladding/covering (on a fiber)/包产 [bao1 chan3] /make a production contract/包产到户 [bao1 chan3 dao4 hu4] /fixing of farm output quotas for each household/包场 [bao1 chang2] /book a whole theatre/包抄 [bao1 chao1] /outflank/envelop/包承制 [bao1 cheng2 zhi4] /responsible crew system/包承组 [bao1 cheng2 zu3] /(responsible) crew/包饭 [bao1 fan4] /get or supply meals at a fixed rate/board/包袱 [bao1 fu5] /cloth-wrapper/a bundle wrapped in cloth/load/weight/burden/包干 [bao1 gan1] /be responsible for a task unit until it is completed/包干制 [bao1 gan1 zhi4] /a system of payment partly in kind and partly in cash/包干儿 [bao1 ganr1] /(v) be responsible for a job until completion/包工 [bao1 gong1] /undertake to perform work within a time limit and according to specifications/contract for a job/contractor/包谷 [bao1 gu3] /maize/corn/包管 [bao1 guan3] /assure/guarantee/包裹 [bao1 guo3] /wrap up/bind up/bundle/package/包含 [bao1 han2] /contain/embody/include/包涵 [bao1 han2] /excuse/forgive/bear with/包金 [bao1 jin1] /cover with gold leaf/gild/包括 [bao1 kuo4] /to comprise/to include/to involve/to incorporate/to consist of/包揽 [bao1 lan3] /undertake the whole thing/take on everything/包罗 [bao1 luo2] /include/cover/embrace/包罗万象 [bao1 luo2 wan4 xiang4] /all-embracing/all-inclusive/包赔 [bao1 pei2] /guarantee to pay compensations/包皮 [bao1 pi2] /wrapping/wrapper/foreskin/包容 [bao1 rong2] /pardon/forgive/contain/hold/包身工 [bao1 shen1 gong1] /indentured laborer/包围 [bao1 wei2] /surround/encircle/包厢 [bao1 xiang1] /box (in a theatre or concert hall)/包销 [bao1 xiao1] /have exclusive selling rights/be the sole agent for a production unit or firm/胞衣 [bao1 yi1] /afterbirth/包园儿 [bao1 yuan2 er2] /buy the whole lot/finish up or off/包扎 [bao1 za1] /wrap up/bind up/pack/包扎 [bao1 za1] /bind/包治百病 [bao1 zhi4 bai3 bing4] /guarantee to cure all diseases/包装 [bao1 zhuang1] /pack/package/孢子 [bao1 zi3] /spore/包子 [bao1 zi5] /steamed stuffed bun/雹子 [bao1 zi5] /hail/hailstone/包租 [bao1 zu1] /rent land or a house for subletting/fixed rent for farmland/雹 [bao2] /hail/雹暴 [bao2 bao4] /hailstorm/雹灾 [bao2 zai1] /disaster caused by hail/保 [bao3] /to defend/to protect/to insure or guarantee/to maintain/hold or keep/to guard/堡 [bao3] /an earthwork/castle/position of defense/stronghold/葆 [bao3] /dense foliage/to cover/饱 [bao3] /to eat till full/satisfied/褓 [bao3] /cloth for carrying baby on back/宝 [bao3] /a jewel or gem/a treasure/precious/鸨 [bao3] /Chinese bustard/procuress/保安 [bao3 an1] /ensure public security/ensure safety (for workers engaged in production)/public security/保安自动化 [bao3 an1 zi4 dong4 hua4] /security automation/保安族 [bao3 an1 zu2] /the Baoan (Paoan) nationality/living in Gansu/宝宝 [bao3 bao3] /darling/baby/宝贝 [bao3 bei4] /treasured object/treasure/darling/baby/cowry/good-for-nothing or queer character/保镖 [bao3 biao1] /bodyguard/保不住 [bao3 bu2 zhu4] /most likely/more likely than not/may well/抱残守缺 [bao3 can2 shou3 que1] /cherish the outmoded and preserve the outworn - be conservative/保藏 [bao3 cang2] /keep in store/preserve/保持 [bao3 chi2] /to keep/to maintain/to hold/to preserve/保存 [bao3 cun2] /to conserve/to preserve/to keep/保单 [bao3 dan1] /guarantee slip/保尔 [bao3 er3] /(a personal name)/保管 [bao3 guan3] /take care of/certainly/surely/宝贵 [bao3 gui4] /valuable/precious/value/treasure/set store by/饱和 [bao3 he2] /saturation/保护 [bao3 hu4] /to defend/to protect/to safeguard/保护区 [bao3 hu4 qu1] /conservation district/保护者 [bao3 hu4 zhe3] /protector/保护主义 [bao3 hu4 zhu3 yi4] /protectionism/保皇党 [bao3 huang2 dang3] /royalists/保惠师 [bao3 hui4 shi1] /comforter/保加利亚 [bao3 jia1 li4 ya4] /Bulgaria/保甲制度 [bao3 jia3 zhi4 du4] /the Bao-Jia system (an administrative system organized on basis of households)/保驾 [bao3 jia4] /escort the Emperor/保健 [bao3 jian4] /health protection/health care/宝剑 [bao3 jian4] /a double-edged sword/保洁箱 [bao3 jie2 xiang1] /litter-bin/饱经风霜 [bao3 jing1 feng1 shuang1] /weather-beaten/having experienced the hard ship of life/宝库 [bao3 ku4] /treasure-house/宝蓝 [bao3 lan2] /sapphire blue/堡垒 [bao3 lei3] /fort/保留 [bao3 liu2] /continue to have/retain/hold back/reserve/reservations/hold back (approval or acceptance)/to preserve/maintain/保罗 [bao3 luo2] /Paul/饱满 [bao3 man3] /full/plump/保密 [bao3 mi4] /maintain secrecy/keep secret/保苗 [bao3 miao2] /keep a full stand of seedlings/保姆 [bao3 mu3] /nanny/housekeeper/保全 [bao3 quan2] /save from damage/preserve/maintain/keep in good repair/保商 [bao3 shang1] /preservation of soil moisture/宝石 [bao3 shi2] /precious stone/gem/饱食终日/无所用心 [bao3 shi2 zhong1 ri4 wu2 suo3 yong4 xin1] /eat three square meals a day and do no work/be sated with food and remain idle/保释 [bao3 shi4] /release on bail/bail/保守 [bao3 shou3] /(politically) conservative/guard/keep/宝书 [bao3 shu1] /treasured book/保送 [bao3 song4] /recommend (for admission to school)/宝塔 [bao3 ta3] /pagoda/保外就医 [bao3 wai4 jiu4 yi1] /(of a prisoner) released for medical treatment/保卫 [bao3 wei4] /defend/safeguard/保温 [bao3 wen1] /heat preservation/宝物 [bao3 wu4] /treasure/保险 [bao3 xian3] /insurance/safe/secure/be sure/be bound to/保险丝 [bao3 xian3 si1] /fuse/保修 [bao3 xiu1] /guarantee to keep in good repair/饱学 [bao3 xue2] /learned/erudite/scholarly/保养 [bao3 yang3] /take good care of (or conserve) one's health/keep in good repair/保佑 [bao3 you4] /bless/protect/保佑 [bao3 you4] /bless and protect/保育 [bao3 yu4] /child care/child welfare/宝藏 [bao3 zang4] /precious (mineral) deposits/保障 [bao3 zhang4] /to ensure/to guarantee/to safeguard/保真度 [bao3 zhen1 du4] /fidelity/保证 [bao3 zheng4] /guarantee/保证 [bao3 zheng4] /to guarantee/to ensure/to safeguard/to pledge/保证金 [bao3 zheng4 jin1] /earnest money/cash deposit/bail/保证人 [bao3 zheng4 ren2] /guarantor/保证人 [bao3 zheng4 ren2] /guarantor/bail/保重 [bao3 zhong4] /take care of oneself/宝座 [bao3 zuo4] /throne/刨 [bao4] /a plane/to plane/level or make smooth/抱 [bao4] /to hold/to carry (in one's arms)/to hug or embrace/surround/cherish/豹 [bao4] /leopard/panther/报 [bao4] /to announce/to inform/report/newspaper/recompense/revenge/刨 [bao4] /a plane/to plane/暴 [bao4] /sudden/violent/cruel/to show or expose/to injure/鲍 [bao4] /abalone/瀑 [bao4] /shower (rain)/爆 [bao4] /to crack/to explode or burst/趵 [bao4] /jump/leap/报案 [bao4 an4] /report a case to the security authorities/报表 [bao4 biao3] /forms for reporting statistics/report forms/刨冰 [bao4 bing1] /water-ice/抱病 [bao4 bing4] /be ill/be in bad health/暴病 [bao4 bing4] /sudden attack of a serious illness/抱不平 [bao4 bu4 ping2] /be outraged by an injustice/报偿 [bao4 chang2] /repay/recompense/刨程 [bao4 cheng2] /planing length/刨齿 [bao4 chi3] /gear-shaping/报仇 [bao4 chou2] /to revenge (oneself)/to avenge/报酬 [bao4 chou2] /reward/remuneration/刨床 [bao4 chuang2] /planer/planing machine/抱粗腿 [bao4 cu1 tui3] /latch on to the rich and powerful/报答 [bao4 da2] /repay/requite/报单 [bao4 dan1] /taxation form/declaration form/刨刀 [bao4 dao1] /planing tool/报到 [bao4 dao4] /report for duty/check in/register/报道 [bao4 dao4] /report/报导 [bao4 dao4] /to cover (report) news/news reporting/story/article/暴跌 [bao4 die2] /steep fall (in price)/slump/暴动 [bao4 dong4] /insurrection/rebellion/报恩 [bao4 en1] /pay a debt of gratitude/暴发 [bao4 fa1] /break out/爆发 [bao4 fa1] /to break out/to erupt/to explode/to burst out/报废 [bao4 fei4] /report as worthless/discard as worthless/reject/scrap/报分 [bao4 fen1] /call the score/暴风 [bao4 feng1] /storm wind/storm (force 11 wind)/暴风雪 [bao4 feng1 xue3] /snowstorm/blizzard/暴风雨 [bao4 feng1 yu3] /rainstorm/storm/tempest/暴风骤雨 [bao4 feng1 zou4 yu3] /violent storm/hurricane/tempest/抱佛脚 [bao4 fo2 jiao3] /clasp Buddha's feet - profess devotion only when in trouble/make a hasty last-minute effort/抱负 [bao4 fu4] /aspiration/ambition/报复 [bao4 fu4] /make reprisals/retaliate/revenge/retaliation/报告 [bao4 gao4] /to inform/report/make known/speech/talk/lecture/报告会 [bao4 gao4 hui4] /public lecture (with guest speakers, etc)/刨工 [bao4 gong1] /planing/planing machine operator/planer/报关 [bao4 guan1] /declare at customs/apply to customs/报馆 [bao4 guan3] /newspaper office/爆管 [bao4 guan3] /cartridge igniter/squib/暴光 [bao4 guang1] /exposure/报国 [bao4 guo2] /dedicate oneself to the service of one's country/抱恨 [bao4 hen4] /have a gnawing regret/暴洪 [bao4 hong2] /a sudden/violent flood/flash flood/报户口 [bao4 hu4 kou3] /apply for a resident permit/刨花 [bao4 hua1] /wood shavings/报话机 [bao4 hua4 ji1] /walkie-talkie/portable radio transmitter/报价 [bao4 jia4] /quoted price/报捷 [bao4 jie2] /report a success/announce a victory/报界 [bao4 jie4] /the press/journalistic circles/the journalists/报警 [bao4 jing3] /report (an incident) to the police/give an alarm/暴君 [bao4 jun1] /tyrant/despot/报刊 [bao4 kan1] /newspapers and periodicals/the press/报考 [bao4 kao3] /enter oneself for an examination/抱愧 [bao4 kui4] /feel ashamed/暴力 [bao4 li4] /violence/(use) force/violent/暴利 [bao4 li4] /sudden huge profits/暴力犯罪 [bao4 li4 fan4 zui4] /violent crime/暴烈 [bao4 lie4] /violent/fierce/爆裂 [bao4 lie4] /burst/crack/暴露 [bao4 lu4] /expose/reveal/lay bare/暴乱 [bao4 luan4] /riot/rebellion/revolt/爆米花 [bao4 mi3 hua1] /puffed rice/报名 [bao4 ming2] /enter one's name/apply/sign up/报幕 [bao4 mu4] /announce the items on a (theatrical) program/暴怒 [bao4 nu4] /violent rage/fury/暴虐 [bao4 nu:e4] /brutal/tyrannical/爆破 [bao4 po4] /to blow up/to demolish (using explosives)/dynamite/blast/抱歉 [bao4 qian4] /be sorry/feel apologetic/regret/抱屈 [bao4 qu1] /feel wronged/报社 [bao4 she4] /general office of a newspaper/newspaper office/爆声 [bao4 sheng1] /pop/报失 [bao4 shi1] /report the loss to the authorities concerned/报时 [bao4 shi2] /give the correct time/报数 [bao4 shu4] /number off/count off/报税 [bao4 shui4] /declare dutiable goods/make a statement of dutiable goods/报摊 [bao4 tan1] /newsstand/暴跳如雷 [bao4 tiao4 ru2 lei2] /stamp with fury/fly into a rage/报头 [bao4 tou2] /masthead (of a newspaper/etc)/nameplate/抱头鼠窜 [bao4 tou2 shu3 cuan4] /cover the head and sneak away like a rat/scurry off like a frightened rat/抱头痛哭 [bao4 tou2 tong4 ku1] /cry on each other's shoulder/暴徒 [bao4 tu2] /thug/报窝 [bao4 wo1] /brood/hatch/报务员 [bao4 wu4 yuan2] /telegraph operator/radio operator/报喜 [bao4 xi3] /announce good news/report success/报系 [bao4 xi4] /newspaper chain/syndicate/报销 [bao4 xiao1] /submit an expense account/apply for reimbursement/write-off/wipe out/报晓 [bao4 xiao3] /herald the break of day/报效 [bao4 xiao4] /render service to repay kindness/抱薪救火 [bao4 xin1 jiu4 huo3] /carry faggots to put out a fire - adopt a wrong method to save a situation and end up by making it worse/报信 [bao4 xin4] /notify/inform/暴行 [bao4 xing2] /savage act/outrage/atrocity/抱养 [bao4 yang3] /adopt (a child)/爆音 [bao4 yin1] /sonic boom/报应 [bao4 ying4] /retribution/judgment/抱有 [bao4 you3] /have/possess/鲍鱼 [bao4 yu2] /abalone/暴雨 [bao4 yu3] /torrential rain/rainstorm/抱怨 [bao4 yuan4] /complain/grumble/暴躁 [bao4 zao4] /irascible/irritable/爆炸 [bao4 zha4] /explosion/to explode/to blow up/to detonate/报章 [bao4 zhang1] /newspapers/暴涨 [bao4 zhang3] /rise suddenly and sharply/报帐 [bao4 zhang4] /render an account/submit an expense account/apply for reimbursement/暴政 [bao4 zheng4] /tyranny/despotic rule/报纸 [bao4 zhi3] /newspaper/newsprint/报纸报导 [bao4 zhi3 bao4 dao3] /newspaper report/爆竹 [bao4 zhu2] /firecracker/豹子 [bao4 zi5] /leopard/刨子 [bao4 zi5] /plane/暴卒 [bao4 zu2] /die of sudden illness/die suddenly/卑 [bei1] /low/base/vulgar/inferior/humble/杯 [bei1] /cup/a measure word/背 [bei1] /to be burdened/to carry on the back or shoulder/悲 [bei1] /sad/sadness/sorrow/grief/背 [bei1] /carry on one's back/碑 [bei1] /a monument/an upright stone tablet/stele/悲哀 [bei1 ai1] /grieved/sorrowful/背包 [bei1 bao1] /knapsack/rucksack/infantry pack/field pack/blanket roll/背包袱 [bei1 bao1 fu2] /have a weight on one's mind/take on a mental burden/卑鄙 [bei1 bi3] /base/mean/contemptible/despicable/悲惨 [bei1 can3] /miserable/tragic/背带 [bei1 dai4] /braces/suspenders/sling (for a rifle)/straps (for a knapsack)/悲悼 [bei1 dao4] /mourn/grieve over somebody's death/碑额 [bei1 e2] /the top part of a tablet/悲愤 [bei1 fen4] /grief and indignation/背负 [bei1 fu4] /bear/carry on the back/have on one's shoulder/悲歌 [bei1 ge1] /sad melody/stirring strains/elegy/dirge/threnody/sing with solemn fervor/卑躬屈节 [bei1 gong1 qu1 jie2] /bow and scrape/cringe/act servilely/杯弓蛇影 [bei1 gong1 she2 ying3] /mistaking the reflection of a bow in the cup for a snake/extremely suspicious/悲观 [bei1 guan1] /pessimistic/背黑锅 [bei1 hei1 guo1] /to be made a scapegoat/be unjustly blamed/悲欢离合 [bei1 huan1 li2 he2] /joys and sorrows/partings and reunions - vicissitudes of life/碑记 [bei1 ji4] /a record of events inscribed on a tablet/卑贱 [bei1 jian4] /lowly/mean and low/悲剧 [bei1 ju4] /tragedy/卑劣 [bei1 lie4] /base/mean/despicable/碑林 [bei1 lin2] /the Forest of Steles (in Xi'an)/背篓 [bei1 lou3] /a basket carried on the back/悲鸣 [bei1 ming2] /utter sad calls/lament/悲泣 [bei1 qi4] /weep with grief/卑怯 [bei1 qie4] /mean and cowardly/abject/悲切 [bei1 qie4] /mournful/悲伤 [bei1 shang1] /sad/sorrowful/杯水车薪 [bei1 shui3 che1 xin1] /trying to put out a burning cartload of faggots with a cup of water - an utterly inadequate measure/悲叹 [bei1 tan4] /sigh mournfully/lament/悲叹 [bei1 tan4] /bewail/悲天悯人 [bei1 tian1 min3 ren2] /bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of mankind/碑帖 [bei1 tie4] /a rubbing from a stone inscription/悲痛 [bei1 tong4] /grieved/sorrowful/悲恸 [bei1 tong4] /mournful/卑微 [bei1 wei1] /petty and low/碑文 [bei1 wen2] /an inscription on a tablet/卑污 [bei1 wu1] /despicable and filthy/foul/悲喜交集 [bei1 xi3 jiao1 ji2] /mixed feelings of grief and joy/悲喜剧 [bei1 xi3 ju4] /tragicomedy/卑下 [bei1 xia4] /base/low/背债 [bei1 zhai4] /be in debt/be saddled with debts/悲壮 [bei1 zhuang4] /solemn and stirring/moving and tragic/杯子 [bei1 zi5] /cup/glass/北 [bei3] /north/北半球 [bei3 ban4 qiu2] /the northern hemisphere/北边 [bei3 bian1] /(n) location to the north/北冰洋 [bei3 bing1 yang2] /the Arctic ocean/北部 [bei3 bu4] /northern part/北朝 [bei3 chao2] /the Northern Dynasties (A/D 386 - 581)/北朝鲜 [bei3 chao2 xian3] /North Korea/北大荒 [bei3 da4 huang1] /the Great Northern Wilderness (in Northern China)/北大西洋公约组织 [bei3 da4 xi1 yang2 gong1 yue1 zu3 zhi1] /the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)/北斗星 [bei3 dou3 xing1] /the Big Dipper/the Plough/北伐军 [bei3 fa2 jun1] /the Northern Expeditionary Army/北方 [bei3 fang1] /north/the northern part of the country especially the area north of the Yellow River (Huang-He)/北国 [bei3 guo2] /the northern part of the country/the North/北海 [bei3 hai3] /the North Sea/北海道 [bei3 hai3 dao4] /Hokkaido/北韩 [bei3 han2] /North Korea/北寒带 [bei3 han2 dai4] /the north frigid zone/北回归线 [bei3 hui2 gui1 xian4] /the Tropic of Cancer/北极 [bei3 ji2] /the North Pole/the Arctic Pole/the north magnetic pole/北京 [bei3 jing1] /Beijing (capital of mainland China)/北京大学 [bei3 jing1 da4 xue2] /Beijing university/北京近郊 [bei3 jing1 jin4 jiao1] /suburb of Beijing/北京人 [bei3 jing1 ren2] /person from Beijing/Peking Man (Sinanthropus pekinesis)/北京艺术学院 [bei3 jing1 yi4 shu4 xue2 yuan4] /Beijing Academy of Fine Arts/北京语言学院 [bei3 jing1 yu3 yan2 xue2 yuan4] /Beijing languages institute/北京周报 [bei3 jing1 zhou1 bao4] /Beijing Review/北美 [bei3 mei3] /North America/北美洲 [bei3 mei3 zhou1] /North America/北面 [bei3 mian4] /northern side/north/北齐 [bei3 qi2] /the Northern Qi Dynasty (550-557) /one of the Northern Dynasties/北宋 [bei3 song4] /the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127)/北纬 [bei3 wei3] /north latitude/北魏 [bei3 wei4] /the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534) /one of the Northern Dynasties/北温带 [bei3 wen1 dai4] /the north temperate zone/北洋 [bei3 yang2] /the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning, Hebei, and Shandong/北洋军阀 [bei3 yang2 jun1 fa2] /the Northern Warlords (1912-1927)/北约 [bei3 yue1] /NATO/北越 [bei3 yue4] /North Vietnam/North Vietnamese/北周 [bei3 zhou1] /the Northern Zhou Dynasty (557-581) /one of the Northern Dynasties/孛 [bei4] /comet/贝 [bei4] /cowries/shell/valuables/shellfish/邶 [bei4] /name of a feudal state/背 [bei4] /learn by heart/the back of the body/倍 [bei4] /(two, three, etc) -fold/times (multiplier)/double/to increase or multiply/悖 [bei4] /perverse/rebellious/to rebel/狈 [bei4] /a legendary wolf/distressed/wretched/被 [bei4] /by (marker for passive-voice sentences or clauses)/quilt/blanket/to cover/to wear/备 [bei4] /to prepare/get ready/to provide or equip/焙 [bei4] /to dry over a fire/to bake/蓓 [bei4] /(flower) bud/辈 [bei4] /contemporaries/generation/lifetime/钡 [bei4] /barium/惫 [bei4] /exhausted/碚 [bei4] /place name in Chongqing/褙 [bei4] /paper or cloth pasted together/备案 [bei4 an4] /put on record/enter (a case) in the records/被捕 [bei4 bu3] /be under arrest/备查 [bei4 cha2] /for future reference/背城借一 [bei4 cheng2 jie4 yi1] /make a last-ditch stand before the city wall/fight to the last ditch/put up a desperate struggle/辈出 [bei4 chu1] /come forth in large numbers/背道而驰 [bei4 dao4 er2 chi2] /run in the opposite direction/run counter to/背地风 [bei4 di4 feng1] /behind somebody's back/privately/on the sly/贝雕 [bei4 diao1] /shell carving/被动 [bei4 dong4] /passive/备而不用 [bei4 er2 bu4 yong4] /have something ready just in case/keep something for possible future use/辈分 [bei4 fen4] /seniority in the family or clan/position in the family hierarchy/被告 [bei4 gao4] /defendant/备耕 [bei4 geng1] /make preparations for ploughing and sowing/背骨 [bei4 gu3] /spine/背光 [bei4 guang1] /be in a poor light/do something with one's back to the light/stand in one's own light/被害人 [bei4 hai4 ren2] /victim/背后 [bei4 hou4] /behind/at the back/in the rear/behind somebody's back/备荒 [bei4 huang1] /prepare against natural disasters/背脊 [bei4 ji3] /the back of the human body/贝加尔湖 [bei4 jia1 er3 hu2] /Lake Baikal/备件 [bei4 jian4] /spare parts/被禁止 [bei4 jin4 zhi3] /forbidden/背景 [bei4 jing3] /background/backdrop/背井离乡 [bei4 jing3 li2 xiang1] /leave one's native place (especially against one's will)/备考 [bei4 kao3] /(an appendix/note/etc/) for reference/贝壳 [bei4 ke2] /shell/贝克 [bei4 ke4] /Baker (English surname)/备课 [bei4 ke4] /(of a teacher) to prepare lessons/贝类 [bei4 lei4] /shellfish/mollusks/背离 [bei4 li2] /deviate from/depart from/备料 [bei4 liao4] /get the materials ready/prepare feed (for livestock)/背面 [bei4 mian4] /the back/the reverse side/the wrong side/被没收 [bei4 mo4 shou1] /forfeit/贝母 [bei4 mu3] /the bulb of the fritillary (Fritillaria thunbergii)/贝宁 [bei4 ning2] /Benin/背叛 [bei4 pan4] /betray/forsake/背叛者 [bei4 pan4 zhe3] /traitor/倍频器 [bei4 pin2 qi4] /frequency multiplier/备品 [bei4 pin3] /machine parts or tools kept in reserve/spare parts/被迫 [bei4 po4] /be compelled/be forced/背弃 [bei4 qi4] /abandon/desert/renounce/被侵害 [bei4 qin1 hai4] /stricken/贝丘 [bei4 qiu1] /shell mound/备取 [bei4 qu3] /be on the waiting list (for admission to a school)/被褥 [bei4 ru4] /bedding/bedclothes/焙烧 [bei4 shao1] /roast/bake/背书 [bei4 shu1] /recite a lesson from memory/repeat a lesson/endorsement (on a check)/倍数 [bei4 shu4] /multiple/背水一战 [bei4 shui3 yi1 zhan4] /fight with one's back to the river - fight to win or die/背诵 [bei4 song4] /recite/repeat from memory/倍塔 [bei4 ta3] /beta/备忘录 [bei4 wang4 lu4] /memorandum/aide-memoire/memorandum book/背斜 [bei4 xie2] /anticline/背心 [bei4 xin1] /a sleeveless garment/背信弃义 [bei4 xin4 qi4 yi4] /break faith with somebody/be perfidious/背阴 [bei4 yin1] /in the shade/shady/背影 [bei4 ying3] /a view of somebody's back/a figure viewed from behind/备用 [bei4 yong4] /reserve/spare/alternate/backup/备用环 [bei4 yong4 huan2] /backup ring/背约 [bei4 yue1] /break an agreement/go back on one's word/fail to keep one's promise/倍增器 [bei4 zeng1 qi4] /multiplier/备战 [bei4 zhan4] /prepare for war/be prepared against war/背着手 [bei4 zhe5 shou3] /with one's hands clasped behind one's back/备至 [bei4 zhi4] /to the utmost/in every possible way/备注 [bei4 zhu4] /remarks/被子 [bei4 zi5] /quilt/辈子 [bei4 zi5] /all one's life/lifetime/奔 [ben1] /to hurry or rush/to run quickly/to elope/贲 [ben1] /energetic/奔波 [ben1 bo1] /rush about/be busy running about/奔驰 [ben1 chi2] /run quickly/speed/奔放 [ben1 fang4] /bold and unrestrained/untrammeled/奔流 [ben1 liu2] /flow at great speed/pour/racing current/奔忙 [ben1 mang2] /be busy rushing about/bustle about/奔命 [ben1 ming4] /rush about on errands/be kept on the run/奔跑 [ben1 pao3] /run/奔丧 [ben1 sang1] /hasten home for the funeral of a parent or grandparent/奔逃 [ben1 tao2] /flee/run away/奔腾 [ben1 teng2] /(of waves) to surge forward/to roll on in waves/to gallop/奔袭 [ben1 xi2] /long-range raid/奔泻 [ben1 xie4] /(of torrents) rush down/pour down/奔走 [ben1 zou3] /run/rush about/be busy running about/本 [ben3] /roots or stems of plants/origin/source/this/the current/root/foundation/basis/(a measure word)/苯 [ben3] /benzene/畚 [ben3] /a basket or pan used for earth/manure etc/本本主义 [ben3 ben3 zhu3 yi4] /book worship/bookishness/本草 [ben3 cao3] /a book on Chinese (herbal) medicine/Chinese materia medica/本草纲目 [ben3 cao3 gang1 mu4] /An Outline Treatise of Medical Herbs, compiled by Li3 Shi2 Zhen1 李时珍/本初子午线 [ben3 chu1 zi3 wu3 xian4] /the first meridian/the prime meridian/本底 [ben3 di3] /background/本地 [ben3 di4] /local/this locality/本地管理界面 [ben3 di4 guan3 li3 jie4 mian4] /Local Management Interface/LMI/本份 [ben3 fen4] /one's duty/本固枝荣 [ben3 gu4 zhi1 rong2] /when the root is firm/the branches flourish/本国 [ben3 guo2] /one's own country/本行 [ben3 hang2] /one's line/one's own profession/畚箕 [ben3 ji1] /a bamboo or wicker scoop/dustpan/本家 [ben3 jia1] /a member of the same clan/a distant relative with the same family name/本届 [ben3 jie4] /current/this year/本金 [ben3 jin1] /capital/principal/本科 [ben3 ke1] /undergraduate course/regular college course/本拉登 [ben3 la1 deng1] /(Osama) bin Laden/本来 [ben3 lai2] /original/originally/at first/it goes without saying/of course/本来面目 [ben3 lai2 mian4 mu4] /true colors/true features/本垒 [ben3 lei3] /home base/本领 [ben3 ling3] /skill/ability/capability/本末 [ben3 mo4] /the whole course of an event from beginning to end/ins and outs/the fundamental and the incidental/本末倒置 [ben3 mo4 dao3 zhi4] /take the branch for the root/put the incidental before the fundamental/put the cart before the horse/本能 [ben3 neng2] /instinct/本年度 [ben3 nian2 du4] /this year/the current year/本票 [ben3 piao4] /cashier's check/本钱 [ben3 qian2] /capital/本人 [ben3 ren2] /I (me/myself)/oneself/in person/personal/本人的观点 [ben3 ren2 de5 guan1 dian3] /(one's) personal view/本色 [ben3 shai3] /natural color/本身 [ben3 shen1] /itself/in itself/per se/本生灯 [ben3 sheng1 deng1] /Bunsen burner/本事 [ben3 shi4] /ability/skill/source material/original story/本题 [ben3 ti2] /the subject under discussion/the point at issue/本体 [ben3 ti3] /noumenon/thing-in-itself/本土 [ben3 tu3] /one's native country/metropolitan territory/本土化 [ben3 tu3 hua4] /to localize/localization/本土化软件 [ben3 tu3 hua4 ruan3 jian4] /software localization/本位 [ben3 wei4] /standard/one's own department or unit/本位主义 [ben3 wei4 zhu3 yi4] /selfish departmentalism/departmental selfishness/本文 [ben3 wen2] /this text/article/the main body of a book/本星期 [ben3 xing1 qi1] /this week/本性 [ben3 xing4] /natural instincts/nature/inherent quality/本意 [ben3 yi4] /original idea/real intention/本义 [ben3 yi4] /original meaning/literal sense/本影 [ben3 ying3] /umbra/本源 [ben3 yuan2] /origin/source/本月 [ben3 yue4] /this month/the current month/本着 [ben3 zhe5] /(conj) based on...; in conformance with../taking as one's main principle/本职 [ben3 zhi2] /one's job/本质 [ben3 zhi4] /essence/nature/innate character/intrinsic quality/本质上 [ben3 zhi4 shang4] /essentially/inherent/本州 [ben3 zhou1] /Honshu/本子 [ben3 zi5] /book/notebook/edition/本族语 [ben3 zu2 yu3] /native language/mother tongue/奔 [ben4] /go to/towards/笨 [ben4] /stupid/foolish/silly/slow-witted/clumsy/坌 [ben4] /bring together/dust/笨蛋 [ben4 dan4] /fool/idiot/笨口拙舌 [ben4 kou3 zhuo1 she2] /awkward in speech/笨鸟先飞 [ben4 niao3 xian1 fei1] /clumsy birds have to start flying early - the slow need to start early/奔头儿 [ben4 tou2 er5] /something to strive for/prospect/笨重 [ben4 zhong4] /heavy/cumbersome/unwieldy/笨拙 [ben4 zhuo1] /clumsy/awkward/stupid/崩 [beng1] /collapse/fall into ruins/绷 [beng1] /to stretch/taut/to tie/to bind/绷带 [beng1 dai4] /bandage/绷簧 [beng1 huang2] /spring/崩溃 [beng1 kui4] /collapse/crumble/fall apart/崩裂 [beng1 lie4] /burst apart/crack/崩龙族 [beng1 long2 zu2] /the Benglong (Penglung) nationality/living in Yunnan/崩漏 [beng1 lou4] /uterine bleeding/崩塌 [beng1 ta1] /collapse/crumble/崩陷 [beng1 xian4] /fall in/cave in/绷子 [beng1 zi5] /embroidery frame/hoop/tambour/甭 [beng2] /need not/绷 [beng3] /to have a taut face/迸 [beng4] /to burst forth/to spurt/to crack/split/蹦 [beng4] /to jump/bounce or hop/蹦蹦跳跳 [beng4 beng4 tiao4 tiao4] /bouncing and vivacious/匕 [bi1] /an ancient type of spoon/逼 [bi1] /force/compel/drive/press for/extort/press on towards/press up to/close in on/close/逼 [bi1] /close to/compel/逼宫 [bi1 gong1] /force the king or emperor to abdicate/逼供 [bi1 gong4] /extort a confession/逼供信 [bi1 gong4 xin4] /obtain confessions by compulsion/confession under duress/逼近 [bi1 jin4] /press on towards/close in on/approach/draw near/逼迫 [bi1 po4] /force/compel/coerce/逼人 [bi1 ren2] /pressing/threatening/逼上梁山 [bi1 shang4 liang2 shan1] /be driven to join the Liangshan Mountain rebels/be driven to revolt/be forced to do something desperate/逼视 [bi1 shi4] /look at from close-up/watch intently/逼死 [bi1 si3] /hound somebody to death/constantly aggravate/逼肖 [bi1 xiao4] /bear a close resemblance to/be the very image of/逼仄 [bi1 ze4] /narrow/cramped/逼债 [bi1 zhai4] /press for payment of debts/dun/逼真 [bi1 zhen1] /lifelike/true to life/distinctly/clearly/荸 [bi2] /water chestnut/鼻 [bi2] /nose/鼻儿 [bi2 er5] /a hole in an implement or utensil for something to be inserted into/eye/鼻孔 [bi2 kong3] /nostril/鼻口部分 [bi2 kou3 bu4 fen4] /muzzle/鼻梁 [bi2 liang2] /bridge of the nose/鼻牛儿 [bi2 niu2 er5] /hardened mucus in nostrils/鼻腔 [bi2 qiang1] /nasal cavity/鼻青脸肿 [bi2 qing1 lian3 zhong3] /a bloody nose and a swollen face/badly battered/鼻塞 [bi2 se4] /have a stuffy nose/鼻饲法 [bi2 si4 fa3] /nasal feeding/鼻涕 [bi2 ti4] /nasal mucus/snivel/鼻息 [bi2 xi1] /breath/鼻烟 [bi2 yan1] /snuff/鼻炎 [bi2 yan2] /rhinitis/鼻音 [bi2 yin1] /nasal sound/鼻渊 [bi2 yuan1] /nasosinusitis/鼻韵母 [bi2 yun4 mu3] /(of Chinese pronunciation) a vowel followed by a nasal consonant/鼻针疗法 [bi2 zhen1 liao2 fa3] /nose-acupuncture therapy/鼻中隔 [bi2 zhong1 ge2] /nasal septum/鼻子 [bi2 zi5] /nose/鼻祖 [bi2 zu3] /the earliest ancestor/originator (of a tradition, school of thought, etc)/匕 [bi3] /dagger/ladle/比 [bi3] /(particle used for comparison and "-er than")/to compare/to contrast/to gesture (with hands)/ratio/妣 [bi3] /deceased mother/彼 [bi3] /that/those/(one) another)/俾 [bi3] /to cause/to enable/笔 [bi3] /pen/pencil/writing brush/to write or compose/the strokes of Chinese characters/鄙 [bi3] /rustic/low/base/mean/秕 [bi3] /grain not fully grown/husks/withered grain/unripe grain/彼岸 [bi3 an4] /the other shore/Faramita/比比皆是 [bi3 bi3 jie1 shi4] /can be found everywhere/鄙薄 [bi3 bo4] /despise/scorn/比不上 [bi3 bu4 shang4] /can't compare with/笔触 [bi3 chu4] /brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy/brushwork/style of drawing or writing/彼此 [bi3 ci3] /each other/one another/彼得后书 [bi3 de2 hou4 shu1] /2 Peter/彼得前书 [bi3 de2 qian2 shu1] /1 Peter/笔底下 [bi3 di3 xia4] /ability to write/笔调 [bi3 diao4] /(of writing) tone/style/笔法 [bi3 fa3] /technique of writing/calligraphy/or drawing/比方 [bi3 fang5] /analogy/instance/比方说 [bi3 fang5 shuo1] /to make an analogy.../比分 [bi3 fen1] /score/笔锋 [bi3 feng1] /the tip of a writing brush/vigor of style in writing/stroke/touch/笔杆 [bi3 gan3] /the shaft of a pen or writing brush/pen-holder/pen/笔杆子 [bi3 gan3 zi5] /pen/an effective writer/比画 [bi3 hua4] /gesture/gesticulate/笔画 [bi3 hua4] /strokes of a Chinese character/笔迹 [bi3 ji1] /a person's handwriting/hand/笔记 [bi3 ji4] /take down (in writing)/notes/a type of literature consisting mainly of short sketches/笔记本 [bi3 ji4 ben3] /notebook/比价 [bi3 jia4] /price relations/parity/rate of exchange/笔架 [bi3 jia4] /pen rack/pen-holder/笔尖 [bi3 jian1] /nib/pen point/the tip of a writing brush or pencil/比较少 [bi3 jiao3 shao3] /lesser/比较 [bi3 jiao4] /compare/contrast/fairly/comparatively/relatively/quite/rather/比较而言 [bi3 jiao4 er2 yan2] /comparatively speaking/比较喜欢 [bi3 jiao4 xi3 huan1] /prefer/比较新 [bi3 jiao4 xin1] /comparatively new/relatively new/秕糠 [bi3 kang1] /chaff/worthless stuff/比勒陀利亚 [bi3 le4 tuo2 li4 ya4] /Pretoria (capital of South Africa)/鄙俚 [bi3 li3] /vulgar/philistine/比例 [bi3 li4] /proportion/scale/笔力 [bi3 li4] /vigor of strokes in calligraphy or drawing/vigor of style in literary composition/比例尺 [bi3 li4 chi3] /scale/architect's scale/engineer's scale/比利时 [bi3 li4 shi2] /Belgium/比量 [bi3 liang4] /take rough measurements (with the hand/a stick/string/etc/)/比邻 [bi3 lin2] /neighbor/next-door neighbor/near/next to/鄙吝 [bi3 lin4] /vulgar/stingy/miserly/mean/鄙陋 [bi3 lou4] /superficial/shallow/笔录 [bi3 lu4] /put down (in writing)/take down/notes/record/比率 [bi3 lu:4] /ratio/rate/percentage/笔帽 [bi3 mao4] /the cap of a pen/pencil/or writing brush/笔名 [bi3 ming2] /pen name/pseudonym/笔墨 [bi3 mo4] /pen and ink/words/writing/比目鱼 [bi3 mu4 yu2] /flatfish/flounder/比拟 [bi3 ni3] /compare/draw a parallel/match/analogy/metaphor/comparison/鄙弃 [bi3 qi4] /disdain/loathe/笔钱 [bi3 qian2] /fund/比热 [bi3 re4] /specific heat/鄙人 [bi3 ren2] /your humble servant/I/比容 [bi3 rong2] /specific volume/比如 [bi3 ru2] /for example/for instance/such as/比赛 [bi3 sai4] /[athletic or other] competition/match/比色分析 [bi3 se4 fen1 xi1] /colorimetric analysis/比上不足比下有余 [bi3 shang4 bu4 zu2 bi3 xia4 you3 yu2] /fall short of the best but be better than the worst/can pass muster/比湿 [bi3 shi1] /specific humidity/比试 [bi3 shi4] /have a competition/measure with one's hand or arm/make a gesture of measuring/笔试 [bi3 shi4] /written examination/鄙视 [bi3 shi4] /despise/disdain/look down upon/匕首 [bi3 shou3] /dagger/笔顺 [bi3 shun4] /order of strokes observed in calligraphy/鄙俗 [bi3 su2] /vulgar/philistine/笔算 [bi3 suan4] /do a sum in writing/written calculation/笔谈 [bi3 tan2] /conversation by writing/sketches and notes/笔套 [bi3 tao4] /the cap of a pen/pencil/or writing brush/the sheath of a pen (made of cloth, silk or thread/笔挺 [bi3 ting3] /(standing) very straight/straight as a ramrod/bolt upright/well-ironed/trim/笔筒 [bi3 tong3] /pen container/brush pot/笔头 [bi3 tou2] /ability to write/writing skill/written/in written form/笔误 [bi3 wu4] /a slip of a pen/笔下 [bi3 xia4] /the wording and purport of what one writes/笔心 [bi3 xin1] /pencil lead/refill (for a ball-point pen)/彼一时/此一时 [bi3 yi1 shi2 ci3 yi1 shi2] /that was one situation/and this is another - times have changed/比翼 [bi3 yi4] /fly wing to wing/笔译 [bi3 yi4] /written translation/比喻 [bi3 yu4] /metaphor/analogy/figure of speech/笔战 [bi3 zhan4] /written polemics/比照 [bi3 zhao4] /according to/in the light of/contrast/笔者 [bi3 zhe3] /the author/the writer/比值 [bi3 zhi2] /specific value/ratio/笔直 [bi3 zhi2] /perfectly straight/straight as a ramrod/bolt upright/比重 [bi3 zhong4] /proportion/specific gravity/秕子 [bi3 zi5] /blighted grain/比 [bi4] /associate with/be near/必 [bi4] /certainly/must/will/necessarily/庇 [bi4] /to protect/cover/shelter/hide or harbor/泌 [bi4] /secrete/pour off/陛 [bi4] /the steps to the throne/婢 [bi4] /slave girl/maid servant/敝 [bi4] /my (polite)/poor/ruined/shabby/worn out/defeated/毕 [bi4] /the whole of/to finish/to complete/complete/full/finished/闭 [bi4] /to close/stop up/shut/obstruct/弼 [bi4] /assist/愎 [bi4] /perverse/obstinate/贲 [bi4] /bright/痹 [bi4] /numb/paralysis/睥 [bi4] /look askance/辟 [bi4] /monarch/royal/铋 [bi4] /bismuth/哔 [bi4] /beiges/serge/币 [bi4] /money/coins/currency/弊 [bi4] /detriment/fraud/harm/defeat/碧 [bi4] /green jade/bluish green/blue/jade/裨 [bi4] /to benefit/to aid/advantageous/profitable/蔽 [bi4] /to cover/to shield/to screen/to conceal/壁 [bi4] /wall/rampart/篦 [bi4] /fine-toothed comb/to comb/毙 [bi4] /die violently/臂 [bi4] /arm/薜 [bi4] /Ficus pumila/避 [bi4] /avoid/shun/flee/escape/leave/to keep away/to leave/to hide/璧 [bi4] /piece of jade with hole in center/跸 [bi4] /to clear streets when emperor tours/襞 [bi4] /creases/folds or pleats in a garment/畀 [bi4] /confer on/give to/毖 [bi4] /careful/prevent/狴 [bi4] /(tapir)/庳 [bi4] /low-built house/萆 [bi4] /castor seed/蓖 [bi4] /the castor-oil plant/荜 [bi4] /bean/pulse/嬖 [bi4] /(treat as a) favorite/筚 [bi4] /wicker/髀 [bi4] /buttocks/thigh/臂膀 [bi4 bang3] /arm/壁报 [bi4 bao4] /wall newspaper/弊病 [bi4 bing4] /malady/evil/malpractice/drawback/disadvantage/必不可少 [bi4 bu4 ke3 shao3] /absolutely necessary/indispensable/essential/必不可少组成 [bi4 bu4 ke3 shao3 zu3 cheng2] /absolute necessity/sine qua non/壁橱 [bi4 chu2] /a built-in wardrobe or cupboard/closet/避弹坑 [bi4 dan4 keng1] /foxhole/必得 [bi4 dei3] /must/have to/壁灯 [bi4 deng1] /wall lamp/bracket light/必定 [bi4 ding4] /be bound to/be sure to/弊端 [bi4 duan1] /malpractice/abuse/corrupt practice/避风 [bi4 feng1] /take shelter from the wind/lie low/stay away from trouble/避风处 [bi4 feng1 chu4] /lee, windstop/毕恭毕敬 [bi4 gong1 bi4 jing4] /reverent and respectful/extremely deferential/壁挂 [bi4 gua4] /wall hanging/闭关政策 [bi4 guan1 zheng4 ce4] /closed-door policy/闭关自守 [bi4 guan1 zi4 shou3] /close the country to international intercourse/闭合 [bi4 he2] /close/壁虎 [bi4 hu3] /gecko/house lizard/庇护 [bi4 hu4] /shelter/shield/put under one's protection/take under one's wing/壁画 [bi4 hua4] /mural (painting)/fresco/璧还 [bi4 huan2] /return (a borrowed object) with thanks/decline (a gift) with thanks/闭会 [bi4 hui4] /close a meeting/避讳 [bi4 hui4] /taboo against using the personal names of emperors or one's elders/闭会祈祷 [bi4 hui4 qi2 dao3] /benediction/哔叽 [bi4 ji1] /serge/壁架 [bi4 jia4] /ledge/必将 [bi4 jiang1] /inevitably/闭经 [bi4 jing1] /amenorrhoea/毕竟 [bi4 jing4] /after all/all in all/when all is said and done/in the final analysis/after all/壁龛 [bi4 kan1] /niche/避坑落井 [bi4 keng1 luo4 jing3] /dodge a pit only to fall into a well/out of the frying pan into the fire/碧蓝 [bi4 lan2] /dark blue/避雷器 [bi4 lei2 qi4] /lightning arrester/壁垒 [bi4 lei3] /rampart/barrier/壁垒森严 [bi4 lei3 sen1 yan2] /closely guarded/strongly fortified/sharply divided/壁立 [bi4 li4] /(of cliffs/etc/) stand like a wall/rise steeply/贲临 [bi4 lin2] /(of distinguished guests) honor my house/firm/etc/with your presence/壁炉 [bi4 lu2] /fireplace/碧绿 [bi4 lu:4] /dark green/蓖麻 [bi4 ma2] /castor-oil plant/闭门思过 [bi4 men2 si1 guo4] /shut oneself up and ponder over one's mistakes/闭门造车 [bi4 men2 zao4 che1] /make a cart behind closed doors/work behind closed doors/divorce oneself from the masses and from reality and act blindly/避免 [bi4 mian3] /to avert/to prevent/to avoid/to refrain from/毙命 [bi4 ming4] /meet violent death/get killed/闭幕 [bi4 mu4] /the curtain falls/lower the curtain/闭目塞听 [bi4 mu4 se4 ting1] /shuts one's eyes and stop up one's ears - be out of touch with reality/闭幕式 [bi4 mu4 shi4] /(n) closing cermonies/避难所 [bi4 nan2 suo3] /refuge/避难 [bi4 nan4] /[take] refuge/seek (political, etc) asylum/睥睨 [bi4 ni4] /look at somebody disdainfully out of the corner of one's eye/婢女 [bi4 nu:3] /slave-girl/servant-girl/毕其功于一役 [bi4 qi2 gong1 yu2 yi1 yi4] /accomplish the whole task at one stroke/避其锐气/击其惰归 [bi4 qi2 rui4 qi4 ji1 qi2 duo4 gui1] /avoid the enemy when he is fresh and strike him when he is tired and withdraws/必然 [bi4 ran2] /inevitable/certain/necessity/闭塞 [bi4 se4] /stop up/close up/hard to get to/out of the way/inaccessible/unenlightened/blocking/闭塞眼睛捉麻雀 [bi4 se4 yan3 jing1 zhuo1 ma2 que4] /try to catch sparrows with one's eyes blindfolded - act blindly/臂纱 [bi4 sha1] /(black) armband/毕生 [bi4 sheng1] /all one's life/lifetime/壁虱 [bi4 shi1] /tick/bedbug/避实就虚 [bi4 shi2 jiu4 xu1] /stay clear of the enemy's main force and/strike at his weak points/避暑 [bi4 shu3] /be away for the summer holidays/spend a holiday at a summer resort/prevent sunstroke/壁毯 [bi4 tan3] /tapestry (used as a wall hanging)/碧瓦 [bi4 wa3] /green/glazed tile/敝屣 [bi4 xi3] /worn-out shoes/a worthless thing/陛下 [bi4 xia4] /Your Majesty/His or Her Majesty/避嫌 [bi4 xian2] /avoid doing anything that may arouse suspicion/avoid arousing suspicion/毕肖 [bi4 xiao4] /resemble closely/be the very image of/to look very much like/to be the spitting image of/璧谢 [bi4 xie4] /decline (a gift) with thanks/必修 [bi4 xiu1] /a required course/必修课 [bi4 xiu1 ke4] /a required course/必须 [bi4 xu1] /to have to/must/必需 [bi4 xu1] /essential/indispensable/必需品 [bi4 xu1 pin3] /necessity/essential (thing)/碧血 [bi4 xue4] /blood shed in a just cause/必要 [bi4 yao4] /necessary/essential/indispensable/required/必要条件 [bi4 yao4 tiao2 jian4] /requirement/必要性 [bi4 yao4 xing4] /necessity/毕业 [bi4 ye4] /graduation/to graduate/to finish school/毕业典礼 [bi4 ye4 dian3 li3] /graduation/毕业生 [bi4 ye4 sheng1] /graduate (of a school)/裨益 [bi4 yi4] /benefit/advantage/profit/闭音节 [bi4 yin1 jie2] /closed syllable/必由之路 [bi4 you2 zhi1 lu4] /the road one must follow or take/the only way/庇佑 [bi4 you4] /bless/prosper/碧玉 [bi4 yu4] /jasper/闭元音 [bi4 yuan2 yin1] /close vowel/避孕 [bi4 yun4] /contraception/臂章 [bi4 zhang1] /armband/armlet/shoulder emblem/币值 [bi4 zhi2] /value of a currency/币制 [bi4 zhi4] /currency system/避重就轻 [bi4 zhong4 jiu4 qing1] /avoid the important and dwell on the trivial/keep silent about major charges while admitting minor ones/敝帚自珍 [bi4 zhou3 zi4 zhen1] /value one's own old broom - cherish something of little value simply because it is one's own/壁助 [bi4 zhu4] /help/assistant/篦子 [bi4 zi3] /a double-edged fine-toothed comb/砭 [bian1] /a stone probe/acupuncture/编 [bian1] /weave/plait/organize/group/arrange/edit/compile/write/compose/fabricate/蝙 [bian1] /bat/鞭 [bian1] /a whip or lash/to flog/slash or whip/边 [bian1] /side/edge/margin/border/boundary/笾 [bian1] /basket for fruits/边币 [bian1 bi4] /Border Region currency (consisting of the currency notes issued by the Border Region governments during the War of Resistance Against Japan and the War of Liberation)/鞭策 [bian1 ce4] /spur on/urge on/鞭长莫及 [bian1 chang2 mo4 ji2] /beyond the reach of one's power/too far away for one to be able to help/编程 [bian1 cheng2] /to program/鞭笞 [bian1 chi1] /flog/lash/鞭虫 [bian1 chong2] /whipworm/边陲 [bian1 chui2] /border area/frontier/编次 [bian1 ci4] /order of arrangement/鞭打 [bian1 da3] /whip/lash/flog/thrash/编导 [bian1 dao3] /write and direct (a play, film, etc.)/playwright - director/choreographer - director/scenarist - director/边地 [bian1 di4] /border district/borderland/编队 [bian1 dui4] /form into columns/organize into teams/formation (of ships or aircraft)/边防 [bian1 fang2] /frontier defense/边锋 [bian1 feng1] /wing/wing forward/蝙蝠 [bian1 fu2] /bat/编号 [bian1 hao4] /number/serial number/鞭痕 [bian1 hen2] /welt/whip scar/lash mark/编辑 [bian1 ji2] /edit/compile/(assistant) editor/compiler/编辑室 [bian1 ji2 shi4] /editorial office/边际 [bian1 ji4] /limit/bound/boundary/边疆 [bian1 jiang1] /border area/borderland/frontier/frontier region/边角科 [bian1 jiao3 ke1] /leftover bits and pieces (of industrial/material)/边界 [bian1 jie4] /boundary/border/边界线 [bian1 jie4 xian4] /boundary line/border line/边境 [bian1 jing4] /frontier/border/编剧 [bian1 ju4] /write a play/scenario/playwright/screenwriter/scenarist/边卡 [bian1 ka3] /border checkpoint/边框 [bian1 kuang4] /frame/rim/编码 [bian1 ma3] /coding/编码字符集 [bian1 ma3 zi4 fu2 ji2] /coded character set/鞭毛 [bian1 mao2] /flagellum/边门 [bian1 men2] /side door/wicket door/边民 [bian1 min2] /people living on the frontiers/inhabitants of a border area/编目 [bian1 mu4] /make a catalogue/catalogue/list/编年史 [bian1 nian2 shi3] /annals/chronicle/编年体 [bian1 nian2 ti3] /annalistic style (in historiography)/编排 [bian1 pai2] /to arrange/to lay out/鞭炮 [bian1 pao4] /firecrackers/a string of small firecrackers/鞭辟入里 [bian1 pi4 ru4 li3] /penetrated/trenchant/incisive/编遣 [bian1 qian3] /reorganize (troops/etc/) and discharge surplus personnel/边区 [bian1 qu1] /border area/边塞 [bian1 sai4] /frontier fortress/编审 [bian1 shen3] /read and edit/copy editor/鞭挞 [bian1 ta4] /lash/castigate/编舞 [bian1 wu3] /choreography/choreographer/边线 [bian1 xian4] /sideline/foul line/编写 [bian1 xie3] /compile/编选 [bian1 xuan3] /select and edit/compile/边沿 [bian1 yan2] /edge/fringe/编译 [bian1 yi4] /translate and edit/边音 [bian1 yin1] /lateral (sound)/编印 [bian1 yin4] /compile and print/publish/蝙鱼 [bian1 yu2] /bream/边缘 [bian1 yuan2] /edge/fringe/verge/brink/periphery/marginal/borderline/边远 [bian1 yuan3] /far from the center/remote/outlying/编造 [bian1 zao4] /compile/draw up/work out/fabricate/invent/concoct/make up/cook up/create out of the imagination/编者 [bian1 zhe3] /editor/compiler/编者按 [bian1 zhe3 an4] /(n) editor's notes or comments/编织 [bian1 zhi1] /weave/knit/plait/braid/编制 [bian1 zhi4] /weave/plait/braid/work out/draw up/authorized strength/establishment/编着 [bian1 zhu4] /compile/write/鞭子 [bian1 zi3] /whip/编组 [bian1 zu3] /organize into groups/marshalling/编纂 [bian1 zuan3] /compile/匾 [bian3] /a tablet/a board with an inscription/a sign hung above a door/贬 [bian3] /to diminish/to demote/reduce or devaluate/disparage/censure/depreciate/褊 [bian3] /narrow/urgent/窆 [bian3] /put a coffin in grave/贬斥 [bian3 chi4] /demote/denounce/扁虫 [bian3 chong2] /flatworm/贬词 [bian3 ci2] /derogatory term/expression of censure/扁担 [bian3 dan1] /carrying pole/shoulder pole/贬低 [bian3 di1] /belittle/depreciate/play down/扁豆 [bian3 dou4] /hyacinth bean/匾额 [bian3 e2] /a horizontal inscribed board/扁骨 [bian3 gu3] /flat bone/扁坯 [bian3 pi1] /slab/扁桃 [bian3 tao2] /almond tree/almond/flat peach/扁桃体 [bian3 tao2 ti3] /tonsil/贬抑 [bian3 yi4] /belittle/depreciate/贬义 [bian3 yi4] /derogatory sense/扁圆 [bian3 yuan2] /oblate/贬谪 [bian3 zhe2] /banish from the court/relegate/贬值 [bian3 zhi2] /to become devaluated/to devaluate/to depreciate/卞 [bian4] /(surname)/hurried/弁 [bian4] /cap/便 [bian4] /ordinary/plain/convenient/handy/easy/then/so/thus/to relieve oneself/遍 [bian4] /a time/everywhere/turn/all over/one time/辨 [bian4] /distinguish/recognize/辫 [bian4] /a braid or queue/to plait/辩 [bian4] /dispute/debate/argue/discuss/变 [bian4] /to change/to become different/to transform/to vary/rebellion/缏 [bian4] /braid/变暗 [bian4 an4] /darken/辩白 [bian4 bai2] /offer an explanation/plead innocence/try to defend oneself/变本加厉 [bian4 ben3 jia1 li4] /become aggravated/be further intensified/辨别 [bian4 bie2] /differentiate/distinguish/discriminate/辩别 [bian4 bie2] /(v) distinguish between/辩驳 [bian4 bo2] /dispute/refute/遍布 [bian4 bu4] /be found everywhere/(spread) all over/便步走 [bian4 bu4 zou3] /march at ease/route step/辩才 [bian4 cai2] /eloquence/变成 [bian4 cheng2] /to change into/to turn into/to become/便池 [bian4 chi2] /urinal/变丑 [bian4 chou3] /disfigure/便当 [bian4 dang4] /convenient/handy/easy/便道 [bian4 dao4] /shortcut/pavement/sidewalk/makeshift road/遍地 [bian4 di4] /(n) everywhere/遍地开花 [bian4 di4 kai1 hua1] /blossom everywhere/spring up all over the place/to flourish on a large scale/变电站 [bian4 dian4 zhan4] /(transformer) substation/变调 [bian4 diao4] /modified tone/tonal modification/变动 [bian4 dong4] /change/alteration/变法 [bian4 fa3] /political reform/变法儿 [bian4 fa3 er5] /try different ways/便饭 [bian4 fan4] /a simple meal/potluck/变分法 [bian4 fen1 fa3] /calculus of variations/便服 [bian4 fu2] /everyday clothes/informal dress/civilian clothes/变革 [bian4 ge2] /transform/change/变更 [bian4 geng1] /change/alter/modify/变工 [bian4 gong1] /exchange work/变故 [bian4 gu4] /an unforeseen event/accident/misfortune/便函 [bian4 han2] /an informal letter sent by an organization/变黑 [bian4 hei1] /darken/变红 [bian4 hong2] /redden/变厚 [bian4 hou4] /thicken/便壶 [bian4 hu2] /bed urinal/chamber pot/辩护 [bian4 hu4] /speak in defense of/argue in favor of/defend/plead/defend/变化 [bian4 hua4] /change/vary/变幻 [bian4 huan4] /change irregularly/fluctuate/变换 [bian4 huan4] /vary/alternate/to convert/变换设备 [bian4 huan4 she4 bei4] /converter/conversion device/遍及 [bian4 ji2] /to extend (everywhere)/变价 [bian4 jia4] /appraise at the current rate/便笺 [bian4 jian1] /notepaper/memo/memo pad/变焦距镜头 [bian4 jiao1 ju4 jing4 tou2] /zoom lens/便捷 [bian4 jie2] /convenient and fast/变节 [bian4 jie2] /make a political recantation/turn one's coat/辩解 [bian4 jie3] /explain/justify/defend (a point of view, etc)/provide an explanation/try to defend oneself/便览 [bian4 lan3] /brief guide/便利 [bian4 li4] /convenient/easy/facilitate/变脸 [bian4 lian3] /suddenly turn hostile/变量 [bian4 liang4] /variable/变流器 [bian4 liu2 qi4] /converter/变乱 [bian4 luan4] /turmoil/social upheaval/辩论 [bian4 lun4] /debate/argue over/变卖 [bian4 mai4] /sell off (one's property)/便帽 [bian4 mao4] /cap/便门 [bian4 men2] /side door/wicket door/便秘 [bian4 mi4] /constipation/便难 [bian4 nan4] /retort with challenging questions/debate/变暖 [bian4 nuan3] /warming/changing to become warmer/便盆 [bian4 pen2] /bed pan/变频 [bian4 pin2] /frequency conversion/变迁 [bian4 qian1] /changes/vicissitudes/便桥 [bian4 qiao2] /temporary bridge/便人 [bian4 ren2] /somebody who happens to be on hand for an errand/辨认 [bian4 ren4] /identify/recognize/辩认 [bian4 ren4] /(v) examine and recognize/变软 [bian4 ruan3] /soften/变色 [bian4 se4] /change color/discolor/change countenance/become angry/变色龙 [bian4 se4 long2] /chameleon/便士 [bian4 shi4] /penny/变数 [bian4 shu4] /variable/变速 [bian4 su4] /speed change/gear shift/变态 [bian4 tai4] /metamorphosis/abnormal/anomalous/遍体鳞伤 [bian4 ti3 lin2 shang1] /covered all over with cuts and bruises/beaten black and blue/be a mass of bruises/变天 [bian4 tian1] /change of weather/restoration of reactionary rule/便条 [bian4 tiao2] /(informal) note/变通 [bian4 tong1] /be flexible/accommodate something to circumstances/便桶 [bian4 tong3] /chamber pot/变温动物 [bian4 wen1 dong4 wu4] /poikilothermal (cold-blooded) animal/变文 [bian4 wen2] /a popular form of narrative literature flourishing in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) with alternate prose and rhymed parts for recitation and singing (often on Buddhist themes)/辨析 [bian4 xi1] /differentiate and analyze/discriminate/变戏法 [bian4 xi4 fa3] /perform conjuring tricks/conjure/juggle/变相 [bian4 xiang4] /in disguised form/covert/便鞋 [bian4 xie2] /cloth shoes/slippers/便血 [bian4 xie3] /having blood in one's stool/变心 [bian4 xin1] /cease to be faithful/变星 [bian4 xing1] /variable star/变形 [bian4 xing2] /be out of shape/become deformed/to morph/变形虫 [bian4 xing2 chong2] /amoeba/变性 [bian4 xing4] /denaturation/变修 [bian4 xiu1] /become revisionist/变压器 [bian4 ya1 qi4] /transformer/便宴 [bian4 yan4] /informal dinner/便衣 [bian4 yi1] /civilian clothes/plain clothes/plainclothesman/便宜行事 [bian4 yi2 xing2 shi4] /act at one's discretion/act as one sees fit/变异 [bian4 yi4] /variation/变硬 [bian4 ying4] /stiffen/便於 [bian4 yu2] /easy to/convenient for/辨证 [bian4 zheng4] /see 辩证/辩证 [bian4 zheng4] /dialectical/辩证法 [bian4 zheng4 fa3] /(n) dialectic method of analysis/辩证施治 [bian4 zheng4 shi1 zhi4] /diagnosis and treatment based on an overall analysis of the illness and the patient's condition/辩证唯物主义 [bian4 zheng4 wei2 wu4 zhu3 yi4] /dialectical materialism/变质 [bian4 zhi4] /go bad/deteriorate/metamorphism/便中 [bian4 zhong1] /at one's convenience/when it's convenient/变种 [bian4 zhong3] /mutation/variety/variant/辫子 [bian4 zi5] /plait/braid/pigtail/a mistake or shortcoming that may be exploited by an opponent/handle/变奏 [bian4 zou4] /variation/变阻器 [bian4 zu3 qi4] /theostat/杓 [biao1] /(star)/彪 [biao1] /a tiger-cat/stripes/streaks/veins/标 [biao1] /the topmost branches of a tree/surface/sign/to mark/(outward) sign/indication/prize/award/bid/膘 [biao1] /fat of a stock animal/镖 [biao1] /a throwing weapon/dart/镳 [biao1] /darts/escort/horsebit/髟 [biao1] /hair/shaggy/飑 [biao1] /whirlwind/瘭 [biao1] /whitlow/飙 [biao1] /whirlwind/标榜 [biao1 bang3] /flaunt/advertise/parade/boost/excessively praise/标本 [biao1 ben3] /specimen/sample/the root cause and symptoms of a disease/标本虫 [biao1 ben3 chong2] /spider beetle/标兵 [biao1 bing1] /parade guards (usually spaced out along parade routes)/example/model/pacesetter/彪炳 [biao1 bing3] /shining/splendid/标尺 [biao1 chi3] /surveyor's rod/staff/staff gauge/rear sight/标灯 [biao1 deng1] /beacon light/beacon/标点 [biao1 dian3] /punctuation/punctuate/标定 [biao1 ding4] /demarcate/标杆 [biao1 gan1] /surveyor's pole/标高 [biao1 gao1] /elevation/level/标号 [biao1 hao4] /grade/标记 [biao1 ji4] /sign/mark/symbol/to mark up/标价 [biao1 jia4] /mark a price/marked price/镖客 [biao1 ke4] /armed escort (of travelers or merchants' caravans)/标量 [biao1 liang4] /scalar quantity/标明 [biao1 ming2] /mark/indicate/标签 [biao1 qian1] /label/tag/标枪 [biao1 qiang1] /javelin/标识 [biao1 shi4] /mark/标题 [biao1 ti2] /title/heading/headline/caption/subject/标新立异 [biao1 xin1 li4 yi4] /start something new in order to be different/do something unconventional or unorthodox/create something new and original/彪形大汉 [biao1 xing2 da4 han4] /burly chap/husky fellow/标语 [biao1 yu3] /slogan/poster/标语牌 [biao1 yu3 pai2] /placard/标志 [biao1 zhi4] /sign/mark/symbol/symbolize/to indicate/to mark/标桩 [biao1 zhuang1] /(marking) stake/标准 [biao1 zhun3] /(an official) standard/norm/criterion/标准尺寸 [biao1 zhun3 chi3 cun4] /gauge/标准规格 [biao1 zhun3 gui1 ge2] /standard/norm/标准化 [biao1 zhun3 hua4] /standardization/标准组织 [biao1 zhun3 zu3 zhi1] /standards organization/standards body/表 [biao3] /surface/exterior/to watch/to show/express/an example/a list or table/a meter/a watch/chart/external/婊 [biao3] /prostitute/裱 [biao3] /hang (paper)/mount (painting)/表白 [biao3 bai2] /vindicate/表报 [biao3 bao4] /statistical tables and reports/表册 [biao3 ce4] /statistical form/book of tables or forms/表层 [biao3 ceng2] /surface layer/表尺 [biao3 chi3] /rear sight/表达 [biao3 da2] /to voice (an opinion)/to express/to convey/表格 [biao3 ge2] /form/table/表姑 [biao3 gu1] /second cousin/表观 [biao3 guan1] /apparent/裱糊 [biao3 hu2] /wall paper/表记 [biao3 ji4] /something given as a token/souvenir/表姐 [biao3 jie3] /older female cousin/表决 [biao3 jue2] /decide by vote/vote/表决权 [biao3 jue2 quan2] /right to vote/vote/表里 [biao3 li3] /the outside and the inside/one's outward show and inner thoughts/exterior and interior/表露 [biao3 lu4] /show/reveal/表妹 [biao3 mei4] /female cousin with a different surname/表蒙子 [biao3 meng2 zi5] /watch glass/crystal/表面 [biao3 mian4] /surface/face/outside/appearance/表面化 [biao3 mian4 hua4] /come to the surface/become apparent/表明 [biao3 ming2] /make known/make clear/state clearly/indicate/known/to make clear/表皮 [biao3 pi2] /epidermis/cuticle/表亲 [biao3 qin1] /cousin/cousinship/表情 [biao3 qing2] /(facial) expression/to express one's feelings/expression/表示 [biao3 shi4] /to express/to show/to express/to say/to state/to indicate/表示敬意 [biao3 shi4 jing4 yi4] /respectful, show respect/表叔 [biao3 shu1] /second cousin/表率 [biao3 shuai4] /example/model/表态 [biao3 tai4] /make known one's position/declare where one stands/表土 [biao3 tu3] /surface soil/topsoil/表现 [biao3 xian4] /expression/manifestation/show/display/manifest/to show (off)/to display/performance (at work etc.)/表现型 [biao3 xian4 xing2] /phenotype/表象 [biao3 xiang4] /idea/表兄 [biao3 xiong1] /male cousin with a different surname (older than oneself)/表兄弟 [biao3 xiong1 di4] /father's sister's sons; male cousin/表兄弟 [biao3 xiong1 di4] /maternal male cousin/表演 [biao3 yan3] /perform/act/play/show/performance/exhibition/demonstrate/表扬 [biao3 yang2] /to praise/to commend/表意文字 [biao3 yi4 wen2 zi4] /ideograph/表语 [biao3 yu3] /predicative/表彰 [biao3 zhang1] /cite (in dispatches)/commend/表证 [biao3 zheng4] /illness that has not attacked the vital organs of the human body/表侄 [biao3 zhi2] /second cousin/表姊妹 [biao3 zi3 mei4] /father's sister's daughters; female cousin/表姊妹 [biao3 zi3 mei4] /maternal female cousin/婊子 [biao3 zi5] /prostitute/whore/鳔 [biao4] /air bladder of fish/鳔胶 [biao4 jiao1] /isinglass/fish glue/鳖 [bie1] /turtle/憋 [bie1] /hold in (urine)/to hold (breath)/to choke/stifle/restrain/hold back/鳖甲 [bie1 jia3] /turtle shell/憋闷 [bie1 men1] /feel oppressed/be depressed/be dejected/憋气 [bie1 qi4] /feel suffocated or oppressed/choke with resentment/feel injured and resentful/鳖裙 [bie1 qun2] /calipash/瘪三 [bie1 san1] /a wretched-looking tramp who lives by begging or stealing/别 [bie2] /leave/depart/separate/distinguish/classify/other/another/do not/must not/to pin/蹩 [bie2] /limp/别称 [bie2 cheng1] /another name/alternative name/别出心裁 [bie2 chu1 xin1 cai2] /adopt an original approach/try to be different/别处 [bie2 chu4] /elsewhere/别的 [bie2 de5] /else/other/别动队 [bie2 dong4 dui4] /special detachment/commando/an armed secret agent squad/别管 [bie2 guan3] /no matter (who/what/etc/)/别号 [bie2 hao4] /alias/别具一格 [bie2 ju4 yi1 ge2] /having a unique or distinctive style/别开生面 [bie2 kai1 sheng1 mian4] /start something new or original/break a new path/break fresh ground/别离 [bie2 li2] /take leave of/leave/别名 [bie2 ming2] /another name/别人 [bie2 ren2] /other people/others/other person/别墅 [bie2 shu4] /villa/别无 [bie2 wu2] /have no other (choice, alternative, etc)/别针 [bie2 zhen1] /pin/别字 [bie2 zi4] /mispronounced or wrongly written character/瘪 [bie3] /deflated/shriveled/sunken/empty/瘪螺痧 [bie3 luo2 sha1] /cholera (with dehydration)/别 [bie4] /contrary/difficult/awkward/别扭 [bie4 niu5] /(adj) difficult; uncomfortable/(adj) disagreeable/彬 [bin1] /ornamental/refined/宾 [bin1] /visitor/guest/傧 [bin1] /best man/entertain/滨 [bin1] /shore/beach/coast/bank/豳 [bin1] /name of an ancient city/槟 [bin1] /areca/the areca nut palm/濒 [bin1] /near/缤 [bin1] /helter-skelter/mixed colors/in confusion/斌 [bin1] /ornamental/refined/镔 [bin1] /fine steel/彬彬有礼 [bin1 bin1 you3 li3] /refined and courteous/urbane/宾词 [bin1 ci2] /predicate/缤纷 [bin1 fen1] /in riotous profusion/宾馆 [bin1 guan3] /guesthouse/宾客 [bin1 ke4] /guests/visitors/濒临 [bin1 lin2] /on the verge of/close to/宾西法尼亚 [bin1 xi1 fa3 ni2 ya4] /Pennsylvania/傧相 [bin1 xiang4] /attendant of the bride or bridegroom at a wedding/宾语 [bin1 yu3] /object/宾至如归 [bin1 zhi4 ru2 gui1] /guests feel at home (in a hotel, guesthouse, etc.)/a home away from home/槟子 [bin1 zi5] /binzi/a species of apple which is slightly sour and astringent/殡 [bin4] /a funeral/to encoffin a corpse/to carry to burial/膑 [bin4] /kneecap/patella/鬓 [bin4] /temples/hair on the temples/摈 [bin4] /reject/expel/discard/exclude/renounce/髌 [bin4] /kneecap/殡车 [bin4 che1] /hearse/摈斥 [bin4 chi4] /reject/dismiss/摈除 [bin4 chu2] /discard/get rid of/dispense with/鬓发 [bin4 fa3] /hair on the temples/髌骨 [bin4 gu3] /kneecap/patella/鬓角 [bin4 jiao3] /temples/hair on the temples/摈弃 [bin4 qi4] /abandon/discard/cast away/殡仪馆 [bin4 yi2 guan3] /the undertaker's/funeral parlor/殡葬 [bin4 zang4] /funeral and interment/冰 [bing1] /ice/兵 [bing1] /soldiers/a force/an army/weapons/arms/military/warlike/槟 [bing1] /areca/冰雹 [bing1 bao2] /hail/hailstone/兵变 [bing1 bian4] /mutiny/兵部 [bing1 bu4] /the Ministry of War in feudal China/兵不血刃 [bing1 bu4 xue4 ren4] /the edges of the swords not being stained with blood - win victory without firing a shot/兵不厌诈 [bing1 bu4 yan4 zha4] /there can never be too much deception in war/in war nothing is too deceitful/all's fair in war/冰场 [bing1 chang3] /skating or ice rink/ice stadium/ice arena/冰川 [bing1 chuan1] /glacier/兵船 [bing1 chuan2] /man-of-war/naval vessel/warship/冰醋酸 [bing1 cu4 suan1] /glacial acetic acid/冰袋 [bing1 dai4] /ice bag/冰蛋 [bing1 dan4] /frozen eggs/冰刀 [bing1 dao1] /ice skates/冰岛 [bing1 dao3] /Iceland/冰点 [bing1 dian3] /freezing point/冰冻 [bing1 dong4] /freeze/兵法 [bing1 fa3] /art of war/military strategy and tactics/冰盖 [bing1 gai4] /ice sheet/冰糕 [bing1 gao1] /ice cream/兵戈 [bing1 ge1] /weapons/arms/fighting/war/兵工厂 [bing1 gong1 chang3] /munitions or ordnance factory/arsenal/兵贵神速 [bing1 gui4 shen2 su4] /speed is precious in war/冰棍儿 [bing1 gun4 er5] /ice-lolly/popsicle/ice-sucker/frozen sucker/冰河 [bing1 he2] /glacial/pertaining to ice age/兵荒马乱 [bing1 huang1 ma3 luan4] /turmoil and chaos of war/兵家 [bing1 jia1] /military strategist in ancient China/military commander/soldier/兵舰 [bing1 jian4] /warship/冰窖 [bing1 jiao4] /icehouse/冰晶 [bing1 jing1] /ice crystals/冰晶石 [bing1 jing1 shi2] /cryolite/冰冷 [bing1 leng3] /ice-cold/兵力 [bing1 li4] /military strength/armed forces/troops/兵连祸结 [bing1 lian2 huo4 jie2] /ravaged by successive wars/war-torn/war-ridden/冰凉 [bing1 liang2] /ice-cold/兵临城下 [bing1 lin2 cheng2 xia4] /the attacking army has reached the city gates/the city is under siege/兵马 [bing1 ma3] /troops and horses/military forces/冰凝器 [bing1 ning2 qi4] /cryophorus/冰排 [bing1 pai2] /ice raft/ice floe/兵痞 [bing1 pi3] /army riffraff/army ruffian/soldier of fortune/冰片 [bing1 pian4] /borneol/冰期 [bing1 qi1] /glacial epoch/ice age/冰淇淋 [bing1 qi2 lin2] /ice cream/兵器 [bing1 qi4] /weaponry/weapons/arms/兵强马壮 [bing1 qiang2 ma3 zhuang4] /strong soldiers and sturdy horses - a well-trained and powerful army/冰橇 [bing1 qiao1] /sled/sledge/sleigh/冰球 [bing1 qiu2] /ice hockey/puck/兵权 [bing1 quan2] /military leadership/military power/冰染染料 [bing1 ran3 ran3 liao4] /azoic dyes/兵戎 [bing1 rong2] /arms/weapons/冰山 [bing1 shan1] /iceberg/冰上运动 [bing1 shang4 yun4 dong4] /ice-sports/冰释 [bing1 shi4] /(of misgivings/misunderstandings/etc/) disappear/vanish/be dispelled/兵士 [bing1 shi4] /ordinary soldier/兵书 [bing1 shu1] /a book on the art of war/冰霜 [bing1 shuang1] /moral integrity/austerity/冰塔 [bing1 ta3] /serac/冰炭不相容 [bing1 tan4 bu4 xiang1 rong2] /as incompatible or irreconcilable as ice and hot coals/冰糖 [bing1 tang2] /crystal sugar/rock candy/冰天雪地 [bing1 tian1 xue3 di4] /a world of ice and snow/兵团 [bing1 tuan2] /large military unit/formation/corps/army/冰隙 [bing1 xi4] /crevasse/冰箱 [bing1 xiang1] /icebox/refrigerator/freezer/冰消瓦解 [bing1 xiao1 wa3 jie3] /melt like ice and break like tiles/disintegrate/dissolve/冰鞋 [bing1 xie2] /skating boots/skates/兵蚁 [bing1 yi3] /soldier ant/dinergate/兵役 [bing1 yi4] /military service/兵营 [bing1 ying2] /military camp/barracks/兵员 [bing1 yuan2] /soldiers/troops/兵源 [bing1 yuan2] /manpower resources (for military service)/sources of troops/兵站 [bing1 zhan4] /army service station/military depot/冰镇 [bing1 zhen4] /iced/兵种 [bing1 zhong3] /(military) branch of the armed forces/冰洲石 [bing1 zhou1 shi2] /Iceland spar/冰柱 [bing1 zhu4] /icicle/冰砖 [bing1 zhuan1] /ice-cream brick/丙 [bing3] /the third of the ten heavenly stems/the third position/third/number three/秉 [bing3] /(surname)/to grasp/hold/maintain/屏 [bing3] /get rid of/put aside/reject/keep control/hold back/柄 [bing3] /authority/handle/hilt/炳 [bing3] /bright/brilliant/luminous/禀 [bing3] /natural property or endowment/report to (a superior)/饼 [bing3] /round flat cake/cookie/cake/pastry/邴 [bing3] /(surname)/ancient city name/happy/饼铛 [bing3 cheng1] /baking pan/秉承 [bing3 cheng2] /take orders/receive commands/屏除 [bing3 chu2] /get rid of/dismiss/brush aside/饼饵 [bing3 er3] /cakes/pastry/饼肥 [bing3 fei2] /cake fertilizer/禀赋 [bing3 fu4] /natural endowment/gift/饼干 [bing3 gan1] /biscuit/cracker/cookie/禀告 [bing3 gao4] /report (to one's superior)/秉公 [bing3 gong1] /justly/impartially/丙纶 [bing3 lun2] /polypropylene fiber/屏气 [bing3 qi4] /hold one's breath/丙酮 [bing3 tong2] /acetone/屏息 [bing3 xi1] /hold one's breath/丙烯酸 [bing3 xi1 suan1] /acrylic acid/秉性 [bing3 xing4] /(n) natural disposition, natural attitude/禀性 [bing3 xing4] /natural disposition/丙种射线 [bing3 zhong3 she4 xian4] /gamma ray/饼子 [bing3 zi5] /maize or millet pancake/并 [bing4] /and/also/together with/并 [bing4] /and/furthermore/(not) at all/simultaneously/also/together with/to combine/to join/to merge/并 [bing4] /amalgamate/combine/病 [bing4] /ailment/sickness/illness/disease/fall ill/sick/defect/摒 [bing4] /arrange/drive off/expel/并把 [bing4 ba3] /to include/病包儿 [bing4 bao1 er5] /a person who is always falling ill/chronic invalid/病变 [bing4 bian4] /pathological changes/并不 [bing4 bu4] /not at all/emphatically not/病程 [bing4 cheng2] /course of disease/病虫害 [bing4 chong2 hai4] /plant diseases and insect pests/病床 [bing4 chuang2] /hospital bed/sickbed/病从口入 [bing4 cong2 kou3 ru4] /illness finds its way in by the mouth/并存 [bing4 cun2] /(v) exist at the same time/病倒 [bing4 dao3] /be down with an illness/be laid up/并蒂莲 [bing4 di4 lian2] /twin lotus flowers on one stalk - a devoted married couple/病毒 [bing4 du2] /virus/病毒学 [bing4 du2 xue2] /virology (study of viruses)/病毒学家 [bing4 du2 xue2 jia1] /virologist (person who studies viruses)/并发 [bing4 fa1] /be complicated by/erupt simultaneously/病房 [bing4 fang2] /ward (of a hospital)/sickroom/并非 [bing4 fei1] /really isn't/病夫 [bing4 fu1] /sick man/病根 [bing4 gen1] /an incompletely cured illness/an old complaint/the root cause of trouble/病故 [bing4 gu4] /die of an illness/病害 [bing4 hai4] /plant disease/病号 [bing4 hao4] /sick personnel/person on the sick list/patient/并激 [bing4 ji1] /shunt excitation/病机 [bing4 ji1] /interpretation of the cause/onset and process of an illness/pathogenesis/病急乱投医 [bing4 ji2 luan4 tou2 yi1] /turn to any doctor one can find when critically ill - try anything when in a desperate situation/病家 [bing4 jia1] /a patient and his family/病假 [bing4 jia4] /sick leave/并驾齐驱 [bing4 jia4 qi2 qu1] /run neck and neck/keep abreast of/or keep pace with/be on a par with one another/并肩 [bing4 jian1] /alongside/shoulder to shoulder/side by side/abreast/并举 [bing4 ju3] /develop simultaneously/并卷机 [bing4 juan3 ji1] /ribbon lap machine/病菌 [bing4 jun1] /harmful bacteria/pathogenic bacteria/germs/病况 [bing4 kuang4] /state of an illness/patient's condition/病理 [bing4 li3] /pathology/并立 [bing4 li4] /exist side by side/exist simultaneously/病例 [bing4 li4] /[medical] case [of illness]/病历 [bing4 li4] /medical record/case history/并联 [bing4 lian2] /parallel connection/并列 [bing4 lie4] /stand side by side/be juxtaposed/病脉 [bing4 mai4] /abnormal pulse/病魔 [bing4 mo2] /serious illness/并排 [bing4 pai2] /side by side/abreast/并且 [bing4 qie3] /and/besides/moreover/furthermore/in addition/病情 [bing4 qing2] /state of an illness/patient's condition/病人 [bing4 ren2] /sick person/[medical] patient/invalid/病容 [bing4 rong2] /sickly look/并入 [bing4 ru4] /merge into/incorporate in/病入膏肓 [bing4 ru4 gao1 huang1] /the disease has attacked the vitals - beyond cure/并纱 [bing4 sha1] /doubling/病势 [bing4 shi4] /degree of seriousness of an illness/patient's condition/病态 [bing4 tai4] /morbid or abnormal state/并条 [bing4 tiao2] /drawing/病痛 [bing4 tong4] /slight illness/indisposition/ailment/并吞 [bing4 tun1] /swallow up/annex/merge/病危 [bing4 wei1] /be critically ill/be terminally ill/病象 [bing4 xiang4] /symptom (of a disease)/并行 [bing4 xing2] /in parallel [development, implementation, etc]/并行不悖 [bing4 xing2 bu4 bei4] /both can be implemented without coming into conflict/not be mutually exclusive/run parallel/病因 [bing4 yin1] /cause of disease/pathogen/病友 [bing4 you3] /a friend made in hospital or people who become friends in hospital/wardmate/病愈 [bing4 yu4] /recover (from an illness)/病原 [bing4 yuan2] /cause of disease/pathogeny/病员 [bing4 yuan2] /sick personnel/person on the sick list/patient/病院 [bing4 yuan4] /a specialized hospital/病灶 [bing4 zao4] /focus (of infection)/病征 [bing4 zheng1] /symptom (of a disease)/病症 [bing4 zheng4] /disease/illness/并重 [bing4 zhong4] /lay equal stress on/pay equal attention to/病株 [bing4 zhu1] /diseased or infected plant/病状 [bing4 zhuang4] /symptom (of a disease)/波 [bo1] /wave/ripple/storm/surge/玻 [bo1] /glass/剥 [bo1] /peel/to skin/钵 [bo1] /alms bowl/small earthenware basin/菠 [bo1] /spinach/拨 [bo1] /to push aside/to appropriate (money)/to move/to set aside/group/batch/to poke/to stir/播 [bo1] /sow/scatter/spread/broadcast/饽 [bo1] /cake/biscuit/饽饽 [bo1 bo5] /pastry/steamed bun/cake/剥采比 [bo1 cai3 bi3] /stripping-to-ore ratio/stripping ratio/菠菜 [bo1 cai4] /spinach/波长 [bo1 chang2] /wavelength/拨刺 [bo1 ci1] /splash (of a fish)/波荡 [bo1 dang4] /heave/surge/波导 [bo1 dao3] /wave guide/剥掉 [bo1 diao4] /pare/波动 [bo1 dong4] /undulate/fluctuate/wave motion/波段 [bo1 duan4] /wave band/波多黎各 [bo1 duo1 li2 ge4] /Puerto Rico/剥夺 [bo1 duo2] /deprive/expropriate/strip (of)/波恩 [bo1 en1] /Bonn (Germany)/波尔多液 [bo1 er3 duo1 ye4] /Bordeaux mixture/播放 [bo1 fang4] /broadcast/transmit/播放机 [bo1 fang4 ji1] /player (e.g. CD player)/波峰 [bo1 feng1] /wave crest/波幅 [bo1 fu2] /amplitude/拨付 [bo1 fu4] /appropriate sum of money/波谷 [bo1 gu3] /trough/拨号 [bo1 hao4] /dial (a telephone)/拨号盘 [bo1 hao4 pan2] /telephone dial/波黑 [bo1 hei1] /Bosnia-Herzegovinia/拨火棍 [bo1 huo3 gun4] /poker/波及 [bo1 ji2] /spread to/involve/affect/拨开 [bo1 kai1] /to move aside/拨款 [bo1 kuan3] /allocate funds/appropriation/波澜 [bo1 lan2] /great waves/billows/波兰 [bo1 lan2] /Poland/波澜起伏 [bo1 lan2 qi3 fu2] /of a piece of writing with one climax following another/波兰语 [bo1 lan2 yu3] /Polish (language)/波澜壮阔 [bo1 lan2 zhuang4 kuo4] /surging forward with great momentum/unfolding on a magnificent scale/波浪 [bo1 lang4] /wave/拨浪鼓 [bo1 lang4 gu3] /a drum-shaped rattle (used by peddlers or as a toy)/rattle-drum/剥离 [bo1 li2] /(of tissue/skin/covering/etc/) come off/peel off/be stripped/波利尼西亚 [bo1 li4 ni2 xi1 ya4] /Polynesia/玻利维亚 [bo1 li4 wei2 ya4] /Bolivia/玻璃 [bo1 li5] /glass/nylon/plastic/拨乱反正 [bo1 luan4 fan3 zheng4] /bring order out of chaos/set to rights things which have been thrown into disorder/菠萝 [bo1 luo2] /pineapple/波罗的海 [bo1 luo2 di4 hai3] /the Baltic Sea/剥落 [bo1 luo4] /peel off/波美比重计 [bo1 mei3 bi3 zhong4 ji4] /Baume hydrometer/波美度 [bo1 mei3 du4] /Baume degrees/拨弄 [bo1 nong4] /move to and fro (with hand/foot/stick/etc/)/fiddle with/stir up/播弄 [bo1 nong4] /order subject about/stir up/波谱 [bo1 pu3] /spectrum/拨冗 [bo1 rong3] /find time in the midst of pressing affairs/剥蚀 [bo1 shi2] /denude/corrode/波士顿 [bo1 shi4 dun4] /Boston/波士顿大学 [bo1 shi4 dun4 da4 xue2] /Boston University/波束 [bo1 shu4] /beam/波斯尼亚 [bo1 si1 ni2 ya4] /Bosnia/波斯语 [bo1 si1 yu3] /Bosnian (language)/播送 [bo1 song4] /broadcast/transmit/beam/波涛 [bo1 tao1] /great waves/billows/波特 [bo1 te4] /baud/波纹 [bo1 wen2] /ripple/corrugation/拨弦乐器 [bo1 xian2 yue4 qi4] /plucked string or stringed instrument/plucked instrument/剥削 [bo1 xue1] /exploit/玻意耳定律 [bo1 yi4 er3 ding4 lu:4] /Boyle's law/波音 [bo1 yin1] /Boeing (Aircraft)/mordent/播音 [bo1 yin1] /transmit/broadcast/拨用 [bo1 yong4] /appropriation/钵盂 [bo1 yu2] /alms bowl/拨云见日 [bo1 yun2 jian4 ri4] /dispel the clouds and see the sun - restore justice/波折 [bo1 zhe2] /twists and turns/拨正 [bo1 zheng4] /set right/correct/播种 [bo1 zhong3] /sow seeds/sow/seed/波状热 [bo1 zhuang4 re4] /undulant fever/brucellosis/波状云 [bo1 zhuang4 yun2] /undulatus/剥啄 [bo1 zhuo2] /tap (on a door or window)/拨子 [bo1 zi5] /plectrum/拨奏 [bo1 zou4] /pizzicato/伯 [bo2] /father's elder brother/senior/伯 [bo2] /paternal elder uncle/eldest of brothers/respectful form of address/帛 [bo2] /silk/泊 [bo2] /to anchor/touch at/to moor/勃 [bo2] /flourishing/prosperous/suddenly/abruptly/脖 [bo2] /neck/舶 [bo2] /sea-going vessels/ship/博 [bo2] /extensive/ample/rich/obtain/aim/to win/to get/rich/plentiful/to gamble/渤 [bo2] /Gulf of Chili/搏 [bo2] /fight/combat/seize/钹 [bo2] /cymbals/铂 [bo2] /platinum/箔 [bo2] /bamboo screen/door screen/metal foil/leaf/sheet/tinsel/膊 [bo2] /shoulder/upper arm/驳 [bo2] /argue/parti-colored/tranship/dispute/contradict/refute/薄 [bo2] /mean/slight/thin/踣 [bo2] /corpse/prostrate/驳 [bo2] /argue/parti-colored/tranship/鹁 [bo2] /woodpidgeon/礴 [bo2] /fill/extend/博爱 [bo2 ai4] /universal fraternity (or brotherhood)/universal love/驳岸 [bo2 an4] /a low stone wall built along the water's edge to protect an embankment/revetment/勃勃 [bo2 bo2] /thriving/vigorous/exuberant/伯伯 [bo2 bo5] /father's elder brother/uncle/驳斥 [bo2 chi4] /refute/deny/denounce/驳船 [bo2 chuan2] /barge/lighter/博茨瓦纳 [bo2 ci2 wa3 na4] /Botswana/驳倒 [bo2 dao3] /demolish sb's argument/refute/out-argue/博得 [bo2 de2] /win/gain/搏动 [bo2 dong4] /beat rhythmically/throb/pulsate/搏斗 [bo2 dou4] /to wrestle/to fight/to struggle/伯恩斯 [bo2 en1 si1] /(Nicholas) Burns (US State Department spokesperson)/勃发 [bo2 fa1] /thrive/prosper/break out/伯父 [bo2 fu4] /father's elder brother/(polite form of address for a man who is about the age of one's father)/鹁鸽 [bo2 ge1] /pigeon/博古通今 [bo2 gu3 tong1 jin1] /conversant with things past and present - erudite and informed/驳回 [bo2 hui2] /reject/turn down/overrule/伯杰 [bo2 jie2] /(Samuel) Berger (US National Security Advisor)/脖颈儿 [bo2 jing3 er5] /back of the neck/nape/伯爵 [bo2 jue2] /earl/count/薄烤饼 [bo2 kao3 bing3] /pancake/驳壳枪 [bo2 ke2 qiang1] /Mauser pistol/博览 [bo2 lan3] /read extensively/博览会 [bo2 lan3 hui4] /(international) fair/伯劳 [bo2 lao2] /shrike/薄利 [bo2 li4] /small profits/伯利兹 [bo2 li4 zi1] /Belize/柏林 [bo2 lin2] /Berlin/柏林墙 [bo2 lin2 qiang2] /Berlin Wall/薄命 [bo2 ming4] /(usu. of women) born under an unlucky star/born unlucky/薄膜 [bo2 mo2] /membrane/film/伯母 [bo2 mu3] /wife of father's elder brother/aunt/(polite form of address for a woman who is about the age of one's mother)/薄暮 [bo2 mu4] /dusk/twilight/薄片 [bo2 pian4] /thin slice/thin section/薄情 [bo2 qing2] /inconstant in love/fickle/博取 [bo2 qu3] /try to gain/court/勃然 [bo2 ran2] /agitatedly/excitedly/vigorously/薄弱 [bo2 ruo4] /weak/frail/博士 [bo2 shi4] /doctor/court academician (in feudal China)/Ph.D./伯叔祖父 [bo2 shu1 zu3 fu4] /father's father's brother; great uncle/伯叔祖母 [bo2 shu1 zu3 mu3] /father's father's brother's wife; great aunt/薄胎瓷器 [bo2 tai1 ci2 qi4] /eggshell china/泊位 [bo2 wei4] /berth/博闻强记 [bo2 wen2 qiang2 ji4] /have wide learning and a retentive memory/have encyclopedic knowledge/博物 [bo2 wu4] /natural science/薄雾 [bo2 wu4] /mist/haze/博物馆 [bo2 wu4 guan3] /museum/勃兴 [bo2 xing1] /rise suddenly/grow vigorously/博学 [bo2 xue2] /learned/erudite/博雅 [bo2 ya3] /learned/薄油层 [bo2 you2 ceng2] /oil sheet/驳运 [bo2 yun4] /transport by lighter/lighter/驳杂 [bo2 za2] /heterogeneous/薄纸 [bo2 zhi3] /tissue/kleenex/伯仲叔季 [bo2 zhong4 shu1 ji4] /eldest/second/third and youngest of brothers/order of seniority among brothers/脖子 [bo2 zi5] /neck/跛 [bo3] /lame/crippled/簸 [bo3] /to winnow/簸荡 [bo3 dang4] /roll/rock/簸扬 [bo3 yang2] /winnow/跛子 [bo3 zi5] /lame person/cripple/跛足 [bo3 zu2] /lame/柏 [bo4] /cypress/cedar/擘 [bo4] /thumb/break/tear/pierce/split/to analyze/檗 [bo4] /Phyllodendron amurense/薄 [bo4] /thin/slight/meagre/small/ungenerous/unkind/mean/frivolous/despise/belittle/to approach/to go near/peppermint/簸 [bo4] /dust pan/toss (as waves)/薄荷 [bo4 he2] /field mint/peppermint/擘画 [bo4 hua4] /plan/arrange/簸箕 [bo4 ji1] /dustpan/winnowing fan/loop (of a fingerprint)/卜 [bo5] /turnip/卜 [bo5] /turnip/晡 [bu1] /3-5 p.m./逋 [bu1] /flee/abscond/owe/哺 [bu1] /evening meal/逋逃薮 [bu1 tao2 sou3] /refuge for fugitives/醭 [bu2] /mold on liquids/不必要 [bu2 bi4 yao4] /needless/unnecessary/不大 [bu2 da4] /not very/not too/not often/不当一回事 [bu2 dang4 yi4 hui2 shi4] /not regard as a matter (of any importance)/不定词 [bu2 ding4 ci2] /infinitive/不公平 [bu2 gong1 ping5] /unfair/不顾一切 [bu2 gu4 yi1 qie1] /reckless/不克 [bu2 ke4] /cannot/to not be able (to)/to be unable to/不客气 [bu2 ke4 qi4] /you're welcome/impolite/rude/blunt/don't mention it/不列颠诸岛 [bu2 lie4 dian1 zhu1 dao3] /British Isles/不论 [bu2 lun4] /no matter (what, who, how, etc.)/whether ... or .../regardless of/不耐烦 [bu2 nai4 fan2] /impatience/impatient/不怕 [bu2 pa4] /fearless/不是 [bu2 shi4] /(n) blame or fault/不是吗 [bu2 shi4 ma5] /isn't it/不幸的是 [bu2 xing4 de5 shi4] /unfortunately/不易 [bu2 yi4] /not easy to do sth./difficult/不住 [bu2 zhu4] /repeatedly/continuously/constantly/不自量 [bu2 zi4 liang4] /not take a proper measure of oneself/overrate one's own abilities/不自在 [bu2 zi4 zai4] /uneasiness/卜 [bu3] /to divine/foretell/哺 [bu3] /feed/捕 [bu3] /to catch/to seize/to capture/to catch/补 [bu3] /to repair/to patch/to mend/to make up for/to fill (a vacancy)/to supplement/补白 [bu3 bai2] /filler (in a newspaper or magazine)/补报 [bu3 bao4] /make a report after the event/make a supplementary report/repay a kindness/补偿 [bu3 chang2] /compensate/make up/补充 [bu3 chong1] /to replenish/to supplement/to complement/additional/supplementary/捕虫叶 [bu3 chong2 ye4] /insect-catching leaf/卜辞 [bu3 ci2] /oracle inscriptions of the Shang Dynasty (16th-11th century BC) on tortoiseshells or animal bones/补丁 [bu3 ding1] /patch/补发 [bu3 fa1] /supply again (sth lost)/reissue/pay retroactively/补法 [bu3 fa3] /treatment involving the use of tonics to restore the patient's health/reinforcing method (in acupuncture)/捕风捉影 [bu3 feng1 zhuo1 ying3] /chase the wind and clutch at shadows - make groundless accusations/speak or act on hearsay evidence/捕俘 [bu3 fu2] /capture enemy personnel (for intelligence purposes)/补花 [bu3 hua1] /applique/捕获 [bu3 huo4] /to catch/to capture/to seize/补给 [bu3 ji3] /supply/补角 [bu3 jiao3] /supplementary angle/捕鲸船 [bu3 jing1 chuan2] /whaler/whale catcher/补救 [bu3 jiu4] /remedy/补考 [bu3 kao3] /make-up examination/补课 [bu3 ke4] /make up a missed lesson/捕捞 [bu3 lao1] /fish for (aquatic animals and plants)/catch/补炉 [bu3 lu2] /fettling/补苗 [bu3 miao2] /fill the gaps with seedlings/捕拿 [bu3 na2] /arrest/capture/catch/补偏救弊 [bu3 pian1 jiu4 bi4] /remedy defects and rectify errors/rectify/补票 [bu3 piao4] /buy one's ticket after the normal time/补品 [bu3 pin3] /tonic/补缺 [bu3 que1] /fill a vacancy/supply a deficiency/哺乳 [bu3 ru3] /breast-feed/suckle/nurse/哺乳动物 [bu3 ru3 dong4 wu4] /mammal/补色 [bu3 se4] /complementary color/捕食 [bu3 shi2] /catch and feed on/prey on/卜筮 [bu3 shi4] /divination/捕鼠器 [bu3 shu3 qi4] /mousetrap/补税 [bu3 shui4] /pay a tax one has evaded/pay an overdue tax/补体 [bu3 ti3] /complement (in blood serum)/补贴 [bu3 tie1] /subsidy/allowance/补习 [bu3 xi2] /take lessons after school or work/补泻 [bu3 xie4] /reinforcing and reducing methods (in acupuncture)/补选 [bu3 xuan3] /by-election/补血 [bu3 xue4] /enrich the blood/补牙 [bu3 ya2] /fill a tooth/have a tooth stopped/哺养 [bu3 yang3] /feed/rear/补养 [bu3 yang3] /take a tonic or nourishing food to build up one's health/补药 [bu3 yao4] /tonic/补液 [bu3 ye4] /fluid infusion/补遗 [bu3 yi2] /addendum/补益 [bu3 yi4] /benefit/help/捕鱼 [bu3 yu2] /catch fish/fish/补语 [bu3 yu3] /complement/哺育 [bu3 yu4] /feed/nurture/foster/补种 [bu3 zhong4] /reseed/resow/replant/补助 [bu3 zhu4] /(financial) subsidy/allowance/补助组织 [bu3 zhu4 zu3 zhi1] /auxiliary organizations/补缀 [bu3 zhui4] /mend (clothes)/patch/捕捉 [bu3 zhuo1] /catch/seize/补足 [bu3 zu2] /bring up to full strength/make up a deficiency/fill (a vacancy/gap/etc/)/不 [bu4] /(negative prefix)/not/no/布 [bu4] /to declare/to announce/to spread/to make known/spread/(cotton) cloth/布 [bu4] /diffuse/extend/notify/步 [bu4] /a step/a pace/walk/march/stages in a process/怖 [bu4] /terror/terrified/afraid/frightened/埠 [bu4] /a jetty/port/a city/quay/部 [bu4] /ministry/department/section/part/division/troops/board/(a measure word)/(a measure word for works of literature, films, machines, etc.)/簿 [bu4] /a book/a register/account-book/不安 [bu4 an1] /intranquil/unpeaceful/unstable/uneasy/disturbed/restless/worried/不白之冤 [bu4 bai2 zhi1 yuan1] /unrighted wrong/unredressed injustice/不败之地 [bu4 bai4 zhi1 di4] /invincible position/不卑不亢 [bu4 bei1 bu2 kang4] /(saying) neither servile or overbearing/不备 [bu4 bei4] /unprepared/off guard/不比 [bu4 bi3] /unlike/不必 [bu4 bi4] /need not/does not have to/不避艰险 [bu4 bi4 jian1 xian3] /shrink or flinch from no difficulty or danger/make light of difficulties and dangers/不便 [bu4 bian4] /inconvenient/inappropriate/unsuitable/short of cash/不变 [bu4 bian4] /unchanging/constant/不变化 [bu4 bian4 hua4] /invariably/不变价格 [bu4 bian4 jia4 ge2] /fixed price/constant price/不辨菽麦 [bu4 bian4 shu1 mai4] /be unable to tell beans from wheat - have no knowledge of practical matters/不变资本 [bu4 bian4 zi1 ben3] /constant capital/步兵 [bu4 bing1] /infantry/foot/infantryman/foot soldier/布帛 [bu4 bo2] /cloth and silk/cotton and silk textiles/布帛菽粟 [bu4 bo2 shu1 su4] /cloth/silk/beans and grain/food and clothing/daily necessities/步步 [bu4 bu4] /step by step/at every step/步步为营 [bu4 bu4 wei2 ying2] /advance gradually and entrench oneself at every step/consolidate at every step/不测 [bu4 ce4] /accident/mishap/contingency/步测 [bu4 ce4] /pacing/簿册 [bu4 ce4] /books for taking notes or keeping accounts/不曾 [bu4 ceng2] /never (have done sth)/不成 [bu4 cheng2] /won't do/不成功 [bu4 cheng2 gong1] /unsuccessful/不承认主义 [bu4 cheng2 ren4 zhu3 yi4] /policy of non-recognition/不诚实 [bu4 cheng2 shi2] /dishonest/不成文法 [bu4 cheng2 wen2 fa3] /unwritten law/不逞之徒 [bu4 cheng3 zhi1 tu2] /desperado/不齿 [bu4 chi3] /despise/hold in contempt/不耻下问 [bu4 chi3 xia4 wen4] /not feel ashamed to ask and learn from one's subordinates/不啻 [bu4 chi4] /not less than/as/like/as good as/不出所料 [bu4 chu1 suo3 liao4] /as expected/不揣冒昧 [bu4 chuai3 mao4 mei4] /venture to/presume to/take the liberty of/不辞而别 [bu4 ci2 er2 bie2] /leave without saying good-bye/不辞辛苦 [bu4 ci2 xin1 ku3] /make nothing of hardships/不错 [bu4 cuo4] /correct/right/not bad/pretty good/不打不相识 [bu4 da3 bu4 xiang1 shi4] /from an exchange of blows friendship grows/no discord/no concord/不打自招 [bu4 da3 zi4 zhao1] /confess without being pressed/make a confession without duress/不大离儿 [bu4 da4 li2 er5] /pretty close/just about right/not bad/不待说 [bu4 dai4 shuo1] /needless to say/it goes without saying/不丹 [bu4 dan1] /Bhutan/不单 [bu4 dan1] /not the only/not merely/not simply/不但 [bu4 dan4] /not only (... but also...)/不当 [bu4 dang4] /unsuitable/improper/inappropriate/不倒翁 [bu4 dao3 weng1] /tumbler/roly-poly/不道德 [bu4 dao4 de2] /immoral/不到黄河心不死 [bu4 dao4 huang2 he2 xin1 bu4 si3] /not stop until one reaches the Huanghe River - not stop until one reaches one's goal/refuse to give up until all hope is gone/不得 [bu4 de2] /must not/may not/not be allowed/cannot/不得不 [bu4 de2 bu4] /have no choice or option but to/cannot but/have to/can't help it/can't avoid/不得而知 [bu4 de2 er2 zhi1] /unknown/unable to find out/不得劲 [bu4 de2 jin4] /awkward/unhandy/be indisposed/not feel well/不得了 [bu4 de2 liao3] /desperately serious/disastrous/extremely/exceedingly/不得人心 [bu4 de2 ren2 xin1] /not enjoy popular support/be unpopular/不得要领 [bu4 de2 yao4 ling3] /fail to grasp the main points/不得已 [bu4 de2 yi3] /act against one's will/have no alternative but to/have to/to have no choice/must/不登大雅之堂 [bu4 deng1 da4 ya3 zhi1 tang2] /not appeal to refined taste/be unrefined/be unpresentable/不等 [bu4 deng3] /to vary/to differ/depending/不等边三角形 [bu4 deng3 bian1 san1 jiao3 xing2] /scalene triangle/不等号 [bu4 deng3 hao4] /sign of inequality/不等价交换 [bu4 deng3 jia4 jiao1 huan4] /exchange of unequal values/不等式 [bu4 deng3 shi4] /inequality/不抵抗主义 [bu4 di3 kang4 zhu3 yi4] /policy of nonresistance/步调 [bu4 diao4] /gait/marching order/step/pace/步调一致 [bu4 diao4 yi2 zhi4] /to be united in action/不迭 [bu4 die2] /cannot cope/find it too much/incessantly/布丁 [bu4 ding1] /pudding/不定 [bu4 ding4] /indefinite/adventitious/indeterminate/不动 [bu4 dong4] /motionless/不动产 [bu4 dong4 chan3] /real estate/immovable property/immovables/不冻港 [bu4 dong4 gang3] /ice-free port/open port/不动声色 [bu4 dong4 sheng1 se4] /maintain one's composure/stay calm and collected/not turn a hair/not bat an eyelid/不动摇 [bu4 dong4 yao2] /unmoved/不独 [bu4 du2] /not only/不端 [bu4 duan1] /improper/dishonorable/不断 [bu4 duan4] /unceasing/uninterrupted/continuous/constant/不对 [bu4 dui4] /incorrect/wrong/amiss/abnormal/queer/部队 [bu4 dui4] /army/armed forces/troops/force/unit/不对碴儿 [bu4 dui4 cha2 er5] /not proper/not fit for the occasion/不二法门 [bu4 er4 fa3 men2] /the one and only way/the only proper course to take/不乏 [bu4 fa2] /there is no lack of/步伐 [bu4 fa2] /pace/(measured) step/march/不法 [bu4 fa3] /lawless/illegal/unlawful/步法 [bu4 fa3] /footwork/布法罗 [bu4 fa3 luo2] /Buffalo (city in New York state)/不凡 [bu4 fan2] /out of the ordinary/out of the common run/不妨 [bu4 fang1] /there is no harm in/might as well/不方便 [bu4 fang1 bian4] /inconvenience/inconvenient/不费吹灰之力 [bu4 fei4 chui1 hui1 zhi1 li4] /as easy as blowing off dust - not needing the slightest effort/不分彼此 [bu4 fen1 bi3 ci3] /make no distinction between what's one's own and what's another's/share everything/be on very intimate terms/不分青红皂白 [bu4 fen1 qing1 hong2 zao4 bai2] /indiscriminately/不分胜负 [bu4 fen1 sheng4 fu4] /tie/draw/come out even/部分 [bu4 fen5] /part/share/section/piece/部份 [bu4 fen5] /part (of a whole)/piece/section/share/shell (Unix)/不服 [bu4 fu2] /not accept (something)/want to have (something) overruled or changed/refuse to obey or comply/refuse to accept as final/remain unconvinced by/not give in to/不符 [bu4 fu2] /inconsistent/not in agreement with/not agree or tally with/not conform to/不服水土 [bu4 fu2 shui3 tu3] /(of a stranger) not accustomed to the climate of a new place/not acclimatized/不甘 [bu4 gan1] /unreconciled to/not resigned to/unwilling/不干不净 [bu4 gan1 bu4 jing4] /unclean/filthy/不干涉 [bu4 gan1 she4] /noninterference/nonintervention/不甘心 [bu4 gan1 xin1] /not reconciled to/not resigned to/不敢当 [bu4 gan3 dang1] /you flatter me/I don't deserve it (your praise)/不敢越雷池一步 [bu4 gan3 yue4 lei2 chi2 yi1 bu4] /dare not go one step beyond the prescribed limit/布告 [bu4 gao4] /notice/bulletin/布告 [bu4 gao4] /(n) posting on a bulletin board; notice/(v) announce/不公 [bu4 gong1] /unjust/unfair/不恭 [bu4 gong1] /disrespectful/不公正 [bu4 gong1 zheng4] /injustice/不攻自破 [bu4 gong1 zi4 po4] /collapse of itself/不共戴天 [bu4 gong4 dai4 tian1] /will not live under the same sky (with one's enemy) - absolutely irreconcilable/不苟 [bu4 gou3] /not lax/not casual/careful/conscientious/不够 [bu4 gou4] /not enough/insufficient/inadequate/不顾 [bu4 gu4] /in spite of/regardless of/不管 [bu4 guan3] /no matter (what, how)/regardless of/no matter/不光 [bu4 guang1] /not the only one/not only/不规则 [bu4 gui1 ze2] /irregular/不轨 [bu4 gui3] /against the law or discipline/不过 [bu4 guo4] /only/merely/no more than/but/however/only/不过尔尔 [bu4 guo4 er3 er3] /merely mediocre/just middling/不过意 [bu4 guo4 yi4] /be sorry/feel apologetic/不寒而栗 [bu4 han2 er2 li4] /shiver all over though not cold/tremble with fear/shudder/不含糊 [bu4 han2 hu1] /unambiguous/unequivocal/explicit/not ordinary/really good/不好 [bu4 hao3] /no good/不好惹 [bu4 hao3 re3] /not to be trifled with/not to be pushed around/stand no nonsense/不好意思 [bu4 hao3 yi4 si5] /feel embarrassed/be ill at ease/find it embarrassing (to do sth/)/不合 [bu4 he2] /not conform to/be unsuited to/be out of keeping with/should not/ought out/不和 [bu4 he2] /not get along well/be on bad terms/be at odds/discord/不合法 [bu4 he2 fa3] /illegal/不合理 [bu4 he2 li3] /unreasonable/不合适 [bu4 he2 shi4] /improper/不很 [bu4 hen3] /not very/步话机 [bu4 hua4 ji1] /walkie-talkie/不怀好意 [bu4 huai2 hao3 yi4] /harbor evil designs/harbor malicious intentions/不欢而散 [bu4 huan1 er2 san4] /part on bad terms/(of a meeting/etc/) break up in discord/不会 [bu4 hui4] /improbable/unlikely/will not (act/happen/etc/)/have not learned to/be unable to/不讳 [bu4 hui4] /without concealing anything/die/不羁 [bu4 ji1] /unruly/uninhibited/不及 [bu4 ji2] /not as good as/inferior to/find it too late/簿籍 [bu4 ji2] /account books/registers/records/不即不离 [bu4 ji2 bu4 li2] /be neither too familiar nor too distant/keep sb at arm's length/不及格 [bu4 ji2 ge2] /fail/不吉利 [bu4 ji2 li4] /ominous/不及物动词 [bu4 ji2 wu4 dong4 ci2] /intransitive verb/不急之务 [bu4 ji2 zhi1 wu4] /a matter of no great urgency/不济 [bu4 ji4] /not good/of no use/簿记 [bu4 ji4] /bookkeeping/簿记管理员 [bu4 ji4 guan3 li3 yuan2] /commissarian/不记名投票 [bu4 ji4 ming2 tou2 piao4] /secret ballot/不计其数 [bu4 ji4 qi2 shu4] /countless/innumerable/不济事 [bu4 ji4 shi4] /no good/of no use/not of any help/不加思索 [bu4 jia1 si1 suo3] /without thinking/without hesitation/readily/offhand/不简单 [bu4 jian3 dan1] /not simple/rather complicated/remarkable/marvelous/不见 [bu4 jian4] /not see/not meet/部件 [bu4 jian4] /parts/components/assembly/不见得 [bu4 jian4 de5] /not necessarily/not likely/不见棺材不落泪 [bu4 jian4 guan1 cai2 bu4 luo4 lei4] /not shed a tear until one sees the coffin - refuse to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality/不见经传 [bu4 jian4 jing1 zhuan4] /not to be found in the classics - not authoritative/unknown/不见了 [bu4 jian4 le5] /disappear/be missing/不结果 [bu4 jie2 guo3] /fruitless/不结盟 [bu4 jie2 meng2] /nonalignment/不解 [bu4 jie3] /not understand/indissoluble/不禁 [bu4 jin1] /can't help (doing sth)/can't refrain from/不仅 [bu4 jin3] /not the only one/not only/not just/不近人情 [bu4 jin4 ren2 qing2] /not amenable to reason/unreasonable/步进制 [bu4 jin4 zhi4] /step by step system/不经一事不长一智 [bu4 jing1 yi1 shi4 bu4 zhang3 yi1 zhi4] /you can't gain knowledge without practice/wisdom comes from experience/不经意 [bu4 jing1 yi4] /carelessly/by accident/不经之谈 [bu4 jing1 zhi1 tan2] /absurd statement/cock-and-bull story/布景 [bu4 jing3] /(stage) set/不景气 [bu4 jing3 qi4] /depression/recession/slump/不胫而走 [bu4 jing4 er2 zou3] /get round fast/spread like wildfire/不久 [bu4 jiu3] /not long (after)/before too long/soon/soon after/不咎既往 [bu4 jiu4 ji4 wang3] /not censure sb for his past misdeeds/overlook sb's past mistakes/let bygones be bygones/不拘 [bu4 ju1] /not stick to/not confine oneself to/whatever/不拘一格 [bu4 ju1 yi1 ge2] /not stick to one pattern/布局 [bu4 ju2] /arrangement/composition/layout/不倦 [bu4 juan4] /tireless/untiring/indefatigable/不觉 [bu4 jue2] /unconsciously/不觉察 [bu4 jue2 cha2] /unaware/不绝如缕 [bu4 jue2 ru2 lu:3] /hanging by a thread/very precarious/almost extinct/(of sound) linger on faintly/不堪 [bu4 kan1] /cannot bear/cannot stand/utterly/extremely/不堪忍受 [bu4 kan1 ren3 shou4] /unbearable/不亢不卑 [bu4 kang4 bu4 bei1] /neither haughty nor humble/neither overbearing nor servile/neither supercilious nor obsequious/不可 [bu4 ke3] /cannot/should not/must not/不可多得 [bu4 ke3 duo1 de2] /hard to come by/rare/不可分离 [bu4 ke3 fen1 li2] /inseparable/不可告人 [bu4 ke3 gao4 ren2] /hidden/kept secret/not to be divulged/不可估量 [bu4 ke3 gu1 liang4] /inestimable/incalculable/beyond measure/不可救药 [bu4 ke3 jiu4 yao4] /incurable/incorrigible/beyond cure/hopeless/不可抗力 [bu4 ke3 kang4 li4] /force majeure/不可理喻 [bu4 ke3 li3 yu4] /be impervious to reason/won't listen to reason/不可名状 [bu4 ke3 ming2 zhuang4] /indescribable/beyond description/不可磨灭 [bu4 ke3 mo2 mie4] /indelible/不可能 [bu4 ke3 neng2] /impossible/不可能的事 [bu4 ke3 neng2 de5 shi4] /impossibility/不可侵犯权 [bu4 ke3 qin1 fan4 quan2] /inviolability/不可缺少 [bu4 ke3 que1 shao3] /indispensable/不可胜数 [bu4 ke3 sheng4 shu3] /countless/innumerable/不可收拾 [bu4 ke3 shou1 shi2] /irremediable/unmanageable/out of hand/hopeless/不可思议 [bu4 ke3 si1 yi4] /inconceivable/unimaginable/不可同日而语 [bu4 ke3 tong2 ri4 er2 yu3] /cannot be mentioned in the same breath/不可一世 [bu4 ke3 yi1 shi4] /consider oneself unexcelled in the world/be insufferably arrogant/不可逾越 [bu4 ke3 yu2 yue4] /impassable/insurmountable/insuperable/不可知论 [bu4 ke3 zhi1 lun4] /agnosticism/不可终日 [bu4 ke3 zhong1 ri4] /be unable to carry on even for a single day/be in a desperate situation/不快 [bu4 kuai4] /be unhappy/be displeased/be in low spirits/be indisposed/feel under the weather/be out of sorts/不愧 [bu4 kui4] /be worthy of/deserve to be called/prove oneself to be/布莱尔 [bu4 lai2 er3] /Blair/不赖 [bu4 lai4] /not bad/good/fine/不稂不莠 [bu4 lang2 bu4 you3] /useless/worthless/good-for-nothing/布朗 [bu4 lang3] /English surname, Brown/不劳而获 [bu4 lao2 er2 huo4] /reap without sowing/profit by other people's toil/部类 [bu4 lei4] /category/division/步犁 [bu4 li2] /walking plow/不离儿 [bu4 li2 er5] /not bad/pretty good/pretty close/不理 [bu4 li3] /refuse to acknowledge/pay no attention to/take no notice of/ignore/不力 [bu4 li4] /not do one's best/not exert oneself/不利 [bu4 li4] /unfavorable/disadvantageous/harmful/detrimental/不良 [bu4 liang2] /bad/harmful/unhealthy/不了 [bu4 liao3] /unable to/without end/不了了之 [bu4 liao3 liao3 zhi1] /settle a matter by leaving it unsettled/end up with nothing definite/不料 [bu4 liao4] /unexpectedly/to one's surprise/不吝 [bu4 lin4] /not stint/不灵 [bu4 ling2] /not work/be ineffective/布隆迪 [bu4 long2 di2] /Burundi/布鲁日 [bu4 lu3 ri4] /Bruges, a medieval town in Belgium (Dutch: Brugge)/布鲁塞尔 [bu4 lu3 sai4 er3] /Brussels, the capital of Belgium/不露声色 [bu4 lu4 sheng1 se4] /not show one's feeling or intentions/步履维艰 [bu4 lu:3 wei2 jian1] /have difficulty walking/walk with difficulty/不伦不类 [bu4 lun2 bu4 lei4] /neither fish nor fowl/nondescript/不论 [bu4 lun4] /no matter (what, who, how, etc.)/whether/or/regardless of/部落 [bu4 luo4] /tribe/不落窠臼 [bu4 luo4 ke1 jiu4] /not follow the beaten track/have an original style/不买账 [bu4 mai3 zhang4] /not buy it/not go for it/不满 [bu4 man3] /resentful/discontented/dissatisfied/不忙 [bu4 mang2] /there's no hurry/take one's time/不毛 [bu4 mao2] /barren/不毛之地 [bu4 mao2 zhi1 di4] /barren land/desert/部门 [bu4 men2] /department/branch/section/division/不免 [bu4 mian3] /unavoidable/不免一死 [bu4 mian3 yi1 si3] /mortal/不妙 [bu4 miao4] /(of a turn of events) not too encouraging/far from good/anything but reassuring/不明 [bu4 ming2] /not clear/unknown/fail to understand/不明确 [bu4 ming2 que4] /indefinite/不名数 [bu4 ming2 shu4] /abstract number/不名一文 [bu4 ming2 yi1 wen2] /without a penny to one's name/penniless/stony-broke/不名誉 [bu4 ming2 yu4] /disreputable/disgraceful/不名誉事物 [bu4 ming2 yu4 shi4 wu4] /dishonor/不摸头 [bu4 mo1 tou2] /not acquainted with the situation/not up on things/不谋而合 [bu4 mou2 er2 he2] /agree without prior consultation/happen to hold the same view/布幕 [bu4 mu4] /screen/不能 [bu4 neng2] /cannot/must not/should not/不能不 [bu4 neng2 bu4] /have to/cannot but/不能抵抗 [bu4 neng2 di3 kang4] /irresistible/不偏不倚 [bu4 pian1 bu4 yi3] /even-handed/impartial/unbiased/不平 [bu4 ping2] /injustice/unfairness/wrong/grievance/indignant/resentful/不平常 [bu4 ping2 chang2] /remarkable/remarkably/unusual/不平等条约 [bu4 ping2 deng3 tiao2 yue1] /unequal treaty/不平凡 [bu4 ping2 fan2] /marvelous/marvelously/不平衡 [bu4 ping2 heng2] /disequilibrium/不平则鸣 [bu4 ping2 ze2 ming2] /where there is injustice/there will be an outcry/man will cry out against injustice/不破不立 [bu4 po4 bu4 li4] /without destruction there can be no construction/不期而遇 [bu4 qi1 er2 yu4] /meet by chance/have a chance encounter/不期然而然 [bu4 qi1 ran2 er2 ran2] /happen unexpectedly/turn out contrary to one's expectations/步枪 [bu4 qiang1] /rifle/不巧 [bu4 qiao3] /unfortunately/as luck would have it/不切实际 [bu4 qie4 shi2 ji4] /unrealistic/unpractical/impracticable/不情愿 [bu4 qing2 yuan4] /unwilling/不情之请 [bu4 qing2 zhi1 qing3] /my presumptuous request/不求甚解 [bu4 qiu2 shen4 jie3] /not seek to understand things thoroughly/be content with superficial understanding/不屈 [bu4 qu1] /unyielding/unbending/不屈不挠 [bu4 qu1 bu4 nao2] /unyielding/indomitable/不确定 [bu4 que4 ding4] /uncertainty/不确实 [bu4 que4 shi2] /untrue/不然 [bu4 ran2] /not so/no/or else/otherwise/if not/不然的话 [bu4 ran2 de5 hua4] /otherwise/不仁 [bu4 ren2] /not benevolent/heartless/numb/不人道 [bu4 ren2 dao4] /inhuman/步人后尘 [bu4 ren2 hou4 chen2] /follow in other people's footsteps/trail along behind others/不忍 [bu4 ren3] /cannot bear to/不日 [bu4 ri4] /within the next few days/in a few days time/不容 [bu4 rong2] /not tolerate/not allow/not brook/not admit/不如 [bu4 ru2] /not equal to/not as good as/inferior to/it would be better to/不入虎穴焉得虎子 [bu4 ru4 hu3 xue2 yan1 de2 hu3 zi3] /how can you catch tiger cubs without entering the tiger's lair/nothing venture/nothing to gain or have/不三不四 [bu4 san1 bu4 si4] /dubious/shady/neither one thing nor the other/neither fish nor fowl/nondescript/不善 [bu4 shan4] /bad/ill/not good at/not to be pooh-poohed/quite impressive/不少 [bu4 shao3] /not (just) a few/步哨 [bu4 shao4] /sentry/sentinel/不胜 [bu4 sheng4] /cannot bear or stand/be unequal to/very/extremely/不胜枚举 [bu4 sheng4 mei2 ju3] /too numerous to mention individually or one by one/不失时机 [bu4 shi1 shi2 ji1] /seize the opportune moment/lose no time/不失为 [bu4 shi1 wei2] /can still be considered (to be...)/may after all be accepted as/不时 [bu4 shi2] /frequently/often/at any time/布什 [bu4 shi2] /(George) Bush (former US president)/不识大体 [bu4 shi2 da4 ti3] /fail to see the larger issues/ignore the general interest/不识时务 [bu4 shi2 shi2 wu4] /show no understanding of the times/不识抬举 [bu4 shi2 tai2 ju3] /fail to appreciate sb's kindness/not know how to appreciate favors/不时之需 [bu4 shi2 zhi1 xu1] /a possible period of want or need/不适 [bu4 shi4] /unwell/indisposed/out of sorts/不适当 [bu4 shi4 dang4] /inadequate/unfit/不是玩儿的 [bu4 shi4 wan2 er5 de5] /it's no joke/不是味儿 [bu4 shi4 wei4 er5] /not the right flavor/not quite right/a bit off/fishy/queer/amiss/feel bad/be upset/不适用 [bu4 shi4 yong4] /not applicable/NA/捕手 [bu4 shou3] /catcher/部首 [bu4 shou3] /radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries/不受欢迎 [bu4 shou4 huan1 ying2] /unwelcome/不受理 [bu4 shou4 li3] /reject a complaint/refuse to entertain (a proposal)/不舒适 [bu4 shu1 shi4] /uncomfortable/部署 [bu4 shu3] /dispose/deploy/部属 [bu4 shu3] /affiliated to a ministry/不爽 [bu4 shuang3] /not well/out of sorts/in a bad mood/without discrepancy/accurate/不死心 [bu4 si3 xin1] /unwilling to give up/unresigned/不送 [bu4 song4] /don't bother to see me out/不送气 [bu4 song4 qi4] /unaspirated/不速之客 [bu4 su4 zhi1 ke4] /uninvited or unexpected guest/不随意肌 [bu4 sui2 yi4 ji1] /involuntary muscle/不遂 [bu4 sui4] /fail/fail to materialize/不碎玻璃 [bu4 sui4 bo1 li5] /shatterproof or safety glass/不特 [bu4 te4] /not only/不体面 [bu4 ti3 mian4] /shameful/不调和 [bu4 tiao2 he2] /discord/不听命 [bu4 ting1 ming4] /disobey/不停 [bu4 ting2] /incessant/不通 [bu4 tong1] /be obstructed/be blocked up/be impassable/not make sense/be illogical/be ungrammatical/不同 [bu4 tong2] /different/distinct/not the same/not alike/不同凡响 [bu4 tong2 fan2 xiang3] /outstanding/out of the ordinary/out of the common run/不同意 [bu4 tong2 yi4] /disagree/不痛不痒 [bu4 tong4 bu4 yang3] /scratching the surface/superficial/perfunctory/不透明 [bu4 tou4 ming2] /opaque/不透气 [bu4 tou4 qi4] /airtight/不透水 [bu4 tou4 shui3] /waterproof/watertight/impermeable/不吐气 [bu4 tu3 qi4] /unaspirated/不妥 [bu4 tuo3] /not proper/inappropriate/不外 [bu4 wai4] /not beyond the scope of/nothing more than/不完美 [bu4 wan2 mei3] /defective/imperfect/不完全叶 [bu4 wan2 quan2 ye4] /incomplete leaf/不完全中立 [bu4 wan2 quan2 zhong1 li4] /imperfect neutrality/不完善 [bu4 wan2 shan4] /imperfect/不惟 [bu4 wei2] /not only/不违农时 [bu4 wei2 nong2 shi2] /not miss the farming season/do farm work in the right season/不为已甚 [bu4 wei2 yi3 shen4] /refrain from going to extremes in meting out punishment/not be too hard on subject/部委 [bu4 wei3] /ministries and commissions/部位 [bu4 wei4] /position/place/不闻不问 [bu4 wen2 bu4 wen4] /not bother to ask questions or listen to what's said/show no interest in sth/be indifferent to something/不稳定气流 [bu4 wen3 ding4 qi4 liu2] /turbulent/不稳平衡 [bu4 wen3 ping2 heng2] /unstable equilibrium/不问 [bu4 wen4] /pay no attention to/disregard/ignore/let go unpunished/let off/不无小补 [bu4 wu2 xiao3 bu3] /not be without some advantage/be of some help/不务正业 [bu4 wu4 zheng4 ye4] /not engage in honest work/ignore one's proper occupation/not attend to one's proper duties/不惜 [bu4 xi2] /not stint/not spare/not hesitate (to do sth)/not scruple (to do sth)/不暇 [bu4 xia2] /have no time (for sth)/be too busy (to do sth)/部下 [bu4 xia4] /troops under one's command/subordinate/不下于 [bu4 xia4 yu2] /as many as/no less than/not inferior to/as good as/on a par with/布线 [bu4 xian4] /wiring/不相干 [bu4 xiang1 gan1] /be irrelevant/have nothing to do with/不相容 [bu4 xiang1 rong2] /incompatible/不相上下 [bu4 xiang1 shang4 xia4] /equally matched/about the same/不祥 [bu4 xiang2] /ominous/inauspicious/不详 [bu4 xiang2] /not in detail/not quite clear/不像话 [bu4 xiang4 hua4] /unreasonable/shocking/outrageous/不像样 [bu4 xiang4 yang4] /in no shape to be seen/unpresentable/beyond recognition/不小心 [bu4 xiao3 xin1] /heedless/careless/不肖 [bu4 xiao4] /unworthy/布鞋 [bu4 xie2] /cloth shoes/不屑 [bu4 xie4] /disdain to do sth/think sth not worth doing/feel it beneath one's dignity to do something/不懈 [bu4 xie4] /untiring/unremitting/indefatigable/不谢 [bu4 xie4] /don't mention it/not at all/不新鲜 [bu4 xin1 xian1] /stale/不信任 [bu4 xin4 ren4] /mistrust/不信任案 [bu4 xin4 ren4 an4] /no-confidence motion/不信任投票 [bu4 xin4 ren4 tou2 piao4] /vote of no-confidence/不信用 [bu4 xin4 yong4] /distrust/不兴 [bu4 xing1] /out of fashion/outmoded/impermissible/can't/不行 [bu4 xing2] /won't do/be out of the question/be no good/not work/not be capable/步行 [bu4 xing2] /to go on foot/to walk/步行虫 [bu4 xing2 chong2] /ground beetle/不行了 [bu4 xing2 le5] /on the point of death/dying/不省人事 [bu4 xing3 ren2 shi4] /be unconscious/be in a coma/不幸 [bu4 xing4] /misfortune/adversity/unfortunate/sad/unfortunately/不幸之事 [bu4 xing4 zhi1 shi4] /mishap/不休 [bu4 xiu1] /endlessly/ceaselessly/不修边幅 [bu4 xiu1 bian1 fu2] /not care about one's appearance/be slovenly/不朽 [bu4 xiu3] /immortal/immortality/不朽的 [bu4 xiu3 de5] /immortal/不锈钢 [bu4 xiu4 gang1] /stainless steel/不虚此行 [bu4 xu1 ci3 xing2] /the trip has not been made in vain/the trip has been well worthwhile/it's been a worthwhile trip/不许 [bu4 xu3] /not allow/must not/can't/不宣而战 [bu4 xuan1 er2 zhan4] /open hostilities without declaring war/start an undeclared war/不学无术 [bu4 xue2 wu2 shu4] /have neither learning nor skill/be ignorant and incompetent/不逊 [bu4 xun4] /rude/impertinent/不雅观 [bu4 ya3 guan1] /offensive to the eye/unbecoming/不言而喻 [bu4 yan2 er2 yu4] /it goes without saying/it is self-evident/不厌 [bu4 yan4] /not mind doing sth/not tire of/not object to/不要 [bu4 yao4] /don't!/must not/步摇 [bu4 yao4] /dangling ornament worn by women/不要紧 [bu4 yao4 jin3] /unimportant/not serious/it doesn't matter/never mind/it looks all right/but/不要脸 [bu4 yao4 lian3] /have no sense of shame/shameless/不一 [bu4 yi1] /vary/differ/不依 [bu4 yi1] /not comply/not go along with/not let off easily/not let sb/get away with it/不一定 [bu4 yi1 ding4] /not necessarily/maybe/不一而足 [bu4 yi1 er2 zu2] /by no means an isolated case/numerous/不宜 [bu4 yi2] /not suitable/inadvisable/inappropriate/不遗余力 [bu4 yi2 yu2 li4] /spare no pains or effort/do one's utmost/不已 [bu4 yi3] /endlessly/incessantly/不以为然 [bu4 yi3 wei2 ran2] /object to/take exception to/not approve/不意 [bu4 yi4] /unexpectedly/unawareness/unpreparedness/不翼而飞 [bu4 yi4 er2 fei1] /disappear without trace/vanish all of a sudden/spread fast/spread like wildfire/不亦乐乎 [bu4 yi4 le4 hu1] /extremely/awfully/不义之财 [bu4 yi4 zhi1 cai2] /ill-gotten wealth or gains/不易之论 [bu4 yi4 zhi1 lun4] /perfectly sound proposition/unalterable truth/irrefutable argument/不用 [bu4 yong4] /need not/不用谢 [bu4 yong4 xie4] /You're welcome/不由得 [bu4 you2 de2] /can't help/cannot but/不由自主 [bu4 you2 zi4 zhu3] /can't help/involuntarily/不予 [bu4 yu2] /not grant/不虞 [bu4 yu2] /unexpected/eventuality/contingency/not worry about/不愉快 [bu4 yu2 kuai4] /disagreeable/unpleasant/不育性 [bu4 yu4 xing4] /sterility/不育症 [bu4 yu4 zheng4] /sterility/barrenness/不远千里 [bu4 yuan3 qian1 li3] /make light of traveling a thousand li/go to the trouble of traveling a long distance/不约而同 [bu4 yue1 er2 tong2] /take the same action or view without prior consultation/happen to coincide/步月 [bu4 yue4] /to stroll beneath the moon/步韵 [bu4 yun4] /to write a poem using another poem's rhymes/不再 [bu4 zai4] /no more/no longer/不在 [bu4 zai4] /not be in/be out/不在乎 [bu4 zai4 hu1] /not mind/not care/不在话下 [bu4 zai4 hua4 xia4] /be nothing difficult/be a cinch/不在了 [bu4 zai4 le5] /be dead/不在意 [bu4 zai4 yi4] /pay no attention to/take no notice of/not mind/negligent/careless/不赞成 [bu4 zan4 cheng2] /disapproval/disapprove/不赞一词 [bu4 zan4 yi1 ci2] /keep silent/make no comment/不择手段 [bu4 ze2 shou3 duan4] /by fair means or foul/by hook or by crook/unscrupulously/不怎么 [bu4 zen3 me5] /not very/not particularly/不怎么样 [bu4 zen3 me5 yang4] /not up to much/very indifferent/nothing great about it/nothing good to be said about it/不战不和 [bu4 zhan4 bu4 he2] /no war/no peace/部长 [bu4 zhang3] /head of a (government, etc) department/section chief/section head/secretary/minister/不折不扣 [bu4 zhe2 bu4 kou4] /a hundred per cent/to the letter/out-and-out/不争气 [bu4 zheng1 qi4] /be disappointing/fail to live up to expectations/不正常 [bu4 zheng4 chang2] /abnormal/不正常状况 [bu4 zheng4 chang2 zhuang4 kuang4] /abnormal state/不正之风 [bu4 zheng4 zhi1 feng1] /unhealthy tendency/不知 [bu4 zhi1] /unknowing(ly)/不知不觉 [bu4 zhi1 bu4 jue2] /unconsciously/unwittingly/不知凡几 [bu4 zhi1 fan2 ji3] /can't tell how many there are - there are numerous similar cases/不知好歹 [bu4 zhi1 hao3 dai3] /not know what's good for one/不知何故 [bu4 zhi1 he2 gu4] /somehow/不知死活 [bu4 zhi1 si3 huo2] /act recklessly/不知所措 [bu4 zhi1 suo3 cuo4] /be at a loss/be at one's wits' end/不知所云 [bu4 zhi1 suo3 yun2] /not know what sb/is driving at/be unintelligible/不知天高地厚 [bu4 zhi1 tian1 gao1 di4 hou4] /not know the immensity of heaven and earth - have an exaggerated opinion of one's abilities/不值 [bu4 zhi2] /not worth/不值得 [bu4 zhi2 de5] /unworthy/不止 [bu4 zhi3] /incessantly/without end/more than/not limited to/不只 [bu4 zhi3] /not only/not merely/不智 [bu4 zhi4] /unwise/布置 [bu4 zhi4] /arrange/fix up/decorate/布置 [bu4 zhi4] /(v) put in order; arrange; decorate/不置可否 [bu4 zhi4 ke3 fou3] /decline to comment/not express an opinion/be noncommittal/hedge/不至於 [bu4 zhi4 yu2] /cannot go so far/be unlikely/不治之症 [bu4 zhi4 zhi1 zheng4] /incurable disease/不中意 [bu4 zhong1 yi4] /not to one's liking/不中用 [bu4 zhong1 yong4] /unfit for anything/no good/useless/不重视 [bu4 zhong4 shi4] /indifference/不重要 [bu4 zhong4 yao4] /unimportant/不周延 [bu4 zhou1 yan2] /undistributed/不注意 [bu4 zhu4 yi4] /thoughtless/not pay attention to/不准 [bu4 zhun3] /not allow/forbid/prohibit/不ぴ边际 [bu4 zhuo2 bian1 ji4] /not to the point/wide of the mark/neither here nor there/irrelevant/不ぴ陆飞行 [bu4 zhuo2 lu4 fei1 xing2] /nonstop flight/不赀 [bu4 zi1] /immeasurable/incalculable/不自然 [bu4 zi4 ran2] /unnatural/artificial/步子 [bu4 zi5] /step/pace/簿子 [bu4 zi5] /notebook/book/步骤 [bu4 zou4] /step/move/measure/不足 [bu4 zu2] /insufficient/lacking/deficiency/not enough/inadequate/not worth/cannot/should/部族 [bu4 zu2] /tribe/tribal/不足为训 [bu4 zu2 wei2 xun4] /not to be taken as an example/not an example to be followed/not to be taken as authoritative/不做声 [bu4 zuo4 sheng1] /keep silent/not say a word/擦 [ca1] /to wipe/to erase/rubbing (brush stroke in painting)/to clean/to polish/擦棒球 [ca1 bang4 qiu2] /foul tip/擦边球 [ca1 bian1 qiu2] /edge ball/touch ball/擦掉 [ca1 diao4] /wipe/擦黑儿 [ca1 hei1 er5] /dusk/擦亮眼睛 [ca1 liang4 yan3 jing1] /remove the scales from one's eyes/sharpen one's vigilance/擦拭 [ca1 shi4] /clean/cleanse/擦网球 [ca1 wang3 qiu2] /net ball/擦洗 [ca1 xi3] /scour/scrub/擦写 [ca1 xie3] /to erase/擦音 [ca1 yin1] /fricative/擦澡 [ca1 zao3] /rub oneself down with a wet towel/take a sponge bath/猜 [cai1] /to guess/猜测 [cai1 ce4] /guess/conjecture/surmise/猜度 [cai1 duo2] /surmise/conjecture/猜忌 [cai1 ji4] /be suspicious and jealous of/猜谜儿 [cai1 mi2 er5] /guess a riddle/guess/猜拳 [cai1 quan2] /a finger-guessing game/mora/猜想 [cai1 xiang3] /suppose/guess/suspect/猜疑 [cai1 yi2] /harbor suspicions/be suspicious/have misgivings/才 [cai2] /ability/talent/endowment/gift/an expert/only (then)/only if/just/材 [cai2] /material/财 [cai2] /money/wealth/riches/property/valuables/裁 [cai2] /cut out (as a dress)/cut/trim/reduce/diminish/decision/judgment/才 [cai2] /just/not until/财宝 [cai2 bao3] /money and valuables/裁并 [cai2 bing4] /cut down and merge/财帛 [cai2 bo2] /wealth/money/财产 [cai2 chan3] /property/裁撤 [cai2 che4] /dissolve/裁定 [cai2 ding4] /ruling/财东 [cai2 dong1] /shop owner/moneybags/裁断 [cai2 duan4] /consider and decide/裁夺 [cai2 duo2] /consider and decide/财阀 [cai2 fa2] /financial magnate/plutocrat/tycoon/裁缝 [cai2 feng2] /tailor/dressmaker/裁缝师 [cai2 feng4 shi1] /tailor/财富 [cai2 fu4] /wealth/riches/才干 [cai2 gan4] /ability/competence/才华 [cai2 hua2] /literary or artistic talent/材积 [cai2 ji1] /volume/裁剪 [cai2 jian3] /cut out/裁减 [cai2 jian3] /to reduce/to lessen/to cut down/裁减军备 [cai2 jian3 jun1 bei4] /arms reduction/财经 [cai2 jing1] /finance and economics/裁决 [cai2 jue2] /ruling/adjudication/裁军 [cai2 jun1] /disarmament/财会 [cai2 kuai4] /finance and accounting/财力 [cai2 li4] /financial resources/材料 [cai2 liao4] /material/data/makings/stuff/才略 [cai2 lu:e4] /ability and sagacity/财贸 [cai2 mao4] /finance and trade/财迷 [cai2 mi2] /money grubber/miser/才能 [cai2 neng2] /talent/ability/capacity/裁判 [cai2 pan4] /judgment /act as referee/referee/umpire/judge/才气 [cai2 qi4] /literary talent/财神 [cai2 shen2] /the God of Wealth/才识 [cai2 shi2] /ability and insight/才疏学浅 [cai2 shu1 xue2 qian3] /have little talent and less learning/才思 [cai2 si1] /imaginative power/creativeness/财团 [cai2 tuan2] /financial group/才外流 [cai2 wai4 liu2] /brain drain/财物 [cai2 wu4] /property/belongings/财务 [cai2 wu4] /financial affairs/财务秘书 [cai2 wu4 mi4 shu1] /treasurer/财务软件 [cai2 wu4 ruan3 jian4] /financial software/accounting software/才学 [cai2 xue2] /talent and learning/scholarship/财源 [cai2 yuan2] /financial resources/source of revenue/裁员 [cai2 yuan2] /to cut staff/to lay off employees/财政 [cai2 zheng4] /finances (public)/financial/财政部 [cai2 zheng4 bu4] /Ministry of Finance/裁纸机 [cai2 zhi3 ji1] /trimmer/paper cutter/才智 [cai2 zhi4] /ability and wisdom/财主 [cai2 zhu3] /rich man/moneybags/才子 [cai2 zi3] /gifted scholar/采 [cai3] /affairs/gather/彩 [cai3] /(bright) color/variety/applause/applaud/(lottery) prize/采 [cai3] /to pick/to pluck/to collect/to select/to choose/to gather/睬 [cai3] /pay attention/take notice of/to care for/彩 [cai3] /colored/variegated/踩 [cai3] /step upon/tread on/stamp/采办 [cai3 ban4] /buy on a considerable scale/purchase/彩蚌 [cai3 bang4] /painted shell/painting on shell/采场 [cai3 chang3] /slope/采伐 [cai3 fa2] /fell/cut/采访 [cai3 fang3] /cover (a news story)/采访记者 [cai3 fang3 ji4 zhe3] /investigative reporter/采风 [cai3 feng1] /collect folk songs/采购 [cai3 gou4] /make purchases for an organization or enterprise/purchase/采光 [cai3 guang1] /lighting/day lighting/采集 [cai3 ji2] /gather/collect/采掘 [cai3 jue2] /excavate/采矿 [cai3 kuang4] /mining/采录 [cai3 lu4] /collect and record/采买 [cai3 mai3] /purchase/buy/采煤 [cai3 mei2] /coal mining/coal extraction/coal cutting/采棉机 [cai3 mian2 ji1] /cotton picker/采纳 [cai3 na4] /accept/adopt/采暖 [cai3 nuan3] /heating/彩旗 [cai3 qi2] /colored flag/采取 [cai3 qu3] /adopt or carry out (measures, policies, course of action)/to take/采取措施 [cai3 qu3 cuo4 shi1] /to adopt a measure/彩色 [cai3 se4] /color/multi-colored/采声 [cai3 sheng1] /applause/采石场 [cai3 shi2 chang3] /stone pit/quarry/采收率 [cai3 shou1 lu:4] /recovery ratio/踩水 [cai3 shui3] /tread water/踩线 [cai3 xian4] /step on the line/foot-fault/采样 [cai3 yang4] /sampling/采邑 [cai3 yi4] /fief/benefice/采用 [cai3 yong4] /to adopt/to employ/to use/采油 [cai3 you2] /oil extraction/oil recovery/采择 [cai3 ze2] /select and adopt/采摘 [cai3 zhai1] /pluck/pick/采脂 [cai3 zhi1] /tree tapping/采制 [cai3 zhi4] /collect and process/采种 [cai3 zhong3] /seed collecting/采 [cai4] /allotment to a feudal noble/菜 [cai4] /dish (type of food)/vegetables/蔡 [cai4] /(surname)/菜单 [cai4 dan1] /menu/菜地 [cai4 di4] /vegetable field/参 [can1] /take part in/participate/join/attend/to join/unequal/varied/irregular/to counsel/uneven/not uniform/餐 [can1] /eat/meal/骖 [can1] /outside horses of a team of 4/餐车 [can1 che1] /dining car/diner/参观 [can1 guan1] /to look around/to inspect/visit and observe/餐馆 [can1 guan3] /restaurant/参加 [can1 jia1] /to participate/to take part/to join/餐巾 [can1 jin1] /napkin/参军 [can1 jun1] /(v) join the military/参考 [can1 kao3] /consultation/reference/to consult/to refer/参考书 [can1 kao3 shu1] /reference/参两院 [can1 liang3 yuan4] /both houses of US Congress/参谋 [can1 mou2] /staff officer/give advice/参谋长 [can1 mou2 zhang3] /chief of staff/餐厅 [can1 ting1] /dining-hall/参议员 [can1 yi4 yuan2] /senator/参议院 [can1 yi4 yuan4] /Senate/餐饮 [can1 yin3] /repast/参与 [can1 yu4] /to participate (in sth)/参阅 [can1 yue4] /(v) consult or read/参赞 [can1 zan4] /diplomatic officer/attache/参照 [can1 zhao4] /(v) consult; refer to as a reference/残 [can2] /destroy/spoil/ruin/injure/cruel/oppressive/savage/incomplete/disabled/惭 [can2] /ashamed/蚕 [can2] /silkworm/蚕 [can2] /silkworm/残暴 [can2 bao4] /(adj) ruthless; ferocious; heartless/残废 [can2 fei4] /deformity/handicapped/残骸 [can2 hai2] /remains/wreckage/残疾 [can2 ji5] /(n) deformity on a person or animal/残酷 [can2 ku4] /cruel/cruelty/惭愧 [can2 kui4] /(to be) ashamed/残忍 [can2 ren3] /bloody/merciless/残馀 [can2 yu2] /(n) remains after a disaster; remnants/残馀物 [can2 yu2 wu4] /litter/trash/残障 [can2 zhang4] /handicapped/残株 [can2 zhu1] /stubble/惨 [can3] /miserable/wretched/cruel/inhuman/seriously/badly/tragic/惨事 [can3 shi4] /disaster/孱 [can4] /dodger/灿 [can4] /glorious/bright/brilliant/lustrous/resplendent/璨 [can4] /gem/luster of gem/粲 [can4] /beautiful/bright/splendid/smilingly/灿烂 [can4 lan4] /glitter/仓 [cang1] /barn/granary/storehouse/cabin/hold (in ship)/伧 [cang1] /low fellow/rustic/rude/rough/沧 [cang1] /blue/green(color of water)/cold/vast (of water)/苍 [cang1] /dark blue/fly/musca/deep green/舱 [cang1] /cabin/the hold of a ship or airplane/苍白 [cang1 bai2] /pale/wan/仓促 [cang1 cu4] /hurried/仓库 [cang1 ku4] /depot/storehouse/warehouse/苍鹭 [cang1 lu4] /heron/苍天 [cang1 tian1] /firmament/苍蝇 [cang1 ying5] /(n) house fly/藏 [cang2] /to hide away/to conceal/to harbor/store/accumulate/操 [cao1] /to hold/to drill/to exercise/to act/to do/to take in hand/to keep/to manage/糙 [cao1] /rough/coarse (in texture)/操场 [cao1 chang3] /playground/sports field/操持 [cao1 chi5] /to manage/to handle/操典 [cao1 dian3] /drill book/操舵室 [cao1 duo1 shi4] /pilothouse/操法 [cao1 fa3] /drill rules/操课 [cao1 ke4] /military drill/操劳 [cao1 lao2] /to work hard/to look after/操练 [cao1 lian4] /drill/practice/操切 [cao1 qie4] /rash/hasty/操守 [cao1 shou3] /personal integrity/操心 [cao1 xin1] /to worry about/操行 [cao1 xing2] /(student's) behavior/操演 [cao1 yan3] /demonstration/操纵 [cao1 zong4] /to operate/to control/操作 [cao1 zuo4] /to operate/操作环境 [cao1 zuo4 huan2 jing4] /operating environment/操作速率 [cao1 zuo4 su4 lu:4] /operating speed/操作系统 [cao1 zuo4 xi4 tong3] /operating system/操作者 [cao1 zuo4 zhe3] /operator/曹 [cao2] /a company/a class/a generation/(a surname)/嘈 [cao2] /bustling/tumultuous/noisy/漕 [cao2] /transport by water/watercourse/canal/槽 [cao2] /manger/trough/groove/艚 [cao2] /sea-going junk/螬 [cao2] /larva of Mimela lucidula/草 [cao3] /grass/straw/draft (of a document)/careless/rough/manuscript/hasty/草案 [cao3 an4] /draft (legislation, proposal, etc.)/草草 [cao3 cao3] /careless/hasty/草丛 [cao3 cong2] /underbrush/草地 [cao3 di4] /lawn/meadow/sod/turf/草稿 [cao3 gao3] /outline/sketch/草料 [cao3 liao4] /fodder/草莓 [cao3 mei2] /strawberry/草坪 [cao3 ping2] /lawn/草率 [cao3 shuai4] /(adj) careless; not serious/草原 [cao3 yuan2] /grassland/prairie/册 [ce4] /book/a measure word for books/booklet/侧 [ce4] /the side/to incline towards/to lean/inclined/lateral/side/厕 [ce4] /rest-room/toilet/lavatory/恻 [ce4] /sorrowful/测 [ce4] /side/to lean/to survey/to measure/conjecture/策 [ce4] /method/plan/policy/scheme/测定 [ce4 ding4] /to survey and evaluate/侧锋 [ce4 feng1] /oblique attack (brush movement in painting)/策划 [ce4 hua4] /plot/scheme/bring about/engineer/测绘 [ce4 hui4] /to survey and draw/to map/测良 [ce4 liang2] /to survey and measure/测量 [ce4 liang4] /survey/策略 [ce4 lu:e4] /plot/tactics/侧面 [ce4 mian4] /(n) the side/测试 [ce4 shi4] /measure and test/trial/beta (software)/test performance of/测算 [ce4 suan4] /(v) take measurments and calculate/厕所 [ce4 suo3] /toilet/lavatory/侧躺 [ce4 tang3] /to lie down (on one's side)/测验 [ce4 yan4] /test/to test/测验结果 [ce4 yan4 jie2 guo3] /test result/侧重 [ce4 zhong4] /place extra emphasis on/岑 [cen2] /a small hill/(a surname)/涔 [cen2] /overflow/rainwater/tearful/噌 [ceng1] /scold/噌 [ceng1] /bass (sound)/曾 [ceng2] /(refers to something that happened previously)/already/at some time in the past/before/once/层 [ceng2] /a measure word for layers/laminated/repeated/floor/story (of a building)/layer/蹭 [ceng2] /rub/层层 [ceng2 ceng2] /layer upon layer/层出不穷 [ceng2 chu1 bu4 qiong2] /to come out one after the other/层次 [ceng2 ci4] /arrangement of ideas/administrative level/level/stage/phase/层见迭出 [ceng2 jian4 die2 chu1] /to occur frequently/to occur repeatedly/曾经 [ceng2 jing1] /(refers to something that happened previously)/once/at one time/层理 [ceng2 li3] /stratification/层压 [ceng2 ya1] /lamination/层云 [ceng2 yun2] /stratus (cloud)/层子 [ceng2 zi3] /stratum/蹭 [ceng4] /rub against/walk slowly/叉 [cha1] /fork/pitchfork/prong/pick/cross/intersect/差 [cha1] /difference/error/discrepancy/to differ/to err/to make a mistake/to lack/喳 [cha1] /twitter/chirp/插 [cha1] /insert/stick in/pierce/to take part in/to interfere/to interpose/杈 [cha1] /fork of a tree/pitchfork/差别 [cha1 bie2] /difference/disparity/差错 [cha1 cuo4] /(n) mistake/(n) an accident/差额 [cha1 e4] /balance (financial)/差劲 [cha1 jin4] /poor/差距 [cha1 ju4] /disparity/gap/插曲 [cha1 qu3] /episode/interlude/插入 [cha1 ru4] /insert/stick/thrust/插头 [cha1 tou2] /plug/插图 [cha1 tu2] /illustration/插秧 [cha1 yang1] /transplant rice seedlings/差异 [cha1 yi4] /difference/discrepancy/叉子 [cha1 zi5] /fork/插嘴 [cha1 zui3] /(v) interrupt and put in an opinion/插座 [cha1 zuo4] /socket/outlet/叉 [cha2] /to cross/be stuck/查 [cha2] /to research/to check/to investigate/to examine/to refer to/to search/茶 [cha2] /tea/tea plant/搽 [cha2] /apply (ointment/powder)/smear/paint on/察 [cha2] /examine/inquire/observe/inspect/look into/to examine/楂 [cha2] /fell trees/raft/to hew/槎 [cha2] /a raft made of bamboo or wood/to fell trees/to hew/碴 [cha2] /fault/glass fragment/quarrel/茶杯 [cha2 bei1] /cup/mug/茶匙 [cha2 chi2] /teaspoon/查出 [cha2 chu1] /to find out/to discover/查处 [cha2 chu3] /(v) investigate and take care of/查调 [cha2 diao4] /inquiry/inquire/茶馆 [cha2 guan3] /teahouse/茶壶 [cha2 hu2] /teapot/茶话会 [cha2 hua4 hui4] /tea party/查获 [cha2 huo4] /(v) investigate and capture a criminal/茶具 [cha2 ju4] /tea set/tea service/察觉 [cha2 jue2] /aware/conscious/察看 [cha2 kan4] /to watch/to look carefully at/查明 [cha2 ming2] /(v) investigate and bring out into the open/茶碗 [cha2 wan3] /teacup/查询 [cha2 xun2] /to inquire/inquiry/茶叶 [cha2 ye4] /tea/tea-leaves/查阅 [cha2 yue4] /(v) look up in a reference source; refer to/查证 [cha2 zheng4] /investigate/check out (a story)/叉 [cha3] /to diverge/to open (as legs)/衩 [cha3] /open seam of a garment/shorts/panties/岔 [cha4] /branch in a road/astray/diverge/刹 [cha4] /Buddhist monastery or temple/a brief moment/差 [cha4] /different/short of/poor/to lack/诧 [cha4] /surprised/to wander/to be astonished/汊 [cha4] /branching stream/杈 [cha4] /branches of a tree/fork of a tree/衩 [cha4] /slit on either side of robe/差不多 [cha4 bu5 duo1] /almost, nearly/差得多 [cha4 de2 duo1] /fall short by a large amount/差点儿 [cha4 dian3 er5] /(adv) almost; just about to/刹那 [cha4 na4] /(n) an instant in time/诧异 [cha4 yi4] /(adj) flabbergasted; astonished/拆 [chai1] /to tear open/to tear down/to tear apart/to open/差 [chai1] /send/a messenger/a mission/to commission/钗 [chai1] /hairpin/拆散 [chai1 san4] /to break up (a marriage, family, etc.)/拆卸 [chai1 xie4] /to unload/to dismantle/柴 [chai2] /(surname)/firewood/豺 [chai2] /ravenous beast/wolves (collect.)/侪 [chai2] /a class/a company/companion/柴油 [chai2 you2] /(n) kerosene; diesel fuel/瘥 [chai4] /recover from disease/虿 [chai4] /(scorpion)/an insect/掺 [chan1] /mix/搀 [chan1] /assist by the arm/mix/support/sustain/单 [chan2] /chieftain/孱 [chan2] /coward/weak/婵 [chan2] /beautiful/graceful/潺 [chan2] /flow/trickle (of water)/澶 [chan2] /still (as of water)/still water/禅 [chan2] /meditation/abstraction/(Zen) Buddhism/蝉 [chan2] /cicada/蟾 [chan2] /moon/(striped) toad/缠 [chan2] /to bother/wind around/wrap round/coil/involve/annoy/tangle/谗 [chan2] /slander/defame/misrepresent/to speak maliciously/馋 [chan2] /gluttonous/greedy/廛 [chan2] /market place/躔 [chan2] /course of stars/follow precedent/蟾蜍 [chan2 chu2] /toad/缠绕 [chan2 rao3] /intertwine/vex/worry/馋言 [chan2 yan2] /(n) slander/产 [chan3] /to reproduce/to produce/give birth/products/produce/resources/estate/property/铲 [chan3] /level off/root up/谄 [chan3] /flatter/cajole/铲 [chan3] /spade/shovel/阐 [chan3] /to express/disclose/enlighten/open/蒇 [chan3] /complete/prepare/冁 [chan3] /smilingly/铲除 [chan3 chu2] /root out/eradicate/产地 [chan3 di4] /(n) place of production; manufacturing location/产量 [chan3 liang4] /output/产量多 [chan3 liang4 duo1] /fruitful/产卵 [chan3 luan3] /lay (an egg)/阐明 [chan3 ming2] /clarify/explain clearly/产品 [chan3 pin3] /goods/merchandise/product/产品经理 [chan3 pin3 jing1 li3] /product manager/产区 [chan3 qu1] /(n) place of production; manufacturing location/产权 [chan3 quan2] /property right/产生 [chan3 sheng1] /to come into being/to produce/to cause/to bring about/to generate/to yield/to engender/阐述 [chan3 shu4] /expound (a position)/elaborate (on a topic)/产物 [chan3 wu4] /product/result (of)/产销 [chan3 xiao1] /production and marketing/产业 [chan3 ye4] /industry/estate/property/industrial/产值 [chan3 zhi2] /value of output/output value/铲子 [chan3 zi3] /shovel/spade/忏 [chan4] /feel remorse/regret/repent/羼 [chan4] /confusion/sheep crowding/颤抖 [chan4 dou3] /quiver/thrill/忏悔 [chan4 hui3] /confess/昌 [chang1] /prosperous/flourish/伥 [chang1] /groping/rash/reckless/娼 [chang1] /prostitute/猖 [chang1] /mad/wild/鲳 [chang1] /?a type of fish/菖 [chang1] /calamus/阊 [chang1] /gate of heaven/gate of palace/猖獗 [chang1 jue2] /rampant/wild/unchecked/猖狂 [chang1 kuang2] /savage/furious/猖披 [chang1 pi1] /wild/unrestrained/昌盛 [chang1 sheng4] /prosperous/长 [chang2] /length/long/forever/always/constantly/常 [chang2] /always/ever/often/frequently/common/general/constant/徜 [chang2] /sit cross-legged/walk back and forth/苌 [chang2] /carambola/肠 [chang2] /intestines/尝 [chang2] /indicator of past tense/to taste/flavor/already/ever/once/test/already/formerly/嫦 [chang2] /a legendary beauty who flew to the moon/the lady in the moon/裳 [chang2] /lower garment/skirts/petticoats/garments/偿 [chang2] /to compensate/pay back/to recompense/尝 [chang2] /to taste/常常 [chang2 chang2] /frequently/usually/often/长城 [chang2 cheng2] /the Great Wall/长城卡 [chang2 cheng2 ka3] /Great Wall Card (credit card issued by Bank of China)/长处 [chang2 chu4] /(n) good aspects; good points/长春 [chang2 chun1] /(N) Changchun, capitol of Jilin province in north east China/常春藤 [chang2 chun1 teng2] /ivy/长达 [chang2 da2] /extend as long as/lengthen out to/长笛 [chang2 di2] /flute/长钉 [chang2 ding4] /spike/长度 [chang2 du4] /length/长度指示符 [chang2 du4 zhi3 shi4 fu2] /length indicator/长短 [chang2 duan3] /length/duration/长方形 [chang2 fang1 xing2] /rectangle/常规 [chang2 gui1] /conventional (weapons)/conventional/common/routine/常规铜电话线 [chang2 gui1 tong2 dian4 hua4 xian4] /ordinary copper telephone line/常规武器 [chang2 gui1 wu3 qi4] /conventional weapon/偿还 [chang2 huan2] /repay/常见 [chang2 jian4] /(v) often see sth; commonly see sth/长江 [chang2 jiang1] /Changjiang River/Yangtze River/长颈鹿 [chang2 jing3 lu4] /giraffe/长颈瓶 [chang2 jing3 ping2] /flask/长久 [chang2 jiu3] /(for a) long time/长廊 [chang2 lang2] /the Long Corridor at Yi He Yuan/常绿 [chang2 lu:4] /evergreen/长矛 [chang2 mao2] /lance/常年 [chang2 nian2] /(n) the entire year/(n) an average year/长袍 [chang2 pao2] /gown/长篇 [chang2 pian1] /lengthy (report or speech)/长期 [chang2 qi1] /long term/long time/长期稳定性 [chang2 qi1 wen3 ding4 xing4] /long term stability/长期以来 [chang2 qi1 yi3 lai2] /ever since a long time ago/长枪 [chang2 qiang1] /pike/常任 [chang2 ren4] /permanent/常任理事国 [chang2 ren4 li3 shi4 guo2] /permanent member state (of UN Security Council)/长沙 [chang2 sha1] /(N) Changsha, capitol of Hunan province in south central China/长沙湾 [chang2 sha1 wan1] /Cheung Sha Wan (poultry market in Hong Kong)/常识 [chang2 shi2] /common sense/general knowledge/尝试 [chang2 shi4] /to try/to attempt/长寿 [chang2 shou4] /(n) longevity; ability to live long/(adj) long lived/长谈 [chang2 tan2] /a long talk/长条 [chang2 tiao2] /strip/长途 [chang2 tu2] /long distance/长途网路 [chang2 tu2 wang3 lu4] /long distance network/长袜 [chang2 wa4] /hose/stocking/常委 [chang2 wei3] /member of standing committee/常委会 [chang2 wei3 hui4] /standing committee/常问问题 [chang2 wen4 wen4 ti2] /frequently asked questions/FAQ/常务 [chang2 wu4] /(n) routine business; everyday duties;/长靴 [chang2 xue1] /boot/长牙 [chang2 ya2] /tusk/长椅 [chang2 yi1] /bench/常用 [chang2 yong4] /in common usage/长远 [chang2 yuan3] /long-term/long-range/长征 [chang2 zheng1] /the Long March/常驻 [chang2 zhu4] /resident/permanent (representative)/常坐汽车者 [chang2 zuo4 qi4 che1 zhe3] /motorist/场 [chang3] /a courtyard/open space/place/field/a measure word/(a measure word, used for sport or recreation)/敞 [chang3] /spacious/uncovered/厂 [chang3] /cliff/slope/factory/yard/depot/workhouse/works/氅 [chang3] /overcoat/厂 [chang3] /factory/昶 [chang3] /bright/long day/惝 [chang3] /disappointed/场地 [chang3 di4] /space/site/place/厂房 [chang3 fang2] /a building used as a factory/factory (building)/厂工 [chang3 gong1] /factory worker/厂规 [chang3 gui1] /factory regulations/场合 [chang3 he2] /situation/occasion/厂家 [chang3 jia1] /(n) factory/敞开 [chang3 kai1] /(v) open up wide/厂矿 [chang3 kuang4] /factories and mines/厂礼拜 [chang3 li3 bai4] /day off (work)/场面 [chang3 mian4] /scene/occasion/厂牌 [chang3 pai2] /brand (of a product)/厂商 [chang3 shang1] /company/firm/厂史 [chang3 shi3] /factory history/厂丝 [chang3 si1] /filature silk/场所 [chang3 suo3] /location/place/厂长 [chang3 zhang3] /factory director/厂址 [chang3 zhi3] /factory site/location/厂主 [chang3 zhu3] /factory owner/厂子 [chang3 zi5] /yard/depot/倡 [chang4] /initiate/instigate/introduce/lead/initiate/唱 [chang4] /sing/to call loudly/to chant/怅 [chang4] /regretful/upset/despair/depressed/畅 [chang4] /smooth/fluent/joyful/happy/鬯 [chang4] /sacrificial spirit/倡导 [chang4 dao3] /advocate/initiate/propose/be a proponent of (an idea or school of thought)/唱片 [chang4 pian4] /(vinyl) record/LP/唱诗班 [chang4 shi1 ban1] /choir/畅谈 [chang4 tan2] /(v) talk on and on without inhibition/畅通 [chang4 tong1] /(adj) unclogged; unimpeded; free-flowing/(v)move without being impeded/畅销 [chang4 xiao1] /(v) fast seller; very marketable/(v) sell fast; marketed widely/倡议 [chang4 yi4] /(v) suggest; propose/(n) suggestion; proposal/抄 [chao1] /to copy/to plagiarize/to search and seize/to go/to transcribe/to take a shortcut/to search and confiscate/超 [chao1] /to exceed/overtake/surpass/transcend/ultra-/super-/to pass/to cross/钞 [chao1] /money/paper money/剿 [chao1] /destroy (bandits)/抄本 [chao1 ben3] /handwritten copy/超产 [chao1 chan3] /(v) exceed a production goal/超出 [chao1 chu1] /(v) overstep; go too far; encroach/抄道 [chao1 dao4] /to take a shortcut/超额 [chao1 e2] /above quota/超高速 [chao1 gao1 su4] /ultra high speed/超高速乙太网路 [chao1 gao1 su4 yi3 tai4 wang3 lu4] /Gigabit Ethernet/超过 [chao1 guo4] /to surpass/to exceed/to outstrip/超过限度 [chao1 guo4 xian4 du4] /exceed/抄后路 [chao1 hou4 lu4] /to outflank and attack from the rear/抄获 [chao1 huo4] /to search and seize/超级 [chao1 ji2] /(adj) super/超级市场 [chao1 ji2 shi4 chang3] /supermarket/抄家 [chao1 jia1] /to search a house and confiscate possessions/抄件 [chao1 jian4] /duplicate (copy)/超联 [chao1 lian2] /hyperlink/超联结 [chao1 lian2 jie2] /hyperlink/超龄 [chao1 ling2] /too old/overage/抄录 [chao1 lu4] /to make a copy of/超媒体 [chao1 mei2 ti3] /hypermedia/钞票 [chao1 piao4] /paper money/a (dollar, etc.) bill/抄身 [chao1 shen1] /to search (a person)/to frisk/超升 [chao1 sheng1] /exaltation/抄送 [chao1 song4] /to make a copy (and send it to sb)/抄网 [chao1 wang3] /dip net/超文本 [chao1 wen2 ben3] /hypertext/超文本标记语言 [chao1 wen2 ben3 biao1 ji4 yu3 yan2] /hypertext markup language/HTML/超文本传输协定 [chao1 wen2 ben3 chuan2 shu1 xie2 ding4] /hypertext transfer protocol/HTTP/超文件 [chao1 wen2 jian4] /hypertext/超文件传输协定 [chao1 wen2 jian4 chuan2 shu1 xie2 ding4] /hypertext transfer protocol/HTTP/抄袭 [chao1 xi2] /to plagiarize/抄写 [chao1 xie3] /to copy/to transcribe/超越 [chao1 yue4] /to surpass/to exceed/to transcend/晁 [chao2] /(surname)/巢 [chao2] /nest/朝 [chao2] /to face/towards/facing/direct/a dynasty/the imperial court/嘲 [chao2] /ridicule/mock/潮 [chao2] /tide/current/damp/moist/humid/朝代 [chao2 dai4] /dynasty/潮流 [chao2 liu2] /tide/current/trend/嘲弄 [chao2 nong4] /tease/poke fun at/make fun of/朝三暮四 [chao2 san1 mu4 si4] /(saying) to change sth that is already settled upon; blow hot and cold/朝圣 [chao2 sheng4] /make a pilgrimage/潮湿 [chao2 shi1] /damp/moist/潮汐 [chao2 xi4] /tide/朝鲜 [chao2 xian3] /Korea/朝鲜半岛 [chao2 xian3 ban4 dao3] /Korean peninsula/朝鲜语 [chao2 xian3 yu3] /Korean (language)/朝鲜战争 [chao2 xian3 zhan4 zheng1] /Korean war/Korean conflict/朝向 [chao2 xiang4] /toward/嘲笑 [chao2 xiao4] /jeer/mockery/scoff/sneer/make fun of/laugh at (derogatory)/巢穴 [chao2 xue4] /lair/朝着 [chao2 zhe5] /facing/advancing (towards)/吵 [chao3] /to quarrel/to make a noise/noisy/to disturb by making a noise/炒 [chao3] /saute/pan-fry/to fry/吵架 [chao3 jia4] /to quarrel/to have a row/吵闹 [chao3 nao4] /noisy/吵闹声 [chao3 nao4 sheng1] /noise/吵嘴 [chao3 zui3] /(v) quarrel/车 [che1] /car/a vehicle/machine/to shape with a lathe/砗 [che1] /Tridacna gigas/车床 [che1 chuang2] /(n) lathe/车道 [che1 dao4] /traffic lane/车间 [che1 jian1] /workshop/车库 [che1 ku4] /garage/车辆 [che1 liang4] /vehicle/车前灯 [che1 qian2 deng1] /headlight/车厢 [che1 xiang1] /carriage/车站 [che1 zhan4] /(bus) station/扯 [che3] /pull/tear/to talk casually/扯裂 [che3 lie4] /rip/坼 [che4] /to crack/split/break/to chap/掣 [che4] /pull/obstruct/hinder/draw/彻 [che4] /pervade/penetrate/pass through/thorough/penetrating/撤 [che4] /remove/take away/withdraw/澈 [che4] /clear (water)/thorough/辙 [che4] /to remove/to withdraw/屮 [che4] /plants sprouting/撤除 [che4 chu2] /remove/彻底 [che4 di3] /thorough/complete/撤回 [che4 hui2] /withdraw/撤退 [che4 tui4] /retreat/撤销 [che4 xiao1] /repeal/琛 [chen1] /precious stone/gem/郴 [chen1] /name of a district in Hunan/嗔 [chen1] /to be angry at/臣 [chen2] /statesman/vassal/courtier/minister/official/忱 [chen2] /sincerity/honesty/沈 [chen2] /sink/沉 [chen2] /submerge/immerse/sink/deep/profound/to lower/to drop/辰 [chen2] /5th earthly branch/7-9 a.m./宸 [chen2] /imperial apartments/晨 [chen2] /morning/dawn/daybreak/陈 [chen2] /arrange/exhibit/narrate/tell/old/stale/a surname/to state/to display/to explain/(surname)/尘 [chen2] /dust/dirt/earth/谌 [chen2] /(surname)/faithful/sincere/沉淀 [chen2 dian4] /precipitate/沉浸 [chen2 jin4] /permeate/immerse/沉静 [chen2 jing4] /(adj) peaceful; quiet; calm/陈旧 [chen2 jiu4] /(adj) old fashioned/陈列 [chen2 lie4] /display/exhibit/沉落 [chen2 luo4] /sink, fall/沉闷 [chen2 men4] /(adj) (used in reference to weather) oppressive; heavy/(adj) depressed; not happy/沉默 [chen2 mo4] /silence/uncommunicative/陈纳德 [chen2 na4 de2] /(Claire) Chennault, commander of Flying Tigers during World War II/陈述 [chen2 shu4] /(v) declare; state/陈述句 [chen2 shu4 ju4] /declarative sentence/沉思 [chen2 si1] /contemplate/contemplation/meditation/ponder/沉痛 [chen2 tong4] /(adj) bitter; resentful/尘土 [chen2 tu3] /dust/陈毅 [chen2 yi4] /Chen Yi, former mayor of Shanghai and highest ranking military commander in China/沉重 [chen2 zhong4] /heavy/hard/serious/critical/沉重打击 [chen2 zhong4 da3 ji1] /to hit hard/沉着 [chen2 zhuo2] /(adj) calm and collected; not nervous/趁 [chen4] /avail oneself of/take advantage of/称 [chen4] /balanced/to fit/well-off/suitable/榇 [chen4] /Sterculia plantanifolia/coffin/衬 [chen4] /give alms/underwear/to line/lining/contrast/assist/谶 [chen4] /prophecy/omen/龀 [chen4] /replace the milk teeth/衬垫 [chen4 dian4] /pad/衬里 [chen4 li3] /lining/衬裙 [chen4 qun2] /petticoat/衬衫 [chen4 shan1] /shirt/blouse/衬托 [chen4 tuo1] /to set off/称心 [chen4 xin1] /(adj) satisfactory; OK/衬衣 [chen4 yi1] /shirt/称 [cheng1] /to call/to praise/to weigh/to estimate/to consider/to call/to address/to name/to say/commend/撑 [cheng1] /support/prop-up/to pole a boat/to open/to overfill/瞠 [cheng1] /stare at something beyond reach/铛 [cheng1] /frying pan/griddle/柽 [cheng1] /tamarisk/蛏 [cheng1] /mussel/razor clam/Solecurtus constricta/撑竿跳 [cheng1 gan1 tiao2] /vault/称号 [cheng1 hao4] /(n) name; term of address; title/称呼 [cheng1 hu5] /call/address as/称赞 [cheng1 zan4] /to praise/to acclaim/to commend/to complement/称重 [cheng1 zhong4] /to weigh/丞 [cheng2] /deputy/呈 [cheng2] /to assume (a form)/to submit/to petition/to show/to present/to offer/承 [cheng2] /to bear/to carry/to hold/to continue/to undertake/to take charge/owing to/due to/to receive/城 [cheng2] /city walls/city/town/乘 [cheng2] /ride/mount/make use of/take advantage of/multiply/to avail of/to ride/盛 [cheng2] /to hold/contain/to ladle/pick up with a utensil/程 [cheng2] /rule/order/regulations/formula/journey/procedure/sequence/a surname/诚 [cheng2] /honest/sincere/澄 [cheng2] /clear/limpid/settle (liquid)/橙 [cheng2] /orange tree/the color orange/orange/惩 [cheng2] /punish/discipline/埕 [cheng2] /earthen jar/枨 [cheng2] /door post/塍 [cheng2] /raised path between fields/裎 [cheng2] /take off clothes/酲 [cheng2] /alcoholic/澄 [cheng2] /clear/limpid/name of a river/承办 [cheng2 ban4] /(v) undertake; accept an assignment/承包 [cheng2 bao1] /contract/承包人 [cheng2 bao1 ren2] /contractor/城堡 [cheng2 bao3] /castle/呈报 [cheng2 bao4] /to (submit a) report/成本 [cheng2 ben3] /(manufacturing, production, etc.) costs/城池 [cheng2 chi2] /city/承担 [cheng2 dan1] /undertake/assume (responsibility, etc.)/呈递 [cheng2 di4] /to present/to submit/成都 [cheng2 du1] /Chengdu (city)/程度 [cheng2 du4] /degree (level or extent)/level/惩罚 [cheng2 fa2] /penalty/punishment/to punish/惩罚性 [cheng2 fa2 xing4] /punitive/乘法 [cheng2 fa3] /multiplication/城防 [cheng2 fang2] /city defense/成分 [cheng2 fen4] /ingredient/成份 [cheng2 fen4] /composition/ingredients/element/makeup/成功 [cheng2 gong1] /success/to succeed/城关 [cheng2 guan1] /area outside a city gate/成果 [cheng2 guo3] /result/achievement/gain/profit/成绩 [cheng2 ji1] /result/score/mark/achievement/成绩 [cheng2 ji1] /performance/乘机 [cheng2 ji1] /(adv) seize the opportunity/成吉思汗 [cheng2 ji2 si1 han4] /Genghis Khan/成交 [cheng2 jiao1] /(v) complete a contract; reach a deal/城郊 [cheng2 jiao1] /suburbs/outskirts of a city/惩戒 [cheng2 jie4] /to discipline/reprimand/成就 [cheng2 jiu4] /accomplishment/success/attain a result/achievement/乘客 [cheng2 ke4] /passenger/诚恳 [cheng2 ken3] /hearty/成立 [cheng2 li4] /establish/set up/城楼 [cheng2 lou2] /city gate tower/城门 [cheng2 men2] /city gate/成年 [cheng2 nian2] /adult/成年者 [cheng2 nian2 zhe3] /adult/承诺 [cheng2 nuo4] /effort/undertaking/promise (to do something)/成品 [cheng2 pin3] /(n) finished goods/成千上万 [cheng2 qian1 shang4 wan4] /by the thousands and tens of thousands/城墙 [cheng2 qiang2] /city wall/澄清 [cheng2 qing1] /(v) settle out; clarify/(v) make understandable; clarify; explain/(n) clarification/(v) settle/呈请 [cheng2 qing3] /to submit (to superiors)/城区 [cheng2 qu1] /city proper/成圈 [cheng2 quan1] /wreathe/成群结队 [cheng2 qun2 jie2 dui4] /in large numbers/as a large crowd/成人 [cheng2 ren2] /adult/承认 [cheng2 ren4] /recognize/to acknowledge/to admit/诚实 [cheng2 shi2] /honest/honesty/honorable/truthful/城市 [cheng2 shi4] /city/town/程式 [cheng2 shi4] /form/pattern/formula/program/程式管理员 [cheng2 shi4 guan3 li3 yuan2] /program manager (Windows)/程式语言 [cheng2 shi4 yu3 yan2] /programming language/承受 [cheng2 shou4] /to bear/to support/to inherit/成熟 [cheng2 shu2] /mature/ripe/呈送 [cheng2 song4] /present/render/成套 [cheng2 tao4] /(adj) whole; complete/成天 [cheng2 tian1] /(coll.) all day long/all the time/成为 [cheng2 wei2] /to become/to turn into/成文 [cheng2 wen2] /written/statutory/呈文 [cheng2 wen2] /petition (submitted to a superior)/乘务员 [cheng2 wu4 yuan2] /(n) attendant on an airplane, train, boat, etc/呈现 [cheng2 xian4] /to appear/to emerge/present (a certain appearance)/demonstrate/城乡 [cheng2 xiang1] /city and countryside/成效 [cheng2 xiao4] /effect/result/成心 [cheng2 xin1] /(adj) deliberate; with prior intent/诚心诚意 [cheng2 xin1 cheng2 yi4] /(saying) eager and sincere/程序 [cheng2 xu4] /procedures/sequence/order/诚意 [cheng2 yi4] /sincerity/good faith/成语 [cheng2 yu3] /proverb/idiom/成员 [cheng2 yuan2] /member/成员国 [cheng2 yuan2 guo2] /member country/成长 [cheng2 zhang3] /mature/grow up/城镇 [cheng2 zhen4] /cities and towns/city/town/诚挚 [cheng2 zhi4] /sincerely/秤 [cheng3] /steel yard/scales/逞 [cheng3] /please oneself/presume on/boast/骋 [cheng3] /hasten/run/open up/gallop/成 [cheng4] /finish/complete/accomplish/become/turn into/win/succeed/one tenth/秤 [cheng4] /steelyard/诚 [cheng4] /sincere/true/honest/称 [cheng4] /steelyard/吃 [chi1] /eat/eradicate/destroy/receive/蚩 [chi1] /(surname)/ignorant/worm/笞 [chi1] /to whip with bamboo strips/吃 [chi1] /eat/嗤 [chi1] /laugh at/jeer/scoff at/sneer at/痴 [chi1] /imbecile/sentimental/stupid/foolish/silly/痴 [chi1] /imbecile/sentimental/魑 [chi1] /mountain elf/郗 [chi1] /(surname)/name of an ancient city/眵 [chi1] /gritty secretion in eyes/媸 [chi1] /ugly woman/鸱 [chi1] /scops owl/螭 [chi1] /hornless dragon/吃不服 [chi1 bu5 fu2] /not be accustomed to eating sth/not be used to certain food/吃不开 [chi1 bu5 kai1] /be unpopular/won't work/吃不来 [chi1 bu5 lai2] /not be fond of certain food/吃不上 [chi1 bu5 shang4] /be unable to get something to eat/miss a meal/吃不下 [chi1 bu5 xia4] /not feel like eating/be unable to eat any more/吃不消 [chi1 bu5 xiao1] /be unable to stand (exertion/fatigue etc/)/吃不住 [chi1 bu5 zhu4] /be unable to bear or support/吃穿 [chi1 chuan1] /food and clothing/吃醋 [chi1 cu4] /jealousy/吃大户 [chi1 da4 hu4] /mass seizure of food from landlords during famines before liberation/吃刀 [chi1 dao1] /penetration of a cutting tool/吃饭 [chi1 fan4] /to eat a meal/吃惊 [chi1 jing1] /to be startled/to be shocked/to be amazed/吃苦 [chi1 ku3] /to bear/hardships/吃亏 [chi1 kui1] /suffer losses/come to grief/get the worst of it/吃力 [chi1 li4] /entail strenuous effort/be a strain/吃完 [chi1 wan2] /to finish eating/弛 [chi2] /unstring a bow/slacken/relax/loosen/池 [chi2] /pond/reservoir/持 [chi2] /to grasp/to hold/support/manage/direct/maintain/匙 [chi2] /spoon/驰 [chi2] /run fast/speed/spread/gallop/墀 [chi2] /courtyard/踟 [chi2] /hesitating/undecided/hesitant/迟 [chi2] /late/delayed/slow/坻 [chi2] /islet/rock in river/茌 [chi2] /name of a district in Shandong/篪 [chi2] /bamboo flute with 8 holes/持不同政见 [chi2 bu4 tong2 zheng4 jian4] /(politically) dissenting/dissident/持不同政见者 [chi2 bu4 tong2 zheng4 jian4 zhe3] /(political) dissident/迟迟 [chi2 chi2] /(be) late (with a task, etc.)/slow/迟到 [chi2 dao4] /to arrive late/迟钝 [chi2 dun4] /slow (witted)/迟顿 [chi2 dun4] /inactive/obtuse/迟浩田 [chi2 hao4 tian2] /Chinese Defense Minister/迟缓 [chi2 huan3] /slow/sluggish/持久 [chi2 jiu3] /duration/endure/lasting/持久性 [chi2 jiu3 xing4] /constancy/持卡人 [chi2 ka3 ren2] /cardholder/迟了 [chi2 le5] /late/迟慢 [chi2 man4] /slow/late/迟暮 [chi2 mu4] /past one's prime/池汤 [chi2 tang1] /large pool in a bathhouse/池塘 [chi2 tang2] /pool/pond/迟误 [chi2 wu4] /to delay/to procrastinate/持续 [chi2 xu4] /continue/池盐 [chi2 yan2] /lake salt/迟延 [chi2 yan2] /to delay/迟疑 [chi2 yi2] /to hesitate/持有 [chi2 you3] /hold (e.g. passport, views, etc.)/持有人 [chi2 you3 ren2] /holder/迟早 [chi2 zao3] /sooner or later/池沼 [chi2 zhao3] /pool/pond/池子 [chi2 zi5] /pond/尺 [chi3] /Chinese musical note/尺 [chi3] /a Chinese foot (M)/a ruler/侈 [chi3] /extravagant/wasteful/exaggerating/耻 [chi3] /shame/disgrace/豉 [chi3] /salted fermented beans/齿 [chi3] /tooth/褫 [chi3] /strip/deprive of/to discharge/dismiss/undress/尺寸 [chi3 cun5] /size/dimension/measurement/尺度 [chi3 du4] /scale/yardstick/齿轮 [chi3 lun1] /(machine) gear/耻辱 [chi3 ru4] /disgrace/尺子 [chi3 zi5] /rule/ruler (measuring instrument)/叱 [chi4] /to scold/shout at/to hoot at/斥 [chi4] /blame/reprove/reprimand/赤 [chi4] /red/scarlet/bare/naked/翅 [chi4] /wing/敕 [chi4] /imperial orders/啻 [chi4] /(not) just/(not) only/饬 [chi4] /keep in order/stern/to order/direct/炽 [chi4] /flame/blaze/彳 [chi4] /step with left foot/傺 [chi4] /detain/hinder/踅 [chi4] /walk with one leg/翅膀 [chi4 bang3] /wing/赤道 [chi4 dao4] /equator/赤裸裸 [chi4 luo3 luo3] /bare/naked/炽热 [chi4 re4] /glow/叱责 [chi4 ze2] /reproach/斥责 [chi4 ze2] /denounce/赤字 [chi4 zi4] /(financial) deficit/赤足 [chi4 zu2] /barefoot/barefooted/充 [chong1] /fill/satisfy/fulfill/to act in place of/substitute/sufficient/full/冲 [chong1] /to rinse/to collide/to water/to rush/to dash (against)/to wash out/to charge/highway/public road/舂 [chong1] /to pound (grain)/beat/憧 [chong1] /irresolute/unsettled/冲 [chong1] /dash against/忡 [chong1] /grieved/distressed/sad/uneasy/冲撞 [chong1 chuang2] /dash/充当 [chong1 dang1] /serve as/play the role of/充电器 [chong1 dian4 qi4] /charger/充分 [chong1 fen4] /full/abundant/充份 [chong1 fen4] /ample/sufficient/abundant/full/冲锋 [chong1 feng1] /charge/assault/冲锋 [chong1 feng1] /(v) charge; do a military assault/冲击 [chong1 ji1] /(be under) attack/冲力 [chong1 li4] /impulse/充满 [chong1 man3] /full of/brimming with/very full/permeated/充沛 [chong1 pei4] /(adj) bountiful; plentiful/冲破 [chong1 po4] /(n) quickly break through an obstacle/冲绳岛 [chong1 sheng2 dao3] /Okinawa (island)/充实 [chong1 shi2] /rich/substantial/enrich/substantiate/冲突 [chong1 tu2] /conflict/conflict/clash of opposing forces/contention/冲洗 [chong1 xi3] /to rinse/to wash/充足 [chong1 zu2] /adequate/sufficient/abundant/虫 [chong2] /insect/worm/重 [chong2] /to double/to repeat/repetition/iteration/again/a layer/崇 [chong2] /high/dignified/lofty/to honor/虫 [chong2] /an animal/an invertebrate/a worm/an insect/崇拜 [chong2 bai4] /adore/worship/崇拜仪式 [chong2 bai4 yi2 shi4] /worship service/崇拜者 [chong2 bai4 zhe3] /worshipper/重重 [chong2 chong2] /layer upon layer/one after another/重蹈 [chong2 dao4] /to repeat/to follow the same road as/重叠 [chong2 die2] /overlapping/重返 [chong2 fan3] /return (to)/重复 [chong2 fu4] /to repeat/to duplicate/重复节 [chong2 fu4 jie2] /repeated segment (networking)/崇高 [chong2 gao1] /majestic/sublime/重回 [chong2 hui2] /return/重获 [chong2 huo4] /recovery/recover/重建 [chong2 jian4] /reconstruction/rebuilding/崇敬 [chong2 jing4] /(v) admire; revere/重开 [chong2 kai1] /to reopen/虫鸟叫声 [chong2 niao3 jiao4 sheng1] /chirp/重庆 [chong2 qing4] /Chongqing (city)/重申 [chong2 shen1] /reaffirm/reiterate/重现 [chong2 xian4] /to reappear/重新 [chong2 xin1] /again/once more/re-/重新开始 [chong2 xin1 kai1 shi3] /resume, restart/崇祯 [chong2 zhen1] /Chongzhen, last emperor of the Ming Dynasty/虫子 [chong2 zi5] /worm/insect/宠 [chong3] /to love/to pamper/to spoil/to favor/宠坏 [chong3 huai4] /spoil (a child)/宠物 [chong3 wu4] /house pet/冲 [chong4] /strong/powerful/forceful/dynamic/to punch/冲 [chong4] /of great force/towards/铳 [chong4] /a gun/a pistol/抽 [chou1] /to draw out/to smoke (cigarettes)/to pump/瘳 [chou1] /convalesce/recover/heal/抽出 [chou1 chu1] /extract/抽打 [chou1 da3] /strap/抽空 [chou1 kong4] /(v) find the time to do sth/抽屉 [chou1 ti5] /drawer/抽象 [chou1 xiang4] /abstract/抽烟 [chou1 yan1] /smoke (a cigarette)/仇 [chou2] /hatred/animosity/enmity/a rival/an enemy/feud/惆 [chou2] /forlorn/vexed/disappointed/愁 [chou2] /worry about/稠 [chou2] /dense/crowded/thick/many/酬 [chou2] /entertain/repay/return/reward/compensate/绸 [chou2] /(light) silk/俦 [chou2] /comrades/friends/companions/畴 [chou2] /arable fields/cultivated field/class/category/筹 [chou2] /a tally/counter/ticket/plan/devise/manage/踌 [chou2] /pace back and forth/hesitate/waver/帱 [chou2] /canopy/curtain/雠 [chou2] /enmity/feud/酬报 [chou2 bao4] /to repay/to reward/筹备 [chou2 bei4] /(v) make preparations; get ready for/踌躇 [chou2 chu2] /(v) hesitate/筹措 [chou2 cuo4] /raise (money)/酬答 [chou2 da2] /to thank with a gift/酬和 [chou2 he4] /to respond to a poem with a poem/仇恨 [chou2 hen4] /hatred/enmity/hostility/筹集 [chou2 ji2] /collect money/raise funds/筹建 [chou2 jian4] /(v) prepare to build sth/酬金 [chou2 jin1] /(monetary) reward/筹款 [chou2 kuan3] /fundraising/酬劳 [chou2 lao2] /reward/筹码 [chou2 ma3] /bargaining chip/愁眉苦脸 [chou2 mei2 ku3 lian3] /frown/稠密 [chou2 mi4] /dense/酬谢 [chou2 xie4] /to thank with a gift/愁绪 [chou2 xu4] /melancholy/酬应 [chou2 ying4] /social interaction/酬载 [chou2 zai4] /payload/绸子 [chou2 zi5] /(n) fabric made of silk/酬酢 [chou2 zuo4] /to exchange toasts/丑 [chou3] /shameful/ugly/disgraceful/2nd Earthly Branch/clown/1-3 a.m./丑 [chou3] /ugly/瞅 [chou3] /to see/look/take a look at/丑恶 [chou3 e4] /(adj) ugly; repulsive/丑化 [chou3 hua4] /defame/libel/to defile/to smear/to vilify/丑事 [chou3 shi4] /scandal/丑闻 [chou3 wen2] /scandal/臭 [chou4] /stench/stink/smelly/to smell (bad)/臭味 [chou4 wei4] /fume/臭鼬 [chou4 you4] /skunk/出 [chu1] /to go out/to come out/to occur/to produce/to go beyond/to rise/to put forth/to occur/to happen/(a measure word for dramas, plays, or operas)/初 [chu1] /at first/(at the) beginning/first/junior/basic/樗 [chu1] /simarubaceae/出埃及记 [chu1 ai1 ji2 ji4] /Exodus/出版 [chu1 ban3] /to publish/to come off the press/to put out/出版社 [chu1 ban3 she4] /publishing house/出版者 [chu1 ban3 zhe3] /publisher/出兵 [chu1 bing1] /send troops/初步 [chu1 bu4] /initial/preliminary/tentative/出差 [chu1 chai1] /be on a business trip/出产 [chu1 chan3] /output/出动 [chu1 dong4] /(v) start out on a trip/(v) dispatch troops/出发 [chu1 fa1] /to start out/to set off/出发点 [chu1 fa1 dian3] /(n) starting point/出访 [chu1 fang3] /visit a foreign country/出风头 [chu1 feng1 tou5] /to create a stir/to enjoy the limelight/出乎预料 [chu1 hu1 yu4 liao4] /unexpectedly/初级 [chu1 ji2] /junior/primary/出价 [chu1 jia4] /bid/出境 [chu1 jing4] /(v) leave a country or region/出口 [chu1 kou3] /to speak/to exit/to go out/to export/出口产品 [chu1 kou3 chan3 pin3] /export product/出口额 [chu1 kou3 e2] /export amount/出口商品 [chu1 kou3 shang1 pin3] /export product/export goods/出来 [chu1 lai5] /to come out/to emerge/出路 [chu1 lu4] /a way out (of a difficult situation, etc)/出卖 [chu1 mai4] /to sell (off)/出门 [chu1 men2] /be away from home/go on a journey/出面 [chu1 mian4] /act in a (official or personal) capacity/出名 [chu1 ming2] /well-known (for)/出没 [chu1 mo4] /haunt/出纳员 [chu1 na4 yuan2] /cashier/teller/treasurer/出难题 [chu1 nan2 ti2] /to raise a tough question/出品 [chu1 pin3] /(n) items that are produced/初期 [chu1 qi1] /initial stage/beginning period/出去 [chu1 qu4] /(v) go out/出任 [chu1 ren4] /start in a new job/take up a new post/出入 [chu1 ru4] /(v) come and go/(n) discrepancy; inconsistancy/出入口 [chu1 ru4 kou3] /gateway/出色 [chu1 se4] /remarkable/outstanding/出身 [chu1 shen1] /family background/class origin/出神 [chu1 shen2] /(v) be entranced/出生 [chu1 sheng1] /to be born/出生地 [chu1 sheng1 di4] /birthplace/出生日期 [chu1 sheng1 ri4 qi1] /date of birth/出世 [chu1 shi4] /(v) be born; enter the world/(v) be reborn/出事 [chu1 shi4] /have an accident/meet with a mishap/出售 [chu1 shou4] /to sell/出息 [chu1 xi1] /(n) future prospects/出席 [chu1 xi2] /attend/be present/出席者 [chu1 xi2 zhe3] /attendant/出现 [chu1 xian4] /to appear/to arise/to emerge/出现意外 [chu1 xian4 yi4 wai4] /(to appear) unexpected(ly)/初选 [chu1 xuan3] /(US) primaries (election)/初学者 [chu1 xue2 zhe3] /beginning student/出洋相 [chu1 yang2 xiang4] /make an exhibition of oneself/初一 [chu1 yi1] /first day of lunar month/New Year's Day/出於 [chu1 yu2] /be due to/stem from/出狱 [chu1 yu4] /leave prison/出院 [chu1 yuan4] /to leave hospital/初中 [chu1 zhong1] /junior high school/出走 [chu1 zou3] /to flee/to run away/出租 [chu1 zu1] /to rent/出租车 [chu1 zu1 che1] /taxi/出租汽车 [chu1 zu1 qi4 che1] /taxi/cab/刍 [chu2] /(surname)/cut grass/hay/straw/fodder/除 [chu2] /remove/do away with/wipe out/divide/except/厨 [chu2] /kitchen/锄 [chu2] /a hoe/to hoe or dig/to weed/get rid of/雏 [chu2] /chick/young bird/橱 [chu2] /a wardrobe/case/cabinet/躇 [chu2] /hesitate/滁 [chu2] /name of a river/蜍 [chu2] /Bufo vulgaris/toad/蹰 [chu2] /irresolute/undecided/储藏室 [chu2 cang2 shi4] /storage/除此之外 [chu2 ci3 zhi1 wai4] /apart from this/in addition to this/厨房 [chu2 fang2] /kitchen/除非 [chu2 fei1] /only if (..., or otherwise, ...)/only if/only when/only in the case that/雏菊 [chu2 ju2] /daisy/除了 [chu2 le5] /besides/apart from (... also...)/in addition to/except (for)/除了之外 [chu2 le5 zhi1 wai4] /except/厨师 [chu2 shi1] /cook/厨司 [chu2 si1] /cook, chef/锄头 [chu2 tou2] /hoe/除外 [chu2 wai4] /(v) not include; excluding (when counting sth)/除夕 [chu2 xi1] /(New Year's) Eve/厨子 [chu2 zi5] /cook/杵 [chu3] /pestle/to poke/处 [chu3] /to reside/to live/to dwell/to be in/to stay/get along with/to be in a position of/deal with/楮 [chu3] /Broussonetia kasinoki/楚 [chu3] /(surname)/ancient place name/distinct/clear/orderly/pain/suffering/(a surname)/褚 [chu3] /(surname)/储 [chu3] /savings/to save/to deposit/to store/(a surname)/础 [chu3] /foundation/base/储备 [chu3 bei4] /(v) store up reserves/储藏 [chu3 cang2] /store/deposit/(oil, mineral, etc) deposits/储存 [chu3 cun2] /stockpile/to store/to stockpile/处罚 [chu3 fa2] /penalize/punish/处方 [chu3 fang1] /(n) medical prescription/处分 [chu3 fen1] /disposal/处境 [chu3 jing4] /plight/处决 [chu3 jue2] /execute (a condemned criminal)/处理 [chu3 li3] /to handle/to treat/to deal with/to process/处理器 [chu3 li3 qi4] /processor/处女 [chu3 nu:3] /virgin/储蓄 [chu3 xu4] /(v) save or deposit money/(n) one's savings/处於 [chu3 yu2] /be (in some state, position, or condition)/处置 [chu3 zhi4] /(v) handle; take care of/(v) punish/怵 [chu4] /fearful/timid/to fear/畜 [chu4] /livestock/domesticated animal/domestic animal/绌 [chu4] /crimson silk/deficiency/to stitch/处 [chu4] /a place/location/spot/point/office/department/bureau/respect/黜 [chu4] /dismiss/expel/触 [chu4] /knock against/touch/to feel/矗 [chu4] /lofty/upright/亍 [chu4] /step with the right foot/搐 [chu4] /lead/pull/处处 [chu4 chu4] /everywhere/in all respects/触电 [chu4 dian4] /to get an electric shock/触发 [chu4 fa1] /trigger/spark/触犯 [chu4 fan4] /offend/畜肥 [chu4 fei2] /animal manure/触角 [chu4 jiao3] /antenna/feeler/畜类 [chu4 lei4] /domestic animal/畜力 [chu4 li4] /animal powered (as opposed to human or machine powered)/触摸 [chu4 mo1] /touch/触怒 [chu4 nu4] /provocation/畜生 [chu4 sheng5] /domestic animal/触须 [chu4 xu1] /tentacles/feelers/antennae/揣 [chuai1] /put into/揣 [chuai3] /estimate/guess/figure/surmise/揣测 [chuai3 ce4] /guess/guessing/踹 [chuai4] /kick/trample/嘬 [chuai4] /to gnaw/eat ravenously/啜饮 [chuai4 yin3] /sip/川 [chuan1] /river/creek/plain/an area of level country/穿 [chuan1] /to bore through/pierce/perforate/penetrate/pass through/to dress/to wear/to put on/to thread/氚 [chuan1] /tritium/穿带 [chuan1 dai4] /wear/穿洞 [chuan1 dong4] /pierce/穿过 [chuan1 guo4] /to pass through/川流不息 [chuan1 liu2 bu4 xi1] /(saying) the stream flows without stopping; the flow of an endless stream/穿透 [chuan1 tou4] /penetrate/船 [chuan2] /a boat/vessel/ship/传 [chuan2] /to pass on/to spread/to transmit/to infect/to transfer/to circulate/to pass on/to conduct (electricity)/椽 [chuan2] /beam/rafters/遄 [chuan2] /hurry/go to and fro/传播 [chuan2 bo1] /to disseminate/to propagate/to spread/船舶 [chuan2 bo2] /(n) shipping; boats/传达 [chuan2 da2] /convey/传单 [chuan2 dan1] /leaflet/传道部 [chuan2 dao4 bu4] /mission/传道书 [chuan2 dao4 shu1] /Ecclesiastes/传道者 [chuan2 dao4 zhe3] /missionary/preacher/传递 [chuan2 di4] /(v) transmit on; pass on to someone else/船队 [chuan2 dui4] /fleet (of ships)/船货 [chuan2 huo4] /cargo/传教 [chuan2 jiao4] /preach/传教士 [chuan2 jiao4 shi4] /missionary/传染 [chuan2 ran3] /infect/contagious/传染病 [chuan2 ran3 bing4] /pestilence/船上 [chuan2 shang4] /aboard/传神 [chuan2 shen2] /vivid/lifelike/传授 [chuan2 shou4] /impart/传输 [chuan2 shu1] /transport/transmission/传输服务 [chuan2 shu1 fu2 wu4] /transport service/传输技术 [chuan2 shu1 ji4 shu4] /transmission technology/传输距离 [chuan2 shu1 ju4 li2] /transmission distance/传输控制协定 [chuan2 shu1 kong1 zhi4 xie2 ding4] /transmission control protocol/TCP/传输控制 [chuan2 shu1 kong4 zhi4] /transmission control/传输率 [chuan2 shu1 lu:4] /transmission rate/传输媒界 [chuan2 shu1 mei2 jie4] /transport method/传输媒体 [chuan2 shu1 mei2 ti3] /transmission medium/传输媒质 [chuan2 shu1 mei2 zhi4] /transmission medium/传输模式 [chuan2 shu1 mo2 shi4] /transfer mode/transmission method/传输设备 [chuan2 shu1 she4 bei4] /transmission facility/transmission equipment/传输速率 [chuan2 shu1 su4 lu:4] /transmission rate/transmission speed/传输通道 [chuan2 shu1 tong1 dao4] /transport channel/传输协定 [chuan2 shu1 xie2 ding4] /transfer protocol/transportation protocol/传说 [chuan2 shuo1] /it is said/they say/legend/tradition/legend/tradition/传送 [chuan2 song4] /to convey/to deliver/传送服务 [chuan2 song4 fu2 wu4] /delivery service/传统 [chuan2 tong3] /tradition/传统医药 [chuan2 tong3 yi1 yao4] /(Chinese) traditional medicine/传统中国医药 [chuan2 tong3 zhong1 guo2 yi1 yao4] /Chinese traditional medicine/传闻 [chuan2 wen2] /rumor/传讯 [chuan2 xun4] /subpoena/summon for interrogation/传真 [chuan2 zhen1] /fax/facsimile/传真发送 [chuan2 zhen1 fa1 song4] /fax transmission/传真机 [chuan2 zhen1 ji1] /fax machine/船只 [chuan2 zhi1] /ships/vessels/舛 [chuan3] /mistaken/erroneous/contradictory/喘 [chuan3] /to gasp/to pant/asthma/喘不过气来 [chuan3 bu2 guo4 qi4 lai2] /cannot breathe/喘气 [chuan3 qi4] /to breathe deeply/to pant/喘息 [chuan3 xi1] /to gasp for breath/to take a breather/喘吁吁 [chuan3 xu1 xu1] /to blow/串 [chuan4] /to string together/to mix up/to conspire/to connect/(a measure word)/string/钏 [chuan4] /an armlet/bracelet/创 [chuang1] /a wound/cut/injury/trauma/窗 [chuang1] /shutter/window/疮 [chuang1] /sore/skin ulcer/窗玻璃 [chuang1 bo1 li2] /window pane/窗户 [chuang1 hu5] /window/窗口 [chuang1 kou3] /window/窗帘 [chuang1 lian2] /window curtains/窗台 [chuang1 tai2] /window sill/窗子 [chuang1 zi3] /casement/window/床 [chuang2] /bed/couch/(a measure word)/幢 [chuang2] /(measure word for houses)/tents/床侧 [chuang2 ce4] /bedside/床单 [chuang2 dan1] /sheet/床垫 [chuang2 dian4] /mattress/床铺 [chuang2 pu4] /bed/床位 [chuang2 wei4] /(n) assigned bed, berth; bunk/闯 [chuang3] /to rush/break through/创 [chuang4] /begin/initiate/inaugurate/start/create/怆 [chuang4] /mournful/sad/grieved/sorry/创办 [chuang4 ban4] /launch/创办人 [chuang4 ban4 ren2] /founder (of an institution, etc)/创记录 [chuang4 ji4 lu4] /to set a record/创建 [chuang4 jian4] /to found/to establish/创立 [chuang4 li4] /to found/establish/originate/创立者 [chuang4 li4 zhe3] /founder/创世纪 [chuang4 shi4 ji4] /Genesis/创新 [chuang4 xin1] /bring forth new ideas/blaze new trails/创业 [chuang4 ye4] /(v) begin an undertaking; start a major task/创造 [chuang4 zao4] /to create/to bring about/to produce/创造力 [chuang4 zao4 li4] /ingenuity/creativity/创造性 [chuang4 zao4 xing4] /creativeness/creativity/创造者 [chuang4 zao4 zhe3] /creator/创作 [chuang4 zuo4] /to create/to produce/to write/creative work/creation/创作力 [chuang4 zuo4 li4] /originality/吹 [chui1] /to blow/blast/puff/boast/brag/end in failure/炊 [chui1] /dress food/to steam/to cook food/吹笛者 [chui1 di2 zhe3] /piper/吹口哨 [chui1 kou3 shao4] /whistle/吹牛 [chui1 niu2] /brag/吹捧 [chui1 peng3] /(v) flatter sb; laud sb's accomplishments/炊事员 [chui1 shi4 yuan2] /(n) cafeteria worker; cook/垂 [chui2] /to hang (down)/droop/dangle/bend down/hand down/bequeath/nearly/almost/to approach/捶 [chui2] /beat with the fist/to hammer/to cudgel/椎 [chui2] /a hammer/陲 [chui2] /frontier/槌 [chui2] /hammer/mallet/pestle/锤 [chui2] /to hammer/weight of steel yard/棰 [chui2] /flog/whip/垂幕 [chui2 mu4] /canopy/垂死 [chui2 si3] /dying/垂下 [chui2 xia4] /to hang down/垂直 [chui2 zhi2] /perpendicular/vertical/春 [chun1] /spring (time)/gay/joyful/youthful/love/lust/life/椿 [chun1] /Cedrela chinensis/father/春耕 [chun1 geng1] /(v) plow a field in the spring/春季 [chun1 ji4] /springtime/春节 [chun1 jie2] /Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)/春联 [chun1 lian2] /Spring Festival couplets/New Year scrolls/春天 [chun1 tian1] /spring (season)/唇 [chun2] /lip/纯 [chun2] /pure/simple/unmixed/genuine/淳 [chun2] /genuine/pure/honest/醇 [chun2] /rich/pure/good wine/sterols/鹑 [chun2] /quail/椿 [chun2] /tree of heaven/纯粹 [chun2 cui4] /purely/纯洁 [chun2 jie2] /pure/clean and honest/纯品 [chun2 pin3] /sterling/纯属 [chun2 shu3] /pure and simple/sheer/outright/纯正 [chun2 zheng4] /genuine/蠢 [chun3] /blunt/stupid/to wiggle (of worms)/sluggish/蠢事 [chun3 shi4] /folly/戳 [chuo1] /poke/pierce/prick/wooden or rubber stamp or seal/啜 [chuo4] /drink/taste/sip/suck/绰 [chuo4] /generous/ample/wide/spacious/well-off/辍 [chuo4] /stop/cease/suspend/龊 [chuo4] /dirty/small-minded/差 [ci1] /uneven/疵 [ci1] /blemish/flaw/defect/祠 [ci2] /ancestral hall/temple/茨 [ci2] /Tribulus terrestris/thatched hut/瓷 [ci2] /chinaware/porcelain/词 [ci2] /works/phrases/classical Chinese poem/word/diction/慈 [ci2] /compassionate/gentle/merciful/kind/humane/磁 [ci2] /magnetic/magnetism/porcelain/雌 [ci2] /female/辞 [ci2] /bid farewell/diction/resign/say goodbye/take leave/decline/茈 [ci2] /water chestnut/慈爱 [ci2 ai4] /(adj) love; tenderness, particularily affection shown by elders to children/慈悲 [ci2 bei1] /mercy/磁场 [ci2 chang3] /magnetic field/磁带 [ci2 dai4] /magnetic tape/词典 [ci2 dian3] /dictionary/雌花 [ci2 hua1] /female flower/词汇 [ci2 hui4] /(list of) vocabulary/词句 [ci2 ju4] /(n) words and sentences/磁盘 [ci2 pan2] /(computer) disk/磁盘驱动器 [ci2 pan2 qu1 dong4 qi4] /disk drive/磁片 [ci2 pian4] /magnetic disk/瓷器 [ci2 qi4] /chinaware/porcelain/雌蕊 [ci2 rui3] /pistil/慈善机构 [ci2 shan4 ji1 gou4] /charity/磁铁 [ci2 tie3] /magnet/词头 [ci2 tou2] /prefix/词尾 [ci2 wei3] /suffix/慈祥 [ci2 xiang2] /(a) kindly (person)/磁性 [ci2 xing4] /magnetic/magnetism/雌性 [ci2 xing4] /female/雌性接口 [ci2 xing4 jie1 kou3] /female connector/雌雄 [ci2 xiong2] /male and female/辞职 [ci2 zhi2] /resign/此 [ci3] /this/these/此后 [ci3 hou4] /after this/afterwards/hereafter/此刻 [ci3 ke4] /this moment/now/at present/此时 [ci3 shi2] /now/this moment/此时此刻 [ci3 shi2 ci3 ke4] /at this very moment/此时以前 [ci3 shi2 yi3 qian2] /heretofore/此外 [ci3 wai4] /besides/in addition/moreover/furthermore/次 [ci4] /nth/number (of times)/order/sequence/next/second(ary)/(measure word)/伺 [ci4] /wait on/刺 [ci4] /thorn/sting/prick/pierce/stab/thrust/assassinate/murder/赐 [ci4] /confer/bestow/grant/刺刀 [ci4 dao1] /bayonet/赐给 [ci4 gei3] /to bestow/to give/伺候 [ci4 hou4] /(v) serve; act as a valet/刺激 [ci4 ji1] /provoke/irritate/刺激物 [ci4 ji1 wu4] /stimulus/次品 [ci4 pin3] /(n) defective products/次数 [ci4 shu4] /frequency/number of times/刺探 [ci4 tan4] /pry/刺痛 [ci4 tong4] /tingle/刺绣 [ci4 xiu4] /embroider/刺绣品 [ci4 xiu4 pin3] /embroidery/次序 [ci4 xu4] /(n) sequence; order/次要 [ci4 yao4] /secondary/匆 [cong1] /hurried/hasty/囱 [cong1] /window/chimney/从 [cong1] /lax/yielding/unhurried/枞 [cong1] /abies firma/葱 [cong1] /scallion/green onion/聪 [cong1] /quick at hearing/wise/clever/sharp-witted/intelligent/acute/璁 [cong1] /(gem)/苁 [cong1] /Boschniakia glabra/骢 [cong1] /buckskin horse/匆匆 [cong1 cong1] /hurriedly/匆促 [cong1 cu4] /hastily/in a hurry/匆忙 [cong1 mang2] /hasty/hurried/聪明 [cong1 ming2] /intelligent/bright/从容 [cong1 rong2] /go easy/unhurried/枞树 [cong1 shu4] /fir/从 [cong2] /from/obey/observe/follow/淙 [cong2] /noise of water/丛 [cong2] /cluster/collection/collection of books/thicket/琮 [cong2] /(surname)/octagonal jade badge/从不 [cong2 bu4] /never/从此 [cong2 ci3] /thence/从而 [cong2 er2] /thus/thereby/从今以后 [cong2 jin1 yi3 hou4] /henceforth/从来 [cong2 lai2] /always/at all times/never (if used in negative sentence)/从来不 [cong2 lai2 bu4] /never/从来没有 [cong2 lai2 mei2 you3] /have never/never before/丛林 [cong2 lin2] /jungle/thicket/从前 [cong2 qian2] /previously/formerly/从去年 [cong2 qu4 nian2] /since last year/从容不迫 [cong2 rong2 bu4 po4] /calm/unruffled/从事 [cong2 shi4] /go for/engage in/undertake/to deal with/to handle/to do/从事研究 [cong2 shi4 yan2 jiu1] /to do research/to carry out research/从头到脚 [cong2 tou2 dao4 jiao3] /from head to foot/从外表来看 [cong2 wai4 biao3 lai2 kan4] /looking from the outside/seen from the outside/从中 [cong2 zhong1] /from/therefrom/凑 [cou4] /assemble/put together/press near/come together/辏 [cou4] /converge/hub of wheel/腠 [cou4] /the tissue between the skin and the flesh/凑合 [cou4 he2] /(v) bring together/(v) make do in a bad situation/(v) improvise/凑巧 [cou4 qiao3] /(adv) luckily/粗 [cu1] /coarse/rough/thick/unfinished/vulgar/rude/crude/粗暴 [cu1 bao4] /rough/cruel/粗糙 [cu1 cao1] /crude/gruff/粗厉 [cu1 li4] /abrasive/粗粮 [cu1 liang2] /(n) coarse grains (i.e. maize; sorghum, etc)/粗劣 [cu1 lie4] /coarse/粗鲁 [cu1 lu3] /(adj) crude; coarse; rough/粗浅 [cu1 qian3] /shallow/superficial/粗砂 [cu1 sha1] /grit/粗俗 [cu1 su2] /vulgar/粗俗的阶级 [cu1 su2 de5 jie1 ji2] /vulgar class/粗细 [cu1 xi4] /(n) thickness/(n) quality; fineness of work/粗心 [cu1 xin1] /careless/粗心大意 [cu1 xin1 da4 yi4] /negligent/careless/inadvertent/粗野 [cu1 ye3] /insolent/徂 [cu2] /to go/to reach/殂 [cu2] /die/卒 [cu4] /abruptly/hurriedly/促 [cu4] /to hurry/to rush/to hasten/near/to promote/醋 [cu4] /vinegar/簇 [cu4] /crowded/frame work for silkworms/gather foliage/a measure word/bunch/蹙 [cu4] /urgent/wrinkled/contracted/to kick/蹴 [cu4] /carefully/kick/tread on/stamp/猝 [cu4] /abrupt/hurried/蔟 [cu4] /collect/frame for silk worm/nest/促成 [cu4 cheng2] /procure/facilitate/促进 [cu4 jin4] /to promote (an idea or cause)/to advance/boost/促使 [cu4 shi3] /spur on/urge/to cause/to bring about/氽 [cuan1] /boil for a short time/撺 [cuan1] /rush/stir up/throw/fling/hurry/rage/蹿 [cuan1] /jump up/攒 [cuan2] /bring together/篡 [cuan4] /to seize/to usurp/窜 [cuan4] /flee/escape/run away/leap/爨 [cuan4] /(surname)/cooking-stove/to cook/篡夺 [cuan4 duo2] /to usurp/to seize/篡改 [cuan4 gai3] /to tamper with/to falsify/篡位 [cuan4 wei4] /to seize the throne/衰 [cui1] /mourning garments/崔 [cui1] /(surname)/high mountain/precipitous/催 [cui1] /urge/press/expedite/prompt/hurry/摧 [cui1] /break/destroy/devastate/ravage/repress/榱 [cui1] /small rafter/摧残 [cui1 can2] /to ravage/to ruin/催促 [cui1 cu4] /urge/催化剂 [cui1 hua4 ji4] /catalyst/摧毁 [cui1 hui3] /destroy/wreck/催眠曲 [cui1 mian2 qu3] /lullaby/崔亚琳 [cui1 ya4 lin2] /Charles Yah Lin Trie (Arkansas restauranteur)/璀 [cui3] /luster of gems/脆 [cui4] /crisp/brittle/clear and loud voice/悴 [cui4] /haggard/sad/downcast/distressed/淬 [cui4] /dip into water/to temper/萃 [cui4] /collect/collection/dense/grassy/thick/assemble/gather/瘁 [cui4] /care-worn/distressed/tired/overworked/sick/weary/粹 [cui4] /pure/unmixed/essence/翠 [cui4] /bluish-green/green jade/啐 [cui4] /sip/spit/毳 [cui4] /crisp/brittle/fine animal hair/翠绿 [cui4 lu:4] /(adj) greenish-blue; emerald green/脆弱 [cui4 ruo4] /weak/frail/村 [cun1] /village/皴 [cun1] /chapped/cracked/皴裂 [cun1 lie4] /chap (lips, skin, etc.)/村民 [cun1 min2] /villager/村庄 [cun1 zhuang1] /village/hamlet/村子 [cun1 zi5] /village/存 [cun2] /exist/deposit/store/keep/survive/存车处 [cun2 che1 chu4] /parking lot (for bicycles)/存储 [cun2 chu3] /memory/storage/存储器 [cun2 chu3 qi4] /memory (unit)/存放 [cun2 fang4] /to deposit/to leave in sb's care/存根 [cun2 gen1] /stub/存货 [cun2 huo4] /stock/存款 [cun2 kuan3] /(v) deposit money in a bank/(n) bank deposit/存取 [cun2 qu3] /access/存心 [cun2 xin1] /deliberately/存在 [cun2 zai4] /to exist/to be/忖 [cun3] /ponder/consider/guess/寸 [cun4] /a unit of length/inch/thumb/寸草不生 [cun4 cao3 bu4 sheng1] /"not even a blade of grass grows"/搓 [cuo1] /to rub or roll between the hands or fingers/to twist/撮 [cuo1] /bring together/little bit/shovel/gather up/bring together/pick/磋 [cuo1] /deliberate/to polish/蹉 [cuo1] /error/slip/miss/err/搓揉 [cuo1 rou2] /knead/磋商 [cuo1 shang1] /(v) discuss seriously; exchange views; confer/嵯 [cuo2] /lofty (as of mountain)/痤 [cuo2] /acne/矬 [cuo2] /short/dwarfish/瘥 [cuo2] /disease/鹾 [cuo2] /brine/salt/脞 [cuo3] /chopped meat/trifles/厝 [cuo4] /bury/to place/dispose/挫 [cuo4] /be obstructed/fail/oppress/repress/lower the tone/bend back/dampen/措 [cuo4] /put in order/arrange/administer/execute/take action on/锉 [cuo4] /a file (tool for shaping metal)/to file/错 [cuo4] /mistake/error/blunder/fault/cross/uneven/wrong/锉 [cuo4] /to file/挫败 [cuo4 bai4] /thwart/defeat/foil (someone's plans, etc)/措辞强硬 [cuo4 ci2 qiang2 ying4] /strongly-worded/措施 [cuo4 shi1] /measure/step (to be taken)/错误 [cuo4 wu4] /error/mistake/mistaken/挫折 [cuo4 zhe2] /setback/reverse/错字 [cuo4 zi4] /incorrect character/typo (in Chinese text)/答 [da1] /to answer/agree/搭 [da1] /build (scaffolding)/take (boat/train)/hang/join/match/take passage/褡 [da1] /cummerbund/哒 [da1] /(phonetic)/command to a horse/clatter (of horses' hoofs)/搭伴 [da1 ban4] /travel with another/accompany another/搭乘 [da1 cheng2] /embark/搭救 [da1 jiu4] /rescue/搭配 [da1 pei4] /(v) pair up; put into pairs/(v) add sth into a group/答应 [da1 ying5] /reply/promise/打 [da2] /dozen/怛 [da2] /distressed/alarmed/shocked/grieved/答 [da2] /reply/answer/return/respond/echo/达 [da2] /attain/pass through/achieve/reach/realize/clear/inform/notify/dignity/靼 [da2] /(phonetic)/dressed leather/瘩 [da2] /sore/boil/scab/鞑 [da2] /Tartar/a tribe in China/妲 [da2] /concubine of last Shang emperor/笪 [da2] /(surname)/rough bamboo mat/答案 [da2 an4] /answer/solution/答辨 [da2 bian4] /(v) reply to a charge or accusation/答辩 [da2 bian4] /to reply (to an accusation, e.g.)/达不到 [da2 bu4 dao4] /cannot achieve/cannot reach/达成 [da2 cheng2] /to reach (an agreement)/to accomplish/答词 [da2 ci2] /reply/thank-you speech/达到 [da2 dao4] /to reach/to achieve/to attain/答对 [da2 dui4] /to reply/to answer/答复 [da2 fu4] /answer/reply/答覆 [da2 fu4] /reply/答话 [da2 hua4] /to reply/to answer/答卷 [da2 juan4] /completed examination paper/answer sheet/达赖喇嘛 [da2 lai4 la3 ma5] /Dalai Lama/答谢 [da2 xie4] /to express one's thanks/打 [da3] /beat/strike/break/mix up/build/fight/fetch/make/tie up/issue/shoot/calculate/since/from/打败 [da3 bai4] /to defeat/to overpower/to beat/to suffer a defeat/to be defeated/打扮 [da3 ban4] /dress up/打不过 [da3 bu5 guo4] /not to be able to beat or defeat sb./to be no match for/打错了 [da3 cuo4 le5] /"you have dialed the wrong number"/打倒 [da3 dao3] /flatten/打电话 [da3 dian4 hua4] /to make a telephone call/打赌 [da3 du3] /(make a) bet/wager/打发 [da3 fa5] /(v) dispatch sb to do sth/(v) send sb away/(v) pass the time/打翻 [da3 fan1] /overthrow/打横炮 [da3 heng2 pao4] /speak unwarrantedly/打呼 [da3 hu1] /snore/打击 [da3 ji1] /to hit/to strike/to attack/打架 [da3 jia4] /fight/scuffle/come to blows/打交道 [da3 jiao1 dao4] /come into contact with/have dealing with/打结 [da3 jie2] /tie a knot/tie/打进 [da3 jin4] /to breach/to invade/打开 [da3 kai1] /to break open/打孔器 [da3 kong3 qi4] /hole puncher/打量 [da3 liang5] /(v) take measure of; size up/打猎 [da3 lie4] /hunt/打牌 [da3 pai2] /to play mahjong or cards/打喷嚏 [da3 pen1 ti4] /sneeze/打破 [da3 po4] /to break/to smash/打拳 [da3 quan2] /to do shadowboxing/打扰 [da3 rao3] /disturb/打扫 [da3 sao3] /to clean/to sweep/打伤 [da3 shang1] /bruise/injure/打死 [da3 si3] /kill/打算 [da3 suan4] /to plan/to intend/to calculate/plan/intention/calculation/打碎 [da3 sui4] /shatter/打听 [da3 ting5] /ask about/inquire about/打消 [da3 xiao1] /dispel (doubts, misgivings, etc.)/give up on/打印 [da3 yin4] /to print/to seal/to stamp/打印服务器 [da3 yin4 fu2 wu4 qi4] /print server/打印机 [da3 yin4 ji1] /printer/打仗 [da3 zhang4] /fight/打招呼 [da3 zhao1 hu5] /(v) greet sb by word or action/(v) give prior notice/打针 [da3 zhen1] /to give or have an injection/打制 [da3 zhi4] /forge/打字 [da3 zi4] /to type/打字机 [da3 zi4 ji1] /typewriter/打字员 [da3 zi4 yuan2] /typist/大 [da4] /big/huge/large/major/great/wide/deep/oldest/eldest/大阪 [da4 ban3] /Osaka (Japan)/大半 [da4 ban4] /more than half/greater part/most/大包大揽 [da4 bao1 da4 lan3] /(idiom) not worry about conditions or responsibilities, but rather take it all; all round contract/大便 [da4 bian4] /to defecate/excrement/feces/大便干燥 [da4 bian4 gan1 zao4] /constipated/大伯 [da4 bo2] /husband's older brother; brother-in-law/大部份 [da4 bu4 fen5] /(in) large part/(the) greater part/the majority/大步走 [da4 bu4 zou3] /stride/大材小用 [da4 cai2 xiao3 yong4] /using a talented person in an insignificant position/大草原 [da4 cao3 yuan2] /prairie/大肠 [da4 chang2] /the large intestine/大臣 [da4 chen2] /chancellor/大城市 [da4 cheng2 shi4] /major city/big city/metropolis/metropolis/large city/大吃 [da4 chi1] /gobble/eat quickly/大吹大擂 [da4 chui1 da4 lei2] /make an exhibition of oneself/ostentation/大锤 [da4 chui2] /sledge/大错 [da4 cuo4] /blunder/大大 [da4 da4] /greatly/enormously/大袋子 [da4 dai4 zi5] /sack/大胆 [da4 dan3] /courageous/daring/fearless/大刀阔斧 [da4 dao1 kuo4 fu3] /bold and decisive/大道 [da4 dao4] /main street/大敌当前 [da4 di2 dang1 qian2] /confront a powerful enemy/大地 [da4 di4] /earth/mother earth/大地洞 [da4 di4 dong4] /cavern/大地图 [da4 di4 tu2] /atlas/大都 [da4 dou1] /general/for the most part/on the whole/大豆 [da4 dou4] /soy bean/大都会 [da4 du1 hui4] /metropolitan/大肚子 [da4 du4 zi5] /pregnant/大队 [da4 dui4] /group/a large body of/production brigade/大多 [da4 duo1] /for the most part/many/most/the greater part/mostly/大多数 [da4 duo1 shu4] /(great) majority/大发雷霆 [da4 fa1 lei2 ting2] /extremely angry/大方 [da4 fang1] /generous/大概 [da4 gai4] /roughly/probably/rough/approximate/about/大纲 [da4 gang1] /main point/leading principles/大哥 [da4 ge1] /eldest brother/大哥大 [da4 ge1 da4] /cellphone/大功 [da4 gong1] /great merit/great service/大功告成 [da4 gong1 gao4 cheng2] /successfully accomplished (project or goal)/to be highly successful/大公司 [da4 gong1 si1] /large company/corporation/大公无私 [da4 gong1 wu2 si1] /just and fair/大姑 [da4 gu1] /husband's older sister; sister-in-law/大关 [da4 guan1] /(reach a) critical point/大规模 [da4 gui1 mo2] /large scale/extensive/wide scale/broad scale/大规模杀伤性武器 [da4 gui1 mo2 sha1 shang1 xing4 wu3 qi4] /weapons of mass destruction/大锅饭 [da4 guo1 fan4] /(n) food made in a large wok in a mess hall/(idiom) a term used to refer to equal treatment/大国 [da4 guo2] /a power (i.e. a dominant country)/大会 [da4 hui4] /general assembly/general meeting/大伙儿 [da4 huo3 er5] /(pron) everyone/大惑不解 [da4 huo4 bu4 jie3] /do not understand a certain thing/大家 [da4 jia1] /authority/everyone/大将 [da4 jiang4] /a general or admiral/大教堂 [da4 jiao4 tang2] /cathedral/大街 [da4 jie1] /street/main street/大街小巷 [da4 jie1 xiao3 xiang4] /large streets and small lanes/大惊失色 [da4 jing1 shi1 se4] /apprehensive/大惊小怪 [da4 jing1 xiao3 guai4] /much fuss about nothing/大舅子 [da4 jiu4 zi5] /(informal) wife's older brother/大局 [da4 ju2] /general situation/present conditions/大举 [da4 ju3] /carry out a large-scale (military) operation/大快人心 [da4 kuai4 ren2 xin1] /to the satisfaction of everyone/大浪 [da4 lang4] /billow/surge/大类 [da4 lei4] /main type/main class/main category/大理石 [da4 li3 shi2] /marble/大力 [da4 li4] /energetic/vigorous/vigorously/大力发展 [da4 li4 fa1 zhan3] /vigorous expansion/rapid development/大镰刀 [da4 lian2 dao1] /scythe/大量 [da4 liang4] /great amount/large quantity/numerous/大楼 [da4 lou2] /large building/大陆 [da4 lu4] /continent/mainland (esp. of China)/mainland China/大鹿 [da4 lu4] /moose/大路 [da4 lu4] /avenue/大陆话 [da4 lu4 hua4] /Mainland Chinese (language)/大妈 [da4 ma1] /father's elder brother's wife/"aunty"/大妈 [da4 ma1] /"Ma'am" (affectionate term for an elderly woman)/大麻 [da4 ma2] /hemp/marijuana/大麦 [da4 mai4] /barley/大媒体 [da4 mei2 ti3] /macromedia/大门 [da4 men2] /entrance/door/gate/大米 [da4 mi3] /rice/大明鼎鼎 [da4 ming2 ding3 ding3] /a grand reputation/renowned/famous/大拇指 [da4 mu5 zhi3] /(n) thumb/大脑 [da4 nao3] /brain/cerebrum/大脑死亡 [da4 nao3 si3 wang2] /brain dead/大闹天宫 [da4 nao4 tian1 gong1] /"The Monkey Creates Havoc in Heaven", story about Sun Wu Kong/大能 [da4 neng2] /almighty/大娘 [da4 niang2] /(informal) father's older brother's wife; aunt/大农场 [da4 nong2 chang3] /ranch/大盘子 [da4 pan2 zi5] /platter/大炮 [da4 pao4] /cannon/大炮 [da4 pao4] /artillery/大篷车 [da4 peng2 che1] /schooner/大批 [da4 pi1] /large quantities of/大气 [da4 qi4] /atmosphere/大气层 [da4 qi4 ceng2] /atmosphere/大器晚成 [da4 qi4 wan3 cheng2] /grand talents mature slowly/大气压 [da4 qi4 ya1] /(n) high atmospheric pressure/大权 [da4 quan2] /power/authority/大人 [da4 ren5] /adult/grownup/大容量 [da4 rong2 liang4] /high capacity/大嫂 [da4 sao3] /eldest brother's wife/sister-in-law/大厦 [da4 sha4] /edifice/mansion/大煞风景 [da4 sha4 feng1 jing3] /dampening one's spirit/大赦国际 [da4 she4 guo2 ji4] /Amnesty International/大声 [da4 sheng1] /loudly/loud/大师 [da4 shi1] /great master/master/大失所望 [da4 shi1 suo3 wang4] /greatly disappointed/大使 [da4 shi3] /an ambassador/an envoy/大使馆 [da4 shi3 guan3] /embassy/大事 [da4 shi4] /a major event/(do something) in a big way/大肆 [da4 si4] /(adv) wantonly; without any constraint/大体 [da4 ti3] /in general/on the whole/大厅 [da4 ting1] /hall/大庭广众 [da4 ting2 guang3 zhong4] /public place with numerous people/大同小异 [da4 tong2 xiao3 yi4] /almost similar/except slight differences/大桶 [da4 tong3] /barrel/vat/大头钉 [da4 tou2 ding4] /tack/大屠杀 [da4 tu2 sha1] /massacre/大腿 [da4 tui3] /thigh/大问题 [da4 wen4 ti2] /great problem/large problem/大无畏 [da4 wu2 wei4] /utterly fearless/大西洋 [da4 xi1 yang2] /Atlantic/大喜 [da4 xi3] /exultation/大显身手 [da4 xian3 shen1 shou3] /fully displaying one's capabilities/大小 [da4 xiao3] /dimension/magnitude/size/measurement/大写 [da4 xie3] /capital letters/block letters/大写锁定 [da4 xie3 suo3 ding4] /caps lock/大型 [da4 xing2] /large scale/wide scale/broad scale/大型企业 [da4 xing2 qi3 ye4] /large scale industry/major industry/大熊猫 [da4 xiong2 mao1] /giant panda/大选 [da4 xuan3] /general election/大学 [da4 xue2] /university/大学生 [da4 xue2 sheng5] /university student/大雁 [da4 yan4] /(n) wild migratory goose/大要 [da4 yao4] /abstract/gist/main points/大爷 [da4 ye2] /(informal) father's older brother; elder uncle/大业 [da4 ye4] /great cause/great undertaking/大爷 [da4 ye5] /uncle/大衣 [da4 yi1] /overcoat/topcoat/cloak/大一些 [da4 yi1 xie1] /a bit bigger/大姨 [da4 yi2] /(informal) wife's elder sister; sister-in-law/大意 [da4 yi4] /general idea/main idea/careless/大有可为 [da4 you3 ke3 wei2] /(saying) sth is well worth doing; have a bright future/大於 [da4 yu2] /(idiom) used between nouns to indicate relative size or importance, A is greater than B/大禹 [da4 yu3] /Da Yu, name of an ancient hero who successfully controlled floods/大约 [da4 yue1] /approximately/about/大灾 [da4 zai1] /plague/大志 [da4 zhi4] /high aims/大致 [da4 zhi4] /more or less/roughly/approximately/大中学生 [da4 zhong1 xue2 sheng5] /university and high school students/大众 [da4 zhong4] /people/public/masses/大主教 [da4 zhu3 jiao4] /archbishop/大自然 [da4 zi4 ran2] /nature (as in Mother Nature)/呆 [dai1] /foolish/stupid/no expression/stay/待 [dai1] /stay/delay/呆 [dai1] /stay/stupid/呆子 [dai1 zi5] /fool/sucker/歹 [dai3] /bad/wicked/evil/逮 [dai3] /arrest/catch/seize/until/歹徒 [dai3 tu2] /evil person who commits crimes/大 [dai4] /doctor/代 [dai4] /substitute/replace/generation/dynasty/geological era/era/age/period/岱 [dai4] /name of a mountain in Shandong/待 [dai4] /wait/treat/deal with/need/about/intending to do something/怠 [dai4] /idle/lazy/negligent/careless/殆 [dai4] /dangerous/perilous/endanger/almost/probably/only/玳 [dai4] /tortoise shell/turtle/迨 [dai4] /catch/seize/until/带 [dai4] /band/belt/girdle/ribbon/area/zone/region/wear/carry/lead/bring/consists of/show/and/袋 [dai4] /a pouch/bag/sack/pocket/贷 [dai4] /lend on interest/borrow/loan/make excuses/pardon/forgive/逮 [dai4] /catch/seize/until/戴 [dai4] /to put on/to respect/to bear/to support/wear (glasses/hat/gloves)/黛 [dai4] /umber-black dye for painting the eyebrow/埭 [dai4] /dam/代办 [dai4 ban4] /do sth. for sb./act on sb.'s behalf/代表 [dai4 biao3] /representative/delegate/to represent/to stand for/代表团 [dai4 biao3 tuan2] /delegation/逮捕 [dai4 bu3] /arrest/代词 [dai4 ci2] /pronoun/带动 [dai4 dong4] /to spur/to provide impetus/to drive/怠惰 [dai4 duo4] /idleness/带儿 [dai4 er5] /(n) belt; strap; ribbon/大夫 [dai4 fu5] /doctor/怠工 [dai4 gong1] /(v) slow down production rate/带红色 [dai4 hong2 se4] /reddish/代价 [dai4 jia4] /price/cost/带劲 [dai4 jin4] /(adj) energetic/(adj) exciting/带扣 [dai4 kou4] /buckle/带宽 [dai4 kuan1] /bandwidth/贷款 [dai4 kuan3] /(bank) loan/to (provide a) loan/代理 [dai4 li3] /acting (temporarily filling a position)/代理人 [dai4 li3 ren2] /agent/带领 [dai4 ling3] /guide/lead/带露 [dai4 lu4] /dewy/怠慢 [dai4 man4] /(adj) impolite; standoffish/(v) treat sb in a cold manner/代名词 [dai4 ming2 ci2] /pronoun/袋鼠 [dai4 shu3] /kangaroo/代数 [dai4 shu4] /algebra/代替 [dai4 ti4] /instead/replace/代替者 [dai4 ti4 zhe3] /substitute/带头 [dai4 tou2] /take the lead/be the first/set an example/戴维斯 [dai4 wei2 si1] /Davis (English surname)/待业 [dai4 ye4] /to await job assignment (term used only in mainland China)/带有 [dai4 you3] /have/involve/待遇 [dai4 yu4] /treatment/pay/wages/treatment/status/salary/代之以 [dai4 zhi1 yi3] /(has been) replaced with/(its) place has been taken by/带子 [dai4 zi5] /band/belt/袋子 [dai4 zi5] /bag/丹 [dan1] /red/pellet/powder/cinnabar/耽 [dan1] /indulge/delay/单 [dan1] /bill/list/form/single/only/sole/担 [dan1] /to undertake/to carry/to shoulder/to take responsibility/箪 [dan1] /round basket for cooked rice/眈 [dan1] /gaze intently/聃 [dan1] /ears without rim/儋 [dan1] /carry/郸 [dan1] /name of a district in Hebei/殚 [dan1] /entirely/to exhaust/瘅 [dan1] /(disease)/担保 [dan1 bao3] /guarantee/vouch for/单纯 [dan1 chun2] /simple/pure/alone/merely/单词 [dan1 ci2] /word/单调 [dan1 diao4] /monotonous/丹毒 [dan1 du2] /erysipelas/单独 [dan1 du2] /alone/by oneself/on one's own/丹方 [dan1 fang1] /folk remedy/单方面 [dan1 fang1 mian4] /unilateral/担负 [dan1 fu4] /shoulder/bear/take on/be charged with/耽搁 [dan1 ge5] /tarry/stopover/delay/丹桂 [dan1 gui4] /orange osmanthus/担架床 [dan1 jia4 chuang2] /stretcher/单据 [dan1 ju4] /receipts/invoices/transaction records/单连接站 [dan1 lian2 jie1 zhan4] /single attachment station/丹麦 [dan1 mai4] /Denmark/单模 [dan1 mo2] /single mode/单模光纤 [dan1 mo2 guang1 xian1] /single mode fiber/耽溺 [dan1 ni4] /indulge/丹皮 [dan1 pi2] /the root bark of the peony tree/单枪匹马 [dan1 qiang1 pi3 ma3] /single handed (lit: single spear one horse)/丹青 [dan1 qing1] /painting/担任 [dan1 ren4] /hold a governmental office or post/丹砂 [dan1 sha1] /cinnabar/丹参 [dan1 shen1] /Salvia miltiorrhiza/单数 [dan1 shu4] /odd number/丹田 [dan1 tian2] /pubic region/单位 [dan1 wei4] /a unit/耽误 [dan1 wu5] /(v) delay/hold up/waste time/interfere with/单向 [dan1 xiang4] /uni-directional/丹心 [dan1 xin1] /loyalty/担心 [dan1 xin1] /anxious/worried/uneasy/to worry/to be anxious/worry/单一 [dan1 yi1] /single/only/sole/担忧 [dan1 you1] /(v) worry/单元 [dan1 yuan2] /(n) unit; entrance number/单月 [dan1 yue4] /monthly/in a single month/单韵母 [dan1 yun4 mu3] /simple finals/单字 [dan1 zi4] /individual character/separate character/单子 [dan1 zi5] /list of items/疸 [dan3] /jaundice/胆 [dan3] /the gall/the nerve/courage/guts/gall bladder/掸 [dan3] /brush away/dust off/a brush or duster/to dust/胆大 [dan3 da4] /daring/胆量 [dan3 liang4] /nerve/胆怯 [dan3 qie4] /(adj) timid/胆小 [dan3 xiao3] /cowardice/timid/胆汁 [dan3 zhi1] /gall/胆子 [dan3 zi5] /courage/nerves/旦 [dan4] /dawn/morning/day-break/day/石 [dan4] /10 pecks/但 [dan4] /but/yet/however/only/merely/still/啖 [dan4] /eat/taste/entice (with a bait)/淡 [dan4] /insipid/diluted/weak/light in color/tasteless/fresh/indifferent/nitrogen/蛋 [dan4] /egg/oval shaped/氮 [dan4] /nitrogen/弹 [dan4] /crossball/bullet/shot/shell/ball/惮 [dan4] /dread/fear/dislike/诞 [dan4] /birth/birthday/brag/boast/to increase/担 [dan4] /a picul (133.33 lbs.)/burden/a load/responsibility/澹 [dan4] /tranquil/placid/quiet/萏 [dan4] /lotus/瘅 [dan4] /to hate/蛋白 [dan4 bai2] /egg white/protein/albumen/蛋白质 [dan4 bai2 zhi2] /protein/诞辰 [dan4 chen2] /birthday/弹道导弹 [dan4 dao4 dao3 dan4] /missile/蛋糕 [dan4 gao1] /cake/弹弓 [dan4 gong1] /sling/淡光 [dan4 guang1] /shimmer/蛋花汤 [dan4 hua1 tang1] /clear soup containing beaten egg and green leafy vegetable/蛋黄 [dan4 huang2] /egg yolk/弹簧 [dan4 huang2] /spring/淡季 [dan4 ji4] /(n) off season; slow business season/蛋壳 [dan4 ke2] /eggshell/氮气 [dan4 qi4] /nitrogen/诞生 [dan4 sheng1] /to be born/但是 [dan4 shi4] /but/however/淡水 [dan4 shui3] /(n) potable water; water with low salt content/弹药 [dan4 yao4] /ammunition/但以理书 [dan4 yi3 li3 shu1] /Book of Daniel/但愿 [dan4 yuan4] /if only (it were possible to...)/担子 [dan4 zi5] /load/a carrying pole and the loads on it/当 [dang1] /to be/to act as/manage/withstand/when/during/ought/should/match equally/equal/same/obstruct/just at (a time or place)/on the spot/right/just at/裆 [dang1] /crotch/seat of a pair of trousers/铛 [dang1] /clank/clang/sound of metal/当场 [dang1 chang3] /at the scene/on the spot/当初 [dang1 chu1] /at that time/originally/当代 [dang1 dai4] /the present age/the contemporary era/当地 [dang1 di4] /local/当家 [dang1 jia1] /manage household affairs/当今 [dang1 jin1] /current/present/now/nowadays/当局 [dang1 ju2] /authorities/当面 [dang1 mian4] /to sb.'s face/in sb.'s presence/当年 [dang1 nian2] /in those days/then/in those years/during that time/当前 [dang1 qian2] /current/today's/modern/present/to be facing (us)/当然 [dang1 ran2] /only natural/as it should be/certainly/of course/without doubt/当时 [dang1 shi2] /then/at that time/while/当时的 [dang1 shi2 de5] /of that time/former/当事人 [dang1 shi4 ren2] /persons involved or implicated/party (to an affair)/当务之急 [dang1 wu4 zhi1 ji2] /urgent priority/当心 [dang1 xin1] /to take care/to look out/当选 [dang1 xuan3] /be elected/当中 [dang1 zhong1] /among/in the middle/in the center/挡 [dang3] /hinder/resist/obstruct/hinder/cover/keep off/a cover/to block/to get in the way of/党 [dang3] /party/association/club/society/谠 [dang3] /advice/counsels/党 [dang3] /party/档案传输协定 [dang3 an4 chuan2 shu1 xie2 ding4] /File transfer protocol (FTP)/党内 [dang3 nei4] /within the (Communist) party/党派 [dang3 pai4] /partisan/political party related/党委 [dang3 wei3] /Party committee/党性 [dang3 xing4] /(n) political party spirit or character/党员 [dang3 yuan2] /political party member/党章 [dang3 zhang1] /(n) political party constitution/党政 [dang3 zheng4] /party policy/(Communist) Party and government administration/党中央 [dang3 zhong1 yang1] /(N) Chinese Party Central Committee/(n) central committee of a political party/党组 [dang3 zu3] /leading party group/当 [dang4] /at or in the very same.../to pawn/suitable/adequate/fitting/proper/replace/represent/挡 [dang4] /arrange/put in order/荡 [dang4] /a pond/pool/wash/squander/sweep away/move/shake/dissolute/档 [dang4] /cross-piece/official records/grade (of goods)/file/records/shelves/宕 [dang4] /dissipated/put off/菪 [dang4] /henbane/砀 [dang4] /stone with color veins/档案 [dang4 an4] /file/record/archive/档案分配区 [dang4 an4 fen1 pei4 qu1] /file allocation table/FAT/档案服务 [dang4 an4 fu2 wu4] /file service/档案建立 [dang4 an4 jian4 li4] /file creation/档案属性 [dang4 an4 shu3 xing4] /file attribute/档案执行 [dang4 an4 zhi2 xing2] /file execution/executable file/档案转送 [dang4 an4 zhuan3 song4] /file transfer/档案转送存取及管理 [dang4 an4 zhuan3 song4 cun2 qu3 ji2 guan3 li3] /File Transfer, Access and Management/FTAM/档次 [dang4 ci4] /(n) quality; level; grade/当天 [dang4 tian1] /that day/the same day/当作 [dang4 zuo4] /treat as/regard as/当做 [dang4 zuo4] /to treat as/to regard as/to look upon as/刀 [dao1] /knife/叨 [dao1] /grumble/garrulous/忉 [dao1] /grieved/氘 [dao1] /deuterium/刀叉 [dao1 cha1] /knife and fork/刀口 [dao1 kou3] /cut/incision/叨唠 [dao1 lao5] /(v) be chattersome; talk on and on without stopping/刀刃 [dao1 ren4] /(n) knife edge/(n) critical point/刀叶 [dao1 ye4] /blade/刀子 [dao1 zi5] /knife/倒 [dao3] /to fall/to collapse/to topple/to change/to fail/bankrupt/岛 [dao3] /island/捣 [dao3] /pound/beat/hull/attack/disturb/stir/导 [dao3] /to transmit/to lead/to guide/to conduct/to direct/蹈 [dao3] /tread on/trample/stamp/fulfill/祷 [dao3] /prayer/pray/supplication/倒闭 [dao3 bi4] /to go bankrupt/to close down/导弹潜艇 [dao3 dan3 qian2 ting3] /(guided) missile submarine/捣蛋 [dao3 dan4] /(v) make trouble/导弹 [dao3 dan4] /guided missile/cruise missile/missile/祷告 [dao3 gao4] /prayer/岛国 [dao3 guo2] /island nation/导航 [dao3 hang2] /navigation/导航员 [dao3 hang2 yuan2] /navigator (on a plane or boat)/捣乱 [dao3 luan4] /(v) cause a disturbance/(v) look for trouble; intentionally bother sb/倒霉 [dao3 mei2] /have bad luck/be out of luck/导师 [dao3 shi1] /tutor/teacher/捣碎 [dao3 sui4] /smash/倒塌 [dao3 ta1] /collapse/topple/倒腾 [dao3 teng5] /(v) move about/(v) fraudlent buying and selling/导体 [dao3 ti3] /(n) electrical conductor/导演 [dao3 yan3] /direct/director (film etc.)/倒爷 [dao3 ye2] /(n) profiteer; one who buys low and sell high/导游 [dao3 you2] /(n) tour conductor/(v) conduct a tour/岛屿 [dao3 yu3] /islands/导致 [dao3 zhi4] /to lead to/to create/to cause/to bring about/导致死亡 [dao3 zhi4 si3 wang2] /to lead to death/to result in death/到 [dao4] /to (a place)/until (a time)/up to/to go/to arrive/倒 [dao4] /upset/turn over/to tip/to pour/to go home/to the contrary/inverted/悼 [dao4] /mourn/lament/盗 [dao4] /steal/rob/plunder/a thief/bandit/robber/道 [dao4] /direction/way/method/road/path/principle/truth/reason/skill/method/Tao (of Taoism)/a measure word/to say/to speak/to talk/稻 [dao4] /paddy/rice/焘 [dao4] /cover over/to envelope/帱 [dao4] /canopy/纛 [dao4] /big banner/feather banner or fan/盗版 [dao4 ban3] /pirate version (of software, e.g.)/pirated (illegal) copy/盗版者 [dao4 ban3 zhe3] /software pirate/稻草 [dao4 cao3] /straw/稻草人 [dao4 cao3 ren2] /scarecrow/到场 [dao4 chang3] /show up/be present (at the scene)/到处 [dao4 chu4] /in all places/everywhere/到此处 [dao4 ci3 chu4] /hither/到达 [dao4 da2] /to reach/to arrive/道德 [dao4 de2] /moral/morality/virtue/到底 [dao4 di3] /finally/in the end/when all is said and done/道贺 [dao4 he4] /compliment/道教 [dao4 jiao4] /Taoism/Daoism (Chinese system of beliefs)/到来 [dao4 lai2] /arrival/advent/到了 [dao4 le5] /in (a past time)/there were/道理 [dao4 li3] /reason/argument/sense/principle/basis/justification/道路 [dao4 lu4] /road/path/way/到目前为止 [dao4 mu4 qian2 wei2 zhi3] /until now/so far/到那个时候 [dao4 na4 ge4 shi2 hou4] /until this moment/到那里 [dao4 na4 li3] /thither/悼念 [dao4 nian4] /(v) grieve/到期 [dao4 qi1] /become due (e.g. loans)/道歉 [dao4 qian4] /to apologize/to make an apology/盗窃 [dao4 qie4] /steal/倒退 [dao4 tui4] /(v) fall back; go in reverse/道谢 [dao4 xie4] /to express thanks/稻子 [dao4 zi5] /(n) unhulled rice/得 [de2] /obtain/get/gain/proper/suitable/proud/contented/allow/permit/ready/finished/德 [de2] /Germany/virtue/goodness/morality/ethics/kindness/favor/character/kind/德班 [de2 ban1] /Durban (city in South Africa)/得病 [de2 bing4] /to fall ill/to contract a disease/得不偿失 [de2 bu4 chang2 shi1] /(saying) the gains do not make up for the losses/得不到 [de2 bu4 dao4] /cannot get/cannot obtain/得出 [de2 chu1] /obtain (results)/arrive at (a conclusion)/得寸进尺 [de2 cun4 jin4 chi3] /literal: get an inch, want a foot/figurative: given an inch, want a mile/得当 [de2 dang1] /expedient/得到 [de2 dao4] /to get/to obtain/to receive/得分 [de2 fen1] /to score/德国 [de2 guo2] /Germany/German/德国人 [de2 guo2 ren2] /German person or people/德克萨斯 [de2 ke4 sa4 si1] /Texas/得了 [de2 le5] /be finished/be ready/all right/that's enough/德雷尔 [de2 lei2 er3] /(June Teufel) Dreyer/得力 [de2 li4] /(adj) able; competent/得票 [de2 piao4] /vote-getting/得票率 [de2 piao4 lu:4] /percentage of votes obtained/德文 [de2 wen2] /German (language)/得宜 [de2 yi2] /proper/appropriate/suitable/得以 [de2 yi3] /(conj) so that one can.../得意 [de2 yi4] /(be) proud of oneself/pleased with oneself/complacent/德语 [de2 yu3] /German (language)/得知 [de2 zhi1] /(find out and) know/learn of/得罪 [de2 zui4] /(v) say something that offends sb; have a faux pas/地 [de5] /(subor. part. adverbial)/-ly/底 [de5] /(possessive part.)/(subor. part.)/的 [de5] /(possessive particle)/of/得 [de5] /a sentence particle used after a verb to show effect/degree or possibility/得很 [de5 hen3] /very (much, good etc.)/的话 [de5 hua4] /if/的时候 [de5 shi2 hou4] /when/during/at the time of/的一种 [de5 yi1 zhong3] /is one (kind of)/得 [dei3] /to have to/must/ought to/to need to/登 [deng1] /scale/climb/ascend/mount/go up/register/note/to publish/to issue/to record/灯 [deng1] /lamp/light/簦 [deng1] /large umbrella for stalls/灯光 [deng1 guang1] /(stage) lighting/light/登广告 [deng1 guang3 gao4] /advertise/灯火 [deng1 huo3] /lights/登记 [deng1 ji4] /to register (one's name)/登记用户 [deng1 ji4 yong4 hu4] /registered user/灯节 [deng1 jie2] /the Lantern Festival (15th of first month of lunar calendar)/灯笼 [deng1 long2] /lantern/登陆 [deng1 lu4] /to land/登陆月球 [deng1 lu4 yue4 qiu2] /moon landing/to land on the moon/登门 [deng1 men2] /pay a visit to someone's house/灯泡 [deng1 pao4] /(n) light bulb/登山家 [deng1 shan1 jia1] /mountaineer/灯塔 [deng1 ta3] /lighthouse/登月 [deng1 yue4] /go (up) to the moon/等 [deng3] /class/rank/grade/equal to/same as/wait for/await/et cetera/and so on/戥 [deng3] /small steelyard for weighing money/等待 [deng3 dai4] /wait for/await/等到 [deng3 dao4] /wait until/by the time when (something is ready, etc)/等等 [deng3 deng3] /et cetera/etc/etcetera/and so on/等候 [deng3 hou4] /waiting/等级 [deng3 ji2] /degree/rate/等於 [deng3 yu2] /equal to/amount to/凳 [deng4] /bench/stool/澄 [deng4] /settle (liquid)/邓 [deng4] /Deng (Xiaoping)/瞪 [deng4] /stare at/磴 [deng4] /cliff-ledge/stone step/蹬 [deng4] /step into (as tight shoe)/镫 [deng4] /stirrup/邓亮洪 [deng4 liang4 hong2] /Tang Liang Hong (opposition candidate in Jan 1996 Singapore elections)/澄清 [deng4 qing1] /(of liquid) settle/become clear/(Chem.) precipitate/邓小平 [deng4 xiao3 ping2] /Deng Xiaoping/凳子 [deng4 zi3] /stool/small seat/氐 [di1] /name of an ancient tribe/低 [di1] /to lower (one's head)/to let droop/to hang down/low/to incline/beneath/low/堤 [di1] /dike/提 [di1] /carry (suspended)/堤 [di1] /dike/滴 [di1] /a drop/to drip/镝 [di1] /dysprosium/羝 [di1] /billy goat/ram/堤岸 [di1 an4] /embankment/低层 [di1 ceng2] /low level/低成本 [di1 cheng2 ben3] /low cost/inexpensive/滴答声 [di1 da5 sheng1] /tick (tock)/低等 [di1 deng3] /inferior/低地 [di1 di4] /lowland/低调 [di1 diao4] /low key/low-profile/低费用 [di1 fei4 yong4] /low cost/低级 [di1 ji2] /low level/低级语言 [di1 ji2 yu3 yan2] /low level (computer) language/低阶 [di1 jie1] /low level/低阶语言 [di1 jie1 yu3 yan2] /low level (computer) language/低廉 [di1 lian2] /cheap/inexpensive/low/低劣 [di1 lie4] /(adj) inferior quality/滴流 [di1 liu2] /trickle/低速率 [di1 su4 lu:4] /low speed/低温 [di1 wen1] /(n) relatively low temperature/低下 [di1 xia4] /(adj) low status; lowly/滴下 [di1 xia4] /drip/低音 [di1 yin1] /bass/低于 [di1 yu2] /be lower than/低语 [di1 yu3] /mutter/狄 [di2] /(surname)/barbarians/name of a tribe/的 [di2] /really and truly/迪 [di2] /direct/follow/笛 [di2] /flute/荻 [di2] /Anaphalis yedoensis/嫡 [di2] /first wife/son of first wife/涤 [di2] /wash/cleanse/翟 [di2] /long-tail pheasant/敌 [di2] /enemy/match/籴 [di2] /buy up (grain)/觌 [di2] /face to face/敌对 [di2 dui4] /(adj) hostile; combative/的确 [di2 que4] /really/indeed/的确良 [di2 que4 liang2] /(n) dacron/敌人 [di2 ren2] /enemy/敌视 [di2 shi4] /(v) be antagonistic/敌手 [di2 shou3] /antagonist/敌意 [di2 yi4] /enmity/hostility/笛子 [di2 zi5] /(n) bamboo flute/氐 [di3] /foundation/on the whole/底 [di3] /background/bottom/base/抵 [di3] /hold up/on the whole/push against/to support/to resist/to reach/to arrive/mortgage/邸 [di3] /(surname)/lodging-house/柢 [di3] /foundation/root/砥 [di3] /baffle (pier)/whetstone/诋 [di3] /defame/to slander/坻 [di3] /place name/底部 [di3 bu4] /bottom/抵达 [di3 da2] /arrive/reach (a destination)/抵抗 [di3 kang4] /to resist/resistance/抵抗力 [di3 kang4 li4] /resistance/immunity/底片 [di3 pian4] /negative/photographic plate/底特律 [di3 te4 lu:4] /Detroit (a city in the US)/底下 [di3 xia5] /(n) the location below sth/(n) afterwards/抵押 [di3 ya2] /mortgage/抵制 [di3 zhi4] /resistance/refusal (to cooperate)/boycott/地 [di4] /earth/ground/field/place/land/弟 [di4] /younger brother/的 [di4] /aim/clear/帝 [di4] /emperor/娣 [di4] /wife of a younger brother/第 [di4] /(prefix before a number, for ordering numbers, e.g. "first", "number two", etc)/棣 [di4] /Kerria japonica/蒂 [di4] /stem (of fruit)/递 [di4] /to hand over/to pass/to give/缔 [di4] /closely joined/connection/knot/谛 [di4] /examine/truth (Buddhist)/睇 [di4] /look down upon/碲 [di4] /tellurium/第八 [di4 ba1] /eighth/第八十 [di4 ba1 shi2] /eightieth/地板 [di4 ban3] /floor/地步 [di4 bu4] /condition/plight/extent/地产 [di4 chan3] /estate/地带 [di4 dai4] /zone/地道 [di4 dao4] /tunnel/causeway/弟弟 [di4 di5] /younger brother/地点 [di4 dian3] /place/site/location/地对空导弹 [di4 dui4 kong1 dao3 dan4] /ground-to-air missile/第二 [di4 er4] /number two/secondly/second/第二次 [di4 er4 ci4] /second/second time/第二次世界大战 [di4 er4 ci4 shi4 jie4 da4 zhan4] /World War 2 /第二十 [di4 er4 shi2] /twentieth/第二位 [di4 er4 wei4] /second place/地方官职位 [di4 fang1 guan1 zhi2 wei4] /prefecture/地方性 [di4 fang1 xing4] /local/地方主义 [di4 fang1 zhu3 yi4] /"local -ism"/attitude of favoring your local region/地方 [di4 fang5] /area/place/local/地方停车 [di4 fang5 ting2 che1] /parking place/弟妇 [di4 fu4] /younger brother's wife; sister-in-law/帝国 [di4 guo2] /empire/imperial/帝国主义 [di4 guo2 zhu3 yi4] /(n) imperialism/递交 [di4 jiao1] /(v) present; give/地窖 [di4 jiao4] /cellar/basement/缔结 [di4 jie2] /(v) conclude (an agreement)/第九 [di4 jiu3] /ninth/第九十 [di4 jiu3 shi2] /ninetieth/地雷 [di4 lei2] /landmine/地理 [di4 li3] /geography/第六 [di4 liu4] /sixth/第六十 [di4 liu4 shi2] /sixtieth/弟妹 [di4 mei4] /(informal) younger brother's wife; sister-in-law/地面 [di4 mian4] /floor/ground/surface/地皮 [di4 pi2] /lot, section of land, ground/地平线 [di4 ping2 xian4] /horizon/第七 [di4 qi1] /seventh/第七十 [di4 qi1 shi2] /seventieth/地壳 [di4 qiao4] /the Earth's crust/地球 [di4 qiu2] /the Earth/planet/地球大气 [di4 qiu2 da4 qi4] /earth's atmosphere/地区 [di4 qu1] /area/region/地区性 [di4 qu1 xing4] /regional/local/第三 [di4 san1] /third/No. 3/第三次 [di4 san1 ci4] /third/third time/第三方 [di4 san1 fang1] /third party/第三十 [di4 san1 shi2] /thirtieth/第三世界 [di4 san1 shi4 jie4] /Third World/第十 [di4 shi2] /tenth/第十八 [di4 shi2 ba1] /eighteenth/第十二 [di4 shi2 er4] /twelfth/第十九 [di4 shi2 jiu3] /nineteenth/第十六 [di4 shi2 liu4] /sixteenth/第十七 [di4 shi2 qi1] /seventeenth/第十三 [di4 shi2 san1] /thirteenth/第十五 [di4 shi2 wu3] /fifteenth/第十一 [di4 shi2 yi1] /eleventh/地势 [di4 shi4] /physical features of a place/第四 [di4 si4] /fourth/number four/第四季 [di4 si4 ji4] /fourth quarter/地坛 [di4 tan2] /Temple of Earth (in Beijing)/地毯 [di4 tan3] /carpet/rug/地铁 [di4 tie3] /subway/metro/地图 [di4 tu2] /map/帝王 [di4 wang2] /regal/地位 [di4 wei4] /position/status/place/第五 [di4 wu3] /fifth/第五类 [di4 wu3 lei4] /category 5/CAT 5 (cable)/第五十 [di4 wu3 shi2] /fiftieth/地下 [di4 xia4] /underground/subterranean/地下室 [di4 xia4 shi4] /basement/cellar/地下水 [di4 xia4 shui3] /groundwater/地下铁路 [di4 xia4 tie3 lu4] /subway/底线 [di4 xian4] /underline/地心吸力 [di4 xin1 xi1 li4] /gravitation/地形 [di4 xing2] /topography/terrain/弟兄 [di4 xiong1] /brother/弟兄们 [di4 xiong1 men2] /brethren/第一 [di4 yi1] /first/No. 1 /第一步 [di4 yi1 bu4] /step one/first step/第一次 [di4 yi1 ci4] /first/first time/number one/第一个层次 [di4 yi1 ge4 ceng2 ci4] /the first stage/第一例 [di4 yi1 li4] /first case/first instance/first time (sth is done)/第一流 [di4 yi1 liu2] /first-class/第一章 [di4 yi1 zhang1] /chapter one/地域 [di4 yu4] /area/district/region/地狱 [di4 yu4] /hell/infernal/underworld/递增 [di4 zeng1] /(v) steadily increase/地震 [di4 zhen4] /earthquake/地质学 [di4 zhi2 xue2] /geology/地址 [di4 zhi3] /address/地址的转换 [di4 zhi3 de5 zhuan3 huan4] /address translation/地址解析协议 [di4 zhi3 jie3 xi1 xie2 yi4] /address resolution protocol/ARP/地质 [di4 zhi4] /geology/地质学家 [di4 zhi4 xue2 jia1] /geologist/地主 [di4 zhu3] /a host/弟子 [di4 zi3] /disciple/follower/滇 [dian1] /Yunnan/颠 [dian1] /inverted/jolt/top/巅 [dian1] /summit/癫 [dian1] /convulsions/crazy/掂 [dian1] /weigh in the hand/颠簸 [dian1 bo3] /(v) shake; jolt/颠倒 [dian1 dao3] /(v) confused; get backwards; reverse/(adj) crazy; deranged/颠倒过来 [dian1 dao3 guo4 lai2] /invert/颠覆 [dian1 fu4] /subversion/典 [dian3] /canon/dictionary/碘 [dian3] /iodine/点 [dian3] /(downwards-right convex character stroke)/o'clock/(a measure word)/point/dot/(decimal) point)/点火 [dian3 huo3] /(v) light a fire/(v) agitate; stir up trouble/典礼 [dian3 li3] /celebration/ceremony/点名 [dian3 ming2] /roll call/点燃 [dian3 ran2] /(v) ignite; light (a fire)/点头 [dian3 tou2] /nod/点头招呼 [dian3 tou2 zhao1 hu1] /beckon/点心 [dian3 xin1] /light refreshments/pastry/典型 [dian3 xing2] /typical/典型用途 [dian3 xing2 yong4 tu2] /typical use/typical application/典狱长 [dian3 yu4 zhang3] /warden/点钟 [dian3 zhong1] /(indicating time of day) o'clock/点缀 [dian3 zhui4] /(v) enhance; beautify/(v) do sth only for sake of show/点子 [dian3 zi5] /(n) spot, dot; speck/(n) droplet; drop (of a liquid)/佃 [dian4] /farmer/甸 [dian4] /imperial domain/suburb/店 [dian4] /inn/shop/store/玷 [dian4] /blemish/disgrace/flaw in jade/奠 [dian4] /libation/殿 [dian4] /palace hall/钿 [dian4] /gold inlaid work/电 [dian4] /electric/electricity/electrical/垫 [dian4] /pad/cushion/mat/淀 [dian4] /sediment/precipitate/靛 [dian4] /indigo pigment/坫 [dian4] /stand for goblets/阽 [dian4] /dangerous/淀 [dian4] /shallow water/癜 [dian4] /erythema/leucoderm/簟 [dian4] /fine woven grass mat/电报 [dian4 bao4] /telegram/cable/telegraph/电报机 [dian4 bao4 ji1] /telegraph/电冰箱 [dian4 bing1 xiang1] /refrigerator/电唱机 [dian4 chang4 ji1] /phonograph/电车 [dian4 che1] /trolleybus/电池 [dian4 chi2] /battery/电磁 [dian4 ci2] /electromagnetic/电磁干扰 [dian4 ci2 gan1 rao3] /electromagnetic interference/电磁噪声 [dian4 ci2 zao4 sheng1] /electromagnetic noise/电灯 [dian4 deng1] /electric light/电灯泡 [dian4 deng1 pao1] /bulb/奠定 [dian4 ding4] /establish/fix/settle/电动机 [dian4 dong4 ji1] /(n) electric motor/淀粉 [dian4 fen3] /starch/电风扇 [dian4 feng1 shan4] /electric fan/电工 [dian4 gong1] /electrician/电话 [dian4 hua4] /telephone/phone call/电话服务 [dian4 hua4 fu2 wu4] /telephone service/电话会议 [dian4 hua4 hui4 yi4] /(telephone) conference call/电话机 [dian4 hua4 ji1] /telephone equipment/电话铃声 [dian4 hua4 ling2 sheng1] /(telephone) ring/ringing/电话网 [dian4 hua4 wang3] /telephone network/电话网路 [dian4 hua4 wang3 lu4] /telephone network/电话线 [dian4 hua4 xian4] /telephone line/telephone wire/电话线路 [dian4 hua4 xian4 lu4] /telephone line/电话信号 [dian4 hua4 xin4 hao4] /telephone signal/电机及电子学工程师联合会 [dian4 ji1 ji2 dian4 zi3 xue2 gong1 cheng2 shi1 lian2 he2 hui4] /IEEE/Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers/惦记 [dian4 ji4] /remember with concern/worry about/电缆 [dian4 lan3] /(electric) cable/电缆调制解调器 [dian4 lan3 tiao2 zhi4 jie3 diao4 qi4] /cable modem/电力 [dian4 li4] /electrical power/electricity/电铃 [dian4 ling2] /electric bell/电流 [dian4 liu2] /electric current/电炉 [dian4 lu2] /electric stove/hot plate/电路 [dian4 lu4] /(electric) circuit/电脑 [dian4 nao3] /computer/电脑辅助工程 [dian4 nao3 fu3 zhu4 gong1 cheng2] /computer aided engineering/电脑辅助教材 [dian4 nao3 fu3 zhu4 jiao4 cai2] /computer-aided instruction/电脑辅助设计 [dian4 nao3 fu3 zhu4 she4 ji4] /computer-aided design/电脑辅助设计与绘图 [dian4 nao3 fu3 zhu4 she4 ji4 yu3 hui4 tu2] /computer-aided design and drawing/电脑公司 [dian4 nao3 gong1 si1] /computer company/电脑企业 [dian4 nao3 qi3 ye4] /computer company/computer firm/电脑软件 [dian4 nao3 ruan3 jian4] /computer software/电脑网 [dian4 nao3 wang3] /computer network/Internet/电脑网路 [dian4 nao3 wang3 lu4] /computer network/电脑网络 [dian4 nao3 wang3 luo4] /Internet/电脑系统 [dian4 nao3 xi4 tong3] /computer system/电脑业者 [dian4 nao3 ye4 zhe3] /software developer/电脑与电话系统整合 [dian4 nao3 yu3 dian4 hua4 xi4 tong3 zheng3 he2] /computer telephony integration/CTI/电脑语言 [dian4 nao3 yu3 yan2] /programming language/computer language/电钮 [dian4 niu3] /(n) push button (electric switch)/电气 [dian4 qi4] /electric/电器 [dian4 qi4] /(electrical) appliance/device/靛青 [dian4 qing1] /indigo/电扇 [dian4 shan4] /electric fan/电视 [dian4 shi4] /television/TV/电视机 [dian4 shi4 ji1] /television (set)/电视节目 [dian4 shi4 jie2 mu4] /television program/电视剧 [dian4 shi4 ju4] /TV drama program/电视台 [dian4 shi4 tai2] /(n) television station/电台 [dian4 tai2] /transmitter-receiver/broadcasting station/电梯 [dian4 ti1] /elevator/电线 [dian4 xian4] /wire/电信 [dian4 xin4] /telecommunications/电信服务 [dian4 xin4 fu2 wu4] /telecommunications service/电信服务供应商 [dian4 xin4 fu2 wu4 gong1 ying4 shang1] /telecommunications service provider/电信号 [dian4 xin4 hao4] /electrical signal/电信局 [dian4 xin4 ju2] /central office/telecommunications office/电信网路 [dian4 xin4 wang3 lu4] /telecommunications network/电压 [dian4 ya1] /voltage/电影 [dian4 ying3] /movie/film/电影院 [dian4 ying3 yuan4] /cinema/movie theater/电邮 [dian4 you2] /email/电邮位置 [dian4 you2 wei4 zhi5] /email address/店员 [dian4 yuan2] /shop assistant/salesclerk/salesperson/电源 [dian4 yuan2] /(n) electric power source/店主 [dian4 zhu3] /shop owner/电子 [dian4 zi3] /electronic/electron/垫子 [dian4 zi3] /cushion/mat/电子工业 [dian4 zi3 gong1 ye4] /electronics industry/电子空间 [dian4 zi3 kong1 jian1] /cyberspace/电子网络 [dian4 zi3 wang3 luo4] /electronic network/电子文件 [dian4 zi3 wen2 jian4] /electronic document/电子信箱 [dian4 zi3 xin4 xiang1] /electronic mailbox/电子邮件 [dian4 zi3 you2 jian4] /electronic mail/email/电子邮件传送服务 [dian4 zi3 you2 jian4 chuan2 song4 fu2 wu4] /(E-)mail delivery service/电子元件 [dian4 zi3 yuan2 jian4] /electronic component/刁 [diao1] /artful/wicked/叼 [diao1] /(v) hold sth in the mouth/凋 [diao1] /withered/雕 [diao1] /engrave/貂 [diao1] /sable/marten/碉 [diao1] /Tibetan stone house/雕 [diao1] /engrave/shrewd/鲷 [diao1] /pagrus major/雕 [diao1] /golden eagle/雕刻 [diao1 ke4] /engrave/雕刻 [diao1 ke4] /carve/engrave/雕刻家 [diao1 ke4 jia1] /sculptor/雕刻品 [diao1 ke4 pin3] /sculpture/貂皮 [diao1 pi2] /mink fur/雕塑 [diao1 su4] /(n) sculpture/(v) sculpt; carve/雕像 [diao1 xiang4] /statue/凋谢 [diao1 xie4] /languish/吊 [diao4] /condole with/hang/吊 [diao4] /to hang a person/掉 [diao4] /to drop/to fall/钓 [diao4] /to fish with a hook and bait/调 [diao4] /mode (music)/to move (troops)/tune/tone/melody/to transfer/铫 [diao4] /pan with a long handle/调变 [diao4 bian4] /to modulate/调查 [diao4 cha2] /investigation/inquiry/to investigate/to survey/survey/(opinion) poll/调查报告 [diao4 cha2 bao4 gao4] /memoir, report/调查结果 [diao4 cha2 jie2 guo3] /results (of an investigation, poll)/调查人员 [diao4 cha2 ren2 yuan2] /investigator/调查者 [diao4 cha2 zhe3] /investigator/吊床 [diao4 chuang2] /hammock/吊灯 [diao4 deng1] /chandelier/调动 [diao4 dong4] /transfer/maneuver (troops, etc.)/调度 [diao4 du4] /(v) dispatch/(n) dispatcher/调换 [diao4 huan4] /(v) exchange; change places/(v) change/掉落 [diao4 luo4] /flop/吊绳 [diao4 sheng2] /sling/钓鱼岛 [diao4 yu2 dao3] /Diaoyu Islands/钓鱼用具 [diao4 yu2 yong4 ju4] /tackle/吊着 [diao4 zhe5] /dangle/调子 [diao4 zi3] /tune/爹 [die1] /dad/跌 [die1] /to drop/to fall/to tumble/跌到 [die1 dao3] /to fall/to tumble/跌落 [die1 luo4] /fall/迭 [die2] /alternately/repeatedly/喋 [die2] /flowing flood/to chatter/牒 [die2] /(official) document/dispatch/碟 [die2] /dish/plate/蝶 [die2] /butterfly/谍 [die2] /to spy/叠 [die2] /fold up/repeat/垤 [die2] /anthill/mound/瓞 [die2] /young melon/堞 [die2] /battlements/蹀 [die2] /tread on/喋喋不休 [die2 die2 bu4 xiu1] /chatter/碟子 [die2 zi5] /small dish/丁 [ding1] /(surname)/4th heavenly stem/a Chinese surname/仃 [ding1] /alone/叮 [ding1] /sting (of mosquito)/to ask/盯 [ding1] /stare/gaze/钉 [ding1] /nail/玎 [ding1] /jingling/tinkling/疔 [ding1] /boil/carbuncle/叮铃 [ding1 ling2] /jingle/丁云 [ding1 yun2] /Ding Yun (a personal name)/叮嘱 [ding1 zhu3] /(v) repeatedly warn or urge/钉子 [ding1 zi5] /nail/snag/酊 [ding3] /intoxicated/顶 [ding3] /go against/most/peak/top/to replace/to substitute/a measure word (use with "hat")/鼎 [ding3] /tripod/顶点 [ding3 dian3] /summit/peak/顶端 [ding3 duan1] /summit/peak/顶多 [ding3 duo1] /at most/at best/顶峰 [ding3 feng1] /peak/summit/顶梁柱 [ding3 liang2 zhu4] /pillar/backbone/顶事 [ding3 shi4] /useful/fitting/顶替 [ding3 ti4] /to replace/顶用 [ding3 yong4] /to be of use/顶针 [ding3 zhen1] /thimble/顶住 [ding3 zhu4] /to withstand/to stand up to/定 [ding4] /to set/to fix/to determine/to decide/to order/订 [ding4] /to agree/to conclude/to draw up/to subscribe to (a newspaper, etc.)/to order/锭 [ding4] /ingot/啶 [ding4] /-d + ine (chem.)/碇 [ding4] /anchor/铤 [ding4] /ingot/订单 [ding4 dan1] /(purchase) order/定点 [ding4 dian3] /(v) specify a definite location/定额 [ding4 e2] /(n) fixed amount; quota/定购 [ding4 gou4] /(v) place an order for materials/订购 [ding4 gou4] /to order/to subscribe/subscriber/订购者 [ding4 gou4 zhe3] /subscriber/定婚 [ding4 hun1] /be betrothed/get engaged/订婚 [ding4 hun1] /engagement/定货 [ding4 huo4] /(v) place an order for materials/订货 [ding4 huo4] /(v) place order for goods/定价 [ding4 jia4] /to set a price/to fix a price/定居 [ding4 ju1] /(v) settle down to a place to live/定居者 [ding4 ju1 zhe3] /settler/定理 [ding4 li3] /(n) an established theory/订立 [ding4 li4] /agree to (treaty, contract, agreement)/定量 [ding4 liang4] /(n) fixed amount; ration/定律 [ding4 lu:4] /(n) established law/订票 [ding4 piao4] /to issue tickets/定期 [ding4 qi1] /regularly/at regular intervals/钉书针 [ding4 shu1 zhen1] /staple/钉死 [ding4 si3] /crucify/定位 [ding4 wei4] /position/location/定向 [ding4 xiang4] /(adv) a prior decision as to the direction of one's work/(v) to get a directional fix/定性 [ding4 xing4] /(v) establish the chemical makeup of a compound/(v) determine the nature of a criminal/定义 [ding4 yi4] /definition/定语 [ding4 yu3] /attributive (modifier)/定阅 [ding4 yue4] /(v) subscribe to a periodical or newspaper/订阅 [ding4 yue4] /subscription/定罪 [ding4 zui4] /convict (someone of a crime)/定做 [ding4 zuo4] /to have something made to order/丢 [diu1] /to lose/to put aside/to throw/铥 [diu1] /thulium/丢掉 [diu1 diao4] /throw/丢饭碗 [diu1 fan4 wan3] /to lose one's job/丢脸 [diu1 lian3] /humiliation/丢弃 [diu1 qi4] /discard/abandon/丢人 [diu1 ren2] /(v) lose face/丢失 [diu1 shi1] /(v) lose/冬 [dong1] /winter/咚 [dong1] /boom (of a drum)/东 [dong1] /east/氡 [dong1] /radon/鸫 [dong1] /thrush/Tardus fuscatus/东北 [dong1 bei3] /northeast/东北方 [dong1 bei3 fang1] /northeast/northeastern/东奔西走 [dong1 ben1 xi1 zou3] /(saying) hustle about; go here and there/东边 [dong1 bian1] /(n) eastern side/东部 [dong1 bu4] /the east/the eastern part/东部时间 [dong1 bu4 shi2 jian1] /(U.S.) Eastern (standard) time/EST/东道主 [dong1 dao4 zhu3] /(n) host for a party/东德 [dong1 de2] /(former) East Germany/东方 [dong1 fang1] /the East/Eastern countries/冬瓜 [dong1 gua1] /(n) white gourd; white fuzzy vegetable/东海 [dong1 hai3] /East China Sea/冬季 [dong1 ji4] /winter/东京 [dong1 jing1] /Tokyo/东盟 [dong1 meng2] /ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)/东面 [dong1 mian4] /east side (of sth.)/东南 [dong1 nan2] /southeast/东南亚 [dong1 nan2 ya4] /Southeast Asia/东南亚国 [dong1 nan2 ya4 guo2] /Southeast Asia/东南亚国家联盟 [dong1 nan2 ya4 guo2 jia1 lian2 meng2] /ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)/东欧 [dong1 ou1] /Eastern Europe/冬青树 [dong1 qing1 shu4] /holly/冬天 [dong1 tian1] /winter/东西 [dong1 xi1] /east and west/东西 [dong1 xi5] /thing/person/东亚 [dong1 ya4] /East Asia/董 [dong3] /(surname)/supervise/to direct/director/懂 [dong3] /to understand/to know/懂得 [dong3 de5] /to understand/to know/to comprehend/懂行 [dong3 hang2] /to know the ropes/董建华 [dong3 jian4 hua2] /Tung Chee-hwa (Hong Kong leader after July 1997)/董事 [dong3 shi4] /board member/懂事 [dong3 shi4] /sensible/thoughtful/intelligent/董事会 [dong3 shi4 hui4] /board of directors/董事长 [dong3 shi4 zhang3] /chairman of the board/chairman/恫 [dong4] /frighten/洞 [dong4] /cave/hole/冻 [dong4] /to freeze/胴 [dong4] /large intestine/torso/动 [dong4] /to use/to act/to move/to change/栋 [dong4] /roof beam/侗 [dong4] /(ethnic group)/动词 [dong4 ci2] /verb/动荡 [dong4 dang4] /(social or political) unrest/turmoil/upheaval/动工 [dong4 gong1] /(v) start construction/恫吓 [dong4 he4] /intimidate/make threats/动机 [dong4 ji1] /motive/motivation/intention/冻结 [dong4 jie2] /(loan, wage, price) freeze/动静 [dong4 jing4] /(v) the sound of sth stirring about/(n) activity/动力 [dong4 li4] /power/motion/propulsion/force/栋梁 [dong4 liang2] /ridgepole/动乱 [dong4 luan4] /turmoil/upheaval/动脉 [dong4 mai4] /artery/动名词 [dong4 ming2 ci2] /gerund/动人 [dong4 ren2] /touching/moving/动身 [dong4 shen1] /go on a journey/leave/动手 [dong4 shou3] /to hit with hands or fists/to start work/to touch/动态 [dong4 tai4] /development/trend/dynamic state/movement/moving/动态影像 [dong4 tai4 ying3 xiang4] /video/动态助词 [dong4 tai4 zhu4 ci2] /aspect particle/动物 [dong4 wu4] /animal/动物学 [dong4 wu4 xue2] /zoological/zoology/动物园 [dong4 wu4 yuan2] /zoo/动向 [dong4 xiang4] /trend/tendency/洞穴 [dong4 xue4] /cave/hole/动摇 [dong4 yao2] /waver/be indecisive/动议 [dong4 yi4] /motion/proposal/动用 [dong4 yong4] /(v) put sth to use/动员 [dong4 yuan2] /mobilize/arouse/动作 [dong4 zuo4] /movement/motion/action/兜 [dou1] /pocket/都 [dou1] /all/both (if two things are involved)/entirely (due to)each/even/already/兜儿 [dou1 er5] /(n) pocket; something shaped like a bag/兜帽 [dou1 mao4] /hood/斗 [dou3] /Chinese peck/抖 [dou3] /shake out/tremble/蚪 [dou3] /tadpole/陡 [dou3] /steep/斗篷 [dou3 peng2] /cloak/mantle/斗 [dou4] /to fight/to battle/to struggle/to incite/豆 [dou4] /bean/sacrificial vessel/斗 [dou4] /fight/incite/逗 [dou4] /linger/痘 [dou4] /small pox/窦 [dou4] /(surname)/sinus (anatom.)/读 [dou4] /comma/phrase marked by pause/豆 [dou4] /bean/peas/逗点 [dou4 dian3] /comma/豆腐 [dou4 fu5] /tofu/bean curd/斗鸡 [dou4 ji1] /cock fighting/豆浆 [dou4 jiang1] /soy milk/逗留 [dou4 liu2] /stay at/stopover at/斗批改 [dou4 pi1 gai3] /struggle-criticism-transformation (Cultural Revolution slogan)/斗眼 [dou4 yan3] /cross-eyed/斗争 [dou4 zheng1] /struggle (with)/fight/battle/斗志 [dou4 zhi4] /will to fight/斗智 [dou4 zhi4] /battle of wits/豆子 [dou4 zi5] /bean/pea/都 [du1] /(surname)/metropolis/capital city/督 [du1] /supervise/嘟 [du1] /toot/honk/督促 [du1 cu4] /(v) urge sb to complete a task/都市 [du1 shi4] /city/metropolis/毒 [du2] /poison/独 [du2] /alone/independent/single/sole/only/渎 [du2] /ditch/trouble (some one to do)/椟 [du2] /cabinet/case/casket/牍 [du2] /documents/犊 [du2] /calf/sacrificial victim/读 [du2] /to read/to study/髑 [du2] /skull/黩 [du2] /blacken/constantly/to insult/碡 [du2] /stone roller/独裁 [du2 cai2] /dictatorship/独裁者 [du2 cai2 zhe3] /dictator/毒草名 [du2 cao3 ming2] /hemlock/独唱 [du2 chang4] /(in singing) solo/to solo/毒打 [du2 da3] /beat up/独断专行 [du2 duan4 zhuan1 xing2] /act in an arbitrary fashion/毒害 [du2 hai4] /bane/独家 [du2 jia1] /exclusive/独揽 [du2 lan3] /to monopolize/独揽市场 [du2 lan3 shi4 chang2] /to monopolize a market/独立 [du2 li4] /to be independent/to stand alone/独立自主 [du2 li4 zi4 zhu3] /(idiom) self-determination; independence of action; maintain control/读卖新闻 [du2 mai4 xin1 wen2] /Yomiuri Shimbun (Japanese newspaper)/独木舟 [du2 mu4 zhou1] /canoe/毒品 [du2 pin3] /drugs/narcotics/poison/毒蛇 [du2 she2] /viper/读书 [du2 shu1] /study/read/读书人 [du2 shu1 ren2] /a scholar/an intellectual/独特 [du2 te4] /unique/distinct/having special characteristics/毒物 [du2 wu4] /pest/venom/toxin/读物 [du2 wu4] /reading material/毒性 [du2 xing4] /(n) toxicity/读者 [du2 zhe3] /reader/读者来信 [du2 zhe3 lai2 xin4] /Reader's Letters/渎职 [du2 zhi2] /wrongdoing/failure to do one's duty/独自 [du2 zi4] /alone/独奏 [du2 zou4] /solo/肚 [du3] /tripe/堵 [du3] /stop up/睹 [du3] /observe/see/赌 [du3] /bet/gamble/笃 [du3] /serious (illness)/sincere/true/赌博 [du3 bo2] /gamble/堵塞 [du3 se4] /blockage/stoppage/赌注 [du3 zhu4] /stakes/(what is at) stake/妒 [du4] /jealous/杜 [du4] /(surname)/fabricate/restrict/to prevent/肚 [du4] /belly/度 [du4] /capacity/degree/standard/渡 [du4] /to cross/to pass through/to ferry/镀 [du4] /-plated/to plate/蠹 [du4] /bookworm/Lepisma saccharina/渡船 [du4 chuan2] /(n) ferry/度过 [du4 guo4] /spend/pass/渡过 [du4 guo4] /to cross over/pass through/妒忌 [du4 ji4] /jealous/jealousy/度假 [du4 jia4] /go on holiday/镀金 [du4 jin1] /gild/gilt/杜鹃鸟 [du4 juan1 niao3] /cuckoo/杜绝 [du4 jue2] /put an end to/渡口 [du4 kou3] /ferry/度量 [du4 liang4] /measure/度量衡 [du4 liang4 heng2] /measurement/度日 [du4 ri4] /scratch out a difficult, meager existence/度数 [du4 shu4] /degree/杜松子酒 [du4 song1 zi3 jiu3] /gin/肚子 [du4 zi5] /belly/abdomen/端 [duan1] /end/extremity/item/port/to hold sth. level with both hands/to carry/regular/端口 [duan1 kou3] /interface/port/端午节 [duan1 wu3 jie2] /The Dragon Boat Festival (the 5th day of the 5th lunar month)/端系统 [duan1 xi4 tong3] /end system/端站 [duan1 zhan4] /end station/端正 [duan1 zheng4] /upright/regular/proper/correct/短 [duan3] /lack/short/短处 [duan3 chu4] /(n) shortcoming, defect; fault/短促 [duan3 cu4] /(adj) short in time duration; fleeting; brief/短歌 [duan3 ge1] /ballad/短简 [duan3 jian3] /brief/短剑 [duan3 jian4] /dagger/短句 [duan3 ju4] /clause/短期 [duan3 qi1] /short-term/短时间 [duan3 shi2 jian1] /short term/short time/短袜 [duan3 wa4] /sock/短暂 [duan3 zan4] /short/段 [duan4] /(surname)/paragraph/section/segment/缎 [duan4] /satin/锻 [duan4] /forge/wrought/to discipline/断 [duan4] /absolutely/decidedly (in negative constructions)/break/to judge/椴 [duan4] /Hibiscus syriacus/簖 [duan4] /bamboo fish trap/缎布 [duan4 bu4] /satin/缎带 [duan4 dai4] /ribbon/断定 [duan4 ding4] /(v) come to a conclusion/断断续续 [duan4 duan4 xu4 xu4] /(adv) intermittently; off and on manner/(adj) intermittent/断交 [duan4 jiao1] /break off diplomatic relations/断绝 [duan4 jue2] /sever/break off/锻炼 [duan4 lian4] /to do physical training/段落 [duan4 luo4] /part/paragraph/断桥 [duan4 qiao2] /The Broken Bridge (at West Lake in Hangzhou)/断言 [duan4 yan2] /affirm/assertion/缎子 [duan4 zi5] /(n) satin/堆 [dui1] /a pile/a mass/heap/stack/堆积 [dui1 ji1] /accumulate/兑 [dui4] /to cash/队 [dui4] /squadron/team/group/碓 [dui4] /pestle/pound with a pestle/对 [dui4] /couple/pair/to be opposite/to oppose/to face/for/to/correct (answer)/to answer/to reply/to direct (towards sth)/right/憝 [dui4] /dislike/hate/怼 [dui4] /dislike/hate/对岸 [dui4 an4] /(n) the opposite bank of a body of water/对比 [dui4 bi3] /contrast/balance/队部 [dui4 bu4] /office/headquarters/对不起 [dui4 bu4 qi4] /I'm sorry/pardon me/forgive me/对策 [dui4 ce4] /countermeasure for dealing with a situation/对称 [dui4 chen4] /symmetry/symmetrical/对称性 [dui4 chen4 xing4] /symmetry/对待 [dui4 dai4] /treat/treatment/对得起 [dui4 de5 qi3] /not let sb. down/treat sb. fairly/be worthy of/对敌者 [dui4 di2 zhe3] /rival/对地 [dui4 di4] /targeted (e.g. attacks)/对方 [dui4 fang1] /counterpart/other person involved/opposite side/other side/receiving party/对付 [dui4 fu5] /(v) handle; deal with/(v) get by with what one has/对华 [dui4 hua2] /(policy, etc.) towards China/对话 [dui4 hua4] /dialog/兑换 [dui4 huan4] /to convert/to exchange/对抗 [dui4 kang4] /withstand/对抗者 [dui4 kang4 zhe3] /adversary/opponent/对了 [dui4 le5] /right/correct/对立 [dui4 li4] /oppose/set sth. against/be antagonistic to/antithetical/relative opposite/opposing/diametrical/对联 [dui4 lian2] /(n) vertical written couplet usually placed along either side of a doorway/队列 [dui4 lie4] /formation/对美 [dui4 mei3] /(policy, etc.) towards America/对门 [dui4 men2] /the building or room opposite/对面 [dui4 mian4] /opposite/队旗 [dui4 qi2] /team pennant/对日 [dui4 ri4] /(policy, etc.) towards Japan/对手 [dui4 shou3] /opponent/adversary/match/对头 [dui4 tou2] /(adj) correct; true/(adj) normal; OK; appropriate/对外 [dui4 wai4] /external/foreign/pertaining to external or foreign (affairs)/对外政策 [dui4 wai4 zheng4 ce4] /foreign policy/队伍 [dui4 wu3] /ranks/troops/兑现 [dui4 xian4] /(v) cash a check/(v) honor a contract/对象 [dui4 xiang4] /target/object/target/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/队形 [dui4 xing2] /formation/对应 [dui4 ying4] /(adj) match along with; corresponding/对於 [dui4 yu2] /regarding/as far as (something) is concerned/with regards to/队员 [dui4 yuan2] /team member/队长 [dui4 zhang3] /captain/team leader/对照 [dui4 zhao4] /contrast/对峙 [dui4 zhi4] /mutual confrontation/对准 [dui4 zhun3] /aim/敦 [dun1] /kind-hearted/敦 [dun1] /kind-hearted/place name/墩 [dun1] /block/gate pillar/pier/吨 [dun1] /ton/蹲 [dun1] /crouch/squat/礅 [dun1] /stone block/镦 [dun1] /upsetting (forged pieces)/敦促 [dun1 cu4] /to press/to urge/to hasten/盹 [dun3] /doze/nap/趸 [dun3] /wholesale/囤 [dun4] /bin for grain/沌 [dun4] /confused/turbid/盾 [dun4] /shield/钝 [dun4] /blunt/stupid/遁 [dun4] /disappear/to escape/顿 [dun4] /a time/jerk/stop/meal/bout/spell/(measure for beating)/吨 [dun4] /ton/炖 [dun4] /stew/炖 [dun4] /stew slowly/顿挫 [dun4 cuo4] /with syncopated cadence (brush stroke in painting)/囤积 [dun4 ji1] /hoard/顿时 [dun4 shi2] /at once/immediately/forthwith/吨数 [dun4 shu4] /tonnage/顿足 [dun4 zu2] /stamp (one's feet)/多 [duo1] /many/much/a lot of/numerous/multi-/哆 [duo1] /quiver/woolen cloth/多半 [duo1 ban4] /chiefly/likelihood/多边 [duo1 bian1] /multilateral/多边合作 [duo1 bian1 he2 zuo4] /multilateral cooperation/多变 [duo1 bian4] /fickle/多次 [duo1 ci4] /many times/repeatedly/多大 [duo1 da4] /how big/how much/how old/etc./多党 [duo1 dang3] /multiparty/多党选举 [duo1 dang3 xuan3 ju3] /multiparty election/多端 [duo1 duan1] /multiport/multistation/multiterminal/多端中继器 [duo1 duan1 zhong1 ji4 qi4] /multiport repeater/多尔 [duo1 er3] /(Bob) Dole/多方 [duo1 fang1] /in many ways/多方面 [duo1 fang1 mian4] /many-sided/in many aspects/多工 [duo1 gong1] /to multiplex/multiple/multi-/多工化 [duo1 gong1 hua4] /to multiplex/多工器 [duo1 gong1 qi4] /multiplexer/多工运作 [duo1 gong1 yun4 zuo4] /multithreading/多工作业 [duo1 gong1 zuo4 ye4] /multitaksing/多亏 [duo1 kui1] /thanks to/luckily/多劳多得 [duo1 lao2 duo1 de2] /work more and get more/多么 [duo1 me5] /how (wonderful, etc)/what (a great idea, etc)/however (difficult it may be, etc)/多媒体 [duo1 mei2 ti3] /multimedia/多米尼加共和国 [duo1 mi3 ni2 jia1 gong4 he2 guo2] /Dominican Republic/多模 [duo1 mo2] /multimode/多模光纤 [duo1 mo2 guang1 xian1] /multimode fiber/多年 [duo1 nian2] /many years/多年来 [duo1 nian2 lai2] /for the past many years/多年以来 [duo1 nian2 yi3 lai2] /for many years (in the past)/多山 [duo1 shan1] /mountainous/多少 [duo1 shao3] /how much/how many/which (number)/多事 [duo1 shi4] /meddlesome/eventful/多数 [duo1 shu4] /majority/most/多树木 [duo1 shu4 mu4] /wooded/多水分 [duo1 shui3 fen4] /juicy/哆嗦 [duo1 suo5] /(v) tremble, shiver; uncontrolled shaking of the body/多星 [duo1 xing1] /starry/多样 [duo1 yang4] /diversity/manifold/多样化 [duo1 yang4 hua4] /diversification/to diversify/多叶 [duo1 ye4] /leafy/多疑 [duo1 yi2] /skeptical/多用户 [duo1 yong4 hu4] /multiuser/多馀 [duo1 yu2] /superfluous/unnecessary/surplus/多站 [duo1 zhan4] /multistation/多站地址 [duo1 zhan4 di4 zhi3] /multicast address/multistation address/多种 [duo1 zhong3] /many kinds of/multiple/diverse/multi-/多种语言 [duo1 zhong3 yu3 yan2] /multilingual/多种语言支持 [duo1 zhong3 yu3 yan2 zhi1 chi2] /multilingual support/夺 [duo2] /rob/snatch/铎 [duo2] /large ancient bell/夺得 [duo2 de2] /(v) force one's way; achieve by force/夺取 [duo2 qu3] /snatch/朵 [duo3] /M for flowers/躲 [duo3] /avoid/get out of way/to hide/to go into hiding/垛 [duo3] /battlement/target/躲避 [duo3 bi4] /shun/躲藏 [duo3 cang2] /hide/剁 [duo4] /chop (meat)/舵 [duo4] /helm/rudder/惰 [duo4] /lazy/跺 [duo4] /(v) stamp one's foot/驮 [duo4] /carry on back/堕 [duo4] /degenerate/fall/垛 [duo4] /pile/堕落 [duo4 luo4] /(v) morally degenerate; become depraved/剁碎 [duo4 sui4] /mince/阿 [e1] /flatter/婀 [e1] /graceful/willowy/unstable/屙 [e1] /defecate/俄 [e2] /Russia/suddenly/哦 [e2] /to chant/娥 [e2] /good/beautiful/峨 [e2] /lofty/name of a mountain/蚵 [e2] /oyster/讹 [e2] /error/exhort/false/蛾 [e2] /moth/额 [e2] /volume/amount/quantity/forehead/quota/鹅 [e2] /goose/莪 [e2] /zedoary/锇 [e2] /osmium/俄巴底亚书 [e2 ba1 di3 ya3 shu1] /Book of Obadiah/鹅卵石 [e2 luan3 shi2] /pebble/cobblestone/俄罗斯 [e2 luo2 si1] /Russia/俄文 [e2 wen2] /Russian (language)/俄语 [e2 yu3] /Russian (language)/俄中 [e2 zhong1] /Russia-China/恶 [e3] /nauseated/恶心 [e3 xin1] /to hate/to loathe/厄 [e4] /distressed/呃 [e4] /hiccough/扼 [e4] /hold (strategic position)/垩 [e4] /to whitewash/to plaster/轭 [e4] /restrain/yoke/恶 [e4] /evil/愕 [e4] /startled/鄂 [e4] /hupeh/萼 [e4] /stem and calyx of flower/遏 [e4] /to stop/check/饿 [e4] /to be hungry/hungry/噩 [e4] /startling/锷 [e4] /blade edge/sharp/颚 [e4] /jaw/palate/鳄 [e4] /crocodile/alligator/谔 [e4] /honest speech/阏 [e4] /shut/stop/鹗 [e4] /fish eagle/fish hawk/osprey/恶毒 [e4 du2] /malicious/恶棍 [e4 gun4] /villain/恶化 [e4 hua4] /worsen/恶劣 [e4 lie4] /vile/恶梦 [e4 meng4] /nightmare/恶名昭彰 [e4 ming2 zhao1 zhang1] /notorious/恶魔 [e4 mo2] /demon/fiend/饿死 [e4 si3] /starvation/额外 [e4 wai4] /extra/恶性 [e4 xing4] /(adj) malignant; evil producing; wicked/恶性循环 [e4 xing4 xun2 huan2] /vicious circle/恶意 [e4 yi4] /malice/鳄鱼 [e4 yu2] /alligator/crocodile/遏制 [e4 zhi4] /check/contain/hold back or within limits/恶作剧 [e4 zuo4 ju4] /mischief/mischievous/practical joke/恩 [en1] /kind act (from above)/嗯 [en1] /(a groaning sound)/恩爱 [en1 ai4] /(adj) like mutal love between a husband and wife/恩典 [en1 dian3] /grace/恩情 [en1 qing2] /(n) deep affection/恩人 [en1 ren2] /(n) prson who has significantly helped someone else; benefactor/恩怨 [en1 yuan4] /(feeling of) resentment/(longstanding) grudge/摁 [en4] /to press (with finger)/摁钉儿 [en4 dingr1] /thumbtack/摁扣儿 [en4 kour4] /snap fastener/而 [er2] /and/as well as/but (not)/yet (not)/(shows causal relation)/(shows change of state)/(shows contrast)/儿 [er2] /son/鲕 [er2] /caviar/fish roe/鸸 [er2] /emu/而不需 [er2 bu4 xu1] /without needing (to so sth)/而后 [er2 hou4] /after that/then/儿化韵 [er2 hua4 yun4] /retroflex final/而今 [er2 jin1] /now/at the present (time)/儿女 [er2 nu:3] /children/sons and daughters/而且 [er2 qie3] /not only ... but also ..../... as well as .../moreover/in addition/儿童 [er2 tong2] /child/儿媳 [er2 xi2] /daughter-in-law/而已 [er2 yi3] /that's all/nothing more/儿子 [er2 zi5] /son/耳 [er3] /ear/洱 [er3] /name of a river/尔 [er3] /thus/so/like that/you/thou/饵 [er3] /bait/cakes/迩 [er3] /near/珥 [er3] /pearl or jade earring/铒 [er3] /erbium/耳朵 [er3 duo5] /ear/耳语 [er3 yu3] /whisper/耳子 [er3 zi5] /handle (on a pot)/二 [er4] /two/贰 [er4] /two (fraud-proof)/佴 [er4] /assistant/二百 [er4 bai3] /two hundred/200/二次大战 [er4 ci4 da4 zhan4] /World War Two/二号 [er4 hao4] /2nd day of the month/二极管 [er4 ji2 guan3] /diode/二十 [er4 shi2] /twenty/20/二十八号 [er4 shi2 ba1 hao4] /28th day of the month/二十多 [er4 shi2 duo1] /over 20/二十二号 [er4 shi2 er4 hao4] /22nd day of a month/二十六号 [er4 shi2 liu4 hao4] /26th day of a month/二十六岁 [er4 shi2 liu4 sui4] /26 years old/二十七 [er4 shi2 qi1] /twenty-seven/二十七号 [er4 shi2 qi1 hao4] /27th day of a month/二十三 [er4 shi2 san1] /23 /二十世纪 [er4 shi2 shi4 ji4] /20th Century/二十四 [er4 shi2 si4] /24 /二十四号 [er4 shi2 si4 hao4] /24th day of a month/二十万 [er4 shi2 wan4] /200 thousand/二十五 [er4 shi2 wu3] /twenty five/二十一 [er4 shi2 yi1] /twenty-one/二十一世纪 [er4 shi2 yi1 shi4 ji4] /21st century/二十亿 [er4 shi2 yi4] /two billion/二手货 [er4 shou3 huo4] /secondhand/二氧化碳 [er4 yang3 hua4 tan4] /carbon dioxide/二月 [er4 yue4] /February/second month/二者 [er4 zhe3] /both [of them]/neither/二者之一 [er4 zhe3 zhi1 yi1] /either/儿 [er5] /non-syllabic dimi. suff./发 [fa1] /to send out/to show (one's feeling)/to issue/to develop/发表 [fa1 biao3] /to issue (a statement)/to publish/to issue/to put out/发表声明 [fa1 biao3 sheng1 ming2] /to issue a statement/to issue a declaration/发病 [fa1 bing4] /onset/outbreak (of a disease)/发病率 [fa1 bing4 lu:4] /incidence of a disease/disease rate/发布 [fa1 bu4] /to release/to issue/to distribute/发布新软件 [fa1 bu4 xin1 ruan3 jian4] /to release new software/发财 [fa1 cai2] /(v) get rich/发愁 [fa1 chou2] /(v) worry about sth/发出 [fa1 chu1] /to send out/to issue/发达 [fa1 da2] /developed (country, etc.)/flourishing/to develop/发达国 [fa1 da2 guo2] /developing country/发达国家 [fa1 da2 guo2 jia1] /developed nation/发电 [fa1 dian4] /generate electricity/发电厂 [fa1 dian4 chang3] /power plant/发电机 [fa1 dian4 ji1] /dynamo/发电量 [fa1 dian4 liang4] /(generated) electrical energy/发动 [fa1 dong4] /to start/to launch/to mobilize/发抖 [fa1 dou3] /shiver/shudder/tremble/tremulous/发放 [fa1 fang4] /provide/give/grant/发奋图强 [fa1 fen4 tu2 qiang2] /(saying) work with a passion to make the nation strong/发嘎嘎声 [fa1 ga1 ga1 sheng1] /rattle/发光 [fa1 guang1] /shine/发汗 [fa1 han4] /to sweat/发红 [fa1 hong2] /flush (face)/发挥 [fa1 hui1] /bring to bear/bring into play/unleash/发火 [fa1 huo3] /catch fire/ignite/detonate/get angry/发迹 [fa1 ji1] /to rise to power and position/发酵 [fa1 jiao4] /ferment/发觉 [fa1 jue2] /find/detect/discover/发狂 [fa1 kuang2] /crazy/mad/madly/发牢骚 [fa1 lao2 sao1] /whine/发了言 [fa1 le5 yan2] /("past tense" of :发言) spoke publicly/made a speech/发亮 [fa1 liang4] /shine/shiny/发明 [fa1 ming2] /to invent/invention/发明家 [fa1 ming2 jia1] /inventor/发怒 [fa1 nu4] /mad/发脾气 [fa1 pi2 qi4] /(v) get angry/发票 [fa1 piao4] /(n) receipt or bill for purchasing sth/发起 [fa1 qi3] /(v) first begin to do sth; initiate/(v) begin; launch/发热 [fa1 re4] /(v) have fever temperature/(v) emit heat/(v) not think calmly/发烧 [fa1 shao1] /have a high temperature (from illness)/have a fever/发射 [fa1 she4] /to shoot/to fire/to launch/发生 [fa1 sheng1] /to happen/to occur/to take place/发声 [fa1 sheng1] /vocal/发声法 [fa1 sheng1 fa3] /intonation/发誓 [fa1 shi4] /to vow/to pledge/to swear/发送 [fa1 song4] /to transmit/to dispatch/发送功率 [fa1 song4 gong1 lu:4] /transmission power/output power/发送器 [fa1 song4 qi4] /transmitter/发现 [fa1 xian4] /to find/to discover/发现物 [fa1 xian4 wu4] /finding/发行 [fa1 xing2] /publish/issue/发行额 [fa1 xing2 e2] /(periodical) circulation/发芽 [fa1 ya2] /germinate/发言 [fa1 yan2] /statement/utterance/发炎 [fa1 yan2] /(v) become inflamed from infection or injury/(n) inflamation/发言权 [fa1 yan2 quan2] /the right of speech/发言人 [fa1 yan2 ren2] /spokesperson/发扬 [fa1 yang2] /develop/make full use of/发扬光大 [fa1 yang2 guang1 da4] /(saying) to develop, advocate, and promulgate/发音 [fa1 yin1] /pronounce/pronunciation/发育 [fa1 yu4] /growth/development/发展 [fa1 zhan3] /development/growth/to develop/to grow/to expand/发展的国家 [fa1 zhan3 de5 guo2 jia1] /developing country/developing nation/发展核武器 [fa1 zhan3 he2 wu3 qi4] /to develop nuclear weapons/发展中国家 [fa1 zhan3 zhong1 guo2 jia1] /developing country/乏 [fa2] /short of/tired/伐 [fa2] /(v) cut down; fell/(v) dispatch an expedition against; descend upon/筏 [fa2] /raft (of logs)/罚 [fa2] /to punish/to penalize/阀 [fa2] /clique/valve/罚金 [fa2 jin1] /fine/to forfeit/罚酒 [fa2 jiu3] /to drink as the result of having lost a bet/罚款 [fa2 kuan3] /(impose a) fine/penalty/fine (monetary)/罚球 [fa2 qiu2] /penalty shot/penalty kick (in sports)/乏味 [fa2 wei4] /tedious/法 [fa3] /law/method/way/Buddhist teaching/Legalist/法案 [fa3 an4] /bill/proposed law/发辫 [fa3 bian4] /braid/法定 [fa3 ding4] /(adj) legal; of a legal nature/法官 [fa3 guan1] /a judge/judge/to judge/法规 [fa3 gui1] /legislation/statute/法国 [fa3 guo2] /France/French/法国人 [fa3 guo2 ren2] /Frenchman/French person/法郎 [fa3 lang2] /franc/法理 [fa3 li3] /legal principle/jurisprudence/法利赛人 [fa3 li4 sai4 ren2] /Pharisee/法令 [fa3 ling4] /decree/ordinance/法律 [fa3 lu:4] /law/法人 [fa3 ren2] /(n) lawyer; anyone involved in the legal profession/法庭 [fa3 ting2] /court (of law)/法文 [fa3 wen2] /French (language)/法西斯 [fa3 xi1 si1] /(n) fascist/法语 [fa3 yu3] /French (language)/法院 [fa3 yuan4] /court of law/court/法则 [fa3 ze2] /(n) law; rule; code/法制 [fa3 zhi4] /legal system and institutions/法治 [fa3 zhi4] /rule by law/法子 [fa3 zi5] /way/method/珐 [fa4] /enamel ware/cloisonne ware/发 [fa4] /hair/法海 [fa4 hai3] /name of a Buddhist monk, Fahai, from Madam White Snake/帆 [fan1] /sail/番 [fan1] /(measure word for acts)/deeds/foreign/幡 [fan1] /banner/翻 [fan1] /flit about/translate/turn over/番茄 [fan1 qie2] /(n) tomato/蕃茄 [fan1 qie2] /tomato/翻身 [fan1 shen1] /turn over/free oneself/stand up/翻译 [fan1 yi4] /translate/翻译者 [fan1 yi4 zhe3] /interpreter/凡 [fan2] /ordinary/every/all/whatever/worldly/钒 [fan2] /vanadium/烦 [fan2] /feel vexed/to bother/樊 [fan2] /(surname)/cage/fence/蕃 [fan2] /flourishing/to reproduce/繁 [fan2] /complicated/many/in great numbers/矾 [fan2] /alum/燔 [fan2] /burn/to roast meat for sacrifice/蹯 [fan2] /paws of animal/蘩 [fan2] /Artemisia stellariana/帆布 [fan2 bu4] /canvas/犯不着 [fan2 bu5 zhao2] /not worthwhile/帆船 [fan2 chuan2] /sail/繁多 [fan2 duo1] /(adj) have many varieties/繁复 [fan2 fu4] /complicated/繁华 [fan2 hua2] /flourishing/bustling/繁忙 [fan2 mang2] /busy/bustling/烦闷 [fan2 men1] /anguish/烦恼 [fan2 nao3] /agonize/agony/annoyance/upset/vexation/worries/烦扰 [fan2 rao3] /bother/繁荣 [fan2 rong2] /prosperous/booming (economy)/凡是 [fan2 shi4] /every/all/凡俗 [fan2 su2] /lay (as opposed to clergy)/繁体字 [fan2 ti3 zi4] /(n) traditional Chinese characters/繁杂 [fan2 za2] /many/diverse/烦躁 [fan2 zao4] /(adj) jittery; twitchy; fidgety/繁殖 [fan2 zhi2] /breed/reproduce/propagate/繁重 [fan2 zhong4] /(adj) numerous and heavy/反 [fan3] /wrong side out or up/anti-/返 [fan3] /to return (to)/反驳 [fan3 bo2] /retort/refute/反常 [fan3 chang2] /(adj) unusual; not normal/反唇相讥 [fan3 chun2 xiang1 ji1] /answer back sarcastically/反弹导弹 [fan3 dan4 dao3 dan4] /antimissile missile/反倒 [fan3 dao4] /(adv) but on the contrary; but instead of as expected/反动 [fan3 dong4] /reaction/reactionary/反动分子 [fan3 dong4 fen1 zi3] /reactionary/反对 [fan3 dui4] /to fight against/to oppose/to be opposed to/opposition/反对党 [fan3 dui4 dang3] /opposition (political) party/反对派 [fan3 dui4 pai4] /opposition faction/反而 [fan3 er2] /instead/contrary (to expectations)/反复 [fan3 fu4] /repeatedly/over and over/反感 [fan3 gan3] /(strongly) dislike/反革命 [fan3 ge2 ming4] /counter-revolutionary/反攻 [fan3 gong1] /(v) counter-attack/() counter attack; counter offensive/反过来说 [fan3 guo4 lai2 shuo1] /on the other hand/返回 [fan3 hui2] /return to/come (or go) back/反击 [fan3 ji1] /strike back/beat back/counterattack/反舰艇 [fan3 jian4 ting3] /anti-ship/反舰艇巡航导弹 [fan3 jian4 ting3 xun2 hang2 dao3 dan4] /anti-ship cruise missile/反抗 [fan3 kang4] /revolt/resist/反抗者 [fan3 kang4 zhe3] /rebel/反馈 [fan3 kui4] /(v) send information back; feedback/反面 [fan3 mian4] /(n) the reverse side of sth/(n) the opposite side of some topic/(n) the other side/反叛 [fan3 pan4] /rebel/revolt/反日 [fan3 ri4] /anti-Japan/反射 [fan3 she4] /reflex/reflection (from a mirror, etc)/反思 [fan3 si1] /(v) think back to sth that happened; recollect/反问 [fan3 wen4] /ask (a question) in reply/rhetorical question/反响 [fan3 xiang3] /repercussions/reaction/echo/反向 [fan3 xiang4] /opposite direction/reverse/反映 [fan3 ying4] /reaction/response/to reflect/to mirror/反应 [fan3 ying4] /reaction/response/reply/反应堆 [fan3 ying4 dui1] /reactor/反语法 [fan3 yu3 fa3] /irony/反正 [fan3 zheng4] /anyway/anyhow/in any case/反之 [fan3 zhi1] /(conj) on the other hand...; conversely.../犯 [fan4] /to violate/to offend/泛 [fan4] /broad/vast/float/pan-/泛 [fan4] /float/general/vague/范 [fan4] /pattern/model/example/(surname)/梵 [fan4] /Brahma/Sanskrit/贩 [fan4] /deal in/trade in/to peddle/to sell/饭 [fan4] /food/cuisine/cooked rice/meal/畈 [fan4] /field/farm/犯病 [fan4 bing4] /to fall ill/犯愁 [fan4 chou2] /to worry/to be anxious/犯错 [fan4 cuo4] /to err/犯得ぴ [fan4 de5 zhao2] /worthwhile/梵帝冈 [fan4 di4 gang1] /Vatican/饭店 [fan4 dian4] /restaurant/犯毒 [fan4 du2] /illegal drug/narcotic/犯法 [fan4 fa3] /to break the law/饭馆 [fan4 guan3] /restaurant/犯规 [fan4 gui1] /foul/犯浑 [fan4 hun2] /(v) confused; mixed up; befuddled/泛滥 [fan4 lan4] /(v) flood; spill over the banks/(v) spread without restricton/泛滥 [fan4 lan4] /be in flood/overflow/inundate/spread unchecked/贩卖 [fan4 mai4] /(v) peddle; sell/犯人 [fan4 ren2] /convict/prisoner/criminal/范斯坦 [fan4 si1 tan3] /(Dianne) Feinstein (US Senator from California)/饭碗 [fan4 wan3] /rice bowl/job/livelihood/way of making a living/范围 [fan4 wei2] /range/scope/extent/梵文 [fan4 wen2] /Sanskrit/梵语 [fan4 yu3] /Sanskrit/贩运 [fan4 yun4] /to transport (for sale)/to traffic (in sth)/犯罪 [fan4 zui4] /(commit) crime/crime/offence/方 [fang1] /square/quadrilateral/direction/just/坊 [fang1] /subdivision of a city/枋 [fang1] /Santalum album/芳 [fang1] /fragrant/匚 [fang1] /box/basket/邡 [fang1] /name of a district in Sichuan/钫 [fang1] /francium/方案 [fang1 an4] /plan/program (for action, etc)/proposal/proposed bill/方便 [fang1 bian4] /convenient/方程 [fang1 cheng2] /(n) mathematical equation/方程式 [fang1 cheng2 shi4] /equation/方法 [fang1 fa3] /method/way/means/方面 [fang1 mian4] /respect/aspect/field/side/方式 [fang1 shi4] /way (of life)/pattern/style/mode/manner/芳香 [fang1 xiang1] /balmy/方向 [fang1 xiang4] /direction/orientation/path to follow/方兴未艾 [fang1 xing1 wei4 ai4] /to be unfolding/方言 [fang1 yan2] /dialect/方针 [fang1 zhen1] /policy/guidelines/方舟 [fang1 zhou1] /ark/妨 [fang2] /hinder/harm/防 [fang2] /to protect/to defend/to guard (against)/房 [fang2] /house/肪 [fang2] /animal fat/鲂 [fang2] /bream/Zeus japanicus/妨碍 [fang2 ai4] /hinder/obstruct/房地产 [fang2 di4 chan3] /real estate/房东 [fang2 dong1] /landlord/防护 [fang2 hu4] /(v) defend and preserve/房间 [fang2 jian1] /room/房客 [fang2 ke4] /tenant/防空 [fang2 kong1] /anti-aircraft defense/防守 [fang2 shou3] /defend/protect (against)/防守者 [fang2 shou3 zhe3] /defender/防水 [fang2 shui3] /waterproof/防卫 [fang2 wei4] /to defend/defensive/defense/防卫武器 [fang2 wei4 wu3 qi4] /defensive weapon/房屋 [fang2 wu1] /house/building/防务 [fang2 wu4] /(pertaining to) defense/防线 [fang2 xian4] /(n) defensive line or perimeter/防汛 [fang2 xun4] /(n) flood control/防疫 [fang2 yi4] /(n) disease prevention; epidemic prevention/防御 [fang2 yu4] /defense/防御性 [fang2 yu4 xing4] /defensive (weapons)/防止 [fang2 zhi3] /to prevent/to guard against/to take precautions/防治 [fang2 zhi4] /(prevention and) cure/房子 [fang2 zi5] /house/房租 [fang2 zu1] /(n) rent money/仿 [fang3] /to imitate/to copy/彷 [fang3] /seemingly/仿 [fang3] /imitate/纺 [fang3] /spin/舫 [fang3] /2 boats lashed together/large boat/访 [fang3] /inquire/seek/visit/纺锤 [fang3 chui2] /spindle/访俄 [fang3 e2] /visit Russia/彷佛 [fang3 fu2] /seem/as if/访华 [fang3 hua2] /visit China/访问 [fang3 wen4] /pay a visit (to)/to access/to interview/访问方式 [fang3 wen4 fang1 shi4] /access method/访问美国 [fang3 wen4 mei3 guo2] /to visit the United States/a trip to the U.S./访问者 [fang3 wen4 zhe3] /interviewer/仿效 [fang3 xiao4] /to copy/to imitate/仿造 [fang3 zao4] /counterfeit/仿真 [fang3 zhen1] /to emulate/emulation/仿真服务器 [fang3 zhen1 fu2 wu4 qi4] /emulation server/纺织 [fang3 zhi1] /spinning (thread)/纺织品 [fang3 zhi1 pin3] /textile/纺织者 [fang3 zhi1 zhe3] /weaver/放 [fang4] /to release/to free/to let go/to put/to place/to let out/放出 [fang4 chu1] /to let off/to give out/放大 [fang4 da4] /enlarge/放假 [fang4 jia4] /to have a holiday or vacation/放开 [fang4 kai1] /unleash/release/放牧 [fang4 mu4] /graze/放屁 [fang4 pi4] /to fart/to break wind/放弃 [fang4 qi4] /to renounce/to abandon/to give up/放任 [fang4 ren4] /indulge/放射 [fang4 she4] /to radiate/radioactive/放手 [fang4 shou3] /let go/have a free hand/let go one's hold/放松 [fang4 song1] /loosen/relax/放心 [fang4 xin1] /to set one's mind at rest/to be at ease/to rest/放学 [fang4 xue2] /classes are over/放映 [fang4 ying4] /show (a movie)/放置 [fang4 zhi4] /put/放逐 [fang4 zhu2] /banish/妃 [fei1] /imperial concubine/非 [fei1] /non-/not-/un-/飞 [fei1] /to fly/啡 [fei1] /coffee/扉 [fei1] /door with only one leaf/菲 [fei1] /rich/luxurious/phenanthrene (chemical)/Philippines/霏 [fei1] /fall of snow/绯 [fei1] /dark red/purple silk/非常 [fei1 chang2] /unusual/extraordinary/extreme/very/exceptional/非常多 [fei1 chang2 duo1] /much/very many/非常感谢 [fei1 chang2 gan3 xie4] /extremely grateful/very thankful/非常害怕 [fei1 chang2 hai4 pa4] /dread/非常重要 [fei1 chang2 zhong4 yao4] /very important/飞虫 [fei1 chong2] /bug/飞船 [fei1 chuan2] /airship/spaceship/飞弹 [fei1 dan4] /missile/非对称 [fei1 dui4 chen4] /asymmetric/非对称式数据用户线 [fei1 dui4 chen4 shi4 shu4 ju4 yong4 hu4 xian4] /Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line/ADSL/非法 [fei1 fa3] /illegal/菲菲 [fei1 fei1] /very fragrant/luxurious/beautiful/非官方 [fei1 guan1 fang1] /unofficial/非核 [fei1 he2] /non-nuclear/非核国家 [fei1 he2 guo2 jia1] /non-nuclear country/飞虎队 [fei1 hu3 dui4] /Flying Tigers (US airmen in China during World War Two)/飞机 [fei1 ji1] /airplane/飞机场 [fei1 ji1 chang3] /airport/飞快 [fei1 kuai4] /very fast/at lightning speed/菲律宾 [fei1 lu:4 bin1] /the Philippines/非难 [fei1 nan4] /reproof/blame/飞盘 [fei1 pan2] /frisbee/非数字 [fei1 shu4 zi4] /non-numeric/非同步 [fei1 tong2 bu4] /asynchronous/非同步传输模式 [fei1 tong2 bu4 chuan2 shu1 mo2 shi4] /asynchronous transfer mode/ATM/飞舞 [fei1 wu3] /(v) flutter in the air; dance in the breeze/飞翔 [fei1 xiang2] /fly/飞行 [fei1 xing2] /aviation/flying/飞行员 [fei1 xing2 yuan2] /pilot/aviator/非议 [fei1 yi4] /criticize/非盈利 [fei1 ying2 li4] /non-profit/非盈利的组织 [fei1 ying2 li4 de5 zu3 zhi1] /non-profit organization/飞跃 [fei1 yue4] /to leap/非政府 [fei1 zheng4 fu3] /non-governmental/非政府组织 [fei1 zheng4 fu3 zu3 zhi1] /non-governmental organization (NGO)/非正式 [fei1 zheng4 shi4] /unofficial/非洲 [fei1 zhou1] /Africa/肥 [fei2] /loose-fitting/fat/fertile/腓 [fei2] /calf of leg/decay/protect/淝 [fei2] /name of a river/腓立比书 [fei2 li4 bi3 shu1] /Philipians/腓利门书 [fei2 li4 men2 shu1] /Philemon/肥料 [fei2 liao4] /fertilizer/manure/肥胖 [fei2 pan2] /fat/肥硕 [fei2 shi2] /stout/肥沃 [fei2 wo4] /fertile/肥皂 [fei2 zao4] /soap/匪 [fei3] /bandit/斐 [fei3] /(phonetic)/(surname)/elegant/翡 [fei3] /green jade/kingfisher/诽 [fei3] /slander/悱 [fei3] /want but cannot speak/榧 [fei3] /Torreya nucifera/蜚 [fei3] /gad-fly/篚 [fei3] /round covered basket/诽谤 [fei3 bang4] /slander/libel/翡翠 [fei3 cui4] /emerald/匪徒 [fei3 tu2] /gangster/bandit/匪徒集团 [fei3 tu2 ji2 tuan2] /gangster/吠 [fei4] /to bark/怫 [fei4] /anger/沸 [fei4] /boil/肺 [fei4] /lung/芾 [fei4] /small/费 [fei4] /to cost/to spend/fee/wasteful/expenses/(surname)/痱 [fei4] /prickly heat/废 [fei4] /abolish/crippled/狒 [fei4] /hamadryad baboon/砩 [fei4] /dam up water with rocks/费城 [fei4 cheng2] /Philadelphia/废除 [fei4 chu2] /abolish/abrogate/repeal/废除军备 [fei4 chu2 jun1 bei4] /disarm/废话 [fei4 hua4] /nonsense/rubbish/superfluous words/费力 [fei4 li4] /great effort/to strain (oneself)/废品 [fei4 pin3] /(n) production rejects/(n) scrap; discarded material/废气 [fei4 qi4] /waste (exhaust) gas/steam/沸腾 [fei4 teng2] /boiling/ebullition/废物 [fei4 wu4] /rubbish/废墟 [fei4 xu1] /ruins/肺炎 [fei4 yan2] /pneumonia/inflammation of the lungs/费用 [fei4 yong4] /cost/expenditure/expense/分 [fen1] /to divide/minute/(a measure word)/(a unit of length = 0.33 centimeter)/吩 [fen1] /leave instructions/to order/氛 [fen1] /miasma/vapor/芬 [fen1] /fragrant/纷 [fen1] /numerous/confused/disorderly/玢 [fen1] /porphyrites/酚 [fen1] /phenol/分辨 [fen1 bian4] /(v) put up a defence against an accusation/分别 [fen1 bie2] /difference/distinction/apart/separate/separately/respectively/分波多工 [fen1 bo1 duo1 gong1] /wavelength division multiplexing/WDM/分布 [fen1 bu4] /distributed/to distribute/分布控制 [fen1 bu4 kong4 zhi4] /distributed control/分布式 [fen1 bu4 shi4] /distributed/分布式环境 [fen1 bu4 shi4 huan2 jing4] /distributed (computing) environment/分布式结构 [fen1 bu4 shi4 jie2 gou4] /distributed architecture/分布式网络 [fen1 bu4 shi4 wang3 luo4] /distributed network/分词 [fen1 ci2] /participle/分寸 [fen1 cun4] /(n) the limits of proper speech or action/分担 [fen1 dan1] /share responsibility/分队 [fen1 dui4] /(n) military platoon or squad/分发 [fen1 fa1] /distribute/distribution/芬芳 [fen1 fang1] /(adj) fragrant; pleasant smelling/纷纷 [fen1 fen1] /one after another/in succession/one by one/分付 [fen1 fu4] /(coll.) to order/instruct/吩咐 [fen1 fu4] /tell/instruct/command/分割 [fen1 ge1] /to cut up/to break up/分给 [fen1 gei3] /divide/分工 [fen1 gong1] /divide the work/division of labor/分号 [fen1 hao4] /semicolon/分红 [fen1 hong2] /(n) bonus/(v) award a bonus/分化 [fen1 hua4] /(v) split apart/分会 [fen1 hui4] /branch/分机 [fen1 ji1] /(telephone) extension/分解 [fen1 jie3] /resolve/decompose/break down/分开 [fen1 kai1] /to separate/to part/芬兰 [fen1 lan2] /Finland/芬兰语 [fen1 lan2 yu3] /Finnish (language)/分类 [fen1 lei4] /classification/分离 [fen1 li2] /to separate/分离主义 [fen1 li2 zhu3 yi4] /separatism/分裂 [fen1 lie4] /split up/to split/to divide/to break up/fission/分泌 [fen1 mi4] /secrete/分娩 [fen1 mian3] /delivery/labor/分明 [fen1 ming2] /clearly demarcated/sharply contoured/分母 [fen1 mu3] /(n) denominator/分派 [fen1 pai4] /assign/分配 [fen1 pei4] /to distribute/to assign/to allocate/分批 [fen1 pi1] /(adv) do sth in batches or groups/分期 [fen1 qi1] /(adv) done in a staged manner; step by step/分期付款 [fen1 qi1 fu4 kuan3] /installment/分歧 [fen1 qi2] /difference (of opinion, position)/分清 [fen1 qing1] /(v) distinguish between; make distinctions clear/分散 [fen1 san4] /scatter/disperse/distribute/分散式 [fen1 san4 shi4] /distributed/分散注意 [fen1 san4 zhu4 yi4] /to distract/分时多工 [fen1 shi2 duo1 gong1] /time division multiplexing/TDM/分数 [fen1 shu4] /fraction/分析 [fen1 xi1] /to analyze/analysis/分析家 [fen1 xi1 jia1] /(political) analyst/分析人士 [fen1 xi1 ren2 shi4] /analyst/expert/芬香 [fen1 xiang1] /fragrance/fragrant/分享 [fen1 xiang3] /obtain one's share (of wealth, rights, etc.)/partake/分之 [fen1 zhi1] /(indicating a fraction)/分枝 [fen1 zhi1] /branch/分钟 [fen1 zhong1] /minute/分子 [fen1 zi3] /molecule/numerator of a fraction/(political) elements/members (of a group)/汾 [fen2] /name of a river/焚 [fen2] /burn/坟 [fen2] /a grave/棼 [fen2] /beams in roof/confused/鼢 [fen2] /(mole)/坟墓 [fen2 mu4] /sepulcher/tomb/粉 [fen3] /dust/powder/粉笔 [fen3 bi3] /chalk/粉红色 [fen3 hong2 se4] /pink/粉末 [fen3 mo4] /(n) fine powder; dust/粉碎 [fen3 sui4] /crash/break up/分 [fen4] /part/份 [fen4] /(a measure word for gifts, copies of a newspaper)/copy (of newspaper, magazine, etc.)/share/portion/part/(a measure word)/忿 [fen4] /vehement/愤 [fen4] /indignant/anger/resentment/奋 [fen4] /exert oneself/粪 [fen4] /manure/dung/偾 [fen4] /instigate/ruin/destroy/瀵 [fen4] /name of a river/valley vapor/奋斗 [fen4 dou4] /strive/struggle/份儿 [fen4 er5] /degree, extent/愤愤不平 [fen4 fen4 bu4 ping2] /indignant/愤恨 [fen4 hen4] /(adj) embittered; resentful/愤慨 [fen4 kai3] /resent/resentment/分量 [fen4 liang4] /weight/份量 [fen4 liang4] /quantity/愤怒 [fen4 nu4] /angry/indignant/份外 [fen4 wai4] /(adv) especially/(n) not ones responsibility or job/奋勇 [fen4 yong3] /(adv) using extreme force of will; without fear/奋战 [fen4 zhan4] /(v) fight courageously/份子 [fen4 zi3] /(n) person with a particular trait; member/丰 [feng1] /abundant/gracefulness/封 [feng1] /to confer/to grant/to seal/(a measure word)/风 [feng1] /wind/news/style/custom/manner/峰 [feng1] /peak/summit/烽 [feng1] /beacon fire/枫 [feng1] /maple/蜂 [feng1] /bee/wasp/疯 [feng1] /insane/mad/wild/锋 [feng1] /point or edge of a tool/丰 [feng1] /(surname)/abundant/plentiful/great/葑 [feng1] /(turnip)/沣 [feng1] /name of a river/酆 [feng1] /(surname)/name of an ancient city/风暴 [feng1 bao4] /storm/封闭 [feng1 bi4] /(v) close or seal up/风波 [feng1 bo1] /disturbance/crisis/丰产 [feng1 chan3] /high yield/bumper crop/风潮 [feng1 chao2] /campaign/storm and stress/蜂巢 [feng1 chao2] /honeycomb/风车 [feng1 che1] /windmill/封地 [feng1 di4] /manor/风度 [feng1 du4] /(n) demeanor; conduct/蜂房 [feng1 fang2] /hive/honeycomb/丰富 [feng1 fu4] /rich/plentiful/丰富多彩 [feng1 fu4 duo1 cai3] /richly colorful/风格 [feng1 ge2] /style/风光 [feng1 guang1] /(n) natural scenic view/封建 [feng1 jian4] /feudal/风景 [feng1 jing3] /scenery/landscape/疯狂 [feng1 kuang2] /madness/风浪 [feng1 lang4] /(n) wind and waves; storm tossed sea//风力 [feng1 li4] /wind-force/wind power/锋利 [feng1 li4] /(adj) sharp (i.e. a knife blade)/(adj) incisive; to the point/丰满 [feng1 man3] /(adj) well developed; plump/蜂蜜 [feng1 mi4] /honey/蜂蜜酒 [feng1 mi4 jiu3] /mead/风气 [feng1 qi4] /general mood/atmosphere/common practice/风琴 [feng1 qin2] /organ (musical instrument)/风趣 [feng1 qu4] /humor/wit/humorous/witty/封入 [feng1 ru4] /enclose/风沙 [feng1 sha1] /(n) wind borne sand/风尚 [feng1 shang4] /(n) current custom; current way of doing things/风湿 [feng1 shi1] /rheumatism/丰收 [feng1 shou1] /bumper harvest/枫树 [feng1 shu4] /maple/风水 [feng1 shui3] /fengshui/geomancy/风俗 [feng1 su2] /custom/封锁 [feng1 suo3] /blockade/seal off/风土人情 [feng1 tu3 ren2 qing2] /local conditions (human and environmental)/风味 [feng1 wei4] /local flavor/local style/风险 [feng1 xian3] /risk/风箱 [feng1 xiang1] /bellows/丰衣足食 [feng1 yi1 zu2 shi2] /have ample food and clothing/be well-fed and well-clothed/风筝 [feng1 zheng1] /kite/疯子 [feng1 zi5] /madman/lunatic/逢 [feng2] /every time/meet by chance/缝 [feng2] /to sew/to stitch/唪 [feng3] /recite/chant/奉 [feng4] /to receive (from superior)/to offer/to revere/俸 [feng4] /salary/凤 [feng4] /phoenix/讽 [feng4] /satirize/缝 [feng4] /crack/seam/缝补 [feng4 bu3] /darn (clothing)/奉承 [feng4 cheng2] /fawn/flatter/奉承者 [feng4 cheng2 zhe3] /flatterer/讽刺 [feng4 ci4] /irony/satire/凤凰 [feng4 huang2] /(n) legendary phoenix bird/凤梨 [feng4 li2] /pineapple/缝纫 [feng4 ren4] /sew/奉现 [feng4 xian4] /offering/奉献 [feng4 xian4] /consecrate/dedicate/devote/奉行 [feng4 xing2] /to pursue (a course, a policy)/缝针 [feng4 zhen1] /needle/佛 [fo2] /Buddha/Buddhism/佛教 [fo2 jiao4] /Buddhism/佛教徒 [fo2 jiao4 tu2] /a Buddhist/佛兰芒语 [fo2 lan2 mang2 yu3] /Flemish (language)/佛罗里达 [fo2 luo2 li3 da2] /Florida/佛蒙特 [fo2 meng2 te4] /Vermont [US state]/缶 [fou3] /pottery/否 [fou3] /to negate/to deny/not/否定 [fou3 ding4] /negative/否决 [fou3 jue2] /veto/否决权 [fou3 jue2 quan2] /veto power/否认 [fou3 ren4] /to declare to be untrue/to deny/否有效 [fou3 you3 xiao4] /inefficient/否则 [fou3 ze2] /if not/otherwise/else/or else/夫 [fu1] /husband/man/夫 [fu1] /porter/趺 [fu1] /instep/tarsus/孵 [fu1] /hatch/敷 [fu1] /announce/apply/肤 [fu1] /skin/麸 [fu1] /bran/跗 [fu1] /instep/tarsus/夫妇 [fu1 fu4] /a (married) couple/husband and wife/孵化 [fu1 hua4] /breeding/夫妻 [fu1 qi1] /man and wife/夫妻店 [fu1 qi1 dian4] /family-run shop/夫权 [fu1 quan2] /authority over the household/夫人 [fu1 ren5] /lady/madam/Mrs./敷衍 [fu1 yan3] /(v) apathetic; perfunctory/夫子 [fu1 zi3] /pedant/(old form of address)/弗 [fu2] /not/伏 [fu2] /conceal (ambush)/prostrate/submit/孚 [fu2] /trust/扶 [fu2] /to support with hand/to help sb. up/to help/佛 [fu2] /seemingly/怫 [fu2] /anxious/拂 [fu2] /brush away/服 [fu2] /clothes/dress/garment/submit/take (medicine)/芙 [fu2] /lotus/芾 [fu2] /luxuriance of vegetation/俘 [fu2] /prisoner of war/氟 [fu2] /fluorine/浮 [fu2] /to float/匐 [fu2] /fall prostrate/涪 [fu2] /name of a river/符 [fu2] /mark/sign/talisman/to seal/to correspond (to)/tally/symbol/written charm/to coincide/绋 [fu2] /heavy rope/rope of a bier/绂 [fu2] /ribbon for a seal/sash/幅 [fu2] /(measure word for textile or picture)/width/roll/菔 [fu2] /(turnip)/袱 [fu2] /bundle wrapped in cloth/福 [fu2] /good fortune/蝠 [fu2] /bat/辐 [fu2] /spoke of a wheel/罘 [fu2] /place name/苻 [fu2] /Angelica anomala/砩 [fu2] /name of a stone/祓 [fu2] /cleanse/remove evil/茯 [fu2] /Pachyma cocos/china root/蚨 [fu2] /(water-beetle)/money/郛 [fu2] /suburbs/桴 [fu2] /beam/rafter/艴 [fu2] /angry/莩 [fu2] /pellicle of culms/蜉 [fu2] /(dragon fly)/(large ant)/(wasp)/凫 [fu2] /mallard/Anas platyrhyncha/黻 [fu2] /(embroidery)/浮标 [fu2 biao1] /buoy/扶持 [fu2 chi2] /to help/to assist/服从 [fu2 cong2] /obey (an order)/浮点 [fu2 dian3] /floating point/浮点运算 [fu2 dian3 yun4 suan4] /floating point operation/浮雕 [fu2 diao1] /(n) relief sculpture/浮动 [fu2 dong4] /(v) float and drift/(v) be unstable/幅度 [fu2 du4] /width/extent/符号 [fu2 hao4] /symbol/mark/sign/符合 [fu2 he2] /in keeping with/in accordance with/to agree with/to correspond with/to be in line with/manage/to handle/符合标准 [fu2 he2 biao1 zhun3] /to comply with a standard/standards-compliant/符合美国利益 [fu2 he2 mei3 guo2 li4 yi4] /in line with American interests/浮华 [fu2 hua2] /vanity/符记 [fu2 ji4] /token/符记环 [fu2 ji4 huan2] /token ring/福建 [fu2 jian4] /Fujian (province of China)/福建省 [fu2 jian4 sheng3] /(N) Fujian, a coastal province in east China/福利 [fu2 li4] /(material) welfare/well-being/俘虏 [fu2 lu3] /captive/服气 [fu2 qi4] /(v) be convinced/福气 [fu2 qi4] /(n) good luck; good fortune/弗塞奇 [fu2 sai1 qi2] /Versace (fashion designer)/拂扫 [fu2 sao3] /whisk/辐射 [fu2 she4] /radiation/辐射波 [fu2 she4 bo1] /radiation (wave)/radiated wave/扶手 [fu2 shou3] /railing/辐条 [fu2 tiao2] /(wheel) spoke/服完 [fu2 wan2] /serve out (a sentence)/服务 [fu2 wu4] /to serve/service/服务广告协议 [fu2 wu4 guang3 gao4 xie2 yi4] /Service Advertisement Protocol/SAP/服务规章 [fu2 wu4 gui1 zhang1] /service regulation/服务器 [fu2 wu4 qi4] /server (computer)/服务提供者 [fu2 wu4 ti2 gong1 zhe3] /service provider/服务提供商 [fu2 wu4 ti2 gong4 shang1] /(Internet) service provider/服务员 [fu2 wu4 yuan2] /waiter/waitress/server/服务质量 [fu2 wu4 zhi4 liang4] /Quality of Service/QOS/服刑 [fu2 xing2] /serve a prison sentence/服役 [fu2 yi4] /serve in the army/be in active service/福音 [fu2 yin1] /gospel/幅员 [fu2 yuan2] /a country's surface area/extent of a country/浮着 [fu2 zhe5] /afloat/扶植 [fu2 zhi2] /foster/support/福州 [fu2 zhou1] /(N) Fuzhou, capitol of Fujian province in east China/服装 [fu2 zhuang1] /dress/clothing/costume/clothes/甫 [fu3] /just/just now/府 [fu3] /prefecture/mansion/斧 [fu3] /hatchet/俯 [fu3] /look down/stoop/釜 [fu3] /kettle/caldron/脯 [fu3] /candied fruit/腑 [fu3] /internal organs/腐 [fu3] /decay/rotten/辅 [fu3] /to assist/to complement/auxiliary/抚 [fu3] /to comfort/touch gently with hand/拊 [fu3] /pat/滏 [fu3] /name of a river in Hebei/黼 [fu3] /(embroidery)/腐败 [fu3 bai4] /corruption/腐败罪 [fu3 bai4 zui4] /the crime of corruption/抚抱 [fu3 bao4] /caress/辅币 [fu3 bi4] /fractional currency/辅导 [fu3 dao3] /to coach/to tutor/to give advise (in study)/腐化 [fu3 hua4] /(v) become corrupt/(v) rot; decay/腐坏 [fu3 huai4] /rot/辅课 [fu3 ke4] /subsidiary course/腐烂 [fu3 lan4] /(v) become rotten; become gangrenous/抚摸 [fu3 mo1] /gently caress and stroke/腐蚀 [fu3 shi2] /rusty/俯视 [fu3 shi4] /overlook/斧头 [fu3 tou2] /ax/hatchet/腐朽 [fu3 xiu3] /rotten/decayed/decadent/degenerate/抚养 [fu3 yang3] /to foster/to bring up/to raise/抚养成人 [fu3 yang3 cheng2 ren2] /to bring up (a child)/辅音 [fu3 yin1] /consonant/抚育 [fu3 yu4] /(v) nurture; raise/辅助 [fu3 zhu4] /to assist/to aide/斧子 [fu3 zi5] /axe/hatchet/父 [fu4] /father/付 [fu4] /pay/咐 [fu4] /to order/阜 [fu4] /abundant/mound/附 [fu4] /to add/to attach/to be close to/to be attached/讣 [fu4] /obituary notice/负 [fu4] /lose/negative (math. etc.)/to bear/to carry (on one's back)/赴 [fu4] /go towards/go to/attend (a banquet, etc.)/to go/副 [fu4] /secondary/auxiliary/deputy/assistant/vice-/(measure word for a pair)/妇 [fu4] /woman/傅 [fu4] /(surname)/tutor/富 [fu4] /rich/复 [fu4] /again/recover/reply to a letter/to repeat/to duplicate/腹 [fu4] /abdomen/stomach/belly/赋 [fu4] /poetic essay/taxation/bestow on/endow with/驸 [fu4] /prince consort/赙 [fu4] /contribute to funeral expenses/覆 [fu4] /cover/overflow/to reply to a letter/蝮 [fu4] /venomous snake/鲋 [fu4] /silver carp/鳆 [fu4] /Haliotis gigantea/sea ear/副本 [fu4 ben3] /duplicate/transcript/复本 [fu4 ben3] /copy/附笔 [fu4 bi3] /postscript/复辟 [fu4 bi4] /(v) recovers one's power or authority/腹部 [fu4 bu4] /abdomen/belly/flank/富布赖特 [fu4 bu4 lai4 te4] /Fulbright (scholarship)/副部长 [fu4 bu4 zhang3] /assistant (government) minister/复仇 [fu4 chou2] /avenge/vengeance/付出 [fu4 chu1] /(v) pay/副词 [fu4 ci2] /adverb/附带 [fu4 dai4] /(adv) incidentally; by chance/负担 [fu4 dan1] /(bear a) burden/负担者 [fu4 dan1 zhe3] /bearer/覆盖 [fu4 gai4] /to cover/富贵 [fu4 gui4] /(n) riches and honor/复合 [fu4 he2] /complex/compound/附和 [fu4 he4] /(v) repeat in agreement (actions; words)/复活 [fu4 huo2] /resurrection/复活节 [fu4 huo2 jie2] /Easter/附寄 [fu4 ji4] /enclose/附加 [fu4 jia1] /additional/annex/附加物 [fu4 jia1 wu4] /complement/附件 [fu4 jian4] /enclosure/附近 [fu4 jin4] /(in the) vicinity/nearby/neighboring/next to/副刊 [fu4 kan1] /supplement/付款 [fu4 kuan3] /pay/payment/附录 [fu4 lu4] /appendix/覆灭 [fu4 mie4] /destruction/覆没 [fu4 mo4] /annihilated/capsized/父母 [fu4 mu3] /father and mother/parents/父母亲 [fu4 mu3 qin1] /parent/妇女 [fu4 nu:3] /woman/富强 [fu4 qiang2] /(adj) rich and powerful/父亲 [fu4 qin1] /father/父亲 [fu4 qin5] /father/妇人 [fu4 ren2] /married woman/富色彩 [fu4 se4 cai3] /colorful/负伤 [fu4 shang1] /(v) be wounded/附上 [fu4 shang4] /attach/复审 [fu4 shen3] /reexamine (a judicial case)/副食 [fu4 shi2] /non-staple food/富士通 [fu4 shi4 tong1] /Fujitsu/附属 [fu4 shu3] /subordinate/复述 [fu4 shu4] /repeat/retell/复数 [fu4 shu4] /plural/赋税 [fu4 shui4] /taxation/复苏 [fu4 su1] /recovery (health, economic)/覆亡 [fu4 wang2] /fall (of an empire)/复习 [fu4 xi2] /to revise/to review/复写纸 [fu4 xie3 zhi3] /carbon paper/复兴 [fu4 xing1] /restore/副业 [fu4 ye4] /(n) sideline occupation; pastime/复印 [fu4 yin4] /to duplicate (printed matter)/复印 [fu4 yin4] /duplicate/复印 [fu4 yin4] /(v) make a photocopy; duplicate dument/附庸 [fu4 yong1] /vassal/富有 [fu4 you3] /rich/full of/富于 [fu4 yu2] /to be full of/to be rich in/富於想像 [fu4 yu2 xiang3 xiang4] /imaginative/赋予 [fu4 yu3] /(v) give, confer upon, bestow/富裕 [fu4 yu4] /prosperous/well-to-do/well-off/富余 [fu4 yu5] /(v) have a surplus/复元 [fu4 yuan2] /recovery/复原 [fu4 yuan2] /heal/复韵母 [fu4 yun4 mu3] /compound final/复杂 [fu4 za2] /complicated/complex/复杂性 [fu4 za2 xing4] /complexity/负载 [fu4 zai4] /load/负责 [fu4 ze2] /in charge of/to be responsible for (sth)/负责人 [fu4 ze2 ren2] /person in charge (of something)/负责任 [fu4 ze2 ren4] /responsibility for/blamed for/be in charge of/负债 [fu4 zhai4] /indebted/附着 [fu4 zhe5] /adhere/attachment/复制 [fu4 zhi4] /to duplicate/to reproduce/to make a copy of/to copy/复制品 [fu4 zhi4 pin3] /reproduction/负重担 [fu4 zhong4 dan1] /burdened/副主席 [fu4 zhu3 xi2] /vice-chairperson/副总理 [fu4 zong3 li3] /vice-premier/vice prime minister/副总统 [fu4 zong3 tong3] /vice-president/副作用 [fu4 zuo4 yong4] /side effect/伽马射线 [ga1 ma3 she4 xian4] /gamma rays/嘎 [ga2] /cackling sound/噶 [ga2] /(phonetic)/钆 [ga2] /gadolinium/嘎嘎 [ga2 ga2] /quack/尕 [ga3] /(phonetic)/尬 [ga4] /in an embarrassing situation/垓 [gai1] /boundary/该 [gai1] /that/the above-mentioned/most likely/to deserve/should/ought to/owe/赅 [gai1] /(surname)/include in/prepare/陔 [gai1] /step/terrace/改 [gai3] /to change/to alter/to transform/to correct/改编 [gai3 bian1] /to adapt/to rearrange/to revise/改变 [gai3 bian4] /to change/to alter/to transform/改变形像 [gai3 bian4 xing2 xiang4] /transfiguration/改革 [gai3 ge2] /to reform/改革进程 [gai3 ge2 jin4 cheng2] /reform process/改革者 [gai3 ge2 zhe3] /reformer/改过 [gai3 guo4] /to correct/to fix/改建 [gai3 jian4] /(v) rebuild/改进 [gai3 jin4] /to improve/to make better/改口 [gai3 kou3] /to correct oneself/to withdraw or modify one's previous remark/改良 [gai3 liang2] /improve/改名 [gai3 ming2] /to change ones name/改善 [gai3 shan4] /to make better/to improve/改善关系 [gai3 shan4 guan1 xi5] /to improve relations/改善通讯 [gai3 shan4 tong1 xun4] /to improve communications/改邪归正 [gai3 xie2 gui1 zheng4] /(saying) to give up evil and return to good/改写 [gai3 xie3] /(v) revise; edit/改造 [gai3 zao4] /to change/to alter/to transform/改正 [gai3 zheng4] /to correct/to amend/to put right/correction/改装 [gai3 zhuang1] /remodel/改组 [gai3 zu3] /reorganize/reshuffle (posts, etc.)/丐 [gai4] /beg for alms/beggar/溉 [gai4] /irrigate/钙 [gai4] /calcium/概 [gai4] /general/approximate/盖 [gai4] /lid/top/cover/canopy/to build/戤 [gai4] /infringe upon a trade mark/盖菜 [gai4 cai4] /leaf mustard/盖层 [gai4 ceng2] /cap rock/盖茨 [gai4 ci2] /(Bill) Gates (chairman of Microsoft)/盖尔 [gai4 er3] /Gaelic/盖尔语 [gai4 er3 yu3] /Gaelic (language)/盖饭 [gai4 fan4] /rice with meat and vegetables/概况 [gai4 kuang4] /(n) general situation; summary/概括 [gai4 kuo4] /summarize/generalize/briefly/概念 [gai4 nian4] /concept/idea/盖然性 [gai4 ran2 xing4] /probability/盖世 [gai4 shi4] /unrivalled/matchless/盖世太保 [gai4 shi4 tai4 bao3] /Gestapo/盖章 [gai4 zhang1] /to affix a seal (to sth)/盖子 [gai4 zi5] /cover/lid/shell/干 [gan1] /dry/to concern/shield/甘 [gan1] /(surname)/sweet/杆 [gan1] /pole/肝 [gan1] /liver/坩 [gan1] /crucible/柑 [gan1] /large tangerine/竿 [gan1] /pole/疳 [gan1] /rickets/干 [gan1] /dry/泔 [gan1] /slop from rinsing rice/酐 [gan1] /anhydride/干杯 [gan1 bei1] /to drink a toast/to propose a toast/here's to/cheers/干草 [gan1 cao3] /hay/干脆 [gan1 cui4] /straightforward/clear-cut/甘地 [gan1 di4] /(Mahatma) Gandhi/尴尬 [gan1 ga4] /awkward/embarrassed/干旱 [gan1 han4] /drought/arid/dry/干净 [gan1 jing4] /clean/neat/甘苦 [gan1 ku3] /(n) good times and bad times; trial and tribulations/甘蓝菜 [gan1 lan2 cai4] /cabbage/干酪 [gan1 lao4] /cheese/干扰 [gan1 rao3] /interfere/obstruction/干涉 [gan1 she4] /interfere/甘肃 [gan1 su4] /Gansu province, China/甘肃省 [gan1 su4 sheng3] /(N) Gansu,a north central China province/甘心 [gan1 xin1] /(v) want (to do sth)/(v) be satisfied/肝炎 [gan1 yan2] /hepatitis/干预 [gan1 yu4] /meddle/intervene/肝脏 [gan1 zang4] /liver/干燥 [gan1 zao4] /dry/arid/dull/甘蔗 [gan1 zhe4] /cane/感染者 [gan2 ran3 zhe3] /infected person/杆 [gan3] /M for guns/杆 [gan3] /stick/pole/敢 [gan3] /dare/秆 [gan3] /stalks of grain/感 [gan3] /to feel/to move/to touch/to affect/赶 [gan3] /to catch up/to overtake/to hurry/to rush/to drive away/橄 [gan3] /olive/赶 [gan3] /catch up/drive away/hurry/澉 [gan3] /place name/wash/赶不上 [gan3 bu4 shang4] /can't keep up with/can't catch up with/感到 [gan3 dao4] /to feel/to sense/to have the feeling that/think that/to move/to affect/感动 [gan3 dong4] /to move (sb)/to touch/moving/感恩 [gan3 en1] /thanksgiving/感官 [gan3 guan1] /sense/sense organ/感化 [gan3 hua4] /(v) put sb on the right path by word or example; correct sb who is erring/感化饼干 [gan3 hua4 bing3 gan1] /wafer/感激 [gan3 ji1] /appreciate/赶紧 [gan3 jin3] /hurriedly/感觉 [gan3 jue2] /to feel/to become aware of/feeling/sense/perception/感觉到 [gan3 jue2 dao4] /feel/感慨 [gan3 kai3] /lament/with a tinge of emotion or regret/赶快 [gan3 kuai4] /at once/immediately/橄榄球 [gan3 lan3 qiu2] /football/橄榄树 [gan3 lan3 shu4] /olive tree/赶忙 [gan3 mang2] /hurry/hasten/make haste/感冒 [gan3 mao4] /to catch cold/(common) cold/感情 [gan3 qing2] /feeling/emotion/affection/sensation/感染 [gan3 ran3] /infection/to infect/to influence/感染人数 [gan3 ran3 ren2 shu4] /number of infected persons/赶上 [gan3 shang4] /keep up with/catch up with/感受 [gan3 shou4] /feel/experience/感叹 [gan3 tan4] /to sigh (with feeling)/感叹词 [gan3 tan4 ci2] /interjection/感想 [gan3 xiang3] /impressions/reflections/thoughts/感谢 [gan3 xie4] /(express) thanks/gratitude/grateful/thankful/thanks/感性 [gan3 xing4] /sensibility/感兴趣 [gan3 xing4 qu4] /be interested/敢於 [gan3 yu2] /dare to/be bold in/have the courage to/干 [gan4] /to work/to do/to manage/淦 [gan4] /name of a river/干 [gan4] /manage/stem/赣 [gan4] /Jiangxi/旰 [gan4] /sunset/evening/绀 [gan4] /violet or purple/干部 [gan4 bu4] /a cadre (i.e. manager, staff, officer, etc.)/干活儿 [gan4 huo2 er5] /(v) do manual work/干劲 [gan4 jing4] /(n) enthusiasm for doing something/干么 [gan4 ma2] /why on earth/whatever for/干事 [gan4 shi5] /administrative secretary (in charge of something)/干线 [gan4 xian4] /(n) main road; primary route/扛 [gang1] /lift overhead with both hands/杠 [gang1] /footbridge/肛 [gang1] /anus/冈 [gang1] /ridge/mound/缸 [gang1] /jar/vat/刚 [gang1] /hard/firm/strong/just/barely/exactly/纲 [gang1] /main headings/钢 [gang1] /steel/罡 [gang1] /(stars)/钢笔 [gang1 bi3] /fountain pen/刚才 [gang1 cai2] /(just) a moment ago/钢材 [gang1 cai2] /(n) raw steel material (sheets; ingots; etc)/杠杆 [gang1 gan3] /(n) lever; pry bar/刚刚 [gang1 gang5] /just recently/just a moment ago/刚果 [gang1 guo3] /Congo/刚好 [gang1 hao3] /just/exactly/happen to be/刚架 [gang1 jia4] /rigid frame/刚健 [gang1 jian4] /energetic/robust/刚劲 [gang1 jing4] /bold/vigorous/纲领 [gang1 ling3] /program/guiding principle/刚毛 [gang1 mao2] /bristle/刚强 [gang1 qiang2] /firm/unyielding/钢琴 [gang1 qin2] /piano/钢琴家 [gang1 qin2 jia1] /pianist/刚体 [gang1 ti3] /rigid body/钢铁 [gang1 tie3] /steel/刚性 [gang1 xing4] /rigidity/纲要 [gang1 yao4] /(n) outline; essential points/刚正 [gang1 zheng4] /honest/upright/刚直 [gang1 zhi2] /upright and outspoken/岗 [gang3] /mound/policeman's beat/港 [gang3] /harbor/港币 [gang3 bi4] /Hong Kong currency/Hong Kong dollar/港口 [gang3 kou3] /port/harbor/港人 [gang3 ren2] /Hong Kong person or people/港弯 [gang3 wan1] /harbor/岗位 [gang3 wei4] /a post/a job/杠 [gang4] /carrying pole/horizontal bar/皋 [gao1] /bank/marsh/羔 [gao1] /lamb/高 [gao1] /high/tall/膏 [gao1] /ointment/paste/篙 [gao1] /pole for punting boats/糕 [gao1] /cake/槔 [gao1] /water pulley/睾 [gao1] /bank/marsh/testicles/高昂 [gao1 ang2] /in high spirits/elation/高层 [gao1 ceng2] /high level/high class/高层旅馆 [gao1 ceng2 lu:3 guan3] /luxury hotel/high class hotel/高产 [gao1 chan3] /(adj) high yielding/高唱 [gao1 chang4] /sing loudly/chant/高超 [gao1 chao1] /(adj) excellent/高潮 [gao1 chao2] /high tide/high water/upsurge/高达 [gao1 da2] /attain/reach up to/高大 [gao1 da4] /tall/lofty/高档 [gao1 dang4] /(adj) top quality/高等 [gao1 deng3] /higher/high level/高等学校 [gao1 deng3 xue2 xiao4] /colleges and universities/高低 [gao1 di1] /(adv) simply; just/(n) height/(n) quality; scale from best to worst/高地 [gao1 di4] /highland/upland/高度 [gao1 du4] /height/very/high degree/highly/height/highness/高尔夫球 [gao1 er3 fu1 qiu2] /golf/高飞 [gao1 fei1] /soar/高峰 [gao1 feng1] /peak/summit/height/高贵 [gao1 gui4] /grandeur/noble/高级 [gao1 ji2] /high level/high grade/advanced/high-ranking/高级官员 [gao1 ji2 guan1 yuan2] /high ranking official/high level official/高级研究 [gao1 ji2 yan2 jiu1] /advanced research/高级语言 [gao1 ji2 yu3 yan2] /high level language/高技术 [gao1 ji4 shu4] /high technology/high tech/高架 [gao1 jia4] /overhead/高价 [gao1 jia4] /expensive/高脚杯 [gao1 jiao3 bei1] /goblet/高阶 [gao1 jie1] /high level/高阶语言 [gao1 jie1 yu3 yan2] /high level language/高考 [gao1 kao3] /(n) college enterance exam/高科技 [gao1 ke1 ji4] /high tech/high technology/高空 [gao1 kong1] /(n) high altitude/高梁 [gao1 liang2] /(n) sorghum/高密 [gao1 mi4] /high density/高明 [gao1 ming2] /smart/clever/wise/brilliant/高山 [gao1 shan1] /alpine/高尚 [gao1 shang4] /nobly/lofty/高烧 [gao1 shao1] /(n) high fever/高声 [gao1 sheng1] /aloud/loud/loudly/高耸 [gao1 song3] /erect/to stand tall/高速 [gao1 su4] /high speed/高速公路 [gao1 su4 gong1 lu4] /highway/高速率 [gao1 su4 lu:4] /high speed/高速网络 [gao1 su4 wang3 luo4] /high speed network/高速乙太网路 [gao1 su4 yi3 tai4 wang3 lu4] /fast Ethernet/睾丸 [gao1 wan2] /testicle/高温 [gao1 wen1] /(n) high temperature/高效率 [gao1 xiao4 lu:4] /high efficiency/高效能 [gao1 xiao4 neng2] /high-efficiency/高兴 [gao1 xing4] /happy/glad/willing (to do sth)/in a cheerful mood/高性能 [gao1 xing4 neng2] /high performance/高血压 [gao1 xue4 ya1] /(n) high blood pressure/高压 [gao1 ya1] /high-handed/高雅 [gao1 ya3] /dainty/elegance/elegant/高原 [gao1 yuan2] /plateau/高远 [gao1 yuan3] /lofty/高涨 [gao1 zhang3] /upsurge/(tensions, etc.) run high/高质量 [gao1 zhi4 liang4] /high quality/高中 [gao1 zhong1] /high and middle/高中生 [gao1 zhong1 sheng1] /senior high school student/高祖父 [gao1 zu3 fu4] /great great grandfather/高祖母 [gao1 zu3 mu3] /great great grandmother/杲 [gao3] /high/sun shines brightly/to shine/搞 [gao3] /to do/to make/to go in for/to set up/to get hold of/to take care of/槁 [gao3] /dry/rotten (as wood)/稿 [gao3] /manuscript/draft/stalk of grain/缟 [gao3] /plain white silk/镐 [gao3] /a pick/搞鬼 [gao3 gui3] /(v) secretly make mischief/搞活 [gao3 huo2] /(v) make sth lively; invigorate/稿件 [gao3 jian4] /(n) rough draft of a document/(n) written materials which contribute to a final document/稿纸 [gao3 zhi3] /(n) draft paper/稿子 [gao3 zi5] /(n) draft of a document/(n) a mental plan/(n) precedent/告 [gao4] /to tell/to inform/to say/诰 [gao4] /enjoin/grant (a title)/郜 [gao4] /(surname)/name of a feudal state/锆 [gao4] /zirconium/告别 [gao4 bie2] /to leave/to bid farewell to/to say good-bye to/告辞 [gao4 ci2] /take leave of/告诫 [gao4 jie4] /warn/admonish/告示 [gao4 shi4] /announcement/告诉 [gao4 su5] /to tell/to inform/to let know/告终 [gao4 zhong1] /end/reach an end/告状 [gao4 zhuang4] /(v) bring a lawsuit against sb/(v) lodge a complaint against sb with a manager/戈 [ge1] /(surname)/spear/疙 [ge1] /pimple/wart/咯 [ge1] /(phonetic)/纥 [ge1] /knot/哥 [ge1] /elder brother/胳 [ge1] /armpit/割 [ge1] /cut off/歌 [ge1] /song/搁 [ge1] /to place/鸽 [ge1] /pigeon/dove/圪 [ge1] /(phonetic)/搁板 [ge1 ban3] /shelf/哥本哈根 [ge1 ben3 ha1 gen1] /Copenhagen ???/胳膊 [ge1 bo5] /(n) arm/割草 [ge1 cao3] /mow grass/歌唱 [ge1 chang4] /sing/歌词 [ge1 ci2] /song lyric/疙瘩 [ge1 da5] /(n) lump, swelling on skin; pimple/(n) knot/(n) preoccupation, problem/戈尔 [ge1 er3] /(Al) Gore (US vice-president)/戈尔巴乔夫 [ge1 er3 ba1 qiao2 fu1] /(former Soviet leader) Gorbachev/咯咯笑 [ge1 ge1 xiao4] /chuckle/哥哥 [ge1 ge5] /older brother/歌剧 [ge1 ju4] /opera/哥林多后书 [ge1 lin2 duo1 hou4 shu1] /2 Corinthians/哥林多前书 [ge1 lin2 duo1 qian2 shu1] /1 Corinthians/哥伦比亚 [ge1 lun2 bi3 ya4] /Colombia/Columbia (District of, or University, etc)/哥伦比亚大学 [ge1 lun2 bi3 ya4 da4 xue2] /Columbia University/哥伦布纪 [ge1 lun2 bu4 ji4] /Columbus/歌罗西书 [ge1 luo2 xi1 shu1] /Colossians/歌曲 [ge1 qu3] /song/割伤 [ge1 shang1] /slash/歌手 [ge1 shou3] /singer/歌颂 [ge1 song4] /sing the praises of/extol/eulogize/歌星 [ge1 xing1] /(n) singing star; famous singer/歌谣 [ge1 yao2] /chant/歌咏 [ge1 yong3] /(n) singing/搁置 [ge1 zhi4] /shelve/set aside/鸽子 [ge1 zi3] /pigeon/革 [ge2] /leather/remove/格 [ge2] /frame/rule/鬲 [ge2] /(surname)/earthen pot/iron caldron/蛤 [ge2] /clam/葛 [ge2] /coarse grass linen/隔 [ge2] /to separate/to stand or lie between/to divide/to cut off/膈 [ge2] /diaphragm/阁 [ge2] /council-chamber/shelf/阖 [ge2] /council-chamber/shelf/side door/骼 [ge2] /skeleton/镉 [ge2] /cadmium/嗝 [ge2] /hiccup/belch/塥 [ge2] /dry clay lump/搿 [ge2] /to hug/隔壁 [ge2 bi4] /next door/格格不入 [ge2 ge2 bu4 ru4] /(saying) inharmonious; incompatible/格格笑 [ge2 ge2 xiao4] /giggle/隔阂 [ge2 he2] /estrangement/格局 [ge2 ju2] /(n) structure; pattern/隔绝 [ge2 jue2] /(v) become isolated; disconnected/隔开 [ge2 kai1] /to separate/隔离 [ge2 li2] /to separate/to isolate/阁楼 [ge2 lou2] /garret/loft/attic/革命 [ge2 ming4] /(political) revolution/格式 [ge2 shi4] /form/specification/format/格式化 [ge2 shi4 hua4] /to format/格外 [ge2 wai4] /especially/particularly/阁下 [ge2 xia4] /sire/革新 [ge2 xin1] /innovation/格言 [ge2 yan2] /maxim/葛洲坝 [ge2 zhou1 ba4] /name of a place, Gezhouba Dam on the Changjiang River, in Sichuan/格子花呢 [ge2 zi5 hua1 ni2] /plaid, tartan/格子棉布 [ge2 zi5 mian2 bu4] /gingham/合 [ge3] /one-tenth of a peck/葛 [ge3] /(surname)/盖 [ge3] /(surname)/哿 [ge3] /excellent/happy/well-being/舸 [ge3] /barge/各色各样 [ge3 se4 ge3 yang4] /diverse/各 [ge4] /each/every/个 [ge4] /(a measure word)/individual/铬 [ge4] /chromium/虼 [ge4] /flea/各奔前程 [ge4 ben1 qian2 cheng2] /(saying) each person goes his own way, does his own thing/各别 [ge4 bie2] /(adj) in different ways; be different/个别 [ge4 bie2] /individual/respective/respectively/各大军区 [ge4 da4 jun1 qu1] /"the greater military areas"/各地 [ge4 di4] /in all parts of (a country)/various regions/个儿 [ge4 er5] /(n) stature; size/各个 [ge4 ge5] /various/each/separately one-by-one/各国 [ge4 guo2] /each country/every country/various countries/各行各业 [ge4 hang2 ge4 ye4] /(saying) all kinds of occupations/各界 [ge4 jie4] /all walks of life/all social circles/个人 [ge4 ren2] /individual/personal/oneself/各式各样 [ge4 shi4 ge4 yang4] /(of) all kinds and sorts/various/个体 [ge4 ti3] /individual/个体户 [ge4 ti3 hu4] /a small private business (used in mainland China only)/各位 [ge4 wei4] /everybody (a term of address)/个性 [ge4 xing4] /individuality/personality/各种 [ge4 zhong3] /every kind of/all kinds of/various kinds/各种各样 [ge4 zhong3 ge4 yang4] /various sorts and varieties/各自 [ge4 zi5] /each/respective/apiece/个子 [ge4 zi5] /height/stature/build/size/给 [gei3] /to/for/for the benefit of/to give/to allow/to do sth (for sb)/(passive particle)/给以 [gei3 yi3] /give/grant/给与资格 [gei3 yu3 zi1 ge2] /qualify/根 [gen1] /radical (chem.)/root/basis/跟 [gen1] /to follow/to go with/heel/with/and/根本 [gen1 ben3] /(not) at all/simply/fundamental/basic/root/根除 [gen1 chu2] /eradicate/跟从 [gen1 cong2] /follow/跟进 [gen1 jin4] /follow/follow up/根据 [gen1 ju4] /according to/based on/basis/foundation/根据地 [gen1 ju4 di4] /(n) base of operations/根据上表 [gen1 ju4 shang4 biao3] /according to the above table/跟前 [gen1 qian2] /front/in front (of)/根深蒂固 [gen1 shen1 di4 gu4] /deep-rooted (problem, etc)/跟随 [gen1 sui2] /to follow/跟头 [gen1 tou5] /(v) trip; fall down/(v) do a full somersault/根源 [gen1 yuan2] /origin/root (cause)/跟踪 [gen1 zong1] /(v) follow somebody's tracks; tail; shadow/亘 [gen4] /extend across/through/艮 [gen4] /a sign in trigram/茛 [gen4] /ranunculus/更 [geng1] /to change/庚 [geng1] /7th heavenly stem/age/耕 [geng1] /to plow/to till/赓 [geng1] /continue (as a song)/羹 [geng1] /soup/耕畜 [geng1 chu4] /farm animal/耕地 [geng1 di4] /arable land/更高性能 [geng1 gao1 xing4 neng2] /high performance/更换 [geng1 huan4] /replace/羹汤 [geng1 shang1] /soup/更新 [geng1 xin1] /up-to-date/to update/更衣室 [geng1 yi1 shi4] /change room/dressing room/locker room/toilet/耕耘 [geng1 yun2] /plowing and weeding/更正 [geng1 zheng1] /correction/耕种 [geng1 zhong4] /to till/to cultivate/耕作 [geng1 zuo4] /farming/哽 [geng3] /choking/埂 [geng3] /channel for irrigation/耿 [geng3] /(surname)/bright/梗 [geng3] /stem/绠 [geng3] /rope/well-rope/鲠 [geng3] /blunt/fish bones/unyielding/更 [geng4] /more/even more/further/still/still more/更迟 [geng4 chi2] /later/更大 [geng4 da4] /bigger/even bigger/更多 [geng4 duo1] /more/even more/更改 [geng4 gai3] /alter/更高 [geng4 gao1] /higher/even higher/更好 [geng4 hao3] /better/more/更坏 [geng4 huai4] /worse/更加 [geng4 jia1] /more (than sth else)/even more/更远 [geng4 yuan3] /farther/哥儿 [ger1] /brothers/boys/歌儿 [ger1] /song/工 [gong1] /work/worker/skill/profession/trade/craft/labor/弓 [gong1] /a bow (weapon)/公 [gong1] /just/honorable (designation)/public/common/功 [gong1] /merit/achievement/result/service/accomplishment/攻 [gong1] /to attack/to accuse/to study/供 [gong1] /offer (information etc.)/supply/肱 [gong1] /brachium/humerus/宫 [gong1] /palace/恭 [gong1] /respectful/蚣 [gong1] /scolopendra centipede/躬 [gong1] /body/oneself/personally/to bow/龚 [gong1] /(surname)/觥 [gong1] /big/cup made of horn/horn wine container/公安 [gong1 an1] /(Ministry of) Public Security/public safety/public security/公安部 [gong1 an1 bu4] /Ministry of Public Security/公安官员 [gong1 an1 guan1 yuan2] /public safety officials/公安局 [gong1 an1 ju2] /Public Security Bureau/公报 [gong1 bao4] /announcement/bulletin/communique/公秉 [gong1 bing3] /kiloliter/供不应求 [gong1 bu2 ying4 qiu2] /(saying) demand exceeds supply/公布 [gong1 bu4] /publicly announce/to make public/to publish/工厂 [gong1 chang3] /factory/工程 [gong1 cheng2] /engineering/an engineering project/project/undertaking/工程师 [gong1 cheng2 shi1] /engineer/工程学 [gong1 cheng2 xue2] /engineering/公尺 [gong1 chi3] /meter/公寸 [gong1 cun4] /decimeter/公撮 [gong1 cuo1] /milliliter/攻打 [gong1 da3] /attack/assault/公道 [gong1 dao5] /(adj) fair; equitable/工地 [gong1 di4] /construction site/宫殿 [gong1 dian4] /palace/公斗 [gong1 dou3] /decaliter/攻读 [gong1 du2] /(v) major in a field; study a speciality in order to achieve a higher degree/工读学校 [gong1 du2 xue2 xiao4] /the reformatory/reform school/公吨 [gong1 dun1] /ton/metric ton/公费 [gong1 fei4] /at public expense/公分 [gong1 fen1] /centimeter/gram/工夫 [gong1 fu5] /work/labor/effort/功夫 [gong1 fu5] /skill/art/kung fu/labor/effort/公告 [gong1 gao4] /post/供给 [gong1 gei3] /furnish/provide/supply/公共 [gong1 gong4] /public/common (use)/公共交换电话网路 [gong1 gong4 jiao1 huan4 dian4 hua4 wang3 lu4] /public switched telephone network/PSTN/公共汽车 [gong1 gong4 qi4 che1] /bus/公公 [gong1 gong5] /husband's father/father-in-law/公关 [gong1 guan1] /(n) public relations/攻关 [gong1 guan1] /(v) attack a key problem/共和政体 [gong1 he2 zheng4 ti3] /republican/恭贺新禧 [gong1 he4 xin1 xi3] /Happy New Year/工会 [gong1 hui4] /union/公会 [gong1 hui4] /guild/公鸡 [gong1 ji1] /cock/rooster/功绩 [gong1 ji1] /feat/攻击 [gong1 ji1] /to attack/to accuse/to charge/(military) attack/弓箭手 [gong1 jian4 shou3] /archer/工匠 [gong1 jiang4] /artisan/smith/公斤 [gong1 jin1] /kilogram/恭敬 [gong1 jing4] /(adj) respectful; deferential/工具 [gong1 ju4] /tool/instrument/utensil/means/工具书 [gong1 ju4 shu1] /(n) trade book; reference book/公爵 [gong1 jue2] /duke/公爵夫人 [gong1 jue2 fu1 ren2] /duchess/公开 [gong1 kai1] /public/公开讨论会 [gong1 kai1 tao3 lun4 hui4] /open forum/公开指责 [gong1 kai1 zhi3 ze2] /denounce/公开钥匙 [gong1 kai2 yao4 shi5] /public key (in encryption)/功课 [gong1 ke4] /classwork/攻克 [gong1 ke4] /to capture/to take/功劳 [gong1 lao2] /contribution/meritorious/credit/公里 [gong1 li3] /kilometer/公两 [gong1 liang3] /hectogram/工龄 [gong1 ling2] /length of service/seniority/公路 [gong1 lu4] /public road/功率 [gong1 lu:4] /power/功率恶化 [gong1 lu:4 e4 hua4] /power penalty/公民 [gong1 min2] /citizen/功能 [gong1 neng2] /function/功能集 [gong1 neng2 ji2] /function library/功能群 [gong1 neng2 qun2] /functional group/公牛 [gong1 niu2] /bull/公平 [gong1 ping2] /fair/impartial/工钱 [gong1 qian2] /salary/wages/公顷 [gong1 qing3] /hectare/公然 [gong1 ran2] /(do something) openly/undisguised/publicly/公然表示 [gong1 ran2 biao3 shi4] /to state openly/工人 [gong1 ren2] /worker/工人党 [gong1 ren2 dang3] /Workers' Party (Singapore opposition party)/工人阶级 [gong1 ren2 jie1 ji2] /(n) the working class/公认 [gong1 ren4] /publicly known (to be)/accepted (as)/工商 [gong1 shang1] /industry and commerce/工商界 [gong1 shang1 jie4] /industry/the world of business/工商银行 [gong1 shang1 yin2 hang2] /Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)/公社 [gong1 she4] /commune/公审 [gong1 shen3] /public trial (in a court of law)/公升 [gong1 sheng1] /liter/公石 [gong1 shi2] /hectoliter/工事 [gong1 shi4] /(n) stuctures used to protect military troops; fortifications/公式 [gong1 shi4] /formula/攻势 [gong1 shi4] /(military) offensive/恭顺 [gong1 shun4] /deferent/公司 [gong1 si1] /(business) company/company/firm/corporation/incorporated/公司会议 [gong1 si1 hui4 yi4] /company meeting/工头 [gong1 tou2] /foreman/恭维 [gong1 wei2] /to flatter or give a compliment/工委 [gong1 wei3] /working committee/公文 [gong1 wen2] /document/公务 [gong1 wu4] /official business/恭喜发财 [gong1 xi3 fa1 cai2] /congratulations for getting rich (traditional Chinese New Year's future use/供销 [gong1 xiao1] /(v) supply and sell/功效 [gong1 xiao4] /(n) efficacy/供需 [gong1 xu1] /supply and demand/工序 [gong1 xu4] /working procedure/process/供血者 [gong1 xue4 zhe3] /blood donor/公羊 [gong1 yang2] /ram (male sheep)/工业 [gong1 ye4] /industry/工业的巨头 [gong1 ye4 de5 ju4 tou2] /industry mogul/工业国 [gong1 ye4 guo2] /industrialized countries/工业化 [gong1 ye4 hua4] /to industrialize/industrialization/工业化国家 [gong1 ye4 hua4 guo2 jia1] /industrialized country/公益事业 [gong1 yi2 shi4 ye4] /utility/工艺品 [gong1 yi4 pin3] /handicraft article/handiwork/公引 [gong1 yin3] /hectometer/供应 [gong1 ying4] /supply/to provide/公用 [gong1 yong4] /public/for public use/公用电话 [gong1 yong4 dian4 hua4] /public phone/公用交换电话网 [gong1 yong4 jiao1 huan4 dian4 hua4 wang3] /public switched telephone network/PSTN/公有 [gong1 you3] /(adj) publicly owned/公有制 [gong1 you3 zhi4] /(n) public ownership/公寓 [gong1 yu4] /apartment/公元 [gong1 yuan2] /(year) A.D./Christian era/公园 [gong1 yuan2] /a public park/公元前 [gong1 yuan2 qian2] /before Christ/BC/公约 [gong1 yue1] /convention (i.e. international agreement)/公债 [gong1 zhai4] /(n) government issued bonds/公丈 [gong1 zhang4] /decameter/公正 [gong1 zheng4] /just/fair/equitable/公证 [gong1 zheng4] /(n) notarization/公众 [gong1 zhong4] /public/公众电信网路 [gong1 zhong4 dian4 xin4 wang3 lu4] /public telephone network/公众意见 [gong1 zhong4 yi4 jian4] /public opinion/公猪 [gong1 zhu1] /boar/公主 [gong1 zhu3] /princess/工资 [gong1 zi1] /wages/pay/工作 [gong1 zuo4] /job/work/construction/work/task/工作表 [gong1 zuo4 biao3] /worksheet/工作过度 [gong1 zuo4 guo4 du4] /overwork/工作室 [gong1 zuo4 shi4] /studio/workshop/工作站 [gong1 zuo4 zhan4] /(computer) workstation/廾 [gong3] /hands joined/汞 [gong3] /mercury/拱 [gong3] /fold hands in salute/to arch/巩 [gong3] /secure/solid/珙 [gong3] /(gem)/巩固 [gong3 gu4] /consolidate/拱形 [gong3 xing2] /arch/共 [gong4] /all together/in while/to share/common/general/together/供 [gong4] /offer/sacrificial offering/贡 [gong4] /tribute/gifts/共产 [gong4 chan3] /communist/共产党 [gong4 chan3 dang3] /Communist party/共产党部队 [gong4 chan3 dang3 bu4 dui4] /communist forces/共产党员 [gong4 chan3 dang3 yuan2] /communist party member/共产主义 [gong4 chan3 zhu3 yi4] /communism/共处 [gong4 chu3] /coexist/get along (with others)/共存 [gong4 cun2] /to coexist/共和 [gong4 he2] /republic/共和党 [gong4 he2 dang3] /Republican Party/共和党人 [gong4 he2 dang3 ren2] /a Republican party member/共和国 [gong4 he2 guo2] /republic/共计 [gong4 ji4] /(v) sum up to; total up to/共鸣 [gong4 ming2] /(n) physical resonance/(n) sympathetic response to sth/共青团 [gong4 qing1 tuan2] /the Communist Youth League/共识 [gong4 shi4] /consensus/共同 [gong4 tong2] /common/joint/jointly/together/collaborative/共同筛选 [gong4 tong2 shai1 xuan3] /collaborative filtering/共同闸道介面 [gong4 tong2 zha2 dao4 jie4 mian4] /Common Gateway Interface/CGI/贡物 [gong4 wu4] /tribute/贡献 [gong4 xian4] /to contribute/to dedicate/to devote/contribution/共享 [gong4 xiang3] /to share/共享带宽 [gong4 xiang3 dai4 kuan1] /shared bandwidth/共享软体 [gong4 xiang3 ruan3 ti3] /shareware/共享以太网络 [gong4 xiang3 yi3 tai4 wang3 luo4] /shared Ethernet/共性 [gong4 xing4] /(n) overall character/共有 [gong4 you3] /to have altogether/in all/供职 [gong4 zhi2] /hold an office or post/勾 [gou1] /to cancel/to delineate/hook/枸 [gou1] /Acgle sepiaria/沟 [gou1] /ditch/gutter/钩 [gou1] /entice/hook/缑 [gou1] /(surname)/篝 [gou1] /bamboo frame for drying clothes/沟道 [gou1 dao4] /groove/勾划 [gou1 hua4] /to sketch/to delineate/勾结 [gou1 jie2] /collude with/collaborate with/gang up with/沟通 [gou1 tong1] /communicate/勾引 [gou1 yin3] /seduce/tempt/钩子 [gou1 zi5] /hook/狗 [gou3] /dog/枸 [gou3] /Lycium chinense/苟 [gou3] /(surname)/if indeed/thoughtless/岣 [gou3] /name of a hill in Hunan/笱 [gou3] /basket for trapping fish/狗交媾般 [gou3 jiao1 gou4 ban1] /doggy-style/狗屋 [gou3 wu1] /kennel/勾 [gou4] /affair/to reach for (with hand)/垢 [gou4] /dirt/disgrace/够 [gou4] /to reach/to be enough/媾 [gou4] /to marry/to copulate/诟 [gou4] /sense of shame/to abuse/构 [gou4] /Broussonetia papyrifera/to construct/to form/to make up/to compose/遘 [gou4] /meet unexpectedly/购 [gou4] /to buy/to purchase/彀 [gou4] /enough/觏 [gou4] /complete/meet unexpectedly/see/构成 [gou4 cheng2] /to constitute/to form/to compose/to make up/媾和 [gou4 he2] /to make peace/构件 [gou4 jian4] /member/component/part/购买 [gou4 mai3] /purchase/购买力 [gou4 mai3 li4] /(n) buying power; purchasing power/购买者 [gou4 mai3 zhe3] /purchaser/构思 [gou4 si1] /(v) make an outline of a story; make a preliminary sketch/购物 [gou4 wu4] /shopping/购物中心 [gou4 wu4 zhong1 xin1] /shopping center/构想 [gou4 xiang3] /conceive/构造 [gou4 zao4] /structure/composition/估 [gu1] /estimate/咕 [gu1] /mutter/呱 [gu1] /crying sound of child/姑 [gu1] /paternal aunt/孤 [gu1] /lone/lonely/沽 [gu1] /buy/sell/蛄 [gu1] /mole-cricket/菰 [gu1] /Zizania latifolia/mushroom/辜 [gu1] /(surname)/crime/sin/鸪 [gu1] /partridge/Francolinus chinensis/毂 [gu1] /wheel/菇 [gu1] /mushroom/觚 [gu1] /goblet/rule/law/酤 [gu1] /to deal in liquors/箍 [gu1] /hoop/bind with hoops/孤单 [gu1 dan1] /lone/loneliness/孤独 [gu1 du2] /lonely/solitary/孤儿 [gu1 er5] /orphan/辜负 [gu1 fu4] /let down/fail to live up to/disappoint/姑夫 [gu1 fu5] /father's sister's husband; husband of paternal aunt; uncle/姑姑 [gu1 gu5] /(n) paternal aunt/估计 [gu1 ji4] /estimate/reckon/孤立 [gu1 li4] /isolate/isolated/咕噜 [gu1 lu1] /grunt/姑妈 [gu1 ma1] /aunt/姑母 [gu1 mu3] /father's sister; paternal aunt/姑奶奶 [gu1 nai3 nai5] /(informal) father's father's sister; great aunt/姑娘 [gu1 niang5] /girl/姑且 [gu1 qie3] /(adv) temporarily/姑爷 [gu1 ye2] /father's father's sister's husband; paternal grandaunt's husband/骨 [gu2] /bone/骨法 [gu2 fa3] /bone (property of a brush stroke)/骨头 [gu2 tou5] /bone/man of character/骨头架子 [gu2 tou5 jia4 zi5] /skeleton/古 [gu3] /ancient/old/谷 [gu3] /valley/股 [gu3] /share/portion/section/part/thigh/(a measure word, e.g. use with electric current)/whiff/牯 [gu3] /bullock/cow/罟 [gu3] /implicate/net for birds or fish/骨 [gu3] /bone/诂 [gu3] /comment/explain/滑 [gu3] /comical/贾 [gu3] /merchant/to buy/钴 [gu3] /cobalt/鼓 [gu3] /convex/drum/to rouse/to beat/谷 [gu3] /grain/corn/毂 [gu3] /hub of wheel/瞽 [gu3] /blind/鹄 [gu3] /swan/white-haired/蛊 [gu3] /insanity/poison/汩 [gu3] /confused/extinguished/嘏 [gu3] /good fortune/longevity/臌 [gu3] /dropsical/swollen/古巴 [gu3 ba1] /Cuba/古波 [gu3 bo1] /Gubo (a personal name)/谷仓 [gu3 cang1] /barn/鼓吹者 [gu3 chui1 zhe3] /advocate/古代 [gu3 dai4] /ancient times/olden times/古典 [gu3 dian3] /classical/古典派 [gu3 dian3 pai4] /classicists/古典音乐 [gu3 dian3 yin1 yue4] /classical music/古典语言 [gu3 dian3 yu3 yan2] /classical language/股东 [gu3 dong1] /stockholder/鼓动 [gu3 dong4] /agitate/arouse/instigate/股份 [gu3 fen4] /(n) stock; company share/古风 [gu3 feng1] /antiquity/骨干 [gu3 gan4] /backbone/diaphysis/骨干网路 [gu3 gan4 wang3 lu4] /backbone network/骨骼 [gu3 ge2] /skeleton/古怪 [gu3 guai4] /eccentric/grotesque/oddly/queer/蛊惑 [gu3 huo4] /enchant/bewitch/古迹 [gu3 ji1] /places of historic interest/historical sites/股价 [gu3 jia4] /stock price/share price/骨架 [gu3 jia4] /framework/skeleton/古杰拉尔 [gu3 jie2 la1 er3] /(I. K.) Gujral (Prime Minister of India)/古来 [gu3 lai2] /old-time/古老 [gu3 lao3] /ancient/old/age-old/谷类 [gu3 lei4] /cereal/grain/鼓励 [gu3 li4] /to encourage/古罗马 [gu3 luo2 ma3] /ancient Rome/股票 [gu3 piao4] /share/stock (market)/股票市场 [gu3 piao4 shi4 chang3] /stock market/stock exchange/古人 [gu3 ren2] /(n) people from ancient times/骨肉 [gu3 rou4] /(n) flesh and blood; blood relation; kin/股市 [gu3 shi4] /stock market/骨髓 [gu3 sui3] /marrow/古文 [gu3 wen2] /(n) Classical Chinese writing/鼓舞 [gu3 wu3] /heartening (news)/boost (morale)/古物 [gu3 wu4] /antique/古希腊 [gu3 xi1 la4] /ancient Greece/古希腊语 [gu3 xi1 la4 yu3] /ancient Greek (language)/鼓掌 [gu3 zhang3] /to applaud/谷子 [gu3 zi5] /millet/估 [gu4] /old/second-hand (clothes)/固 [gu4] /hard/strong/solid/sure/故 [gu4] /happening/instance/reason/cause/deceased/old/雇 [gu4] /hire/雇 [gu4] /hire/锢 [gu4] /obstinate disease/restrain/to stop/顾 [gu4] /look after/take into consideration/to attend to/崮 [gu4] /(element in mountain names)/梏 [gu4] /braces (med.)/fetters/manacles/牿 [gu4] /shed or pen for cattle/痼 [gu4] /obstinate disease/顾不得 [gu4 bu5 de5] /(v) unable to take care of or change/固定 [gu4 ding4] /fixed/set/regular/固定虚拟连接 [gu4 ding4 xu1 ni3 lian2 jie1] /Permanent Virtual Connection/PVC/故宫 [gu4 gong1] /The Imperial Palace/顾及 [gu4 ji2] /take into account/take into consideration/顾忌 [gu4 ji4] /scruple/固件 [gu4 jian4] /firmware/故居 [gu4 ju1] /former residence/顾客 [gu4 ke4] /client/customer/顾虑 [gu4 lu:4] /misgivings/apprehensions/顾全大局 [gu4 quan2 da4 ju2] /(saying) take the big picture into consideration/固然 [gu4 ran2] /admittedly (it's true that...)/故事 [gu4 shi4] /narrative/story/tale/固守 [gu4 shou3] /adhere/固体 [gu4 ti3] /solid/顾问 [gu4 wen4] /adviser/consultant/故乡 [gu4 xiang4] /home/homeland/native place/故意 [gu4 yi4] /deliberately/on purpose/雇佣 [gu4 yong1] /employ/hire/雇用 [gu4 yong4] /hire/固有 [gu4 you3] /(v) be intrinsic or inherent to sth/雇员 [gu4 yuan2] /employee/雇员 [gu4 yuan2] /employee/故障 [gu4 zhang4] /glitch/breakdown/snag/fault/error/故障排除 [gu4 zhang4 pai2 chu2] /fault resolution/trouble clearing/固执 [gu4 zhi2] /persistent/雇主 [gu4 zhu3] /employer/瓜 [gua1] /melon/刮 [gua1] /to scrape/to blow/刮 [gua1] /blow (of the wind)/胍 [gua1] /guanidine/栝 [gua1] /Juniperus chinensis/measuring-frame/刮掉 [gua1 diao4] /scrape/瓜分 [gua1 fen1] /partition/divide up/瓜子 [gua1 zi3] /melon seeds/寡 [gua3] /few/widowed/剐 [gua3] /cut off the flesh as punishment/寡妇 [gua3 fu5] /widow/卦 [gua4] /divinatory trigram/挂 [gua4] /hang/suspend/挂 [gua4] /to hang/to put up/to suspend/褂 [gua4] /coat/诖 [gua4] /deceive/disturb/挂钩 [gua4 gou1] /couple/link together/挂好 [gua4 hao3] /to hang up properly (telephone, picture, clothes, etc.)/挂号 [gua4 hao4] /to register (a letter, etc.)/挂号证 [gua4 hao4 zheng4] /register card/挂念 [gua4 nian4] /concerned/乖 [guai1] /(of a child) obedient, well-behaved/clever/拐 [guai3] /kidnap/to turn/拐弯 [guai3 wan1] /to turn a corner/拐弯儿 [guai3 wan1 er5] /(v) take a turn/(v) go on a new course/怪 [guai4] /queer/to blame/怪不得 [guai4 bu5 de5] /no wonder/怪诞 [guai4 dan4] /freak/weird/怪僻 [guai4 pi4] /peculiarity/怪人 [guai4 ren2] /strange person/eccentric/怪物似 [guai4 wu4 si4] /monstrous/怪物 [guai4 wu5] /monster/freak/怪异 [guai4 yi4] /weird/官 [guan1] /official/government/冠 [guan1] /hat/crown/crest/cap/倌 [guan1] /a groom/莞 [guan1] /Skimmia japonica/棺 [guan1] /coffin/关 [guan1] /(surname)/mountain pass/to close/to shut/to turn off/to concern/to involve/鳏 [guan1] /widower/观 [guan1] /to look at/to watch/to observe/to behold/关闭 [guan1 bi4] /close/shut/棺材 [guan1 cai2] /coffin/观测 [guan1 ce4] /(scientific, etc) observation/to observe/观测卫星 [guan1 ce4 wei4 xing1] /observation satellite/观察 [guan1 cha2] /to observe/to watch/to survey/to examine/观察家 [guan1 cha2 jia1] /observer/观察者 [guan1 cha2 zhe5] /observer/官邸 [guan1 di3] /official residence/观点 [guan1 dian3] /point of view/viewpoint/standpoint/官方 [guan1 fang1] /official/(by the) government/官方语言 [guan1 fang1 yu3 yan2] /official language/观光 [guan1 guang1] /(v) tour; go sightseeing/观光客 [guan1 guang1 ke4] /tourist/关怀 [guan1 huai2] /show loving care for/show solicitude for/关键 [guan1 jian4] /crucial/key/pivotal/关键词 [guan1 jian4 ci2] /keyword/关节 [guan1 jie2] /joint/关节炎 [guan1 jie2 yan2] /(n) arthritis/观看 [guan1 kan4] /to watch/to view/关联 [guan1 lian2] /be related/be linked/官僚 [guan1 liao2] /(n) government employee that doesn't do any work; bureaucrat/官僚主义 [guan1 liao2 zhu3 yi4] /bureaucracy/关门 [guan1 men2] /close down/closed doors/冠冕 [guan1 mian3] /royal crown/观念 [guan1 nian4] /notion/thought/关切 [guan1 qie4] /be deeply concerned/be troubled (by)/观赏 [guan1 shang3] /(v) see and enjoy; admire the view/关税 [guan1 shui4] /(customs) duty/tariff/官司 [guan1 si5] /lawsuit/关头 [guan1 tou2] /juncture/moment/关系 [guan1 xi5] /relation/relationship/to concern/to affect/to have to do with/relations/guanxi/关心 [guan1 xin1] /caring/concerned/关押 [guan1 ya1] /put in jail/关於 [guan1 yu2] /pertaining to/concerning/regarding/with regards to/about/官员 [guan1 yuan2] /government official/关照 [guan1 zhao4] /concern/care/to keep an eye on/to look after/观众 [guan1 zhong4] /spectators/关注 [guan1 zhu4] /follow (an issue) closely/to pay close attention to/冠子 [guan1 zi5] /crest/crown/莞 [guan3] /(district)/管 [guan3] /to take care (of)/to control/to manage/to be in charge of/to look after/to run/tube/pipe/馆 [guan3] /house/establishment/管道 [guan3 dao4] /pipeline/管家职务 [guan3 jia1 zhi2 wu4] /stewardship/管理 [guan3 li3] /to supervise/to manage/to administer/management/administration/管理功能 [guan3 li3 gong1 neng2] /management function/管理接口 [guan3 li3 jie1 kou3] /management interface/管理人 [guan3 li3 ren2] /keeper/管理信息库 [guan3 li3 xin4 xi1 ku4] /Management Information Base/MIB/管理员 [guan3 li3 yuan2] /manager/administrator/管理站 [guan3 li3 zhan4] /management station/管辖 [guan3 xia2] /administer/have jurisdiction (over)/管弦乐团 [guan3 xian2 le4 tuan2] /orchestra/管制 [guan3 zhi4] /control/supervision/管子 [guan3 zi5] /(n) tube; pipe; drinking straw/冠 [guan4] /to head/贯 [guan4] /pierce/to string/惯 [guan4] /accustomed to/used to/盥 [guan4] /wash (especially hands)/灌 [guan4] /heron/irrigate/pour/罐 [guan4] /can/jar/pot/观 [guan4] /Taoist monastery/鹳 [guan4] /crane/stork/掼 [guan4] /fling/smash/贯彻 [guan4 che4] /implement/put into practice/carry out/灌溉 [guan4 gai4] /to irrigate/冠军 [guan4 jun1] /champion/惯例 [guan4 li4] /conventional/灌木 [guan4 mu4] /bush/shrub/灌木丛 [guan4 mu4 cong2] /scrub/罐头 [guan4 tou5] /tin/can/惯用语 [guan4 yong4 yu3] /(n) idiom; word or phrase used colloqially /光 [guang1] /light/ray/bright/胱 [guang1] /bladder/桄 [guang1] /Arenga saccharifera/光笔 [guang1 bi3] /light pen/光波长 [guang1 bo1 chang2] /optical wavelength/光彩 [guang1 cai3] /honorable/reputable/光磁 [guang1 ci2] /magneto-optical/光磁碟 [guang1 ci2 die2] /magneto-optical disk/floptical disk/光磁碟机 [guang1 ci2 die2 ji1] /magneto-optical drive/floptical drive/光电 [guang1 dian4] /opto-electrical/光碟 [guang1 die2] /CD/compact disk/光二极管 [guang1 er4 ji2 guan3] /light emitting diode/LED/光发送器 [guang1 fa1 song4 qi4] /optical transmitter/光功率 [guang1 gong1 lu:4] /optical power/光棍儿 [guang1 gun4 er5] /(n) bachelor/光滑 [guang1 hua5] /glossy/sleek/smooth/光辉 [guang1 hui1] /radiance/光检测器 [guang1 jian3 ce4 qi4] /optical detector/光接收器 [guang1 jie1 shou1 qi4] /optical receiver/光亮 [guang1 liang4] /bright/光临 [guang1 lin2] /(court.) be present/to attend/光芒 [guang1 mang2] /rays of light/brilliant rays/radiance/光明 [guang1 ming2] /bright (future)/promising/光明日报 [guang1 ming2 ri4 bao4] /Guangming Daily/光谱 [guang1 pu3] /spectrum/光漆 [guang1 qi1] /enamel/光荣 [guang1 rong2] /honor and glory/光射线 [guang1 she4 xian4] /light ray/光是 [guang1 shi4] /solely/just/光束 [guang1 shu4] /beam/光秃秃 [guang1 tu1 tu1] /bald/光纤 [guang1 xian1] /light/ray/optical/optical fiber/fiber optic/光纤电缆 [guang1 xian1 dian4 lan3] /optical fiber/optical cable/光纤分布式数据介面 [guang1 xian1 fen1 bu4 shi4 shu4 ju4 jie4 mian4] /Fiber Distributed Data Interface/FDDI/光纤分布数据接口 [guang1 xian1 fen1 bu4 shu4 ju4 jie1 kou3] /FDDI/Fiber Distributed Data Interface/光纤接口 [guang1 xian1 jie1 kou3] /optical interface/光纤衰减 [guang1 xian1 shuai1 jian3] /optical attenuation/光线 [guang1 xian4] /optical line/optical cable/光纤分散式资料介面 [guang1 xiang1 fen1 san4 shi4 zi1 liao4 jie4 mian4] /fiber distributed data interface/FDDI/光信号 [guang1 xin4 hao4] /optical signal/光源 [guang1 yuan2] /light source/光泽 [guang1 ze2] /luster/光州 [guang1 zhou1] /Kwangju (South Korea)/广 [guang3] /wide/numerous/to spread/广播 [guang3 bo1] /broadcast/广播地址 [guang3 bo1 di4 zhi3] /broadcast address/广播和未知服务器 [guang3 bo1 he2 wei4 zhi1 fu2 wu4 qi4] /Broadcast and Unknown Server/BUS/广播网 [guang3 bo1 wang3] /network/广播网路 [guang3 bo1 wang3 lu4] /broadcast network/广博 [guang3 bo2] /extensive/广场 [guang3 chang3] /a public square (e.g. Tiananmen Square)/广传 [guang3 chuan2] /propagate/广大 [guang3 da4] /vast/extensive/广东 [guang3 dong1] /Guangdong province, China/广东省 [guang3 dong1 sheng3] /Guangdong province/广泛 [guang3 fan4] /extensive/wide range/广告 [guang3 gao4] /to advertise/广告商 [guang3 gao4 shang1] /advertising company/广阔 [guang3 kuo4] /wide/vast/广西 [guang3 xi1] /Guangxi province, China/广西壮族自治区 [guang3 xi1 zhuang4 zu2 zi4 zhi4 qu1] /(N) Guangxi Autonomous Region in South central China, location of the Zhuang minority peoples/广域网 [guang3 yu4 wang3] /wide area network/WAN/广域网路 [guang3 yu4 wang3 lu4] /wide area network/WAN/广州 [guang3 zhou1] /Guangzhou (city)/逛 [guang4] /to stroll/to visit/桄 [guang4] /rung of ladder/圭 [gui1] /jade tablet/皈 [gui1] /comply with/follow/规 [gui1] /compass/rule/傀 [gui1] /grand/strange/exotic/瑰 [gui1] /(semi-precious stone)/extraordinary/闺 [gui1] /women's apartment/龟 [gui1] /tortoise/turtle/归 [gui1] /to go back/to return/硅 [gui1] /silicon/妫 [gui1] /(surname)/name of a river/规避 [gui1 bi4] /to evade/to dodge/规程 [gui1 cheng2] /rules/regulations/规定 [gui1 ding4] /provision/to fix/to set/to formulate/to stipulate/to provide/规范 [gui1 fan4] /(n) standard (design or model)/(adj) standard; fully specified without variation/规格 [gui1 ge2] /standard/norm/归根到底 [gui1 gen1 dao4 di3] /(saying) to sum it up.../规划 [gui1 hua4] /plan/program/规划人员 [gui1 hua4 ren2 yuan2] /planner/归还 [gui1 huan2] /return/revert/归结 [gui1 jie2] /(v) put in summary; induce/归咎 [gui1 jiu4] /blame/declare to be at fault/规矩 [gui1 ju5] /rule/custom/well-behaved/规律 [gui1 lu:4] /discipline/规率 [gui1 lu:4] /law/pattern/规模 [gui1 mo2] /scale/scope/extent/归纳 [gui1 na4] /(v) conclude from a number of facts/sum up/induce/conclude/归纳法 [gui1 na4 fa3] /(Logic) induction/闺女 [gui1 nu:3] /(n) maiden; unmarried woman/(n) daughter/规劝 [gui1 quan4] /to advise/归属 [gui1 shu3] /be under the jurisdiction of/归顺 [gui1 shun4] /submission/归心 [gui1 xin1] /converted to (religion)/归心者 [gui1 xin1 zhe3] /religious convert/规约 [gui1 yue1] /terms (of an agreement)/规则 [gui1 ze2] /rule/regulation/rules and regulations/规章 [gui1 zhang1] /rule/regulation/癸 [gui3] /10th heavenly stem/轨 [gui3] /course/path/track/rail/鬼 [gui3] /ghost/sly/crafty/晷 [gui3] /sundial/诡 [gui3] /sly/crafty/宄 [gui3] /traitor/匦 [gui3] /small box/簋 [gui3] /round basket of bamboo/轨道 [gui3 dao4] /orbit/轨范 [gui3 fan4] /standard/criterion/鬼魂 [gui3 hun2] /ghost/轨迹 [gui3 ji4] /locus/orbit/诡计 [gui3 ji4] /deceit/轨距 [gui3 ju4] /gauge/轨枕 [gui3 zhen3] /sleeper/tie/桂 [gui4] /Cinnamonum cassia/贵 [gui4] /expensive/noble/your (name)/precious/跪 [gui4] /kneel/桧 [gui4] /Juniperus chinensis/柜 [gui4] /cupboard/cabinet/wardrobe/鳜 [gui4] /helicolenus/炅 [gui4] /(surname)/柜 [gui4] /cupboard/cabinet/wardrobe/刿 [gui4] /cut/injure/贵宾 [gui4 bin1] /honored guest/distinguished guest/贵妃醉酒 [gui4 fei1 zui4 jiu3] /The Drunken Beauty/贵妇人 [gui4 fu4 ren2] /dame/桂冠 [gui4 guan1] /(n) victory laurel/桂花 [gui4 hua1] /(n) famous fragrant tiny white flowers produced on a osmanthus bush/桂林 [gui4 lin2] /Guilin (city)/柜台 [gui4 tai2] /(n) sales counter; bar/贵姓 [gui4 xing4] /what is your name?/贵阳 [gui4 yang2] /(N) Guiyang, capitol of Guizhou province in southern China/贵重 [gui4 zhong4] /precious/贵州 [gui4 zhou1] /name of a province in China, Guizhou/贵州省 [gui4 zhou1 sheng3] /(N) Guizhou, southern Chinese province/柜子 [gui4 zi5] /cupboard/cabinet/贵族 [gui4 zu2] /lord/nobility/nobleman/noblewoman/贵族化 [gui4 zu2 hua4] /aristocratic/贵族论者 [gui4 zu2 lun4 zhe3] /aristocrat/贵族社会 [gui4 zu2 she4 hui3] /aristocracy/贵族身份 [gui4 zu2 shen1 fen4] /lordship/衮 [gun3] /imperial robe/滚 [gun3] /to boil/to roll/辊 [gun3] /revolve/stone roller/鲧 [gun3] /father of great yeu/绲 [gun3] /cord/embroidered sash/sew/滚动 [gun3 dong4] /roll/tumble/滚落 [gun3 luo4] /tumble/滚筒 [gun3 tong2] /roller/棍 [gun4] /stick/棍棒 [gun4 bang4] /club/棍子 [gun4 zi5] /stick/rod/郭 [guo1] /(surname)/outer city wall/埚 [guo1] /crucible/涡 [guo1] /name of a river/蝈 [guo1] /cyrtophyllus sp./锅 [guo1] /pot/pan/boiler/崞 [guo1] /name of a mountain/锅炉 [guo1 lu2] /boiler/锅贴 [guo1 tie1] /fried dumpling/国 [guo2] /country/state/nation/帼 [guo2] /cap worn by women/feminine/掴 [guo2] /to slap/虢 [guo2] /name of an ancient state/馘 [guo2] /cut off the left ear of the slain/国标 [guo2 biao1] /Guobiao (encoding standard)/国宾馆 [guo2 bin1 guan3] /state guesthouse/国产 [guo2 chan3] /made in one's own country/made in China/国法 [guo2 fa3] /(n) national law/国防 [guo2 fang2] /national defense/国防部 [guo2 fang2 bu4] /Defense Department/Ministry of National Defense/国防部长 [guo2 fang2 bu4 zhang3] /Defense secretary/Defense Minister/国防利益 [guo2 fang2 li4 yi4] /(national) defense interests/国防预算 [guo2 fang2 yu4 suan4] /defense budget/国父 [guo2 fu4] /father or founder of a nation/国歌 [guo2 ge1] /(n) national anthem/国会 [guo2 hui4] /parliament/Congress/diet/国会议员 [guo2 hui4 yi4 yuan2] /member of congress/congressman/国会议长 [guo2 hui4 yi4 zhang3] /Speaker of the House/国籍 [guo2 ji2] /nationality/国际 [guo2 ji4] /international/国际标准 [guo2 ji4 biao1 zhun3] /international standard/国际标准组织 [guo2 ji4 biao1 zhun3 zu3 zhi1] /International Standards Organization/ISO/国际电报电话咨询委员会 [guo2 ji4 dian4 bao4 dian4 hua4 zi1 xun2 wei3 yuan2 hui4] /CCITT/国际电话电报谘询委员会 [guo2 ji4 dian4 hua4 dian4 bao4 zi1 xun2 wei3 yuan2 hui4] /International Consultative Committee for Telephone and Telegraph/CCITT (now ITU)/国际电信联盟 [guo2 ji4 dian4 xin4 lian2 meng2] /International Telecommunications Union/ITU/国际法 [guo2 ji4 fa3] /international law/国际互联网络 [guo2 ji4 hu4 lian2 wang3 luo4] /Internet/国际货币基金组织 [guo2 ji4 huo4 bi4 ji1 jin1 zu3 zhi1] /International Monetary Fund/IMF/国际级 [guo2 ji4 ji2] /(at an) international level/国际见闻 [guo2 ji4 jian4 wen2] /International Background Knowledge/国际贸易 [guo2 ji4 mao4 yi4] /international trade/国际商业机器 [guo2 ji4 shang1 ye4 ji1 qi4] /International Business Machines/IBM/国际社会 [guo2 ji4 she4 hui4] /the international community/国际网络 [guo2 ji4 wang3 luo4] /Internet/国际主义 [guo2 ji4 zhu3 yi4] /(n) internationalism/国家 [guo2 jia1] /country/nation/国家安全 [guo2 jia1 an1 quan2] /national security/国家标准码 [guo2 jia1 biao1 zhun3 ma3] /GB (Guo Biao) code/GB encoding standard/国家机密 [guo2 jia1 ji1 mi4] /state secret/国库券 [guo2 ku4 quan4] /(n) treasury bill issued by a goverment/国力 [guo2 li4] /a nation's power/国立 [guo2 li4] /national/state-run/public/国民 [guo2 min2] /national/国民党 [guo2 min2 dang3] /Kuomintang/nationalist party/国民党军队 [guo2 min2 dang3 jun1 dui4] /nationalist forces/国内 [guo2 nei4] /domestic/internal (to a country)/civil/国内战争 [guo2 nei4 zhan4 zheng1] /civil war/internal struggle/国旗 [guo2 qi2] /flag (of a country)/国情 [guo2 qing2] /(n) country's basic condition or state/国庆节 [guo2 qing4 jie2] /National Day/国庆日 [guo2 qing4 ri4] /(N) National Day founding of the Chinese Republic Oct 10/国事访问 [guo2 shi4 fang3 wen4] /state visit/国土 [guo2 tu3] /(n) country's territory/国外 [guo2 wai4] /abroad/external (affairs)/overseas/foreign/国王 [guo2 wang2] /king/国务次卿 [guo2 wu4 ci4 qing1] /Under Secretary of State/国务卿 [guo2 wu4 qing1] /Secretary of State/国务委员 [guo2 wu4 wei3 yuan2] /member of State Council (in China)/国务院 [guo2 wu4 yuan4] /State Department (USA)/State Council (China)/国营 [guo2 ying2] /state-run (company, etc)/nationalized/国营企业 [guo2 ying2 qi3 ye4] /nationalized industry/国有 [guo2 you3] /nationalized/public/government owned/state-owned/国有企业 [guo2 you3 qi3 ye4] /nationalized business/state-owned business/果 [guo3] /fruit/result/裹 [guo3] /wrap around/椁 [guo3] /outer coffin/蜾 [guo3] /Eumenes pomiformis/果断 [guo3 duan4] /firm/decisive/果酱 [guo3 jiang4] /jam/果酒 [guo3 jiu3] /cider/果皮 [guo3 pi2] /(fruit) peel/果然 [guo3 ran2] /really/sure enough/as expected/果肉 [guo3 rou4] /pulp/果实 [guo3 shi2] /fruit/gains/果树 [guo3 shu4] /fruit tree/果馅饼 [guo3 xian4 bing3] /tart/果园 [guo3 yuan2] /orchard/果真 [guo3 zhen1] /really/indeed/果汁 [guo3 zhi1] /fruit juice/果子冻 [guo3 zi5 dong4] /jelly/过 [guo4] /(past tense marker)/to cross/to go over/to pass (time)/to live/to get along/(surname)/过不去 [guo4 bu5 qu4] /make life difficult for/embarrass/can't make it through/过程 [guo4 cheng2] /course of events/process/过道 [guo4 dao4] /aisle/过度 [guo4 du4] /exceeding/excessive/lavishly/过渡 [guo4 du4] /transition/interim/过渡时期 [guo4 du4 shi2 qi1] /transition/过多 [guo4 duo1] /excessive/过分 [guo4 fen4] /excessive/undue/overly/过份 [guo4 fen4] /unduly/excessive/过份简单化 [guo4 fen4 jian3 dan1 hua4] /oversimplification/oversimplify/过后 [guo4 hou4] /(tw) after the event/过活 [guo4 huo2] /live one's life/make a living/过境签证 [guo4 jing4 qian1 zheng4] /transit visa/过来 [guo4 lai2] /to manage/to handle/to be able to take care of/过来 [guo4 lai5] /to come over/to come up/过了五分钟 [guo4 le5 wu3 fen1 zhong1] /five minutes passed/过量 [guo4 liang4] /excess/过滤 [guo4 lu:4] /to filter/filter/过年 [guo4 nian2] /celebrate the New Year/过去 [guo4 qu5] /(in the) past/former/previous/to go over/to pass by/过剩 [guo4 sheng4] /surplus/excess/过失 [guo4 shi1] /defect/fault/过时 [guo4 shi2] /old-fashioned/过问 [guo4 wen4] /(v) take an interest in; get involved in/过於 [guo4 yu2] /too much/excessively/过载 [guo4 zai4] /overload/哈 [ha1] /laughter/yawn/铪 [ha1] /hafnium/哈巴谷书 [ha1 ba1 gu3 shu1] /Book of Habakkuk/哈贝尔 [ha1 bei4 er3] /(Webster) Hubbell (former Associate Attorney-General)/哈尔滨 [ha1 er3 bin1] /(N) Harbin, capitol of Hei Long Jiang province in north east China/哈佛 [ha1 fo2] /Harvard (University)/哈佛大学 [ha1 fo2 da4 xue2] /Harvard University/哈该书 [ha1 gai1 shu1] /Book of Haggai/哈哈 [ha1 ha1] /(an onomatopoeia for laughing)/哈里森史密特 [ha1 li3 sen1 shi3 mi4 te4] /Harrison Schmitt (Apollo 1 7 astronaut)/哈密瓜 [ha1 mi4 gua1] /Hami melon (a variety of muskmelon)/哈欠 [ha1 qian4] /yawn/哈萨克人 [ha1 sa4 ke4 ren2] /Kazakh person/Kazakh people/哈萨克斯坦 [ha1 sa4 ke4 si1 tan3] /Kazakhstan/蛤 [ha2] /frog/toad/哈 [ha3] /a Pekinese/a pug/咳 [hai1] /sound of sighing/嗨 [hai1] /oh alas/孩 [hai2] /child/骸 [hai2] /bones of the body/还 [hai2] /also/in addition/more/still/else/still/yet/(not) yet/还是 [hai2 shi4] /or/still/nevertheless/还说 [hai2 shuo1] /to add (in speaking)/to also say/孩子 [hai2 zi5] /child/孩子气 [hai2 zi5 qi4] /boyish/childish/海 [hai3] /ocean/sea/胲 [hai3] /hydroxylamine/醢 [hai3] /minced meat/pickled meat/海岸 [hai3 an4] /coastal/seacoast/海拔 [hai3 ba2] /height above sea-level/elevation/海豹 [hai3 bao4] /seal/海报 [hai3 bao4] /poster/海边 [hai3 bian1] /seaside/海滨 [hai3 bin1] /(n) shore; seaside/海盗 [hai3 dao4] /pirate/海德 [hai3 de2] /Hyde (e.g. House Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde)/海地 [hai3 di4] /Haiti/海港 [hai3 gang3] /(n) ocean port; harbour/海关 [hai3 guan1] /customs (i.e., border crossing inspection)/海龟 [hai3 gui1] /turtle/海角 [hai3 jiao3] /cape/海军 [hai3 jun1] /navy/海军总司令 [hai3 jun1 zong3 si1 ling4] /admiral/海空军 [hai3 kong1 jun1] /navy and air force/海口 [hai3 kou3] /(N) Haikou, capitol of Hainan province in south China/海狸 [hai3 li2] /beaver/海里 [hai3 li3] /marine/海洛英 [hai3 luo4 ying1] /heroin, a white narcotic powder derived from morphine/海绵 [hai3 mian2] /sponge/海面 [hai3 mian4] /sea level/海南 [hai3 nan2] /Hainan (island off southern China)/海南省 [hai3 nan2 sheng3] /(N) Hainan,an island province in south China/海上 [hai3 shang4] /maritime/海斯 [hai3 si1] /Hayes (Microcomputer)/海滩 [hai3 tan1] /beach/海豚 [hai3 tun2] /dolphin/海外 [hai3 wai4] /overseas/abroad/海湾 [hai3 wan1] /bay/gulf [body of water]/海湾战争 [hai3 wan1 zhan4 zheng1] /(Persian) Gulf War/海峡 [hai3 xia2] /straight/channel/straits/海鲜 [hai3 xian1] /seafood/海洋 [hai3 yang2] /ocean/海洋温度 [hai3 yang2 wen1 du4] /ocean temperature/海域 [hai3 yu4] /territorial waters/海员 [hai3 yuan2] /sailor/mariner/海运 [hai3 yun4] /shipping by sea/海澡 [hai3 zao3] /seaweed/亥 [hai4] /12th earthly branch/9-11 p.m./害 [hai4] /to do harm to/to cause trouble to/harm/evil/calamity/氦 [hai4] /helium/骇 [hai4] /astonish/startle/害虫 [hai4 chong2] /injurious insect/pest/害处 [hai4 chu5] /(n) harm/害怕 [hai4 pa4] /to be afraid/to be scared/害羞 [hai4 xiu1] /blush/shy/蚶 [han1] /small clam/arca inflata/酣 [han1] /intoxicated/鼾 [han1] /snore/顸 [han1] /dawdling/憨 [han1] /silly/simple-minded/含 [han2] /to keep/to contain/函 [han2] /envelope/case/letter/涵 [han2] /contain/寒 [han2] /cold/poor/to tremble/韩 [han2] /(former) Chinese state/(surname)/邗 [han2] /name of an ancient river/邯 [han2] /name of a district in Hebei/寒冬 [han2 dong1] /wintry/函购 [han2 gou4] /mail order/韩国 [han2 guo2] /Korea/Korean/含糊 [han2 hu2] /obscurity/vague/寒假 [han2 jia4] /winter vacation/函件 [han2 jian4] /letters/correspondence/寒冷 [han2 leng3] /cold (climate)/frigid/very cold/含量 [han2 liang4] /contents/函授 [han2 shou4] /correspondence course/函数 [han2 shu4] /function/含水 [han2 shui3] /watery/含碳 [han2 tan4] /carbonic/寒喧 [han2 xuan1] /(v) exchange greetings/(v) discuss the weather/含意 [han2 yi4] /meaning/含义 [han2 yi4] /meaning/含有 [han2 you3] /(v) contain/韩圆 [han2 yuan2] /Korean won (unit of currency)/罕 [han3] /rare/喊 [han3] /call/cry/to shout/罕见 [han3 jian4] /(adj) rare; rarely seen/喊叫 [han3 jiao4] /cry out/shout/汗 [han4] /perspiration/sweat/旱 [han4] /drought/悍 [han4] /violent/捍 [han4] /ward off (a blow)/焊 [han4] /welding/汉 [han4] /Chinese/name of a dynasty/焊 [han4] /to solder/weld by heat/憾 [han4] /regret/撼 [han4] /shake/to incite/翰 [han4] /pen/颔 [han4] /chin/nod assent/瀚 [han4] /ocean/vastness/菡 [han4] /lotus blossom/汉城 [han4 cheng2] /Seoul, Korea/汉化 [han4 hua4] /Chinese localization/to convert sth into Chinese/汉奸 [han4 jian1] /(n) traitor to China/汉密尔顿 [han4 mi4 er3 dun4] /Hamilton/汉人 [han4 ren2] /Han Chinese person or people/捍卫 [han4 wei4] /defend/uphold/safeguard/汉学 [han4 xue2] /(n) Chinese studies/汉语 [han4 yu3] /Chinese language/旱灾 [han4 zai1] /(n) drought/汉字 [han4 zi4] /Chinese character/夯 [hang1] /drive piles/行 [hang2] /a row/profession/professional/吭 [hang2] /throat/杭 [hang2] /(surname)/Hangzhou/航 [hang2] /boat/ship/vessel/craft/to navigate/to sail/颃 [hang2] /fly down/航程 [hang2 cheng2] /flight/航道 [hang2 dao4] /(n) waterway; ship channel/航海 [hang2 hai3] /(n) sailing/(n) naval navigation/航海者 [hang2 hai3 zhe3] /navigator/航空 [hang2 kong1] /aviation/航空公司 [hang2 kong1 gong1 si1] /airline/airline company/航空母舰 [hang2 kong1 mu3 jian4] /aircraft carrier/航空术 [hang2 kong1 shu4] /aeronautics/航空邮件 [hang2 kong1 you2 jian4] /airmail/行列 [hang2 lie4] /procession/航天 [hang2 tian1] /space flight/航线 [hang2 xian4] /(n) ship or air route/航行 [hang2 xing2] /sail or fly (in air, water, or space)/to navigate/行业 [hang2 ye4] /industry/business/航运 [hang2 yun4] /shipping/transport/杭州 [hang2 zhou1] /Hangzhou (city)/蒿 [hao1] /wormwood/嚆 [hao1] /sound/noise/薅 [hao1] /pull out (weed)/毫 [hao2] /hair/drawing brush/(in the) least/嗥 [hao2] /howl/bawl/to bark/roar/号 [hao2] /roar/cry/貉 [hao2] /badger-like animal/豪 [hao2] /grand/heroic/嚎 [hao2] /howl/bawl/壕 [hao2] /air-raid shelter/trench/濠 [hao2] /trench/毫不 [hao2 bu2] /hardly/not in the least/not at all/豪华 [hao2 hua2] /luxurious/毫克 [hao2 ke4] /milligram/毫米 [hao2 mi3] /millimeter/毫无 [hao2 wu2] /without/毫无疑问 [hao2 wu2 yi2 wen4] /certainty/without a doubt/豪侠 [hao2 xia2] /cavalier/豪猪 [hao2 zhu1] /porcupine/好 [hao3] /good/well/郝 [hao3] /(surname)/ancient place name/好半天 [hao3 ban4 tian1] /(n) most of the day/好比 [hao3 bi3] /be just like/can be compared to/好吃 [hao3 chi1] /tasty/delicious/好处 [hao3 chu5] /benefit/advantage/好多 [hao3 duo1] /(adj) many/好感 [hao3 gan3] /good opinion/favorable impression/好好 [hao3 hao3] /nicely/好好儿地 [hao3 haor1 de5] /properly/thoroughly/好坏 [hao3 huai4] /(n) good and bad; advantageous and disadvantageous/好几 [hao3 ji3] /several/quite a few/好几年 [hao3 ji3 nian2] /several years/好久 [hao3 jiu3] /quite a while/好看 [hao3 kan4] /good-looking/好莱坞 [hao3 lai2 wu4] /Hollywood/好朋友 [hao3 peng2 you5] /good friend/好容易 [hao3 rong2 yi4] /with great difficulty/have a hard time/好说 [hao3 shuo1] /(idiom) OK, term used to indicate agreement/(idiom) ?you flatter me?, polite response to praise/好听 [hao3 ting1] /pleasant to hear/好玩儿 [hao3 wan2 er5] /(adj) interesting; delightful/好象 [hao3 xiang4] /seem/be like/好像 [hao3 xiang4] /(v) as if; seem like/好些 [hao3 xie1] /a good deal of/quite a lot/好心 [hao3 xin1] /(n) good motive/好样的 [hao3 yang4 de5] /(idiom) a good person, used to praise sb's moral integrity or courage/好运 [hao3 yun4] /good luck/好在 [hao3 zai4] /(adv) luckily/好转 [hao3 zhuan3] /improve/take a turn for the better/好 [hao4] /be fond of/昊 [hao4] /clear summer sky/vast/浩 [hao4] /grand/vast (water)/耗 [hao4] /mouse/new/to waste/to spend/to consume/to squander/皓 [hao4] /bright/d (19th)/white/号 [hao4] /day of a month/(suffix used after) name of a ship/(ordinal) number/镐 [hao4] /bright/place name/stove/颢 [hao4] /bright/white/灏 [hao4] /vast (of water)/号称 [hao4 cheng1] /(v) be known by reputation as/(v) falsely claim to be sth/耗费 [hao4 fei4] /to waste/to spend/to consume/to squander/浩浩荡荡 [hao4 hao4 dang4 dang4] /(adj) grandiose; majestic/好客 [hao4 ke4] /(adj) to enjoy having guests; hospitable; friendly/号码 [hao4 ma3] /number/好奇 [hao4 qi2] /curious/inquisitive/好奇心 [hao4 qi2 xin1] /curiosity/好战 [hao4 zhan4] /warlike/号召 [hao4 zhao4] /call/appeal/呵 [he1] /expel breath/my goodness/喝 [he1] /my goodness/to drink/诃 [he1] /to blame/ridicule in loud voice/喝叱 [he1 chi4] /chide/禾 [he2] /cereal/grain/合 [he2] /Chinese musical note/fit/to join/何 [he2] /carry/what/how/why/which/劾 [he2] /impeach/和 [he2] /and/together with/with/peace/harmony/union/河 [he2] /river/曷 [he2] /why/how/when/what/where/纥 [he2] /tassels/核 [he2] /nuclear/atomic/stone (of fruit)/盍 [he2] /why not/涸 [he2] /to dry/to dry up/盒 [he2] /small box/case/荷 [he2] /lotus/貉 [he2] /badger-like animal/阂 [he2] /obstruct/颌 [he2] /maxilla and mandible/翮 [he2] /quill/阖 [he2] /entire (family)/和蔼 [he2 ai3] /kindly/nice/amiable/河北省 [he2 bei3 sheng3] /(N) Hebei, a central China province/何必 [he2 bi4] /there is no need/why should/合并 [he2 bing4] /annex/merge/核不扩散 [he2 bu4 kuo4 san4] /nuclear nonproliferation/核查 [he2 cha2] /examine/inspect/合唱 [he2 chang4] /chorus/to chorus/合唱团 [he2 chang4 tuan2] /chorus/合成 [he2 cheng2] /compound/synthesis/mixture/何处 [he2 chu3] /whence/where/核大国 [he2 da4 guo2] /a nuclear power (country)/核弹 [he2 dan4] /nuclear warhead/河道 [he2 dao4] /(n) riverway; the course of a river/何等 [he2 deng3] /(adv) what kind?/(adv) how, what/核电 [he2 dian4] /nuclear power/核电站 [he2 dian4 zhan4] /nuclear power plant/合法 [he2 fa3] /lawful/legitimate/legal/合法化 [he2 fa3 hua4] /to legalize/to make legal/legalization/核反应堆 [he2 fan3 ying4 dui1] /nuclear reactor/合肥 [he2 fei2] /(N) Hefei, capitol of An Hui province in south central China/和风 [he2 feng1] /breeze/合格 [he2 ge2] /qualified/eligible (voter)/核工程 [he2 gong1 cheng2] /nuclear engineering/合股线 [he2 gu3 xian4] /twine/何故 [he2 gu4] /wherefore/和好 [he2 hao3] /to become reconciled/核轰炸 [he2 hong1 zha4] /nuclear bomb/核轰炸机 [he2 hong1 zha4 ji1] /nuclear bomber (aircraft)/合乎 [he2 hu1] /(v) abide by; be in accordance with/荷花 [he2 hua1] /(n) lotus/合伙 [he2 huo3] /(v) construct a partnership/合夥人 [he2 huo3 ren2] /partner/核技术 [he2 ji4 shu4] /nuclear technology/和解 [he2 jie3] /conciliatory/become reconciled/合金 [he2 jin1] /alloy/核军备 [he2 jun1 bei4] /nuclear arms/苛刻 [he2 ke4] /harsh/何况 [he2 kuang4] /much less/let alone/荷兰 [he2 lan2] /Holland/the Netherlands/菏兰 [he2 lan2] /Holland/菏兰语 [he2 lan2 yu3] /Dutch (language)/合理 [he2 li3] /rationale/reasonable/合力 [he2 li4] /cooperate/河流 [he2 liu2] /river/河马 [he2 ma3] /hippopotamus/禾苗 [he2 miao2] /(n) rice seedling/(n) grain crop seedling/和睦 [he2 mu4] /(adj) peaceful relations; harmonious/河南省 [he2 nan2 sheng3] /(N) Henan, a central China province/河内 [he2 nei4] /Hanoi (capital of Vietnam)/核能 [he2 neng2] /nuclear energy/核能技术 [he2 neng2 ji4 shu4] /nuclear technology/核能源 [he2 neng2 yuan2] /nuclear power/和平 [he2 ping2] /peace/和平共处 [he2 ping2 gong4 chu3] /(n) peaceful coexistence of nations, societies, etc./和平会谈 [he2 ping2 hui4 tan2] /peace talks/peace discussions/和平条约 [he2 ping2 tiao2 yue1] /peace treaty/和气 [he2 qi5] /(adj) polite, kind manners/(adj) friendly/合情合理 [he2 qing2 he2 li3] /reasonable and fair/何人 [he2 ren2] /who/和善 [he2 shan4] /good-natured/和尚 [he2 shang5] /Buddhist monk/核设施 [he2 she4 shi1] /nuclear facility/nuclear installation/何时 [he2 shi2] /when/合适 [he2 shi4] /suitable/fit/decent/合算 [he2 suan4] /worthwhile/reckon up/核桃 [he2 tao5] /(n) walnut seed/合同 [he2 tong5] /(business) contract/核威 [he2 wei1] /nuclear strength/nuclear might/核威慑政策 [he2 wei1 she4 zheng2 ce4] /policy of nuclear intimidation/核武库 [he2 wu3 ku4] /nuclear arsenal/核武器 [he2 wu3 qi4] /nuclear weapon/核武器材料 [he2 wu3 qi4 cai2 liao4] /nuclear weapon material/weapon's grade material/核武器试验 [he2 wu3 qi4 shi4 yan4] /nuclear test/核武器研制计划 [he2 wu3 qi4 yan2 zhi4 ji4 hua4] /nuclear weapons (manufacturing) program/何西阿书 [he2 xi1 a1 shu1] /Book of Hosea/和谐 [he2 xie2] /harmonious/核心 [he2 xin1] /core/nucleus/何以 [he2 yi3] /whence/合意 [he2 yi4] /acceptable/desirable/合营 [he2 ying2] /(v) jointly operate; operate asa coop/合影 [he2 ying3] /joint photo/group photo/核原料 [he2 yuan2 liao4] /nuclear material/和约 [he2 yue1] /peace treaty/核准 [he2 zhun3] /sanction/合资 [he2 zi1] /joint venture/核子 [he2 zi5] /nuclear/nucleus/盒子 [he2 zi5] /case/合作 [he2 zuo4] /to cooperate/to collaborate/to work together/cooperation/和 [he4] /cap (a poem)/respond in singing/荷 [he4] /peppermint/to carry burden/喝 [he4] /shout applause/贺 [he4] /congratulate/赫 [he4] /(surname)/awe-inspiring/壑 [he4] /gully/鹤 [he4] /crane/喝采 [he4 cai3] /acclaim/cheer/贺词 [he4 ci2] /(n) message of congratulation/贺年片 [he4 nian2 pian4] /New Year's card/褐色 [he4 se4] /brown/吓声 [he4 sheng1] /ho/赫兹 [he4 zi1] /Hertz/Hz/黑 [hei1] /black/dark/嘿 [hei1] /hey/黑暗 [hei1 an4] /dark/darkly/darkness/黑板 [hei1 ban3] /blackboard/黑貂 [hei1 diao1] /sable/黑客 [hei1 ke4] /hacker (computer)/黑莓子 [hei1 mei2 zi5] /blackberry/黑色 [hei1 se4] /black/黑夜 [hei1 ye4] /night/黑痣 [hei1 zhi4] /mole/痕 [hen2] /scar/traces/痕迹 [hen2 ji1] /vestige/很 [hen3] /very/extremely/狠 [hen3] /fierce/very/很不 [hen3 bu4] /very un-..../很大 [hen3 da4] /tremendous/狠毒 [hen3 du2] /(v) savage; cruel/很多 [hen3 duo1] /very many/very much/great (quantity)/很好 [hen3 hao3] /well/很快 [hen3 kuai4] /quickly/很少 [hen3 shao3] /seldom/狠心 [hen3 xin1] /(adj) callous; heartless/很遗憾 [hen3 yi2 han4] /unfortunately/regrettably/恨 [hen4] /to hate/恨不得 [hen4 bu5 de5] /one would if one could/itch to/亨 [heng1] /prosperous/哼 [heng1] /hum/哼声 [heng1 sheng1] /hum/亨特 [heng1 te4] /Hunter/亨特泰罗 [heng1 te4 tai4 luo2] /Hunter Tylo (Hollywood actress)/恒 [heng2] /permanent/桁 [heng2] /pole plate/purlin/ridge-pole/横 [heng2] /horizontal/across/(horizontal character stroke)/衡 [heng2] /to weigh/weight/measure/珩 [heng2] /top gem of pendant from girdle/蘅 [heng2] /Asarum blumei/横笔 [heng2 bi3] /bristles lying down (brush movement in painting)/横断物 [heng2 duan4 wu4] /transverse object/横钩 [heng2 gou1] /(horizontal hooked character stroke)/横过 [heng2 guo4] /traverse/横梁 [heng2 liang2] /beam/衡量 [heng2 liang5] /weight/measure/横扫 [heng2 sao3] /to sweep away/横卧 [heng2 wo4] /recline/恒星 [heng2 xing1] /(fixed) star/横行 [heng2 xing2] /(v) rampage; riot/横折 [heng2 zhe2] /(horizontal-starting right angle character stroke)/横 [heng4] /unruly/哼 [hng5] /(interj. of contempt)/哄 [hong1] /resound with laughter/烘 [hong1] /bake/heat by fire/薨 [hong1] /death of a prince/swarming/轰 [hong1] /explosion/bang/boom/rumble/strike (by thunder or a bomb)/訇 [hong1] /(surname)/sound of a crash/轰动 [hong1 dong4] /sensation/stir/烘干 [hong1 gan1] /parch/烘干机 [hong1 gan1 ji1] /clothes dryer/轰轰烈烈 [hong1 hong1 lie4 lie4] /strong/vigorous/large-scale/轰击 [hong1 ji1] /bombard/烘烤 [hong1 kao3] /roast/轰炸 [hong1 zha4] /(drop a) bomb/轰炸机 [hong1 zha4 ji1] /bomber (aircraft)/弘 [hong2] /great/liberal/宏 [hong2] /spacious/泓 [hong2] /clear/vast and deep/洪 [hong2] /flood/红 [hong2] /bonus/popular/red/revolutionary/虹 [hong2] /rainbow/闳 [hong2] /(surname)/big/gate/鸿 [hong2] /eastern bean goose/great/large/红堡 [hong2 bao3] /Red Fort (historic building in Delhi, India)/红宝石 [hong2 bao3 shi2] /ruby/红茶 [hong2 cha2] /black tea/宏大 [hong2 da4] /(adj) great; grand; massive/红海 [hong2 hai3] /Red Sea/红利 [hong2 li4] /bonus/dividend/红莲 [hong2 lian2] /red lotus/红领巾 [hong2 ling3 jin1] /(n) red scarf worn by the Young Pioneers/洪流 [hong2 liu2] /cataract/红楼梦 [hong2 lou2 meng4] /A Dream of Red Mansions/红绿灯 [hong2 lu:4 deng1] /(red and green) traffic light/traffic signal/红萝卜 [hong2 luo2 bo2] /carrot/红旗 [hong2 qi2] /red flag/虹桥机场 [hong2 qiao2 ji1 chang3] /Hongqiao Airport (in Shanghai)/红色 [hong2 se4] /red (color)/revolutionary/洪森 [hong2 sen1] /Hun Sen (Cambodian leader)/红烧肉 [hong2 shao1 rou4] /red-cooked (pork) meat/红十字会 [hong2 shi2 zi4 hui3] /Red Cross/洪水 [hong2 shui3] /deluge/flood/宏伟 [hong2 wei3] /grand/imposing/magnificent/红叶 [hong2 ye4] /red autumnal leaves/哄 [hong3] /deceive/coax/哄 [hong4] /have a hilarious time/riot/蕻 [hong4] /budding/flourishing/侯 [hou2] /marquis/喉 [hou2] /throat/larynx/猴 [hou2] /monkey/篌 [hou2] /(mus. instr.)/瘊 [hou2] /wart/喉擦音 [hou2 ca1 yin1] /guttural fricative/喉结 [hou2 jie2] /Adam's' apple/喉镜 [hou2 jing4] /laryngoscope/侯爵 [hou2 jue2] /marquis/喉咙 [hou2 long2] /throat/喉塞音 [hou2 se4 yin1] /glottal stop/喉痧 [hou2 sha1] /scarlet fever/喉舌 [hou2 she2] /mouthpiece/喉头 [hou2 tou2] /throat/larynx/喉炎 [hou2 yan2] /laryngitis/猴子 [hou2 zi5] /monkey/吼 [hou3] /roar (of a lion)/后者 [hou3 zhe3] /the latter/后 [hou4] /queen/厚 [hou4] /generous/thick (for flat things)/后 [hou4] /back/behind/rear/afterwards/after/later/候 [hou4] /wait/逅 [hou4] /meet unexpectedly/堠 [hou4] /mounds for beacons/鲎 [hou4] /king crab/后边 [hou4 bian1] /behind/候补 [hou4 bu3] /(v) a canidate for a vacancy; an alternate/后代 [hou4 dai4] /posterity/later periods/later ages/later generations/厚度 [hou4 du4] /thickness/后方 [hou4 fang1] /(n) far back from the battle's front lines; the rear/后方 [hou4 fang1] /rear/后果 [hou4 guo3] /consequences/aftermath/后悔 [hou4 hui3] /regret/repent/后来 [hou4 lai2] /afterwards/later/后两者 [hou4 liang3 zhe3] /the latter two/后面 [hou4 mian5] /rear/back/behind/后母 [hou4 mu3] /stepmother/后年 [hou4 nian2] /(n) the year after next/后年 [hou4 nian2] /the year after next/后期 [hou4 qi1] /late stage/later period/后勤 [hou4 qin2] /logistics/后人 [hou4 ren2] /later generation/后台 [hou4 tai2] /(n) the area behind a theatrical stage/(n) behind the scenes supporter/后天 [hou4 tian1] /day after tomorrow/post-natal/后头 [hou4 tou5] /(n) the area in back of sth/(n) later in time/后头 [hou4 tou5] /at the back/in the rear/behind/后退 [hou4 tui4] /recoil/draw back/fall back/retreat/候选人 [hou4 xuan3 ren2] /candidate/后裔 [hou4 yi4] /descendant/乎 [hu1] /(interrog. part.)/呼 [hu1] /to call/to cry/to shout/to breath out/to exhale/忽 [hu1] /suddenly/惚 [hu1] /indistinct/虍 [hu1] /stripes of tiger/滹 [hu1] /(surname)/name of a river/呼喊 [hu1 han3] /shout (slogans, etc)/呼和浩特 [hu1 he2 hao4 te4] /Hohhot (capital of Inner Mongolia)/呼呼 [hu1 hu1] /sound of wind blowing/呼呼声 [hu1 hu1 sheng1] /whir/呼唤 [hu1 huan4] /call out (someone's name, etc)/shout/呼叫 [hu1 jiao4] /to shout/to yell/呼叫器 [hu1 jiao4 qi4] /pager/beeper/呼叫声 [hu1 jiao4 sheng1] /whoop/忽略 [hu1 lu:e4] /(v) forget about; neglect; leave out by mistake/忽然 [hu1 ran2] /suddenly/all of a sudden/呼声 [hu1 sheng1] /(n) voiced opinion or desire, usually associated with a group/忽视 [hu1 shi4] /neglect/ignore/呼吸 [hu1 xi1] /breathe/呼啸 [hu1 xiao4] /whistle/scream/whiz/呼吁 [hu1 yu4] /call on (someone to do something)/appeal/to appeal (to)/呼吁美国 [hu1 yu4 mei3 guo2] /to call on the United States/to appeal to the U.S./囫 [hu2] /whole/in one lump/弧 [hu2] /arc/狐 [hu2] /fox/胡 [hu2] /(surname)/beard/what why how/斛 [hu2] /5 pecks (M)/壶 [hu2] /pot/(a measure word)/湖 [hu2] /lake/瑚 [hu2] /coral/葫 [hu2] /Allium scorodoprasum/bottle gourd/糊 [hu2] /muddled/paste/scorched/蝴 [hu2] /butterfly/胡 [hu2] /beard/mustache/猢 [hu2] /(monkey)/槲 [hu2] /oak/Quercus dentata/觳 [hu2] /(measure)/frightened/鹕 [hu2] /pelican/鹘 [hu2] /falcon/migratory bird/湖北省 [hu2 bei3 sheng3] /(N) Hubei, a central China province/蝴蝶 [hu2 die2] /butterfly/胡椒 [hu2 jiao1] /pepper/胡锦涛 [hu2 jin3 tao2] /Hu Jintao (PRC president)/胡来 [hu2 lai2] /(v) make a complete hash of things; cause trouble/狐狸 [hu2 li5] /(n) fox/葫芦 [hu2 lu2] /(n) bottle gourd/胡乱 [hu2 luan4] /carelessly/recklessly/湖南 [hu2 nan2] /Hunan province, China/湖南省 [hu2 nan2 sheng3] /(N) Hunan, a central China province/湖泊 [hu2 po1] /(n) lake/胡适 [hu2 shi4] /Hu Shi (1891-1962), original proponent of bai2 hua4 wen2 白话文/胡说 [hu2 shuo1] /talk nonsense/drivel/胡思乱想 [hu2 si1 luan4 xiang3] /imaginings/let one's imagine run away with one/胡桃 [hu2 tao2] /walnut/胡同 [hu2 tong4] /lane/alley/糊涂 [hu2 tu5] /muddled/silly/弧形 [hu2 xing2] /arch/胡须 [hu2 xu1] /beard/胡志明 [hu2 zhi4 ming2] /Ho Chi Minh (Vietnamese leader, city)/胡志明市 [hu2 zhi4 ming2 shi4] /Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon/胡志强 [hu2 zhi4 qiang2] /Jason Hu (Taiwan foreign minister)/胡子 [hu2 zi5] /beard/moustache or whiskers/facial hair/虎 [hu3] /tiger/唬 [hu3] /intimidate/tiger's roar/to fool/琥 [hu3] /amber/浒 [hu3] /bank of a river/琥珀 [hu3 po4] /amber/互 [hu4] /mutual/户 [hu4] /a household/door/family/扈 [hu4] /retinue/瓠 [hu4] /gourd/沪 [hu4] /Shanghai/糊 [hu4] /paste/cream/护 [hu4] /protect/冱 [hu4] /congealed/frozen/岵 [hu4] /wooded hill/怙 [hu4] /presume/戽 [hu4] /water bucket for irrigation/祜 [hu4] /celestial blessing/笏 [hu4] /tablet held at an audience/户部 [hu4 bu4] /feudal Chinese Ministry of Revenue/互操性 [hu4 cao1 xing4] /interoperability/护城河 [hu4 cheng2 he2] /moat/互动 [hu4 dong4] /interactive/互动电视 [hu4 dong4 dian4 shi4] /interactive TV/互换 [hu4 huan4] /to exchange/互惠 [hu4 hui4] /reciprocal/户籍 [hu4 ji2] /census register/household register/户口 [hu4 kou3] /registered residence/互利 [hu4 li4] /(adj) mutually beneficial/互连 [hu4 lian2] /interconnection/互联 [hu4 lian2] /interconnected/互联网络 [hu4 lian2 wang3 luo4] /network/糊弄 [hu4 nong5] /to fool/to deceive/护士 [hu4 shi5] /nurse/护送 [hu4 song4] /to escort/to accompany/护送者 [hu4 song4 zhe3] /escort/互通 [hu4 tong1] /to intercommunicate/to interoperate/互通性 [hu4 tong1 xing4] /interoperability (of communications equipment)/户头 [hu4 tou2] /bank account/户外 [hu4 wai4] /outdoor/户限 [hu4 xian4] /threshold/互相 [hu4 xiang1] /each other/mutually/mutual/护照 [hu4 zhao4] /passport/户主 [hu4 zhu3] /head of the household/互助 [hu4 zhu4] /help each other/花 [hua1] /flower/blossom/to spend (money, time)/fancy pattern/华 [hua1] /flower/哗 [hua1] /crashing sound/花白 [hua1 bai2] /grizzled (hair)/花瓣 [hua1 ban4] /petal/花边 [hua1 bian1] /lace/花茶 [hua1 cha2] /scented tea/滑倒 [hua1 dao3] /slip/花店 [hua1 dian4] /flower shop/花朵 [hua1 duo3] /flower/花费 [hua1 fei4] /expense/cost/花粉 [hua1 fen3] /pollen/花粉过敏 [hua1 fen3 guo4 min3] /hay fever/花岗石 [hua1 gang3 shi2] /granite/哗哗 [hua1 hua1] /sound of gurgling water/花环 [hua1 huan2] /garland/花开 [hua1 kai1] /bloom/花木兰 [hua1 mu4 lan2] /Hua Mu Lan (name of a woman warrior)/花瓶 [hua1 ping2] /vase/花俏 [hua1 qiao4] /fancy/花圈 [hua1 quan1] /wreath/花色 [hua1 se4] /(n) variety; designs and colors/花哨 [hua1 shao5] /garish/gaudy/花生 [hua1 sheng1] /peanut/groundnut/花束 [hua1 shu4] /bouquet/花托 [hua1 tuo1] /receptacle/花纹 [hua1 wen2] /(n) decorative design/花样 [hua1 yang4] /(n) pattern; type/(n) trick/花园 [hua1 yuan2] /garden/划 [hua2] /to row/华 [hua2] /(abbreviation for) China/(surname) Hua/magnificent/splendid/flowery/滑 [hua2] /comical/cunning/slippery/smooth/猾 [hua2] /sly/哗 [hua2] /cat-calling sound/clamor/noise/豁 [hua2] /play Chinese finger game/哗 [hua2] /clamor/noise/铧 [hua2] /ploughshare/spade/骅 [hua2] /chestnut horse/华北平原 [hua2 bei3 ping2 yuan2] /North China plain/华表 [hua2 biao3] /marble pillar (ornamental column in front of places, tombs)/滑冰 [hua2 bing1] /to skate/skating/华尔街日报 [hua2 er3 jie1 ri4 bao4] /Wall Street Journal/华府 [hua2 fu3] /the (U.S.) government in Washington/滑稽 [hua2 ji5] /comical/华丽 [hua2 li4] /gorgeous/滑溜 [hua2 liu1] /slippery/滑落 [hua2 luo4] /slide/华侨 [hua2 qiao2] /overseas Chinese/华人 [hua2 ren2] /ethnic Chinese person or people/华盛顿 [hua2 sheng4 dun4] /Washington (D.C.)/华盛顿时报 [hua2 sheng4 dun4 shi2 bao4] /Washington Times (newspaper)/华盛顿邮报 [hua2 sheng4 dun4 you2 bao4] /Washington Post (newspaper)/滑鼠 [hua2 shu3] /mouse (computer)/滑鼠垫 [hua2 shu3 dian4] /mouse pad/滑翔 [hua2 xiang2] /glide/滑翔机 [hua2 xiang2 ji1] /glider/滑雪 [hua2 xue3] /to ski/skiing/华裔 [hua2 yi4] /ethnic Chinese/non-Chinese citizen of Chinese ancestry/华语 [hua2 yu3] /Chinese language/化 [hua4] /to make into/to change into/-ization/to ... -ize/to transform/划 [hua4] /to mark off/draw (a line)/画 [hua4] /draw/picture/painting/华 [hua4] /(surname)/name of a mountain/话 [hua4] /dialect/language/spoken words/speech/talk/words/conversation/what someone said/划 [hua4] /to delimit/to transfer/划 [hua4] /to mark off/draw (a line)/桦 [hua4] /Betula japonica/画报 [hua4 bao4] /pictorial (magazine)/画插图者 [hua4 cha1 tu2 zhe3] /illustrator/化肥 [hua4 fei2] /fertilizer/划分 [hua4 fen1] /to divide/化工 [hua4 gong1] /chemical engineering/化合 [hua4 he2] /chemical combination/画家 [hua4 jia1] /painter/话剧 [hua4 ju4] /stage play/modern drama/画廊 [hua4 lang2] /gallery/画眉鸟 [hua4 mei2 niao3] /thrush/画面 [hua4 mian4] /(picture) frame/桦木 [hua4 mu4] /birch/画蛇添足 [hua4 she2 tian1 zu2] /ruin the effect by adding what is superfluous/lit.: draw legs on a snake; fig.: to overdo it/化石 [hua4 shi2] /fossil/话题 [hua4 ti2] /subject (of a talk or conversation)/topic/华佗 [hua4 tuo2] /name of a famous doctor in old times, Hua Tuo/化纤 [hua4 xian1] /(n) chemical fiber/画像 [hua4 xiang4] /portrait/portray/化学 [hua4 xue2] /chemistry/chemical/化学家 [hua4 xue2 jia1] /chemist/化学武器 [hua4 xue2 wu3 qi4] /chemical weapon/化学战 [hua4 xue2 zhan4] /chemical warfare/化验 [hua4 yan4] /laboratory test/画展 [hua4 zhan3] /art exhibition/化妆 [hua4 zhuang1] /to put on make-up/化装 [hua4 zhuang1] /(of actors) to make up/to disguise oneself/化妆品 [hua4 zhuang1 pin3] /makeup/化妆舞会 [hua4 zhuang1 wu3 hui4] /masquerade/徊 [huai2] /irresolute/move back and forth/淮 [huai2] /name of a river/槐 [huai2] /Sophora japonica/踝 [huai2] /ankle (bone)/怀 [huai2] /to think of/to cherish/mind/heart/bosom/怀抱 [huai2 bao4] /(within someone's) embrace/cherish/怀敌意 [huai2 di2 yi4] /hostile/怀俄明 [huai2 e2 ming2] /Wyoming (US state)/怀念 [huai2 nian4] /to cherish the memory of/to think of/槐树 [huai2 shu4] /(n) locust tree, a large tree with pale yellow flowers/怀疑 [huai2 yi2] /to doubt/to suspect/doubt/suspicion/怀孕 [huai2 yun4] /to be pregnant/to have conceived/坏 [huai4] /bad/spoiled/坏 [huai4] /bad/坏处 [huai4 chu5] /(n) harm; troubles/坏蛋 [huai4 dan4] /bad egg/scoundrel/bastard/欢 [huan1] /joyous/happy/pleased/獾 [huan1] /badger/欢呼 [huan1 hu1] /cheer for/acclaim/欢乐 [huan1 le4] /gaiety/gladness/glee/merriment/pleasure/happy/joyous/gay/欢送 [huan1 song4] /see off/send off/欢腾 [huan1 teng2] /jubilation/great celebration/欢喜 [huan1 xi3] /joyful/欢笑 [huan1 xiao4] /(v) laugh happily; belly-laugh/欢迎 [huan1 ying2] /to welcome/welcome/欢迎光临 [huan1 ying2 guang1 lin2] /welcome/洹 [huan2] /name of a river/桓 [huan2] /(surname)/Sapindus mukurosi/寰 [huan2] /large domain/环 [huan2] /bracelet/ring (not for finger)/to surround/to loop/loop/还 [huan2] /(surname)/pay back/return/锾 [huan2] /(ancient measure)/money/萑 [huan2] /(reeds)/圜 [huan2] /circle/encircle/缳 [huan2] /bind/tie/noose/鬟 [huan2] /a knot of hair on top of head/环节 [huan2 jie2] /(n) connection; link/环境 [huan2 jing4] /environment/circumstances/surroundings/环球 [huan2 qiu2] /global/worldwide/环球定位系统 [huan2 qiu2 ding4 wei4 xi4 tong3] /global positioning system/GPS/环绕 [huan2 rao4] /to surround/to rotate/环形 [huan2 xing2] /ring-shaped/环形结构 [huan2 xing2 jie2 gou4] /ring configuration/还原 [huan2 yuan2] /(v) restore to the original state/缓 [huan3] /slow/sluggish/gradual/to postpone/缓冲 [huan3 chong1] /to buffer/缓和 [huan3 he2] /to ease (tension)/to alleviate/to moderate/to allay/to make more mild/缓缓 [huan3 huan3] /slowly/unhurriedly/little by little/缓解 [huan3 jie3] /ease/help relieve (a crisis)/缓慢 [huan3 man4] /slow/幻 [huan4] /fantasy/奂 [huan4] /(surname)/excellent/宦 [huan4] /an official/患 [huan4] /misfortune/suffer (from illness)/trouble/danger/worry/to contract (a disease)/唤 [huan4] /to call/换 [huan4] /change/exchange/涣 [huan4] /disperse expansive (of river)/焕 [huan4] /brilliant/lustrous/豢 [huan4] /feed pigs and dogs/to rear/痪 [huan4] /illness/numbness of the limbs/逭 [huan4] /escape from/漶 [huan4] /indecipherable/擐 [huan4] /pass through/to get into (armor)/患病 [huan4 bing4] /become sick/fall ill/患处 [huan4 chu4] /afflicted part/幻灯 [huan4 deng1] /lantern slides/患难 [huan4 nan4] /trials and tribulations/换取 [huan4 qu3] /give something and get something in return/幻想 [huan4 xiang3] /delusion/幻象 [huan4 xiang4] /illusion/唤醒 [huan4 xing3] /arouse/awake/rouse/幻影 [huan4 ying3] /phantom/患者 [huan4 zhe3] /patient/sufferer/换置 [huan4 zhi4] /displace/肓 [huang1] /region between heart and diaphragm/荒 [huang1] /out of practice/uncultivated/慌 [huang1] /nervous/荒诞 [huang1 dan4] /(adj) beyond belief; preposterous/荒地 [huang1 di4] /(n) wasteland/荒凉 [huang1 liang2] /desolate/慌乱 [huang1 luan4] /(adj) frenetic; hurried/慌忙 [huang1 mang2] /in a great rush/in a flurry/荒谬 [huang1 miu4] /ridiculous/荒唐 [huang1 tang2] /(adj) beyond belief; preposterous/absurd/intemperate/dissipated/荒芜 [huang1 wu2] /barren/uncultivated/waste(land)/荒无人烟 [huang1 wu2 ren2 yan1] /desolate and uninhabited/荒野 [huang1 ye3] /wilderness/慌张 [huang1 zhang1] /(adj) flustered/皇 [huang2] /(surname)/emperor/凰 [huang2] /phoenix/徨 [huang2] /irresolute/惶 [huang2] /frightened/湟 [huang2] /name of a river/隍 [huang2] /dry moat/god of city/黄 [huang2] /(surname)/sulfur/yellow/煌 [huang2] /brilliant/遑 [huang2] /leisure/篁 [huang2] /(bamboo)/bamboo grove/蝗 [huang2] /locust/璜 [huang2] /semi-circular jade ornament/磺 [huang2] /sulfur/簧 [huang2] /metallic reed/spring of lock/潢 [huang2] /dye paper/lake/pond/mount scroll/蟥 [huang2] /horse-leech/鳇 [huang2] /sturgeon/蝗虫 [huang2 chong2] /locust/皇帝 [huang2 di4] /emperor/黄蜂 [huang2 feng1] /wasp/黄瓜 [huang2 gua1] /cucumber/黄河 [huang2 he2] /Yellow River (Huang He)/黄褐色 [huang2 he2 se4] /tan/tawny/皇后 [huang2 hou4] /(n) empress/黄昏 [huang2 hun1] /dusk/evening/nightfall/黄建南 [huang2 jian4 nan2] /John Huang (Democratic Party fundraiser)/黄金 [huang2 jin1] /gold/黄浦江 [huang2 pu3 jiang1] /Huangpu River (in Shanghai)/黄色 [huang2 se4] /yellow/pornographic/黄山 [huang2 shan1] /Mt. Huang (Huang Shan)/黄鼠狼 [huang2 shu3 lang2] /weasel/黄铜 [huang2 tong2] /brass/黄岩岛 [huang2 yan2 dao3] /Huangyan Island (in the South China Sea)/黄油 [huang2 you2] /butter/黄鱼 [huang2 yu2] /yellow croaker (fish)/恍 [huang3] /disappointed/flurried/indistinct/晃 [huang3] /dazzle/幌 [huang3] /advertising sign/谎 [huang3] /lies/to lie/谎报 [huang3 bao4] /to lie/谎话 [huang3 hua4] /lie/谎言 [huang3 yan2] /lie/晃 [huang4] /sway/to shade/花儿 [huar1] /flower/画儿 [huar4] /picture/drawing/painting/灰 [hui1] /gray/ash/恢 [hui1] /to restore/to recover/great/虺 [hui1] /sick/with no ambition/挥 [hui1] /scatter/wield/wipe away/晖 [hui1] /bright/radiant/诙 [hui1] /whimsical/humorous/堕 [hui1] /destroy/overthrow/辉 [hui1] /bright/glorious/麾 [hui1] /signal flag/to signal/徽 [hui1] /insignia/隳 [hui1] /destroy/overthrow/灰白 [hui1 bai2] /colored/ash-colored/灰尘 [hui1 chen2] /dust/恢复 [hui1 fu4] /to reinstate/to resume/to restore/to recover/to regain/恢复原状 [hui1 fu4 yuan2 zhuang4] /restore/辉煌 [hui1 huang2] /splendid/glorious/挥霍 [hui1 huo4] /(v) spend money without restraint; squander/挥霍无度 [hui1 huo4 wu2 du4] /extravagance/extravagant/灰猎犬 [hui1 lie4 quan3] /greyhound/灰色 [hui1 se4] /gray/grizzly/灰心 [hui1 xin1] /lose heart/be discouraged/徽章 [hui1 zhang1] /badge/回 [hui2] /(a measure word for matters or actions) a time/to circle/to go back/to turn around/to answer/to return/to revolve/茴 [hui2] /fennel/蛔 [hui2] /roundworm/Ascaris lumbricoides/洄 [hui2] /eddy/whirlpool/回报 [hui2 bao4] /(in) return/reciprocation/payback/retaliation/回避 [hui2 bi4] /(v) evade; shun; avoid/回答 [hui2 da2] /reply/answer/回到 [hui2 dao4] /return to/回访 [hui2 fang3] /(pay a) return visit/回顾 [hui2 gu4] /to look back/to review/回顾历史 [hui2 gu4 li4 shi3] /to look back at history/回归 [hui2 gui1] /to return (to previous condition)/Hong Kong's return to Chinese sovereignty/to regress/回归中国 [hui2 gui1 zhong1 guo2] /to return to China (e.g. Hong Kong)/回击 [hui2 ji1] /fight back/return fire/counterattack/回家 [hui2 jia1] /homeward/回绝 [hui2 jue2] /rebuff/回来 [hui2 lai5] /return/come back/回去 [hui2 qu5] /return/go back/回声 [hui2 sheng1] /echo/回收 [hui2 shou1] /(v) recover and put back to use; recycle/回头 [hui2 tou2] /turn round/回想 [hui2 xiang3] /recall/recollect/think back/回信 [hui2 xin4] /reply/write back/回忆 [hui2 yi4] /recall/recollect/虺 [hui3] /poisonous snakes/悔 [hui3] /regret/毁 [hui3] /to destroy/to damage/to ruin/毁 [hui3] /blaze/destroy by fire/毁 [hui3] /defame/to slander/悔改 [hui3 gai3] /repent/repentance/悔恨 [hui3 hen4] /remorse/repentance/毁坏 [hui3 huai4] /destruction/devastate/毁灭 [hui3 mie4] /perish/ruin/destroy/悔罪 [hui3 zui4] /conviction/卉 [hui4] /plants/彗 [hui4] /comet/晦 [hui4] /dark/night/unlucky/喙 [hui4] /beak/to pant/惠 [hui4] /favor/kind act (from above)/汇 [hui4] /remit/to converge (of rivers)/to exchange/汇 [hui4] /class/collection/会 [hui4] /can/be possible/be able to/to assemble/to meet/to gather/to see/union/group/association/贿 [hui4] /bribe/bribery/诲 [hui4] /admonish/instruct/慧 [hui4] /intelligent/蕙 [hui4] /Coumarouna odorata/讳 [hui4] /avoid mentioning/to taboo/烩 [hui4] /cooked in soy and vinegar/秽 [hui4] /dirt/filth/绘 [hui4] /to draw/to paint/恚 [hui4] /rage/荟 [hui4] /flourish/缋 [hui4] /multi-color/to draw/蟪 [hui4] /(cicada)/Platypleura kaempferi/汇报 [hui4 bao4] /to report/to give an account of/report/汇编 [hui4 bian1] /collection/compilation/compile/会变 [hui4 bian4] /variable/会不会 [hui4 bu4 hui4] /(posing a question: whether someone, something) can or not/is able to or not/会场 [hui4 chang3] /meeting place/place where people gather/会费 [hui4 fei4] /due/会合 [hui4 he2] /meet/have a meeting/会话 [hui4 hua4] /conversation/绘画 [hui4 hua4] /drawing/painting/汇集 [hui4 ji2] /to collect/to compile/to converge/汇寄 [hui4 ji4] /remit/会见 [hui4 jian4] /to meet with (someone who is paying a visit)/会客 [hui4 ke4] /receive a visitor/汇款 [hui4 kuan3] /remit money/remittance/会漏 [hui4 lou4] /leak/贿赂 [hui4 lu4] /bribe/汇率 [hui4 lu:4] /exchange rate/会面 [hui4 mian4] /meet with/have a meeting/会期 [hui4 qi1] /session/会死 [hui4 si3] /mortal/会谈 [hui4 tan2] /talks/discussions/会同 [hui4 tong2] /(v) jointly take care of a matter/绘图 [hui4 tu2] /to draw/to draft/会晤 [hui4 wu4] /meet/meeting/conference/彗星 [hui4 xing1] /comet/会议 [hui4 yi4] /meeting/conference/会友 [hui4 you3] /membership/会员 [hui4 yuan2] /member/会长 [hui4 zhang3] /president of a club, committee, etc./会长团 [hui4 zhang3 tuan2] /presidency/绘制 [hui4 zhi4] /to draw/to draft/昏 [hun1] /muddle-headed/twilight/to faint/to lose consciousness/婚 [hun1] /to marry/marriage/wedding/to take a wife/荤 [hun1] /meat dish/阍 [hun1] /door-keeper/昏暗 [hun1 an4] /dusky/婚嫁 [hun1 jia4] /marriage/婚礼 [hun1 li3] /wedding ceremony/wedding/婚龄 [hun1 ling2] /marrying age/昏迷 [hun1 mi2] /to lose consciousness/to be in a coma/婚期 [hun1 qi1] /wedding day/婚事 [hun1 shi4] /wedding/marriage/婚外 [hun1 wai4] /extramarital/婚外性接触 [hun1 wai4 xing4 jie1 chu4] /extramarital sex/婚姻 [hun1 yin1] /matrimony/wedding/marriage/婚约 [hun1 yue1] /engagement/wedding contract/混 [hun2] /confused/dirty/mix/浑 [hun2] /muddy/珲 [hun2] /(fine jade)/魂 [hun2] /soul/馄 [hun2] /Chinese ravioli/浑身 [hun2 shen1] /all over/from head to foot/混 [hun4] /to mix/to get along/thoughtless/溷 [hun4] /disordered/privy/诨 [hun4] /jest/nickname/混纺 [hun4 fang3] /(n) mixed fabric; blended fabric/混合 [hun4 he2] /to mix/to blend/混合物 [hun4 he2 wu4] /mixture/混乱 [hun4 luan4] /confusion/chaos/混凝土 [hun4 ning2 tu3] /concrete/混淆 [hun4 xiao2] /obscure/confuse/mix up/blur/混血 [hun4 xue4] /hybrid/混杂 [hun4 za2] /mix/混浊 [hun4 zhuo2] /(adj) muddy; turbid; dirty/豁 [huo1] /opening/stake all/sacrifice/crack/slit/和 [huo2] /soft/warm/活 [huo2] /to live/alive/living/work/workmanship/活动 [huo2 dong4] /activity/exercise/behavior/活动房屋 [huo2 dong4 fang2 wu1] /trailer/活儿 [huo2 er5] /(n) work (typically used only in speech)/活该 [huo2 gai1] /(coll.) serve sb. right/deservedly/ought/should/活力 [huo2 li4] /energy/vitality/活泼 [huo2 po5] /lively/vivacious/brisk/active/活塞 [huo2 sai1] /piston/valve/活跃 [huo2 yue4] /active/vigorous/活着 [huo2 zhe5] /alive/火 [huo3] /fire/伙 [huo3] /assistant/furniture/partner/夥 [huo3] /assistant/partner/many/great/numerous/钬 [huo3] /holmium/伙伴 [huo3 ban4] /partisan/夥伴 [huo3 ban4] /partner/companion/火柴 [huo3 chai2] /match/火车 [huo3 che1] /train/火花 [huo3 hua1] /spark/sparkle/伙计 [huo3 ji4] /((n) buddy; companion/(n) shop clerk/火箭 [huo3 jian4] /rocket/火炬 [huo3 ju4] /torch/火力 [huo3 li4] /fire/firepower/火龙 [huo3 long2] /fiery dragon/火墙 [huo3 qiang2] /firewall/火山 [huo3 shan1] /volcanic/volcano/伙食 [huo3 shi2] /(n) food or meal served at a mess hall/火腿 [huo3 tui3] /ham/火星 [huo3 xing1] /Mars (the planet)/火焰 [huo3 yan2] /blaze/flame/火焰山 [huo3 yan4 shan1] /the Mountain of Flames/火药 [huo3 yao4] /gunpowder/火灾 [huo3 zai1] /fire (that burns buildings, etc.)/和 [huo4] /mix together/to blend/或 [huo4] /maybe/perhaps/might/possibly/or/货 [huo4] /goods/money/commodity/惑 [huo4] /confuse/祸 [huo4] /disaster/霍 [huo4] /(surname)/cholera/获 [huo4] /to catch/to obtain/to capture/豁 [huo4] /clear/open/exempt (from)/liberal-minded/获 [huo4] /reap/harvest/藿 [huo4] /Lophanthus rugosus/beans/蠖 [huo4] /looper caterpillar/镬 [huo4] /boiler or caldron/获暴利者 [huo4 bao4 li4 zhe3] /profiteer/货币 [huo4 bi4] /currency/monetary/money/货币贬值 [huo4 bi4 bian3 zhi2] /currency devaluation/to devaluate a currency/货币危机 [huo4 bi4 wei1 ji1] /monetary crisis/货车 [huo4 che1] /van/或称 [huo4 cheng1] /also called/also known as/a.k.a./获得 [huo4 de2] /to obtain/to receive/to get/或多或少 [huo4 duo1 huo4 shao3] /more or less/祸害 [huo4 hai4] /(n) disaster; harm/(v)damage; harm; wreck/获利 [huo4 li4] /profit/obtain benefits/benefits obtained/霍乱 [huo4 luan4] /cholera/货轮 [huo4 lun2] /freighter/cargo ship/豁免 [huo4 mian3] /exempt/获取 [huo4 qu3] /(v) gain; get; acquire/获胜 [huo4 sheng4] /be victorious/或是 [huo4 shi4] /(conj) either X or Y/获释 [huo4 shi4] /obtain release (from prison)/货物 [huo4 wu4] /goods/commodity/merchandise/货物运输 [huo4 wu4 yun4 shu1] /freight/或许 [huo4 xu3] /perhaps/maybe/获益 [huo4 yi4] /obtain a benefit/profit from something/获益者 [huo4 yi4 zhe3] /beneficiary/货源 [huo4 yuan2] /supply of goods/或者 [huo4 zhe3] /or/possibly/maybe/perhaps/获准 [huo4 zhun3] /obtain permission/火儿 [huor3] /angry/几 [ji1] /small table/乩 [ji1] /to divine/肌 [ji1] /flesh/muscle/奇 [ji1] /odd (Num)/唧 [ji1] /(onomat.)/to pump (water)/姬 [ji1] /(surname)/women/屐 [ji1] /clogs/饥 [ji1] /hungry/基 [ji1] /base/foundation/basic/radical (chem.)/嵇 [ji1] /(surname)/name of a mountain/几 [ji1] /almost/犄 [ji1] /ox-horns/wing of an army/绩 [ji1] /merit/accomplishment/畸 [ji1] /fractional remains/odd/迹 [ji1] /footprint/mark/trace/vestige/sign/indication/箕 [ji1] /winnow basket/叽 [ji1] /grumble/畿 [ji1] /territory around the capital/稽 [ji1] /inspect/check/机 [ji1] /machine/opportunity/secret/激 [ji1] /to arouse/to incite/to excite/to stimulate/sharp/fierce/violent/玑 [ji1] /irregular pearl/积 [ji1] /to amass/to accumulate/to store/old/long-standing/击 [ji1] /to hit/to strike/to break/矶 [ji1] /breakwater/jetty/绩 [ji1] /merit/accomplishment/迹 [ji1] /footprint/trace/鸡 [ji1] /fowl/chicken/讥 [ji1] /ridicule/饥 [ji1] /hungry/跻 [ji1] /go up/羁 [ji1] /halter/restrain/丌 [ji1] /(surname)/机 [ji1] /machine/opportunity/secret/剞 [ji1] /curved wood graver/笄 [ji1] /15 years old/hairpin for bun/齑 [ji1] /fragment/spices/激昂 [ji1 ang2] /aroused to indignation/击败 [ji1 bai4] /defeat/beat/基本 [ji1 ben3] /basic/fundamental/main/基本概念 [ji1 ben3 gai4 nian4] /basic concept/基本上 [ji1 ben3 shang5] /basically/on the whole/基本原理 [ji1 ben3 yuan2 li3] /fundamental principle/基层 [ji1 ceng2] /basic level/grass-roots unit/机场 [ji1 chang3] /airport/management/to manage/to administer/机车 [ji1 che1] /(n) locomotive; train engine car/基础 [ji1 chu3] /base/foundation/basis/基础设施 [ji1 chu3 she4 shi4] /base station/base installation/基础速率 [ji1 chu3 su4 lu:4] /basic rate (as in ISDN)/基础问题 [ji1 chu3 wen4 ti2] /basic issue/fundamental question/机床 [ji1 chuang2] /machine tool/鸡蛋 [ji1 dan4] /egg/基地 [ji1 di4] /(military) base/基调 [ji1 diao4] /(speech) keynote/机动 [ji1 dong4] /flexible/激动 [ji1 dong4] /to excite/to agitate/exciting/机动性 [ji1 dong4 xing4] /flexibility/基督 [ji1 du1] /Jesus (Christ)/基督教 [ji1 du1 jiao4] /Christianity/Christian/基督教徒 [ji1 du1 jiao4 tu2] /Christian/饥饿 [ji1 e4] /hunger/hungry/starve/激发 [ji1 fa1] /to arouse/to excite/机构 [ji1 gou4] /organization/agency/institution/机关 [ji1 guan1] /organ/mechanism/鸡冠 [ji1 guan1] /crest/cockscomb/机关报 [ji1 guan1 bao4] /official (government-operated) newspaper/机关车 [ji1 guan1 che1] /locomotive/激光 [ji1 guang1] /laser/激光唱片 [ji1 guang1 chang4 pian4] /compact disk/CD/激光打引机 [ji1 guang1 da3 yin3 ji1] /laser printer/激光二极管 [ji1 guang1 er4 ji2 guan3] /laser diode/几乎 [ji1 hu1] /almost/nearly/practically/几乎不 [ji1 hu1 bu4] /hardly/seems not/几乎没有 [ji1 hu1 mei2 you3] /scarcely/hardly any/几乎完全 [ji1 hu1 wan2 quan2] /almost entirely/almost completely/饥荒 [ji1 huang5] /famine/机会 [ji1 hui4] /opportunity/chance/occasion/积极 [ji1 ji2] /active/energetic/vigorous/positive (outlook)/proactive/积极性 [ji1 ji2 xing4] /zeal/initiative/enthusiasm/activity/积极性 [ji1 ji2 xing4] /zeal/initiative/enthusiasm/犄角 [ji1 jiao3] /horn/基金 [ji1 jin1] /fund/基金会 [ji1 jin1 hui4] /a foundation (i.e., an organization)/积累 [ji1 lei3] /accumulate/激励 [ji1 li4] /encourage/urge/激烈 [ji1 lie4] /intense/acute/fierce/机灵 [ji1 ling2] /(adj) clever; quick-witted/机密 [ji1 mi4] /secret/classified (information)/机密文件 [ji1 mi4 wen2 jian4] /secret document/机能 [ji1 neng2] /function/激怒 [ji1 nu4] /infuriate/激起 [ji1 qi3] /arouse/excite/inflame/机器 [ji1 qi4] /machine/机器人 [ji1 qi4 ren2] /mechanical person/robot/机枪 [ji1 qiang1] /(n) machne gun/讥诮 [ji1 qiao4] /cynical/激情 [ji1 qing2] /(n) strong emotion; passion; fervour/肌肉 [ji1 rou4] /muscle/flesh/肌肉发达 [ji1 rou4 fa1 da2] /muscular/基石 [ji1 shi2] /cornerstone/激素 [ji1 su4] /hormone/机体 [ji1 ti3] /(n) organism/鸡尾酒 [ji1 wei3 jiu3] /cocktail/迹象 [ji1 xiang4] /mark/indication/sign/indicator/讥笑 [ji1 xiao4] /(v) sneer at/机械 [ji1 xie4] /machine/mechanical/机械翻译 [ji1 xie4 fan1 yi4] /machine translation/机械化 [ji1 xie4 hua4] /mechanize/机械码 [ji1 xie4 ma3] /machine code/机械语言 [ji1 xie4 yu3 yan2] /machine language/机械装置 [ji1 xie4 zhuang1 zhi4] /machinery/积压 [ji1 ya1] /(v) overstock due to neglect, having more than can be managed/基於 [ji1 yu2] /because of/in view of/due to/in view of the fact that/机遇 [ji1 yu4] /(n) stroke of good luck; opportunity; good luck/机智 [ji1 zhi4] /tact/witty/机制 [ji1 zhi4] /machine processed/机轴 [ji1 zhou4] /arbor/基准 [ji1 zhun3] /data/standard/机组 [ji1 zu3] /flight crew (on a plane)/及 [ji2] /to reach/and/吉 [ji2] /lucky/吃 [ji2] /stammer/即 [ji2] /namely/right away/to approach/to draw near/岌 [ji2] /lofty peak/perilous/汲 [ji2] /draw water from well/亟 [ji2] /urgent/急 [ji2] /hurried/worried/疾 [ji2] /sickness/disease/hate/envy/级 [ji2] /level/grade/rank/step/棘 [ji2] /thorns/集 [ji2] /to gather/to collect/collected works/戢 [ji2] /collect oneself/put away/极 [ji2] /extremely/pole (geog./physics)/utmost/top/楫 [ji2] /oar/to row/瘠 [ji2] /barren/lean/藉 [ji2] /in disorder/籍 [ji2] /(surname)/record/register/native place/佶 [ji2] /difficult to pronounce/笈 [ji2] /trunks (for books)/殛 [ji2] /put to death/蒺 [ji2] /Tribulus terrestris/蕺 [ji2] /Houttuynia cordata/即便 [ji2 bian4] /even if/even though/级别 [ji2 bie2] /(military) rank/level/grade/疾病 [ji2 bing4] /disease/sickness/ailment/疾病预防中心 [ji2 bing4 yu4 fang2 zhong1 xin1] /(U.S.) Center for Disease Control/集成 [ji2 cheng2] /integrated (as in integrated circuit)/集成电路 [ji2 cheng2 dian4 lu4] /integrated circuit/IC/疾驰 [ji2 chi2] /gallop/急促声 [ji2 cu4 sheng1] /patter/极大 [ji2 da4] /enormous/嫉妒 [ji2 du4] /(v) envy/极度 [ji2 du4] /(adv) extremely/极端 [ji2 duan1] /extreme/吉尔吉斯斯坦 [ji2 er3 ji2 si1 si1 tan3] /Kyrghizstan/疾风 [ji2 feng1] /blast/及格 [ji2 ge2] /to pass a test/脊骨 [ji2 gu3] /backbone/籍贯 [ji2 guan4] /(n) native place; place of ancestry/极好 [ji2 hao3] /fabulous/superb/集合 [ji2 he2] /congregation/gather/集会 [ji2 hui4] /gather/assembly/meeting/即将 [ji2 jiang1] /on the eve of/to be about to/to be on the verge of/即将来临 [ji2 jiang1 lai2 lin2] /imminent/集锦 [ji2 jin3] /best of the best/collection of the best (of sth)/急剧 [ji2 ju4] /rapid/sudden/集聚 [ji2 ju4] /assemble/gather/即刻 [ji2 ke4] /immediately/instant/instantly/极了 [ji2 le5] /extremely/exceedingly/极力 [ji2 li4] /do at all costs/make an utmost effort/吉林省 [ji2 lin2 sheng3] /(N) Jilin province in north east China/急流 [ji2 liu2] /torrent/吉隆坡 [ji2 long2 po1] /Kuala Lumpur/急忙 [ji2 mang2] /hastily/吉普车 [ji2 pu3 che1] /(n) jeep, military vehicle originally made in USA/吉普赛人 [ji2 pu3 sai4 ren2] /gypsy/及其 [ji2 qi2] /and/as well as/极其 [ji2 qi2] /extremely/急切 [ji2 qie4] /(adv) eagerly, used in writing/(adj) eager, used in writing/及时 [ji2 shi2] /in time/promptly/without delay/timely/即时 [ji2 shi2] /immediate/即使 [ji2 shi3] /even if/even though/集市 [ji2 shi4] /(n) country marketplace; open air market/吉他 [ji2 ta1] /guitar/集体 [ji2 ti3] /collective/唧筒 [ji2 tong2] /pump/集团 [ji2 tuan2] /group/bloc/极为庞大 [ji2 wei2 pang2 da4] /monumental/及物 [ji2 wu4] /transitive/及物动词 [ji2 wu4 dong4 ci2] /transitive verb/极限 [ji2 xian4] /(n) the utmost limit/集线器 [ji2 xian4 qi4] /hub (network)/吉祥 [ji2 xiang2] /(adj) lucky/急需 [ji2 xu1] /(v) urgently need/集邮 [ji2 you2] /stamp collecting/philately/急於 [ji2 yu2] /(adv) be eager; want to do sth right away/及早 [ji2 zao3] /(adv) at the earliest possible time; ASAP/急躁 [ji2 zao4] /irritable/irascible/impetuous/集中 [ji2 zhong1] /to concentrate/to centralize/to focus/centralized/concentrated/to put together/集中器 [ji2 zhong1 qi4] /concentrator/集资 [ji2 zi1] /(v) consolidate; bring together; pool/疾走 [ji2 zou3] /scamper/scurry/几 [ji3] /a few/how many/己 [ji3] /6th heavenly stem/self/脊 [ji3] /spine/back/ridge/几 [ji3] /how much/how many/several/a few/戟 [ji3] /a lance with two points/给 [ji3] /to supply/provide/麂 [ji3] /Moschus chinensis/挤 [ji3] /crowded/to squeeze/掎 [ji3] /drag/虮 [ji3] /nymph of louse/几百 [ji3 bai3] /several hundred/脊椎 [ji3 bei4] /back (of a vertebrate)/几次 [ji3 ci4] /several times/几个小时 [ji3 ge4 xiao3 shi2] /several hours/几个 [ji3 ge5] /several/几何 [ji3 he2] /(n) the science of geometry/几何学 [ji3 he2 xue2] /geometry/挤进 [ji3 jin4] /tuck/脊梁 [ji3 liang2] /ridgepole/脊梁 [ji3 liang5] /(n) backbone; spine/济南 [ji3 nan2] /Ji'nan (capital of Shandong province)/几年 [ji3 nian2] /a few years/several years/几年来 [ji3 nian2 lai2] /for the past several years/几千 [ji3 qian1] /several thousand/挤入 [ji3 ru4] /intrude/几十年 [ji3 shi2 nian2] /several tens of years/several decades/几十亿 [ji3 shi2 yi4] /several billion/几天 [ji3 tian1] /several days/几天来 [ji3 tian1 lai2] /for the past few days/几样 [ji3 yang4] /several kinds/给予 [ji3 yu3] /accord/give/show (respect)/妓 [ji4] /prostitute/忌 [ji4] /avoid as taboo/jealous/技 [ji4] /skill/季 [ji4] /season/period/芰 [ji4] /Trapa natans/water caltrop/既 [ji4] /already/since/both... (and...)/洎 [ji4] /to reach/when/纪 [ji4] /discipline/age/era/period/order/record/计 [ji4] /to calculate/to compute/to count/reckon/ruse/to plan/记 [ji4] /to remember/to note/mark/sign/to record/寄 [ji4] /lodge at/to mail/to send/to entrust/to depend/寂 [ji4] /lonesome/悸 [ji4] /afraid/祭 [ji4] /offer sacrifice/暨 [ji4] /and/reach to/the end/际 [ji4] /border/edge/boundary/between/among/interval/while/稷 [ji4] /(millet)/冀 [ji4] /Hebei/to hope/剂 [ji4] /dose/济 [ji4] /aid/ferry/frugal/蓟 [ji4] /cirsium/thistle/觊 [ji4] /covet/long for/荠 [ji4] /Capsella bursa pastoris/鲫 [ji4] /bastard carp/sand perch/继 [ji4] /to continue/to follow after/then/afterwards/to go on with/to succeed/to inherit/霁 [ji4] /sky clearing up/伎 [ji4] /craft/偈 [ji4] /Buddhist hymn/gatha/Buddhist verse/跽 [ji4] /kneel/鲚 [ji4] /Coilia nasus/计策 [ji4 ce4] /stratagem/继承 [ji4 cheng2] /to inherit/to carry on/to succeed/计程车 [ji4 cheng2 che1] /taxi/cab/继承权 [ji4 cheng2 quan2] /inheritance/继承人 [ji4 cheng2 ren2] /heir/successor/继承者 [ji4 cheng2 zhe5] /successor/忌惮 [ji4 dan4] /be afraid of/fear/记得 [ji4 de5] /to remember/季度 [ji4 du4] /(n) quarter of a year, typically used for finacial matters/季风 [ji4 feng1] /monsoon/继父 [ji4 fu4] /step father/技工 [ji4 gong1] /mechanic/记号 [ji4 hao5] /seal/忌恨 [ji4 hen4] /hate (due to envy, etc)/计画 [ji4 hua4] /plan/计划 [ji4 hua4] /plan/project/program/to plan/to map out/计较 [ji4 jiao4] /(v) haggle; bicker; argue/季节 [ji4 jie2] /time/season/period/寂静 [ji4 jing4] /quiet/技俩 [ji4 liang3] /tricky maneuver/devious trick/纪录 [ji4 lu4] /record/记录 [ji4 lu4] /record/记录员 [ji4 lu4 yuan2] /recorder/纪律 [ji4 lu:4] /discipline/寂寞 [ji4 mo4] /lonely/lonesome/继母 [ji4 mu3] /step mother/技能 [ji4 neng2] /skill/纪念 [ji4 nian4] /to commemorate/to remember/纪念碑 [ji4 nian4 bei1] /monument/纪念馆 [ji4 nian4 guan3] /memorial hall/commemorative museum/纪念奖 [ji4 nian4 jiang3] /trophy/纪念品 [ji4 nian4 pin3] /(n) souvenir/纪念日 [ji4 nian4 ri4] /day of commemoration/memorial day/妓女 [ji4 nu:3] /prostitute/hooker/记起 [ji4 qi3] /recall/技巧 [ji4 qiao3] /skill/technique/既然 [ji4 ran2] /since/as/this being the case/继任者 [ji4 ren4 zhe3] /successor/寄生物 [ji4 sheng1 wu4] /parasite/技术 [ji4 shu4] /technology/technique/skill/计数 [ji4 shu4] /count/记述 [ji4 shu4] /make a descriptive record (of events)/技术标准 [ji4 shu4 biao1 zhun3] /technology standard/技术发展 [ji4 shu4 fa1 zhan3] /technological development/计数器 [ji4 shu4 qi4] /counter/register/技术情报 [ji4 shu4 qing2 bao4] /information technology/IT/技术性 [ji4 shu4 xing4] /technical/technological/技术员 [ji4 shu4 yuan2] /technician/计数者 [ji4 shu4 zhe3] /counter/技术知识 [ji4 shu4 zhi1 shi5] /technical knowledge/祭司 [ji4 si1] /priest/祭司权术 [ji4 si1 quan2 shu4] /priestcraft/寄送 [ji4 song4] /to send/to transmit/寄宿生 [ji4 su4 sheng1] /boarder/计算 [ji4 suan4] /to count/to calculate/to compute/计算机 [ji4 suan4 ji1] /computer/计算机工业 [ji4 suan4 ji1 gong1 ye4] /computer industry/计算机网络 [ji4 suan4 ji1 wang3 luo4] /computer network/祭坛 [ji4 tan2] /altar/寄托 [ji4 tuo1] /(v) have someone look after sb; entrust the care of/记性 [ji4 xing4] /(n) memory capability/继续 [ji4 xu4] /to continue/to proceed with/to go on with/纪要 [ji4 yao4] /(n) summary of a meeting log/记忆 [ji4 yi4] /memories/remember/memory/记忆力 [ji4 yi4 li4] /(n) memory power/记忆体 [ji4 yi4 ti3] /(computer) memory/寄予 [ji4 yu2] /to express/to show/to place (importance, e.g.)/to have high hopes/寄予很大期望 [ji4 yu2 hen3 da4 qi2 wang4] /to place great hope or expectation on (sth)/纪元 [ji4 yuan2] /beginning of an era/妓院 [ji4 yuan4] /brothel/whorehouse/记载 [ji4 zai3] /write down/record/记帐 [ji4 zhang4] /charge/记帐员 [ji4 zhang4 yuan2] /bookkeeper/记者 [ji4 zhe3] /reporter/journalist/记者报导 [ji4 zhe3 bao4 dao3] /press report/记者会 [ji4 zhe3 hui4] /press conference/记者招待会 [ji4 zhe3 zhao1 dai4 hui4] /press conference/记住 [ji4 zhu5] /to remember/加 [jia1] /to add/plus/夹 [jia1] /clip/folder/hold between/to press from both sides/to place in between/佳 [jia1] /excellent/迦 [jia1] /Buddha/Shakyamuni/家 [jia1] /-ist/-er/-ian/home/family/a person engaged in a certain art or profession/挟 [jia1] /hold between/痂 [jia1] /scab/袈 [jia1] /Buddhist monk's robe/家 [jia1] /furniture/tool/葭 [jia1] /reed/Phragmites communis/嘉 [jia1] /excellent/枷 [jia1] /cangue/珈 [jia1] /gamma/jewelry/笳 [jia1] /whistle made of reed/跏 [jia1] /sit cross-legged/镓 [jia1] /gallium/加班 [jia1 ban1] /(v) work overtime/加长 [jia1 chang2] /lengthen/家常 [jia1 chang2] /the daily life of a family/家畜 [jia1 chu4] /cattle/加工 [jia1 gong1] /to process/processing/working (of machinery)/家伙 [jia1 huo3] /guy/家伙 [jia1 huo5] /chap/加急 [jia1 ji2] /(v) require urgent measures to handle a matter/嘉奖 [jia1 jiang3] /(v) award an honor/加紧 [jia1 jin3] /to intensify/to speed up/to step up/家俱 [jia1 ju1] /furniture/加剧 [jia1 ju4] /aggravate/intensify/家具 [jia1 ju4] /furniture/夹克 [jia1 ke4] /jacket/加快 [jia1 kuai4] /to accelerate/to speed up/加宽 [jia1 kuan1] /widen/加拉太书 [jia1 la1 tai4 shu1] /Galatians/加勒比 [jia1 le4 bi3] /Caribbean/加利福尼亚 [jia1 li4 fu2 ni2 ya4] /California/加仑 [jia1 lun2] /gallon/加密 [jia1 mi4] /to encrypt/encryption/加密后的 [jia1 mi4 hou4 de5] /encrypted/加拿大 [jia1 na2 da4] /Canada/Canadian/佳能 [jia1 neng2] /Canon (Japanese company)/嘉年华会 [jia1 nian2 hua2 hui4] /carnival/家谱 [jia1 pu3] /genealogy/夹钳 [jia1 qian2] /tongs/加强 [jia1 qiang2] /to reinforce/to strengthen/to increase/加强管制 [jia1 qiang2 guan3 zhi4] /to tighten control (over sth)/家禽 [jia1 qin2] /poultry/domestic fowl/加热 [jia1 re4] /heating/家人 [jia1 ren2] /household/(one's) family/加荣耀於 [jia1 rong2 yao4 yu2] /glorify/加入 [jia1 ru4] /to become a member/to join/to mix into/to participate in/to add in/加上 [jia1 shang4] /to put in/to add/plus/to add on/to add into/加深 [jia1 shen1] /to deepen/加时 [jia1 shi2] /overtime/家事 [jia1 shi4] /housework/家属 [jia1 shu3] /family member/(family) dependent/加速 [jia1 su4] /accelerate/expedite/加速器 [jia1 su4 qi4] /accelerator (comp)/加甜 [jia1 tian2] /sweeten/家庭 [jia1 ting2] /family/household/家庭教师 [jia1 ting2 jiao4 shi1] /tutor/家庭消费者 [jia1 ting2 xiao1 fei4 zhe3] /household consumer/家庭作业 [jia1 ting2 zuo4 ye4] /homework/家务 [jia1 wu4] /household duties/housework/家乡 [jia1 xiang1] /hometown/native place/家乡鸡 [jia1 xiang1 ji1] /'home town chicken' (a type of dish)/嘉许 [jia1 xu3] /favorable/praise/加以 [jia1 yi3] /in addition/[before a verb] handle, deal with/家用 [jia1 yong4] /home-use/家用电脑 [jia1 yong4 dian4 nao3] /home computer/加油 [jia1 you2] /to make an extra effort/to cheer sb. on/家喻户晓 [jia1 yu4 hu4 xiao3] /(saying) understood by every household/家园 [jia1 yuan2] /home/homestead/夹杂 [jia1 za2] /(v) mingle together; mix together; have two dissimilar substances mixed together/家长 [jia1 zhang3] /the parent or guardian of a child/家政 [jia1 zheng4] /housekeeping/加值型网路 [jia1 zhi2 xing2 wang3 lu4] /value added network/VAN/加重 [jia1 zhong4] /make more serious/加州 [jia1 zhou1] /California/夹子 [jia1 zi5] /cramp/家族 [jia1 zu2] /household/clan/夹 [jia2] /hold between/lined/narrow lane/戛 [jia2] /a lance/standing alone/荚 [jia2] /pod/颊 [jia2] /cheeks/恝 [jia2] /indifferent/郏 [jia2] /name of a district in Henan/袷 [jia2] /lined/蛱 [jia2] /butterfly/铗 [jia2] /pincers for use at a fire/sword/甲 [jia3] /"A" (in a sequence of examples involving "A", "B", "C", etc.)/1st heavenly stem/1st in order/armor/胛 [jia3] /shoulder blade/假 [jia3] /fake/false/artificial/to borrow/if/suppose/贾 [jia3] /(surname)/钾 [jia3] /potassium/岬 [jia3] /cape (geog.)/嘏 [jia3] /far/grand/瘕 [jia3] /obstruction in the intestine/甲板 [jia3 ban3] /deck (of a boat, etc.)/甲虫 [jia3 chong2] /beetle/假定 [jia3 ding4] /to assume/to suppose/假发 [jia3 fa3] /wig/假冒 [jia3 mao4] /(v) impersonate; palm off an imitation/假如 [jia3 ru2] /if/假若 [jia3 ruo4] /if/supposing/in case/假设 [jia3 she4] /(conj) suppose if.../(n) conjecture/假设语气 [jia3 she4 yu3 qi4] /subjunctive/假使 [jia3 shi3] /suppose/given .../假象牙 [jia3 xiang4 ya2] /celluloid/假装 [jia3 zhuang1] /feign/pretend/架 [jia4] /to support/frame/rack/framework/假 [jia4] /vacation/嫁 [jia4] /marry (a husband)/价 [jia4] /price/value/valence (on an atom)/稼 [jia4] /sow grain/驾 [jia4] /to drive/to draw/to harness/to mount/价 [jia4] /price/驾车 [jia4 che1] /drive/价格 [jia4 ge2] /price/架构 [jia4 gou4] /infrastructure/architecture/framework/价款 [jia4 kuan3] /cost/价目 [jia4 mu4] /(marked) price/假期 [jia4 qi1] /vacation/价钱 [jia4 qian5] /price/假日 [jia4 ri4] /holiday/non-working day/驾驶 [jia4 shi3] /to drive/驾驶员 [jia4 shi3 yuan2] /pilot/架势 [jia4 shi5] /attitude/position (on an issue, etc)/假条 [jia4 tiao2] /leave permit/application for leave/驾驭 [jia4 yu4] /to control/to drive/价值 [jia4 zhi2] /value/worth/架子 [jia4 zi5] /shelf/frame/stand/skeleton/奸 [jian1] /traitor/尖 [jian1] /point (of needle)/sharp/shrewd/pointed/肩 [jian1] /shoulder/奸 [jian1] /adultery/兼 [jian1] /double/twice/simultaneous/holding two or more (official) posts at the same time/坚 [jian1] /strong/solid/firm/unyielding/resolute/浅 [jian1] /shallow/湔 [jian1] /cleanse/name of a river/菅 [jian1] /(grass)/Themeda forsbali/间 [jian1] /between/among/space/(measure word)/煎 [jian1] /pan-fry/渐 [jian1] /imbue/监 [jian1] /hard/strong/solid/firm/to supervise/to inspect/jail/prison/笺 [jian1] /letter/note-paper/缄 [jian1] /letters/to close/seal/缣 [jian1] /thick waterproof silk/艰 [jian1] /difficult/hard/hardship/歼 [jian1] /annihilate/鞯 [jian1] /saddle blanket/戋 [jian1] /narrow/small/犍 [jian1] /bullock/蒹 [jian1] /reed/鹣 [jian1] /mythical bird with 1 eye and 1 wing/鲣 [jian1] /bonito/肩膀 [jian1 bang3] /shoulder/兼并 [jian1 bing4] /to annex/to take over/to acquire/监测 [jian1 ce4] /monitor/监察 [jian1 cha2] /(v) supervise/坚持 [jian1 chi2] /to continue upholding/to remain committed to/persistence/to persist/to uphold/to insist on/persevere/尖顶 [jian1 ding3] /steeple/坚定 [jian1 ding4] /firm/steady/staunch/坚定不移 [jian1 ding4 bu4 yi2] /unswerving/unflinching/监督 [jian1 du1] /to control/to supervise/to inspect/监督人 [jian1 du1 ren2] /superintendent/监督者 [jian1 du1 zhe5] /supervisor/尖端 [jian1 duan1] /(adj) most advanced and sophisticated/(adj) highest peak; the best/尖峰 [jian1 feng1] /peak/top/尖阁列岛 [jian1 ge2 lie4 dao3] /Senkaku Islands (Japanese name for Diaoyu Islands)/坚固 [jian1 gu4] /firm/firmly/hard/stable/坚固性 [jian1 gu4 xing4] /firmness/坚果 [jian1 guo3] /nut/尖叫 [jian1 jiao4] /screech/shriek/监禁 [jian1 jin4] /imprison/艰巨 [jian1 ju4] /very difficult (task)/坚决 [jian1 jue2] /firm/resolute/determined/坚决否认 [jian1 jue2 fou3 ren4] /to firmly deny/监控 [jian1 kong4] /to monitor/艰苦 [jian1 ku4] /difficult/hard/arduous/歼灭 [jian1 mie4] /wipe out/destroy/annihilate/艰难 [jian1 nan2] /difficult/坚强 [jian1 qiang2] /staunch/strong/坚忍不拔 [jian1 ren3 bu4 ba2] /fortitude/兼任 [jian1 ren4] /(v) hold two jobs at once/(adj) part-time/坚韧 [jian1 ren4] /(adj) tough and pliable; ductile/兼容 [jian1 rong2] /compatible/兼容性 [jian1 rong2 xing4] /compatibility/尖锐 [jian1 rui4] /sharp/intense/penetrating/pointed/尖锐批评 [jian1 rui4 pi1 ping2] /sharp criticism/尖声啼哭 [jian1 sheng1 ti2 ku1] /squeal/坚实 [jian1 shi2] /(adj) firm and substantial; solid/监视 [jian1 shi4] /oversee/watch over/尖塔 [jian1 ta3] /spire/尖细 [jian1 xi4] /taper/艰险 [jian1 xian3] /(adj) difficult and dangerous/坚信 [jian1 xin4] /(v) firmly believe without any doubt/奸淫 [jian1 yin2] /adultery/坚硬 [jian1 ying4] /hard/solid/监狱 [jian1 yu4] /prison/坚贞不屈 [jian1 zhen1 bu4 qu1] /(saying) faithful and unchanging; steadfast/舰只 [jian1 zhi1] /warship/尖子 [jian1 zi5] /best of its kind/cream of the crop/囝 [jian3] /child/柬 [jian3] /card/note/letter/剪 [jian3] /cut with scissors/scissors/拣 [jian3] /choose/pick up/减 [jian3] /to lower/to decrease/to reduce/to subtract/to diminish/笕 [jian3] /bamboo water pipe/俭 [jian3] /frugal/to be in need/捡 [jian3] /pick up/collect/gather/检 [jian3] /to check/to examine/to inspect/睑 [jian3] /eyelid/简 [jian3] /simple/茧 [jian3] /cocoon/硷 [jian3] /base (chem.)/soda/alkali/趼 [jian3] /callous/戬 [jian3] /carry to the utmost/to cut/翦 [jian3] /cut with scissors/scissors/謇 [jian3] /speak out boldly/蹇 [jian3] /(surname)/difficulty/lame/谫 [jian3] /shallow/stupid/剪报 [jian3 bao4] /scrap/简便 [jian3 bian4] /simple and convenient/handy/剪彩 [jian3 cai3] /(v) cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony/检测 [jian3 ce4] /to detect/检测器 [jian3 ce4 qi4] /detector/检查 [jian3 cha2] /inspection/examine/检察 [jian3 cha2] /to inspect/check up (on)/检察官 [jian3 cha2 guan1] /the prosecution (in a court case)/检查员 [jian3 cha2 yuan2] /inspector/减产 [jian3 chan3] /(v) a reduction in production/简称 [jian3 cheng1] /abbreviation/简单 [jian3 dan1] /simple/not complicated/简单的说 [jian3 dan1 de5 shuo1] /to put it simply/simply put/简单化 [jian3 dan1 hua4] /simplification/simplify/简单网络管理协议 [jian3 dan1 wang3 luo4 guan3 li3 xie2 yi4] /Simple Network Management Protocol/SNMP/剪刀 [jian3 dao1] /scissors/减低 [jian3 di1] /(v) lower; reduce/减低速度 [jian3 di1 su4 du4] /retard/decelerate/减掉 [jian3 diao4] /subtract/简短 [jian3 duan3] /brief/short-duration/简短介绍 [jian3 duan3 jie4 shao4] /brief introduction/剪断 [jian3 duan4] /shear/减肥 [jian3 fei2] /to lose weight/简化 [jian3 hua4] /simplify/减缓 [jian3 huan3] /to slow down/to retard/简洁 [jian3 jie2] /concise/succinct/pithy/简介 [jian3 jie4] /summary/brief introduction/检举 [jian3 ju3] /(v) reveal to higher authorities; inform against/简陋 [jian3 lou4] /(adj) simple and crude (i.e. a room or building)/简略 [jian3 lu:e4] /simple/brief/简明 [jian3 ming2] /simple and clear/concise/简朴 [jian3 pu3] /simple and unadorned/柬埔寨 [jian3 pu3 zhai4] /Cambodia/减轻 [jian3 qing1] /lighten/ease/alleviate/减去 [jian3 qu4] /minus/subtract/减弱 [jian3 ruo4] /to weaken/to fall off/减少 [jian3 shao3] /to lessen/to decrease/to reduce/to lower/减税 [jian3 shui4] /tax cut/检讨 [jian3 tao3] /self-criticism/简体字 [jian3 ti3 zi4] /(n) simplified Chinese character/剪贴簿 [jian3 tie1 bu4] /scrapbook/减刑 [jian3 xing2] /reduce penalty/shortened or commuted (judicial) sentence/检修 [jian3 xiu1] /(v) overhaul ; examine and fix a mechanical device/检验 [jian3 yan4] /to inspect/to examine/to test/简要 [jian3 yao4] /concise/brief/简要介绍 [jian3 yao4 jie4 shao4] /brief introduction/简易 [jian3 yi4] /simple/easy/检阅 [jian3 yue4] /inspect/review (troops)/简直 [jian3 zhi2] /simply/at all/件 [jian4] /(a measure word for thing/clothes/item/见 [jian4] /to see/to meet/to appear (to be sth)/to interview/建 [jian4] /to establish/to found/to set up/to build/to construct/荐 [jian4] /recommend (a person)/健 [jian4] /healthy/间 [jian4] /interstice/separate/毽 [jian4] /shuttlecock/腱 [jian4] /gristle/僭 [jian4] /usurp/渐 [jian4] /gradual/gradually/监 [jian4] /supervisor/剑 [jian4] /(double-edged) sword/涧 [jian4] /mountain stream/箭 [jian4] /arrow/贱 [jian4] /inexpensive/lowly/践 [jian4] /fulfill (a promise)/tread/walk/谏 [jian4] /admonish/饯 [jian4] /farewell dinner/preserves/键 [jian4] /(door lock) key/槛 [jian4] /bar/railing/溅 [jian4] /splash/荐 [jian4] /recommend (a person)/舰 [jian4] /warship/鉴 [jian4] /example/mirror/to view/reflection/to reflect/to inspect/to warn/(ancient bronze mirror)/牮 [jian4] /prop up/楗 [jian4] /door lock/渐变 [jian4 bian4] /gradual change/鉴别 [jian4 bie2] /to differentiate/to distinguish/见不得 [jian4 bu5 de2] /may not be seen by or exposed to/键槽 [jian4 cao2] /key slot/建成 [jian4 cheng2] /establish/build/键词 [jian4 ci2] /keyword/渐次 [jian4 ci4] /gradually/one by one/间谍 [jian4 die2] /spy/鉴定 [jian4 ding4] /to appraise/to identify/to evaluate/鉴定委员会 [jian4 ding4 wei3 yuan2 hui4] /evaluation committee/review board/舰队 [jian4 dui4] /fleet/箭杆 [jian4 gan3] /shaft/间隔 [jian4 ge2] /compartment/gap/interval/建构 [jian4 gou4] /construct/监护人 [jian4 hu4 ren2] /guardian/渐渐 [jian4 jian4] /gradually/建交 [jian4 jiao1] /to establish diplomatic relations/间接 [jian4 jie1] /indirect/见解 [jian4 jie3] /opinion/view/understanding/鉴戒 [jian4 jie4] /warning/渐进 [jian4 jin4] /progress step by step/gradual progress/to move forward (slowly)/溅开 [jian4 kai1] /splash/健康 [jian4 kang1] /health/建立 [jian4 li4] /creation/set up/construction/build/establish/set up/建立正式外交关系 [jian4 li4 zheng4 shi4 wai4 jiao1 guan1 xi4] /formally establish diplomatic relations/键帽 [jian4 mao4] /keycap/健美 [jian4 mei3] /(adj) beautiful and strong/见面 [jian4 mian4] /meet/see (someone)/键盘 [jian4 pan2] /keyboard/健全 [jian4 quan2] /robust/strong/键入 [jian4 ru4] /to key in/to input/鉴赏 [jian4 shang3] /to appreciate/建设 [jian4 she4] /to build/to construct/construction/constructive/建设性 [jian4 she4 xing4] /constructive/constructiveness/见识 [jian4 shi5] /(n) knowledge and experience/(v) increase one's knowledge/剑术 [jian4 shu4] /fencing/践踏 [jian4 ta4] /trample/舰艇 [jian4 ting3] /naval vessels/箭头 [jian4 tou2] /arrow/见闻 [jian4 wen2] /what one sees and hears/knowledge/information/见效 [jian4 xiao4] /(adj) have the desired effect/建议 [jian4 yi4] /to propose/to suggest/to recommend/proposal/suggestion/recommendation/鉴于 [jian4 yu2] /in light of/in view of/舰载 [jian4 zai4] /ship-based/建造 [jian4 zao4] /construct/build/舰长 [jian4 zhang3] /commander/captain (of a warship)/见证 [jian4 zheng4] /witness/testimony/见证人 [jian4 zheng4 ren2] /witness/建制 [jian4 zhi4] /organizational structure/建筑师 [jian4 zhu2 shi1] /architect/建筑学 [jian4 zhu2 xue2] /architectural/architecture/建筑 [jian4 zhu4] /building/construct/建筑物 [jian4 zhu4 wu4] /(a) building/建筑业 [jian4 zhu4 ye4] /building industry/健壮 [jian4 zhuang4] /(adj) robust; healthy/腱子 [jian4 zi5] /sinew/江 [jiang1] /river/姜 [jiang1] /(surname)/ginger/将 [jiang1] /(will, shall, "future tense")/ready/prepared/to get/to use/僵 [jiang1] /rigid/deadlock/stiff (corpse)/浆 [jiang1] /broth/serum/to starch/姜 [jiang1] /ginger/疆 [jiang1] /border/boundary/茳 [jiang1] /Cyperus malaccensis/豇 [jiang1] /cowpeas/black-eyed beans/僵 [jiang1] /stiff (corpse)/江八点 [jiang1 ba1 dian3] /"Jiang Zemin's eight-point formula" (for resuming a dialog with Taiwan)/姜饼 [jiang1 bing3] /gingerbread/疆场 [jiang1 chang3] /battlefield/浆果 [jiang1 guo3] /berry/僵化 [jiang1 hua4] /become rigid/将会 [jiang1 hui4] /will, going to/疆界 [jiang1 jie4] /border/boundary/将近 [jiang1 jin4] /almost/nearly/close to/将就 [jiang1 jiu5] /accept (a bit reluctantly)/put up with/僵局 [jiang1 ju2] /impasse/deadlock/将军 [jiang1 jun1] /(army) general/将来 [jiang1 lai2] /(the) future/江面 [jiang1 mian4] /the surface of the river/江苏 [jiang1 su1] /Jiangsu province, China/江苏省 [jiang1 su1 sheng3] /(N) Jiangsu, an east central China province/疆土 [jiang1 tu3] /territory/江西 [jiang1 xi1] /Jiangxi province, China/江西省 [jiang1 xi1 sheng3] /(N) Jiangxi, a central China province/将要 [jiang1 yao4] /will/shall/be going to/僵硬 [jiang1 ying4] /stark/stiff/疆域 [jiang1 yu4] /territory/江泽民 [jiang1 ze2 min2] /Jiang Zemin (Chinese Premier)/桨 [jiang3] /oar/paddle/奖 [jiang3] /prize/award/encouragement/蒋 [jiang3] /(surname)/讲 [jiang3] /to talk/speech/to speak/to tell/to explain/耩 [jiang3] /to plough/to sow/讲道 [jiang3 dao4] /preach/讲话 [jiang3 hua4] /a speech/to speak/to talk/to address/讲解 [jiang3 jie3] /to explain/讲解员 [jiang3 jie3 yuan2] /guide/奖金 [jiang3 jin1] /premium/award money/讲究 [jiang3 jiu4] /(v) pay particukar attention to/(adj) exquisite; aesthetic/讲课 [jiang3 ke4] /teach/lecture/讲理 [jiang3 li3] /(v) discuss the merits of an argument/奖励 [jiang3 li4] /reward (as encouragement)/奖品 [jiang3 pin3] /award/prize/讲师 [jiang3 shi1] /instructor/lecturer/讲述 [jiang3 shu4] /talk about/narrate an account/讲堂 [jiang3 tang2] /(n) lecture hall/奖学金 [jiang3 xue2 jin1] /scholarship/讲演 [jiang3 yan3] /(v) lecture to a crowd; give a speech/讲义 [jiang3 yi4] /teaching materials/奖章 [jiang3 zhang1] /medal/桨状 [jiang3 zhuang4] /certificate of merit/奖状 [jiang3 zhuang4] /(n) certificate of merit/讲座 [jiang3 zuo4] /a course of lectures/匠 [jiang4] /craftsman/虹 [jiang4] /rainbow/降 [jiang4] /to drop/to fall/to come down/to descend/将 [jiang4] /a general/绛 [jiang4] /purple-red/浆 [jiang4] /starch paste/酱 [jiang4] /jam/thick sauce/洚 [jiang4] /flood/降低 [jiang4 di1] /to reduce/to lower/to bring down/降福 [jiang4 fu2] /blessings from heaven/降级 [jiang4 ji2] /degrade/降价 [jiang4 jia4] /price reduction/降临 [jiang4 lin4] /befall/将领 [jiang4 ling3] /high-ranking military officer/降落 [jiang4 luo4] /to descend/to land/降落地点 [jiang4 luo4 di4 dian3] /landing site/降落伞 [jiang4 luo4 san3] /parachute/降世 [jiang4 shi4] /come to earth/降下 [jiang4 xia4] /lower/酱油 [jiang4 you2] /soy sauce/交 [jiao1] /to deliver/to turn over/to make friends/to intersect (lines)/to pay (money)/姣 [jiao1] /(surname)/cunning/pretty/郊 [jiao1] /suburb/教 [jiao1] /teach/椒 [jiao1] /pepper/焦 [jiao1] /burnt/scorched/worried/anxious/蛟 [jiao1] /scaly dragon/跤 [jiao1] /bones of leg/wrestle/娇 [jiao1] /lovable/pampered/tender/delicate/frail/浇 [jiao1] /to water/胶 [jiao1] /glue/gum/蕉 [jiao1] /banana/礁 [jiao1] /reef/shoal rock/鲛 [jiao1] /shark/骄 [jiao1] /proud/arrogant/茭 [jiao1] /Zizania aquatica/僬 [jiao1] /clever/pigmies/鹪 [jiao1] /eastern wren/骄傲 [jiao1 ao4] /arrogant/conceited/full of oneself/交叉 [jiao1 cha1] /cross/intersect/交出 [jiao1 chu1] /hand over/交错 [jiao1 cuo4] /(v) crisscross; intertwine/交代 [jiao1 dai4] /hand over/explain/make clear/胶带 [jiao1 dai4] /tape/礁岛 [jiao1 dao3] /reef island/交点 [jiao1 dian3] /(n) point of intersection/焦点 [jiao1 dian3] /focus/focal point/交锋 [jiao1 feng1] /cross swords/have a confrontation(with someone)/交付 [jiao1 fu4] /(v) turn over/交媾 [jiao1 gou4] /to have sex/to copulate/浇灌 [jiao1 guan4] /(v) irrigate/骄横 [jiao1 heng4] /arrogant/overbearing/交互 [jiao1 hu4] /mutual/each other/alternately/in turn/交还 [jiao1 huan2] /to return something/to hand back/交换 [jiao1 huan4] /to exchange/to swap/to switch (telecom)/交换端 [jiao1 huan4 duan1] /switched port/交换机 [jiao1 huan4 ji1] /switch (telecommunications)/交换技术 [jiao1 huan4 ji4 shu4] /switching technology/交换器 [jiao1 huan4 qi4] /(telecom or network) switch/交换网路 [jiao1 huan4 wang3 lu4] /switched network/交换虚电路 [jiao1 huan4 xu1 dian4 lu4] /Switched Virtual Circuit/SVC/交换以太网络 [jiao1 huan4 yi3 tai4 wang3 luo4] /switched Ethernet/焦急 [jiao1 ji2] /anxiety/anxious/交际 [jiao1 ji4] /communication/social intercourse/交接 [jiao1 jie1] /join/connect/交界 [jiao1 jie4] /common boundary/common border/骄矜 [jiao1 jin1] /haughty/proud/胶卷 [jiao1 juan1] /film/交流 [jiao1 liu2] /exchange/give-and-take/to exchange/to alternate/娇媚 [jiao1 mei4] /flirtatious/乔木 [jiao1 mu4] /arbor/胶片 [jiao1 pian4] /(photographic) film/娇气 [jiao1 qi4] /(adv) finicky; squeamish/骄气 [jiao1 qi5] /arrogance/郊区 [jiao1 qu1] /suburban district/outskirts/suburbs/交涉 [jiao1 she4] /(v) discuss a matter with the opposing side/交手 [jiao1 shou3] /(v) fight hand to hand/交谈 [jiao1 tan2] /talk with each other/converse/chat/焦炭 [jiao1 tan4] /(n) coke, a relatively high energy fuel used in blast furnaces/焦糖 [jiao1 tang2] /caramel/交替 [jiao1 ti2] /to replace/alternately/in turn/交通 [jiao1 tong1] /(automobile) traffic/communication/郊外 [jiao1 wai4] /outskirts/交往 [jiao1 wang3] /association/contact/交响曲 [jiao1 xiang3 qu3] /symphony/骄阳 [jiao1 yang2] /blazing sun/交谊 [jiao1 yi2] /communion/friendship/交易 [jiao1 yi4] /(business) transaction/business deal/交易额 [jiao1 yi4 e2] /sum or volume or amount of business transactions/交易者 [jiao1 yi4 zhe3] /dealer/郊游 [jiao1 you2] /(n) field trip; outing/焦油 [jiao1 you2] /tar/交织 [jiao1 zhi1] /interweave/骄纵 [jiao1 zong4] /arrogant/嚼 [jiao2] /to chew/角 [jiao3] /angle/horn/horn-shaped/狡 [jiao3] /crafty/cunning/sly/皎 [jiao3] /bright/white/绞 [jiao3] /hang (a criminal)/to turn/to twist/to wind/剿 [jiao3] /destroy (bandits)/脚 [jiao3] /a kick/foot/role/侥 [jiao3] /by mere luck/铰 [jiao3] /scissors/to cut (with scissors)/饺 [jiao3] /dumplings with meat filling/矫 [jiao3] /dissemble/rectify/缴 [jiao3] /hand in/hand over/搅 [jiao3] /to disturb/to annoy/to mix/to stir/佼 [jiao3] /handsome/湫 [jiao3] /marsh/徼 [jiao3] /by mere luck/搅拌 [jiao3 ban4] /to stir/to agitate/狡辩 [jiao3 bian4] /to quibble/脚步 [jiao3 bu4] /footstep/step/搅动 [jiao3 dong3] /to mix/to stir/角度 [jiao3 du4] /angle/point of view/脚跟 [jiao3 gen1] /heel/狡猾 [jiao3 hua2] /crafty/cunning/sly/脚踝 [jiao3 huai2] /ankle/搅混 [jiao3 hun5] /to mix/to blend/搅和 [jiao3 huo4] /to mix (up)/to blend/to spoil/绞尽脑汁 [jiao3 jin4 nao3 zhi1] /to wrack one's brains/狡赖 [jiao3 lai4] /to deny (through sophism)/脚镣 [jiao3 liao4] /fetter/搅乱 [jiao3 luan4] /to confuse/角落 [jiao3 luo4] /corner/缴纳 [jiao3 na4] /contribute/搅扰 [jiao3 rao3] /to disturb/to annoy/侥幸 [jiao3 xing4] /luckily/脚印 [jiao3 yin4] /footprint/狡诈 [jiao3 zha4] /craft/cunning/deceitful/脚趾 [jiao3 zhi3] /toe/饺子 [jiao3 zi5] /dumpling/叫 [jiao4] /to (be) call(ed)/校 [jiao4] /proofread/to check/to compare/教 [jiao4] /religion/teaching/窖 [jiao4] /cellar/较 [jiao4] /clear/distinct/compare/酵 [jiao4] /yeast/轿 [jiao4] /sedan chair/醮 [jiao4] /perform sacrifice/觉 [jiao4] /a nap/a sleep/峤 [jiao4] /highest peak/徼 [jiao4] /boundary/go around/教材 [jiao4 cai2] /teaching material/轿车 [jiao4 che1] /(n) bus/较大 [jiao4 da4] /comparatively large/教导 [jiao4 dao3] /instruct/teach/校订 [jiao4 ding4] /revision/教父 [jiao4 fu4] /godfather/叫喊 [jiao4 han3] /exclamation/outcry/shout/yell/叫好 [jiao4 hao3] /applaud/cheer/较好 [jiao4 hao3] /better/叫唤 [jiao4 huan5] /(v) cry out/(v) bark out a sound;/教皇 [jiao4 huang2] /pope/教会 [jiao4 hui4] /(n) Christian church/校勘 [jiao4 kan1] /collate/教科书 [jiao4 ke1 shu1] /textbook/教练 [jiao4 lian4] /(athlete's) coach/较量 [jiao4 liang4] /(v) compete; measure up against/教母 [jiao4 mu3] /godmother/酵母 [jiao4 mu3] /leaven/yeast/教派 [jiao4 pai4] /sect/教区 [jiao4 qu1] /parish/叫嚷 [jiao4 rang3] /(v) shout because of dissatisfaction/较少 [jiao4 shao3] /less/叫声 [jiao4 sheng1] /yelling (sound made by person)/barking/braying/roaring (sound made by animals)/教师 [jiao4 shi1] /teacher/教士 [jiao4 shi4] /churchman/clergy/教室 [jiao4 shi4] /classroom/教授 [jiao4 shou4] /university professor/教授毕竟是教授 [jiao4 shou4 bi4 jing4 shi4 jiao4 shou4] /professors are (after all) professors/教唆 [jiao4 suo1] /(v) conspire with; urge on a criminal act; foment/教堂 [jiao4 tang2] /church/chapel/教堂墓地 [jiao4 tang2 mu4 di4] /churchyard/教条 [jiao4 tiao2] /(n) religious dogma/叫嚣 [jiao4 xiao1] /hoot/叫醒 [jiao4 xing3] /to call awake/to wake up (someone)/to awaken/教学 [jiao4 xue2] /teacher and student/education/教学机构 [jiao4 xue2 ji1 gou4] /educational organization/教训 [jiao4 xun5] /(teach someone or learn a) lesson (i.e. obtain wisdom from an experience)/教研室 [jiao4 yan2 shi4] /teaching and research section/校验 [jiao4 yan4] /to check/to examine/教养 [jiao4 yang3] /(n) upbringing; early conditioning/(v) bring up; nurture and train/教仪 [jiao4 yi2] /ordinance/教义 [jiao4 yi4] /creed/doctrine/教义和圣约 [jiao4 yi4 he2 sheng4 yue1] /Doctrine and Covenants/教友 [jiao4 you3] /church member/教友大会 [jiao4 you3 da4 hui4] /church conference/教育 [jiao4 yu4] /to educate/to teach/education/教育界 [jiao4 yu4 jie4] /academic world/academic circles/academia/教育性 [jiao4 yu4 xing4] /instructive/educational/教员 [jiao4 yuan2] /teacher/instructor/叫做 [jiao4 zuo4] /be called/be known as/皆 [jie1] /all/each and every/in all cases/偕 [jie1] /in company with/接 [jie1] /to extend/to connect/to receive/to join/揭 [jie1] /lift off (a cover)/divulge/结 [jie1] /knot/sturdy/to bear (fruit)/bond/to tie/to bind/街 [jie1] /street/阶 [jie1] /rank or step/stairs/嗟 [jie1] /sigh/喈 [jie1] /harmonious (of music)/接班 [jie1 ban1] /(v) take over a task; relieve sb/(v) be a successor to sb/接班人 [jie1 ban1 ren2] /successor/接驳 [jie1 bo2] /to access/阶层 [jie1 ceng2] /hierarchy/接触 [jie1 chu4] /contact/to contact/to be in touch with/揭穿 [jie1 chuan1] /expose/uncover/接待 [jie1 dai4] /receive (a visit)/admit (entry to)/接到 [jie1 dao4] /receive (letter etc.)/街道 [jie1 dao4] /street/街段 [jie1 duan4] /block/阶段 [jie1 duan4] /stage/section/接二连三 [jie1 er4 lian2 san1] /(saying) one right after another/揭发 [jie1 fa1] /disclose/revelation/街坊 [jie1 fang1] /neighborhood/接缝 [jie1 feng4] /seam/接管 [jie1 guan3] /take over/assume control/接合 [jie1 he2] /joint/阶级 [jie1 ji2] /(social) class/阶级式 [jie1 ji2 shi4] /hierarchical/接见 [jie1 jian4] /receive sb./grant an interview to/接近 [jie1 jin4] /near/close to/接口 [jie1 kou3] /interface/port/connector/接连 [jie1 lian2] /on end/in a row/in succession/揭露 [jie1 lu4] /expose/unmask/ferret out/揭幕 [jie1 mu4] /opening/接纳 [jie1 na4] /admit (into membership of an organization)/接洽 [jie1 qia4] /(v) discuss a matter with sb/get in touch with/接人 [jie1 ren2] /to meet a person/接生 [jie1 sheng1] /deliver/揭示 [jie1 shi4] /to show/to make known/结实 [jie1 shi5] /(adj) strong; rugged; sturdy/接收 [jie1 shou1] /to receive/to accept/接收器 [jie1 shou1 qi4] /receiver/接收器灵敏度 [jie1 shou1 qi4 ling2 min3 du4] /receiver sensitivity/接受 [jie1 shou4] /to accept/to receive/接受者 [jie1 shou4 zhe3] /recipient/person receiving sth/阶梯 [jie1 ti1] /ladder/接替 [jie1 ti4] /replace/take over (a position or post)/接通 [jie1 tong1] /to connect/to put through/街头 [jie1 tou2] /(n) street; street intersection/接吻 [jie1 wen3] /kiss/揭晓 [jie1 xiao3] /announce publicly/disclose/结业 [jie1 ye4] /(v) finsh a course of study/接着 [jie1 zhe5] /follow/carry on/接ぴ [jie1 zhe5] /continue/went on to (do something)/to follow/to carry on/then/after that/接枝 [jie1 zhi1] /(tree) graft/孑 [jie2] /alone/mosquito larvae/small/劫 [jie2] /plunder/杰 [jie2] /hero/heroic/拮 [jie2] /antagonistic/laboring hard/pressed/桔 [jie2] /Platycodon grandiflorus/桀 [jie2] /(emperor of Xia dynasty)/cruel/讦 [jie2] /accuse/pry/捷 [jie2] /victory/triumph/quick/prompt/rapid/杰 [jie2] /hero/heroic/睫 [jie2] /eyelashes/节 [jie2] /festival/section/temperate/point/part/诘 [jie2] /investigate/restrain/scold/截 [jie2] /a section/cut off (a length)/碣 [jie2] /stone tablet/竭 [jie2] /exhaust/洁 [jie2] /clean/羯 [jie2] /castrate a ram/deer's skin/偈 [jie2] /forceful/martial/婕 [jie2] /handsome/鲒 [jie2] /oyster/洁白 [jie2 bai2] /spotlessly white/pure white/捷报 [jie2 bao4] /report of success/report of a victory/结成 [jie2 cheng2] /form/forge (alliances, etc)/劫持 [jie2 chi2] /(v) kidnap;hijack/杰出 [jie2 chu1] /illustrious/节点 [jie2 dian3] /node/截夺 [jie2 duo2] /intercept/杰佛兹 [jie2 fo2 zi1] /(James) Jeffords (US Senator from Vermont)/结构 [jie2 gou4] /structure/composition/makeup/architecture/结构助词 [jie2 gou4 zhu4 ci2] /structural particle/结果 [jie2 guo3] /outcome/result/结合 [jie2 he2] /to combine/to link/to integrate/结婚 [jie2 hun1] /to marry/to get married/节俭 [jie2 jian3] /thrifty/penny-pinching/竭尽 [jie2 jin4] /exhaustion/竭尽全力 [jie2 jin4 quan2 li4] /to spare no effort/do one's utmost/结晶 [jie2 jing1] /(n) crystal/(v) crystallize/捷径 [jie2 jing4] /shortcut/洁净 [jie2 jing4] /cleanse (sins)/结局 [jie2 ju2] /conclusion/ending/捷克 [jie2 ke4] /Czech/捷克共和国 [jie2 ke4 gong4 he2 guo2] /Czech Republic/捷克语 [jie2 ke4 yu3] /Czech (language)/竭力 [jie2 li4] /do one's utmost/结论 [jie2 lun4] /(reach a) conclusion/verdict/睫毛 [jie2 mao2] /lash/节目 [jie2 mu4] /program/item (on a program)/节能 [jie2 neng2] /(v) conserve energy/(adj) energy-saving/节庆 [jie2 qing4] /festival/截然 [jie2 ran2] /completely/sharply (differing)/节日 [jie2 ri4] /holiday/festival/结社自由 [jie2 she4 zi4 you2] /(constitutional) freedom of association/节省 [jie2 sheng3] /saving/结束 [jie2 shu4] /termination/to finish/to end/to conclude/to close/结算 [jie2 suan4] /(v) settle up the bill; close an account/节外生枝 [jie2 wai4 sheng1 zhi1] /new problems complicate an issue/deliberately create such problems/结尾 [jie2 wei3] /ending/wind up/coda/节育 [jie2 yu4] /(n) birth control/节约 [jie2 yue1] /frugal/save/结帐 [jie2 zhang4] /to settle accounts/截止 [jie2 zhi3] /(v) close; stop/cut-off point/stopping point/deadline/节制 [jie2 zhi4] /temperance/截至 [jie2 zhi4] /up to (a time)/by (a time)/节奏 [jie2 zou4] /(n) musical rhythm/(n) cadence; tempo/杰作 [jie2 zuo4] /(n) masterpiece/姐 [jie3] /older sister/解 [jie3] /to separate/to divide/to break up/to loosen/to explain/to untie/to emancipate/解除 [jie3 chu2] /remove/relieve (someone of their duties)/解答 [jie3 da2] /answer/explanation/解调 [jie3 diao4] /to demodulate/解冻 [jie3 dong4] /thaw/解放 [jie3 fang4] /liberation/to liberate/解放军 [jie3 fang4 jun1] /People's Liberation Army (i.e. the Chinese army)/姐夫 [jie3 fu5] /(informal) older sister's husband/解雇 [jie3 gu4] /to fire/to sack/to dismiss/姐姐 [jie3 jie5] /older sister/解决 [jie3 jue2] /to settle (a dispute)/resolve/to resolve/to solve/解开 [jie3 kai1] /to untie/to undo/解渴 [jie3 ke3] /quench/解码 [jie3 ma3] /to decode/to decipher/姐妹 [jie3 mei4] /sisters/解剖 [jie3 pou1] /dissect/解剖学 [jie3 pou3 xue2] /anatomy/解散 [jie3 san4] /dissolve/disband/解释 [jie3 shi4] /explanation/to explain/to interpret/to resolve/解释执行 [jie3 shi4 zhi2 xing2] /interpreted (computer)/解脱 [jie3 tuo1] /relief/free oneself/liberate/emancipate/be free/be relieved/解析 [jie3 xi1] /to analyze/to resolve/解压缩 [jie3 ya1 suo1] /to decompress/decompression (esp. computer)/介 [jie4] /introduce/lie between/between/戒 [jie4] /swear off/warn against/届 [jie4] /arrive at (place or time)/period/to become due/芥 [jie4] /mustard/界 [jie4] /circles (i.e. a group of people)/boundary/疥 [jie4] /scabies/借 [jie4] /to lend/to borrow/excuse/pretext/by means of/解 [jie4] /transport under guard/诫 [jie4] /commandment/prohibit/藉 [jie4] /by means of/价 [jie4] /great/good/middleman/servant/蚧 [jie4] /horned toad/戒备森严 [jie4 bei4 sen1 yan2] /heavily-guarded/界标 [jie4 biao1] /landmark/借出 [jie4 chu1] /lend/介词 [jie4 ci2] /preposition/借鉴 [jie4 jian4] /(v) utilize others work; use as a source of reference/借口 [jie4 kou3] /excuse/pretext/借款 [jie4 kuan3] /loan/戒律 [jie4 lu:4] /commandment/介面 [jie4 mian4] /interface/界面 [jie4 mian4] /interface/诫命 [jie4 ming4] /commandment/芥末 [jie4 mo5] /mustard/介入 [jie4 ru4] /intervene/get involved/介绍 [jie4 shao4] /to present/introduction/to introduce/借书单 [jie4 shu1 dan1] /book slip/介系词 [jie4 xi4 ci2] /preposition/界限 [jie4 xian4] /boundary/marginal/界线 [jie4 xian4] /limits/bounds/dividing line/戒严 [jie4 yan2] /(v) enforce a restriction; rope off an area/借债 [jie4 zhai4] /owe/介质 [jie4 zhi4] /medium/media/介质访问控制 [jie4 zhi4 fang3 wen4 kong4 zhi4] /Medium Access Control/MAC/介质访问控制层 [jie4 zhi4 fang3 wen4 kong4 zhi4 ceng2] /MAC layer/戒指 [jie4 zhi5] /(finger) ring/借助 [jie4 zhu4] /to get help from/戒子 [jie4 zi5] /ring/巾 [jin1] /towel/今 [jin1] /today/modern/present/current/this/now/斤 [jin1] /catty/金 [jin1] /metal/money/gold/津 [jin1] /Tianjin/ferry/矜 [jin1] /boast/esteem/sympathize/筋 [jin1] /muscle/禁 [jin1] /endure/襟 [jin1] /overlapping part of Chinese gown/衿 [jin1] /overlapping part of Chinese gown/金边 [jin1 bian1] /Phnom Penh (capital of Cambodia)/金钵 [jin1 bo1] /(gold) alms bowl (of a Buddhist monk)/今晨 [jin1 chen2] /this morning/金大中 [jin1 da4 zhong1] /Kim Dae Jung (newly elected president of Korea)/襟弟 [jin1 di4] /husband of wife's younger sister/金额 [jin1 e2] /(n) money amount; monetary value/金发 [jin1 fa3] /blond/金光闪烁 [jin1 guang1 shan3 shuo4] /spangle/今后 [jin1 hou4] /hereafter/from now on/今后 [jin1 hou4] /henceforth/in the future/from now on/近乎同步 [jin1 hu5 tong2 bu4] /plesiochronous/近乎同步数位阶层 [jin1 hu5 tong2 bu4 shu4 wei4 jie1 ceng2] /plesiochronous digital hierarchy/PDH/金黄 [jin1 huang2] /golden yellow/golden/金匠 [jin1 jiang4] /goldsmith/津津有味 [jin1 jin1 you3 wei4] /(saying) with gusto; eagerly; with great interest/金橘 [jin1 ju2] /kumquat/金里奇 [jin1 li3 qi2] /(Newt) Gingrich/金陵大学 [jin1 ling2 da4 xue2] /University of Nanking/今年 [jin1 nian2] /this year/金牌 [jin1 pai2] /gold medal/金钱 [jin1 qian2] /(n) money; currency/今日 [jin1 ri4] /today/金日成 [jin1 ri4 cheng2] /Kim Il Sung (former North Korean leader)/金融 [jin1 rong2] /banking/finance/financial/金融风波 [jin1 rong2 feng1 bo1] /financial crisis/banking crisis/金融改革 [jin1 rong2 gai3 ge2] /financial reform/金融市场 [jin1 rong2 shi4 chang2] /financial market/金融危机 [jin1 rong2 wei1 ji1] /financial crisis/金融系统 [jin1 rong2 xi4 tong3] /financial system/金色 [jin1 se4] /golden/金山寺 [jin1 shan1 si4] /Jinshan Temple, where Fahai lives (from Madam White Snake)/今生 [jin1 sheng1] /this life/今世 [jin1 shi4] /this life/this age/金属 [jin1 shu3] /metal/金属板 [jin1 shu3 ban3] /metal plate/金属薄片 [jin1 shu3 bo2 pian4] /foil/金属线 [jin1 shu3 xian4] /metal wire/金丝雀 [jin1 si1 que4] /canary/今天 [jin1 tian1] /today/at the present/now/津贴 [jin1 tie1] /allowance/今晚 [jin1 wan3] /tonight/今昔 [jin1 xi1] /past and present/yesterday and today/襟兄 [jin1 xiong1] /husband of wife's older sister/今译 [jin1 yi4] /modern language version/modern translation/contemporary translation/今音 [jin1 yin1] /modern (i.e. not ancient) pronunciation of a Chinese character/金银花 [jin1 yin2 hua1] /honeysuckle/金银块 [jin1 yin2 kuai4] /bullion/金永南 [jin1 yong3 nan2] /Kim Yong Nam (North Korean Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister)/金鱼 [jin1 yu2] /goldfish/今朝 [jin1 zhao1] /at the present/now/金正日 [jin1 zheng4 ri4] /Kim Jong Il (North Korean leader)/金字塔 [jin1 zi4 ta3] /pyramid/仅 [jin3] /barely/only/merely/紧 [jin3] /tight/nervous/strict/瑾 [jin3] /brilliancy (of gems)/尽 [jin3] /to the utmost/锦 [jin3] /brocade/embroidered work/bright/谨 [jin3] /cautious/卺 [jin3] /nuptial wine cup/廑 [jin3] /careful/hut/槿 [jin3] /Hibiscus syriacus/transient/紧抱 [jin3 bao4] /hug/锦标 [jin3 biao1] /prize/trophy/title/锦标赛 [jin3 biao1 sai4] /championship contest/championships/仅次于 [jin3 ci4 yu2] /second only to.../(in second place) preceded only by.../锦缎 [jin3 duan4] /brocade/尽管 [jin3 guan3] /despite/although/even though/in spite of/锦鸡 [jin3 ji1] /golden pheasant/紧急 [jin3 ji2] /urgent/紧急事件 [jin3 ji2 shi4 jian4] /emergency/仅仅 [jin3 jin3] /barely/only/merely/only (this and nothing more)/紧紧 [jin3 jin3] /closely/tightly/尽快 [jin3 kuai4] /as quickly as possible/尽量 [jin3 liang4] /as much as possible/to the greatest extent/紧密 [jin3 mi4] /inseparably close/紧迫 [jin3 po4] /pressing/urgent/紧俏 [jin3 qiao4] /(merchandise) in high demand/谨慎 [jin3 shen4] /cautious/prudent/紧缩 [jin3 suo1] /reduce/tighten/cut back (budget, etc)/锦绣 [jin3 xiu4] /beautiful/尽早 [jin3 zao3] /as early as possible/紧张 [jin3 zhang1] /critical/tension/nervous/intense/strained/tense/近 [jin4] /near/close (to)/approximately/劲 [jin4] /strength/晋 [jin4] /name of a dynasty/浸 [jin4] /immerse/soak/steep/进 [jin4] /advance/enter/to come in/禁 [jin4] /to prohibit/to forbid/尽 [jin4] /to use up/to exhaust/to end/to finish/to the utmost/exhausted/finished/to the limit (of sth)/噤 [jin4] /unable to speak/silent/缙 [jin4] /red silk/烬 [jin4] /ashes/embers/妗 [jin4] /wife of mother's brother/靳 [jin4] /(surname)/martingale/stingy/荩 [jin4] /Arthraxon ciliare/loyal/赆 [jin4] /farewell presents/进步 [jin4 bu4] /progress/进程 [jin4 cheng2] /process/course/进出口 [jin4 chu1 kou3] /import and export/近代 [jin4 dai4] /modern times/进度 [jin4 du4] /(n) degree of advancment; speed; tempo/进而 [jin4 er2] /and then (what follows next)/进攻 [jin4 gong1] /attack (militarily)/禁果 [jin4 guo3] /forbidden fruit/近乎 [jin4 hu5] /close to/intimate/进化 [jin4 hua4] /evolution/进化论 [jin4 hua4 lun4] /the theory of evolution (Darwin's)/近郊 [jin4 jiao1] /suburbs/outskirts/进接 [jin4 jie1] /access/进接服务 [jin4 jie1 fu2 wu4] /access server/进军 [jin4 jun1] /match/advance/尽可能 [jin4 ke3 neng2] /as far as possible/进口 [jin4 kou3] /import/近来 [jin4 lai2] /recently/lately/进来 [jin4 lai2] /(v) come in/尽力 [jin4 li4] /do one's best (effort)/strive as much as possible/禁令 [jin4 ling4] /prohibition/ban/浸没 [jin4 mo4] /immersion/近年 [jin4 nian2] /recent year(s)/近年来 [jin4 nian2 lai2] /for the past few years/禁品 [jin4 pin3] /contraband goods/近期 [jin4 qi1] /(n) in the near future; soon/禁区 [jin4 qu1] /(n) restricted area; forbidden region/进取 [jin4 qu3] /(v) forge ahead; go forward/进去 [jin4 qu4] /(v) go in/近日 [jin4 ri4] /in the past few days/recently/in the last few days/进入 [jin4 ru4] /to enter/to join/to go into/晋升 [jin4 sheng1] /(v) promote to a higher position/禁食 [jin4 shi2] /fast (not eat)/近视 [jin4 shi4] /shortsighted/myopia/近似 [jin4 si4] /(v) about the same as; is similar to/劲头 [jin4 tou2] /(n) eagerness; enthusiasm/浸透 [jin4 tou4] /soak/进退两难 [jin4 tui4 liang3 nan2] /dilemma/进袭 [jin4 xi2] /raid/carry out a raid/invade/进行 [jin4 xing2] /to advance/to conduct/underway/in progress/to do/to carry out/to carry on/to conduct/to execute/进行编程 [jin4 xing2 bian1 cheng2] /executable program/进行调查 [jin4 xing2 diao4 cha2] /to carry out an investigation/进行交易 [jin4 xing2 jiao1 yi4] /to carry out a transaction/进行通信 [jin4 xing2 tong1 xin4] /to communicate/to carry out communications/进行性交 [jin4 xing2 xing4 jiao1] /to have sex/to have sexual intercourse/进修 [jin4 xiu1] /advanced studies/additional studies/进一步 [jin4 yi1 bu4] /(one step) further/to move forward a single step/further (onwards)/浸一下 [jin4 yi1 xia4] /dip/进展 [jin4 zhan3] /to make headway/to make progress/禁止 [jin4 zhi3] /to prohibit/禁止核武器试验条约 [jin4 zhi3 he2 wu3 qi4 shi4 yan4 tiao2 yue1] /nuclear test ban treaty/妗子 [jin4 zi5] /(informal) mother's brother's wife; maternal uncle's wife/京 [jing1] /capital/泾 [jing1] /name of a river/荆 [jing1] /(surname)/thorns/brambles/旌 [jing1] /banner/make manifest/茎 [jing1] /stalk/stem/晶 [jing1] /crystal/菁 [jing1] /flower of leek/睛 [jing1] /eye/经 [jing1] /classics/sacred book/pass through/to undergo/scripture/兢 [jing1] /to be fearful/apprehensive/精 [jing1] /energy/perfect/excellent/refined/very/proficient/鲸 [jing1] /whale/惊 [jing1] /to start/to be frightened/to be scared/alarm/精彩 [jing1 cai3] /brilliant/splendid/经常 [jing1 chang2] /everyday/day-to-day/frequently/regularly/精打细算 [jing1 da3 xi4 suan4] /(saying) meticulous planning and careful accounting/经典 [jing1 dian3] /classics/scriptures/惊动 [jing1 dong4] /alarm/alert/disturb/京都 [jing1 du1] /Kyoto (Japan)/经度 [jing1 du4] /longitude/惊愕 [jing1 e4] /astonishment/astound/经费 [jing1 fei4] /funds/expenditure/精干 [jing1 gan4] /crack (troops)/special (forces)/highly capable/经管 [jing1 guan3] /be in charge of/经过 [jing1 guo4] /to pass/to go through/process/course/惊骇 [jing1 hai4] /fright/精华 [jing1 hua2] /(n) best feature; most important part of an object/惊慌 [jing1 huang1] /panic/经济 [jing1 ji4] /economy/economic/经济安全 [jing1 ji4 an1 quan2] /economic security/经济发展 [jing1 ji4 fa1 zhan3] /economic development/经济改革 [jing1 ji4 gai3 ge2] /economic reform/经济力量 [jing1 ji4 li4 liang5] /economic strength/经济前途 [jing1 ji4 qian2 tu2] /economic future/economic outlook/经纪人 [jing1 ji4 ren2] /broker/经济衰退 [jing1 ji4 shuai1 tui4] /(economic) recession/经济体制 [jing1 ji4 ti3 zhi4] /economic system/经济危机 [jing1 ji4 wei1 ji1] /economic crisis/经济学 [jing1 ji4 xue2] /economics (as a field of study)/经济学家 [jing1 ji4 xue2 jia1] /economist/经济学者 [jing1 ji4 xue2 zhe3] /economist/经济有效 [jing1 ji4 you3 xiao4] /cost-effective/经济制度 [jing1 ji4 zhi4 du4] /economy/精简 [jing1 jian3] /to simplify/to reduce/精简开支 [jing1 jian3 kai1 zhi1] /to reduce spending/to cut spending/兢兢业业 [jing1 jing1 ye4 ye4] /(adv) cautiously but forcefully/京剧 [jing1 ju4] /Beijing opera/惊恐 [jing1 kong3] /appall/经理 [jing1 li3] /manager/director/经历 [jing1 li4] /experience/go through/精力 [jing1 li4] /energy/精力充沛 [jing1 li4 chong1 pei4] /vigorous/经陆路 [jing1 lu4 lu4] /overland/经贸 [jing1 mao4] /trade/精美 [jing1 mei3] /delicate/fine/refinement/精密 [jing1 mi4] /accuracy/exact/精明 [jing1 ming2] /astute/skilled/惊奇 [jing1 qi2] /amaze/精巧 [jing1 qiao3] /elaborate/精确 [jing1 que4] /accurate/precise/惊人 [jing1 ren2] /astonishing/经商 [jing1 shang1] /(v) to be in business; do commerce/精神 [jing1 shen2] /vigor/vitality/drive/spiritual/精神错乱 [jing1 shen2 cuo4 luan4] /insanity/经受 [jing1 shou4] /(v) endure through; withstand/惊涛骇浪 [jing1 tao1 hai4 lang4] /perilous situation/精通 [jing1 tong1] /proficient/经文 [jing1 wen2] /scripture/scriptures/京戏 [jing1 xi4] /Beijing Opera/精细 [jing1 xi4] /fine/meticulous/careful/惊吓 [jing1 xia4] /horrify/terrify/经销 [jing1 xiao1] /to sell/to distribute/精心 [jing1 xin1] /(adv) with utmost care; meticulously/(adv) detailed; meticulous/精选 [jing1 xuan4] /chosen/惊讶 [jing1 ya4] /confound/经验 [jing1 yan4] /to experience/experience/精液 [jing1 ye4] /semen/惊异 [jing1 yi4] /amazement/精益求精 [jing1 yi4 qiu2 jing1] /(saying) improving and wanting to improve even more/经营 [jing1 ying2] /engage in (a business activity, etc.)/run/operate/经营费用 [jing1 ying2 fei4 yong4] /business cost/business expense/经营管理和维护 [jing1 ying2 guan3 li3 he2 wei2 hu4] /Operations Administration and Maintenance/OAM/经由 [jing1 you2] /via/鲸鱼 [jing1 yu2] /whale/精致 [jing1 zhi4] /delicacy/精制 [jing1 zhi4] /refined/精子 [jing1 zi3] /sperm/精子密度 [jing1 zi3 mi4 du4] /sperm count/井 [jing3] /warn/well/阱 [jing3] /hole/pitfall/景 [jing3] /bright/circumstance/scenery/憬 [jing3] /awaken/颈 [jing3] /neck/颈 [jing3] /neck/警 [jing3] /to alert/to warn/刭 [jing3] /cut the throat/儆 [jing3] /warn/admonish/警报 [jing3 bao4] /(fire) alarm/alert signal/alarm/alert/warning/警报器 [jing3 bao4 qi4] /siren/警备 [jing3 bei4] /guard/garrison/颈部 [jing3 bu4] /the neck area of the body/警察 [jing3 cha2] /police/policeman/policewoman/警察局 [jing3 cha2 ju2] /police department/警车 [jing3 che1] /police vehicle/景德镇 [jing3 de2 zhen4] /Jing De Zhen (a Chinese city in Jiang Xi 江西 province)/警笛 [jing3 di2] /siren/警方 [jing3 fang1] /police/警告 [jing3 gao4] /to warn/to admonish/警官 [jing3 guan1] /constable/sergeant/警戒 [jing3 jie4] /to warn/to be alert for/警句 [jing3 ju4] /aphorism/警觉 [jing3 jue2] /vigilance/景气 [jing3 qi4] /prosperity/(economic) boom/警犬 [jing3 quan3] /police dog/景色 [jing3 se4] /scenery/scene/landscape/view/景山公园 [jing3 shan1 gong1 yuan2] /name of a park in Beijing/警惕 [jing3 ti4] /vigilant/alert/on guard/to raise one's guard/警卫 [jing3 wei4] /(security) guard/景物 [jing3 wu4] /scenery/景象 [jing3 xiang4] /scene/sight (to behold)/颈项 [jing3 xiang4] /neck/警钟 [jing3 zhong1] /alarm bell/颈椎 [jing3 zhui1] /cervical vertebra/劲 [jing4] /stalwart/sturdy/径 [jing4] /path/净 [jing4] /clean/completely/only/迳 [jing4] /way/path/direct/diameter/竟 [jing4] /unexpectedly/actually/to go so far as to/indeed/痉 [jing4] /spasm/敬 [jing4] /to respect/to venerate/to salute/to offer/靖 [jing4] /pacify/quiet/境 [jing4] /border/place/condition/boundary/circumstances/territory/静 [jing4] /still/calm/quiet/not moving/镜 [jing4] /mirror/竞 [jing4] /to compete/to contend/to struggle/净 [jing4] /clean/胫 [jing4] /lower part of leg/獍 [jing4] /an animal which eats its mother/靓 [jing4] /make up (face)/敬爱 [jing4 ai4] /respect and love/境地 [jing4 di4] /circumstances/敬而远之 [jing4 er2 yuan3 zhi1] /(saying) to show respect from a distance/敬服 [jing4 fu2] /admire/净化 [jing4 hua4] /purify/迳迹 [jing4 ji1] /track/竞技 [jing4 ji4] /tournament/竞技场 [jing4 ji4 chang3] /arena/境界 [jing4 jie4] /boundary/state/realm/敬酒 [jing4 jiu3] /propose a toast/toast/境况 [jing4 kuang4] /circumstances/敬礼 [jing4 li3] /salute/迳流 [jing4 liu2] /runoff/静脉 [jing4 mai4] /vein/静脉吸毒 [jing4 mai4 xi1 du2] /intravenous drug/IV drug/境内 [jing4 nei4] /within (a country's) borders/敬启 [jing4 qi3] /respectful closing to a letter/静悄悄 [jing4 qiao1 qiao1] /(adj) extremely quiet/竟然 [jing4 ran2] /unexpectedly/迳赛 [jing4 sai4] /track/竞赛 [jing4 sai4] /race/竞赛者 [jing4 sai4 zhe5] /player/静山 [jing4 shan1] /Cheng San (electoral constituency in Singapore)/迳庭 [jing4 ting2] /very different/镜头 [jing4 tou2] /camera shot (in a movie, etc)/scene/境外 [jing4 wai4] /outside (a country's) borders/迳向 [jing4 xiang4] /radial/竞选 [jing4 xuan3] /run for (electoral) office/竞选活动 [jing4 xuan3 huo2 dong4] /campaign/境遇 [jing4 yu4] /circumstance/竞争 [jing4 zheng1] /to compete/competition/竞争产品 [jing4 zheng1 chan3 pin3] /competitive product/competitor's product/竞争力 [jing4 zheng1 li4] /competitive strength/竞争者 [jing4 zheng1 zhe3] /competitor/净值 [jing4 zhi2] /net/迳直 [jing4 zhi2] /straight/direct/静止 [jing4 zhi3] /still/stillness/敬重 [jing4 zhong4] /to respect deeply/to revere/to esteem/敬祝 [jing4 zhu4] /to respectfully offer (written at the end of letter from someone of lower status to higher status)/迳自 [jing4 zi4] /on one's own/without consulting others/镜子 [jing4 zi5] /mirror/今儿 [jinr1] /today/扃 [jiong1] /shut/炯 [jiong3] /bright/clear/迥 [jiong3] /distant/窘 [jiong3] /distressed/embarrassed/究 [jiu1] /after all/to investigate/to study carefully/纠 [jiu1] /gather together/to investigate/to entangle/correct/揪 [jiu1] /to clutch/鸠 [jiu1] /turtle-dove/Turtur orientalis/阄 [jiu1] /(draw) lots/lot (in a game of chance)/究办 [jiu1 ban4] /to investigate and deal with/纠察 [jiu1 cha2] /to picket/纠缠 [jiu1 chan2] /be entangled/be worried by/to worry/to get entangled in sth/纠纷 [jiu1 fen1] /dispute/issue/to dispute/纠葛 [jiu1 ge2] /entanglement/dispute/纠集 [jiu1 ji2] /to gather together/to muster/究竟 [jiu1 jing4] /after all (when all is said and done)/actually/outcome/result/纠偏 [jiu1 pian1] /to correct an error/纠正 [jiu1 zheng4] /to correct/to make right/九 [jiu3] /nine/9/久 [jiu3] /(long) time/(long) duration of time/灸 [jiu3] /cauterize/玖 [jiu3] /(black stone)/nine (fraud-proof)/韭 [jiu3] /leek/酒 [jiu3] /wine/liquor/spirits/酒店 [jiu3 dian4] /wine shop/pub (public house)/酒鬼 [jiu3 gui3] /drunkard/酒会 [jiu3 hui4] /(n) cocktail party/酒精 [jiu3 jing1] /alcohol/酒精饮料 [jiu3 jing1 yin3 liao4] /liquor/酒廊 [jiu3 lang2] /bar/九七年 [jiu3 qi1 nian2] /'97/the year 1997/九十 [jiu3 shi2] /ninety/久违 [jiu3 wei2] /(haven't done sth) for a long time/酒窝 [jiu3 wo1] /dimple/久远 [jiu3 yuan3] /old/ancient/far away/九月 [jiu3 yue4] /ninth month/September/九月份 [jiu3 yue4 fen4] /September/ninth month/臼 [jiu4] /mortar/咎 [jiu4] /blame/疚 [jiu4] /chronic disease/柩 [jiu4] /bier/救 [jiu4] /to save/to assist/to rescue/就 [jiu4] /at once/then/right away/only/(emphasis)/to approach/to move towards/to undertake/厩 [jiu4] /a stable/舅 [jiu4] /maternal uncle/旧 [jiu4] /old (opposite of new)/former/僦 [jiu4] /hire/to rent/鹫 [jiu4] /black eagle/condor/cruel/旧版 [jiu4 ban3] /old version/就餐 [jiu4 can1] /(v) eat a meal/就此 [jiu4 ci3] /and thus/thereupon/就地 [jiu4 di4] /(adv) local; nearby/救恩 [jiu4 en1] /salvation/救恩计划 [jiu4 en1 ji4 hua4] /plan of salvation/舅父 [jiu4 fu4] /mother's brother; maternal uncle/救护车 [jiu4 hu4 che1] /ambulance/救济 [jiu4 ji4] /(v) help out in a disaster with cash or goods; relieve/就近 [jiu4 jin4] /(adv) nearby/舅舅 [jiu4 jiu4] /(n) maternal uncle/舅舅 [jiu4 jiu5] /(informal) mother's brother; maternal uncle/舅母 [jiu4 mu3] /mother's brother's wife; maternal uncle's wife/就寝时间 [jiu4 qin3 shi2 jian1] /bedtime/就任 [jiu4 ren4] /take office/assume a post/舅嫂 [jiu4 sao3] /wife's brother's wife, sister-in-law/救世 [jiu4 shi4] /salvation/就是 [jiu4 shi4] /(emphasizes that something is precisely or exactly what is stated)/precisely/exactly/even/if/just like/in the same way as/就是说 [jiu4 shi4 shuo1] /in other words/that is/救赎主 [jiu4 shu2 zhu3] /Redeemer/就算 [jiu4 suan4] /(conj) given that.../就绪 [jiu4 xu4] /ready/in order/就业 [jiu4 ye4] /get a job/start a career/救援 [jiu4 yuan2] /to save/to support/to help/to assist/旧约全书 [jiu4 yue1 quan2 shu1] /Old Testament/救灾 [jiu4 zai1] /(v) help people in a disaster area/就职 [jiu4 zhi2] /take office/assume a post/救主 [jiu4 zhu3] /Savior/车 [ju1] /vehicle on land/居 [ju1] /reside/拘 [ju1] /adhere/capture/restrain/狙 [ju1] /(ape)/to spy/lie in ambush/俱 [ju1] /entirely/without exception/疽 [ju1] /gangrene/驹 [ju1] /colt/锯 [ju1] /to mend (china) with staples/鞠 [ju1] /to bring up/to rear/Ju (a surname)/苴 [ju1] /(hemp)/(surname)/sack cloth/据 [ju1] /sickness of hand/椐 [ju1] /Zelkowa acuminata/琚 [ju1] /ornamental gems for belt/趄 [ju1] /hesitate/mark time/雎 [ju1] /(fish hawk)/osprey/裾 [ju1] /garment/锔 [ju1] /mend chinaware with staples/拘捕 [ju1 bu3] /arrest/鞠躬 [ju1 gong1] /to bow/拘禁 [ju1 jin1] /constraint/restrain/锯开 [ju1 kai1] /saw/拘留 [ju1 liu2] /detain (prisoner)/keep (someone) in custody/居民 [ju1 min2] /resident/inhabitant/居然 [ju1 ran2] /unexpectedly/to one's surprise/go so far as to/居室 [ju1 shi4] /(n) room; apartment; flat/拘束 [ju1 shu4] /(adj) uncomfortable; ill at ease; reticent/(v) restrict; limit/居所 [ju1 suo3] /residence/拘押 [ju1 ya1] /(arrest and) take into custody/居住 [ju1 zhu4] /reside/be a resident (of)/居住於 [ju1 zhu4 yu2] /inhabit/居住者 [ju1 zhu4 zhe5] /inhabitant/局 [ju2] /(a measure word used for games) set or round office/situation/office/局 [ju2] /narrow/桔 [ju2] /tangerine/菊 [ju2] /chrysanthemum/橘 [ju2] /tangerine/锔 [ju2] /curium/局部 [ju2 bu4] /part/菊花 [ju2 hua1] /(n) chrysanthemum/局面 [ju2 mian4] /aspect/phase/situation/局势 [ju2 shi4] /situation/state (of affairs)/局限 [ju2 xian4] /(v) limit the movement or confine sth/局限性 [ju2 xian4 xing4] /limitations/局长 [ju2 zhang3] /the chief of a bureau/桔子 [ju2 zi5] /tangerine/orange/橘子 [ju2 zi5] /orange/桔子水 [ju2 zi5 shui3] /orange juice/咀 [ju3] /chew/沮 [ju3] /destroy/to stop/枸 [ju3] /Citrus medica/矩 [ju3] /carpenter's square/rule/莒 [ju3] /(fibrous plant)/举 [ju3] /to lift/to hold up/to cite/to enumerate/to act/to raise/to choose/to elect/龃 [ju3] /irregular/uneven teeth/柜 [ju3] /Salix multinervis/踽 [ju3] /hunchbacked/walk alone/榉 [ju3] /Zeikowa acuminata/举办 [ju3 ban4] /to conduct/to hold/举动 [ju3 dong4] /act/(make) a move/咀嚼 [ju3 jue2] /chew/举例 [ju3 li4] /to give an example/举例来说 [ju3 li4 lai2 shuo1] /for example/榉木 [ju3 mu4] /beech/举起 [ju3 qi3] /heave/lift/uphold/沮丧 [ju3 sang4] /dispirited/dejected/be dismayed/举世闻名 [ju3 shi4 wen2 ming2] /(saying) world famous/举世瞩目 [ju3 shi4 zhu3 mu4] /attract worldwide attention/举行 [ju3 xing2] /to hold (a meeting, ceremony, etc.)/举重 [ju3 zhong4] /(the sport of) weightlifting/句 [ju4] /(a measure word, for sentences or lines of verse)/sentence/巨 [ju4] /very large/huge/tremendous/gigantic/具 [ju4] /tool/device/utensil/equipment/instrument/拒 [ju4] /to resist/to repel/to refuse/炬 [ju4] /torch/苣 [ju4] /(lettuce)/倨 [ju4] /stubborn/俱 [ju4] /a social club/距 [ju4] /at a distance of/distance/to be apart/钜 [ju4] /great/hard iron/聚 [ju4] /form gathering/gather/剧 [ju4] /drama/play/show/severe/踞 [ju4] /be based upon/squat/据 [ju4] /according to/act in accordance with/seize/锯 [ju4] /a saw/to saw/屦 [ju4] /sandals/遽 [ju4] /hurry/fast/suddenly/飓 [ju4] /hurricane/瞿 [ju4] /startled/惧 [ju4] /to fear/据 [ju4] /act in accordance with/seize/讵 [ju4] /how (interj. of surprise)/窭 [ju4] /poor/rustic/醵 [ju4] /contribute to a feast/据报导 [ju4 bao4 dao3] /according to (news) reports/具备 [ju4 bei4] /possess/have/be equipped with/be able to fulfill (conditions or requirements)/剧本 [ju4 ben3] /(n) play, opera, or movie script/聚变 [ju4 bian4] /(nuclear) fusion/巨擘 [ju4 bo4] /thumb/authority (knowledgeable person)/剧场 [ju4 chang3] /theater/巨大 [ju4 da4] /huge/immense/very large/tremendous/gigantic/enormous/巨大压力 [ju4 da4 ya1 li4] /enormous pressure/tremendous pressure/据点 [ju4 dian3] /(n) military strongpoint/巨额 [ju4 e2] /a huge sum (of money)/large amount/句号 [ju4 hao4] /period/聚会 [ju4 hui4] /(v) meet; gather/(n) meeting; gathering/聚集 [ju4 ji2] /assemble/gather/巨匠 [ju4 jiang4] /master craftsman/聚精会神 [ju4 jing1 hui4 shen2] /concentrate one's attention/拒绝 [ju4 jue2] /to refuse/to decline/to reject/俱乐部 [ju4 le4 bu4] /club (i.e. a group or organization)/距离 [ju4 li2] /distance/to be apart/剧烈 [ju4 lie4] /violent/acute/severe/fierce/巨流 [ju4 liu2] /strong current/巨轮 [ju4 lun2] /large ship/large wheel/巨人 [ju4 ren2] /giant/据说 [ju4 shuo1] /it is said that/reportedly/具体 [ju4 ti3] /concrete/definite/specific/具体计划 [ju4 ti3 ji4 hua4] /a concrete plan/a definite plan/具体问题 [ju4 ti3 wen4 ti2] /concrete issue/据统计 [ju4 tong3 ji4] /according to statistics/巨头 [ju4 tou2] /tycoon/magnet/剧团 [ju4 tuan2] /(n) theatrical troupe/据闻 [ju4 wen2] /accounts/one's understanding/据悉 [ju4 xi1] /according to reports/it is reported (that)/巨细 [ju4 xi4] /big and small/巨星 [ju4 xing1] /giant star/具有 [ju4 you3] /have/possess/具有主权 [ju4 you3 zhu3 quan2] /sovereign/剧院 [ju4 yuan4] /theater/巨着 [ju4 zhu4] /monumental (literary) work/句子 [ju4 zi5] /sentence/娟 [juan1] /beautiful/graceful/捐 [juan1] /to contribute/to donate/tax/to abandon/涓 [juan1] /(surname)/brook/to select/圈 [juan1] /to confine/enclose/鹃 [juan1] /cuckoo/镌 [juan1] /degrade/engrave (wood or stone)/蠲 [juan1] /bright/glow-worm/remit taxes/捐款 [juan1 kuan3] /donate money/contribute funds/圈套 [juan1 tao4] /trap/捐献 [juan1 xian4] /to donate/to contribute/捐赠 [juan1 zeng4] /to donate/to give (away)/捐赠者 [juan1 zeng4 zhe3] /donor/contributor/卷轴 [juan1 zhou4] /scroll/捐助 [juan1 zhu4] /offer/contribution/donation/卷 [juan3] /to roll (up)/to sweep up/to carry on/卷 [juan3] /coil/to roll/卷带 [juan3 dai4] /tape/卷曲 [juan3 qu3] /curl/curly/卷入 [juan3 ru4] /to draw into/to involve/卷轴 [juan3 zhou4] /reel/卷 [juan4] /chapter/examination paper/倦 [juan4] /tired/狷 [juan4] /timid/cautious/圈 [juan4] /pen (pig)/a fold/眷 [juan4] /concern/wife and children/绢 [juan4] /thick but loosely woven silk/鄄 [juan4] /name of a district in Shandong/嗟 [jue1] /sigh/噘 [jue1] /pout/撅 [jue1] /break off/stick up (as a tail)/孓 [jue2] /larvae of mosquito/抉 [jue2] /dig/pick/决 [jue2] /breach (a dyke)/to decide/to determine/角 [jue2] /Chinese musical note/angle/horn/珏 [jue2] /gems mounted together/倔 [jue2] /crabby/tough/崛 [jue2] /towering as a peak/掘 [jue2] /dig/诀 [jue2] /farewell/secrets (of an art)/厥 [jue2] /his/its/绝 [jue2] /cut short/extinct/to disappear/to vanish/absolutely/by no means/脚 [jue2] /role/劂 [jue2] /chisel/engrave/獗 [jue2] /unruly/rude/噱 [jue2] /loud laughter/蕨 [jue2] /Pteridium aquilinum/爵 [jue2] /nobility/(ancient wine holder with 3 legs and loop handle)/谲 [jue2] /deceitful/蹶 [jue2] /stumble/trample/to kick (as a horse)/嚼 [jue2] /to chew/觉 [jue2] /feel/find that/thinking/awake/aware/攫 [jue2] /seize (bird or animal)/觖 [jue2] /dissatisfied/橛 [jue2] /a peg/low post/矍 [jue2] /(surname)/glance fearfully/爝 [jue2] /torch/决不 [jue2 bu4] /not at all/simply (can) not/决策 [jue2 ce4] /(make a) strategic decision/觉察 [jue2 cha2] /(v) perceive; sense; discover/觉得 [jue2 de5] /to think/to feel/决定 [jue2 ding4] /to decide (to do something)/to determine/to resolve/决定性 [jue2 ding4 xing4] /decisive/conclusive/决斗 [jue2 dou4] /duel/绝对 [jue2 dui4] /absolute/absolutely/绝对数字 [jue2 dui4 shu4 zi4] /absolute (as opposed to relative) number/绝技 [jue2 ji4] /stunt/决口 [jue2 kou3] /be breached/burst/蕨类 [jue2 lei4] /fern/绝妙 [jue2 miao4] /exquisite/绝气 [jue2 qi4] /expire/决赛 [jue2 sai4] /finals (of a competition)/角色 [jue2 se4] /role/爵士 [jue2 shi4] /knight/Sir/爵士舞 [jue2 shi4 wu3] /jazz/决算 [jue2 suan4] /(v) make the final calculations on a bill/(n) final account/绝望 [jue2 wang4] /desperation/forlorn/hopeless/觉悟 [jue2 wu4] /consciousness/awareness/决心 [jue2 xin1] /determination/resolution/determined/firm and resolute/to make up one's mind/觉醒 [jue2 xing3] /(v) realize; dawn upon; become aware of some sort of cheating/决议 [jue2 yi4] /resolution/决议案 [jue2 yi4 an4] /(pass a) resolution/绝缘 [jue2 yuan2] /(v) insulate (electrically)/(v) isolate from/决战 [jue2 zhan4] /(n) an all decisive battle/君 [jun1] /monarch/lord/gentleman/ruler/均 [jun1] /equal/even/all/uniform/军 [jun1] /army/military/arms/菌 [jun1] /germ/bacteria/钧 [jun1] /30 catties/great/your (hon.)/皲 [jun1] /to chap/麇 [jun1] /hornless deer/军备 [jun1 bei4] /(military) arms/armaments/军队 [jun1 dui4] /army troops/军阀 [jun1 fa2] /(n) warlord/军方 [jun1 fang1] /military/军费 [jun1 fei4] /military expenditure/军费开支 [jun1 fei4 kai1 zhi1] /military spending/均分 [jun1 fen1] /split/军港 [jun1 gang3] /naval port/naval base/军官 [jun1 guan1] /(military) officer/均衡 [jun1 heng2] /equal/balanced/军火 [jun1 huo3] /arms/weapons (industry)/军舰 [jun1 jian4] /warship/military naval vessel/菌类 [jun1 lei4] /fungus/军区 [jun1 qu1] /a military region/a geographical area of command/君权 [jun1 quan2] /monarchial power/军人 [jun1 ren2] /serviceman/soldier/military personnel/均势 [jun1 shi4] /balance of power/军士 [jun1 shi4] /sergeant/军事 [jun1 shi4] /military affairs/military matters/military/军事部门 [jun1 shi4 bu4 men2] /military branch/军事机构 [jun1 shi4 ji1 gou4] /military institution/军事科学 [jun1 shi4 ke1 xue2] /military science/军事力量 [jun1 shi4 li4 liang5] /military strength/military force(s)/军事实力 [jun1 shi4 shi2 li4] /military strength/military power/军事威胁 [jun1 shi4 wei1 xie2] /military threat/军事援助 [jun1 shi4 yuan2 zhu4] /military aid/军团 [jun1 tuan2] /corps/legion/军委 [jun1 wei3] /Military Commission of the Communist Party Central Committee/军校 [jun1 xiao4] /military school/military academy/军医 [jun1 yi1] /(n) military doctor/军用 [jun1 yong4] /(for) military (use)/均匀 [jun1 yun2] /even/well-distributed/军政 [jun1 zheng4] /army and government/君主 [jun1 zhu3] /monarch/sovereign/君主政治 [jun1 zhu3 zheng4 zhi4] /monarchy/军装 [jun1 zhuang1] /(n) military uniform/君子 [jun1 zi5] /nobleman/person of noble character/俊 [jun4] /eminent/handsome/talented/峻 [jun4] /steep/浚 [jun4] /deepen/enlighten/profound/郡 [jun4] /canton/county/region/竣 [jun4] /complete/finish/菌 [jun4] /bacteria/mold/mushroom/隽 [jun4] /eminent/talented/骏 [jun4] /spirited horse/捃 [jun4] /gather/to sort/骏马 [jun4 ma3] /steed/郡治安官 [jun4 zhi4 an1 guan1] /sheriff/咖 [ka1] /coffee/喀 [ka1] /(onomat.)/咖啡 [ka1 fei1] /coffee/咖啡店 [ka1 fei1 dian4] /cafe/咖啡馆 [ka1 fei1 guan3] /cafe/coffee shop/卡 [ka3] /to check/to stop/to block/card/卡车 [ka3 che1] /truck/卡拉OK [ka3 la1] /karaoke (singing to recorded instrumental accompaniment)/卡拉奇 [ka3 la1 qi2] /Karachi (Pakistan)/卡纳维拉尔角 [ka3 na4 wei2 la1 er3 jiao3] /Cape Canaveral/卡片 [ka3 pian4] /card/卡塔尔 [ka3 ta3 er3] /Qatar/卡西尼 [ka3 xi1 ni2] /Cassini (proper name)/揩 [kai1] /wipe/开 [kai1] /open/operate (vehicle)/start/开办 [kai1 ban4] /open/start (a business, etc.)/set up/开采 [kai1 cai3] /(v) extract ore or some other natural resource from a mine/开车 [kai1 che1] /to drive a car/开车人 [kai1 che1 ren2] /driver/person driving a vehicle/开除 [kai1 chu2] /to expel/开除学籍 [kai1 chu2 xue2 ji2] /to expel from school/开创 [kai1 chuang4] /initiate/begin/开刀 [kai1 dao1] /to perform or have an operation/to operate on or to be operated on/开动 [kai1 dong4] /start/set in motion/move/march/开端 [kai1 duan1] /start/beginning/开发 [kai1 fa1] /exploit (a resource)/open up (for development)/to develop/开发过程 [kai1 fa1 guo4 cheng2] /development process/开发环境 [kai1 fa1 huan2 jing4] /development environment (computer)/开发区 [kai1 fa1 qu1] /development zone/开发人员 [kai1 fa1 ren2 yuan2] /developer/开发周期 [kai1 fa1 zhou1 qi1] /development cycle/development period/开饭 [kai1 fan4] /serve a meal/开放 [kai1 fang4] /lift (restrictions)/open/to lift a ban/to make open to the public/开放式网络 [kai1 fang4 shi4 wang3 luo4] /open network/开放式系统 [kai1 fang4 shi4 xi4 tong3] /open system(s)/开放系统 [kai1 fang4 xi4 tong3] /open system/开放系统互连 [kai1 fang4 xi4 tong3 hu4 lian2] /open systems interconnection/OSI/开工 [kai1 gong1] /(v) begin factory operations; start a construction job/开关 [kai1 guan1] /power switch/开国元勋 [kai1 guo2 yuan2 xun1] /founding fathers (of a country)/开化 [kai1 hua4] /(v) have laws and culture; be civilized/开会 [kai1 hui4] /have a meeting/be at a meeting/to hold or attend a meeting/开会祈祷 [kai1 hui4 qi2 dao3] /invocation/开课 [kai1 ke4] /school begins/give a course/teach a subject/开垦 [kai1 ken3] /(v) put under the plough; clear a wild area for cultivation/开口 [kai1 kou3] /open one's mouth/start to talk/开阔 [kai1 kuo4] /wide/open (of spaces)/开朗 [kai1 lang3] /(adj) well lit; suddenly become bright and clear/(adj) carefree; without worry/开列 [kai1 lie4] /(make a) list/开门 [kai1 men2] /open (the) door/开明 [kai1 ming2] /enlightened/open-minded/enlightenment/开幕 [kai1 mu4] /to open (a conference, e.g.)/to inaugurate/开幕式 [kai1 mu4 shi4] /opening ceremony/开拍 [kai1 pai1] /begin shooting (a film)/开辟 [kai1 pi4] /open up/start/开辟 [kai1 pi4] /(v) open the flow of some stream; start/(v) build a road/开普敦 [kai1 pu3 dun1] /Cape Town (city in South Africa)/开设 [kai1 she4] /offer (goods or services)/open (for business, etc.)/开始 [kai1 shi3] /begin/beginning/start/initial/开始以前 [kai1 shi3 yi3 qian2] /before the beginning (of sth)/开水 [kai1 shui3] /boiled water/boiling water/开锁 [kai1 suo3] /unlock/开天辟地 [kai1 tian1 pi4 di4] /(saying) when heaven and earth were split apart in the creation; the beginning of the world/开庭 [kai1 ting2] /begin a (judicial) court session/开头 [kai1 tou2] /beginning/开拓 [kai1 tuo4] /(v) bring forth or open up/开拓者 [kai1 tuo4 zhe3] /pioneer/开玩笑 [kai1 wan2 xiao4] /to play a joke/to make fun of/to joke/开心 [kai1 xin1] /to feel happy/to have a great time/to make fun of somebody/开心果 [kai1 xin1 guo3] /pistachio nuts/开学 [kai1 xue2] /school opens/new term begins/开眼 [kai1 yan3] /(v) begin a performance or movie/开演 [kai1 yan3] /(of a play, movie, etc.) to begin/开夜车 [kai1 ye4 che1] /burn the midnight oil/work late into the night/开展 [kai1 zhan3] /(begin to) develop/unfold /to start/to launch/to open/开战 [kai1 zhan4] /start a war/开支 [kai1 zhi1] /expenditures/pay/expenses/凯 [kai3] /triumphant/victorious/剀 [kai3] /carefully/moderately/慨 [kai3] /generous/sad/恺 [kai3] /joyful/kind/楷 [kai3] /norm/model/(writing)/垲 [kai3] /dry terrain/锴 [kai3] /high quality iron/铠 [kai3] /armor/凯旋 [kai3 xuan2] /return triumphant/忾 [kai4] /anger/刊 [kan1] /to print/publish/看 [kan1] /to look after/to take care of/to watch/to guard/勘 [kan1] /to investigate/to survey/to collate/堪 [kan1] /endure/戡 [kan1] /kill/suppress/龛 [kan1] /niche/shrine/勘测 [kan1 ce4] /to investigate/to survey/勘察 [kan1 cha2] /reconnaissance/刊登 [kan1 deng1] /carry a story/publish (in a newspaper or magazine)/勘探 [kan1 tan4] /exploration/刊物 [kan1 wu4] /publication/勘误 [kan1 wu4] /to correct printing errors/坎 [kan3] /pit/threshold/侃 [kan3] /bold/砍 [kan3] /to chop/槛 [kan3] /door sill/threshold/莰 [kan3] /camphane/砍伐 [kan3 fa2] /hew/看 [kan4] /it depends/think/to see/to look at/瞰 [kan4] /bird's-eye view/glance/阚 [kan4] /(surname)/peep/看病 [kan4 bing4] /see a doctor/see a patient/看不见 [kan4 bu2 jian4] /unseen/看不起 [kan4 bu5 qi3] /look down upon/despise/看待 [kan4 dai4] /look upon/regard/看到 [kan4 dao4] /see (that)/note/看得见 [kan4 de2 jian4] /visible/看法 [kan4 fa3] /way of looking at a thing/view/opinion/看见 [kan4 jian4] /to see/to catch sight of/看来 [kan4 lai5] /apparently/it seems that/it appears/it seems/看起来 [kan4 qi3 lai2] /(idiom) looks as if (based on what is known so far)/看上去 [kan4 shang5 qu5] /it would appear/it seems (that)/看守者 [kan4 shou3 zhe3] /watchman/看望 [kan4 wang4] /(v) visit; pay a call to/看样子 [kan4 yang4 zi5] /it seems/it looks as if/看作 [kan4 zuo4] /look upon as/regard as/看做 [kan4 zuo4] /regard as/look upon as/康 [kang1] /peaceful/spongy (of radishes)/慷 [kang1] /generous/magnanimous/糠 [kang1] /husk/慷慨 [kang1 kai3] /vehement/fervent/generous/giving/liberal/康奈尔大学 [kang1 nai4 er3 da4 xue2] /Cornell University/康涅狄格 [kang1 nie4 di2 ge2] /Connecticut (state in US)/扛 [kang2] /carry on one's shoulder/亢 [kang4] /overbearing/伉 [kang4] /husband/wife/抗 [kang4] /to resist/to fight/to defy/炕 [kang4] /kang (a heatable brick bed)/钪 [kang4] /scandium/抗旱 [kang4 han4] /(v) weather a drought/抗衡 [kang4 heng2] /contend against/抗击 [kang4 ji1] /resist (a military attack)/抗日战争 [kang4 ri4 zhan4 zheng1] /(China's) War of Resistance against Japan (1937-1945)/抗体 [kang4 ti3] /antibody/抗议 [kang4 yi4] /protest/抗议者 [kang4 yi4 zhe3] /protester/抗战 [kang4 zhan4] /war of resistance, especially the war against Japan (1937-1945)/抗争 [kang4 zheng1] /make a stand and fight (against)/尻 [kao1] /end of spine/考 [kao3] /to check/to verify/to test/to examine/拷 [kao3] /to beat/to flog/to examine by torture/烤 [kao3] /to roast/bake/to broil/栲 [kao3] /mangrove/拷贝 [kao3 bei4] /to copy/考查 [kao3 cha2] /investigate/study/考察 [kao3 cha2] /inspect/make an on-the-spot investigation/拷打 [kao3 da3] /to beat/to flog/考古 [kao3 gu3] /(n) archeology/(v) doarcheology /考核 [kao3 he2] /(v) examine; check up on/拷花 [kao3 hua1] /to emboss/考据 [kao3 ju4] /textual criticism/考量 [kao3 liang2] /consider/consideration/考虑 [kao3 lu:4] /to think over/to consider/consideration/烤面包 [kao3 mian4 bao1] /toast/考取 [kao3 qu3] /(v) pass an entrance test/考试 [kao3 shi4] /exam/拷问 [kao3 wen4] /to question via torture/烤鸭 [kao3 ya1] /roast duck/考验 [kao3 yan4] /(put to the) test/犒 [kao4] /give a bonus to/靠 [kao4] /depend upon/lean on/near/by/against/to support/靠背椅 [kao4 bei4 yi3] /armchair/靠近 [kao4 jin4] /near/approach/柯 [ke1] /(surname)/handle of axe/stem/科 [ke1] /branch of medicine/subject/division/field/branch/family/苛 [ke1] /severe/exacting/棵 [ke1] /M for plants/轲 [ke1] /given name of Mencius/稞 [ke1] /(wheat)/窠 [ke1] /nest/磕 [ke1] /to tap/knock/蝌 [ke1] /tadpole/颗 [ke1] /(measure word for small spheres)/髁 [ke1] /condyles/珂 [ke1] /jade-like stone/钶 [ke1] /columbium/颏 [ke1] /chin/科恩 [ke1 en1] /Cohen (U.S. defense secretary)/科尔 [ke1 er3] /(Helmut) Kohl (German chancellor)/科技 [ke1 ji4] /science and technology/颗粒 [ke1 li4] /kernel/科隆 [ke1 long2] /Cologne, Germany or Colon, Panama/科罗拉多 [ke1 luo2 la1 duo1] /Colorado/柯密 [ke1 mi4] /Kermit (communications protocol)/科目 [ke1 mu4] /subject/科普 [ke1 pu3] /popular(ization of) science/科威特 [ke1 wei1 te4] /Kuwait/科系 [ke1 xi4] /department/科学 [ke1 xue2] /science/scientific knowledge/scientific/科学编辑 [ke1 xue2 bian1 ji2] /science editor (of a publication)/科学的交流 [ke1 xue2 de5 jiao1 liu2] /scientific exchange/科学家 [ke1 xue2 jia1] /scientist/科学院 [ke1 xue2 yuan4] /academy of sciences/科研 [ke1 yan2] /(scientific) research/科研人员 [ke1 yan2 ren2 yuan2] /(scientific) researcher/科研样机 [ke1 yan2 yang4 ji1] /research prototype/科长 [ke1 zhang3] /section chief/咳 [ke2] /cough/壳 [ke2] /shell/颏 [ke2] /chin/咳嗽 [ke2 sou5] /to cough/可 [ke3] /can/may/able to/certain(ly)/to suit/(particle used for emphasis)/坷 [ke3] /uneven (path)/unfortunate (in life)/渴 [ke3] /thirsty/岢 [ke3] /name of a mountain/可哀 [ke3 ai1] /miserably/可爱 [ke3 ai4] /amiable/cute/lovely/可悲 [ke3 bei1] /lamentable/可比 [ke3 bi3] /comparable/可不是 [ke3 bu5 shi4] /that's just the way it is/exactly/可擦写 [ke3 ca1 xie3] /erasable/可擦写可编程只读存储器 [ke3 ca1 xie3 ke3 bian1 cheng2 zhi1 du2 cun2 chu3 qi4] /EPROM/Erasable programmable read-only memory/可得到 [ke3 de2 dao4] /available/可动 [ke3 dong4] /movable/可歌可泣 [ke3 ge1 ke3 qi4] /(saying) makes one happy and sad; emotionally moving/可观 [ke3 guan1] /considerable/可贵 [ke3 gui4] /(adj) worthy of praise; commendable/可恨 [ke3 hen4] /hateful/可见 [ke3 jian4] /it can clearly be seen (that this is the case)/it is (thus) clear/clear/visible/可惊 [ke3 jing1] /astonishing/可敬 [ke3 jing4] /venerable/可靠 [ke3 kao4] /reliable/可可 [ke3 ke3] /cocoa/可口 [ke3 kou3] /tasty/to taste good/可扩展标记语言 [ke3 kuo4 zhan3 biao1 ji4 yu3 yan2] /extend markup language (XML)/可怜 [ke3 lian2] /pitiful/可能 [ke3 neng2] /might (happen)/possible/probable/possibility/probability/可能性 [ke3 neng2 xing4] /possibility/probability/可怕 [ke3 pa4] /awful/dreadful/fearful/formidable/frightful/hideous/horrible/terrible/terribly/可巧 [ke3 qiao3] /by happy coincidence/可亲 [ke3 qin1] /kindly/nice/amiable/可容忍 [ke3 rong2 ren3] /tolerable/可身 [ke3 shen1] /to fit well (clothes)/可是 [ke3 shi4] /but/however/渴望 [ke3 wang4] /desirous/wishful/desire/可谓 [ke3 wei4] /it could even be said/可恶 [ke3 wu4] /(adj) hateful; curseful/可惜 [ke3 xi1] /it is a pity/what a pity/(it's) too bad/可喜 [ke3 xi3] /(adj) makes one happy; gratifying/可想而知 [ke3 xiang3 er2 zhi1] /(conj) it is obvious that.../可想像 [ke3 xiang3 xiang4] /conceivable/可笑 [ke3 xiao4] /laughable/可信任 [ke3 xin4 ren4] /trusty/可行 [ke3 xing2] /feasible/可行性 [ke3 xing2 xing4] /feasibility/可行性研究 [ke3 xing2 xing4 yan2 jiu1] /feasibility study/可选择丢弃 [ke3 xuan3 ze2 diu1 qi4] /discard eligible (Frame Relay)/DE/可疑 [ke3 yi2] /suspicious/dubious/可移植 [ke3 yi2 zhi2] /portable (programming language)/可移植性 [ke3 yi2 zhi2 xing4] /portability (programming language)/可以 [ke3 yi3] /can/may/possible/able to/可尊敬 [ke3 zun1 jing4] /respectable/克 [ke4] /gram/subdue/to restrain/to overcome/刻 [ke4] /quarter (hour)/(a measure word)/to carve/to engrave/to cut/oppressive/克 [ke4] /subdue/客 [ke4] /customer/visitor/guest/恪 [ke4] /(surname)/respectful/嗑 [ke4] /to crack (seeds) with front teeth/溘 [ke4] /suddenly/缂 [ke4] /to woof/课 [ke4] /subject/class/lesson/课 [ke4] /class/lesson/氪 [ke4] /krypton/锞 [ke4] /grease-pot for cart/ingot/课本 [ke4 ben3] /textbook/课表 [ke4 biao3] /school timetable/客车 [ke4 che1] /coach/课程 [ke4 cheng2] /course/class/克服 [ke4 fu2] /(try to) overcome (hardships, etc)/to conquer/to put up with/to endure/客观 [ke4 guan1] /objective/刻痕 [ke4 hen2] /notch/客户 [ke4 hu4] /client/客户服务器结构 [ke4 hu4 fu2 wu4 qi4 jie2 gou4] /client server architecture/客户机 [ke4 hu4 ji1] /client (computer)/客户机服务器环境 [ke4 hu4 ji1 fu2 wu4 qi4 huan2 jing4] /client-server environment/客户机软件 [ke4 hu4 ji1 ruan3 jian4] /client software/客户应用 [ke4 hu4 ying4 yong4] /client application/刻苦 [ke4 ku3] /hardworking/assiduous/克里姆林宫 [ke4 li3 mu3 lin2 gong1] /the Kremlin/克里斯托弗 [ke4 li3 si1 tuo1 fu2] /(Warren) Christopher/克林顿 [ke4 lin2 dun4] /(Bill) Clinton/克隆 [ke4 long2] /clone/克隆技术 [ke4 long2 ji4 shu4] /cloning technology/克罗地亚 [ke4 luo2 di4 ya4] /Croatia/克罗地亚语 [ke4 luo2 di4 ya4 yu3] /Croatian (language)/客气 [ke4 qi4] /polite/客人 [ke4 ren5] /guest/课时 [ke4 shi2] /class/period/克什米尔 [ke4 shi2 mi3 er3] /Kashmir/客堂 [ke4 tang2] /(n) room to meet guests; parlour/课堂 [ke4 tang2] /classroom/课题 [ke4 ti2] /task/problem/issue/客厅 [ke4 ting1] /drawing room (room for arriving guests)/课外 [ke4 wai4] /extracurricular/课文 [ke4 wen2] /text/刻写 [ke4 xie3] /inscribe/课业 [ke4 ye4] /lesson/schoolwork/课余 [ke4 yu2] /after school/客栈 [ke4 zhan4] /tavern/克制 [ke4 zhi4] /restraint/self-control/课桌 [ke4 zhuo1] /school desk/肯 [ken3] /to agree/to consent/to be ready (to do sth)/willing/啃 [ken3] /to gnaw/to nibble/to bite/垦 [ken3] /reclaim (land)/恳 [ken3] /earnest/龈 [ken3] /gnaw/bite/肯定 [ken3 ding4] /to be sure/to be certain/sure/certain/definite/to confirm/to affirm/affirmative/肯尼迪 [ken3 ni2 di2] /Kennedy (proper name)/肯尼亚 [ken3 ni2 ya4] /Kenya/肯普索恩 [ken3 pu3 suo3 en1] /(Dirk) Kempthorne (US Senator from Idaho)/恳切 [ken3 qie4] /(adj) sincere; genuine/恳求 [ken3 qiu2] /beg/entreat/entreaty/肯塔基 [ken3 ta3 ji1] /Kentucky/坑 [keng1] /pit/to defraud/铿 [keng1] /jingling of metals/to strike/空 [kong1] /air/sky/empty/in vain/倥 [kong1] /ignorant/blank-minded/崆 [kong1] /name of a mountain/空洞 [kong1 dong4] /(adj) empty; without content/空防 [kong1 fang2] /air force/air defense/空话 [kong1 hua4] /(n) empty talk; talk with no real contents/空间 [kong1 jian1] /space/空间探测 [kong1 jian1 tan4 ce4] /space probe/空间站 [kong1 jian1 zhan4] /space station/空军 [kong1 jun1] /air force/空气 [kong1 qi4] /air/atmosphere/空前 [kong1 qian2] /unprecedented/空缺 [kong1 que1] /vacancy/空调 [kong1 tiao2] /(n) air conditioning/空袭 [kong1 xi2] /(military) attack from the air/空想 [kong1 xiang3] /(v) fantisize; daydream/(n) fantasy/空心 [kong1 xin1] /(adj) hollow/(adj) hollow headed; mindless/空虚 [kong1 xu1] /(adj) hollow, no meaning/(n) emptiness/空运 [kong1 yun4] /air transport/空战 [kong1 zhan4] /air war/air warfare/空中 [kong1 zhong1] /in the sky/in the air/孔 [kong3] /(surname)/hole/倥 [kong3] /urgent/pressed/恐 [kong3] /afraid/frightened/to fear/恐怖 [kong3 bu4] /terror/恐怖份子 [kong3 bu4 fen4 zi5] /terrorist/恐怖主义 [kong3 bu4 zhu3 yi4] /terrorism/恐怖主义者 [kong3 bu4 zhu3 yi4 zhe3] /terrorist/恐吓 [kong3 he4] /to threaten/to menace/恐慌 [kong3 huang1] /panic/panicky/panic-stricken/恐惧 [kong3 ju4] /fear/dread/恐龙 [kong3 long2] /dinosaur/恐怕 [kong3 pa4] /(I'm) afraid (that)/perhaps/I think/孔雀 [kong3 que4] /peacock/恐水病 [kong3 shui3 bing4] /rabies/孔穴 [kong3 xue4] /aperture/孔子 [kong3 zi5] /Confucius/空 [kong4] /emptied/leisure/控 [kong4] /to accuse/to charge/to control/to sue/空白 [kong4 bai2] /blank space/空白点 [kong4 bai2 dian3] /gap/empty space/控告 [kong4 gao4] /accuse/charge/sue/控诉 [kong4 su4] /accuse/denounce/空隙 [kong4 xi4] /(n) crack, gap between two objects/(n) gap in time between two events/控制 [kong4 zhi4] /to (have) control (over)/to contain/空儿 [kongr4] /spare time/free time/芤 [kou1] /hollow/scallion stalk/抠 [kou1] /dig out (with finger)/stingy/口 [kou3] /mouth/(a measure word)/口岸 [kou3 an4] /(n)port on a sea or river/口才 [kou3 cai2] /eloquence/口吃 [kou3 chi1] /stammer/口袋 [kou3 dai4] /pocket/口号 [kou3 hao4] /slogan/catchphrase/口交 [kou3 jiao1] /oral sex/口渴 [kou3 ke3] /thirst/口气 [kou3 qi4] /(friendly or unfriendly) tone (of comments)/口腔 [kou3 qiang1] /(n) space inside the mouth; oral cavity/口试 [kou3 shi4] /oral examination/oral test/口头 [kou3 tou2] /oral/verbal/口香糖 [kou3 xiang1 tang2] /chewing gum/口语 [kou3 yu3] /spoken language/叩 [kou4] /knock/扣 [kou4] /10 percent/button/detain/寇 [kou4] /bandit/扣 [kou4] /button/筘 [kou4] /(a measure of width of cloth)/扣留 [kou4 liu2] /detain/hold in custody/扣上 [kou4 shang4] /to buckle up/to fasten/叩头 [kou4 tou2] /kowtow/扣押 [kou4 ya1] /detain/keep (someone) in custody/扣子 [kou4 zi5] /button/枯 [ku1] /dried up/哭 [ku1] /to cry/to weep/窟 [ku1] /cave/hole/骷 [ku1] /skeleton/刳 [ku1] /to cut open/rip up/scoop out/堀 [ku1] /cave/hole/窟窿 [ku1 long5] /(n) hole; pocket; cavity/(n) debt/哭泣 [ku1 qi4] /weep/枯萎 [ku1 wei3] /wilt/wither/枯燥 [ku1 zao4] /(adj) not interesting/苦 [ku3] /bitter/intensely/miserable/painful/苦境 [ku3 jing4] /grievance/dire straits/苦难 [ku3 nan4] /(n) suffering/苦恼 [ku3 nao3] /ail/annoy/distress/vexation/distressed/to be in misery/库 [ku4] /warehouse/storehouse/酷 [ku4] /ruthless/strong (as of wine)/裤 [ku4] /drawers/trousers/pants/喾 [ku4] /name of an emperor/库存 [ku4 cun2] /(n) material held in reseve; stock/库尔德人 [ku4 er3 de2 ren2] /Kurdish person or people/库房 [ku4 fang2] /(n) place to store items; storehouse/库纳南 [ku4 na4 nan2] /(Andrew) Cunanan (alleged serial killer)/裤子 [ku4 zi5] /trousers/pants/夸 [kua1] /to boast/夸 [kua1] /to boast/夸大 [kua1 da4] /exaggerate/夸奖 [kua1 jiang3] /(v) praise; applaud/夸耀 [kua1 yao4] /proudly/flaunt/夸张 [kua1 zhang1] /to exaggerate/to overstate/垮 [kua3] /collapse/胯 [kua4] /thigh/leg/跨 [kua4] /step across/step astride/挎 [kua4] /(v) carry on one's arm/(v) carry over one's shoulder or slung on one's side/跨度 [kua4 du4] /span/跨国 [kua4 guo2] /transnational/multinational/跨国公司 [kua4 guo2 gong1 si1] /transnational corporation/multinational corporation/跨接器 [kua4 jie1 qi4] /jumper/跨越 [kua4 yue4] /to step across/step over/块 [kuai1] /piece/chunk/lump/(measure word for chunks, lumps)/蒯 [kuai3] /a rush/scirpus cyperinus/快 [kuai4] /fast/quick/swift/块 [kuai4] /yuan (unit of currency)/fast (of a watch)/swift/rapid/happy/joyful/soon/quick/(a measure word, for cloth, cake, soap)/会 [kuai4] /to balance an account/accounting/筷 [kuai4] /chopstick/侩 [kuai4] /broker/脍 [kuai4] /chopped meat or fish/哙 [kuai4] /(surname)/throat/to swallow/浍 [kuai4] /drain/stream/狯 [kuai4] /crafty/cunning/郐 [kuai4] /(surname)/name of a feudal state/快步跑 [kuai4 bu4 pao3] /trot/快餐 [kuai4 can1] /fast food/snack/quick meal/快活 [kuai4 huo5] /gay, happy/会计 [kuai4 ji4] /accountant/accounting/快乐 [kuai4 le4] /happy/merry/快速 [kuai4 su4] /fast/high-speed/rapid/快速发展 [kuai4 su4 fa1 zhan3] /rapid growth/rapid expansion/快速以太网络 [kuai4 su4 yi3 tai4 wang3 luo4] /Fast Ethernet/块状 [kuai4 zhuang4] /lump/筷子 [kuai4 zi5] /chopsticks/宽 [kuan1] /lenient/wide/broad/髋 [kuan1] /pelvis/pelvic/宽敞 [kuan1 chang5] /(adj) spacious/宽大 [kuan1 da4] /(adj) spacious/宽带 [kuan1 dai4] /broadband/宽度 [kuan1 du4] /width/宽广 [kuan1 guang3] /(adj) wide; broad/宽阔 [kuan1 kuo4] /expanse/wide/宽频 [kuan1 pin2] /broadband/宽容 [kuan1 rong2] /lenient/tolerant/宽限 [kuan1 xian4] /extend (a deadline, etc.)/款 [kuan3] /section/paragraph/funds/款待 [kuan3 dai4] /entertain/款项 [kuan3 xiang4] /funds/a sum of money/匡 [kuang1] /correct/筐 [kuang1] /basket/诓 [kuang1] /mislead/to swindle/狂 [kuang2] /conceited/mad/诳 [kuang2] /deceive/lies/狂暴 [kuang2 bao4] /frantic/狂吠 [kuang2 fei4] /howl/狂风 [kuang2 feng1] /fierce wind/狂乱 [kuang2 luan4] /hysterical/狂怒 [kuang2 nu4] /furious/狂热 [kuang2 re4] /craze/狂人 [kuang2 ren2] /madman/狂妄 [kuang2 wang4] /(adj) egotistical; arrogant; brassy/狂喜 [kuang2 xi3] /ecstasy/rapt/况 [kuang4] /moreover/situation/框 [kuang4] /frame/door frame/眶 [kuang4] /eye socket/圹 [kuang4] /tomb/旷 [kuang4] /waste/wilderness/矿 [kuang4] /ore/mine/贶 [kuang4] /bestow/confer/邝 [kuang4] /(surname)/纩 [kuang4] /fine floss-silk or cotton/矿藏 [kuang4 cang2] /mineral resources/矿产 [kuang4 chan3] /minerals/矿床 [kuang4 chuang2] /(mineral) deposit/旷工 [kuang4 gong1] /(v) skip work with not valid reason/矿工 [kuang4 gong1] /miner/框架 [kuang4 jia4] /framework/矿井 [kuang4 jing3] /mine (shaft)/旷课 [kuang4 ke4] /(v) be truant from school; cut classes/况且 [kuang4 qie3] /moreover/besides/in addition/矿区 [kuang4 qu1] /(n) mining site; mining area/矿泉 [kuang4 quan2] /mineral spring/矿泉水 [kuang4 quan2 shui3] /mineral spring water/矿山 [kuang4 shan1] /mine/矿石 [kuang4 shi2] /ore/矿水 [kuang4 shui3] /mineral water/矿物 [kuang4 wu4] /mineral/矿业 [kuang4 ye4] /mining industry/盔 [kui1] /helmet/窥 [kui1] /peep/pry into/亏 [kui1] /deficiency/deficit/悝 [kui1] /laugh at/岿 [kui1] /high and mighty (of mountain)/hilly/亏待 [kui1 dai4] /(v) treat unfairly/盔甲 [kui1 jia3] /armor/亏缺 [kui1 que1] /wane/亏损 [kui1 sun3] /deficit/(financial) loss/奎 [kui2] /name of constellation/stride/揆 [kui2] /consider/estimate/逵 [kui2] /crossroads/thoroughfare/葵 [kui2] /sunflower/睽 [kui2] /separated/stare/魁 [kui2] /chief/head/夔 [kui2] /one-legged monster/respectful/馗 [kui2] /cheekbone/crossroads/high/暌 [kui2] /in opposition to/separated from/葵花 [kui2 hua1] /(n) sunflower/傀 [kui3] /puppet/跬 [kui3] /brief/short step/喟 [kui4] /to sigh/愧 [kui4] /ashamed/匮 [kui4] /(surname)/lacking/empty/exhausted/溃 [kui4] /be dispersed/break down/篑 [kui4] /basket for carrying soil/愦 [kui4] /confused/troubled/蒉 [kui4] /(surname)/Amaranthus mangostanus/聩 [kui4] /born deaf/deaf/馈 [kui4] /food/make a present/溃烂 [kui4 lan4] /to fester/to ulcerate/坤 [kun1] /the earth-/female-principle/昆 [kun1] /descendant/elder brother/昆 [kun1] /Kunlun mountains/琨 [kun1] /(jade)/髡 [kun1] /make the head bald/锟 [kun1] /steel sword/鲲 [kun1] /sea-monster/young of fishes/昆虫 [kun1 chong2] /insect/昆仑山 [kun1 lun2 shan1] /Mt. Kunlun/昆明 [kun1 ming2] /(N) Kunming, capitol of Yunnan province in south west China/捆 [kun3] /a bunch/tie together/bundle/困 [kun3] /a bunch/tie together/悃 [kun3] /sincere/阃 [kun3] /door to women's room/threshold/困 [kun4] /distress/sleepy/doze off/困 [kun4] /sleepy/doze off/困惑 [kun4 huo4] /bewilder/perplexity/confused/困境 [kun4 jing4] /predicament/in difficulty/困窘 [kun4 jiong3] /embarrassment/困苦 [kun4 ku3] /(adj) poor; miserable/困难在於 [kun4 nan2 zai4 yu2] /the problem is.../困难 [kun4 nan5] /(financial, etc.) difficulty/problem/issue/困扰 [kun4 rao3] /perplex/cause complications/括 [kuo4] /enclose/include/廓 [kuo4] /big/empty/open/阔 [kuo4] /rich/wide/broad/扩 [kuo4] /enlarge/扩充 [kuo4 chong1] /to expand/扩大 [kuo4 da4] /to expand/to enlarge/阔度 [kuo4 du4] /breadth/括号 [kuo4 hao4] /parenthesis/brackets/括弧 [kuo4 hu2] /parenthesis/括弧里 [kuo4 hu2 li3] /in parentheses/扩建 [kuo4 jian4] /(n) to add an extension to a building/扩散 [kuo4 san4] /spread/proliferation/扩音器 [kuo4 yin1 qi4] /megaphone/microphone/扩展 [kuo4 zhan3] /extend/expand/扩张 [kuo4 zhang1] /(v) expand one's power or influence/拉 [la1] /to pull/to play (string instruments)/to drag/to draw/啦 [la1] /(onomat.)/(phonetic)/喇 [la1] /(onomat.)/喇叭水仙 [la1 ba1 shui3 xian1] /daffodil/拉贝 [la1 bei4] /(John) Rabe (German eyewitness to Nanjing massacre)/拉丁 [la1 ding1] /Latin/拉丁语 [la1 ding1 yu3] /Latin (language)/拉斐特 [la1 fei3 te4] /Lafayette/垃圾 [la1 ji1] /(n) trash/垃圾车 [la1 ji1 che1] /garbage truck (or other vehicle)/拉紧 [la1 jin3] /strain/tense/tighten/拉美 [la1 mei3] /Latin America/拉莫斯 [la1 mo4 si1] /(Philippine President Fidel) Ramos/拉姆斯菲尔德 [la1 mu3 si1 fei1 er3 de2] /(Donald) Rumsfeld, secretary of Defense/拉那烈 [la1 na1 lie4] /(Prince) Ranariddh (son of King Sihanouk of Cambodia)/拉票 [la1 piao4] /campaign for votes/ask voters for support/拉萨 [la1 sa4] /(n) Lhasa, capitol city of Tibet in west China/剌 [la2] /to slash/喇 [la3] /(phonetic)/喇叭 [la3 ba5] /loudspeaker/trumpet/剌 [la4] /cruel/obstinate/落 [la4] /leave behind/辣 [la4] /hot (spicy)/pungent/腊 [la4] /December/preserved (meat)/蜡 [la4] /candle/wax/腊 [la4] /preserved (meat)/瘌 [la4] /scabies/scald-head/蜡 [la4] /candle/wax/蜡笔 [la4 bi3] /crayon/辣椒 [la4 jiao1] /hot pepper/chili/腊月 [la4 yue4] /(n) twelfth lunar month/蜡烛 [la4 zhu2] /candle/啦 [la5] /(an auxiliary word performing the grammatical functions of mood)/fusion of le + a/蓝 [la5] /kohlrabi/来 [lai2] /to come/徕 [lai2] /to come/莱 [lai2] /Chenopodium album/崃 [lai2] /name of a mountain in Sichuan/涞 [lai2] /brook/ripple/铼 [lai2] /rhenium/来宾 [lai2 bin1] /guest/visitor/来不及 [lai2 bu5 ji2] /there's not enough time (to do sth.)/it's too late (to do sth.)/来到 [lai2 dao4] /to come/to arrive/来得及 [lai2 de5 ji2] /there's still time/be able to do sth. in time/来访 [lai2 fang3] /pay a visit/来福枪 [lai2 fu2 qiang1] /rifle/来回 [lai2 hui2] /make a round trip/make a return journey/来回来去 [lai2 hui2 lai2 qu4] /(adv) repeatedly/来回来去地 [lai2 hui2 lai2 qu4 de5] /backwards and forwards/来看 [lai2 kan4] /(v) interpret a topic from a certain point of view/来客 [lai2 ke4] /(n) guest/来历 [lai2 li4] /history/antecedents/origin/来临 [lai2 lin2] /approach/come closer/来年 [lai2 nian2] /next year/the coming year/来说 [lai2 shuo1] /(v) interpret a topic from a certain point of view/来往 [lai2 wang3] /to come and go/莱温斯基 [lai2 wen1 si1 ji1] /(Monica) Lewinsky/来信 [lai2 xin4] /incoming letter/send a letter here/来源 [lai2 yuan2] /source (of information, etc)/origin/来着 [lai2 zhe5] /(an auxiliary showing sth. happened in the past)/来自 [lai2 zi4] /to come from (a place)/睐 [lai4] /gaze/stare/赖 [lai4] /disclaim/rely/to blame/濑 [lai4] /name of a river/rushing of water/癞 [lai4] /scabies/skin disease/籁 [lai4] /music/musical pipe with 3 reeds/赉 [lai4] /bestow/confer/癞哈蟆 [lai4 ha2 ma5] /toad/婪 [lan2] /avaricious/岚 [lan2] /mist/name of a mountain/阑 [lan2] /door-screen/exhausted/late/蓝 [lan2] /blue/拦 [lan2] /cut off/hinder/澜 [lan2] /swelling water/篮 [lan2] /basket/goal/褴 [lan2] /ragged garments/斓 [lan2] /variegated/parti-colored/栏 [lan2] /railing/栏 [lan2] /fence/pen/兰 [lan2] /orchid/谰 [lan2] /make a false charge/镧 [lan2] /lanthanum/篮板 [lan2 ban3] /backboard/篮板球 [lan2 ban3 qiu2] /rebound/栏杆 [lan2 gan1] /railing/banister/兰花 [lan2 hua1] /cymbidium/orchid/篮球 [lan2 qiu2] /basketball/篮圈 [lan2 quan1] /ring/hoop/栏圈 [lan2 quan1] /pen/animal yard/蓝色 [lan2 se4] /blue/栏栅 [lan2 shan1] /barrier/阑尾 [lan2 wei3] /appendix (in human body)/阑尾炎 [lan2 wei3 yan2] /appendicitis/兰州 [lan2 zhou1] /(N) Lanzhou, capitol of Gansu province in north central China/拦住 [lan2 zhu4] /to stop/to bar the way/篮子 [lan2 zi5] /basket/懒 [lan3] /lazy/览 [lan3] /look over/to view/揽 [lan3] /monopolize/seize/榄 [lan3] /olive/懒惰 [lan3 duo4] /idle/lazy/懒洋洋 [lan3 yang1 yang1] /lazily/滥 [lan4] /excessive/indiscriminate/烂 [lan4] /overcooked/rotten/soft/烂泥 [lan4 ni2] /ooze/滥用 [lan4 yong4] /abuse/郎 [lang2] /(surname)/a youth/狼 [lang2] /wolf/琅 [lang2] /(gem)/tinkling of pendants/廊 [lang2] /porch/榔 [lang2] /(tree)/琅 [lang2] /(gem)/tinkling of pendants/螂 [lang2] /dragonfly/mantis/稂 [lang2] /grass/weeds/锒 [lang2] /chain/ornament/狼狈 [lang2 bei4] /(adj) in a difficult situation/朗 [lang3] /clear/bright/朗读 [lang3 du2] /read aloud/read loudly and clearly/朗诵 [lang3 song4] /read aloud with expression/recite/declaim/浪 [lang4] /wave/breaker/unrestrained/dissipated/莨 [lang4] /Scopalia japonica maxin/蒗 [lang4] /(herb)/place name/浪潮 [lang4 chao2] /wave/tides/浪船 [lang4 chuan2] /swingboat/浪荡 [lang4 dang4] /to loiter/to hang around/莨菪 [lang4 dang4] /black henbane/浪费 [lang4 fei4] /to waste/to squander/浪花 [lang4 hua1] /spray/浪漫 [lang4 man4] /romantic/浪漫主义 [lang4 man4 zhu3 yi4] /romanticism/浪头 [lang4 tou5] /wave/浪涌 [lang4 yong3] /(electrical) surge/浪子 [lang4 zi3] /loafer/wastrel/prodigal son/浪子回头 [lang4 zi3 hui2 tou2] /the return of a prodigal son/捞 [lao1] /fish up/牢 [lao2] /firm/fast/劳 [lao2] /toil/唠 [lao2] /to chatter/痨 [lao2] /tuberculosis/崂 [lao2] /name of a mountain in Shandong/醪 [lao2] /wine or liquor with sediment/劳动 [lao2 dong4] /(physical) labor/劳动教养 [lao2 dong4 jiao4 yang3] /reeducation through labor/劳动节 [lao2 dong4 jie2] /International Labor Day (May Day)/劳动力 [lao2 dong4 li4] /labor force/manpower/劳动者 [lao2 dong4 zhe5] /laborer/牢房 [lao2 fang2] /(n) jail cell; prison cell/劳工 [lao2 gong1] /labor/牢固 [lao2 gu4] /firm/secure/牢记 [lao2 ji4] /(v) clearly remember/劳驾 [lao2 jia4] /excuse me/劳教 [lao2 jiao4] /reeducation through labor/牢牢 [lao2 lao2] /firmly/劳累 [lao2 lei4] /toil/牢骚 [lao2 sao1] /discontent/complaint/老 [lao3] /(a prefix used before the surname of a person or a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family to indicate affection or familiarity)/old (of people)/佬 [lao3] /male/man (Cantonese)/姥 [lao3] /grandma (maternal)/潦 [lao3] /flooded/heavy rain/栳 [lao3] /basket/铑 [lao3] /rhodium/老百姓 [lao3 bai3 xing4] /ordinary people/the "person in the street"/老板 [lao3 ban3] /boss/business proprietor/老伴儿 [lao3 banr4] /(of an old married couple) husband or wife/老兵 [lao3 bing1] /veteran/老成 [lao3 cheng2] /(adj) experienced; trained/老大妈 [lao3 da4 ma1] /"Madam" (affectionate term for an elderly woman)/老大娘 [lao3 da4 niang2] /aunty/granny/老大爷 [lao3 da4 ye2] /uncle/grandpa/老二 [lao3 er4] /the second child or brother (or sister)/老公 [lao3 gong5] /(informal) husband/老汉 [lao3 han4] /(n) old man/(n) I (self reference by an old man)/老虎 [lao3 hu3] /tiger/老化 [lao3 hua4] /(v) become old (person or thing)/老骥伏枥志在千里 [lao3 ji4 fu2 li4 zhi4 zai4 qian1 li3] /(lit.) an old steed in the stable still aspires to gallop 1000 li/(fig.) old people may still cherish high aspirations/老家 [lao3 jia1] /native place/place of origin/home state or region/姥姥 [lao3 lao3] /(informal) mother's mother; maternal grandmother/姥姥 [lao3 lao5] /maternal grandmother/老两口儿 [lao3 liang3 kour3] /an old married couple/老奶奶 [lao3 nai3 nai5] /(informal) father's father's mother; paternal great grandmother/老年 [lao3 nian2] /elderly/老年人 [lao3 nian2 ren2] /old people/the elderly/老牌 [lao3 pai2] /old brand/old style/old school/老婆 [lao3 po2] /(informal) wife/老人 [lao3 ren2] /old people/the aged/老人家 [lao3 ren2 jia1] /(n) polite term for old woman or man/老师 [lao3 shi1] /teacher/老是 [lao3 shi5] /always/老鼠 [lao3 shu3] /rat/mouse/老太婆 [lao3 tai4 po2] /(n) old woman (often not polite)/(n) term to refer to wife/老套 [lao3 tao4] /old things/old ways (pejorative)/老天爷 [lao3 tian1 ye3] /God/Heavens/老头 [lao3 tou2] /old fellow/老头儿 [lao3 tou2 er5] /(n) old n (often not polite)/老挝 [lao3 wo1] /Laos/老乡 [lao3 xiang1] /fellow-townsman/fellow-villager/老兄 [lao3 xiong1] /'old chap' (form of address between male friends)/老爷 [lao3 ye2] /(informal) mother's father; maternal grandfather/老爷爷 [lao3 ye2 ye5] /(informal) father's father's father; paternal great grandfather/老爷 [lao3 ye5] /maternal grandfather/老一辈 [lao3 yi1 bei4] /(n) one generation older/老资格 [lao3 zi1 ge5] /veteran/烙 [lao4] /bake/flat iron/large cake/络 [lao4] /small net/酪 [lao4] /Chinese cream/cheese/涝 [lao4] /flooded/酪农业 [lao4 nong2 ye4] /dairy/勒 [le4] /rein in/乐 [le4] /(surname)/happy/laugh/cheerful/仂 [le4] /surplus/tithe/泐 [le4] /write/鳓 [le4] /(shad)/spermary of fish/乐观 [le4 guan1] /optimistic/hopeful/乐趣 [le4 qu4] /delight/pleasure/joy/乐意 [le4 yi4] /(v)be happy to do sth/(adj) happy; satisfied/乐园 [le4 yuan2] /paradise/了 [le5] /(modal particle intensifying preceding clause)/(past tense marker)/勒 [lei1] /strangle/累 [lei2] /cumbersome/雷 [lei2] /(surname)/thunder/嫘 [lei2] /(surname)/擂 [lei2] /beat/to grind/缧 [lei2] /bind/bond/羸 [lei2] /entangled/lean/镭 [lei2] /radium/檑 [lei2] /logs rolled down in defense of city/雷达 [lei2 da2] /radar/雷峰塔 [lei2 feng1 ta3] /Leifeng Pagoda, by West Lake until it was destroyed (also from Madam White Snake)/镭射 [lei2 she4] /laser/镭射印表机 [lei2 she4 yin4 biao3 ji1] /laser printer/雷声 [lei2 sheng1] /thunder/雷雨 [lei2 yu3] /(n) thunderstorm/耒 [lei3] /plough/累 [lei3] /accumulate/磊 [lei3] /lumpy/rock pile/uneven/儡 [lei3] /injure/puppet/蕾 [lei3] /bud/垒 [lei3] /rampart/诔 [lei3] /eulogize the dead/eulogy/累计 [lei3 ji4] /accumulate/肋 [lei4] /rib/泪 [lei4] /tears/累 [lei4] /implicate/tired/擂 [lei4] /beat (a drum)/类 [lei4] /kind/type/class/category/similar/like/to resemble/酹 [lei4] /pour out libation/sprinkle/类比 [lei4 bi3] /analogy/类别 [lei4 bie2] /classification/category/肋骨 [lei4 gu3] /rib/类固醇 [lei4 gu4 chun2] /steroid/泪水 [lei4 shui3] /teardrop/tears/类似 [lei4 si4] /similar/analogous/类似点 [lei4 si4 dian3] /resemblance/类推 [lei4 tui1] /to reason by analogy/类型 [lei4 xing2] /type/楞 [leng2] /corner/square beam/棱 [leng2] /corner/square beam/冷 [leng3] /cold/冷淡 [leng3 dan4] /cold/indifferent/冷淡关系 [leng3 dan4 guan1 xi4] /cold relations (e.g. between countries)/冷静 [leng3 jing4] /calm/cool-headed/冷酷 [leng3 ku4] /grim/冷气机 [leng3 qi4 ji1] /air-conditioner/冷却 [leng3 que4] /cooling/cool off/冷饮 [leng3 yin3] /cold drink/冷战 [leng3 zhan4] /(the) Cold War/冷战以后 [leng3 zhan4 yi3 hou4] /post-Cold War/愣 [leng4] /to look distracted/to stare blankly/distracted/stupefied/blank/哩 [li1] /(onomat.)/狸 [li2] /(dog)/wild cat/梨 [li2] /pear/犁 [li2] /plow/喱 [li2] /grain weight/蜊 [li2] /clam/漓 [li2] /pattering (of rain)/seep through/璃 [li2] /colored glaze/glass/黎 [li2] /(surname)/black/罹 [li2] /happen to/sorrow/suffer from/离 [li2] /to leave/to depart/to go away/from/丽 [li2] /Korea/蠡 [li2] /calabash/篱 [li2] /a fence/骊 [li2] /black horse/good horse/厘 [li2] /one thousandth/嫠 [li2] /widow/缡 [li2] /bridal veil or kerchief/藜 [li2] /Chenopodium album/黧 [li2] /dark/sallow color/蓠 [li2] /Gracilaria confervoides/篱笆 [li2 ba1] /fence/蓠笆 [li2 ba5] /(n) bamboo fence/离别 [li2 bie2] /(v) to leave or part from (when going on a long journey)/离婚 [li2 hun1] /to divorce/to be divorced from (one's wife or husband)/离开 [li2 kai1] /to depart/to leave/离开北京 [li2 kai1 bei3 jing1] /to leave Beijing/to depart from Beijing/离开故乡 [li2 kai1 gu4 xiang4] /to leave one' homeland/厘克 [li2 ke4] /centigram/厘米 [li2 mi3] /centimeter/黎明 [li2 ming2] /dawn/daybreak/离奇有趣 [li2 qi2 you3 qu4] /quaint/厘升 [li2 sheng1] /centiliter/离休 [li2 xiu1] /(v) to retire (used for cadres who joined the communist party before October 1, 1949)/梨子 [li2 zi3] /pear/离子 [li2 zi3] /ion/李 [li3] /(a surname)/plum/里 [li3] /Chinese mile/neighborhood/俚 [li3] /rustic/哩 [li3] /mile/娌 [li3] /husband's brother's wife/理 [li3] /reason/logic/science/inner principle or structure/里 [li3] /li, a Chinese unit of length = 1/2 kilometer/village/within/inside/锂 [li3] /lithium/澧 [li3] /(surname)/name of a river/礼 [li3] /gift/propriety/rite/鲤 [li3] /carp/醴 [li3] /sweet wine/蠡 [li3] /wood-boring insect/逦 [li3] /winding/悝 [li3] /sad/鳢 [li3] /snakefish/礼拜 [li3 bai4] /week/religious service/worship/礼拜日 [li3 bai4 ri4] /Sunday/礼拜堂 [li3 bai4 tang2] /chapel/礼拜天 [li3 bai4 tian1] /Sunday/礼拜仪式 [li3 bai4 yi2 shi4] /liturgical/_边 [li3 bian1] /(n) inside/理睬 [li3 cai3] /(v) heed; pay attention to/里程碑 [li3 cheng2 bei1] /milestone/李登辉 [li3 deng1 hui1] /Lee Teng-hui (Taiwan leader)/理发师 [li3 fa3 shi1] /barber/里根 [li3 gen1] /(Ronald) Reagan/李光耀 [li3 guang1 yao4] /Lee Kuan Yew (former Prime Minister of Singapore)/理会 [li3 hui4] /pay attention to/take notice of/礼节 [li3 jie2] /etiquette/理解 [li3 jie3] /to comprehend/understanding/comprehension/to understand/锂离子电池 [li3 li2 zi3 dian4 chi2] /lithium ion battery/理论 [li3 lun4] /theory/礼貌 [li3 mao4] /courtesy/manners/里面 [li3 mian4] /inside/interior/礼炮 [li3 pao4] /a gun salute (e.g. 21-gun salute)/salvo/李鹏 [li3 peng2] /Li Peng/礼品 [li3 pin3] /(n) gift; present/李时珍 [li3 shi2 zhen1] /Li Shi Zhen (1518-1593, famous doctor, author of ben3 cao3 gang1 mu4/理事 [li3 shi4] /(n) councilman/理所当然 [li3 suo3 dang1 ran2] /(idiom) certainly; of course; it logically follows that.../礼堂 [li3 tang2] /assembly hall/auditorium/里头 [li3 tou5] /inside/interior/_头 [li3 tou5] /(n) inside/礼物 [li3 wu4] /gift/present/理想 [li3 xiang3] /ideal/礼仪 [li3 yi2] /etiquette/理由 [li3 you2] /reason/ground(s)/justification/鲤鱼 [li3 yu2] /carp/俚语 [li3 yu3] /slang/理直气壮 [li3 zhi2 qi4 zhuang4] /(saying) one is bold and confident when doing a just cause/李子 [li3 zi3] /plum/李自成 [li3 zi4 cheng2] /name of a person, Li Zi Cheng, leader of Ming Dynasty peasant rebellion/力 [li4] /power/force/strength/立 [li4] /set up/to stand/吏 [li4] /minor official/利 [li4] /advantage/benefit/profit/sharp/例 [li4] /example/precedent/rule/case/instance/戾 [li4] /do violence/go against/俐 [li4] /clever/栗 [li4] /(surname)/chestnut/荔 [li4] /litchi/唳 [li4] /cry of a crane or wild goose/笠 [li4] /bamboo rain hat/粒 [li4] /a grain/a granule/莉 [li4] /jasmine/痢 [li4] /dysentery/栗 [li4] /afraid/trembling/溧 [li4] /name of a river/莅 [li4] /attend (official functions)/厉 [li4] /severe/历 [li4] /calendar/历 [li4] /to experience/to undergo/to pass through/all/each/every/calendar/励 [li4] /exhort/隶 [li4] /attached to/scribe/疠 [li4] /sore caused by varnish poisoning/沥 [li4] /drip/丽 [li4] /beautiful/砺 [li4] /grind/sandstone/砾 [li4] /gravel/small stone/俪 [li4] /husband and wife/蛎 [li4] /oyster/郦 [li4] /(surname)/ancient place name/雳 [li4] /clap of thunder/詈 [li4] /curse/scold/篥 [li4] /bamboos good for poles/horn/呖 [li4] /sound of splitting/cracking/栎 [li4] /oak/Quercus serrata/枥 [li4] /stable/苈 [li4] /Drabanemerosa hebecarpa/跞 [li4] /move/walk/轹 [li4] /to bully/wheel-rut/力宝 [li4 bao3] /Lippo (Group) (Indonesian business concern)/利弊 [li4 bi4] /(n) pluses and minuses; advantages and disadvantages/利伯曼 [li4 bo2 man4] /(Connecticut Senator Joseph I.) Lieberman/立场 [li4 chang3] /position/standpoint/历代 [li4 dai4] /successive dynasties/past dynasties/历代志上 [li4 dai4 zhi4 shang4] /1 Chronicles/历代志下 [li4 dai4 zhi4 xia4] /2 Chronicles/力度 [li4 du4] /dynamism/vigor/立法 [li4 fa3] /legislation/立法会 [li4 fa3 hui4] /legislative council/立法机关 [li4 fa3 ji1 guan1] /legislature/立方 [li4 fang1] /cube/立方米 [li4 fang1 mi3] /cubic meter (unit of volume)/立方体 [li4 fang1 ti3] /cube/cubic/利害 [li4 hai5] /formidable/例会 [li4 hui4] /regular meeting/立即 [li4 ji2] /immediately/例假 [li4 jia4] /legal holiday/menstrual period/立交桥 [li4 jiao1 qiao2] /(n) grade splitting bridge for road traffic, one road goes on top and the other below/例句 [li4 ju4] /example sentence/立刻 [li4 ke4] /forthwith/immediate/prompt/promptly/straightway/thereupon/at once/历来 [li4 lai2] /always/throughout (a period of time)/(of) all-time/历来最低点 [li4 lai2 zui4 di1 dian3] /all time low (point)/力量均衡 [li4 liang4 jun1 heng2] /balance of power/力量 [li4 liang5] /power/force/strength/利率 [li4 lu:4] /interest rates/历年 [li4 nian2] /over the years/力气 [li4 qi5] /strength/沥青 [li4 qing1] /asphalt/bituminous/力求 [li4 qiu2] /make every effort to/do one's best/例如 [li4 ru2] /for example/for instance/such as/利润 [li4 run4] /profits/历时 [li4 shi2] /to last/to take (time)/period/历史 [li4 shi3] /history/历史久远 [li4 shi3 jiu3 yuan3] /ancient history/历史上 [li4 shi3 shang4] /historical/历史性 [li4 shi3 xing4] /historic/历史学家 [li4 shi3 xue2 jia1] /historian/利市 [li4 shi4] /"lai see" (lucky money)/例示 [li4 shi4] /exemplify/栗鼠 [li4 shu3] /bunny/力所能及 [li4 suo3 neng2 ji2] /(saying) that which is in ones power to do/例题 [li4 ti2] /example/立体 [li4 ti3] /(n) solid, 3D object/力图 [li4 tu2] /try hard to/strive to/例外 [li4 wai4] /(make an) exception/利未记 [li4 wei4 ji4] /Leviticus/利息 [li4 xi5] /(n) interest on money/例行 [li4 xing2] /routine/例言 [li4 yan2] /introductory remarks/利益 [li4 yi4] /benefit/(in someone's) interest/利用 [li4 yong4] /exploit/make use of/to use/to take advantage of/to utilize/利於 [li4 yu2] /be beneficial/be good for/例语 [li4 yu3] /example sentence/力争 [li4 zheng1] /work hard for/do all one can to/contend strongly/例证 [li4 zheng4] /example/case in point/荔枝 [li4 zhi1] /(n) litchi fruit/例子 [li4 zi5] /case/(for) instance/example/栗子 [li4 zi5] /chestnut/力足以做 [li4 zu2 yi3 zuo4] /afford/able to/哩 [li5] /(part. for continued state)/俩 [lia3] /(a numeral-measure word) two/both/帘 [lian2] /wine shop sign/连 [lian2] /(surname)/even/as/join/to link/successively/廉 [lian2] /incorrupt/inexpensive/奁 [lian2] /bridal trousseau/涟 [lian2] /ripple/tearful/怜 [lian2] /to pity/莲 [lian2] /lotus/濂 [lian2] /name of a river in Hunan/联 [lian2] /to ally/to unite/to join/镰 [lian2] /scythe/sickle/鲢 [lian2] /Hypophthalmichthys moritrix/裢 [lian2] /pouch hung from belt/蠊 [lian2] /cockroach/联邦 [lian2 bang1] /federal/federation/联邦大楼 [lian2 bang1 da4 lou2] /federal building/联邦电信交通委员会 [lian2 bang1 dian4 xin4 jiao1 tong1 wei3 yuan2 hui4] /Federal Communications Commission/FCC/联邦调查局 [lian2 bang1 diao4 cha2 ju2] /FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)/联邦政府 [lian2 bang1 zheng4 fu3] /federal government/连词 [lian2 ci2] /conjunction/镰刀 [lian2 dao1] /(n) curved sickle for cutting grain/连队 [lian2 dui4] /(n) company (of troups)/连滚带爬 [lian2 gun3 dai4 pa2] /(idiom) rolling and crawling/联合 [lian2 he2] /to combine/to join/unite/alliance/联合发表 [lian2 he2 fa1 biao3] /joint statement/joint announcement/联合公报 [lian2 he2 gong1 bao4] /joint announcement/联合国 [lian2 he2 guo2] /United Nations/联合组织 [lian2 he2 zu3 zhi1] /syndicate/莲花 [lian2 hua1] /Lotus (computer company)/联欢 [lian2 huan1] /have a get-together/连环图 [lian2 huan2 tu2] /comic strip/连击 [lian2 ji2] /batter/廉价 [lian2 jia4] /cheaply-priced/连接 [lian2 jie1] /to link/to join/to attach/connection/连接词 [lian2 jie1 ci2] /conjunction/连接器 [lian2 jie1 qi4] /connector/连接至 [lian2 jie1 zhi4] /to connect to/连结 [lian2 jie2] /connect/join/link/廉洁 [lian2 jie2] /(adj) honest; not coercive/联结 [lian2 jie2] /to bind/to tie/to link/连连 [lian2 lian2] /(adv) repeatedly/联络 [lian2 luo4] /communication/get in touch with/contact/连忙 [lian2 mang2] /promptly/at once/联盟 [lian2 meng2] /alliance/union/coalition/连绵 [lian2 mian2] /(v) continue; continued in time for/怜悯 [lian2 min3] /pity/联名 [lian2 ming2] /jointly (signed, declared, sponsored)/连年 [lian2 nian2] /(n) in consecutive or successive years/连任 [lian2 ren4] /continue in (a political) office/serve for another term of office/连锁反应 [lian2 suo3 fan3 ying4] /chain reaction/联通 [lian2 tong1] /connection/link/to link together/连同 [lian2 tong2] /together with/along with/联网 [lian2 wang3] /network/cyber-/联网环境 [lian2 wang3 huan2 jing4] /networking environment/莲雾 [lian2 wu4] /wax apple (a reddish pear-shaped fruit)/联席会议 [lian2 xi2 hui4 yi4] /joint conference/联系 [lian2 xi4] /connection/contact/relation/contact/(in) touch (with)/to integrate/to link/联想 [lian2 xiang3] /associate/连续 [lian2 xu4] /continuous/in a row/连续剧 [lian2 xu4 ju4] /(n) series of shows; multipart show; serial/连夜 [lian2 ye4] /(adv) into the night; through the night/涟漪 [lian2 yi1] /ripple/连战 [lian2 zhan4] /Lien Chan (Taiwan vice-president)/廉政 [lian2 zheng4] /(adj) honest or clean politics/莲子 [lian2 zi3] /(n) lotus seed/连字符号 [lian2 zi4 fu2 hao4] /hyphen/敛 [lian3] /arrange/control oneself/gather/脸 [lian3] /face/脸颊 [lian3 jia2] /cheek/脸盆 [lian3 pen2] /(n) basin for washing hands and face/脸谱 [lian3 pu3] /types of facial makeup in operas/脸色 [lian3 se4] /complexion/look/楝 [lian4] /Melia japonica/炼 [lian4] /refine/smelt/练 [lian4] /to practice/to train/to perfect (one's skill)/to drill/殓 [lian4] /prepare body for coffin/炼 [lian4] /refine/链 [lian4] /chain/lead or tin ore/潋 [lian4] /full of water/trough/恋 [lian4] /feel attached to/long for/love/恋爱 [lian4 ai4] /to have a love affair/to be in love/to love/love/练兵 [lian4 bing1] /(v) drill troops; train an army/链环 [lian4 huan2] /chain link/链结 [lian4 jie2] /link/链路 [lian4 lu4] /link/链路层 [lian4 lu4 ceng2] /link layer/练习 [lian4 xi2] /exercise/drill/链子 [lian4 zi5] /chain/良 [liang2] /good/very/very much/梁 [liang2] /(surname)/beam of roof/bridge/凉 [liang2] /cool/cold/量 [liang2] /to measure/粱 [liang2] /sorghum/梁 [liang2] /beam of roof/粮 [liang2] /provisions/踉 [liang2] /jump/良好 [liang2 hao3] /good/favorable/well/fine/凉快 [liang2 kuai5] /nice and cold/pleasantly cool/粮食 [liang2 shi5] /foodstuffs/cereals/凉爽 [liang2 shuang3] /cool and refreshing/凉水 [liang2 shui3] /cool water/unboiled water/凉鞋 [liang2 xie2] /sandal/良心 [liang2 xin1] /conscience/良种 [liang2 zhong3] /(adj) improved type/两 [liang3] /both/two/ounce/some/a few/tael/俩 [liang3] /craft/cunning/魉 [liang3] /sprite/fairy/两岸 [liang3 an4] /bilateral/both shores/both sides/both coasts/Taiwan and mainland/两岸对话 [liang3 an4 dui4 hua4] /bilateral talks/两百 [liang3 bai3] /two hundred/两百万 [liang3 bai3 wan4] /two million/两百亿 [liang3 bai3 yi4] /twenty billion/两次 [liang3 ci4] /twice/两点十九分 [liang3 dian3 shi2 jiu3 fen1] /2 :1 9 (time of day)/两个中国 [liang3 ge4 zhong1 guo2] /two-China (policy)/两国 [liang3 guo2] /both countries/two countries/两极 [liang3 ji2] /(n) the earth's poles/(n) both ends of sth/(n) electric poles/两口子 [liang3 kou3 zi5] /(n) husband and wife/两旁 [liang3 pang2] /both sides/either sides/两千 [liang3 qian1] /two thousand/两千六百一十六 [liang3 qian1 liu4 bai3 yi1 shi2 liu4] /2816/两千年 [liang3 qian1 nian2] /the year 2000/2000 years/两手 [liang3 shou3] /double tactics/twin strategies/两星期 [liang3 xing1 qi2] /fortnight/两者 [liang3 zhe3] /both sides/亮 [liang4] /light/bright/晾 [liang4] /to dry in the air/量 [liang4] /capacity/quantity/amount/to estimate/谅 [liang4] /forgive/辆 [liang4] /(a measure word for vehicles)/踉 [liang4] /stagger/sway from side to side/量变 [liang4 bian4] /quantitative change/量词 [liang4 ci2] /measure word/classifier/亮度 [liang4 du4] /illumination/量纲 [liang4 gang1] /dimension (unit)/亮光 [liang4 guang1] /(n) light/谅解 [liang4 jie3] /(reach) an understanding/量力 [liang4 li4] /to estimate one's strength/量子 [liang4 zi3] /quantum/撩 [liao1] /lift up (skirt)/pull up (sleeve)/聊 [liao2] /to chat/to have a chat/to kill time/僚 [liao2] /bureaucrat/寥 [liao2] /empty/lonesome/very few/嘹 [liao2] /clear sound/cry (of cranes etc.)/寮 [liao2] /Laos/fellow-official/hut/撩 [liao2] /stitch/take/tease/燎 [liao2] /singe/辽 [liao2] /Liaoning/name of a dynasty/疗 [liao2] /to treat/to cure/缭 [liao2] /lines for a sail/wind round/獠 [liao2] /fierce/hunt/name of a tribe/鹩 [liao2] /eastern wren/疗法 [liao2 fa3] /therapy/treatment/辽阔 [liao2 kuo4] /vast/extensive/辽宁 [liao2 ning2] /Liaoning province, China/辽宁省 [liao2 ning2 sheng3] /(N) Liaoning, far north east Chinese province/聊天儿 [liao2 tian1 er5] /(v) chat/疗效 [liao2 xiao4] /(n) healing efficacy; healing effect/疗养 [liao2 yang3] /(n) get well; heal; recuperate/了 [liao3] /to know/to understand/to know/了 [liao3] /clear/钌 [liao3] /ruthenium/蓼 [liao3] /polygonum/smartweed/了不起 [liao3 bu5 qi3] /amazing/terrific/extraordinary/潦草 [liao3 cao3] /(adj) haphazard; careless/了解 [liao3 jie3] /understand/come to understand/find out/料 [liao4] /material/stuff/grain/feed/to expect/to anticipate/to guess/廖 [liao4] /(surname)/了 [liao4] /look afar from a high place/撂 [liao4] /to leave (it)/料子 [liao4 zi5] /material/咧 [lie1] /child's cry/咧 [lie3] /draw back corners of mouth/列 [lie4] /to arrange/to line up/row/file/series/劣 [lie4] /inferior/冽 [lie4] /cold and raw/洌 [lie4] /pure/cleanse/烈 [lie4] /ardent/intense/split/crack/rend/捩 [lie4] /tear/twist/裂 [lie4] /crack/split/猎 [lie4] /hunting/鬣 [lie4] /bristles/mane/趔 [lie4] /stumble/躐 [lie4] /step across/列车 [lie4 che1] /train (railway term)/裂缝 [lie4 feng4] /crack/crevice/裂痕 [lie4 hen2] /chasm/烈火 [lie4 huo3] /(n) raging inferno; blaze/列举 [lie4 ju3] /(make a) list/enumerate/猎犬 [lie4 quan3] /hound/猎人 [lie4 ren2] /hunter/列入 [lie4 ru4] /(v) put on a list/劣势 [lie4 shi4] /inferior/disadvantaged/烈士 [lie4 shi4] /martyr/列王纪上 [lie4 wang2 ji4 shang4] /1 Kings/列王纪下 [lie4 wang2 ji4 xia4] /2 Kings/列为 [lie4 wei2] /be classified as/裂纹 [lie4 wen2] /crackle/flaw/猎物 [lie4 wu4] /prey/列席 [lie4 xi2] /(v) attend as a speaking only delegate without voting rights/林 [lin2] /woods/forest/琳 [lin2] /gem/邻 [lin2] /neighbor/adjacent/close to/遴 [lin2] /(surname)/select for appointment/霖 [lin2] /continued rain/磷 [lin2] /phosphorus/water in rocks/临 [lin2] /to face/to overlook/to arrive/to be (just) about to/just before/辚 [lin2] /rumbling of wheels/鳞 [lin2] /scales (of fish)/麟 [lin2] /female unicorn/粼 [lin2] /clear (as of water)/嶙 [lin2] /ranges of hills/林场 [lin2 chang3] /(n) forest management area/临床 [lin2 chuang2] /clinical/琳.戴维斯 [lin2 dai4 wei2 si1] /Lynn Davis (US State Department arms control expert)/林地 [lin2 di4] /woodland/林丰正 [lin2 feng1 zheng4] /Lin Feng-cheng (Taiwan Minister of the Interior)/邻国 [lin2 guo2] /bordering country/neighbor country/neighboring countries/surrounding countries/临近 [lin2 jin4] /close to/approaching/邻居 [lin2 ju1] /neighbor/临摹 [lin2 mo2] /to copy (a model of calligraphy or painting, etc.)/林区 [lin2 qu1] /(n) forested area/临时 [lin2 shi2] /temporary/interim/临时的本地管理接口 [lin2 shi2 de5 ben3 di4 guan3 li3 jie1 kou3] /Interim Local Management Interface/ILMI/临时政府 [lin2 shi2 zheng4 fu3] /provisional government/临写 [lin2 xie3] /to copy (a model of calligraphy or painting)/遴选 [lin2 xuan3] /to pick/to choose/to select/林业 [lin2 ye4] /(n) forest industry; forestry/凛 [lin3] /shiver with cold or fear/懔 [lin3] /fear/廪 [lin3] /government granary/檩 [lin3] /cross-beam/ridge-pole/吝 [lin4] /stingy/淋 [lin4] /diseases of the bladder/to drain/to drip/赁 [lin4] /to rent/蔺 [lin4] /juncus effusus/膦 [lin4] /phosphine/吝啬 [lin4 se4] /mean/miser/伶 [ling2] /clever/泠 [ling2] /(surname)/sound of water flowing/玲 [ling2] /(used in compounds)/tinkling of gem-pendants/苓 [ling2] /fungus/tuber/凌 [ling2] /encroach/soar/thick ice/羚 [ling2] /antelope/翎 [ling2] /tail feathers/聆 [ling2] /apprehend/hear/listen/蛉 [ling2] /sandfly/陵 [ling2] /mound/tomb/hill/mountain/菱 [ling2] /Trapa natans/water caltrop/铃 [ling2] /(small) bell/零 [ling2] /remnant/zero/绫 [ling2] /damask/thin silk/龄 [ling2] /age/棂 [ling2] /lattice/灵 [ling2] /alert/departed soul/efficacious/quick/effective/intelligence/呤 [ling2] /purine in chem. compound/whisper/囹 [ling2] /prison/柃 [ling2] /Eurya japonica/瓴 [ling2] /concave channels of tiling/鲮 [ling2] /pangolin/Manis pentadactylata/酃 [ling2] /name of a district in Hunan/凌晨 [ling2 chen2] /early in the morning/灵的世界 [ling2 de5 shi4 jie4] /spirit world/零等待状态 [ling2 deng3 dai4 zhuang4 tai4] /zero wait state/零点六 [ling2 dian3 liu4] /0.6/灵感 [ling2 gan3] /inspiration/灵魂 [ling2 hun2] /soul/spirit/灵活 [ling2 huo2] /flexible/nimble/agile/灵活性 [ling2 huo2 xing4] /flexibility/零件 [ling2 jian4] /spare parts/spares/伶俐 [ling2 li4] /(adj) clever; witty; intelligent/玲珑 [ling2 long2] /(adj) exquisite; detailed/(adj) clever; quick (of a woman)/凌乱 [ling2 luan4] /chaos/零落 [ling2 luo4] /withered and fallen/scattered/sporadic/灵敏 [ling2 min3] /sensitive/灵敏度 [ling2 min3 du4] /(level of) sensitivity/陵墓 [ling2 mu4] /tomb/mausoleum/零钱 [ling2 qian2] /change (said of money)/灵巧 [ling2 qiao3] /handy/零售 [ling2 shou4] /retail/零售商 [ling2 shou4 shang1] /tradesman/dealer/零碎 [ling2 sui4] /(adj) scattered andfragmentary/零头 [ling2 tou2] /odd/scrap/remainder/零下 [ling2 xia4] /below zero/零星 [ling2 xing1] /(adj) partial; fragmentary; scattered and few/羚羊 [ling2 yang2] /antelope/领 [ling3] /neck/collar/to lead/to receive/岭 [ling3] /mountain range/领导 [ling3 dao3] /lead/leading/to lead/leadership/领导权 [ling3 dao3 quan2] /leadership authority/领导人 [ling3 dao3 ren2] /leader/领导能力 [ling3 dao4 neng2 li4] /leadership/领导者 [ling3 dao4 zhe3] /leader/领队 [ling3 dui4] /captain/领会 [ling3 hui4] /understand/comprehend/grasp/领事 [ling3 shi4] /consul/领事馆 [ling3 shi4 guan3] /consulate/领受 [ling3 shou4] /to accept/领土 [ling3 tu3] /territory/领先 [ling3 xian1] /to lead/to be in front/领先地位 [ling3 xian1 di4 wei4] /lead(ing) position/领袖 [ling3 xiu4] /leader/领域 [ling3 yu4] /domain/sphere/field/territory/area/领子 [ling3 zi5] /(n) shirt collar/令 [ling4] /make or cause to be/order/command/decree/honorable/另 [ling4] /other/another/separate/separately/另寄 [ling4 ji4] /to mail separately/令牌环 [ling4 pai2 huan2] /token ring/令牌环网 [ling4 pai2 huan2 wang3] /token ring network/另起炉灶 [ling4 qi3 lu2 zao4] /to start from scratch/to set up a separate kitchen/令人 [ling4 ren2] /cause someone to (be, feel, etc)/reader/令人惊异 [ling4 ren2 jing1 yi4] /surprisingly/令人钦佩 [ling4 ren2 qin1 pei4] /admirable/另外 [ling4 wai4] /additional/in addition/besides/separate/other/moreover/furthermore/另眼相看 [ling4 yan3 xiang1 kan4] /to view in a new light/另一 [ling4 yi1] /another/令状 [ling4 zhuang4] /writ/溜 [liu1] /slip away/to skate/流 [liu2] /to flow/to spread/to circulate/to move/琉 [liu2] /precious stone/留 [liu2] /leave (message)/to retain/to stay/to remain/to keep/to preserve/硫 [liu2] /sulfur/榴 [liu2] /pomegranate/刘 [liu2] /(surname)/to kill/瘤 [liu2] /tumor/浏 [liu2] /clear/deep (of water)/swift/旒 [liu2] /tassel/鎏 [liu2] /bessemerizing of matte/镏 [liu2] /lutecium/骝 [liu2] /bay horse with black mane/流程图 [liu2 cheng2 tu2] /flow chart/流传 [liu2 chuan2] /spread/circulate/hand down/流动 [liu2 dong4] /flow/流放 [liu2 fang4] /banishment/exile/流感 [liu2 gan3] /flu/influenza/流感病毒 [liu2 gan3 bing4 du2] /influenza virus/flu virus/流感疫苗 [liu2 gan3 yi4 miao2] /flu shot/influenza vaccination/硫磺 [liu2 huang2] /sulfur/流寇 [liu2 kou4] /(n) roving bandits/浏览 [liu2 lan3] /to skim over/to browse/浏览器 [liu2 lan3 qi4] /browser (software)/流浪 [liu2 lang4] /(v) be a nomad; drift about/(v) wander; roam/be homeless/(adj) unsettled (e.g., population); vagrant/流浪者 [liu2 lang4 zhe3] /rover/vagabond/vagrant/wanderer/流利 [liu2 li4] /fluent/留恋 [liu2 lian4] /(v) recluctant to depart/流量 [liu2 liang4] /flow rate/rate (of flow)/流露 [liu2 lu4] /(v) express; reveal (one's thoughts or feelings)/流氓 [liu2 mang2] /rogue/hoodlum/gangster/immoral behavior/流氓罪 [liu2 mang2 zui4] /the crime of hooliganism/留念 [liu2 nian4] /keep as a souvenir/流派 [liu2 pai4] /school (of thought)/流入 [liu2 ru4] /flow into/留神 [liu2 shen2] /(idiom) ?Take care to...?; ?Be careful of...?/留声机 [liu2 sheng1 ji1] /gramophone/流失 [liu2 shi1] /be drained away/to run off/to wash away/流水 [liu2 shui3] /running water/硫酸 [liu2 suan1] /(n) sulphuric acid/流体 [liu2 ti3] /fluid/流通 [liu2 tong1] /to circulate/流亡 [liu2 wang2] /to (force into) exile/流亡在海外 [liu2 wang2 zai4 hai3 wai4] /to be in exile overseas/留下 [liu2 xia4] /remain/留心 [liu2 xin1] /(v) take care; be mindfull/流星 [liu2 xing1] /meteor/流行 [liu2 xing2] /popular/fashionable/prevalent/流行病 [liu2 xing2 bing4] /epidemic disease/流行性感冒 [liu2 xing2 xing4 gan3 mao4] /influenza/留学 [liu2 xue2] /to study abroad/留学生 [liu2 xue2 sheng1] /student studying abroad/(foreign) exchange student/流血 [liu2 xue4] /shed blood/留言 [liu2 yan2] /to leave one's comments/to leave a message/留言簿 [liu2 yan2 bu4] /visitor's book/留意 [liu2 yi4] /(v) be careful; be mindfull/留影 [liu2 ying3] /(n) souvenir photo/(v) take a souvenir photo/流域 [liu2 yu4] /river basin/valley/drainage area/柳 [liu3] /willow/Liu (a surname)/绺 [liu3] /skein/tuft/lock/柳树 [liu3 shu4] /willow/六 [liu4] /six/陆 [liu4] /six (fraud-proof)/遛 [liu4] /to stroll/walk a horse/to linger/馏 [liu4] /reheat by steaming/溜冰鞋 [liu4 bing1 xie2] /skate/六点半 [liu4 dian3 ban4] /half past six/6:30/六点六 [liu4 dian3 liu4] /6.6/六号 [liu4 hao4] /6th day of the month/六十 [liu4 shi2] /sixty/60/六十四万 [liu4 shi2 si4 wan4] /640,000/六十五 [liu4 shi2 wu3] /sixty-five/六十五岁 [liu4 shi2 wu3 sui4] /sixty-five years old/六月 [liu4 yue4] /June/sixth month/溜走 [liu4 zou3] /slip/咯 [lo5] /part. indicating obviousness/隆 [long1] /sound of drums/隆 [long2] /grand/intense/prosperous/start (a fire)/龙 [long2] /dragon/imperial/Long (a surname)/窿 [long2] /cavity/hole/咙 [long2] /throat/胧 [long2] /rising moon/珑 [long2] /tinkling of gem-pendants/胧 [long2] /hazy/unclear/笼 [long2] /basket/cage/聋 [long2] /deaf/癃 [long2] /infirmity/retention of urine/泷 [long2] /torrential (rain)/栊 [long2] /bar/cage/gratings/茏 [long2] /Polygonum posumbu/砻 [long2] /grind/mill/隆冬 [long2 dong1] /midwinter/the depth of winter/龙飞凤舞 [long2 fei1 feng4 wu3] /lit.: dragon flies, phoenix dances; fig.: flamboyant/龙骨 [long2 gu3] /keel/隆隆 [long2 long2] /rumble/龙头 [long2 tou2] /tap/龙头老大 [long2 tou2 lao3 da4] /big boss/leader of a group/dominant (position)/龙虾 [long2 xia1] /lobster/隆重 [long2 zhong4] /grand/prosperous/ceremonious/solemn/笼子 [long2 zi5] /cage/coop/basket/container/垄 [long3] /monopolize/拢 [long3] /collect/draw near to/陇 [long3] /Gansu/垄断 [long3 duan4] /enjoy market dominance/monopolize/垄断贩卖 [long3 duan4 fan4 mai4] /monopoly/笼统 [long3 tong3] /(in) general (terms)/broadly (speaking)/笼罩 [long3 zhao4] /envelop/shroud/弄 [long4] /lane/alley/搂 [lou1] /graft (money)/solicit/to gather/to collect/娄 [lou2] /(star)/(surname)/喽 [lou2] /subordinates in gang of bandits/楼 [lou2] /house with more than 1 story/storied building/floor/蝼 [lou2] /mole-cricket/Gryllotalpa africona/髅 [lou2] /skull/偻 [lou2] /hunchback/蒌 [lou2] /Arthemisia vulgaris/piper betle/耧 [lou2] /drill for sowing grain/楼道 [lou2 dao4] /corridor/passageway/楼房 [lou2 fang2] /a building of two or more stories/楼梯 [lou2 ti1] /stair/staircase/楼下 [lou2 xia4] /downstairs/楼厢 [lou2 xiang1] /loft/楼宇自动化 [lou2 yu3 zi4 dong4 hua4] /building automation/搂 [lou3] /to hug/to embrace/篓 [lou3] /deep basket/嵝 [lou3] /mountain peak/搂抱 [lou3 bao4] /to hug/to embrace/陋 [lou4] /low/humble/plain/ugly/mean/vulgar/漏 [lou4] /funnel/to leak/to let out/to divulge/镂 [lou4] /engrave/hard steel/露齿而笑 [lou4 chi3 er2 xiao4] /grin/漏洞 [lou4 dong4] /hole/loophole/leak/漏斗 [lou4 dou3] /funnel/露面 [lou4 mian4] /appear (in public)/漏税 [lou4 shui4] /(v) evade paying taxes/喽 [lou5] /(part. expressing chagrin or resentment)/噜 [lu1] /grumble/chatter/卢 [lu2] /(surname)/庐 [lu2] /hut/泸 [lu2] /name of a river/place name/炉 [lu2] /stove/胪 [lu2] /belly/skin/to state/芦 [lu2] /rush/reed/Phragmites communis/颅 [lu2] /forehead/skull/鲈 [lu2] /common perch/垆 [lu2] /clay/shop/栌 [lu2] /capital (of column)/smoke tree/舻 [lu2] /bow of ship/轳 [lu2] /windlass/鸬 [lu2] /fishing cormorant/炉边 [lu2 bian1] /fireside/炉床 [lu2 chuang2] /hearth/卢浮宫 [lu2 fu2 gong1] /the Louvre/炉架 [lu2 jia4] /grate/卢森堡 [lu2 sen1 bao3] /Luxembourg/卢泰愚 [lu2 tai4 yu2] /Roh Tae-woo (former South Korean president)/芦苇 [lu2 wei3] /reed/炉灶 [lu2 zao4] /stove/炉子 [lu2 zi5] /stove/oven/furnace/卤 [lu3] /crass/halogen/salt/brine/虏 [lu3] /take captive/卤 [lu3] /brine/salt/gravy/鲁 [lu3] /crass/place name/掳 [lu3] /take captive/橹 [lu3] /sculling oar/鲁宾 [lu3 bin1] /Rubin (e.g. Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin)/鲁佛尔宫 [lu3 fu2 er3 gong1] /the Louvre/虏获 [lu3 huo4] /capture (people)/鲁汶 [lu3 wen4] /Leuven, a town in Belgium famous for its university/鲁迅 [lu3 xun4] /name of an author, Lu Xun/陆 [lu4] /(surname)/shore/land/continent/鹿 [lu4] /deer/碌 [lu4] /laborious/small stone/to record/to tape/to write down/to hire/to employ/禄 [lu4] /good fortune/official salary/赂 [lu4] /bribe/bribery/路 [lu4] /(surname)/road/path/way/戮 [lu4] /kill/录 [lu4] /to record/to hit/to copy/麓 [lu4] /foot of a hill/露 [lu4] /to show/to reveal/to expose/dew/鹭 [lu4] /heron/渌 [lu4] /clear (water)/strain liquids/逯 [lu4] /(surname)/go carefully/辂 [lu4] /chariot/漉 [lu4] /strain liquids/蓼 [lu4] /luxuriant growth/潞 [lu4] /(surname)/name of a river/璐 [lu4] /(jade)/簏 [lu4] /box/basket/辘 [lu4] /windlass/路边 [lu4 bian1] /curb/roadside/wayside/路程 [lu4 cheng2] /course/露出 [lu4 chu1] /expose/路得记 [lu4 de2 ji4] /Book of Ruth/陆地 [lu4 di4] /dry land (as opposed to the sea)/录共 [lu4 gong4] /to take down a confession/路过 [lu4 guo4] /pass by or through/陆海空三军 [lu4 hai3 kong1 san1 jun1] /army, navy, air force/露韩 [lu4 han2] /to expose/to reveal/陆基 [lu4 ji1] /land-based/陆基导弹 [lu4 ji1 dao3 dan4] /land-based missile/路加福音 [lu4 jia1 fu2 yin1] /Gospel According to Luke/路径 [lu4 jing4] /route (networking)/陆军 [lu4 jun1] /army/陆军上校 [lu4 jun1 shang4 xiao4] /colonel/陆军中尉 [lu4 jun1 zhong1 wei4] /lieutenant/路口 [lu4 kou3] /crossing/intersection (of roads)/路面 [lu4 mian4] /pavement/录取 [lu4 qu3] /to recruit/to enroll/路上 [lu4 shang5] /(n) road surface/(n) while on a journey/露水 [lu4 shui5] /dew/路透社 [lu4 tou4 she4] /Reuters news agency/路西弗 [lu4 xi1 fu2] /Lucifer/路线 [lu4 xian4] /route/(political) course/录像 [lu4 xiang4] /video tape/录像带 [lu4 xiang4 dai4] /video cassette/录像机 [lu4 xiang4 ji1] /video recorder/VCR/陆续 [lu4 xu4] /in turn/successively/one after the other/bit by bit/录音 [lu4 yin1] /(sound) recording/录音带 [lu4 yin1 dai4] /audio tape/录音机 [lu4 yin1 ji1] /(tape) recording machine/tape recorder/露营 [lu4 ying2] /camp/录用 [lu4 yong4] /(v) hire as an employee/路由 [lu4 you2] /routing (in computer networks)/路由器 [lu4 you2 qi4] /router/路由协定 [lu4 you2 xie2 ding4] /routing protocol/路子 [lu4 zi5] /(n) method; way/(n) approachway/闾 [lu:2] /gate of a village/village/榈 [lu:2] /palm tree/驴 [lu:2] /donkey/驴子 [lu:2 zi5] /ass/donkey/吕 [lu:3] /(surname)/侣 [lu:3] /companion/旅 [lu:3] /trip/travel/屡 [lu:3] /time and again/膂 [lu:3] /backbone/strength/履 [lu:3] /shoe/to tread on/铝 [lu:3] /aluminum/缕 [lu:3] /state in detail/strand/thread/褛 [lu:3] /soiled/tattered/捋 [lu:3] /stroke (beard)/铝箔 [lu:3 bo2] /aluminum foil/旅程 [lu:3 cheng2] /journey/trip/屡次 [lu:3 ci4] /repeatedly/time and again/旅店 [lu:3 dian4] /(n) inn; small hotel/旅费 [lu:3 fei4] /travel expenses/旅馆 [lu:3 guan3] /hotel/屡加 [lu:3 jia1] /ply/旅客 [lu:3 ke4] /traveler/履历表 [lu:3 li4 biao3] /curriculum vitae (CV)/resume/旅途 [lu:3 tu2] /journey/trip/旅行 [lu:3 xing2] /travel/履行 [lu:3 xing2] /fulfill/carry out/旅行装备 [lu:3 xing2 zhuang1 bei4] /outfit/旅游 [lu:3 you2] /trip/journey/tourism/travel/tour/旅游业 [lu:3 you2 ye4] /(n) tourist industry/旅游者 [lu:3 you2 zhe3] /tourist/traveler/visitor/律 [lu:4] /law/率 [lu:4] /rate/frequency/氯 [lu:4] /chlorine/绿 [lu:4] /green/chlorine/虑 [lu:4] /anxiety/滤 [lu:4] /to strain/to filter/滤波器 [lu:4 bo1 qi4] /filter/绿茶 [lu:4 cha2] /green tea/绿化 [lu:4 hua4] /(v) to make green with plants, reforest/滤器 [lu:4 qi4] /filter/绿色 [lu:4 se4] /green/律师 [lu:4 shi1] /lawyer/滤液 [lu:4 ye4] /filtrate/率直 [lu:4 zhi2] /frank/滤纸 [lu:4 zhi3] /filter paper/绿洲 [lu:4 zhou1] /oasis/掠 [lu:e4] /plunder/略 [lu:e4] /plan/strategy/outline/summary/slightly/rather/to rob/to plunder/to summarize/锊 [lu:e4] /(ancient unit of weight)/掠夺 [lu:e4 duo2] /harry/plunder/raven/robbery/掠过 [lu:e4 guo4] /flit/略码 [lu:e4 ma3] /code/略去 [lu:e4 qu4] /omit/略微 [lu:e4 wei1] /(adv) a little bit; slightly/峦 [luan2] /mountain ranges/滦 [luan2] /name of a river/銮 [luan2] /imperial/鸾 [luan2] /(mythical bird)/娈 [luan2] /beautiful/栾 [luan2] /Koelreuteria paniculata/脔 [luan2] /skinny/sliced meat/卵 [luan3] /ovum/乱 [luan4] /in confusion/disorderly/乱吃 [luan4 chi1] /to eat indiscriminately/乱七八糟 [luan4 qi1 ba1 zao1] /(idiom) in a mess/乱说 [luan4 shuo1] /to make irresponsible remarks/乱跳 [luan4 tiao4] /bounce/乱写 [luan4 xie3] /to write without basis/乱作决定 [luan4 zuo4 jue2 ding4] /to make arbitrary decisions/抡 [lun1] /whirl (one's arm)/仑 [lun2] /arrange/伦 [lun2] /human relationship/仑 [lun2] /koulkun mountains/抡 [lun2] /select/沦 [lun2] /perish/纶 [lun2] /classify/silk thread/twist silk/论 [lun2] /the Analects (of Confucius)/轮 [lun2] /wheel/gear/(by) turn/rotate/囵 [lun2] /complete/轮船 [lun2 chuan2] /steamship/伦敦 [lun2 dun1] /London (capital of England)/轮廓 [lun2 kuo4] /outline/伦理 [lun2 li3] /ethics/轮流 [lun2 liu2] /alternate/沦陷 [lun2 xian4] /(territory) fall to enemy occupation/轮询 [lun2 xun2] /to poll/polling/轮椅 [lun2 yi3] /wheelchair/轮轴 [lun2 zhou2] /axle/轮子 [lun2 zi5] /wheel/论 [lun4] /by the/per/discuss/theory/to talk (about)/to discuss/论点 [lun4 dian3] /argument/line of reasoning/thesis/point (of discussion)/论断 [lun4 duan4] /inference/论法 [lun4 fa3] /argumentation/论及 [lun4 ji2] / make reference to/write about/论述 [lun4 shu4] /treatise/discourse/exposition/论坛 [lun4 tan2] /forum (for discussion)/论题 [lun4 ti2] /topic/论文 [lun4 wen2] /paper/treatise/thesis/论争 [lun4 zheng1] /controversy/论证 [lun4 zheng4] /(v) prove a point; expound on/(n) proof/demonstrate or prove (through argument)/罗 [luo1] /fussy/talkative/捋 [luo1] /strip (cow/leaves/branch)/罗唆 [luo1 suo1] /(adv) talkative/(adj) multitude of small annoyances/螺 [luo2] /screw/snail/罗 [luo2] /(surname)/gauze/to collect/to gather/to catch/to shift/骡 [luo2] /mule/罗 [luo2] /subordinate in a gang of bandits/猡 [luo2] /name of a tribe/萝 [luo2] /radish/逻 [luo2] /logic/patrol/箩 [luo2] /basket/锣 [luo2] /gong/萝卜 [luo2 bo5] /radish/萝卜 [luo2 bo5] /(n) radish/罗布泊 [luo2 bu4 bo2] /Lop Nor (nuclear testing site in Xinjiang)/罗彻斯特 [luo2 che2 si1 te4] /Rochester/罗汉 [luo2 han4] /(n) Buddist arhat/逻辑炸弹 [luo2 ji2 zha2 dan4] /logic bomb/逻辑 [luo2 ji5] /logic/逻辑链路控制 [luo2 ji5 lian4 lu4 kong4 zhi4] /logical link control/LLC/箩筐 [luo2 kuang1] /(n) large woven basket/罗列 [luo2 lie4] /to spread out/罗马字母 [luo2 ma2 zi4 mu3] /Roman letters/Roman alphabet/罗马 [luo2 ma3] /Rome/Roman/骡马大车 [luo2 ma3 da4 che1] /mule and horse carts/罗马书 [luo2 ma3 shu1] /Romans/罗曼语族 [luo2 man4 yu3 zu2] /Romance language family/罗密欧与朱丽叶 [luo2 mi4 ou1 yu3 zhu1 li4 ye4] /Romeo and Juliet/罗盘 [luo2 pan2] /compass/罗切斯特 [luo2 qie1 si1 te4] /Rochester/罗斯 [luo2 si1] /Roth (e.g. HRW Executive Director Kenneth Roth)/螺丝刀 [luo2 si1 dao1] /screwdriver/螺丝钉 [luo2 si1 ding1] /screw/螺旋桨 [luo2 xuan2 jiang3] /propeller/螺旋钳 [luo2 xuan2 qian2] /wrench/螺旋形 [luo2 xuan2 xing2] /spiral/骡子 [luo2 zi5] /(n) mule/裸 [luo3] /naked/瘰 [luo3] /scrofula/tuberculosis of glands/蠃 [luo3] /solitary wasp/咯 [luo4] /cough (blood)/to argue/debate/洛 [luo4] /(surname)/name of a river/珞 [luo4] /neck-ornament/络 [luo4] /net-like/落 [luo4] /alight/to fall/drop/落 [luo4] /alight/to fall/to drop (behind)/荦 [luo4] /brindled ox/clear/eminent/雒 [luo4] /black horse with white mane/fearful/骆 [luo4] /camel/摞 [luo4] /pile up/泺 [luo4] /name of a river/落成 [luo4 cheng2] /(v) complete a construction project/洛德 [luo4 de2] /(Winston) Lord (former assistant Secretary of state for East Asia and Pacific Affairs)/落地 [luo4 di4] /(adj) sth that sits on the floor/落后 [luo4 hou4] /fall behind/lag (technologically, etc.)/backward/洛杉矶 [luo4 shan1 ji1] /Los Angeles/洛杉矶时报 [luo4 shan1 ji1 shi2 bao4] /Los Angeles Times/落实 [luo4 shi2] /to implement/to carry out/practical/workable/骆驼 [luo4 tuo5] /camel/骆驼祥子 [luo4 tuo5 xiang2 zi5] /name of a novel, Luo Tuo Xiangzi, by Lao She 老舍/落下 [luo4 xia4] /fall/落选 [luo4 xuan3] /(v) lose in an election/妈 [ma1] /ma/mamma/蚂 [ma1] /dragonfly/嬷 [ma1] /ma/mamma/妈妈 [ma1 ma5] /mama/mommy/妈咪 [ma1 mi1] /Mummy (mother)/麻 [ma2] /(to have) pins and needles/tingling/hemp/numb/to bother/蟆 [ma2] /toad/麻烦 [ma2 fan5] /trouble/troublesome/麻木 [ma2 mu4] /numb/麻雀 [ma2 que4] /sparrow/麻药 [ma2 yao4] /anesthetic/麻醉 [ma2 zui4] /to anaesthetize/麻醉剂 [ma2 zui4 ji4] /narcotic/马 [ma3] /21st of month (tele.)/horse/Ma (a surname)/吗 [ma3] /morphine/码 [ma3] /a weight/number/yard/pile/stack/蚂 [ma3] /ant/马背 [ma3 bei4] /horseback/马鞭 [ma3 bian1] /horsewhip/马车 [ma3 che1] /carriage/马达 [ma3 da2] /motor/马蹬 [ma3 deng4] /stirrup/马夫 [ma3 fu1] /groom/马虎 [ma3 hu5] /(adj) careless; not serious/马厩 [ma3 jiu4] /barn/马具 [ma3 ju4] /harness/马可福音 [ma3 ke3 fu2 yin1] /Gospel According to Mark/马克 [ma3 ke4] /mark/马克思 [ma3 ke4 si1] /(N) Marxism/马克思主义 [ma3 ke4 si1 zhu3 yi4] /Marxism/玛拉基书 [ma3 la1 ji1 shu1] /Book of Malachi/马来 [ma3 lai2] /Malay/马来人 [ma3 lai2 ren2] /Malaysian person or people/马来文 [ma3 lai2 wen2] /Malaysian (language)/马来西亚 [ma3 lai2 xi1 ya4] /Malaysia/马来西亚语 [ma3 lai2 xi1 ya4 yu3] /Malaysian (language)/马来语 [ma3 lai2 yu3] /Malaysian language/马里 [ma3 li3] /Mali (name of a country)/马力 [ma3 li4] /horsepower/玛丽 [ma3 li4] /Mali (a person's' name)/马铃薯 [ma3 ling2 shu3] /potato/马路 [ma3 lu4] /street/road/马路口 [ma3 lu4 kou3] /intersection (of roads)/马尼拉 [ma3 ni2 la1] /Manila (capital of Philippines)/马上 [ma3 shang4] /at once/right away/immediately/马太福音 [ma3 tai4 fu2 yin1] /Gospel According to Matthew/马蹄铁 [ma3 ti2 tie3] /horseshoe/码头 [ma3 tou2] /dock/pier/wharf/马戏 [ma3 xi4] /(n) circus/马戏团 [ma3 xi4 tuan2] /circus/蚂蚁 [ma3 yi3] /(n) ant/码字 [ma3 zi4] /numeral/digit/counter/马子 [ma3 zi5] /commode/骂 [ma4] /scold/abuse/蚂 [ma4] /grasshopper/么 [ma5] /(interrog. part.)/吗 [ma5] /(question tag)/嘛 [ma5] /(a modal particle)/蟆 [ma5] /toad/埋 [mai2] /bury/霾 [mai2] /dust-storm/埋伏 [mai2 fu2] /ambush/埋没 [mai2 mo4] /oblivion/埋葬 [mai2 zang4] /bury/买 [mai3] /buy/买方 [mai3 fang1] /buyer (in contracts)/买好 [mai3 hao3] /to ingratiate oneself/买价 [mai3 jia4] /buying price/买进 [mai3 jin4] /purchase/买卖 [mai3 mai4] /buying and selling/business dealings/transactions/买通 [mai3 tong1] /to bribe/买帐 [mai3 zhang4] /to show respect (for sb)/买主 [mai3 zhu3] /customer/脉 [mai4] /mountain range/pulse/麦 [mai4] /(surname)/wheat/barley/oats/卖 [mai4] /to sell/迈 [mai4] /take a step/劢 [mai4] /put forth effort/麦阿密 [mai4 a1 mi4] /Miami/迈阿密 [mai4 a1 mi4] /Miami/迈阿密滩 [mai4 a1 mi4 tan1] /Miami Beach/脉搏 [mai4 bo2] /pulse/stroll/卖点 [mai4 dian3] /selling point/卖国 [mai4 guo2] /(v) betray one's country; be a traitor/麦酒 [mai4 jiu3] /ale/麦科里 [mai4 ke1 li3] /(Mike) McCurry (White House spokesperson)/迈科里 [mai4 ke1 li3] /(Mike) McCurry (White House spokesperson)/麦克维 [mai4 ke4 wei2] /(Timothy) McVeigh/麦芽 [mai4 ya2] /malt/麦芽糖 [mai4 ya2 tang2] /maltose (sweet syrup)/卖主 [mai4 zhu3] /seller/麦子 [mai4 zi5] /wheat/颟 [man1] /dawdling/埋 [man2] /to blame/蔓 [man2] /Brassica campestris/瞒 [man2] /conceal from/馒 [man2] /steamed bread/鳗 [man2] /eel/Anguilla lostoniensis/蛮 [man2] /barbarian/bullying/very/quite/rough/reckless/谩 [man2] /deceive/漫步 [man2 bu4] /ramble/蛮干 [man2 gan4] /reckless/rash/foolhardy/蛮横 [man2 heng4] /rude and unreasonable/馒头 [man2 tou5] /steamed roll/steamed bun/steamed bread/鳗鱼 [man2 yu2] /eel/埋怨 [man2 yuan4] /(v) complain/满 [man3] /Manchurian/to fill/to fulfill/filled/packed/满怀 [man3 huai2] /(v) be full of; contain; be imbued with/满期 [man3 qi1] /expire/满腔 [man3 qiang1] /have one's bosom filled with/满身尘埃 [man3 shen1 chen2 ai1] /dusty/满手 [man3 shou3] /handful/满意 [man3 yi4] /to be satisfied/to be pleased/satisfied/pleased/满月 [man3 yue4] /(n) complete month; child's achievement of month of life/满足 [man3 zu2] /to satisfy/to meet (the needs of)/曼 [man4] /handsome/large/long/幔 [man4] /curtain/慢 [man4] /slow/漫 [man4] /free/unrestrained/inundate/蔓 [man4] /creeper/to spread/缦 [man4] /plain thin silk/slow/unadorned/镘 [man4] /side of coin without words/trowel/墁 [man4] /to plaster/熳 [man4] /to spread/谩 [man4] /disrespect/neglect/slight/慢长 [man4 chang2] /(adj) extremely long; unending/漫长 [man4 chang2] /very long/endless/曼彻斯特 [man4 che4 si1 te2] /Manchester/曼彻斯特编码 [man4 che4 si1 te2 bian1 ma3] /Manchester encoding/曼德拉 [man4 de2 la1] /(Nelson) Mandela/曼谷 [man4 gu3] /Bangkok/漫画 [man4 hua4] /caricature/cartoon/慢性 [man4 xing4] /(adj) slow acting; slow to take effect/蔓延 [man4 yan2] /to extend/to spread/蔓延全国 [man4 yan2 quan2 guo2] /to spread throughout the entire country/忙 [mang2] /busy/芒 [mang2] /Miscanthus sinensis/氓 [mang2] /vagrant/ruffian/盲 [mang2] /blind/茫 [mang2] /vague/vast/邙 [mang2] /name of a hill/硭 [mang2] /crude saltpeter/盲肠 [mang2 chang2] /appendix/盲从 [mang2 cong2] /(v) blindly follow/(adv) blindly/忙碌 [mang2 lu4] /busy/bustling/茫茫 [mang2 mang2] /(adj) boundless; vast and obscure/盲目 [mang2 mu4] /blind/aimless/茫然 [mang2 ran2] /(adj) ignorant; have no knowledge of sth/盲人 [mang2 ren2] /(n) blind person/盲文 [mang2 wen2] /(n) Braille/莽 [mang3] /Illicium anisatum/rude/蟒 [mang3] /Python molurus/漭 [mang3] /vast/expansive (of water)/猫 [mao1] /cat/pussy/猫叫声 [mao1 jiao4 sheng1] /mew/猫咪 [mao1 mi1] /kitty/猫头鹰 [mao1 tou2 ying1] /owl/毛 [mao2] /hair/pore/fur/矛 [mao2] /spear/lance/pike/茅 [mao2] /(surname)/thatch/髦 [mao2] /bang (hair)/fashionable/mane/锚 [mao2] /anchor/旄 [mao2] /banner decorated with animal's tail/蝥 [mao2] /Spanish fly/grain-eating grub/蟊 [mao2] /Spanish fly/grain-eating grub/毛笔 [mao2 bi3] /writing brush/毛哔叽 [mao2 bi4 ji1] /serge/矛柄 [mao2 bing3] /shaft/毛病 [mao2 bing4] /fault/defect/shortcomings/毛虫 [mao2 chong2] /caterpillar/矛盾 [mao2 dun4] /contradictory/contradiction/毛巾 [mao2 jin1] /towel/毛毛雨 [mao2 mao2 yu3] /drizzle/light rain/毛皮 [mao2 pi2] /pelt/毛茸茸 [mao2 rong3 rong3] /hairy/shaggy/茅舍 [mao2 she4] /cottage/hut/毛刷 [mao2 shua4] /brush/茅台酒 [mao2 tai2 jiu3] /maotai (a Chinese liquor)/毛毯 [mao2 tan3] /blanket/矛头 [mao2 tou2] /spearhead/barb/an attack or criticism/矛头指向 [mao2 tou2 zhi3 xiang4] /target someone or something (for attack, criticism, etc.)/茅屋 [mao2 wu1] /cottage/茅屋顶 [mao2 wu1 ding3] /thatch roof/毛线 [mao2 xian4] /yarn/毛衣 [mao2 yi1] /(wool) sweater/毛泽东 [mao2 ze2 dong1] /Mao Zedong/毛泽东思想 [mao2 ze2 dong1 si1 xiang3] /Mao Zedong Thought/Maoism/毛毡 [mao2 zhan1] /felt/毛织运动衫 [mao2 zhi1 yun4 dong4 shan1] /jersey/毛主席 [mao2 zhu3 xi2] /Chairman Mao/卯 [mao3] /4th earthly branch/5-7 a.m./泖 [mao3] /still water/铆 [mao3] /riveting/昴 [mao3] /the Pleiades/冒 [mao4] /brave/bold/to cover/耄 [mao4] /aged/茂 [mao4] /luxuriant/帽 [mao4] /hat/cap/贸 [mao4] /commerce/trade/瑁 [mao4] /(jade)/貌 [mao4] /appearance/懋 [mao4] /be great/exert the mind/旄 [mao4] /aged/袤 [mao4] /length/distance from north to south/瞀 [mao4] /indistinct vision/dim/冒犯者 [mao4 fan4 zhe3] /offender/冒进 [mao4 jin4] /(v) go forward prematurely/茂密 [mao4 mi4] /(adj) dense with plant growth/冒牌 [mao4 pai2] /(adj) fake; imitation/茂盛 [mao4 sheng4] /(adj) lush/冒险 [mao4 xian3] /take a risk/冒烟 [mao4 yan1] /smoking/贸易 [mao4 yi4] /(commercial) trade/贸易保护主义 [mao4 yi4 bao3 hu4 zhu3 yi4] /trade protectionism/贸易额 [mao4 yi4 e2] /volume of trade (between countries)/贸易夥伴 [mao4 yi4 huo3 ban4] /trading partner/贸易顺差 [mao4 yi4 shun4 cha1] /trade surplus/贸易战 [mao4 yi4 zhan4] /trade war/贸易组织 [mao4 yi4 zu3 zhi1] /trade organization/帽子 [mao4 zi5] /hat/cap/么 [me5] /(interrog. suff.)/么 [me5] /(interrog. suff.)/没 [mei2] /(negative prefix for verbs)/have not/not/枚 [mei2] /M for small objects/玫 [mei2] /rose/眉 [mei2] /eyebrow/upper margin/梅 [mei2] /plum flower/莓 [mei2] /strawberry/媒 [mei2] /medium/intermediary/matchmaker/go-between/湄 [mei2] /brink/edge/楣 [mei2] /lintel/煤 [mei2] /coal/霉 [mei2] /bacteria/fungi/moldy/嵋 [mei2] /name of a mountain in Sichuan/没吃没穿 [mei2 chi1 mei2 chuan1] /(idiom) to be without food and clothing; be very poor/没错 [mei2 cuo4] /I'm quite sure./You can rest assured./can't go wrong/没关系 [mei2 guan1 xi5] /it doesn't matter/玫瑰 [mei2 gui1] /(n) rose flower/梅花 [mei2 hua1] /plum blossom/煤灰 [mei2 hui1] /soot/媒介 [mei2 jie4] /media/medium/媒界 [mei2 jie4] /medium/vehicle/没经验 [mei2 jing1 yan4] /inexperienced/梅兰芳 [mei2 lan2 fang1] /name of a very famous Beijing Opera artist/眉毛 [mei2 mao5] /eyebrow/梅派 [mei2 pai4] /the Mei Lanfang School/煤气 [mei2 qi4] /coal gas/gas/没人住 [mei2 ren2 zhu4] /unoccupied/梅塞迪斯奔驰 [mei2 sai1 di2 si1 ben1 chi2] /Mercedes Benz/眉梢 [mei2 shao1] /tip of brow/没什么 [mei2 shen2 me5] /(idiom) nothing/(idiom) never mind; it's nothing/没甚么 [mei2 shen2 me5] /nothing/it doesn't matter/it's nothing/never mind/没事儿 [mei2 shi4 er5] /(idiom) to be free from work/(idiom) never mind; it's nothing/没说的 [mei2 shuo1 de5] /really good/媒体 [mei2 ti3] /(news) media/媒体报导 [mei2 ti3 bao4 dao3] /media report/news report/媒体访问控制 [mei2 ti3 fang3 wen4 kong4 zhi4] /Media Access Control/MAC/媒体接口连接器 [mei2 ti3 jie1 kou3 lian2 jie1 qi4] /medium interface connector/眉头 [mei2 tou2] /brows/没问题 [mei2 wen4 ti2] /no problem/煤箱 [mei2 xiang1] /coal box/煤屑 [mei2 xie4] /cinder/没心眼 [mei2 xin1 yan3] /(derogatory) inconsiderate/没意思 [mei2 yi4 si5] /(idiom) unable to put forward an opinion; have no idea/(adj) not interesting; boring/(adj) not worth talking about/没用 [mei2 yong4] /useless/煤油 [mei2 you2] /kerosene/没有 [mei2 you3] /haven't/hasn't/doesn't exist/to not have/to not be/没有必要 [mei2 you3 bi4 yao4] /there is no need to (do sth)/没有差别 [mei2 you3 cha1 bie2] /there is no difference/it makes no difference/没有联系 [mei2 you3 lian2 xi4] /to be unrelated/没有人 [mei2 you3 ren2] /nobody/没有什么 [mei2 you3 shen2 me5] /there's nothing (... about it)/没有生育能力 [mei2 you3 sheng1 yu4 neng2 li4] /infertile/unable to have children/没有形状 [mei2 you3 xing2 zhuang4] /shapeless/没有知觉 [mei2 you3 zhi1 jue2] /insensible/煤渣 [mei2 zha1] /slack/没辙 [mei2 zhe2] /(idiom) unable to solve; no way to escape a problem/媒质 [mei2 zhi4] /medium/每 [mei3] /each/every/美 [mei3] /America/beautiful/镁 [mei3] /magnesium/浼 [mei3] /ask a favor of/美差事 [mei3 chai1 shi4] /a terrific job/美德 [mei3 de2] /a virtue/每端口价格 [mei3 duan1 kou3 jia4 ge2] /price per port/每隔 [mei3 ge2] /at intervals of/every (so often)/每个人 [mei3 ge5 ren2] /everybody/everyone/美观 [mei3 guan1] /pleasing to the eye/beautiful/artistic/美国 [mei3 guo2] /America/American/United States/USA/美国广播公司 [mei3 guo2 guang3 bo1 gong1 si1] /ABC (American Broadcasting Corporation)/美国国会 [mei3 guo2 guo2 hui4] /U.S. Congress/美国航空公司 [mei3 guo2 hang2 kong1 gong1 si1] /American Airlines/美国军人 [mei3 guo2 jun1 ren2] /American serviceman/U.S. soldier/美国人 [mei3 guo2 ren2] /American person/American people/美国人民 [mei3 guo2 ren2 min2] /the American people/美国以外 [mei3 guo2 yi3 wai4] /outside of the U.S./美国政府 [mei3 guo2 zheng4 fu3] /U.S. government/American government/美国之音 [mei3 guo2 zhi1 yin1] /Voice of America radio/美国资讯交换标准码 [mei3 guo2 zi1 xun4 jiao1 huan4 biao1 zhun3 ma3] /ASCII, American Standard Code for Information Interchange/美好 [mei3 hao3] /happy/fine/OK/美军 [mei3 jun1] /US army/US armed forces/每况愈下 [mei3 kuang4 yu4 xia4] /steadily deteriorate/美丽 [mei3 li4] /beautiful/美联社 [mei3 lian2 she4] /Associated Press (AP)/美玲 [mei3 ling2] /Mei Ling (a person's name)/美满 [mei3 man3] /(adj) happy; blissfull/美貌 [mei3 mao4] /good-looking/每每 [mei3 mei3] /often/美妙 [mei3 miao4] /(adj) beautiful (when describing a work of art)/美乃滋酱 [mei3 nai3 zi1 jiang4] /mayonnaise/每年 [mei3 nian2] /every year/each year/yearly/每年一度 [mei3 nian2 yi1 du4] /once a year (every year)/每人 [mei3 ren2] /per person/each person/美人 [mei3 ren2] /beauty/belle/每日 [mei3 ri4] /daily/美日 [mei3 ri4] /US-Japan/美术 [mei3 shu4] /the fine arts/art/美术馆 [mei3 shu4 guan3] /art gallery/每天 [mei3 tian1] /every day/everyday/美味 [mei3 wei4] /delicious/relish/每夜 [mei3 ye4] /nightly/每一 [mei3 yi1] /every/美元 [mei3 yuan2] /American dollar/U.S. dollar/美中 [mei3 zhong1] /USA-China/美中不足 [mei3 zhong1 bu4 zu2] /(idiom) a small problem in what is othewise perfect/美洲 [mei3 zhou1] /the Americas/美洲豹 [mei3 zhou1 bao4] /panther/美洲兀鹰 [mei3 zhou1 wu4 ying1] /condor/妹 [mei4] /younger sister/昧 [mei4] /conceal/dark/袂 [mei4] /sleeve of a robe/媚 [mei4] /flatter/charm/寐 [mei4] /sleep soundly/魅 [mei4] /demon/magic/to charm/媚词 [mei4 ci2] /flattery/妹夫 [mei4 fu5] /younger sister's husband/魅力 [mei4 li4] /charm/fascination/glamour/妹妹 [mei4 mei4] /(informal) younger sister/妹妹 [mei4 mei5] /younger sister/闷 [men1] /smother/stuffy/闷热 [men1 re4] /sultry/sultriness/hot and stuffy/stifling hot/门 [men2] /door/gate/field of endeavor/扪 [men2] /lay hands on/to cover/钔 [men2] /mendelevium/门当户对 [men2 dang1 hu4 dui4] /(saying) social position and economic status be in harmony/门口 [men2 kou3] /doorway/gate/门廊 [men2 lang2] /stoop/门市部 [men2 shi4 bu4] /(n) department or section in a retail store/门闩 [men2 shuan1] /latch/门栓 [men2 shuan1] /bolt/门徒 [men2 tu2] /disciple/门外汉 [men2 wai4 han4] /layman/门诊 [men2 zhen3] /outpatient service/门诊室 [men2 zhen3 shi4] /clinic/outpatient department (or consulting room)/闷 [men4] /melancholy/焖 [men4] /cook in a covered vessel/懑 [men4] /melancholy/们 [men5] /(plural marker for pronouns and a few animate nouns)/蒙 [meng1] /hoodwink/蒙 [meng1] /deceive/蒙代尔 [meng1 dai4 er3] /(Walter) Mondale (US ambassador to Japan, former US vice-president)/氓 [meng2] /people/虻 [meng2] /Tabanus trigonus/house fly/萌 [meng2] /people/sprout/盟 [meng2] /oath/pledge/union/to ally/蒙 [meng2] /Mongolia/cover/甍 [meng2] /rafters supporting tiles/蒙 [meng2] /drizzle/mist/朦 [meng2] /deceive/indistinct/檬 [meng2] /lemon/蒙 [meng2] /dim sighted/ignorant/礞 [meng2] /(mineral)/艨 [meng2] /war-boat/蒙大拿 [meng2 da4 na2] /Montana/蒙古包 [meng2 gu3 bao1] /(n) yurt/盟国 [meng2 guo2] /allies/united countries/朦胧 [meng2 long2] /blur/蒙受 [meng2 shou4] /suffer/sustain (a loss)/蒙托罗拉 [meng2 tuo1 luo2 la1] /Motorola/萌芽 [meng2 ya2] /(n) sprout/盟友 [meng2 you3] /ally/猛 [meng3] /ferocious/suddenly/fierce/violent/abrupt/艋 [meng3] /small boat/蜢 [meng3] /grasshopper/锰 [meng3] /manganese/懵 [meng3] /stupid/蠓 [meng3] /grasshopper/midge/sandfly/猛撞 [meng3 chuang2] /slam/猛跌 [meng3 die1] /drop sharply (e.g. stock prices)/蒙古 [meng3 gu3] /Mongolia/猛烈 [meng3 lie4] /fierce/violent (criticism, etc.)/猛然 [meng3 ran2] /suddenly/abruptly/蒙文 [meng3 wen2] /Mongolian language/孟 [meng4] /first month/eldest brother/(surname)/梦 [meng4] /to dream/梦话 [meng4 hua4] /daydream/to talk in one's sleep/梦幻 [meng4 huan4] /illusion/孟加拉 [meng4 jia1 la1] /Bengal/孟加拉国 [meng4 jia1 la1 guo2] /Bangladesh/孟加拉语 [meng4 jia1 la1 yu3] /Bengalese/梦见 [meng4 jian5] /to dream/to see in a dream/梦境 [meng4 jing4] /dreamland/孟浪 [meng4 lang4] /hasty/rash/impetuous/梦寐 [meng4 mei4] /dream/sleep/梦想 [meng4 xiang3] /to dream of (in vain)/梦魇 [meng4 yan3] /nightmare/梦遗 [meng4 yi2] /wet dream/梦游症 [meng4 you2 zheng4] /to sleepwalk/孟子 [meng4 zi3] /Mencius/咪 [mi1] /sound to call cat/眯 [mi1] /to squint/迷 [mi2] /bewilder/crazy about/fan/enthusiast/lost/confused/弥 [mi2] /full/to fill/糜 [mi2] /dissolved/rice-gruel/wasted/谜 [mi2] /riddle/麋 [mi2] /(surname)/moose/river bank/靡 [mi2] /wasted/弥 [mi2] /overflowing/縻 [mi2] /tie up/醚 [mi2] /ether/猕 [mi2] /macaque/蘼 [mi2] /millet/弥补 [mi2 bu3] /(v) make complete; make up for a deficiency/迷糊 [mi2 hu5] /(adj) dazed; confused and not seeing straight/迷惑 [mi2 huo5] /to puzzle/to confuse/to baffle/弥迦书 [mi2 jia1 shu1] /Book of Micah/迷恋 [mi2 lian4] /to be infatuated with/to indulge in/麋鹿 [mi2 lu4] /elk/迷乱 [mi2 luan4] /confusion/弥漫 [mi2 man4] /(v) saturate the air with fog, dust smoke, etc/(adj) overflowing (water)/迷蒙 [mi2 meng2] /misty/迷人 [mi2 ren2] /fascinating/enchanting/charming/tempting/弥赛亚 [mi2 sai4 ya3] /Messiah/迷失 [mi2 shi1] /(v) become lost; not know one's location/迷信 [mi2 xin4] /superstition/谜语 [mi2 yu3] /riddle/conundrum/迷阵 [mi2 zhen4] /maze/迷住 [mi2 zhu4] /fascinate/米 [mi3] /(measure word) meter/rice/芈 [mi3] /(surname)/弭 [mi3] /to stop/repress/敉 [mi3] /peaceful/靡 [mi3] /extravagant/go with fashion/not/眯 [mi3] /blind (as with dust)/米德尔伯里 [mi3 de2 er3 bo2 li3] /Middlebury (College)/米饭 [mi3 fan4] /(cooked) rice/米粉 [mi3 fen3] /rice flour/米粉肉 [mi3 fen3 rou4] /rice flour meat/糸 [mi4] /fine silk/汨 [mi4] /name of a river/秘 [mi4] /secret/秘 [mi4] /secret/秘 [mi4] /secret/秘 [mi4] /secret/密 [mi4] /secret/confidential/close/thick/dense/觅 [mi4] /seek/蜜 [mi4] /honey/幂 [mi4] /power (math.term)/谧 [mi4] /quiet/宓 [mi4] /(surname)/still/silent/嘧 [mi4] /(phonetic) as in pyrimidine/密度 [mi4 du4] /density/thickness/密封 [mi4 feng1] /(n) honeybee/蜜蜂 [mi4 feng1] /bee/honeybee/密集 [mi4 ji2] /concentrated/compressed/秘诀 [mi4 jue2] /trick/秘鲁 [mi4 lu3] /Peru/密码 [mi4 ma3] /(secret) code/password/秘密 [mi4 mi4] /secret/密切 [mi4 qie1] /close/familiar/intimate/frequent/密切注意 [mi4 qie4 zhu4 yi4] /close attention (to sth)/密室 [mi4 shi4] /cell/private room/秘书 [mi4 shu1] /secretary/秘书长 [mi4 shu1 zhang3] /secretary-general/密谈 [mi4 tan2] /commune/private discussion/蜜桃 [mi4 tao2] /honey peach/juicy peach/密友 [mi4 you3] /close friend/蜜月假期 [mi4 yue4 jia4 qi2] /honeymoon/眠 [mian2] /sleep/棉 [mian2] /cotton/绵 [mian2] /cotton/incessant/soft/downy/棉袄 [mian2 ao3] /cotton-padded jacket/棉被 [mian2 bei4] /comforter/quilt/棉花 [mian2 hua5] /cotton/棉衣 [mian2 yi1] /cotton-padded clothes/免 [mian3] /to exempt/to remove/to avoid/to excuse/沔 [mian3] /inundation/name of a river/勉 [mian3] /exhort/娩 [mian3] /give birth to a child/冕 [mian3] /royal crown/湎 [mian3] /drunk/缅 [mian3] /Burma/distant/眄 [mian3] /ogle/免除 [mian3 chu2] /to prevent/to avoid/免得 [mian3 de5] /so as not to/so as to avoid/缅甸 [mian3 dian4] /Myanmar (Burma)/缅甸语 [mian3 dian4 yu3] /Burmese (language)/免费 [mian3 fei4] /free (of charge)/免费软件 [mian3 fei4 ruan3 jian4] /freeware/勉励 [mian3 li4] /(v) encourage/勉强 [mian3 qiang3] /manage (to do something) with difficulty/免疫 [mian3 yi4] /immunity (to disease)/免职 [mian3 zhi2] /degradation/depose/面 [mian4] /fade/side/surface/aspect/top/face/flour/noodles/面 [mian4] /flour/noodles/面包 [mian4 bao1] /bread/面包车 [mian4 bao1 che1] /(n) van for carrying people/面包皮 [mian4 bao1 pi2] /crust/面包师傅 [mian4 bao1 shi1 fu4] /baker/面对 [mian4 dui4] /confront/face/面对面 [mian4 dui4 mian4] /face to face/面粉 [mian4 fen3] /flour/面积 [mian4 ji5] /area/面具 [mian4 ju4] /mask/面孔 [mian4 kong3] /face/面临 [mian4 lin2] /be faced with (a problem)/to be confronted with/面临困难 [mian4 lin2 kun4 nan2] /to be faced with problems/面貌 [mian4 mao4] /appearance/face/features/面面俱到 [mian4 mian4 ju4 dao4] /(idiom) take care of everything; handle everything/面目 [mian4 mu4] /appearance/facial features/look/面前 [mian4 qian2] /in front of/facing/presence/面容 [mian4 rong2] /(n) facial appearance; facial structure or features/面条儿 [mian4 tiao2 er5] /(n) noodles/面向 [mian4 xiang4] /to face/to turn towards/-oriented/面向对象的技术 [mian4 xiang4 dui4 xiang4 de5 ji4 shu4] /object-oriented technology/面向对象语言 [mian4 xiang4 dui4 xiang4 yu3 yan2] /object oriented language/面向连接 [mian4 xiang4 lian2 jie1] /connection-oriented/面罩 [mian4 zhao4] /veil/面子 [mian4 zi5] /(n) honor; reputation/(n) feelings; emotions/(n) outer portion of sth/面儿 [mianr4] /cover/outside/喵 [miao1] /meow (onomat. for cat's mewing)/苗 [miao2] /(surname)/Miao tribe/sprout/描 [miao2] /depict/to trace (a drawing)/to copy/to touch up/瞄 [miao2] /to aim/描红 [miao2 hong2] /to trace over red characters (as a method of learning to write)/描画 [miao2 hua4] /to draw/to describe/描绘 [miao2 hui4] /to describe/to portray/描金 [miao2 jin1] /to outline in gold/描摹 [miao2 mo2] /to describe/to portray/描述 [miao2 shu4] /to describe/描图 [miao2 tu2] /to trace/描写 [miao2 xie3] /to describe/to depict/to portray/杪 [miao3] /the limit/tip of branch/眇 [miao3] /minute (small)/subtle/秒 [miao3] /(a measure word)/second/渺 [miao3] /vague/remote/缈 [miao3] /indistinct/藐 [miao3] /despise/small/邈 [miao3] /profound/remote/淼 [miao3] /a flood/infinity/渺茫 [miao3 mang2] /uncertain/渺小 [miao3 xiao3] /(adj) minute; tiny/妙 [miao4] /clever/wonderful/庙 [miao4] /temple/monastery/缪 [miao4] /(surname)/乜 [mie1] /squint/灭 [mie4] /extinguish/蔑 [mie4] /belittle/nothing/篾 [mie4] /bamboo splints for baskets/蠛 [mie4] /minute flies/灭绝 [mie4 jue2] /extinguish/become extinct/蔑视 [mie4 shi4] /(v) loathe; despise/灭亡 [mie4 wang2] /be destroyed/become extinct/民 [min2] /the people/nationality/citizen/岷 [min2] /name of a river in Sichuan/玟 [min2] /jade-like stone/苠 [min2] /multitude/skin of bamboo/缗 [min2] /cord/fishing-line/string of coins/民兵 [min2 bing1] /people's militia/militia/民歌 [min2 ge1] /folk song/民航 [min2 hang2] /(n) civil aviation/民间 [min2 jian1] /among the people/popular/folk/non-governmental/involving people rather than governments/民进党 [min2 jin4 dang3] /DPP (Democratic Progressive Party, Taiwan)/民权 [min2 quan2] /civil liberties/民事 [min2 shi4] /civil matters/民数记 [min2 shu4 ji4] /Numbers/民选 [min2 xuan3] /democratically elected/民谣 [min2 yao2] /ballad/民意 [min2 yi4] /public opinion/popular will/public will/民意测验 [min2 yi4 ce4 yan4] /opinion poll/民意调查 [min2 yi4 diao4 cha2] /opinion poll/民用 [min2 yong4] /(for) civilian use/民乐 [min2 yue4] /music, esp. folk music, for traditional instruments/民众 [min2 zhong4] /populace/masses/the people/民主 [min2 zhu3] /democracy/民主党 [min2 zhu3 dang3] /Democratic Party/民主党人 [min2 zhu3 dang3 ren2] /a Democratic party member/民主政治 [min2 zhu3 zheng4 zhi4] /democracy/democratic/民主主义者 [min2 zhu3 zhu3 yi4 zhe3] /democrats/民族 [min2 zu2] /nationality/ethnic group/民族主义 [min2 zu2 zhu3 yi4] /nationalism/民族主义情绪 [min2 zu2 zhu3 yi4 qing2 xu4] /nationalist feelings/nationalist sentiment/抿 [min3] /purse up (lips)/to smooth/泯 [min3] /obliterate/submerge/敏 [min3] /keen/闵 [min3] /(surname)/feel compassion for/愍 [min3] /pity/sympathize/闽 [min3] /(N) abbreviation for Fujian Province/悯 [min3] /sympathize/to pity/黾 [min3] /toad/敏感 [min3 gan3] /sensitive (issue)/敏捷 [min3 jie2] /nimble/shrewd/敏锐 [min3 rui4] /keen/名 [ming2] /name/(measure word for persons)/place (e.g. among winners)/明 [ming2] /clear/bright/to understand/next/冥 [ming2] /dark/deep/茗 [ming2] /Thea sinensis/young leaves of tea/暝 [ming2] /dark/铭 [ming2] /inscribed motto/鸣 [ming2] /to cry (of birds)/瞑 [ming2] /close the eyes/螟 [ming2] /Heliothus armigera/溟 [ming2] /drizzle/sea/明白 [ming2 bai5] /clear/obvious/unequivocal/to understand/to realize/明报 [ming2 bao4] /Ming Pao newspaper (Hong Kong)/名产 [ming2 chan3] /staple/name-brand product/名称 [ming2 cheng1] /name (of a thing)/name (of an organization)/名词 [ming2 ci2] /noun/名次 [ming2 ci4] /position in a ranking of names/明代 [ming2 dai4] /the Ming Dynasty/名单 [ming2 dan1] /list (of names)/名额 [ming2 e2] /(n) particular number of pple; quota/名副其实 [ming2 fu4 qi2 shi2] /not just in name only, but also in reality/鸣叫 [ming2 jiao4] /hoot/animal call/明净 [ming2 jing4] /bright and clean/luminous/明亮 [ming2 liang4] /brightness/名流 [ming2 liu2] /gentry/celebrities/名录服务 [ming2 lu4 fu2 wu4] /name service/明明 [ming2 ming2] /obviously/plainly/undoubtedly/明年 [ming2 nian2] /next year/名牌 [ming2 pai2] /(n) famous brand/名片 [ming2 pian4] /(business) card/名气 [ming2 qi4] /repute/明确 [ming2 que4] /clear-cut/definite/make clear/clear/名人 [ming2 ren2] /personage/celebrity/明日 [ming2 ri4] /tomorrow/名声 [ming2 sheng1] /(n) reputation of a person or thing/名胜 [ming2 sheng4] /a place famous for its scenery or historical relics/scenic spot/明天 [ming2 tian1] /tomorrow/名望 [ming2 wang4] /renown/明文 [ming2 wen2] /(laws, rules, etc) state in writing/明文规定 [ming2 wen2 gui1 ding4] /expressly stipulated (in writing)/明显 [ming2 xian3] /clear/distinct/obvious/瞑想 [ming2 xiang3] /muse/明信片 [ming2 xin4 pian4] /postcard/明星 [ming2 xing1] /star/celebrity/名言 [ming2 yan2] /saying/明言 [ming2 yan2] /pronounced/名义 [ming2 yi4] /titular/(do something) in (someone's) name/名誉 [ming2 yu4] /(n) fame; reputation/(adj) honorary/明智 [ming2 zhi4] /not unwise/sensible/名着 [ming2 zhu4] /masterpiece/名字 [ming2 zi5] /(a person's) name/命 [ming4] /life/fate/命令 [ming4 ling4] /(an) order or command/命脉 [ming4 mai4] /lifeline/命名 [ming4 ming2] /name/命题 [ming4 ti2] /(v) assign a topic for an essay/命运 [ming4 yun4] /fate/destiny/命运注定 [ming4 yun4 zhu4 ding4] /ordain/谬 [miu4] /absurd/erroneous/谬论 [miu4 lun4] /(n) misconception; fallacy/谬误 [miu4 wu4] /error/mistaken idea/falsehood/摸 [mo1] /feel with the hand/to touch/to stroke/to grope/to feel (one's pulse)/摸索 [mo1 suo5] /grope/摸 [mo2] /imitate/copy/么 [mo2] /dimi./摩 [mo2] /rub/摹 [mo2] /imitate/copy/模 [mo2] /imitate/model/norm/pattern/膜 [mo2] /(n) membrane; film/磨 [mo2] /to sharpen/to delay/hardship/to grind/to rub/谟 [mo2] /plan/to practice/蘑 [mo2] /mushroom/魔 [mo2] /devil/嫫 [mo2] /ugly woman/馍 [mo2] /small loaf of steamed bread/摩擦 [mo2 ca1] /friction/磨擦 [mo2 ca1] /friction/魔法 [mo2 fa3] /enchantment/模范 [mo2 fan4] /model/fine example/模仿 [mo2 fang3] /to imitate/to copy/模仿 [mo2 fang3] /imitate/蘑菰 [mo2 gu1] /mushroom/蘑菇 [mo2 gu5] /(n) mushroom/魔鬼 [mo2 gui3] /devil/模糊 [mo2 hu5] /vague/indistinct/fuzzy/模糊逻辑 [mo2 hu5 luo2 ji5] /fuzzy logic/摹画 [mo2 hua4] /describe/摩揭陀 [mo2 jie1 tuo2] /Magadha (in ancient India)/摩门经 [mo2 men2 jing1] /Book of Mormon/模拟 [mo2 ni3] /imitation/to simulate/to imitate/魔赛克 [mo2 sai4 ke4] /Mosaic/磨砂 [mo2 sha1] /frosted (e.g. glass)/模式 [mo2 shi4] /mode/method/魔术 [mo2 shu4] /magic/魔术师 [mo2 shu4 shi1] /magician/摩天搂 [mo2 tian1 lou2] /skyscraper/摩托车 [mo2 tuo1 che1] /motorcycle/摩托罗拉 [mo2 tuo1 luo2 la1] /Motorola/摩西 [mo2 xi1] /Moses/摩西律法 [mo2 xi1 lu:4 fa3] /law of Moses/模形 [mo2 xing2] /pattern/模型 [mo2 xing2] /model/mould/matrix/pattern/模样 [mo2 yang4] /appearance/模子 [mo2 zi5] /mold/抹 [mo3] /play/to smear/抹布 [mo3 bu4] /(n) cleaning rag/抹杀 [mo3 sha1] /(v) remove from evidence; expunge; suppress/抹油 [mo3 you2] /to anoint/末 [mo4] /end/final stage/latter part/没 [mo4] /drowned/to end/to die/to inundate/抹 [mo4] /girdle/brassiere/to plaster/殁 [mo4] /to end/to die/沫 [mo4] /foam/suds/茉 [mo4] /jasmine/陌 [mo4] /raised path/street/秣 [mo4] /feed a horse with grain/horse feed/莫 [mo4] /do not/there is none who/貊 [mo4] /name of a wild tribe/silent/貉 [mo4] /name of a wild tribe/silent/寞 [mo4] /lonesome/漠 [mo4] /desert/unconcerned/墨 [mo4] /China ink/ink stick/磨 [mo4] /grindstone/默 [mo4] /silent/write from memory/蓦 [mo4] /leap on or over/suddenly/瘼 [mo4] /distress/sickness/貘 [mo4] /tapir/莫不 [mo4 bu4] /there is no one (who doesn't)/probably/perhaps/莫大 [mo4 da4] /greatest/most important/末端 [mo4 duan1] /extremity/墨尔钵 [mo4 er3 bo1] /Melbourne (an Australian city)/磨坊主 [mo4 fang2 zhu3] /miller/莫非 [mo4 fei1] /can it be possible that/could it be/磨光 [mo4 guang1] /polish/墨镜 [mo4 jing4] /sunglasses/没落 [mo4 luo4] /downfall/莫名其妙 [mo4 ming2 qi2 miao4] /odd/baffling/unaccountable/mysterious/莫尼卡莱温斯基 [mo4 ni2 ka3 lai2 wen1 si1 ji1] /Monica Lewinsky/莫逆 [mo4 ni4] /very friendly/intimate/莫如 [mo4 ru2] /it would be better/陌生 [mo4 sheng1] /strange/unfamiliar/陌生人 [mo4 sheng1 ren2] /a stranger/磨石 [mo4 shi2] /millstone/没收 [mo4 shou1] /confiscate/墨水 [mo4 shui3] /ink/墨水瓶架 [mo4 shui3 ping2 jia4] /inkstand/墨水儿 [mo4 shuir3] /ink/莫斯科 [mo4 si1 ke1] /Moscow/磨碎 [mo4 sui4] /grind/墨西哥 [mo4 xi1 ge1] /Mexico/墨西哥人 [mo4 xi1 ge1 ren2] /Mexican/莫须有 [mo4 xu1 you3] /groundless/baseless/墨汁 [mo4 zhi1] /prepared Chinese ink/莫衷一是 [mo4 zhong1 yi1 shi4] /cannot decide which is right/磨子 [mo4 zi3] /mill, millstones/牟 [mou2] /barley/to moo/usurp/眸 [mou2] /pupil of the eye/谋 [mou2] /to plan/seek/scheme/缪 [mou2] /to wind round/侔 [mou2] /similar/comparable/equal/蛑 [mou2] /marine crab/鍪 [mou2] /iron pot/metal cap/谋求 [mou2 qiu2] /seek/strive for/谋取 [mou2 qu3] /try to gain/seek/obtain/谋杀 [mou2 sha1] /murder/谋杀案 [mou2 sha1 an4] /murder case/某 [mou3] /(used before measure word and noun) some/(a) certain/so and so/某处 [mou3 chu4] /somewhere/某人 [mou3 ren2] /a certain person/某时 [mou3 shi2] /sometime/某物 [mou3 wu4] /something/某些 [mou3 xie1] /some/certain (things)/某种 [mou3 zhong3] /some kind (of)/模样 [mu2 yang4] /(n) look, style/(n) approximation; about/母 [mu3] /female/mother/牡 [mu3] /male/姆 [mu3] /governess/拇 [mu3] /thumb/姥 [mu3] /governess/old woman/亩 [mu3] /about 1/6 acre (M)/母板 [mu3 ban3] /motherboard/牡丹 [mu3 dan1] /Peony (type of flower)/牡丹卡 [mu3 dan5 ka3] /Peony Card (credit card issued by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China)/母鸡 [mu3 ji1] /hen/牡蛎 [mu3 li4] /oyster/牡鹿 [mu3 lu4] /hart/母马 [mu3 ma3] /mare/母牛 [mu3 niu2] /cow/母亲 [mu3 qin1] /mother (formal)/母亲节 [mu3 qin1 jie2] /Mother's Day/母系 [mu3 xi4] /maternal/母羊 [mu3 yang2] /ewe/母音 [mu3 yin1] /vowel/母语 [mu3 yu3] /native language/mother language/拇指 [mu3 zhi3] /thumb/木 [mu4] /tree/wood/目 [mu4] /eye/item/沐 [mu4] /bathe/cleanse/receive favors/牧 [mu4] /shepherd/苜 [mu4] /clover/募 [mu4] /canvass for contributions/to recruit/to collect/to raise/睦 [mu4] /friendly/墓 [mu4] /tomb/幕 [mu4] /stage curtain/tent/慕 [mu4] /admire/暮 [mu4] /evening/sunset/穆 [mu4] /(surname)/solemn/钼 [mu4] /molybdenum/木板 [mu4 ban3] /slab/board/plank/木版 [mu4 ban3] /plank/board/目标 [mu4 biao1] /target/goal/objective/目标地址 [mu4 biao1 di4 zhi3] /destination address/target address/目标市场 [mu4 biao1 shi4 chang3] /target market/木材 [mu4 cai2] /wood/牧场 [mu4 chang3] /pasture/慕道友 [mu4 dao4 you3] /religious investigator/目瞪口呆 [mu4 deng4 kou3 dai1] /stun/目的 [mu4 di4] /purpose/aim/goal/target/objective/墓地 [mu4 di4] /cemetery/目的地 [mu4 di4 di4] /destination (location)/木钉 [mu4 ding4] /peg/目睹 [mu4 du3] /(v) to have seen sth/木耳 [mu4 er3] /edible tree fungus/目光 [mu4 guang1] /sight/vision/view/穆桂英 [mu4 gui4 ying1] /Mu Gui Ying (name of a woman warrior)/募化 [mu4 hua4] /to collect alms (Buddhism)/目击者 [mu4 ji1 zhe3] /eyewitness/募集 [mu4 ji2] /to raise/to collect/木匠 [mu4 jiang4] /carpenter/募捐 [mu4 juan1] /to solicit contributions/木块 [mu4 kuai4] /block/募款 [mu4 kuan3] /raise funds/fund-raising/raise money/木料 [mu4 liao4] /lumber/timber/目录 [mu4 lu4] /catalog/table of contents/directory (computer)/list/contents/牧民 [mu4 min2] /herdsman/木乃伊 [mu4 nai3 yi1] /mummy (preserved corpse)/木偶 [mu4 ou3] /puppet/目前 [mu4 qian2] /at the present time/currently/目前还不清楚 [mu4 qian2 hai2 bu4 qing1 chu3] /at present it is still unclear ..../目前世界 [mu4 qian2 shi4 jie4] /modern world/牧区 [mu4 qu1] /(n) grazing land; pasture/牧人 [mu4 ren2] /pastor/pastoral/牧师 [mu4 shi1] /chaplain/churchman/clergyman/parson/pastor/priest/rector/牧师之职 [mu4 shi1 zhi1 zhi2] /ministry/穆斯林 [mu4 si1 lin2] /Muslim/木炭 [mu4 tan4] /charcoal/木桶 [mu4 tong3] /cask/木头 [mu4 tou5] /log/wood/timber/木瓦 [mu4 wa3] /shingle/牧羊人 [mu4 yang2 ren2] /shepherd/牧羊者 [mu4 yang2 zhe3] /shepherd/牧业 [mu4 ye4] /animal husbandry; animal product industry/沐浴 [mu4 yu4] /bath/木制 [mu4 zhi4] /wooden/墓志铭 [mu4 zhi4 ming2] /epitaph/目中无人 [mu4 zhong1 wu2 ren2] /(saying) condescending; cavalier/拿 [na2] /to hold/to seize/to catch/to apprehend/to take/拿手 [na2 shou3] /expert in/good at/拿手菜 [na2 shou3 cai4] /specialty (dish)/拿主意 [na2 zhu3 yi5] /to make a decision/to make up one's mind/那 [na3] /how/which/哪 [na3] /how/which/哪儿 [na3 er5] /where/哪个 [na3 ge5] /which/who/哪里 [na3 li5] /where/wherever/哪怕 [na3 pa4] /even/even if/even though/no matter how/哪些 [na3 xie1] /which/who/what/哪一个 [na3 yi1 ge5] /which/呐 [na4] /battle cry/那 [na4] /that/those/纳 [na4] /to accept/to pay (tax etc.)/捺 [na4] /(downwards-right concave character stroke)/press down firmly/钠 [na4] /sodium/肭 [na4] /castor/衲 [na4] /cassock/to line/那边 [na4 bian5] /yonder/那鸿书 [na4 hong2 shu1] /Book of Nahum/那里 [na4 li5] /there/that place/那么 [na4 me5] /so (much)/like that/in that way/那末 [na4 mo4] /if that's the case, then (...)/那时 [na4 shi2] /(tw) at that time/纳税 [na4 shui4] /(v) pay taxes/纳税人 [na4 shui4 ren2] /taxpayer/那些 [na4 xie1] /those/那样 [na4 yang4] /that kind/that sort/那样的 [na4 yang4 de5] /that kind of/that sort of/哪 [na5] /(final part. preceded by N)/乃 [nai3] /to be/thus/so/therefore/then/only/thereupon/奶 [nai3] /breast/lady/milk/氖 [nai3] /neon/乃尔 [nai3 er3] /thus/like this/奶粉 [nai3 fen3] /(n) powdered milk/奶酪 [nai3 lao4] /cheese/奶奶 [nai3 nai5] /(informal) father's mother; paternal grandmother/奶牛 [nai3 niu2] /milk cow/dairy cow/奶牛场 [nai3 niu2 chang3] /dairy farm/乃是 [nai3 shi4] /to be/奶油 [nai3 you2] /cream/奶油菜花 [nai3 you2 cai4 hua1] /creamed cauliflower/乃至 [nai3 zhi4] /and even/奶子 [nai3 zi5] /breast/奈 [nai4] /how can one help/耐 [nai4] /to be unbearable/unable to endure/柰 [nai4] /crab-apple/how can one help/鼐 [nai4] /incense tripod/耐烦 [nai4 fan2] /patient (adjective)/耐力 [nai4 li4] /endurance/耐心 [nai4 xin1] /patient (adjective)/耐用 [nai4 yong4] /durable/男 [nan2] /male/南 [nan2] /south/喃 [nan2] /mumble in repetition/楠 [nan2] /Machilus nanmu/难 [nan2] /difficult (to...)/problem/difficulty/difficult/not good/难捱 [nan2 ai2] /trying, difficult/南北 [nan2 bei3] /north and south/南北极 [nan2 bei3 ji2] /south and north poles/南边 [nan2 bian1] /(n) location to the south/南部 [nan2 bu4] /southern part/南昌 [nan2 chang1] /(N) Nanchang, capitol of Jiangxi province in central China/难处 [nan2 chu5] /(n) trouble; problems/难道 [nan2 dao4] /don't tell me .../could it be that...?/难得 [nan2 de2] /seldom/rare/hard to come by/难度 [nan2 du4] /(n) trouble; problem/南方 [nan2 fang1] /south/the southern part of the country/the South/南非 [nan2 fei1] /South Africa/男高音 [nan2 gao1 yin1] /tenor/南瓜 [nan2 gua1] /pumpkin/难怪 [nan2 guai4] /(it's) no wonder (that...)/(it's) not surprising (that)/难关 [nan2 guan1] /(n) difficult point; crisis/难过 [nan2 guo4] /feel sorry/be grieved/男孩 [nan2 hai2] /boy/男孩子 [nan2 hai2 zi3] /boy/南海 [nan2 hai3] /South China Sea/男孩儿 [nan2 hair2] /boy/南华早报 [nan2 hua2 zao3 bao4] /South China Morning Post (newspaper in Hong Kong)/南极 [nan2 ji2] /south pole/南京 [nan2 jing1] /Nanjing (city in China)/南京路 [nan2 jing1 lu4] /Nanjing St., large commercial street in Shanghai/男爵 [nan2 jue2] /baron/难堪 [nan2 kan1] /(adj) hard to endure/(adj) embarrassing/难看 [nan2 kan4] /ugly/unsightly/南美洲 [nan2 mei3 zhou1] /South America/难免 [nan2 mian3] /(adj) difficult to avoid or escape from/南面 [nan2 mian4] /south side/south/南宁 [nan2 ning2] /(N) Nanning, capitol of Guangxi Autonomous Region in south west China/男女 [nan2 nu:3] /male-female/男朋友 [nan2 peng2 you5] /male friend/boyfriend/男人 [nan2 ren2] /a man/a male/men/南沙 [nan2 sha1] /Nansha (Spratly) Islands/难受 [nan2 shou4] /feel unwell/suffer pain/难题 [nan2 ti2] /difficult problem/难忘 [nan2 wang4] /unforgettable/男巫 [nan2 wu1] /wizard/男性 [nan2 xing4] /(n) male/男性亲属 [nan2 xing4 qin1 shu3] /kinsman/男性尊称 [nan2 xing4 zun1 cheng1] /esquire/男修道院长 [nan2 xiu1 dao4 yuan4 zhang3] /abbot/南亚 [nan2 ya4] /southern Asia/难以 [nan2 yi3] /hard to (predict, imagine, etc.)/难以应付 [nan2 yi3 ying4 fu4] /hard to deal with/hard to handle/难以置信 [nan2 yi3 zhi4 xin4] /incredible/南辕北辙 [nan2 yuan2 bei3 zhe2] /(fig.) act in a way that defeats one's purpose/南越 [nan2 yue4] /South Vietnam/South Vietnamese/男子 [nan2 zi3] /a man/a male/male (person)/男子汉 [nan2 zi3 han4] /man (i.e. manly, masculine)/男子篮球 [nan2 zi3 lan2 qiu2] /men's basketball/男子气 [nan2 zi3 qi4] /manly/masculine/赧 [nan3] /blush/蝻 [nan3] /immature locusts/难 [nan4] /disaster/distress/to scold/难民 [nan4 min2] /refugee/囊 [nang2] /sack/囊括 [nang2 kuo4] /include/embrace/bring together/曩 [nang3] /in former times/呶 [nao2] /clamor/挠 [nao2] /to scratch/铙 [nao2] /big cymbals/猱 [nao2] /(monkey)/scratch/恼 [nao3] /get mad/瑙 [nao3] /agate/脑 [nao3] /brain/脑袋 [nao3 dai4] /(n) person's head/(n) mental capability; brains/恼火 [nao3 huo3] /(v) aggravate; annoy/(adj) annoying/脑筋 [nao3 jin1] /brains/mind/head/way of thinking/脑力 [nao3 li4] /mental/脑子 [nao3 zi5] /brains/mind/闹 [nao4] /make noise or disturbance/淖 [nao4] /(surname)/slush/mud/闹区 [nao4 qu1] /downtown/闹事 [nao4 shi4] /cause trouble/create a disturbance/闹笑话 [nao4 xiao4 hua4] /(v) be a laughingstock/闹着玩儿 [nao4 zhe5 wan2 er5] /(v) play games/(v) joke around/(v) play a joke on someone/那儿 [nar3] /where/那儿 [nar4] /there/讷 [ne4] /large/speak cautiously/呐 [ne5] /(final part.)/呢 [ne5] /(question particle)/哪 [nei3] /which (followed by M or Num)/哪 [nei3] /which (followed by M or Num)/馁 [nei3] /hungry/内 [nei4] /inside/inner/internal/within/interior/那 [nei4] /that/those/内部 [nei4 bu4] /interior/inside (part, section)/internal/内部结构 [nei4 bu4 jie2 gou4] /internal structure/internal composition/内部网 [nei4 bu4 wang3] /intranet/内臣 [nei4 chen2] /chamberlain/内地 [nei4 di4] /inland/interior/内弟 [nei4 di4] /wife's younger brother/内阁 [nei4 ge2] /(government) cabinet/那个 [nei4 ge4] /that one/内行 [nei4 hang2] /(n) expert/(adj) experienced/内科 [nei4 ke1] /medical department/内裤 [nei4 ku4] /underwear/内陆 [nei4 lu4] /inland/interior/内乱 [nei4 luan4] /internal disorder/civil strife/内罗毕 [nei4 luo2 bi4] /Nairobi/内码 [nei4 ma3] /to encode/内蒙古自治区 [nei4 meng2 gu3 zi4 zhi4 qu1] /(N) Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region/内蒙古 [nei4 meng3 gu3] /Inner Mongolia/内幕 [nei4 mu4] /(n) inside story; non-public information/behind the scenes/internal/内情 [nei4 qing2] /inside information/内容 [nei4 rong2] /content/substance/details/内心 [nei4 xin1] /heart/innermost being/内兄 [nei4 xiong1] /wife's older brother/内衣裤 [nei4 yi1 ku4] /underwear/内在 [nei4 zai4] /(adj) intrinsic/内在的 [nei4 zai4 de5] /inner/internal/内脏 [nei4 zang4] /(n) abodominal organs/内战 [nei4 zhan4] /civil war/内政 [nei4 zheng4] /internal affairs (of a country)/内政部 [nei4 zheng4 bu4] /Ministry of the Interior/内政部长 [nei4 zheng4 bu4 zhang3] /Minister of the Interior/内置 [nei4 zhi4] /internal/internally installed/嫩 [nen4] /tender/soft/能 [neng2] /can/may/capable/energy/able/能干 [neng2 gan4] /capable/competent/能歌善舞 [neng2 ge1 shan4 wu3] /(saying) good at singing and dancing/能够 [neng2 gou4] /be capable of/can/is able/能力 [neng2 li4] /capability/capable/able/ability/能量 [neng2 liang4] /energy/capabilities/能手 [neng2 shou3] /(n) expert/能源 [neng2 yuan2] /energy/power source/尼 [ni2] /Buddhist nun/(often used in phonetic spellings)/呢 [ni2] /woolen material/泥 [ni2] /mud/倪 [ni2] /(surname)/霓 [ni2] /rainbow/坭 [ni2] /mud/猊 [ni2] /(mythical animal)/lion/铌 [ni2] /niobium/鲵 [ni2] /Cryptobranchus japonicus/salamander/尼泊尔 [ni2 bo2 er3] /Nepal/尼姑 [ni2 gu1] /nun/尼赫鲁 [ni2 he4 lu3] /(Jawaharlal) Nehru (first Prime Minister of India)/尼龙 [ni2 long2] /nylon/尼日尔 [ni2 ri4 er3] /Niger/尼日利亚 [ni2 ri4 li4 ya3] /Nigeria/泥水匠 [ni2 shui3 jiang4] /mason/泥土 [ni2 tu3] /earth/soil/clay/尼希米记 [ni2 xi1 mi3 ji4] /Book of Nehemiah/你 [ni3] /you/旎 [ni3] /fluttering of flags/拟 [ni3] /plan to/拟定 [ni3 ding4] /(v) make an initial draft/你好 [ni3 hao3] /hello/how are you/你们 [ni3 men5] /you (plural)/你自己 [ni3 zi4 ji3] /thyself/yourself/泥 [ni4] /restrained/逆 [ni4] /contrary/opposite/backwards/to go against/to oppose/to betray/to rebel/匿 [ni4] /to hide/溺 [ni4] /drown/indulge/be addicted to/spoil (a child)/睨 [ni4] /look askance/腻 [ni4] /greasy/tired of/昵 [ni4] /familiar/to approach/逆境 [ni4 jing4] /adversity/逆流 [ni4 liu2] /(n) reverse current/(n) something that goes against the flow/逆向 [ni4 xiang4] /backwards/reverse direction/逆向拥塞通知 [ni4 xiang4 yong1 sai1 tong1 zhi1] /Backward Explicit Congestion Notification/BECN/蔫 [nian1] /fade/wither/年 [nian2] /year/黏 [nian2] /sticky/粘 [nian2] /sticky/年初 [nian2 chu1] /beginning of the year/年代 [nian2 dai4] /a decade of a century (e.g. the Sixties)/age/era/period/年代初 [nian2 dai4 chu1] /beginning of an age/beginning of a decade/年底 [nian2 di3] /the end of the year/year-end/年度 [nian2 du4] /year (e.g. school year, fiscal year, etc)/年份 [nian2 fen5] /particular year/certain year/given year/年画儿 [nian2 huar4] /New Year (or Spring Festival) picture/年级 [nian2 ji2] /grade/年纪 [nian2 ji4] /age/年来 [nian2 lai2] /over the last ... years/年老 [nian2 lao3] /aged/年龄 [nian2 ling2] /(a person's) age/年迈 [nian2 mai4] /old/aged/粘粘 [nian2 nian2] /sticky/年前 [nian2 qian2] /...years ago/年青 [nian2 qing1] /youthful/年轻 [nian2 qing1] /young/年轻化 [nian2 qing1 hua4] /make more youthful/promote younger staff/年轻人 [nian2 qing1 ren2] /young people/年头 [nian2 tou2] /year/年头儿 [nian2 tou2 er5] /n) a year's duration/(n) many years duration/(n) times; era/年限 [nian2 xian4] /age limit/fixed number of years/年夜饭 [nian2 ye4 fan4] /New Year's Eve family dinner/年以来 [nian2 yi3 lai2] /since the year .../年长 [nian2 zhang3] /senior/年之久 [nian2 zhi1 jiu3] /period of ... years/黏住 [nian2 zhu4] /cling/捻 [nian3] /twirl (in the fingers)/捻 [nian3] /twirl (in the fingers)/碾 [nian3] /stone roller/辇 [nian3] /emperor's carriage/撵 [nian3] /expel/廿 [nian4] /twenty/念 [nian4] /to read aloud/念 [nian4] /read aloud/念日 [nian4 ri4] /memorial day/commemoration day/念书 [nian4 shu1] /read/study/念头 [nian4 tou5] /thought/idea/intention/娘 [niang2] /mother/young lady/娘 [niang2] /mother/troubled/酿 [niang4] /ferment/brew/酿造 [niang4 zao4] /brew/鸟 [niao3] /bird/袅 [niao3] /delicate/graceful/茑 [niao3] /grossulariaceae/嬲 [niao3] /tease/disturb/鸟笼 [niao3 long2] /birdcage/鸟羽 [niao3 yu3] /pinion/鸟嘴 [niao3 zui3] /beak/溺 [niao4] /urinate/urine/捏 [nie1] /to pinch (with one's fingers)/to knead/to make up/捏估 [nie1 gu5] /to act as a go-between/捏合 [nie1 he2] /to act as a go between/捏积 [nie1 ji1] /chiropractic/捏造 [nie1 zao4] /to make up/to fabricate/涅 [nie4] /blacken/臬 [nie4] /provincial judge/聂 [nie4] /(surname)/whisper/镍 [nie4] /nickel/孽 [nie4] /consequence of sin/嗫 [nie4] /move the mouth as in speaking/蹑 [nie4] /chase/step/tread/镊 [nie4] /forceps/to nip/陧 [nie4] /dangerous/啮 [nie4] /gnaw/颞 [nie4] /temporal bones/涅盘 [nie4 pan2] /(Buddhism) nirvana/您 [nin2] /you (formal)/宁 [ning2] /peaceful/rather/凝 [ning2] /congeal/咛 [ning2] /enjoin/拧 [ning2] /to pinch/wring/狞 [ning2] /fierce-looking/柠 [ning2] /lemon/凝固 [ning2 gu4] /(v) congeal; solidify/(v) with rapt attention/凝结 [ning2 jie2] /(v) condense; solidify/宁静 [ning2 jing4] /tranquil/tranquility/柠檬 [ning2 meng2] /lemon/柠檬水 [ning2 meng2 shui3] /lemonade/凝视 [ning2 shi4] /gaze/拧 [ning3] /mistake/to twist/佞 [ning4] /eloquent/talent/拧 [ning4] /stubborn/泞 [ning4] /muddy/宁可 [ning4 ke3] /(conj) it is the lesser of two evils to...; would rather.../宁肯 [ning4 ken3] /(conj) would rather.../宁愿 [ning4 yuan4] /would rather/better/妞 [niu1] /little girl/牛 [niu2] /ox/cow/bull/牛奶 [niu2 nai3] /milk/牛年 [niu2 nian2] /Year of the Ox (in Chinese zodiac)/牛排 [niu2 pai2] /steak/牛肉 [niu2 rou4] /beef/牛头犬 [niu2 tou2 quan3] /bulldog/牛饮 [niu2 yin3] /gulp/牛油 [niu2 you2] /butter/牛仔 [niu2 zai3] /cowboy/忸 [niu3] /accustomed to/blush/be shy/扭 [niu3] /to turn/to twist/to grab/to wring/纽 [niu3] /to turn/to wrench/button/钮 [niu3] /(surname)/button/狃 [niu3] /accustomed to/钮带 [niu3 dai4] /bond/ties (of friendship, etc)/纽扣 [niu3 kou4] /(n) button/纽约 [niu3 yue1] /New York/纽约时报 [niu3 yue1 shi2 bao4] /New York Times (newspaper)/扭转 [niu3 zhuan3] /reverse/turn around (an undesirable situation)/拗 [niu4] /stubborn/contrary/农 [nong2] /agriculture/侬 [nong2] /you (Shanghai dial.)/哝 [nong2] /garrulous/浓 [nong2] /concentrated/dense/脓 [nong2] /pus/农场 [nong2 chang3] /farm/农村 [nong2 cun1] /rural area/village/浓度 [nong2 du4] /(n) viscosity; consistency; thickness/农夫 [nong2 fu1] /peasant/farmer/浓厚 [nong2 hou4] /(adj) dense; thick (fog, clouds, etc)/(adj) to hava a strong interest in/(adj) deep; fully saturated (color)/农户 [nong2 hu4] /(n) peasant houshold/农家庭院 [nong2 jia1 ting2 yuan4] /farmyard/农具 [nong2 ju4] /farm implements/farm tools/农历 [nong2 li4] /the traditional Chinese calendar/the lunar calendar/农贸市场 [nong2 mao4 shi4 chang3] /farmer's market/农民 [nong2 min2] /peasant/农奴 [nong2 nu2] /serf/农人 [nong2 ren2] /farmer/农舍 [nong2 she4] /farmhouse/浓缩 [nong2 suo4] /concentrate/concentration/农田 [nong2 tian2] /farmland/cultivated land/农药 [nong2 yao4] /agricultural chemical/farm chemical/农业 [nong2 ye4] /agriculture/farming/农园 [nong2 yuan2] /plantation/农作物 [nong2 zuo4 wu4] /(farm) crops/弄 [nong4] /to do/to manage/to handle/to play with/to fool with/to mess with/to fix/to toy with/弄短 [nong4 duan3] /shorten/shortening/弄平 [nong4 ping2] /flatten/弄碎 [nong4 sui4] /crumble/弄歪 [nong4 wai1] /distort/弄虚作假 [nong4 xu1 zuo4 jia3] /(saying) to cheat someone/弄脏 [nong4 zang1] /defile/smear/弄糟 [nong4 zao1] /spoil/弄直 [nong4 zhi2] /straighten/弄皱 [nong4 zhou4] /crumple/耨 [nou4] /hoe/奴 [nu2] /slave/驽 [nu2] /worn out old horses/孥 [nu2] /child/offspring/奴隶 [nu2 li4] /slave/奴隶制度 [nu2 li4 zhi4 du4] /slavery/奴役 [nu2 yi4] /(v) enslave/努 [nu3] /to exert/to strive/弩 [nu3] /cross-bow/努力 [nu3 li4] /great effort/strive/try hard/怒 [nu4] /indignant/怒吼 [nu4 hou3] /bellow/rave/snarl/怒火 [nu4 huo3] /(n) rage; fury/女 [nu:3] /female/woman/钕 [nu:3] /neodymium/女儿 [nu:3 er2] /daughter/女房东 [nu:3 fang2 dong1] /landlady/女服物员 [nu:3 fu2 wu4 yuan2] /stewardess/女高音 [nu:3 gao1 yin1] /soprano/女管家 [nu:3 guan3 jia1] /housekeeper/女孩 [nu:3 hai2] /girl/lass/女孩儿 [nu:3 hair2] /daughter/女皇 [nu:3 huang2] /empress/女继承人 [nu:3 ji4 cheng2 ren2] /inheritress/女朋友 [nu:3 peng2 you5] /female friend/girlfriend/女人 [nu:3 ren2] /woman/女舍监 [nu:3 she4 jian1] /matron/女神 [nu:3 shen2] /goddess/nymph/女士 [nu:3 shi4] /lady/madam/女王 [nu:3 wang2] /queen/女性 [nu:3 xing4] /(n) the female sex/女修道 [nu:3 xiu1 dao4] /convent/女婿 [nu:3 xu5] /daughter's husband; son-in-law/女学生 [nu:3 xue2 sheng1] /schoolgirl/女演员 [nu:3 yan3 yuan2] /actress/女英雄 [nu:3 ying1 xiong2] /heroine/女佣 [nu:3 yong4] /(female) maid/女用内衣 [nu:3 yong4 nei4 yi1] /chemise/女主人 [nu:3 zhu3 ren2] /hostess/mistress/女装裁缝师 [nu:3 zhuang1 cai2 feng5 shi1] /dressmaker/女子 [nu:3 zi3] /woman/female/恧 [nu:4] /ashamed/衄 [nu:4] /bleed at the nose/check in battle/虐 [nu:e4] /oppressive/tyrannical/疟 [nu:e4] /malaria/虐待 [nu:e4 dai4] /mistreatment/疟疾 [nu:e4 ji2] /malaria/暖 [nuan3] /warm/暖壶 [nuan3 hu2] /(n) thermos bottle/暖和 [nuan3 huo2] /warm/nice and warm/暖气 [nuan3 qi4] /heater/暖气机 [nuan3 qi4 ji1] /radiator/heater/暖气片 [nuan3 qi4 pian4] /radiator/暖水瓶 [nuan3 shui3 ping2] /thermos flask or bottle/娜 [nuo2] /elegant/graceful/挪 [nuo2] /to shift/to move/傩 [nuo2] /exorcise demons/挪动 [nuo2 dong4] /to move/to shift/挪借 [nuo2 jie4] /to borrow money for a short time/挪威 [nuo2 wei1] /Norway/挪窝儿 [nuo2 wor1] /to move (to a house)/挪用 [nuo2 yong4] /to embezzle/to divert funds/诺 [nuo4] /to promise/to yes/懦 [nuo4] /imbecile/timid/糯 [nuo4] /glutinous rice/搦 [nuo4] /take hold/诺贝尔 [nuo4 bei4 er3] /Nobel (prize)/诺贝尔和平奖 [nuo4 bei4 er3 he2 ping2 jiang3] /Nobel peace prize/懦夫 [nuo4 fu1] /coward/诺亚 [nuo4 ya3] /Noah/喔 [o1] /I see/oh/噢 [o1] /Oh!/哦 [o2] /oh is that so/欧 [ou1] /Europe/殴 [ou1] /brawl/瓯 [ou1] /bowl/cup/鸥 [ou1] /common gull/沤 [ou1] /bubble/froth/讴 [ou1] /sing ballads/songs/殴打 [ou1 da3] /beat up/欧盟 [ou1 meng2] /European Union/欧佩克 [ou1 pei4 ke4] /OPEC/Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries/欧洲 [ou1 zhou1] /Europe/European/欧洲联盟 [ou1 zhou1 lian2 meng2] /European Union/EU/欧洲人 [ou1 zhou1 ren2] /European (person)/欧洲语言 [ou1 zhou1 yu3 yan2] /European language/偶 [ou3] /accidental/image/pair/mate/呕 [ou3] /vomit/耦 [ou3] /pair/mate/ploughshare/藕 [ou3] /root of lotus/偶尔 [ou3 er3] /occasionally/once in a while/偶然 [ou3 ran2] /incidentally/occasional/occasionally/呕吐 [ou3 tu4] /(v) vomit/偶像 [ou3 xiang4] /idol/沤 [ou4] /steep/趴 [pa1] /to lie on one's stomach/葩 [pa1] /corolla of flower/扒 [pa2] /climb/crawl/snatch/杷 [pa2] /loquat/爬 [pa2] /crawl/climb/耙 [pa2] /a rake/琶 [pa2] /(mus. instr.)/爬虫动物 [pa2 chong2 dong4 wu4] /reptile/帕 [pa4] /handkerchief/怕 [pa4] /to be afraid/to fear/帕兰卡 [pa4 lan2 ka3] /Palanka (a personal name)/怕羞 [pa4 xiu1] /coy/shy/bashful/拍 [pai1] /to clap/to pat/to beat/to hit/to slap/to take (a picture)/拍案叫绝 [pai1 an4 jiao4 jue2] /lit.: slap the table and shout with praise; fig.: wonderful!/拍打 [pai1 da5] /flap/拍击 [pai1 ji1] /smack/beat/拍卖 [pai1 mai4] /auction/拍摄 [pai1 she4] /(shoot a) picture/拍手 [pai1 shou3] /clap/拍照 [pai1 zhao4] /to take a picture/拍子 [pai1 zi5] /(sport) bat/racket/(mus.) beat/俳 [pai2] /irresolute/not serious/variety show/徘 [pai2] /irresolute/排 [pai2] /a platoon/line up/牌 [pai2] /cards/game pieces/signboard/plate/tablet/牌匾 [pai2 bian3] /board (attached to a wall)/排斥 [pai2 chi4] /reject/exclude/eliminate/remove/排出 [pai2 chu1] /discharge/排除 [pai2 chu2] /exclude/rule out/排队 [pai2 dui4] /to line up/牌坊 [pai2 fang1] /memorial arch/排放 [pai2 fang4] /discharge/exhaust (gas, etc)/排行 [pai2 hang2] /seniority/ranking/牌号 [pai2 hao4] /trademark/徘徊 [pai2 huai2] /hover/linger/roam/wander/排挤 [pai2 ji3] /to expel; push out/牌价 [pai2 jia4] /list price/排列 [pai2 lie4] /array/牌楼 [pai2 lou5] /decorated archway/排球 [pai2 qiu2] /volleyball/排山倒海 [pai2 shan1 dao3 hai3] /earth-shaking/of spectacular significance/排水 [pai2 shui3] /drain/排水沟 [pai2 shui3 gou1] /gutter/排水渠 [pai2 shui3 qu2] /drainage/排外 [pai2 wai4] /xenophobic/anti-foreigner/牌位 [pai2 wei4] /memorial tablet/排长 [pai2 zhang3] /(n) platoon leader/牌照 [pai2 zhao4] /license plate/牌子 [pai2 zi5] /sign/trademark/排 [pai3] /row of logs or boards/派 [pai4] /clique/school/group/faction/to dispatch/湃 [pai4] /sound of waves/蒎 [pai4] /pinane/派别 [pai4 bie2] /denomination/派出 [pai4 chu1] /send/dispatch/派出所 [pai4 chu1 suo3] /(n) local police station/派给工作 [pai4 gei3 gong1 zuo4] /to task/派遣 [pai4 qian3] /send (on a mission)/dispatch/派任 [pai4 ren4] /set apart/派系 [pai4 xi4] /sect/扳 [pan1] /climb up/pull/番 [pan1] /(surname)/place name/潘 [pan1] /(surname)/攀 [pan1] /climb up/pull/攀登 [pan1 deng1] /climb/clamber/scale/攀升 [pan1 sheng1] /rising/盘 [pan2] /big/wooden tray/盘 [pan2] /dish/tray/to build/to check/to examine/to transfer/(a measure word used for dishes of food or coils of wire)/to coil/磐 [pan2] /firm/stable/rock/蟠 [pan2] /Trichina spiralis/to coil/蹒 [pan2] /limp/盘诘 [pan2 jie2] /cross-examine (legal)/蹒跚 [pan2 shan1] /stagger/stumble/totter/盘旋 [pan2 xuan2] /(v) spiral; coil; go in circle; hover/盘子 [pan2 zi5] /tray/判 [pan4] /to judge/to sentence/to discriminate/to discern/拚 [pan4] /disregard/reject/叛 [pan4] /to betray/to rebel/to revolt/盼 [pan4] /to hope for/to long for/to expect/畔 [pan4] /bank/field-path/泮 [pan4] /melt/叛变 [pan4 bian4] /renegade/traitor/to betray one's country/叛变的省份 [pan4 bian4 de5 sheng3 fen4] /renegade province (Taiwan)/判处 [pan4 chu3] /to sentence/to condemn/判处死刑 [pan4 chu3 si3 xing2] /to sentence to death/判定 [pan4 ding4] /judge/decide/judgment/determination/判断 [pan4 duan4] /to decide/to determine/叛国罪 [pan4 guo2 zui4] /the crime of treason/叛教 [pan4 jiao4] /apostasy/判决 [pan4 jue2] /judgment (by a court of law)/叛军 [pan4 jun1] /rebel army/叛乱 [pan4 luan4] /armed rebellion/叛乱罪 [pan4 luan4 zui4] /the crime of armed rebellion/叛卖 [pan4 mai4] /to betray/判明 [pan4 ming2] /to distinguish/to ascertain/叛逆 [pan4 ni4] /to rebel/to revolt/叛逆者 [pan4 ni4 zhe1] /traitor/叛徒 [pan4 tu2] /traitor/turncoat/盼望 [pan4 wang4] /to hope for/look forward to/乓 [pang1] /bang (onomat.)/滂 [pang1] /rushing (water)/膀 [pang1] /puffed (swollen)/彷 [pang2] /irresolute/旁 [pang2] /beside/one side/other/side/self/膀 [pang2] /bladder/螃 [pang2] /crab/庞 [pang2] /(surname)/huge/enormous/tremendous/逄 [pang2] /(surname)/旁边 [pang2 bian1] /lateral/side/庞大 [pang2 da4] /huge/enormous/tremendous/旁观 [pang2 guan1] /spectator/non-participant/彷徨 [pang2 huang2] /name of a collection of short stories, Pang Huang, "Wandering About", by Lu3 Xun4 鲁迅/旁路 [pang2 lu4] /to bypass/庞然大物 [pang2 ran2 da4 wu4] /huge monster/旁听 [pang2 ting1] /be a visitor (at a meeting, class, trial, etc)/耪 [pang3] /to weed/胖 [pang4] /fat/plump/胖子 [pang4 zi5] /fat person/fatty/抛 [pao1] /to throw/to toss/to fling/to cast/to abandon/泡 [pao1] /puffed/swollen/脬 [pao1] /bladder/抛弃 [pao1 qi4] /discard/dump/刨 [pao2] /eliminate/to dig/to question/咆 [pao2] /to roar/庖 [pao2] /kitchen/匏 [pao2] /bottle gourd/Lagenaria vulgaris/袍 [pao2] /gown (lined)/咆哮 [pao2 xiao1] /growl/roar/跑 [pao3] /to run/to escape/跑步 [pao3 bu4] /to walk quickly/to march/to run/跑步者 [pao3 bu4 zhe3] /runner/跑车 [pao3 che1] /racing bike/跑道 [pao3 dao4] /athletic track/runaway/track/跑电 [pao3 dian4] /electrical leakage/跑江湖 [pao3 jiang1 hu2] /to make a living as a traveling performer, etc./跑警报 [pao3 jing3 bao4] /to run for shelter/跑垒 [pao3 lei3] /base running/跑龙套 [pao3 long2 tao4] /to play a small role/跑马 [pao3 ma3] /horse race/跑堂儿的 [pao3 tangr2 de5] /waiter/跑腿儿 [pao3 tuir3] /to run errands/跑鞋 [pao3 xie2] /running shoes/泡 [pao4] /to steep/soak/bubble(s)/foam/炮 [pao4] /cannon/gun/firecracker/炮 [pao4] /gun/cannon/炮弹 [pao4 dan4] /(artillery) shell/炮火 [pao4 huo3] /(n) artillery barrage; gunfire/泡沫 [pao4 mo4] /foam/炮手 [pao4 shou3] /gunner/呸 [pei1] /to spit (in contempt)/胚 [pei1] /fetus/培 [pei2] /to cultivate/to earth up/陪 [pei2] /to accompany/to keep sb. company/裴 [pei2] /(surname)/赔 [pei2] /lose in trade/pay damage/陪伴 [pei2 ban4] /accompany/赔偿 [pei2 chang2] /compensate/赔偿金 [pei2 chang2 jin1] /compensation/赔款 [pei2 kuan3] /(v) pay reparations/(n) reparations/陪审团 [pei2 shen3 tuan2] /jury/陪同 [pei2 tong2] /accompany/培土 [pei2 tu3] /to earth up/培修 [pei2 xiu1] /to repair earthworks/培训 [pei2 xun4] /to cultivate/to train/培养 [pei2 yang3] /to train/culture/to bring up/to groom (for a position)/培育 [pei2 yu4] /to train/to breed/培植 [pei2 zhi2] /to cultivate/to train/沛 [pei4] /copious/abundant/佩 [pei4] /to respect/wear (belt/etc.)/佩 [pei4] /girdle ornaments/wear (belt/etc.)/配 [pei4] /to join/to fit/to mate/to mix/to match/to deserve/to make up (a prescription)/辔 [pei4] /bridle/reins/帔 [pei4] /cape/旆 [pei4] /pennant/streamer/霈 [pei4] /torrent of rain/配备 [pei4 bei4] /to allocate/to provide/to outfit with/配称 [pei4 cheng4] /worthy/配方 [pei4 fang1] /(n) prescripton; formulation/佩服 [pei4 fu2] /admire/配合 [pei4 he2] /coordinate with/act in concert with/佩洛西 [pei4 luo4 xi1] /(Nancy) Pelosi (member of US Congress)/配偶 [pei4 ou3] /consort/mate/spouse/配送者 [pei4 song4 zhe3] /distributor/配套 [pei4 tao4] /(v) complete a set/配药 [pei4 yao4] /dispense (drugs)/prescribe/配置 [pei4 zhi4] /to deploy/喷 [pen1] /to puff/to spout/to spray/to spurt/喷墨 [pen1 mo4] /ink jet/喷泉 [pen1 quan2] /fountain/喷射 [pen1 she4] /jet/spurt/喷头 [pen1 tou2] /nozzle/spray-head/盆 [pen2] /basin/湓 [pen2] /flowing of water/name of a river/盆地 [pen2 di4] /basin (low-lying geographical feature)/depression/喷 [pen4] /fragrant/sneeze/喷出 [pen4 chu1] /spout/spray/抨 [peng1] /attack/impeach/砰 [peng1] /sound of crashing/thunder/烹 [peng1] /cuisine/cooking/怦 [peng1] /impulsive/抨击 [peng1 ji1] /attack (verbally or in writing)/烹调 [peng1 tiao2] /(v) cook/(n) cooking/烹调术 [peng1 tiao2 shu4] /cookery/朋 [peng2] /friend/彭 [peng2] /(surname)/棚 [peng2] /shed/硼 [peng2] /boron/澎 [peng2] /sound of waves/蓬 [peng2] /(grass)/disheveled/膨 [peng2] /swollen/篷 [peng2] /sail/鹏 [peng2] /large fabulous bird/堋 [peng2] /target in archery/蟛 [peng2] /(land-crab)/grapsus sp./朋比为奸 [peng2 bi3 wei2 jian1] /to conspire/to gang up/蓬勃 [peng2 bo2] /vigorous/flourishing/full of vitality/朋党 [peng2 dang3] /clique/蓬松 [peng2 song1] /fluffy/朋友 [peng2 you5] /friend/膨胀 [peng2 zhang4] /to expand/to inflate/to swell/棚子 [peng2 zi5] /shack/shed/捧 [peng3] /hold or offer with both hands/碰 [peng4] /to touch/to meet with/to bump/碰触 [peng4 chu4] /to touch/碰钉子 [peng4 ding1 zi5] /meet with a rebuff/碰见 [peng4 jian4] /to run into/to meet/碰巧 [peng4 qiao3] /by chance/by coincidence/to happen to/碰撞 [peng4 zhuang4] /collide/匹 [pi1] /mate/one of a pair/丕 [pi1] /grand/批 [pi1] /to ascertain/(measure word for batches, lots)/to act on/to criticize/to pass on/披 [pi1] /scatter/separate/to open/to unroll/to spread out/纰 [pi1] /error/carelessness/spoiled silk/劈 [pi1] /hack/chop/split open/霹 [pi1] /clap of thunder/坯 [pi1] /unburnt earthenware/砒 [pi1] /arsenic/批发 [pi1 fa1] /wholesale/批覆 [pi1 fu4] /(v) give an official response/批改 [pi1 gai3] /(v) correct an exam or paper an possibly add criticisms/批量 [pi1 liang4] /batch/lot/批量生产 [pi1 liang4 sheng1 chan3] /to mass produce/披露 [pi1 lu4] /to reveal/to publish/to make public/to announce/批判 [pi1 pan4] /criticize/批评 [pi1 ping2] /to criticize/criticism/批评家 [pi1 ping2 jia1] /critic/批示 [pi1 shi4] /(v) make comment and criticisms of a lower government report/(n) written comments from higher authorities/批准 [pi1 zhun3] /to approve/to ratify/皮 [pi2] /leather/skin/fur/枇 [pi2] /loquat/陂 [pi2] /reservoir/毗 [pi2] /adjoin/border/疲 [pi2] /weary/啤 [pi2] /beer/埤 [pi2] /low wall/陴 [pi2] /parapet/琵 [pi2] /(mus. instr.)/脾 [pi2] /spleen/铍 [pi2] /beryllium/裨 [pi2] /(surname)/assistant/small/芘 [pi2] /Malva sylvestris/郫 [pi2] /place name/蜱 [pi2] /(insect)/egg of mantis/貔 [pi2] /(leopard)/罴 [pi2] /(bear)/疲惫 [pi2 bei4] /beaten/exhausted/皮鞭 [pi2 bian1] /lash/皮带 [pi2 dai4] /strap/leather belt/疲乏 [pi2 fa2] /tired/weary/皮肤 [pi2 fu1] /skin/皮革 [pi2 ge2] /leather/啤酒 [pi2 jiu3] /beer/疲倦 [pi2 juan4] /tire/tired/疲劳 [pi2 lao2] /fatigue/wearily/weariness/weary/毗连 [pi2 lian2] /adjoin/琵琶 [pi2 pa2] /lute/脾气 [pi2 qi4] /temperament/disposition/temper/皮箱 [pi2 xiang1] /(n) leather suitcase/皮鞋 [pi2 xie2] /(n) leather shoes/皮鞋匠 [pi2 xie2 jiang4] /shoemaker/匹 [pi3] /(measure word for horses, mules, a bolt of cloth)/ordinary person/疋 [pi3] /a bolt (of cloth)/仳 [pi3] /to part/否 [pi3] /clogged/evil/痞 [pi3] /swelling of the liver/劈 [pi3] /split in two/divide/癖 [pi3] /habit/hobby/庀 [pi3] /prepare/圮 [pi3] /destroyed/injure/劈开 [pi3 kai1] /cleave/屁 [pi4] /to break wind/to fart/媲 [pi4] /to match/to pair/辟 [pi4] /dispel/open up/僻 [pi4] /low/rustic/secluded/譬 [pi4] /give an example/辟 [pi4] /king/emperor/monarch/royal/辟 [pi4] /dispel/open up/淠 [pi4] /luxuriant (of water plants)/甓 [pi4] /glazed tile/屁股 [pi4 gu5] /buttocks/bottom/arse/end/butt/屁话 [pi4 hua4] /shit/nonsense/譬如 [pi4 ru2] /for example/for instance/such as/片 [pian1] /disc/sheet/扁 [pian1] /(surname)/small boat/偏 [pian1] /one-sided/to lean/to slant/prejudiced/inclined to one side/篇 [pian1] /sheet/piece of writing/(a measure word)/chapter/article/翩 [pian1] /fly fast/扁 [pian1] /Polygonum aviculare/偏爱 [pian1 ai4] /favor/preference/偏差 [pian1 cha1] /bias/deviation/篇幅 [pian1 fu5] /(take up or devote) space/ink/time (in a printed page or news story)/length (of a piece of writing)/偏见 [pian1 jian4] /prejudice/篇目 [pian1 mu4] /table of contents/偏僻 [pian1 pi4] /(adj) far from the city; remote/偏偏 [pian1 pian1] /(indicates that sth. turns out just the opposite of what one would expect or what would be normal)/偏向 [pian1 xiang4] /(v) biased toward/(n) bad tendency/篇章 [pian1 zhang1] /writing/sections and chapters/便 [pian2] /advantageous/cheap/胼 [pian2] /callous on hand or foot/骈 [pian2] /literary style/匾 [pian2] /basket-couch in coffin/蹁 [pian2] /to limp/便宜 [pian2 yi5] /inexpensive/谝 [pian3] /brag/片 [pian4] /a slice/piece/flake/thin/slice/骗 [pian4] /to cheat/to swindle/to deceive/to full/骗局 [pian4 ju2] /fraud/swindle/片刻 [pian4 ke4] /(n) short period of time/片面 [pian4 mian4] /unilateral/one-sided/骗取 [pian4 qu3] /to gain by cheating/骗术 [pian4 shu4] /trick/deceit/片语 [pian4 yu3] /phrase/骗子 [pian4 zi5] /swindler/cheater/剽 [piao1] /to rob/swift/nimble/漂 [piao1] /to float/to drift/飘 [piao1] /to float/螵 [piao1] /nest of eggs of mantis/漂泊 [piao1 bo2] /drifter/wanderer/漂浮 [piao1 fu2] /to float/superficial/剽悍 [piao1 han4] /swift and fierce/漂砾 [piao1 li4] /boulder/漂流 [piao1 liu2] /carried by the current/剽窃 [piao1 qie4] /pirate/to plagiarize/飘扬 [piao1 yang2] /wave/flutter/fly/漂移 [piao1 yi2] /drift (electrical)/漂游 [piao1 you2] /drift/嫖 [piao2] /visit a prostitute/瓢 [piao2] /dipper/ladle/漂 [piao3] /to bleach/瞟 [piao3] /cast a glance/缥 [piao3] /misty/indistinct/殍 [piao3] /die of starvation/莩 [piao3] /die of starvation/漂白 [piao3 bai2] /bleach/whiten/票 [piao4] /bank note/ticket/漂 [piao4] /elegant/polished/骠 [piao4] /white horse/漂亮 [piao4 liang5] /pretty/beautiful/撇 [pie1] /cast away/瞥 [pie1] /blink/glance/氕 [pie1] /protium/撇去 [pie1 qu4] /skim/撇 [pie3] /(downwards-left curved character stroke)/throw/苤 [pie3] /Brassica campestris subsp. rapa/拚 [pin1] /stake all/姘 [pin1] /be a mistress or lover/拼 [pin1] /piece together/stake (all)/spell/join together/拼搏 [pin1 bo2] /(v) struggle; wrestle/拼命 [pin1 ming4] /to be ready to risk one's life (in fighting, work, etc.)/拼盘 [pin1 pan2] /cold platter/拼起来 [pin1 qi5 lai5] /to put together/拼音 [pin1 yin1] /pinyin (Chinese romanization)/拼字 [pin1 zi4] /spelling/贫 [pin2] /poor/频 [pin2] /frequency/frequently/repetitious/嫔 [pin2] /virtuous woman/苹 [pin2] /marsiliaceae/clover fern/颦 [pin2] /knit the brows/频带 [pin2 dai4] /frequency range/bandwidth/频道 [pin2 dao4] /frequency/(television) channel/贫乏 [pin2 fa2] /(adj) lacking; incomplete/频繁 [pin2 fan2] /frequently/often/贫苦 [pin2 ku3] /poverty-stricken/poor/频宽 [pin2 kuan1] /frequency range/bandwidth/贫困 [pin2 kun4] /impoverished/频率 [pin2 lu:4] /frequency/贫民 [pin2 min2] /(n) poor people/频频 [pin2 pin2] /repeatedly/again and again/贫穷 [pin2 qiong2] /poor/impoverished/频仍 [pin2 reng2] /frequent/品 [pin3] /conduct/grade/thing/product/good/品尝 [pin3 chang2] /(v) taste a small amout; sample/品德 [pin3 de2] /moral character/品脱 [pin3 tuo1] /pint/品味 [pin3 wei4] /taste/品行 [pin3 xing2] /(n) behavior; moral conduct/品质 [pin3 zhi4] /quality/品种 [pin3 zhong3] /breed/variety/牝 [pin4] /female/聘 [pin4] /betrothed/engage (teacher)/hire/聘请 [pin4 qing3] /engage/hire (a lawyer, etc.)/聘任 [pin4 ren4] /(v) appoint (to a job or position)/聘用 [pin4 yong4] /(v) employ; hire/乒 [ping1] /bing (onomat.)/娉 [ping1] /graceful/俜 [ping1] /forlorn/乒乓球 [ping1 pang1 qiu2] /table tennis/ping-pong/table tennis ball/平 [ping2] /flat/level/equal/to make the same score/to tie/to draw/calm/peaceful/坪 [ping2] /a plain/屏 [ping2] /(standing) screen/枰 [ping2] /chess-like game/瓶 [ping2] /bottle/(a measure word)/vase/pitcher/萍 [ping2] /duckweed/评 [ping2] /to discuss/to comment/to criticize/to judge/to choose (by public appraisal)/凭 [ping2] /lean against/proof/to rely on/to depend on/to be based on/苹 [ping2] /apple/苹 [ping2] /(artemisia)/duckweed/平安 [ping2 an1] /safe and sound/well/without mishap/平板 [ping2 ban3] /tablet/flat/评比 [ping2 bi3] /to evaluate (by comparison)/屏蔽 [ping2 bi4] /screen/shield/平常 [ping2 chang2] /ordinary/common/usually/ordinarily/平常日 [ping2 chang2 ri4] /weekday/平等 [ping2 deng3] /equality/平底锅 [ping2 di3 guo1] /saucepan/评定 [ping2 ding4] /(v) evaluate; make a judgement/平凡 [ping2 fan2] /commonplace/平方 [ping2 fang1] /square (as in square foot, square mile, square root)/平房 [ping2 fang2] /bungalow/屏风 [ping2 feng1] /screen/评估 [ping2 gu1] /evaluate/平锅 [ping2 guo1] /pan/苹果 [ping2 guo3] /apple/苹果电脑 [ping2 guo3 dian4 nao3] /Apple computer/苹果汁 [ping2 guo3 zhi1] /apple juice/平衡 [ping2 heng2] /balance/equilibrium/评价 [ping2 jia4] /to evaluate/to assess/评价分类 [ping2 jia4 fen1 lei4] /rank, classify/凭借 [ping2 jie4] /(v) by use of; rely on/瓶颈 [ping2 jing3] /bottleneck/平静 [ping2 jing4] /tranquil/undisturbed/平均 [ping2 jun1] /average/评论 [ping2 lun4] /comment/to comment on/to discuss/commentary/评论家 [ping2 lun4 jia1] /critic/reviewer/屏门 [ping2 men2] /screen door/平面 [ping2 mian4] /(n) geometric plane surface/(n) type; category/平民 [ping2 min2] /(ordinary) people/屏幕 [ping2 mu4] /(TV or movie) screen/平壤 [ping2 rang3] /Pyongyang (capital of North Korea)/平日 [ping2 ri4] /(n) an ordinary day/评审 [ping2 shen3] /(v) analyze and judge/平时 [ping2 shi2] /in normal times/in peacetime/萍水相逢 [ping2 shui3 xiang1 feng2] /(saying) strangers coming together by chance/平台 [ping2 tai2] /terrace/平坦 [ping2 tan3] /flat/屏条 [ping2 tiao2] /set of (usually four) hanging scrolls/平稳 [ping2 wen3] /smooth/steady/平信 [ping2 xin4] /ordinary mail (as opposed to air mail, etc.)/平行 [ping2 xing2] /parallel/评选 [ping2 xuan3] /to choose/评议会 [ping2 yi4 hui4] /council/平原 [ping2 yuan2] /field/plane/屏障 [ping2 zhang4] /protective screen/平整 [ping2 zheng3] /(adj) neat; in order/(v) level; remove any bumps/评注 [ping2 zhu4] /commentary/remark/瓶子 [ping2 zi5] /bottle/皮儿 [pir2] /(dough, etc.)wrappers/cover/坡 [po1] /slope/陂 [po1] /rugged/uneven/钋 [po1] /polonium/颇 [po1] /quite/rather/uneven/sloping/泼 [po1] /splash/to spill/泼掉 [po1 diao4] /spill/婆 [po2] /grandmother/matron/mother-in-law/鄱 [po2] /name of a lake/皤 [po2] /white/婆家 [po2 jia5] /husband's family/婆婆 [po2 po5] /husband's mother/mother-in-law/叵 [po3] /not/thereupon/笸 [po3] /flat basket-tray/朴 [po4] /Celtis sinensis var. japonica/珀 [po4] /amber/迫 [po4] /to force/to compel/pressing/urgent/破 [po4] /to break/to split/broken/damaged/worn out/粕 [po4] /grains in distilled liquor/魄 [po4] /soul/破败 [po4 bai4] /beaten/ruined/破布 [po4 bu4] /rag/迫不得已 [po4 bu4 de2 yi3] /have no choice/compelled/破产 [po4 chan3] /to go bankrupt/to become impoverished/破除 [po4 chu2] /(v) get rid of, discard/迫害 [po4 hai4] /persecute/破坏 [po4 huai4] /wreck/break/destroy/破获 [po4 huo4] /(v) uncover (a criminal plot), break into and capture/破旧 [po4 jiu4] /shabby/破烂 [po4 lan4] /ragged/破裂 [po4 lie4] /burst/fracture/迫切 [po4 qie4] /urgent/pressing/迫切性 [po4 qie4 xing4] /urgency/迫使 [po4 shi3] /force (someone to do something)/珀斯 [po4 si1] /Perth (city in Australia)/破碎 [po4 sui4] /(v) smash; shatter (to pieces)/破土典礼 [po4 tu3 dian3 li3] /ground breaking ceremony/破晓 [po4 xiao3] /daybreak/剖 [pou1] /to cut/裒 [pou2] /collect/掊 [pou2] /take up in both hands/掊 [pou3] /break up/hit/仆 [pu1] /fall prostrate/扑 [pu1] /to rush at/to throw oneself on/噗 [pu1] /sound of escaping laughter/water/扑 [pu1] /rush on/铺 [pu1] /to spread/扑克 [pu1 ke4] /(n) poker card game/扑灭 [pu1 mie4] /(v) stamp out; dampen out/铺平 [pu1 ping2] /spread out (material)/pave (the way, a road, etc.)/铺设 [pu1 she4] /pave/仆 [pu2] /servant/匍 [pu2] /crawl/lie prostrate/脯 [pu2] /chest (thorax)/莆 [pu2] /place name/菩 [pu2] /Bodhisattva/葡 [pu2] /grapes/仆 [pu2] /servant/蒲 [pu2] /calamus/璞 [pu2] /unpolished gem/濮 [pu2] /name of a river/镤 [pu2] /protoactinium/仆人 [pu2 ren2] /servant/菩萨 [pu2 sa4] /(Buddhism) Bodhisattva/葡萄酒 [pu2 tao2 jiu3] /(grape) wine/葡萄牙 [pu2 tao2 ya2] /Portugal/葡萄牙人 [pu2 tao2 ya2 ren2] /Portuguese (person)/葡萄牙语 [pu2 tao2 ya2 yu3] /Portuguese (language)/葡萄园 [pu2 tao2 yuan2] /vineyard/葡萄 [pu2 tao5] /grape/葡萄干儿 [pu2 tao5 ganr1] /raisin/葡萄糖 [pu2 tao5 tang2] /(n) glucose/圃 [pu3] /garden/orchard/埔 [pu3] /port/浦 [pu3] /beach/普 [pu3] /general/popular/everywhere/universal/溥 [pu3] /extensive/pervading/谱 [pu3] /chart/list/score (music)/氆 [pu3] /thick rough serge from Tibet/镨 [pu3] /praseodymium/普遍 [pu3 bian4] /universal/general/widespread/commonplace/普查 [pu3 cha2] /(v) make an across the board investigation; survey for information/浦东 [pu3 dong1] /Pudong (district in Shanghai)/普及 [pu3 ji2] /widespread/popular/universal/ubiquitous/谱曲 [pu3 qu3] /(v) compose a piece of music/普通 [pu3 tong1] /common/ordinary/general/average/普通话 [pu3 tong1 hua4] /Mandarin (common language)/Putonghua (common speech of the Chinese language)/普通老百姓 [pu3 tong1 lao3 bai3 xing4] /common people/average people/hoi polloi/普通问题 [pu3 tong1 wen4 ti2] /common questions/general questions/堡 [pu4] /character used in place names/铺 [pu4] /a bed/a store/瀑 [pu4] /waterfall/曝 [pu4] /to air/to sun/铺 [pu4] /a store/瀑布 [pu4 bu4] /waterfall/曝光 [pu4 guang1] /exposure/曝露 [pu4 lu4] /expose/exposure/七 [qi1] /seven/7/妻 [qi1] /wife/柒 [qi1] /seven (fraud-proof)/凄 [qi1] /sorrowful/戚 [qi1] /(surname)/relative/凄 [qi1] /intense cold/mournful/期 [qi1] /a period of time/phase/stage/(used for issue of a periodical, courses of study)/time/term/period/to hope/栖 [qi1] /to roost/欺 [qi1] /take unfair advantage of/to deceive/to cheat/萋 [qi1] /Celosia argentea/luxuriant/溪 [qi1] /creek/漆 [qi1] /paint/lacquer/戚 [qi1] /ashamed/grief/缉 [qi1] /to stitch finely/溪 [qi1] /creek/沏 [qi1] /to steep (tea)/凄 [qi1] /intense cold/mournful/栖 [qi1] /to roost/嘁 [qi1] /whispering sound/七百万 [qi1 bai3 wan4] /seven million/凄惨 [qi1 can3] /miserable/七层架构 [qi1 ceng2 jia4 gou4] /seven layer architecture (OSI)/期待 [qi1 dai4] /to look forward to/to await/七点二 [qi1 dian3 er4] /7.2/七点五 [qi1 dian3 wu3] /7.5/欺负 [qi1 fu5] /to bully/漆黑 [qi1 hei1] /(adj) pitch black/期货 [qi1 huo4] /futures (on goods)/期间 [qi1 jian1] /period of time/time/time period/period/期刊 [qi1 kan1] /periodical/凄凉 [qi1 liang2] /(adj) desolate/欺凌 [qi1 ling2] /to bully and humiliate/欺瞒 [qi1 man2] /to fool/to hoodwink/to dupe/期满 [qi1 man3] /to expire/to run out/to come to an end/欺骗 [qi1 pian4] /to deceive/to cheat/期票 [qi1 piao4] /promissory note/IOU/崎岖 [qi1 qu1] /rugged/栖身 [qi1 shen1] /stay at/live in (temporarily)/七十 [qi1 shi2] /seventy/70/七十年代 [qi1 shi2 nian2 dai4] /the 1970's/其他的人 [qi1 ta1 de5 ren2] /other people/期望 [qi1 wang4] /hope/expectation/欺侮 [qi1 wu3] /to bully/栖息 [qi1 xi1] /perch/期限 [qi1 xian4] /time limit/deadline/allotted time/欺压 [qi1 ya1] /to bully/to push around/七月 [qi1 yue4] /July/seventh month/七月三十号 [qi1 yue4 san1 shi2 hao4] /July 30/七月一号 [qi1 yue4 yi1 hao4] /July 1 /欺诈 [qi1 zha4] /to cheat/妻子 [qi1 zi5] /wife/七嘴八舌 [qi1 zui3 ba1 she2] /(saying) a discussion with everybody talking at once/圻 [qi2] /boundary/a border/岐 [qi2] /divergent/side road/steep/其 [qi2] /his/her/its/theirs/that/such/it (refers to sth preceding it)/奇 [qi2] /strange/odd/weird/wonderful/歧 [qi2] /divergent/side road/祁 [qi2] /(surname)/祈 [qi2] /implore/pray/please/只 [qi2] /earth-spirit/peace/耆 [qi2] /man of sixty or seventy/崎 [qi2] /mountainous/淇 [qi2] /name of a river/畦 [qi2] /furrow/small plot of farm land/棋 [qi2] /chess/琪 [qi2] /(white gem)/angel/琦 [qi2] /curio/valuable stone/祺 [qi2] /felicity/旗 [qi2] /banner/flag/齐 [qi2] /(surname)/even/to make even/脐 [qi2] /navel/荠 [qi2] /water chestnut/骑 [qi2] /to ride (an animal or bike)/to sit astride/麒 [qi2] /mythical unicorn/鳍 [qi2] /fins/supporting surfaces/亓 [qi2] /(surname)/his/her/its/their/萁 [qi2] /stalks of pulse/颀 [qi2] /tall/綦 [qi2] /dark gray/superlative/variegated/蜞 [qi2] /grapsus/骐 [qi2] /piebald horse/蕲 [qi2] /(herb)/implore/pray/place name/蛴 [qi2] /larva/maggot/齐白石 [qi2 bai2 shi2] /name of a famous Chinese artist, Qi Bai Shi/骑兵 [qi2 bing1] /cavalry/骑车 [qi2 che1] /cycle/其次 [qi2 ci4] /next/secondly/祈祷 [qi2 dao3] /to pray/to say one's prayers/prayer/奇怪 [qi2 guai4] /strange/odd/奇观 [qi2 guan1] /spectacle/旗号 [qi2 hao4] /(n) banner, under the auspices of the flag, showing the flag while actually doing a crime/奇花异草 [qi2 hua1 yi4 cao3] /(saying) very rarely seen, unusual/奇迹 [qi2 ji1] /miracle/奇迹 [qi2 ji1] /miracle/miraculous/wonder/奇景 [qi2 jing3] /marvel/骑马 [qi2 ma3] /ride on horseback/奇妙 [qi2 miao4] /fantastic/wonderful/旗袍 [qi2 pao2] /Chinese-style dress/cheongsam/骑师 [qi2 shi1] /horseman/其实 [qi2 shi2] /actually/that is not the case/in fact/really/奇事 [qi2 shi4] /marvel/歧视 [qi2 shi4] /discrimination (against someone)/骑士 [qi2 shi4] /rider/骑士风格 [qi2 shi4 feng1 ge2] /knighthood/骑士气概 [qi2 shi4 qi4 gai4] /chivalry/奇数 [qi2 shu4] /odd number/其他 [qi2 ta1] /other/else/其它 [qi2 ta1] /other/奇特 [qi2 te4] /peculiar/queer/strange/奇闻 [qi2 wen2] /anecdote/其余 [qi2 yu2] /rest/remaining/remainder/旗帜 [qi2 zhi4] /ensign/flag/其中 [qi2 zhong1] /among/in/其自身 [qi2 zi4 shen1] /one's own (respective)/proprietary/旗子 [qi2 zi5] /flag/banner/乞 [qi3] /beg/杞 [qi3] /(willow)/name of a feudal state/岂 [qi3] /how can it be that/起 [qi3] /to rise/to raise/to get up/启 [qi3] /to open/to start/绮 [qi3] /beautiful/open-work silk/稽 [qi3] /bow to the ground/屺 [qi3] /hill without trees/芑 [qi3] /Panicum miliaceum/綮 [qi3] /embroidered banner/岂不 [qi3 bu4] /(adv) certainly; definitely/起草 [qi3 cao3] /draft (a bill)/draw up (plans)/启程 [qi3 cheng2] /set out on a journey/起初 [qi3 chu1] /originally/at first/at the outset/起床 [qi3 chuang2] /to get up/起点 [qi3 dian3] /starting point/启动 [qi3 dong4] /to start/启发 [qi3 fa1] /enlighten/起飞 [qi3 fei1] /to take off (in an airplane)/起伏 [qi3 fu2] /ups and downs/with a wavy motion (brush stroke in painting)/乞丐 [qi3 gai4] /beggar/起哄 [qi3 hong4] /(v) gather together and cause a commotion/起劲 [qi3 jin4] /vigorously/energetically/enthusiastically/起来 [qi3 lai5] /beginning or continuing an action/upward movement/stand up/起码 [qi3 ma3] /(adj) at the minimum; at the very least/起泡沫 [qi3 pao4 mo4] /seethe/乞求 [qi3 qiu2] /(v) beg/绮色佳 [qi3 se4 jia1] /Ithaca, NY (but pronounced yi3 se4 jia1, following a mistake made by Hu2 Shi4 胡适)/起身 [qi3 shen1] /(v) leave; set forth/(v) get up/起始 [qi3 shi3] /originate/启示 [qi3 shi4] /enlightenment/revelation/启事 [qi3 shi4] /(n) public information usually posted on a wall; an announcement; notice/启示录 [qi3 shi4 lu4] /Revelations/启示者 [qi3 shi4 zhe3] /revelator/起死回生 [qi3 si3 hui2 sheng1] /arise from the dead/起诉 [qi3 su4] /to sue/to bring a lawsuit against/起诉者 [qi3 su4 zhe3] /suitor/企图 [qi3 tu2] /attempt/企业 [qi3 ye4] /company/firm/enterprise/企业管理 [qi3 ye4 guan3 li3] /business management (as a study)/企业集团 [qi3 ye4 ji2 tuan2] /industry association/企业间网路 [qi3 ye4 jian1 wang3 lu4] /extranet/company-external network/企业内网路 [qi3 ye4 nei4 wang3 lu4] /intranet/company-internal network/起义 [qi3 yi4] /uprising/insurrection/revolt/岂有此理 [qi3 you3 ci3 li3] /(saying) outrageous; ridiculous; absurd/起源 [qi3 yuan2] /origin/to originate/to come from/起重机 [qi3 zhong4 ji1] /crane/起皱纹 [qi3 zhou4 wen2] /shrivel/汽 [qi4] /steam/vapor/迄 [qi4] /as yet/until/妻 [qi4] /to marry off (a daughter)/泣 [qi4] /to sob/亟 [qi4] /repeatedly/frequently/契 [qi4] /contract/砌 [qi4] /to build by laying bricks or stones/气 [qi4] /gas/air/smell/weather/vital breath/to make sb. angry/to get angry/to be enraged/讫 [qi4] /finished/弃 [qi4] /abandon/relinquish/to discard/to throw away/器 [qi4] /device/tool/utensil/憩 [qi4] /to rest/碛 [qi4] /moraine/rocks in shallow water/气 [qi4] /air/anger/gas/汔 [qi4] /near/葺 [qi4] /to repair/器材 [qi4 cai2] /equipment/material/汽车 [qi4 che1] /car/automobile/气车 [qi4 che1] /bus/汽车展览会 [qi4 che1 zhan3 lan3 hui4] /car show/automobile expo/汽船 [qi4 chuan2] /steamboat/steamship/气喘 [qi4 chuan3] /(v) breathe with effort; be short of breath due to poor lung capacity (asthma)/气喘喘 [qi4 chuan3 chuan3] /breathless/气氛 [qi4 fen1] /atmosphere/mood/气愤 [qi4 fen4] /indignant/furious/气概 [qi4 gai4] /lofty quality/mettle/spirit/气功 [qi4 gong1] /qigong, a system of deep breathing exercises/器官 [qi4 guan1] /organ (part of body tissue)/apparatus/器官捐献者 [qi4 guan1 juan1 xian4 zhe3] /organ donor/器官移殖 [qi4 guan1 yi2 zhi2] /organ transplant/气候 [qi4 hou4] /climate/atmosphere/situation/气候状况 [qi4 hou4 zhuang4 kuang4] /climatic conditions/atmospheric conditions/迄今 [qi4 jin1] /so far/to date/until now/弃旧图新 [qi4 jiu4 tu2 xin1] /to turn over a new leaf/契据 [qi4 ju4] /deed/器具 [qi4 ju4] /implement/ware/气力 [qi4 li4] /(n) strength; energy/气流 [qi4 liu2] /(n) air stream; airflow/(n) breath/气泡 [qi4 pao1] /bubble/气魄 [qi4 po4] /(n) bold vision; enterprising outlook/(n) imposing attitude/气球 [qi4 qiu2] /balloon/弃权 [qi4 quan2] /to abstain from voting/to forfeit/to waive one's right to vote/气人 [qi4 ren2] /to get someone angry/to get someone annoyed/气色 [qi4 se4] /complexion/气势 [qi4 shi4] /(n) look of great force or imposing manner/弃世 [qi4 shi4] /to leave this word/to die/气势汹汹 [qi4 shi4 xiong1 xiong1] /aggressive/汽水 [qi4 shui3] /soda/pop/气体 [qi4 ti3] /gas (i.e. gaseous substance)/气味 [qi4 wei4] /odor/scent/气温 [qi4 wen1] /air temperature/气息 [qi4 xi1] /breath/气象 [qi4 xiang4] /meteorology/atmosphere/气象学 [qi4 xiang4 xue2] /meteorology/器械 [qi4 xie4] /(n) specialty or precision equipment; apparatus/气压 [qi4 ya1] /atmospheric pressure/barometric pressure/气压计 [qi4 ya1 ji4] /barometer/弃樱 [qi4 ying1] /abandoned baby/汽油 [qi4 you2] /gas/gasoline/契约 [qi4 yue1] /agreement/contract/气质 [qi4 zhi2] /temperament/弃置 [qi4 zhi4] /to throw away/to discard/掐 [qia1] /pick (flowers)/to pinch/卡 [qia3] /customs station/to be choked/to fasten/to clip/to wedge/checkpost/恰 [qia4] /exactly/just/洽 [qia4] /accord/make contact/恰当 [qia4 dang4] /appropriate/suitable/恰到好处 [qia4 dao4 hao3 chu4] /(saying) to say or do something atjut the right moment/恰好 [qia4 hao3] /as it turns out/by lucky coincidence/恰恰 [qia4 qia4] /exactly/just/precisely/恰巧 [qia4 qiao3] /(adv) by coincidence; fortunately/恰如其分 [qia4 ru2 qi2 fen4] /(saying) to say or do something appropriate/恰如其份 [qia4 ru2 qi2 fen4] /appropriate/judicious/accurate (assessment, etc)/洽谈 [qia4 tan2] /(v) discuss/千 [qian1] /thousand/仟 [qian1] /thousand/阡 [qian1] /road leading north and south/牵 [qian1] /lead along/愆 [qian1] /fault/transgression/铅 [qian1] /lead (metal)/搴 [qian1] /seize/迁 [qian1] /to move/to shift/谦 [qian1] /modest/签 [qian1] /sign one's name/骞 [qian1] /defective/raise/签 [qian1] /a note/a stick/sign one's name/千 [qian1] /a swing/扦 [qian1] /graft (tree)/stick in/岍 [qian1] /name of a mountain/芊 [qian1] /green/luxuriant growth/佥 [qian1] /all/悭 [qian1] /stingy/褰 [qian1] /lift up the skirts/lower garments/铅笔 [qian1 bi3] /(lead) pencil/牵扯 [qian1 che3] /involve/implicate/签出 [qian1 chu1] /to log off/签订 [qian1 ding4] /to agree to and sign (a treaty, etc)/迁都 [qian1 du1] /to move the capitol (city)/签发 [qian1 fa1] /(v) officially sign and issue/千方百计 [qian1 fang1 bai3 ji4] /by every possible means/谦和 [qian1 he2] /meekly/千赫兹 [qian1 he4 zi1] /kilohertz/kHz/千家万户 [qian1 jia1 wan4 hu4] /(saying) every family/迁就 [qian1 jiu4] /to yield/to adapt to/to accommodate to (sth)/迁居 [qian1 ju1] /to move (from one residence to another)/迁居移民 [qian1 ju1 yi2 min2] /immigration/千军万马 [qian1 jun1 wan4 ma3] /(saying) a strong army with thousands of horses; large number of people/千克 [qian1 ke4] /kilogram/牵连 [qian1 lian2] /(be) implicated/签名 [qian1 ming2] /to sign (one's name with a pen, etc.)/to autograph/迁怒 [qian1 nu4] /to take one's anger out on sb (who does not deserve it)/铅球 [qian1 qiu2] /(n) shot put/签入 [qian1 ru4] /to log on/to log in/牵涉 [qian1 she4] /involve/implicated/签署 [qian1 shu3] /to sign (an agreement)/千丝万缕 [qian1 si1 wan4 lu:3] /linked in countless ways/千瓦 [qian1 wa3] /(meas) kilowatt/千万 [qian1 wan4] /ten million/millions and millions/very many/千位元 [qian1 wei4 yuan2] /kilobit/千禧年 [qian1 xi1 nian2] /Millennium/迁徙 [qian1 xi3] /to migrate/to move/谦虚 [qian1 xu1] /modest/谦逊 [qian1 xun4] /humble/humility/modesty/迁延 [qian1 yan2] /long delay/迁移 [qian1 yi2] /to migrate/to move/牵引 [qian1 yin3] /(v) tow; pull/签章 [qian1 zhang1] /signature/签证 [qian1 zheng4] /visa/牵制 [qian1 zhi4] /(v) tie up; batten down; curb/(v) distract/千周 [qian1 zhou1] /kilohertz/kHz/签字 [qian1 zi4] /to sign (a signature)/千字节 [qian1 zi4 jie2] /kilobyte/前 [qian2] /before/in front/ago/former/previous/earlier/front/虔 [qian2] /devout/干 [qian2] /(surname)/male/strong/钤 [qian2] /latch of door/seal/钳 [qian2] /pliers/pincers/to clamp/箝 [qian2] /pliers/pincers/to clamp/潜 [qian2] /hidden/latent/secret/to hide/to conceal/secret/hidden/to submerge/钱 [qian2] /(surname)/coin/money/黔 [qian2] /an old name for Guizhou (贵州) province/掮 [qian2] /carry on shoulders/钱包 [qian2 bao1] /purse/wallet/前辈 [qian2 bei4] /senior/older generation/前边 [qian2 bian1] /(n) the area in front of sth/前不久 [qian2 bu4 jiu3] /not long before/前程 [qian2 cheng2] /future (career, etc) prospects/虔诚 [qian2 cheng2] /sincere/钱袋 [qian2 dai4] /purse/wallet/前额 [qian2 e4] /forehead/前方 [qian2 fang1] /ahead/the front/潜伏 [qian2 fu2] /to hide/to cover up/to conceal/前赴后继 [qian2 fu4 hou4 ji4] /(saying) advance in waves of people/前后 [qian2 hou4] /(n) an approximate time/(n) from beginning to end/(n) everywhere; all about/前后 [qian2 hou4] /around/about/from beginning to end/前进 [qian2 jin4] /to go forward/to forge ahead/to advance/onward/前景 [qian2 jing3] /foreground/vista/(future) prospects/perspective/潜力 [qian2 li4] /potential/capacity/前列 [qian2 lie4] /(n) the very front/前面 [qian2 mian5] /fore/front/前年 [qian2 nian2] /the year before last/前期 [qian2 qi1] /(n) the time period preceeding some other time/钱其琛 [qian2 qi2 chen1] /Qian Qichen (Chinese vice-premier)/前人 [qian2 ren2] /(n) ancestors/前任 [qian2 ren4] /predecessor/ex-/former/前生 [qian2 sheng1] /pre-existence/前生召唤 [qian2 sheng1 zhao4 huan4] /foreordination/潜水 [qian2 shui3] /dive/潜水艇 [qian2 shui3 ting3] /submarine/前苏联 [qian2 su1 lian2] /former Soviet Union/前所未有 [qian2 suo3 wei4 you3] /unprecedented/前提 [qian2 ti2] /premise/前天 [qian2 tian1] /the day before yesterday/潜艇 [qian2 ting3] /submarine/前头 [qian2 tou5] /in front/at the head/ahead/above/前途 [qian2 tu2] /prospects/outlook (for the future)/future/前往 [qian2 wang3] /leave for/proceed towards/to go/前夕 [qian2 xi1] /eve/the day before/前线 [qian2 xian4] /(n) military front line; edge of a construction site/前向拥塞通知 [qian2 xiang4 yong1 sai1 tong1 zhi1] /Forward Explicit Congestion Notification/FECN/潜行 [qian2 xing2] /sneak/前言 [qian2 yan2] /preface/forward/introduction/潜在 [qian2 zai4] /hidden/potential/latent/潜在威胁 [qian2 zai4 wei1 xie2] /potential threat/potential menace/前者 [qian2 zhe3] /the former/钳子 [qian2 zi5] /(n) pliers; forceps; clamp/浅 [qian3] /shallow/遣 [qian3] /dispatch/谴 [qian3] /punishment/scold/缱 [qian3] /attached to/loving/浅黄色 [qian3 huang2 se4] /buff/pale yellow/谴责 [qian3 ze2] /denounce/condemn/criticize/欠 [qian4] /deficient/owe/to lack/yawn/倩 [qian4] /niece/plagiarize/winsome/嵌 [qian4] /deep valley/inlay/堑 [qian4] /moat around a city/歉 [qian4] /apologize/deficient/to regret/纤 [qian4] /boatman's tow-rope/芡 [qian4] /Euryale ferox/茜 [qian4] /Rubia cordiolia/慊 [qian4] /dissatisfied/欠佳 [qian4 jia1] /suboptimal/subpar/not good enough/歉意 [qian4 yi4] /apology/regret/羌 [qiang1] /educated/name of a tribe/strong/腔 [qiang1] /cavity of body/tune/呛 [qiang1] /against wind/抢 [qiang1] /against wind/枪 [qiang1] /gun/firearm/rifle/spear/枪 [qiang1] /rifle/spear/锵 [qiang1] /tinkling of small bells/蜣 [qiang1] /dung beetle/跄 [qiang1] /walk rapidly/镪 [qiang1] /sulfuric acid/枪毙 [qiang1 bi4] /(v) execute by firing squad; execute by shooting/腔调 [qiang1 diao4] /accent/枪管 [qiang1 guan3] /gun barrel/抢劫 [qiang1 jie2] /rob/强 [qiang2] /strength/force/power/powerful/better/樯 [qiang2] /boom/mast/墙 [qiang2] /wall/蔷 [qiang2] /wild rose/嫱 [qiang2] /female court officials/强暴 [qiang2 bao4] /violent/墙壁 [qiang2 bi4] /wall/强大 [qiang2 da4] /large/formidable/powerful/strong/强盗 [qiang2 dao4] /bandit/robber/强调 [qiang2 diao4] /to emphasize (a statement)/to stress/强度 [qiang2 du4] /strength/intensity/强风 [qiang2 feng1] /gale/强光 [qiang2 guang1] /glare/强悍 [qiang2 han4] /valiant/强化 [qiang2 hua4] /to strengthen/to intensify/强加 [qiang2 jia1] /impose by force/强奸 [qiang2 jian1] /rape/强健 [qiang2 jian4] /sturdy/强劲 [qiang2 jing4] /powerful/with force/强烈 [qiang2 lie4] /intense/(violently) strong/强权 [qiang2 quan2] /power/might/强盛 [qiang2 sheng4] /(adj) rich and powerful/强势 [qiang2 shi4] /mighty/蔷薇 [qiang2 wei2] /rose/蔷薇花蕾 [qiang2 wei2 hua1 lei3] /rosebud/强硬 [qiang2 ying4] /tough/强有力 [qiang2 you3 li4] /strong/forceful/强制 [qiang2 zhi4] /enforce/enforcement/forcibly/抢 [qiang3] /fight over/to rush/to scramble/to grab/to rob/to snatch/羟 [qiang3] /hydroxyl (radical)/襁 [qiang3] /cloth for carrying baby on back/镪 [qiang3] /money/string of coins/抢夺 [qiang3 duo2] /plunder/pillage/抢购 [qiang3 gou4] /panic buying/rushing to buy/抢救 [qiang3 jiu4] /rescue/强拉 [qiang3 la1] /tug/强迫 [qiang3 po4] /compel/force/抢先 [qiang3 xian3] /to rush (to do sth urgent)/呛 [qiang4] /choke/pungent/跄 [qiang4] /stagger/sway from side to side/雀 [qiao1] /lentigo/敲 [qiao1] /extort/knock/to strike/to knock (at a door)/to hit/锹 [qiao1] /shovel/to dig/跷 [qiao1] /raise one's foot/硗 [qiao1] /stony soil/敲打 [qiao1 da3] /beat/敲击 [qiao1 ji1] /pound/rap/跷跷板 [qiao1 qiao1 ban3] /seesaw/悄悄地 [qiao1 qiao1 de5] /gently/softly/stealthily/敲入 [qiao1 ru4] /to key in/to input/乔 [qiao2] /tall/侨 [qiao2] /emigrant/reside abroad/憔 [qiao2] /haggard/桥 [qiao2] /bridge/樵 [qiao2] /firewood/gather wood/瞧 [qiao2] /look at/翘 [qiao2] /outstanding/to raise/谯 [qiao2] /(surname)/drum tower/荞 [qiao2] /buckwheat/侨胞 [qiao2 bao1] /(n) person living abroad/桥本 [qiao2 ben3] /(Japanese surname) Hashimoto/桥本龙太郎 [qiao2 ben3 long2 tai4 lang2] /Hashimoto, Ryutaro (prime minister of Japan)/憔悴 [qiao2 cui4] /languish/樵夫 [qiao2 fu1] /woodman/桥接 [qiao2 jie1] /bridging (in computer networks)/桥接器 [qiao2 jie1 qi4] /bridge (networking)/桥梁 [qiao2 liang2] /bridge/乔石 [qiao2 shi2] /Qiao Shi (Chinese leadership contender)/乔治敦 [qiao2 zhi4 dun1] /Georgetown/乔装 [qiao2 zhuang1] /(v) disguise/巧 [qiao3] /opportunely/coincidentally/as it happens/skillful/timely/悄 [qiao3] /quiet/sad/雀 [qiao3] /bird/愀 [qiao3] /change countenance/worry/雀斑 [qiao3 ban1] /freckle/巧合 [qiao3 he2] /coincidence/巧计 [qiao3 ji4] /maneuver/scheme/巧克力 [qiao3 ke4 li4] /chocolate/巧妙 [qiao3 miao4] /ingenious/clever/悄悄 [qiao3 qiao3] /quietly/俏 [qiao4] /smart/峭 [qiao4] /steep hill/壳 [qiao4] /shell/诮 [qiao4] /ridicule/to blame/撬 [qiao4] /to lift/鞘 [qiao4] /scabbard/sheath/窍 [qiao4] /intelligence/opening/谯 [qiao4] /ridicule/to blame/峭壁 [qiao4 bi4] /cliff/steep/precipice/俏皮 [qiao4 pi2] /saucy/切 [qie1] /to cut/to slice/切断 [qie1 duan4] /cut off (a supply, etc.)/切换 [qie1 huan4] /to cut over/切片 [qie1 pian4] /slice/切望 [qie1 wang4] /crave/eager/longing/伽 [qie2] /(phonetic)/茄 [qie2] /eggplant/茄子 [qie2 zi5] /(n) eggplant; aubergine; Guinea squash/且 [qie3] /further/moreover/切 [qie4] /close to/妾 [qie4] /concubine/怯 [qie4] /afraid/rustic/挈 [qie4] /pull out/take family along/惬 [qie4] /cheerful/satisfied/锲 [qie4] /cut/to carve/窃 [qie4] /I beg to presume/steal/趄 [qie4] /recline/慊 [qie4] /contented/箧 [qie4] /portfolio/trunk/窃盗 [qie4 dao4] /burglar/窃取 [qie4 qu3] /(v) steal; seize/切实 [qie4 shi2] /feasible/earnestly/conscientiously/realistic/practical/窃听 [qie4 ting1] /eavesdrop/wiretap/窃贼 [qie4 zei2] /thief/侵 [qin1] /to invade/to infringe/to approach/钦 [qin1] /royal/亲 [qin1] /dear/intimate/parent/relation/closely related/衾 [qin1] /coverlet/quilt/亲爱 [qin1 ai4] /Dear ... (way of starting a letter)/亲笔 [qin1 bi3] /(adv) in ones own handwriting/侵晨 [qin1 chen2] /towards dawn/侵犯 [qin1 fan4] /to infringe on/to encroach on/violate/侵害 [qin1 hai4] /to encroach on/to infringe on/侵截 [qin1 jie2] /to hack (computer)/侵截者 [qin1 jie2 zhe3] /(computer) hacker/亲近 [qin1 jin4] /get close to someone/get intimate/亲口 [qin1 kou3] /(adv) personally say/侵略 [qin1 lu:e4] /invasion/encroachment/亲密 [qin1 mi4] /(adj) intimate; close/钦佩 [qin1 pei4] /(v) admire; have great respect for sb/亲戚 [qin1 qi5] /(a) relative (i.e. family member)/亲切 [qin1 qie4] /amiable/friendliness/gracious/hospitality/intimate/cordial/kind/close and dear/familiar/侵扰 [qin1 rao3] /to invade and harass/亲热 [qin1 re4] /affectionate/intimate/warm-hearted/亲人 [qin1 ren2] /one's close relatives/侵入 [qin1 ru4] /to make (military) incursions/to invade/侵入者 [qin1 ru4 zhe3] /intruder/invader/亲善 [qin1 shan4] /goodwill/亲身 [qin1 shen1] /personal/oneself/亲生 [qin1 sheng1] /(adj) related, one's relative/侵蚀 [qin1 shi2] /to erode/to corrode/亲手 [qin1 shou3] /personally/with one's own hands/亲属 [qin1 shu3] /kin/kindred/侵吞 [qin1 tun1] /to annex/to swallow (up)/to embezzle/侵袭 [qin1 xi2] /to invade and attack/亲信 [qin1 xin4] /trusted aide/亲眼 [qin1 yan3] /with one's own eyes/personally/亲友 [qin1 you3] /(n) friends and relatives/侵占 [qin1 zhan4] /to invade and occupy (territory)/亲自 [qin1 zi4] /personally/芹 [qin2] /Chinese celery/秦 [qin2] /(surname)/name of a dynasty/琴 [qin2] /(mus. instr.)/勤 [qin2] /diligent/frequent/禽 [qin2] /birds/fowl/噙 [qin2] /hold in the mouth/擒 [qin2] /capture/芩 [qin2] /Phragmites japonica/螓 [qin2] /small cicada with a square head/檎 [qin2] /(fruit)/芹菜 [qin2 cai4] /celery/勤奋 [qin2 fen4] /(adj) hardworking; diligent/勤工俭学 [qin2 gong1 jian3 xue2] /(idiom) work and study/勤恳 [qin2 ken3] /(adj) diligent and attentive/勤劳 [qin2 lao2] /hardworking/industrious/diligent/禽类 [qin2 lei4] /bird species/birds/禽流感 [qin2 liu2 gan3] /"bird flu" (flu carried by birds - found in Hong Kong in late 1997)/勤勉 [qin2 mian3] /diligence/diligent/industrious/琴弦 [qin2 xian2] /chord/寝 [qin3] /lie down/沁 [qin4] /name of a river/揿 [qin4] /to press (bell)/青 [qing1] /9th of month (tele.)/blue-green/卿 [qing1] /(old) minister/(old) term of endearment between spouses/thou (poet.)/氢 [qing1] /hydrogen/清 [qing1] /clear/distinct/complete/pure/倾 [qing1] /to overturn/to collapse/to lean/to tend/to incline/to pour out/蜻 [qing1] /dragonfly/轻 [qing1] /hydrogen/light/easy/gentle/soft/鲭 [qing1] /mackerel/mullet/圊 [qing1] /pigsty/rest-room/轻便 [qing1 bian4] /(adj) lightweight and portable/青菜 [qing1 cai4] /green vegetables/Chinese cabbage/青草 [qing1 cao3] /grass/清澈 [qing1 che4] /fair/清晨 [qing1 chen2] /early morning/清除 [qing1 chu2] /eliminate/get rid of/清楚 [qing1 chu5] /clear/clearly understood/distinct/青春 [qing1 chun1] /youth/youthfulness/轻打 [qing1 da3] /tap/hit lightly/清单 [qing1 dan1] /list of items/倾倒 [qing1 dao4] /pour/empty out/轻而易举 [qing1 er2 yi4 ju3] /easy/with no difficulty/轻工业 [qing1 gong1 ye4] /(n) light manufacturing/青海省 [qing1 hai3 sheng3] /(N) Qinghai, western Chinese province/清洁 [qing1 jie2] /clean/purity/清洁器 [qing1 jie2 qi4] /cleaner/轻快 [qing1 kuai4] /(adj) light and quick; agile; spry/(adj) lively; blithe/清理 [qing1 li3] /clear/put in order/check up/清廉 [qing1 lian2] /honest/uncorrupted/轻蔑 [qing1 mie4] /disdain/青年 [qing1 nian2] /youth/氢气 [qing1 qi4] /hydrogen (gas)/轻轻 [qing1 qing1] /lightly/softly/轻染 [qing1 ran3] /tinge/青山绿水 [qing1 shan1 lu:4 shui3] /verdant hills and green waters/轻视 [qing1 shi4] /contempt/contemptuous/despise/scorn/scornful/清瘦 [qing1 shou4] /meager/清爽 [qing1 shuang3] /fresh and cool/轻松 [qing1 song1] /gentle/relaxed/青苔 [qing1 tai1] /lichen/清汤 [qing1 tang1] /broth/倾听 [qing1 ting1] /hark/listen/倾听者 [qing1 ting1 zhe3] /listener/蜻蜓 [qing1 ting2] /dragonfly/青铜 [qing1 tong2] /bronze/青蛙 [qing1 wa1] /frog/轻微 [qing1 wei2] /slight/清晰 [qing1 xi1] /clear/distinct/清洗 [qing1 xi3] /to wash/to clean/to purge/倾向 [qing1 xiang4] /trend/tendency/倾向於 [qing1 xiang4 yu2] /prone to/倾销 [qing1 xiao1] /to dump (goods, products)/倾斜 [qing1 xie2] /incline/lean/slant/slope/tilt/清新 [qing1 xin1] /(adj) fresh and clean/清醒 [qing1 xing3] /clear-headed/sober/轻咬 [qing1 yao3] /nibble/轻易 [qing1 yi4] /easily/lightly/rashly/青鱼 [qing1 yu2] /herring/清早 [qing1 zao3] /(n) early morning at or before daybreak/清真 [qing1 zhen1] /Islamic/Muslim/清真寺 [qing1 zhen1 si4] /mosque/情 [qing2] /feeling/emotion/passion/situation/晴 [qing2] /clear/fine (weather)/擎 [qing2] /to raise (hand)/檠 [qing2] /instrument for straightening bows/黥 [qing2] /(surname)/tattoo criminals on face/情报 [qing2 bao4] /(spy) intelligence/information-gathering/情报部 [qing2 bao4 bu4] /intelligence agency/情报部门 [qing2 bao4 bu4 men2] /intelligence agency/情报处 [qing2 bao4 chu4] /source (of information)/情报官员 [qing2 bao4 guan1 yuan2] /intelligence official/情报局 [qing2 bao4 ju2] /intelligence agency/情感 [qing2 gan3] /feeling/emotion/情节 [qing2 jie2] /plot/情景 [qing2 jing3] /scene/sight/circumstances/情况下 [qing2 kuang2 xia4] /under (this) circumstances/情况 [qing2 kuang4] /circumstances/state of affairs/situation/晴朗 [qing2 lang3] /sunny and cloudless/情理 [qing2 li3] /reason/sense/晴天 [qing2 tian1] /sunny/情形 [qing2 xing5] /circumstances/situation/情绪 [qing2 xu4] /feeling/sentiment/情绪化 [qing2 xu4 hua4] /emotional/sentimental/晴雨表 [qing2 yu3 biao3] /barometer/情愿 [qing2 yuan4] /willingness/would rather (agree to X than Y)/顷 [qing3] /100 mu/a short while ago/a 'ching' (unit of area)/approx. (with dates)/a short while/请 [qing3] /to ask/to invite/please (do sth)/to treat (to a meal, etc)/to request/请假 [qing3 jia4] /ask for time off/请柬 [qing3 jian3] /(n) invitation card; written invitation/请教 [qing3 jiao4] /consult/请看 [qing3 kan4] /please see .../vide/请客 [qing3 ke4] /give a dinner party/entertain guests/invite to dinner/请求 [qing3 qiu2] /request/请示 [qing3 shi4] /ask for instructions/请帖 [qing3 tie3] /(n) invitation card; written invitation/请问 [qing3 wen4] /may I ask.../请愿 [qing3 yuan4] /petition (for action to be taken)/请愿书 [qing3 yuan4 shu1] /petition/庆 [qing4] /celebrate/磬 [qing4] /musical stone/亲 [qing4] /parents-in-law of one's offspring/罄 [qing4] /entirely/exhausted/stern/庆贺 [qing4 he4] /congratulate/亲家 [qing4 jia5] /parents of one's daughter-in-law or son-in-law/relatives by marriage/庆祝 [qing4 zhu4] /celebrate/銎 [qiong1] /eye of an axe/穹 [qiong2] /arched/lofty/vast/穷 [qiong2] /exhausted/poor/琼 [qiong2] /(red stone)/beautiful/邛 [qiong2] /mound/place name/筇 [qiong2] /species of bamboo/蛩 [qiong2] /anxious/grasshopper/a cricket/茕 [qiong2] /alone/desolate/跫 [qiong2] /sound of trampling/穷苦 [qiong2 ku3] /(adj) impovished; destitute/穷人 [qiong2 ren2] /poor people/the poor/丘 [qiu1] /Confucius/given name/mound/邱 [qiu1] /(surname)/mound/秋 [qiu1] /autumn/fall/harvest time/a swing/蚯 [qiu1] /earthworm/秋 [qiu1] /a swing/鳅 [qiu1] /loach/丘 [qiu1] /mound/楸 [qiu1] /Catalpa/Mallotus japonicus/秋高气爽 [qiu1 gao1 qi4 shuang3] /clear and refreshing autumn weather/秋季 [qiu1 ji4] /autumn/fall semester/丘陵 [qiu1 ling2] /hills/秋收 [qiu1 shou1] /(v) reap the fall harvest/秋天 [qiu1 tian1] /autumn/蚯蚓 [qiu1 yin3] /earthworm/仇 [qiu2] /(surname)/match/mate/囚 [qiu2] /prisoner/求 [qiu2] /to seek/to look for/to request/to demand/to beseech/泅 [qiu2] /submerge/swim under water/酋 [qiu2] /tribal chief/球 [qiu2] /ball/sphere/裘 [qiu2] /(surname)/fur/fur coat/犰 [qiu2] /armadillo/虬 [qiu2] /young dragon with horns/俅 [qiu2] /ornamental cap/逑 [qiu2] /collect/to match/遒 [qiu2] /consolidate/end/strong/赇 [qiu2] /to bribe/蝤 [qiu2] /larva/grub/鼽 [qiu2] /congested nose/求爱 [qiu2 ai4] /woo/球棒 [qiu2 bang4] /(baseball) bat/球场 [qiu2 chang3] /a ground where ball games are played/求得 [qiu2 de2] /(v) ask for and receive/(v) try to obtain/(v) look for and obtain/球队 [qiu2 dui4] /(n) sports team (ball based sport)/囚犯 [qiu2 fan4] /a prisoner/a convict/求婚 [qiu2 hun1] /propose marriage/囚禁 [qiu2 jin4] /captivity/球迷 [qiu2 mi2] /(n) sports fan (ball based sport)/球拍 [qiu2 pai1] /racket/球网 [qiu2 wang3] /net (for ball games)/球鞋 [qiu2 xie2] /athletic shoes/球状 [qiu2 zhuang4] /sphere/球状物 [qiu2 zhuang4 wu4] /globe/糗 [qiu3] /(surname)/dry provisions/曲 [qu1] /bent/crooked/wrong/屈 [qu1] /bent/feel wronged/区 [qu1] /(ancient volume measure)/(surname)/area/region/district/small/distinguish/蛆 [qu1] /maggot/蛐 [qu1] /cricket/岖 [qu1] /rugged/趋 [qu1] /to hasten/to hurry/walk fast/躯 [qu1] /human body/驱 [qu1] /to expel/to urge on/to drive/to run quickly/凵 [qu1] /receptacle/祛 [qu1] /to exercise/区别 [qu1 bie2] /difference/to distinguish/to discriminate/to make a distinction/驱除 [qu1 chu2] /repel/驱动 [qu1 dong4] /to drive/驱动器 [qu1 dong4 qi4] /drive/区分 [qu1 fen1] /(v) differentiate; find differing aspects/趋奉 [qu1 feng4] /to fawn on/to kiss up to/屈服 [qu1 fu2] /to surrender/to yield/趋附 [qu1 fu4] /to ingratiate oneself/躯干 [qu1 gan4] /trunk/torso/躯干 [qu1 gan4] /trunk/屈曲 [qu1 qu1] /crooked/区区 [qu1 qu1] /trivial/驱散 [qu1 san4] /disperse/break up/趋时 [qu1 shi2] /to follow fashion/趋势 [qu1 shi4] /trend/tendency/躯体 [qu1 ti3] /the body/曲线 [qu1 xian4] /(n) curved shape/(adv) indirectly; roundabout/趋向 [qu1 xiang4] /direction/trend/to incline/区域 [qu1 yu4] /area/region/district/区域网路 [qu1 yu4 wang3 lu4] /local area network/LAN/区域网路技术 [qu1 yu4 wang3 lu4 ji4 shu4] /LAN technology/区域网络 [qu1 yu4 wang3 luo4] /local area network /LAN/曲折 [qu1 zhe2] /complicated/winding/驱逐 [qu1 zhu2] /banishment/驱逐出境 [qu1 zhu2 chu1 jing4] /deport/expel/劬 [qu2] /labor/渠 [qu2] /big/stream or canal/drain/ditch/璩 [qu2] /(jade ring)/(surname)/瞿 [qu2] /(surname)/衢 [qu2] /thoroughfare/朐 [qu2] /(surname)/蕖 [qu2] /lotus/鸲 [qu2] /(mynah)/磲 [qu2] /Tridacna gigas/蘧 [qu2] /(surname)/Dianthus superbus/氍 [qu2] /woolen rug/渠道 [qu2 dao4] /channels/渠沟 [qu2 gou1] /trench/曲 [qu3] /tune/song/取 [qu3] /to take/to get/to choose/to fetch/娶 [qu3] /take a wife/龋 [qu3] /decayed teeth/dental caries/取代 [qu3 dai4] /substitute/to replace/to supplant/取得 [qu3 de2] /to acquire/to get/to obtain/取得大学学位 [qu3 de2 da4 xue2 xue2 wei4] /to obtain a university education/取而代之 [qu3 er2 dai4 zhi1] /substitute/remove and replace (someone)/曲棍球 [qu3 gun4 qiu2] /hockey/取决 [qu3 jue2] /depend upon/hinge upon/取暖 [qu3 nuan3] /to warm oneself (by a fire, etc.)/取消 [qu3 xiao1] /cancel/取消禁令 [qu3 xiao1 jin4 ling4] /to life a prohibition/to lift a ban/取笑 [qu3 xiao4] /tease/make fun of/曲子 [qu3 zi5] /(n) folk tune/(n) music/去 [qu4] /to go/to leave/to remove/趣 [qu4] /interesting/to interest/阒 [qu4] /live alone/quiet/觑 [qu4] /to spy/watch for/去国外 [qu4 guo2 wai4] /to go abroad/趣剧 [qu4 ju4] /farce/去年 [qu4 nian2] /last year/去世 [qu4 shi4] /to pass away/to die/趣味 [qu4 wei4] /to interest/圈 [quan1] /circle/ring/loop/悛 [quan1] /to reform/圈状物 [quan1 zhuang4 wu4] /hoop/圈子 [quan1 zi5] /circle/ring/全 [quan2] /all/whole/entire/every/complete/泉 [quan2] /fountain/spring/拳 [quan2] /fist/荃 [quan2] /(fragrant plant)/痊 [quan2] /recover (from illness)/诠 [quan2] /explain/comment/蜷 [quan2] /Melania libertina/wriggle (as a worm)/铨 [quan2] /estimate/select/权 [quan2] /authority/power/right/筌 [quan2] /bamboo fish trap/辁 [quan2] /small/wheel without spokes/醛 [quan2] /aldehyde/鬈 [quan2] /to curl/curled/颧 [quan2] /cheek bones/权柄 [quan2 bing3] /authority/全部 [quan2 bu4] /whole/entire/complete/全场一致 [quan2 chang3 yi1 zhi4] /unanimous/全程 [quan2 cheng2] /(during an) entire journey/全都 [quan2 dou1] /(adv) all; everything without any exception/全斗焕 [quan2 dou4 huan4] /Chun Doo Hwan (former South Korean president)/全国 [quan2 guo2] /entire country/nationwide/全国性 [quan2 guo2 xing4] /national/权衡 [quan2 heng2] /weigh/balance/全会 [quan2 hui4] /plenary session (at a conference)/拳击 [quan2 ji1] /boxing/全集 [quan2 ji2] /(n) omnibus; complete works of an artist/全景 [quan2 jing3] /panoramic view/全局 [quan2 ju2] /overall situation/全力 [quan2 li4] /(adv) with all one's strength/权力 [quan2 li4] /(wield) power/权利 [quan2 li4] /a power/a right/全力以赴 [quan2 li4 yi3 fu4] /do at all costs/make an all-out effort/全面 [quan2 mian4] /all-around/comprehensive/total/overall/全面禁止 [quan2 mian4 jin4 zhi3] /complete prohibition/total ban/全民 [quan2 min2] /(n) the entire population of a country/权能 [quan2 neng2] /power/全球 [quan2 qiu2] /entire/total/global/全球气候 [quan2 qiu2 qi4 hou4] /global climate/全球气候升温 [quan2 qiu2 qi4 hou4 sheng1 wen1] /global warming/全球资讯网 [quan2 qiu2 zi1 xun4 wang3] /world wide web/WWW/全然 [quan2 ran2] /completely/全神灌注 [quan2 shen2 guan4 zhu4] /rapture/全世界 [quan2 shi4 jie4] /worldwide/entire world/全世界第一 [quan2 shi4 jie4 di4 yi1] /world's first/全体 [quan2 ti3] /all/entire/全体人员 [quan2 ti3 ren2 yuan2] /crew/全同 [quan2 tong2] /identical/拳头 [quan2 tou2] /fist/权威 [quan2 wei1] /authority/authoritative/权威性 [quan2 wei1 xing4] /authoritative/(having) authority/权限 [quan2 xian4] /(n) limits to rights/全心全意 [quan2 xin1 quan2 yi4] /heart and soul/wholeheartedly/权钥 [quan2 yao4] /keys of authority/权益 [quan2 yi4] /(n) rights and benefits/权杖 [quan2 zhang4] /scepter/犬 [quan3] /dog/畎 [quan3] /field drains/绻 [quan3] /bound in a league/券 [quan4] /deed/bond/contract/ticket/劝 [quan4] /to advise/to urge/to try to persuade/exhort/劝导 [quan4 dao3] /try to convince/advise (someone to do something)/劝告 [quan4 gao4] /advice/urge/exhort/(n) exhortation/(v) advise/劝诫 [quan4 jie4] /exhort/admonish/劝说 [quan4 shuo1] /persuade/persuasion/advise/劝阻 [quan4 zu3] /(v) advise against doing sth/缺 [que1] /lack/scarce/vacant post/to run short of/阙 [que1] /deficiency/炔 [que1] /alkyne/缺点 [que1 dian3] /weak point/fault/shortcoming/缺乏 [que1 fa2] /shortage/be lacking/to be short of/to lack/缺口 [que1 kou3] /nick/缺少 [que1 shao3] /lack/shortage of/to be short (of)/to lack/缺席 [que1 xi2] /absence/absent/缺陷 [que1 xian4] /a defect/a flaw/缺心眼 [que1 xin1 yan3] /(adj) (derogatory) have no consideration; inconsiderate/be unaware of one's obligation/缺氧症 [que1 yang3 zheng4] /anoxia/瘸 [que2] /lame/却 [que4] /but/yet/however/while/to go back/to decline/to retreat/nevertheless/雀 [que4] /bird/确 [que4] /authenticated/solid/firm/real/true/阕 [que4] /section of a song/shut/阙 [que4] /(surname)/imperial city/鹊 [que4] /magpie/确 [que4] /authenticated/solid/firm/悫 [que4] /honest/确保 [que4 bao3] /ensure/guarantee/却病 [que4 bing4] /to prevent or treat a disease/却步 [que4 bu4] /to step back/确定 [que4 ding4] /definite/certain/fixed/to fix/to determine/be sure/确立 [que4 li4] /(v) establish; institute/确切 [que4 qie4] /definite/exact/precise/确认 [que4 ren4] /confirm/verify/确实 [que4 shi2] /indeed/really/reliable/real/true/确信 [que4 xin4] /confident/确有其事 [que4 you3 qi2 shi4] /(confirm to be) true/authentic/确凿 [que4 zao2] /(adj) definite; conclusive; undeniable/确诊 [que4 zhen3] /to make a definite diagnosis/却之不恭 [que4 zhi1 bu4 gong1] /to refuse would be impolite/逡 [qun1] /shrink from/群 [qun2] /crowd/flock/group/裙 [qun2] /skirt/群岛 [qun2 dao3] /group of islands/archipelago/群花 [qun2 hua1] /blossom/群体 [qun2 ti3] /colony/群众 [qun2 zhong4] /the masses/裙子 [qun2 zi5] /skirt/然 [ran2] /correct/right/so/thus/like this/-ly/髯 [ran2] /beard/whiskers/燃 [ran2] /burn/combustion/然而 [ran2 er2] /however/yet/but/燃放 [ran2 fang4] /light/set off (firecrackers, etc.)/然后 [ran2 hou4] /after/then (afterwards)/after that/afterwards/燃料 [ran2 liao4] /fuel/燃烧 [ran2 shao1] /combustion/flaming/kindle/然则 [ran2 ze2] /that being the case/then/in that case/冉 [ran3] /(surname)/passing (of time)/染 [ran3] /to catch (a disease)/dye/苒 [ran3] /luxuriant growth/passing (of time)/染料 [ran3 liao4] /dye/瓤 [rang2] /pulp of fruit/禳 [rang2] /sacrifice for avoiding calamity/穰 [rang2] /(surname)/abundant/stalk of grain/嚷 [rang3] /blurt out/to shout/壤 [rang3] /soil/earth/攘 [rang3] /throw into confusion/让 [rang4] /to ask/to let/permit/have (someone do something)/to yield/to allow/让步 [rang4 bu4] /(make a) concession/to give in/to yield/让开 [rang4 kai5] /to get out of the way/to step aside/让路 [rang4 lu4] /to make way (for sth)/让球 [rang4 qiu2] /to concede points (in a game)/让位 [rang4 wei4] /to abdicate/to yield/让坐 [rang4 zuo4] /to give up one's seat/to be seated/娆 [rao2] /graceful/饶 [rao2] /(surname)/to spare/荛 [rao2] /fuel/grass/饶恕 [rao2 shu4] /forgiveness/spare/娆 [rao3] /disturbance/扰 [rao3] /disturb/扰乱 [rao3 luan4] /infest/绕 [rao4] /go around/to wind (around)/惹 [re3] /to provoke/to exasperate/to annoy/喏 [re3] /to salute/make one's curtsy/热 [re4] /heat/to heat up/fervent/hot (of weather)/warm up/热爱 [re4 ai4] /ardently love/热潮 [re4 chao2] /upsurge/热忱 [re4 chen2] /ardor/enthusiastic/热诚 [re4 cheng2] /devotion/fervor/热带 [re4 dai4] /tropic/tropical/热泪盈眶 [re4 lei4 ying2 kuang4] /(saying) eyes brimming with tears/热力 [re4 li4] /heat/热量 [re4 liang4] /heat/how hot/热烈 [re4 lie4] /warm (welcome, etc)/热门货 [re4 men2 huo4] /goods in great demand/热闹 [re4 nao5] /bustling with noise and excitement/lively/热气 [re4 qi4] /steam/heat/热切 [re4 qie4] /fervent/热情 [re4 qing2] /cordial/enthusiastic/passion/passionate/passionately/热水瓶 [re4 shui3 ping2] /thermos bottle/vacuum bottle/热烫 [re4 tang4] /to burn/热望 [re4 wang4] /aspire/热线 [re4 xian4] /hotline (communications link)/热心 [re4 xin1] /enthusiasm/zeal/zealous/zest/enthusiastic/ardent/warmhearted/人 [ren2] /man/person/people/仁 [ren2] /humane/壬 [ren2] /9th heavenly stem/人才 [ren2 cai2] /talented person/仁慈 [ren2 ci2] /benevolent/charitable/kind/kindly/kindness/merciful/人大 [ren2 da4] /(China) National People's Congress/人道 [ren2 dao4] /humanity/人道主义 [ren2 dao4 zhu3 yi4] /humanism/人格 [ren2 ge2] /(n) personality; integrity/(n) dignity/人工 [ren2 gong1] /artificial/manpower/manual work/人工流产 [ren2 gong1 liu2 chan3] /abortion/人家 [ren2 jia1] /other people/人间 [ren2 jian1] /man's world/the world/人均 [ren2 jun1] /per capita/人口 [ren2 kou3] /population/人口稠密 [ren2 kou3 chou2 mi4] /populous/人口调查 [ren2 kou3 diao4 cha2] /census/人类 [ren2 lei4] /humanity/human race/mankind/人力 [ren2 li4] /manpower/labor power/人们 [ren2 men5] /people/人民 [ren2 min2] /(the) people/人民币 [ren2 min2 bi4] /Chinese unit of currency/Renminbi/人民大会堂 [ren2 min2 da4 hui4 tang2] /Great Hall of the People, at Tiananmen Square/人民法院 [ren2 min2 fa3 yuan4] /people's court (of law)/people's tribunal/人民公社 [ren2 min2 gong1 she4] /people's commune/人民解放军 [ren2 min2 jie3 fang4 jun1] /People's Liberation Army/人民日报 [ren2 min2 ri4 bao4] /Renmin Ribao (People's Daily)/人民行动党 [ren2 min2 xing2 dong4 dang3] /People's Action Party (ruling party in Singapore)/人民英雄纪念碑 [ren2 min2 ying1 xiong2 ji4 nian4 bei1] /Monument to the People's Heroes, at Tiananmen Square/人情 [ren2 qing2] /(n) human emotions/(n) social relationship/(n) favor; good turn/人权 [ren2 quan2] /human rights/人权观察 [ren2 quan2 guan1 cha2] /Human Rights Watch (organization)/人群 [ren2 qun2] /a crowd/人身 [ren2 shen1] /personal/(on someone's) person or body/人生 [ren2 sheng1] /(n) life/人参 [ren2 sheng1] /(n) ginseng/人士 [ren2 shi4] /person/figure/public figure/人事 [ren2 shi4] /personnel/人事部门 [ren2 shi4 bu4 men2] /personnel office/人手 [ren2 shou3] /manpower/人寿保险 [ren2 shou4 bao3 xian3] /life insurance/人数 [ren2 shu4] /number of people/人体 [ren2 ti3] /human body/人体器官 [ren2 ti3 qi4 guan1] /human organ/人头 [ren2 tou2] /number of people/(per) capita/人头狮身 [ren2 tou2 shi1 shen1] /sphinx/人为 [ren2 wei2] /(adj) artificial/(n) human attempt or effort/人物 [ren2 wu4] /characters (in a play, novel, etc.)/figure/someone who plays a part/人物描写 [ren2 wu4 miao2 xie3] /portrayal/人心 [ren2 xin1] /popular feeling/the will of the people/人行道 [ren2 xing2 dao4] /sidewalk/人性 [ren2 xing4] /human/人选 [ren2 xuan3] /person(s) selected (for a job, etc.)/人员 [ren2 yuan2] /staff/crew/personnel/人造 [ren2 zao4] /man-made/artificial/人造语言 [ren2 zao4 yu3 yan2] /artificial language/constructed language/人质 [ren2 zhi4] /(n) hostage/忍 [ren3] /to beat/to endure/to tolerate/荏 [ren3] /Perilla ocimoides/soft/稔 [ren3] /ripe grain/忍不住 [ren3 bu5 zhu4] /cannot help/unable to bear/忍耐 [ren3 nai4] /endure/restrain oneself/exercise/patient/patience/忍受 [ren3 shou4] /bear/endure/忍心 [ren3 xin1] /(v) be emotionally willing to do sth/刃 [ren4] /edge of blade/仞 [ren4] /(measure)/任 [ren4] /to assign/to appoint/office/responsibility/妊 [ren4] /be pregnant/纫 [ren4] /to string/to thread (needle)/衽 [ren4] /overlapping part of Chinese gown/轫 [ren4] /brake/韧 [ren4] /annealed/pliable but strong/tough/tenacious/认 [ren4] /to recognize/to know/to admit/葚 [ren4] /fruit of mulberry/认出 [ren4 chu1] /recognition/recognize/韧带 [ren4 dai4] /ligament/认得 [ren4 de5] /know/recognize/认定 [ren4 ding4] /maintain (that something is true)/be of the firm opinion that/to firmly believe/任何 [ren4 he2] /any/whatever/whichever/whatsoever/任何其他 [ren4 he2 qi2 ta1] /any other/任何人 [ren4 he2 ren2] /anyone/认可 [ren4 ke3] /(v) approve; OK/任免 [ren4 mian3] /to appoint and dismiss/任命 [ren4 ming4] /to appoint and nominate/任凭 [ren4 ping2] /no matter what/despite/任期 [ren4 qi1] /term of office/认识 [ren4 shi5] /be acquainted with (a person)/to know/to be familiar with/to recognize/韧体 [ren4 ti3] /firmware/认为 [ren4 wei2] /to believe/to think/to consider/to feel/任务 [ren4 wu5] /mission/assignment/task/duty/role/任性 [ren4 xing4] /capricious/韧性 [ren4 xing4] /toughness/任意 [ren4 yi4] /arbitrarily/at will/random/任用 [ren4 yong4] /to appoint/to assign/认真 [ren4 zhen1] /earnest/serious/take seriously/take to heart/认证 [ren4 zheng4] /authenticate/approve/认知 [ren4 zhi1] /acknowledge/任职 [ren4 zhi2] /hold an office or post/扔 [reng1] /throw/仍 [reng2] /still/yet/to remain/仍旧 [reng2 jiu4] /still (remaining)/to remain (the same)/yet/仍然 [reng2 ran2] /still/yet/日 [ri4] /Japan/day/sun/date/day of the month/日报 [ri4 bao4] /daily newspaper/日本 [ri4 ben3] /Japan/Japanese/日本电报电话公司 [ri4 ben3 dian4 bao4 dian4 hua4 gong1 si1] /Nippon Telegraph and Telephone/NTT/日本经济新闻 [ri4 ben3 jing1 ji4 xin1 wen2] /Japanese Economic News/日本人 [ri4 ben3 ren2] /Japanese person or people/日常 [ri4 chang2] /daily/everyday/日常工作 [ri4 chang2 gong1 zuo4] /routine/日程 [ri4 cheng2] /schedule/itinerary/日出 [ri4 chu1] /sunrise/日耳曼 [ri4 er3 man4] /Germanic/日耳曼语 [ri4 er3 man4 yu3] /Germanic language/日方 [ri4 fang1] /the Japanese side or party (in negotiations, etc.)/日光 [ri4 guang1] /(n) sunlight/日光灯 [ri4 guang1 deng1] /fluorescent light/日后 [ri4 hou4] /sometime/someday (in the future)/日记 [ri4 ji4] /diary/日间 [ri4 jian4] /daytime/日渐 [ri4 jian4] /(keep increasing, changing, etc.) day by day/日经指数 [ri4 jing1 zhi3 shu4] /Nikkei Index (of Japanese stocks)/日军 [ri4 jun1] /Japanese army/Japanese troops/日历 [ri4 li4] /calendar/日落 [ri4 luo4] /sundown/sunset/日美 [ri4 mei3] /Japan-US/日内瓦 [ri4 nei4 wa3] /Geneva/日期 [ri4 qi1] /date/日前 [ri4 qian2] /the other day/a few days ago/日趋 [ri4 qu1] /gradually/day by day/日蚀 [ri4 shi2] /eclipse/日文 [ri4 wen2] /Japanese (language)/日夜 [ri4 ye4] /day and night/around the clock/日益 [ri4 yi4] /day by day/more and more/increasingly/more and more with each passing day/日益增加 [ri4 yi4 zeng1 jia1] /to increase daily/日用 [ri4 yong4] /daily expenses/of everyday use/日用品 [ri4 yong4 pin3] /articles for daily use/日语 [ri4 yu3] /Japanese (language)/日元 [ri4 yuan2] /yen/日圆 [ri4 yuan2] /Japanese yen (unit of currency)/日志 [ri4 zhi4] /journal/日中 [ri4 zhong1] /Japan-China/日子 [ri4 zi5] /a (calendar) date/days of (someone's) life/day/date/戎 [rong2] /(surname)/weapon/容 [rong2] /to hold/to contain/to allow/appearance/look/countenance/茸 [rong2] /confused/fluffy/luxuriant growth/绒 [rong2] /velvet/woolen/溶 [rong2] /dissolve/榕 [rong2] /banyan tree/Ficus wightiana/荣 [rong2] /glory/honored/熔 [rong2] /to smelt/fuse/蓉 [rong2] /lotus/融 [rong2] /harmonious/melt/mild/嵘 [rong2] /lofty/肜 [rong2] /(surname)/狨 [rong2] /Hapale jacchus/蝾 [rong2] /salamander/绒布 [rong2 bu4] /flannel/溶化 [rong2 hua4] /melt/融化 [rong2 hua4] /(v) melt/(v) blend into; combine; fuse/荣获 [rong2 huo4] /prize/award/荣获诺贝尔奖 [rong2 huo4 nuo4 bei4 er3 jiang3] /Nobel prize/容积 [rong2 ji1] /(n) physical space; volume/溶解 [rong2 jie3] /dissolve/solution/熔解 [rong2 jie3] /fusion/融解 [rong2 jie3] /molten/熔矿炉 [rong2 kuang4 lu2] /furnace/容量 [rong2 liang4] /capacity/容貌 [rong2 mao4] /countenance/personage/容纳 [rong2 na4] /contain/accommodate/容器 [rong2 qi4] /receptacle/vessel/融洽 [rong2 qia4] /(adj) on good terms with; friendly to each other; harmonious/容忍 [rong2 ren3] /to put up with/to tolerate/荣幸 [rong2 xing4] /honored/容许 [rong2 xu3] /permit/allow/荣耀 [rong2 yao4] /honor/glory/溶液 [rong2 ye4] /(chem.) solution/容易 [rong2 yi4] /easy/likely/liable (to)/荣誉 [rong2 yu2] /honor/冗 [rong3] /extraneous/冗员 [rong3 yuan2] /excess personnel/柔 [rou2] /soft/揉 [rou2] /knead/massage/rub/蹂 [rou2] /trample/鞣 [rou2] /suede/chamois/tannin/to tan/糅 [rou2] /mix/柔道 [rou2 dao4] /(the sport of) judo/柔和 [rou2 he2] /(adj) gentle; soft/糅合 [rou2 he2] /mix together/put together (usu. things that do not blend well together)/柔软 [rou2 ruan3] /soft/肉 [rou4] /meat/flesh/肉桂 [rou4 gui4] /cinnamon/肉片 [rou4 pian4] /meat slice/肉体 [rou4 ti3] /physical body/如 [ru2] /as (if)/such as/茹 [ru2] /eat/rubicene (chem.)/儒 [ru2] /scholar/Confucian/嚅 [ru2] /chattering/孺 [ru2] /(surname)/child/濡 [ru2] /dilatory/to moisten/蠕 [ru2] /to squirm/to wiggle/to wriggle/铷 [ru2] /rubidium/薷 [ru2] /Elshotria paltrini/襦 [ru2] /jacket/short coat/如草 [ru2 cao3] /grassy/蠕虫 [ru2 chong2] /worm/蠕虫 [ru2 chong2] /worm/如出一辙 [ru2 chu1 yi1 zhe2] /be precisely the same/be no different/如此 [ru2 ci3] /in this way/so/蠕动 [ru2 dong4] /to wiggle/to squirm/蠕动前进 [ru2 dong4 qian2 jin4] /wriggle/如果 [ru2 guo3] /if/in case/in the event that/如何 [ru2 he2] /how/what way/what/如花 [ru2 hua1] /flowery/如画 [ru2 hua4] /picturesque/如火 [ru2 huo3] /fiery/如饥似渴 [ru2 ji1 si4 ke3] /thirsting or hungering for sth./如今 [ru2 jin1] /nowadays/蠕蠕 [ru2 ru2] /wiggling/squirming/濡湿 [ru2 shi1] /moisten/如同 [ru2 tong2] /like/as/如下 [ru2 xia4] /as follows/如意 [ru2 yi4] /(adj) matches ones wishes/如醉如痴 [ru2 zui4 ru2 chi1] /(saying) enchanted; captivated/汝 [ru3] /thou/乳 [ru3] /breast/milk/辱 [ru3] /disgrace/insult/乳白色 [ru3 bai2 se4] /milky white/乳头 [ru3 tou2] /nipple/入 [ru4] /to enter/褥 [ru4] /mattress/溽 [ru4] /damp/muggy/蓐 [ru4] /mat/rushes/缛 [ru4] /adorned/beautiful/入境 [ru4 jing4] /enter a country/入口 [ru4 kou3] /entrance/入门 [ru4 men2] /introduction (to a subject)/入迷 [ru4 mi2] /to be fascinated/to be enchanted/入木三分 [ru4 mu4 san1 fen1] /written in a forceful hand/penetrating/profound/入侵 [ru4 qin1] /to invade/入手 [ru4 shou3] /(v) start or begin/入伍 [ru4 wu3] /enter the army/enlist/入学 [ru4 xue2] /(v) enter a school/(v) first start going to school as a child/入学率 [ru4 xue2 lu:4] /percentage of children who enter school/入狱 [ru4 yu4] /go to jail/get sent to prison/褥子 [ru4 zi5] /cotton-padded mattress/阮 [ruan3] /Ruan (a surname)/软 [ruan3] /soft/flexible/朊 [ruan3] /protein/软磁碟 [ruan3 ci2 die2] /floppy disk/软磁盘 [ruan3 ci2 pan2] /floppy disk/软碟 [ruan3 die2] /floppy disk/软膏 [ruan3 gao1] /ointment/paste/软化 [ruan3 hua4] /soften/软件 [ruan3 jian4] /(computer) software/软件技术 [ruan3 jian4 ji4 shu4] /software technology/软件开发人员 [ruan3 jian4 kai1 fa1 ren2 yuan2] /software developer/软件企业 [ruan3 jian4 qi3 ye4] /software company/软件市场 [ruan3 jian4 shi4 chang3] /software market/软件系统 [ruan3 jian4 xi4 tong3] /software system/软毛 [ruan3 mao2] /fur/软木塞 [ruan3 mu4 sai1] /cork/软盘 [ruan3 pan2] /floppy disk/软弱 [ruan3 ruo4] /weak/feeble/flabby/软体 [ruan3 ti3] /software/软体出版协会 [ruan3 ti3 chu1 ban3 xie2 hui4] /Software Publishers Association/软体配送者 [ruan3 ti3 pei4 song4 zhe3] /software distributor/软硬件 [ruan3 ying4 jian4] /software and hardware/蕤 [rui2] /fringe/overladen with flowers/蕊 [rui3] /stamen/pistil/瑞 [rui4] /lucky/auspicious/propitious/rayl (acoustical unit)/睿 [rui4] /astute/perspicacious/farsighted/锐 [rui4] /acute/枘 [rui4] /tenon/tool handle/芮 [rui4] /(surname)/small/蚋 [rui4] /(mosquito)/Simulia lugubris/blackfly/瑞典 [rui4 dian3] /Sweden/瑞典人 [rui4 dian3 ren2] /Swede/瑞典语 [rui4 dian3 yu3] /Swedish (language)/瑞金 [rui4 jin1] /Ruijin/锐利 [rui4 li4] /sharp/sharply/瑞色 [rui4 se4] /lovely color/瑞士 [rui4 shi4] /Switzerland/瑞士人 [rui4 shi4 ren2] /Swiss (person)/瑞香 [rui4 xiang1] /winter daphne/瑞雪 [rui4 xue3] /timely snow/睿智 [rui4 zhi4] /wise and farsighted/枘凿 [rui4 zuo4] /incompatible/闰 [run4] /intercalary/润 [run4] /smooth/moist/润滑 [run4 hua2] /smooth/若 [ruo4] /to seem/like/as/if/弱 [ruo4] /weak/feeble/young/inferior/偌 [ruo4] /so/such/to such a degree/箬 [ruo4] /(bamboo)/skin of bamboo/偌大 [ruo4 da4] /so big/such a big/弱点 [ruo4 dian3] /weak point/failing/若干 [ruo4 gan1] /a certain number or amount of/弱化 [ruo4 hua4] /weaken/make weaker/弱硷 [ruo4 jian3] /weak base/弱脉 [ruo4 mai4] /weak pulse/若是 [ruo4 shi4] /if/弱酸 [ruo4 suan1] /weak acid/弱小 [ruo4 xiao3] /small and weak/撒 [sa1] /let go/撒但 [sa1 dan4] /Satan/撒都该人 [sa1 du1 gai1 ren2] /Sadducees/撒哈拉 [sa1 ha1 la1] /Sahara/撒哈拉以南非洲 [sa1 ha1 la1 yi3 nan2 fei1 zhou1] /Sub-Saharan Africa/撒谎 [sa1 huang3] /tell a lie/撒迦利亚书 [sa1 jia1 li4 ya3 shu1] /Book of Zechariah/撒母耳记上 [sa1 mu3 er3 ji4 shang4] /1 Samuel/撒母耳记下 [sa1 mu3 er3 ji4 xia4] /2 Samuel/撒 [sa3] /to scatter/洒 [sa3] /spill/sprinkle/撒军 [sa3 jun1] /withdraw troops/卅 [sa4] /thirty/飒 [sa4] /declining/sound of wind/萨 [sa4] /(surname)/Bodhisattva/萨达姆侯赛因 [sa4 da2 mu3 hou4 sai4 yin1] /Saddam Hussein/萨斯 [sa4 si1] /SARS/Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome/萨斯病 [sa4 si1 bing4] /SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)/塞 [sai1] /stop up/to squeeze in/to stuff/腮 [sai1] /gills/lower part of cheeks/鳃 [sai1] /gills of fish/塞尔特 [sai1 er3 te4] /Celtic/塞尔特语 [sai1 er3 te4 yu3] /Celtic language/塞尔维亚 [sai1 er3 wei2 ya4] /Serbia/塞尔维亚克罗地亚语 [sai1 er3 wei2 ya4 ke4 luo2 di4 ya4 yu3] /Serbo-Croatian (language)/塞尔维亚语 [sai1 er3 wei2 ya4 yu3] /Serbian (language)/塞 [sai4] /strategic pass/赛 [sai4] /to compete/competition/match/塞尔南 [sai4 er3 nan2] /(Eugene) Cernan (Apollo 17 astronaut)/塞拉凡 [sai4 la1 fan2] /(Sonny) Seraphin (Haitian ambassador to Taiwan)/塞韦里诺 [sai4 wei2 li3 nuo4] /[Jean-Michel] Severino [World Bank vice-president, East Asia and Pacific]/三 [san1] /three/毵 [san1] /long-haired/shaggy/三百 [san1 bai3] /three hundred/三百亿 [san1 bai3 yi4] /30 billion/三倍 [san1 bei4] /triple/三不 [san1 bu4] /"the three no's" (an example of an abbreviated slogan or catchphrase)/三岔口 [san1 cha4 kou3] /At The Crossroads, the name of a famous opera, story from Shui Hu Zhuan/三重 [san1 chong2] /treble/三次 [san1 ci4] /third/three times/三番五次 [san1 fan1 wu3 ci4] /(saying) do over and over again/三分之二 [san1 fen1 zhi1 er4] /two-thirds/三分之一 [san1 fen1 zhi1 yi1] /one third/三国演义 [san1 guo2 yan3 yi4] /name of a classic novel, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"/三合一 [san1 he2 yi1] /three in one/triple/三角 [san1 jiao3] /(n)a triangle/三角腹带 [san1 jiao3 fu4 dai4] /athletic supporter/三角形 [san1 jiao3 xing2] /triangle/三角洲 [san1 jiao3 zhou1] /delta/三轮车夫 [san1 lun2 che1 fu1] /pedicab driver/三明治 [san1 ming2 zhi4] /sandwich/三年 [san1 nian2] /three years/三千到五千万 [san1 qian1 dao4 wu3 qian1 wan4] /30 to 50 million/三千五百 [san1 qian1 wu3 bai3] /3 500/三色紫罗兰 [san1 se4 zi3 luo2 lan2] /pansy/三十 [san1 shi2] /thirty/30/三十年来 [san1 shi2 nian2 lai2] /for the past thirty years/三十四 [san1 shi2 si4] /thirty-four/34/三十天 [san1 shi2 tian1] /thirty days/三十五亿 [san1 shi2 wu3 yi4] /3.5 billion/三十亿 [san1 shi2 yi4] /three billion/三天 [san1 tian1] /three days/三万 [san1 wan4] /30 thousand/三万七千 [san1 wan4 qi1 qian1] /37 thousand/三维 [san1 wei2] /three dimensional/3D/三位一体 [san1 wei4 yi1 ti3] /trinity/三峡 [san1 xia2] /The Three Changjiang River Gorges/The Three Gorges/三月 [san1 yue4] /March/third month/三月二十一号 [san1 yue4 er4 shi2 yi1 hao4] /March 21/伞 [san3] /umbrella/parasol/散 [san3] /leisurely/loosen/powdered medicine/to scatter/to come loose/糁 [san3] /to mix (of powders)/散播 [san3 bo4] /to spread/散射 [san3 she4] /scattering/散文 [san3 wen2] /prose/散 [san4] /adjourn/scatter/散布 [san4 bu4] /disseminate/散步 [san4 bu4] /to take a walk/to go for a walk/散出 [san4 chu1] /shed/散发 [san4 fa1] /distribute/emit/issue/桑 [sang1] /mulberry tree/丧 [sang1] /mourning/funeral/桑树 [sang1 shu4] /(n) mulberry tree, leaves are used to feed silkworms/丧心病狂 [sang1 xin1 bing4 kuang2] /lunatic/丧钟 [sang1 zhong1] /knell/嗓 [sang3] /throat/voice/搡 [sang3] /push back/push over/磉 [sang3] /stone plinth/颡 [sang3] /forehead/kowtow/嗓子 [sang3 zi5] /throat/voice/丧 [sang4] /lose (by death)/丧生 [sang4 sheng1] /to die/lose one's life/丧失 [sang4 shi1] /lose/forfeit/搔 [sao1] /disturb/to scratch/艘 [sao1] /M for warships/缫 [sao1] /reel silk from cocoons/骚 [sao1] /have sex appeal/臊 [sao1] /smell of urine/骚动 [sao1 dong4] /disturbance/uproar/扫 [sao3] /to sweep/嫂 [sao3] /older brother's wife; sister-in-law/扫除 [sao3 chu2] /(v) sweep away/嫂嫂 [sao3 sao5] /sister in law (husband's side)/嫂子 [sao3 zi5] /(informal) older brother's wife; sister-in-law/扫 [sao4] /broom/埽 [sao4] /broom/dike/臊 [sao4] /bashfulness/扫帚 [sao4 zhou5] /broom/色 [se4] /color/look/appearance/啬 [se4] /stingy/塞 [se4] /piston/unenlightened/瑟 [se4] /(mus. instr.)/涩 [se4] /grating (of surfaces)/tart/acerbic/穑 [se4] /gather in harvest/铯 [se4] /cesium/色彩 [se4 cai3] /tint/coloring/coloration/character/色调 [se4 diao4] /hue/色狼 [se4 lang2] /satyr/色情 [se4 qing2] /pornography/pornographic/色情小说 [se4 qing2 xiao3 shuo1] /pornographic novel/dirty book/森 [sen1] /forest/森林 [sen1 lin2] /forest/森罗 [sen1 luo2] /many things arranged together, or connected together/to go on limitlessly/僧 [seng1] /monk/僧侣 [seng1 lu:3] /monk/僧院 [seng1 yuan4] /abbey/Buddhist monastery/vihara/杉 [sha1] /fir/沙 [sha1] /granule/hoarse/raspy/sand/powder/刹 [sha1] /to brake (car)/砂 [sha1] /sand/gravel/granule/纱 [sha1] /cotton yarn/muslin/杀 [sha1] /to kill/to murder/to slaughter/莎 [sha1] /(insect)/(phonetic)/煞 [sha1] /decrease/tighten/裟 [sha1] /Buddhist monk's robe/鲨 [sha1] /shark/痧 [sha1] /cholera/铩 [sha1] /spear/纱布 [sha1 bu4] /gauze/刹车 [sha1 che1] /(v) put on the brakes/沙丁鱼 [sha1 ding1 yu2] /sardine/沙发 [sha1 fa1] /sofa/杀害 [sha1 hai4] /murder/杀鸡给猴看 [sha1 ji1 gei3 hou2 kan4] /"kill a chicken in front of a monkey" -- make an example out of someone (by punishing them) to frighten others/沙拉 [sha1 la1] /salad/沙利科什维利 [sha1 li4 ke1 shi2 wei2 li4] /General Shalikashvili (Head of US Joint Chiefs of Staff)/沙龙 [sha1 long2] /salon/杀戮 [sha1 lu4] /massacre/slaughter/沙漠 [sha1 mo4] /desert/杀气 [sha1 qi4] /murderous look/杀人 [sha1 ren2] /homicide/to murder/to kill (a person)/杀人案 [sha1 ren2 an4] /murder case/homicide case/杀人案件 [sha1 ren2 an4 jian4] /(case of, incident of) murder/杀人犯 [sha1 ren2 fan4] /murderer/沙石 [sha1 shi2] /sand and stones/莎士比亚 [sha1 shi4 bi3 ya4] /Shakespeare/沙滩 [sha1 tan1] /(n) sand bar; sand beach/沙土 [sha1 tu3] /(n) sandy soil/沙岩 [sha1 yan2] /sandstone/鲨鱼 [sha1 yu2] /shark/沙子 [sha1 zi5] /sand/grit/傻 [sha3] /foolish/傻子 [sha3 zi5] /(n) idiot; fool/厦 [sha4] /tall building/煞 [sha4] /baleful/bring to a stop/very/霎 [sha4] /all of a sudden/drizzle/嗄 [sha4] /hoarse/歃 [sha4] /drink/霎眼 [sha4 yan3] /blink/in an instant/筛 [shai1] /to filter/to sift/to sieve/筛选 [shai1 xuan3] /to filter/筛子 [shai1 zi5] /sieve/色 [shai3] /color/dice/晒 [shai4] /to sun/晒 [shai4] /to sun/山 [shan1] /mountain/hill/删 [shan1] /to delete/杉 [shan1] /(pine)/姗 [shan1] /deprecate/lithe (of woman's walk)/芟 [shan1] /cut down/mow/scythe/珊 [shan1] /coral/舢 [shan1] /sampan/衫 [shan1] /Chinese gown (unlined)/扇 [shan1] /to fan/跚 [shan1] /limp/煽 [shan1] /fan into a flame/incite/潸 [shan1] /tearfully/苫 [shan1] /straw mat/thatch/埏 [shan1] /to mix water with clay/钐 [shan1] /samarium/膻 [shan1] /rank odor (of sheep or goats)/删除 [shan1 chu2] /to delete/山地 [shan1 di4] /mountainous region/hilly area/hilly country/山顶 [shan1 ding3] /hilltop/山东 [shan1 dong1] /Shandong (province in northern China)/山东省 [shan1 dong1 sheng3] /Shandong province/山峰 [shan1 feng1] /(mountain) peak/山冈 [shan1 gang1] /(n) mound; small hill/山沟 [shan1 gou1] /(n) valley; gully/(n) mountain region/山谷 [shan1 gu3] /valley/山河 [shan1 he2] /(n) the mountains and rivers; country's land/珊瑚 [shan1 hu2] /coral/山胡桃木 [shan1 hu2 tao2 mu4] /hickory/山脚 [shan1 jiao3] /foot of a mountain/山岭 [shan1 ling3] /(n) mountain ridge; spine of the mountains/山脉 [shan1 mai4] /mountain range/山坡 [shan1 po1] /hillside/山区 [shan1 qu1] /mountain area/山水 [shan1 shui3] /landscape/山头 [shan1 tou2] /(n) mountain top/山西省 [shan1 xi1 sheng3] /(N) Shanxi, a central China province/山崖 [shan1 ya2] /cliff/山羊 [shan1 yang2] /goat/山腰 [shan1 yao1] /(n) mountain waist; the area half way up a mountain/扇子 [shan1 zi5] /fan/闪 [shan3] /flash/lightning/陕 [shan3] /Shaanxi/掺 [shan3] /to grasp/闪电 [shan3 dian4] /lightning/闪光 [shan3 guang1] /flash/闪亮 [shan3 liang4] /brilliant, shiny/flare/glisten/twinkle/闪烁 [shan3 shuo4] /flicker/twinkling/陕西 [shan3 xi1] /Shaanxi Province, China (capitol city is Xi'an 西安)/陕西省 [shan3 xi1 sheng3] /(N) Shaanxi, north central Chinese province/闪耀 [shan3 yao4] /glint/汕 [shan4] /Swatow/疝 [shan4] /hernia/扇 [shan4] /(a measure word for doors, windows, etc.)/讪 [shan4] /abuse/slander/单 [shan4] /(surname)/善 [shan4] /good/擅 [shan4] /usurp/without authority/膳 [shan4] /meals/禅 [shan4] /abdicate/缮 [shan4] /make a fair copy of/赡 [shan4] /to support/provide for/鳝 [shan4] /Chinese yellow eel/剡 [shan4] /river in Zhejiang/鄯 [shan4] /name of a district in Xinjiang/嬗 [shan4] /changes and succession/骟 [shan4] /to geld/擅长 [shan4 chang2] /to be good at/to be expert in/善良 [shan4 liang2] /good and honest/kind-hearted/膳食 [shan4 shi2] /meal/汕头 [shan4 tou2] /Shantou (in Guangdong province)/善於 [shan4 yu2] /be good at/be adept in/擅自 [shan4 zi4] /unauthorized/商 [shang1] /commerce/consult/伤 [shang1] /injure/injury/wound/殇 [shang1] /die prematurely/觞 [shang1] /feast/goblet/熵 [shang1] /entropy/商标 [shang1 biao1] /trademark/商场 [shang1 chang3] /market/bazaar/商店 [shang1 dian4] /store/shop/商队 [shang1 dui4] /caravan/伤风 [shang1 feng1] /catch cold/伤害 [shang1 hai4] /injure/harm/伤寒症 [shang1 han2 zheng4] /typhoid/商号 [shang1 hao4] /store/a business/伤痕 [shang1 hen2] /(n) bruise; scar/商会 [shang1 hui4] /chamber of commerce/伤口 [shang1 kou3] /wound/cut/商量 [shang1 liang4] /consult/伤脑筋 [shang1 nao3 jin1] /knotty/troublesome/bothersome/商品 [shang1 pin3] /good/commodity/merchandise/商榷 [shang1 que4] /(v) discuss; bring up and analyze various ideas/商人 [shang1 ren2] /businessman/商谈 [shang1 tan2] /confer/discuss/engage in talks/商讨 [shang1 tao3] /discuss/deliberate/伤亡 [shang1 wang2] /casualties/injuries and deaths/商务 [shang1 wu4] /commercial affairs/commercial/commerce/business/商务部 [shang1 wu4 bu4] /Commerce Department (of the US government)/伤心 [shang1 xin1] /grieve/商业 [shang1 ye4] /business/trade/commerce/商业版本 [shang1 ye4 ban3 ben3] /commercial version (of software)/商业管理 [shang1 ye4 guan3 li3] /business administration/商业化 [shang1 ye4 hua4] /to commercialize/商业机构 [shang1 ye4 ji1 gou4] /commercial organization/商业行为 [shang1 ye4 xing2 wei2] /business activity/commercial activity/商业应用 [shang1 ye4 ying4 yong4] /business application/商业中心 [shang1 ye4 zhong1 xin1] /business center/commerce center/商议 [shang1 yi4] /(v) confer over a problem and come up with an opinion/伤员 [shang1 yuan2] /(n) wounded person or persons/晌 [shang3] /around noon/赏 [shang3] /enjoy the beauty of/give/上海市 [shang3 hai3 shi4] /city of Shanghai/上升 [shang3 sheng1] /to ascend/赏识 [shang3 shi4] /appreciation/晌午 [shang3 wu5] /(n) noon/上 [shang4] /on/on top/upon/first (of two parts)/previous or last (week, etc.)/upper/higher/above/previous/to climb/to go into/above/to go up/尚 [shang4] /still/yet/to value/to esteem/上班 [shang4 ban1] /to go to work/to be on duty/to start work/to go to the office/上半 [shang4 ban4] /first half/上半年 [shang4 ban4 nian2] /first half (of a year)/上报 [shang4 bao4] /(v) report to leaders/上边 [shang4 bian5] /upside/上层 [shang4 ceng2] /upper layer/上车 [shang4 che1] /to get on or into (a bus, train, car etc.)/上齿 [shang4 chi3] /upper teeth/上唇 [shang4 chun2] /upper lip/上次 [shang4 ci4] /last time/上当 [shang4 dang4] /be take in/be fooled/be duped/上等 [shang4 deng3] /(adj) highest quality/上帝 [shang4 di4] /God/上个 [shang4 ge4] /first (of two parts)/previous or last (week, etc.)/上个星期 [shang4 ge4 xing1 qi1] /last week/上个月 [shang4 ge4 yue4] /last month/上海 [shang4 hai3] /Shanghai/上海市 [shang4 hai3 shi4] /city of Shanghai/上海戏剧学院 [shang4 hai3 xi4 ju4 xue2 yuan4] /Shanghai Theatrical Institute/上级 [shang4 ji2] /higher authorities/superiors/上将 [shang4 jiang4] /general/admiral/air chief marshal/上交 [shang4 jiao1] /(v) hand in to; give to higher authority/上进 [shang4 jin4] /(v) make forward progress/上课 [shang4 ke4] /to attend class/上空 [shang4 kong1] /(n) up overhead; in the sky/上来 [shang4 lai2] /(v) come up/(v) approach/used after verb to indicate success/上流 [shang4 liu2] /upper class/上门 [shang4 men2] /drop in/visit/上面 [shang4 mian5] /on top of/above-mentioned/尚慕杰 [shang4 mu4 jie2] /James Sasser (US Ambassador to China)/上去 [shang4 qu4] /(v) go upwards/上任 [shang4 ren4] /take office/上衫 [shang4 shan1] /blouse/上身 [shang4 shen1] /upper part of the body/上升 [shang4 sheng1] /rise/go up/上市 [shang4 shi4] /on the market/尚书 [shang4 shu1] /high official in ancient China/上述 [shang4 shu4] /above-mentioned/上司 [shang4 si5] /boss/superior/上诉 [shang4 su4] /appeal (a judicial case)/上台 [shang4 tai2] /(v) rise to authority/(v) go up on the theater stage/上头 [shang4 tou5] /above/on top of/on the surface of/上午 [shang4 wu3] /morning/上下 [shang4 xia4] /up and down/top and bottom/old and new/上弦 [shang4 xian2] /wind/tighten/上星期 [shang4 xing1 qi1] /last week/previous week/上学 [shang4 xue2] /to go to school/to attend school/上旬 [shang4 xun2] /first third of a month/上衣 [shang4 yi1] /jacket/upper outer garment/上游 [shang4 you2] /upper reaches/advanced position/上月 [shang4 yue4] /last month/上载 [shang4 zai4] /to upload/上涨 [shang4 zhang3] /rise/go upward/捎 [shao1] /bring or take (along)/梢 [shao1] /tip of branch/稍 [shao1] /somewhat/a little/烧 [shao1] /to burn/to cook/to stew/to bake/to roast/fever/筲 [shao1] /basket/bucket/艄 [shao1] /stern of boat/蛸 [shao1] /long-legged spider/烧饼 [shao1 bing5] /(n) baked seseme seed coated cake/烧毁 [shao1 hui3] /burn down/烧焦 [shao1 jiao1] /scorch/烧开 [shao1 kai1] /boil/稍微 [shao1 wei1] /a little bit/勺 [shao2] /spoon/杓 [shao2] /ladle/芍 [shao2] /Paeonia albiflora/韶 [shao2] /(music)/excellent/harmonious/勺子 [shao2 zi5] /scoop/ladle/杓子 [shao2 zi5] /scoop/少 [shao3] /few/little/lack/少量 [shao3 liang4] /(adj) a smidgen; a little bit; a few/少数 [shao3 shu4] /small number/few/minority/少数民族 [shao3 shu4 min2 zu2] /minority nationality/national minority/少 [shao4] /young/召 [shao4] /(surname)/name of an ancient state/邵 [shao4] /(surname)/place name/哨 [shao4] /a whistle/sentry/绍 [shao4] /connect/to introduce/劭 [shao4] /(surname)/stimulate to effort/哨兵 [shao4 bing1] /sentinel/少将 [shao4 jiang4] /major general/rear admiral/air vice marshal/少年 [shao4 nian2] /juvenile/youngster/少女 [shao4 nu:3] /maiden/少先队 [shao4 xian1 dui4] /Young Pioneers/奢 [she1] /extravagant/赊 [she1] /buy on credit/奢侈 [she1 chi3] /luxury/sumptuous/舌 [she2] /tongue/折 [she2] /broken (as of rope/stick)/蛇 [she2] /snake/serpent/佘 [she2] /(surname)/揲 [she2] /sort out divining stalks/舌根 [she2 gen1] /back of tongue/tongue root/dorsal/舌尖 [she2 jian1] /tip of tongue/apical/舌面 [she2 mian4] /blade of tongue/laminal/舌头 [she2 tou2] /tongue/舍 [she3] /to abandon/to give up/舍 [she3] /give up/舍不得 [she3 bu5 de5] /hate to part with or use/grudge/舍不得 [she3 bu5 de5] /(adv) hate to do/(v) hate to part with/舍得 [she3 de5] /to be willing to part with (sth)/舍命 [she3 ming4] /to risk one's life/舍弃 [she3 qi4] /to give up/to abandon/to abort/舍身 [she3 shen1] /to give one's life/社 [she4] /society/group/舍 [she4] /residence/射 [she4] /radio- (chem.)/shoot/涉 [she4] /involve/concern/wade/to experience/设 [she4] /to set up/to arrange/to establish/to found/to display/赦 [she4] /to pardon (a convict)/歙 [she4] /name of a district in Anhui/慑 [she4] /afraid/be feared/to fear/to frighten/to intimidate/摄 [she4] /assist/collect/absorb/麝 [she4] /musk deer/厍 [she4] /(surname)/滠 [she4] /name of a river/设备 [she4 bei4] /equipment/facilities/installations/设法 [she4 fa3] /try/think of a way (to accomplish something)/涉过 [she4 guo4] /ford (a stream, river)/社会 [she4 hui4] /society/社会学 [she4 hui4 xue2] /sociology/社会主义 [she4 hui4 zhu3 yi4] /socialism/社会主义者 [she4 hui4 zhu3 yi4 zhe1] /socialist/射击 [she4 ji1] /shoot/fire (ammunition)/涉及 [she4 ji2] /involve/touch upon (a topic)/设计 [she4 ji4] /plan/design/to design/to plan/社交 [she4 jiao1] /(social) interaction/社交语言 [she4 jiao1 yu3 yan2] /lingua franca/设立 [she4 li4] /to set up/to establish/社论 [she4 lun4] /editorial (in a newspaper)/赦免 [she4 mian3] /remit/pardon/射频 [she4 pin2] /radio frequency/RF/射频干扰 [she4 pin2 gan1 rao3] /radio interference/RF interference/射频噪声 [she4 pin2 zao4 sheng1] /RF noise/社区 [she4 qu1] /community/设施 [she4 shi1] /facilities/installation/摄氏 [she4 shi4] /Celsius/centigrade/涉外 [she4 wai4] /(adj) having to do with foreigners or foreign affairs/涉嫌 [she4 xian2] /to be a suspect (in a crime)/涉嫌人 [she4 xian2 ren2] /(criminal) suspect/射线 [she4 xian4] /ray/设想 [she4 xiang3] /imagine/assume/tentative plan/摄影 [she4 ying3] /to take a photograph/摄影机 [she4 ying3 ji1] /camera/社员 [she4 yuan2] /(n) member (of an association or society)/设在 [she4 zai4] /located at/set up in a particular location/摄政 [she4 zheng4] /regent/设置 [she4 zhi4] /to set up/to install/谁 [shei2] /who/申 [shen1] /(surname)/3-5 p.m./9th earthly branch/extend/to state/to explain/伸 [shen1] /to stretch/to extend/身 [shen1] /body/torso/person/life/status/pregnancy/(a measure word used for clothes) suit/呻 [shen1] /groan/娠 [shen1] /pregnant/砷 [shen1] /arsenic/参 [shen1] /ginseng/深 [shen1] /deep/profound/绅 [shen1] /member of gentry/莘 [shen1] /long/numerous/诜 [shen1] /inform/inquire/深爱 [shen1 ai4] /affectionate/深奥 [shen1 ao4] /profound/profoundly/申报 [shen1 bao4] /(v) report or declare (to customs or other authority)/身边 [shen1 bian1] /at one's side/身材 [shen1 cai2] /stature/深沉 [shen1 chen2] /(adj) deep, extreme/(adj) dull; low pitched (sound)/伸出 [shen1 chu1] /extend/深处 [shen1 chu4] /(n) abyss; depths; deepest or most distant part/深度 [shen1 du4] /depth/身分 [shen1 fen4] /position/rank/身份 [shen1 fen4] /identity/status/身高 [shen1 gao1] /(a person's) height/深红色 [shen1 hong2 se4] /scarlet/深厚 [shen1 hou4] /deep/profound/深化 [shen1 hua4] /deepen/intensify/伸开 [shen1 kai1] /to stretch out/深刻 [shen1 ke4] /profound/deep/deep-going/深空 [shen1 kong1] /deep space (outer space)/申命记 [shen1 ming4 ji4] /Deuteronomy/深浅 [shen1 qian3] /(n) depth/(n) limits of decorum/深切 [shen1 qie4] /(adj) sincere; heartfelt; honest/深情 [shen1 qing2] /(n) deep emotion; deep love/申请 [shen1 qing3] /apply (for)/application (form, etc.)/申请人 [shen1 qing3 ren2] /applicant/申请书 [shen1 qing3 shu1] /application/深入 [shen1 ru4] /penetrate deeply/thorough/深深 [shen1 shen1] /deep/profound/身世 [shen1 shi4] /one's life experience/one's lot/绅士 [shen1 shi4] /gentleman/伸手 [shen1 shou3] /(v) hold out hand/(v) ask sb for something/申述 [shen1 shu4] /(v) state in detail; explain/深水 [shen1 shui3] /deepwater/深思 [shen1 si1] /to ponder/to consider/申诉 [shen1 su4] /to appeal (to sb)/伸缩 [shen1 suo1] /to extend/to stretch/flexible/伸缩性 [shen1 suo1 xing4] /flexibility/身体 [shen1 ti3] /(human) body/health/身体障害 [shen1 ti3 zhang4 hai4] /cripple/身心爽快 [shen1 xin1 shuang3 kuai4] /refreshment/深信 [shen1 xin4] /(v) resolutely believe/深夜 [shen1 ye4] /very late at night/呻吟 [shen1 yin2] /to moan/to groan/深远 [shen1 yuan3] /(adj) deep and long lasting; profound/深造 [shen1 zao4] /advanced (studies)/伸展 [shen1 zhan3] /extension/深圳 [shen1 zhen4] /Shenzhen (city in China)/深重 [shen1 zhong4] /(adj) very serious; grave/身子 [shen1 zi5] /body/pregnancy/神 [shen2] /God/unusual/mysterious/soul/spirit/divine essence/lively/spiritual being/神道 [shen2 dao4] /Shinto (Japanese religion)/神格 [shen2 ge2] /Godhead/神话 [shen2 hua4] /fairy tale/mythology/myth/神迹 [shen2 ji1] /miracle/神经 [shen2 jing1] /nerve/神经过敏 [shen2 jing1 guo4 min3] /jumpy/nervous/oversensitive/甚么 [shen2 me5] /what/什么的 [shen2 me5 de5] /and so on/and what not/甚么是 [shen2 me5 shi4] /what is ...?/神秘 [shen2 mi4] /mysterious/mystery/神秘 [shen2 mi4] /mysterious/神女 [shen2 nu:3] /goddess/神女峰 [shen2 nu:3 feng1] /name of a peak by Changjiang Three Gorges/神奇 [shen2 qi2] /magical mystical/miraculous/神气 [shen2 qi4] /expression/manner/spirited/vigorous/神情 [shen2 qing2] /look/expression/神色 [shen2 se4] /expression/look/神社 [shen2 she4] /shrine/神圣 [shen2 sheng4] /divine/hallow/holy/sacred/神态 [shen2 tai4] /(n) appearance; looks; manner/神体 [shen2 ti3] /Godhead/神仙 [shen2 xian1] /(n) a supernatural or immortal being (i.e. fairy, elf, leprechaun)/(n) anyone who is lighthearted in nature/神性 [shen2 xing4] /divinity/神学 [shen2 xue2] /theological/theology/神学研究所 [shen2 xue2 yan2 jiu4 suo3] /seminary/神谕 [shen2 yu4] /oracle/神职 [shen2 zhi2] /theocratic/神祖 [shen2 zu3] /Godhead/沈 [shen3] /(surname)/place name/哂 [shen3] /smile/审 [shen3] /to examine/to investigate/carefully/to try (in court)/婶 [shen3] /wife of father's younger brother/渖 [shen3] /place name/pour/矧 [shen3] /(interrog.)/谂 [shen3] /consult/审查 [shen3 cha2] /to examine/to investigate/审定 [shen3 ding4] /(v) examine and OK/沈国放 [shen3 guo2 fang4] /Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson/审核 [shen3 he2] /examine and verify/审理 [shen3 li3] /to hear (a case)/审美 [shen3 mei3] /(n) ability to appreciate the arts; aesthetics/婶母 [shen3 mu3] /father's younger brother's wife; aunt/审判 [shen3 pan4] /put (someone) to trial/审判栏 [shen3 pan4 lan2] /judgment bar/审判席 [shen3 pan4 xi2] /judgment seat/审判长 [shen3 pan4 zhang3] /presiding judge/审批 [shen3 pi1] /(v) examine and endorse/审讯 [shen3 xun4] /a (judicial) trial (in a courtroom)/沈阳 [shen3 yang2] /(N) Shenyang, capitol of Liaoning province in north east China/审议 [shen3 yi4] /deliberation/pondering/due consideration/婶子 [shen3 zi5] /(informal) father's younger brother's wife; aunt/甚 [shen4] /very/肾 [shen4] /kidney/慎 [shen4] /cautious/蜃 [shen4] /(mythical animal)/clam/sea-serpent/渗 [shen4] /to seep/to ooze/to horrify/胂 [shen4] /arsine/椹 [shen4] /fruit of mulberry/葚 [shen4] /fruit of mulberry/渗沟 [shen4 gou1] /sewer/甚或 [shen4 huo4] /so much so that/to the extent that/even/蜃景 [shen4 jing3] /mirage/渗坑 [shen4 keng1] /sewage pit/渗漏 [shen4 lou4] /seepage/leakage/渗滤 [shen4 lu:4] /percolation/渗入 [shen4 ru4] /to permeate/渗色 [shen4 se4] /bleeding/渗碳 [shen4 tan4] /carburization/渗透 [shen4 tou4] /to permeate/to infiltrate/肾炎 [shen4 yan2] /(n) kidey inflammation/nephritis/肾脏 [shen4 zang4] /kidney/甚至 [shen4 zhi4] /even/so much so that/甚至於 [shen4 zhi4 yu2] /so much (that)/even (to the extent that)/慎重 [shen4 zhong4] /cautious/careful/prudent/升 [sheng1] /to raise/to hoist/to promote/pint/生 [sheng1] /to be born/to give birth/life/to grow/升 [sheng1] /ascend/peaceful/牲 [sheng1] /domestic animal/升 [sheng1] /promoted/笙 [sheng1] /(mus. instr.)/胜 [sheng1] /able to bear/甥 [sheng1] /nephew/声 [sheng1] /sound/voice/(a measure word, used for sounds)/tone/noise/胜 [sheng1] /able to bear/peptide/生病 [sheng1 bing4] /ill/sick/生菜 [sheng1 cai4] /lettuce/生产 [sheng1 chan3] /to produce/manufacture/生产队 [sheng1 chan3 dui4] /production team/生产力 [sheng1 chan3 li4] /(n) production capability/生产率 [sheng1 chan3 lu:4] /(n) production efficiency; productivity/生产能力 [sheng1 chan3 neng2 li4] /manufacturing ability/production capacity/生产企业 [sheng1 chan3 qi3 ye4] /manufacturer/生产设备 [sheng1 chan3 she4 bei4] /production equipment/manufacturing equipment/生产设施 [sheng1 chan3 she4 shi1] /production facility/声称 [sheng1 cheng1] /to claim/to state/to proclaim/to assert/生成 [sheng1 cheng2] /be produced/generate/牲畜 [sheng1 chu4] /(n) domesticated animals; livestock/生词 [sheng1 ci2] /new word/生存 [sheng1 cun2] /to exist/to survive/声带 [sheng1 dai4] /vocal cord(s)/声调 [sheng1 diao4] /tone/note/生动 [sheng1 dong4] /vivid/生还者 [sheng1 huan2 zhe3] /survivor/生活 [sheng1 huo2] /life/activity/生活必需品 [sheng1 huo2 bi4 xu1 pin3] /life's necessities/生火 [sheng1 huo3] /to make a fire/to light a fire/生机 [sheng1 ji1] /(n) opportunity to life; reprieve from death/(n) life force; vitality/升级 [sheng1 ji2] /to escalate (in intensity)/be stepped up/to increase/to rise/to go up/生计 [sheng1 ji4] /livelihood/声价 [sheng1 jia4] /reputation/牲口 [sheng1 kou5] /(n) animals used for their physical strength (mules; oxen; etc)/生理 [sheng1 li3] /physiology/生面团 [sheng1 mian4 tuan2] /dough/声明 [sheng1 ming2] /statement/declaration/声明书 [sheng1 ming2 shu1] /statement/生命 [sheng1 ming4] /life (force)/生命的遗迹 [sheng1 ming4 de5 yi2 ji1] /trace of life/vestige of life/生命迹象 [sheng1 ming4 ji1 xiang4] /sign of life/生命力 [sheng1 ming4 li4] /vitality/甥女 [sheng1 nu:3] /niece (sister's daughter)/生怕 [sheng1 pa4] /(v) extremely nervous; fear/升起 [sheng1 qi3] /hoist/raise/升起 [sheng1 qi3] /rise/生气 [sheng1 qi4] /angry/mad/offended/to get angry/to be enraged/to take offense/生气勃勃 [sheng1 qi4 bo2 bo2] /lively/升迁 [sheng1 qian1] /promote/promotion/生前 [sheng1 qian2] /(n) period of time during one's life; while living/生人 [sheng1 ren2] /(n) stranger/生日 [sheng1 ri4] /birthday/声势 [sheng1 shi4] /(n) momentum/生疏 [sheng1 shu1] /(adj) unfamiliar; strange/(adj) disaccustomed; out of practice/生苔 [sheng1 tai2] /mossy/生态 [sheng1 tai4] /way of life/生物 [sheng1 wu4] /living creature/organism/biological/生物武器 [sheng1 wu4 wu3 qi4] /biological weapon/生物学 [sheng1 wu4 xue2] /biology/生物学家 [sheng1 wu4 xue2 jia1] /biologist/生物战 [sheng1 wu4 zhan4] /germ warfare/biological warfare/生效 [sheng1 xiao4] /to take effect/to go into effect/升学 [sheng1 xue2] /(v) enter the next higher school/生涯 [sheng1 ya2] /career/生意 [sheng1 yi5] /business/声音 [sheng1 yin1] /voice/sound/生有权 [sheng1 you3 quan2] /birthright/声誉 [sheng1 yu2] /fame/生育 [sheng1 yu4] /to bear/to give birth/生育能力 [sheng1 yu4 neng2 li4] /fertility/ability to have children/声援 [sheng1 yuan2] /support (a cause)/生长 [sheng1 zhang3] /grow/生长激素 [sheng1 zhang3 ji1 su4] /growth hormone/生殖 [sheng1 zhi2] /(v) reproduce; flourish/升值 [sheng1 zhi2] /rise in value/appreciate/生殖力 [sheng1 zhi2 li4] /fertility/生字 [sheng1 zi4] /(n) an unfamiliar word or character/渑 [sheng2] /name of a river in Shandong/绳 [sheng2] /rope/绳索 [sheng2 suo3] /rope/绳子 [sheng2 zi5] /cord/string/省 [sheng3] /frugal/save/to omit/to leave out/to save (money)/province/眚 [sheng3] /cataract of the eye/error/省得 [sheng3 de5] /(so as to) save/省份 [sheng3 fen4] /province/省会 [sheng3 hui4] /(n) capital city of a province/省级 [sheng3 ji2] /provincial level (e.g. provincial government)/省略 [sheng3 lu:e4] /omission/省略符号 [sheng3 lu:e4 fu2 hao4] /apostrophe/省长 [sheng3 zhang3] /governor of a province/盛 [sheng4] /(surname)/flourishing/剩 [sheng4] /have as remainder/胜 [sheng4] /victorious/圣 [sheng4] /holy/sacred/saint/sage/胜 [sheng4] /victorious/晟 [sheng4] /brightness of sun/splendor/嵊 [sheng4] /name of a district in Zhejiang/圣保罗 [sheng4 bao3 luo2] /St. Paul/圣餐 [sheng4 can1] /sacrament/盛产 [sheng4 chan3] /(v) filled with; teem with; superabound with/盛大 [sheng4 da4] /(adj) grand; majestic; great/圣诞 [sheng4 dan4] /Christmas/圣诞节 [sheng4 dan4 jie2] /Christmas time/Christmas season/Christmas/圣诞老人 [sheng4 dan4 lao3 ren2] /Santa Claus/圣殿 [sheng4 dian4] /temple/圣迭戈 [sheng4 die2 ge1] /San Diego/圣迭哥 [sheng4 die2 ge1] /San Diego/圣歌 [sheng4 ge1] /hymn/胜过 [sheng4 guo4] /excel/圣化 [sheng4 hua4] /sanctify/sanctification/consecrate/盛会 [sheng4 hui4] /pageant/distinguished meeting/圣经 [sheng4 jing1] /Holy Bible/盛开 [sheng4 kai1] /(v) be in full flowering/胜利 [sheng4 li4] /victory/胜利者 [sheng4 li4 zhe1] /victor/winner/圣灵 [sheng4 ling2] /Holy Ghost/盛名 [sheng4 ming2] /famous reputation/盛情 [sheng4 qing2] /(adj) bonhomie; munificence; great hospitality/圣人 [sheng4 ren2] /saint/圣诗 [sheng4 shi1] /hymn/圣徒 [sheng4 tu2] /saint/盛行 [sheng4 xing2] /(v) be in fashion; prevalent/盛宴 [sheng4 yan4] /feast/剩馀 [sheng4 yu2] /remainder/surplus/圣约 [sheng4 yue1] /covenant/圣职 [sheng4 zhi2] /priesthood/尸 [shi1] /corpse/失 [shi1] /to lose/to miss/to fail/虱 [shi1] /louse/尸 [shi1] /corpse/施 [shi1] /(surname)/distribute (alms)/to do/to execute/to carry out/师 [shi1] /a division (milit.)/teacher/master/expert/model/狮 [shi1] /lion/诗 [shi1] /poem/poetry/verse/湿 [shi1] /moist/wet/蓍 [shi1] /Achillea sibirica/失败 [shi1 bai4] /be defeated/失败是成功之母 [shi1 bai4 shi4 cheng2 gong1 zhi1 mu3] /"Failure is the mother of success" (proverb)/失掉 [shi1 diao4] /lose/miss/湿度 [shi1 du4] /(n) humidity level/师范 [shi1 fan4] /teacher-training/pedagogical/normal (school)/施肥 [shi1 fei2] /fertilize/师傅 [shi1 fu5] /master/a qualified worker/诗歌 [shi1 ge1] /poem/施工 [shi1 gong1] /construction/失火 [shi1 huo3] /catch fire/fire (alarm)/施加 [shi1 jia1] /exert (effort or pressure)/失控 [shi1 kong4] /out of control/失利 [shi1 li4] /suffer defeat/失眠 [shi1 mian2] /(suffer from) insomnia/诗篇 [shi1 pian1] /Psalms/湿气 [shi1 qi4] /moisture/失去 [shi1 qu4] /to lose/失去意识 [shi1 qu4 yi4 shi4] /unconscious/诗人 [shi1 ren2] /bard/poet/湿润 [shi1 run4] /moist/失事 [shi1 shi4] /(have an) accident/尸首 [shi1 shou5] /(n) human corpse/尸体 [shi1 ti3] /(lifeless) body/corpse/失调 [shi1 tiao2] /imbalance/out of tune/失望 [shi1 wang4] /be disappointed/to lose hope/to despair/失误 [shi1 wu4] /lapse/miss/施洗约翰 [shi1 xi3 yue1 han4] /John the Baptist/失效 [shi1 xiao4] /to fail/to lose effectiveness/施行 [shi1 xing2] /to put in place/put into practice/take effect/失学 [shi1 xue2] /(v) lose opportunity to attend school/失业 [shi1 ye4] /unemployment/失业率 [shi1 ye4 lu:4] /unemployment rate/诗意 [shi1 yi4] /poetic/失约 [shi1 yue1] /(v) fail to show up for an appointment/施展 [shi1 zhan3] /(v) use to fullest; put to use/师长 [shi1 zhang3] /(n) military division level commander/(n) teacher/狮子 [shi1 zi5] /lion/失纵 [shi1 zong1] /disappear/失踪 [shi1 zong1] /be missing/be unaccounted for/失足 [shi1 zu2] /to take a wrong step in life/十 [shi2] /ten/什 [shi2] /tenth/石 [shi2] /rock/stone/拾 [shi2] /pick up/ten (fraud-proof)/食 [shi2] /animal feed/eat/food/时 [shi2] /O'clock/time/when/hour/season/period/埘 [shi2] /hen roost/实 [shi2] /real/true/honest/really/solid/蚀 [shi2] /eat up slowly/eclipse/识 [shi2] /to know/knowledge/莳 [shi2] /Peuceclanum gravelens/to plant/鲥 [shi2] /shad/Ilisha elongata/十八 [shi2 ba1] /eighteen/18/蛋白石 [shi2 bai2 shi2] /opal/石板 [shi2 ban3] /slab/flagstone/slate/时报 [shi2 bao4] /"Times" (newspaper, e.g. New York Times)/十倍 [shi2 bei4] /tenfold/ten times (sth)/识别 [shi2 bie2] /to distinguish/to discern/识别号 [shi2 bie2 hao4] /identifier/识别码 [shi2 bie2 ma3] /identifier/食槽 [shi2 cao2] /manger/时常 [shi2 chang2] /often/frequently/时大时小 [shi2 da4 shi2 xiao3] /sometimes big, sometimes small/varying/时代 [shi2 dai4] /age/era/epoch/period/实弹 [shi2 dan4] /live ammunition/十多亿 [shi2 duo1 yi4] /over one billion/more than a billion/时而 [shi2 er2] /(adv) occassionally; often, but not at any fixed time/十二 [shi2 er4] /12/twelve/十二月 [shi2 er4 yue4] /December/twelfth month/十分 [shi2 fen1] /fully/completely/very/石膏 [shi2 gao1] /plaster/时光 [shi2 guang1] /(n) time; era; period of time/时候 [shi2 hou4] /time/length of time/moment/period/实话 [shi2 hua4] /truth/石灰 [shi2 hui1] /lime/石灰石 [shi2 hui1 shi2] /limestone/实惠 [shi2 hui4] /(n) practical or substantial benefit/(adj) to be substantial; be real/识货 [shi2 huo4] /to know what's what/时机 [shi2 ji1] /occasion/opportunity/十几个月 [shi2 ji3 ge4 yue4] /ten months or so/about ten months/实际 [shi2 ji4] /actual/reality/practice/实际上 [shi2 ji4 shang4] /in fact/in reality/as a matter of fact/in practice/实际性 [shi2 ji4 xing4] /practicality/实际应用 [shi2 ji4 ying4 yong4] /practical application/石家庄 [shi2 jia1 zhuang1] /(N) Shijiazhuang, capitol of Hebei province in central China/时间 [shi2 jian1] /time/period/时间内 [shi2 jian1 nei4] /within (a period of time)/实践 [shi2 jian4] /to practice/to put into practice/to fulfill/识见 [shi2 jian4] /knowledge and experience/时间表 [shi2 jian4 biao3] /schedule/时节 [shi2 jie2] /season/time/十诫 [shi2 jie4] /ten commandments/十九 [shi2 jiu3] /nineteen/十九岁 [shi2 jiu3 sui4] /19 years old/十克 [shi2 ke4] /decagram/石刻 [shi2 ke4] /stone inscription/carved stone/时刻 [shi2 ke4] /moment/实况 [shi2 kuang4] /what is actually happening/scene/实力 [shi2 li4] /strength/十六 [shi2 liu4] /sixteen/16/时髦 [shi2 mao2] /vogue/石南属 [shi2 nan2 shu3] /heather/石南树 [shi2 nan2 shu4] /heath/十年 [shi2 nian2] /ten years/石片 [shi2 pian4] /slab/食品 [shi2 pin3] /foodstuff/food/provisions/识破 [shi2 po4] /to penetrate/to see through/食谱 [shi2 pu3] /cookery book/cookbook/recipe/十七 [shi2 qi1] /seventeen/17/时期 [shi2 qi1] /a period in time or history/period/time (interval)/phase/十全十美 [shi2 quan2 shi2 mei3] /(saying) to be completely perfect/十三 [shi2 san1] /thirteen/13 /十三经 [shi2 san1 jing1] /the Thirteen Confucian Classics/十三日 [shi2 san1 ri4] /thirtieth day of a month/时尚 [shi2 shang4] /fashion/实施 [shi2 shi1] /to implement/to carry out/时时 [shi2 shi2] /often/constantly/实时 [shi2 shi2] /real time/实时操作环境 [shi2 shi2 cao1 zuo4 huan2 jing4] /real time operating environment/时事 [shi2 shi4] /(n) current events/实事求是 [shi2 shi4 qiu2 shi4] /be practical and realistic/十四 [shi2 si4] /fourteen/14 /十四行诗 [shi2 si4 hang2 shi1] /sonnet/时态 [shi2 tai4] /(verb) tense/食堂 [shi2 tang2] /dining hall/实体 [shi2 ti3] /entity/substance/实体层 [shi2 ti3 ceng2] /physical layer (OSI)/石头 [shi2 tou5] /stone/十五 [shi2 wu3] /fifteen/十五大 [shi2 wu3 da4] /1 5th Party Congress (of Chinese Communist Party)/十五年 [shi2 wu3 nian2] /fifteen years/十五亿 [shi2 wu3 yi4] /one and a half billion/食物 [shi2 wu4] /food/实物 [shi2 wu4] /(n) definite object or thing/实习 [shi2 xi2] /to practice/field work/实习生 [shi2 xi2 sheng5] /intern (student)/实现 [shi2 xian4] /to achieve/to implement/to realize/to bring about/识相 [shi2 xiang4] /sensitive/tactful/实行 [shi2 xing2] /implement/carry out/to put into practice/实验 [shi2 yan4] /to experiment/experiments/实验室 [shi2 yan4 shi4] /laboratory/十一 [shi2 yi1] /eleven/什一奉献 [shi2 yi1 feng4 xian4] /tithing/十一年 [shi2 yi1 nian2] /eleven years/十一月 [shi2 yi1 yue4] /eleventh month/November/十亿 [shi2 yi4] /one billion/giga-/十亿位元 [shi2 yi4 wei4 yuan2] /gigabit/十亿位元以太网络 [shi2 yi4 wei4 yuan2 yi3 tai4 wang3 luo4] /Gigabit Ethernet/十亿位元以太网络联盟 [shi2 yi4 wei4 yuan2 yi3 tai4 wang3 luo4 lian2 meng2] /Gigabit Ethernet Alliance/石英 [shi2 ying1] /quartz/食用 [shi2 yong4] /(v) eat as food; edible/实用 [shi2 yong4] /practical/functional/pragmatic/石油 [shi2 you2] /oil/petroleum/食欲 [shi2 yu4] /appetite/十月 [shi2 yue4] /October/实在 [shi2 zai4] /in reality/honestly/really/verily/concrete/食指 [shi2 zhi3] /forefinger/实质 [shi2 zhi4] /substance/实质上 [shi2 zhi4 shang4] /virtually/essentially/实质性 [shi2 zhi4 xing4] /substantive/实肘 [shi2 zhou3] /full arm (method of painting)/时装 [shi2 zhuang1] /(n) the latest fashion in clothes/石状 [shi2 zhuang4] /stony/识字 [shi2 zi4] /to learn to read/十字架 [shi2 zi4 jia4] /cross/十字军 [shi2 zi4 jun1] /crusaders/十足 [shi2 zu2] /(adj) completely/(adj) 100 percent/(adj) to be full of/史 [shi3] /history/矢 [shi3] /arrow/dart/豕 [shi3] /hog/swine/使 [shi3] /to make/to cause/to enable/to use/to employ/messenger/始 [shi3] /begin/屎 [shi3] /stool/feces/驶 [shi3] /hasten/proceed to/sail a vessel/使吃惊 [shi3 chi1 jing1] /astonish/surprise/使得 [shi3 de5] /usable/workable/feasible/doable/to make/to cause/使耳聋 [shi3 er3 long2] /deafen/使烦恼 [shi3 fan2 nao3] /worry/使愤慨 [shi3 fen4 kai3] /outrage/使愤怒 [shi3 fen4 nu4] /provoke/使高贵 [shi3 gao1 gui4] /dignify/使高兴 [shi3 gao1 xing4] /please/make happy/gratify/rejoice/使孤立 [shi3 gu1 li4] /isolate/使固定 [shi3 gu4 ding4] /rivet/make firm/使馆 [shi3 guan3] /consulate/diplomatic mission/使骇怕 [shi3 hai4 pa4] /frighten/使节 [shi3 jie2] /(diplomatic) envoy/使劲 [shi3 jin4] /exert all one's strength/使具体化 [shi3 ju4 ti3 hua4] /embody/使困窘 [shi3 kun4 jiong3] /embarrass/使困扰 [shi3 kun4 rao3] /harass/史料 [shi3 liao4] /(n) historical material or data/使麻痹 [shi3 ma2 bi4] /paralyze/使满意 [shi3 man3 yi4] /to make content/使蔓延 [shi3 man4 yan2] /to spread/史密特 [shi3 mi4 te4] /Schmitt/使免除 [shi3 mian3 chu2] /get rid of/使命 [shi3 ming4] /a (diplomatic or other) mission/使魔法 [shi3 mo2 fa3] /conjure/使溺死 [shi3 ni4 si3] /drown/使怒 [shi3 nu4] /exasperate/使膨胀 [shi3 peng2 zhang4] /dilate/expand/使人信服 [shi3 ren2 xin4 fu2] /convincing/使容易 [shi3 rong2 yi4] /facilitate/使生气 [shi3 sheng1 qi4] /displease/史诗 [shi3 shi1] /epic/使湿透 [shi3 shi1 tou4] /drench/使失望 [shi3 shi1 wang4] /disappoint/史实 [shi3 shi2] /historical fact(s)/使受伤 [shi3 shou4 shang1] /hurt/使徒 [shi3 tu2] /apostle/使徒行传 [shi3 tu2 xing2 zhuan4] /Acts of the Apostles/使习惯 [shi3 xi2 guan4] /accustom/使信服 [shi3 xin4 fu2] /to convince/使兴奋 [shi3 xing1 fen4] /exciting/to excite/使羞愧 [shi3 xiu1 kui4] /abash/使厌烦 [shi3 yan4 fan2] /disgust/使硬化 [shi3 ying4 hua4] /harden/使用 [shi3 yong4] /to use/to employ/to apply/to make use of/使用方便 [shi3 yong4 fang1 bian4] /easy to use/convenient to use/使用量 [shi3 yong4 liang4] /volume of use/usage amount/使用者 [shi3 yong4 zhe3] /user/使用者中介 [shi3 yong4 zhe3 zhong1 jie4] /user agent/使娱乐 [shi3 yu2 le4] /amuse/使者 [shi3 zhe3] /emissary/envoy/始终 [shi3 zhong1] /from beginning to end/all along/使转向 [shi3 zhuan3 xiang4] /divert/使醉 [shi3 zui4] /intoxicate/使作呕 [shi3 zuo4 ou3] /sicken/士 [shi4] /scholar/warrior/knight/氏 [shi4] /clan name/maiden name/世 [shi4] /life/age/generation/era/world/lifetime/仕 [shi4] /an official/市 [shi4] /market/city/示 [shi4] /to show/reveal/式 [shi4] /type/form/pattern/style/事 [shi4] /matter/thing/item/work/affair/侍 [shi4] /attend on/室 [shi4] /room/恃 [shi4] /rely upon/拭 [shi4] /wipe/是 [shi4] /is/are/am/yes/to be/柿 [shi4] /persimmon/舐 [shi4] /to lick/lap/逝 [shi4] /depart/die/视 [shi4] /to look at/to regard/to inspect/势 [shi4] /conditions/influence/tendency/嗜 [shi4] /addicted to/fond of/弑 [shi4] /murder a superior/筮 [shi4] /divine by stalk/试 [shi4] /to test/to try/experiment/examination/test/轼 [shi4] /crossbar in carriage front/饰 [shi4] /adorn/ornaments/誓 [shi4] /oath/vow/to swear/to pledge/适 [shi4] /to fit/to suit/噬 [shi4] /devour/to bite/螫 [shi4] /to sting/释 [shi4] /explain/to release/贳 [shi4] /borrow/buy on credit/rent out/铈 [shi4] /cerium/谥 [shi4] /confer such title/posthumous title/势必 [shi4 bi4] /is bound to (happen)/事变 [shi4 bian4] /(n) unforseen event; incident/士兵 [shi4 bing1] /soldier/誓不反悔 [shi4 bu4 fan3 hui3] /to vow not to break one's promise/是不是 [shi4 bu4 shi4] /is or isn't/yes or no/whether or not/视察 [shi4 cha2] /(v) inspect; examine/市场 [shi4 chang3] /market/市场经济 [shi4 chang3 jing1 ji4] /market economy/世仇 [shi4 chou2] /feud/视窗 [shi4 chuang1] /Windows (operating system)/视窗基准 [shi4 chuang1 ji1 zhun3] /Windows based/视窗加速器 [shi4 chuang1 jia1 su4 qi4] /Windows accelerator/视窗新技 [shi4 chuang1 xin1 ji4] /Windows NT/誓词 [shi4 ci2] /oath/pledge/世代 [shi4 dai4] /(n) generation; generation to generation/饰带 [shi4 dai4] /sash/streamer/适当 [shi4 dang4] /suitable/appropriate/是的 [shi4 de5] /yes/饰钉 [shi4 ding4] /stud/适度 [shi4 du4] /moderately/appropriate/视而不见 [shi4 er2 bu4 jian4] /turn a blind eye to/示范 [shi4 fan4] /(v) set an example; show how something is done/释放 [shi4 fang4] /release/liberate (a prisoner)/是非 [shi4 fei1] /right and wrong/quarrel/是否 [shi4 fou3] /whether (or not)/if/is or isn't/事故 [shi4 gu4] /accident/世行 [shi4 hang2] /(abbreviation for) World Bank/嗜好 [shi4 hao4] /fondness/hobby/indulgence/适合 [shi4 he2] /to fit/to suit/侍候 [shi4 hou4] /serve/wait upon/事迹 [shi4 ji1] /(n) achievement/世纪 [shi4 ji4] /century/世纪末 [shi4 ji4 mo4] /end of the century/事件 [shi4 jian4] /event/happening/incident/世界 [shi4 jie4] /world/世界的语言 [shi4 jie4 de5 yu3 yan2] /world language/世界观 [shi4 jie4 guan1] /(n) world point of view or outlook/世界和平 [shi4 jie4 he2 ping2] /world peace/世界经济 [shi4 jie4 jing1 ji4] /global economy/world economy/世界贸易 [shi4 jie4 mao4 yi4] /world trade/global trade/世界贸易组织 [shi4 jie4 mao4 yi4 zu3 zhi1] /WTO (World Trade Organization)/世界上 [shi4 jie4 shang4] /(of the) world/世界卫生组织 [shi4 jie4 wei4 sheng1 zu3 zhi1] /World Health Organization/世界性古老问题 [shi4 jie4 xing4 gu3 lao3 wen4 ti2] /a problem as old as the world itself/世界银行 [shi4 jie4 yin2 hang2] /World Bank/世界语 [shi4 jie4 yu3] /world language/世界知名 [shi4 jie4 zhi1 ming2] /world famous/世界最大 [shi4 jie4 zui4 da4] /world's largest/world's biggest/试金 [shi4 jin1] /assay/试卷 [shi4 juan4] /examination paper/test paper/视觉 [shi4 jue2] /sight/visual/事例 [shi4 li4] /(n) example; exemplar/视力 [shi4 li4] /vision/势利 [shi4 li4] /selfishly concerned with gaining advantages for oneself/势利眼 [shi4 li4 yan3] /be self-interested/势力 [shi4 li5] /power/(ability to) influence/世贸组织 [shi4 mao4 zu3 zhi1] /WTO (World Trade Organization)/市民 [shi4 min2] /city resident/室内 [shi4 nei4] /indoor/侍女 [shi4 nu:3] /maid/适配 [shi4 pei4] /adaptation/适配层 [shi4 pei4 ceng2] /adaptation layer/适配器 [shi4 pei4 qi4] /adapter (device)/视频 [shi4 pin2] /video/视频节目 [shi4 pin2 jie2 mu4] /video program/事情要做 [shi4 qing2 yao4 zuo4] /thing that needs to be done/事情 [shi4 qing5] /affair/matter/thing/business/逝去 [shi4 qu4] /elapse/世人 [shi4 ren2] /(common) people/势如破竹 [shi4 ru2 po4 zhu2] /sweeping/誓师 [shi4 shi1] /to vow before one's troops/士师记 [shi4 shi1 ji4] /Judges/事实 [shi4 shi2] /(the) fact (that)/逝世 [shi4 shi4] /pass away/die/誓死 [shi4 si3] /to pledge one's life/誓死不降 [shi4 si3 bu4 xiang2] /to vow to fight to the death/世俗 [shi4 su2] /profane/secular/worldly/试算表 [shi4 suan4 biao3] /spreadsheet/事态 [shi4 tai4] /situation/existing state of affairs/试探 [shi4 tan4] /to sound out/to probe/to feel out/to try out/势头 [shi4 tou2] /momentum/tendency/视图 [shi4 tu2] /view/试图 [shi4 tu2] /to attempt/to try/示威 [shi4 wei1] /hold a (protest) demonstration/示威游行 [shi4 wei1 you2 xing2] /a (protest) demonstration/示威运动 [shi4 wei1 yun4 dong4] /rally/示威者 [shi4 wei1 zhe3] /demonstrator/protester/事物 [shi4 wu4] /thing/object/事务 [shi4 wu4] /(political, economic, etc.) affairs/work/事先 [shi4 xian1] /in advance/before(hand)/prior/视线 [shi4 xian4] /(n) line of sight; view line/事项 [shi4 xiang4] /(n) matter; item/试行 [shi4 xing2] /(v) try; test out sth/誓言 [shi4 yan2] /oath/promise/pledge/试验 [shi4 yan4] /experiment/test/experimental/试验性 [shi4 yan4 xing4] /experimental/式样 [shi4 yang4] /style/试样 [shi4 yang4] /style/type/model/视野 [shi4 ye3] /(n) field of view/事业 [shi4 ye4] /cause/undertaking/enterprise/plant/试一试 [shi4 yi1 shi4] /to have a try/事宜 [shi4 yi2] /(make) arrangements/适宜 [shi4 yi2] /suitable/appropriate/适意 [shi4 yi4] /agreeable/示意图 [shi4 yi4 tu2] /(n) drawing used to convey basic meaning; sketch; schema/适应 [shi4 ying4] /suit/fit/be suitable/适应性 [shi4 ying4 xing4] /suitability/试用 [shi4 yong4] /(v) try sth out/适用 [shi4 yong4] /be applicable/室友 [shi4 you3] /roommate/事与愿违 [shi4 yu3 yuan4 wei2] /things don't turn out the way you want or plan/誓约 [shi4 yue1] /honor-bound/bound by an oath/势在必行 [shi4 zai4 bi4 xing2] /be imperative/be required by circumstances/市长 [shi4 zhang3] /mayor/侍者 [shi4 zhe1] /waiter/市政 [shi4 zheng4] /municipal/试制 [shi4 zhi4] /(n) prototype; trial product/(v) try sth out/柿子 [shi4 zi5] /persimmon/氏族 [shi4 zu2] /clan/事儿 [shir4] /business/thing/收 [shou1] /to receive/to accept/to collect/收藏 [shou1 cang2] /keep/collect/收成 [shou1 cheng5] /harvest/收到 [shou1 dao4] /receive/收费 [shou1 fei4] /fee/charge/收复 [shou1 fu4] /recover (lost territory, etc.)/recapture/收割 [shou1 ge1] /reap/收割者 [shou1 ge1 zhe3] /reaper/收购 [shou1 gou4] /(v) purchase from various places/收回 [shou1 hui2] /to regain/to retake/to take back/to withdraw/to revoke/收获 [shou1 huo4] /acquisition/收集 [shou1 ji2] /to gather/to collect/收据 [shou1 ju4] /receipt/收留所 [shou1 liu2 suo3] /barrack/收买 [shou1 mai3] /(v) purchase/(v) bribe/收盘 [shou1 pan2] /market close/收入 [shou1 ru4] /to take in/income/revenue/收拾 [shou1 shi5] /to put in order/to tidy up/授受 [shou1 shou4] /to give and accept/收缩 [shou1 suo1] /pull back/shrink/contract/收听 [shou1 ting1] /to listen (to)/to listen (in)/收养 [shou1 yang3] /adopt/adoption/收益 [shou1 yi4] /earnings/profit/收音机 [shou1 yin1 ji1] /radio/收支 [shou1 zhi1] /(n) financial cash flow balance; income and expense/手 [shou3] /hand/convenient/守 [shou3] /to guard/首 [shou3] /head/chief/(a measure word, use with "poem")/手臂 [shou3 bei5] /arm/手表 [shou3 biao3] /wrist watch/手册 [shou3 ce4] /manual/首创 [shou3 chuang4] /(v) originate; be the first to do/首次 [shou3 ci4] /for the first time/手电筒 [shou3 dian4 tong3] /(n) flashlight; electric hand torch/首都 [shou3 du1] /capital (city)/手段 [shou3 duan4] /method/mean (of doing sth)/手法 [shou3 fa3] /technique/trick/skill/守法 [shou3 fa3] /(v) follow the law/首府 [shou3 fu3] /capital city of an autonomous region/手稿 [shou3 gao3] /manuscript/script/手工 [shou3 gong1] /handwork/manual/守候 [shou3 hou4] /abide/手迹 [shou3 ji1] /sb.'s original handwriting or painting/手机 [shou3 ji1] /cellphone/手巾 [shou3 jin1] /(n) hand towel/手绢 [shou3 juan4] /handkerchief/手拉车 [shou3 la1 che1] /cart/手里 [shou3 li3] /(a situation is) in (someone's) hands/首领 [shou3 ling3] /(n) head boss; chief/手榴弹 [shou3 liu2 dan4] /(n) hand grenade/(n) track and field shotput/首脑 [shou3 nao3] /head (of state)/summit (meeting)/leader/首脑会晤 [shou3 nao3 hui4 wu4] /leadership meeting/首脑会议 [shou3 nao3 hui4 yi4] /leadership conference/summit meeting/手帕 [shou3 pa4] /handkerchief/手枪 [shou3 qiang1] /pistol/首任 [shou3 ren4] /first person to be appointed to a post/守时 [shou3 shi2] /punctual/手势 [shou3 shi4] /gesture/sign/signal/首饰 [shou3 shi4] /jewelry/手术 [shou3 shu4] /surgical operation/operation/surgery/手套 [shou3 tao4] /glove/mitten/手提 [shou3 ti2] /portable/手提包 [shou3 ti2 bao1] /(hand)bag/hold-all/手提箱 [shou3 ti2 xiang1] /suitcase/手推车 [shou3 tui1 che1] /trolley/手腕 [shou3 wan4] /skill/finesse/守卫 [shou3 wei4] /(v) guard/首席 [shou3 xi2] /chief (representative, correspondent, etc)/首席代表 [shou3 xi2 dai4 biao3] /chief representative/首先 [shou3 xian1] /first (of all)/in the first place/首相 [shou3 xiang4] /(Japanese) prime minister/手写 [shou3 xie3] /handwriting/手写辩识 [shou3 xie3 bian4 shi2] /handwriting recognition/手写识别 [shou3 xie3 shi2 bie2] /handwriting recognition/手续 [shou3 xu4] /formalities/首要 [shou3 yao4] /(adj) the most important/手艺 [shou3 yi4] /craft/workmanship/手掌 [shou3 zhang3] /palm/首长 [shou3 zhang3] /senior official/手杖 [shou3 zhang4] /cane/手指 [shou3 zhi3] /finger/手肘 [shou3 zhou3] /elbow/手镯 [shou3 zhuo2] /bracelet/手足 [shou3 zu2] /movement/受 [shou4] /to bear/to stand/to endure/(passive marker)/to receive/狩 [shou4] /hunting-dog/imperial tour/售 [shou4] /to sell/授 [shou4] /to teach/to instruct/to award/to give/寿 [shou4] /(long) life/绶 [shou4] /cord on a seal/瘦 [shou4] /tight/thin/lean/兽 [shou4] /beast/quadruped/寿材 [shou4 cai2] /coffin/瘦长 [shou4 chang2] /slim/寿辰 [shou4 chen2] /birthday (of an old person)/受到 [shou4 dao4] /get/be given/receive/suffer/授粉 [shou4 fen3] /pollination/受格 [shou4 ge2] /objective/受雇 [shou4 gu4] /mercenary/受害 [shou4 hai4] /to be injured/to be killed/受害者 [shou4 hai4 zhe3] /casualties/victims/injured and wounded/sufferer/受欢迎 [shou4 huan1 ying2] /popular/welcome/受贿 [shou4 hui4] /accept bribes/售货 [shou4 huo4] /to sell goods/售货员 [shou4 huo4 yuan2] /salesperson/授计 [shou4 ji4] /to confide a plan to sb/售价 [shou4 jia4] /to sell for/selling price/授奖 [shou4 jiang3] /to award a prize/授精 [shou4 jing1] /insemination/授课 [shou4 ke4] /to teach/to give lessons/受苦 [shou4 ku3] /suffer/寿礼 [shou4 li3] /birthday present (for an old person)/售卖 [shou4 mai4] /to sell/寿面 [shou4 mian4] /birthday noodles (for longevity)/授命 [shou4 ming4] /to give orders/寿命 [shou4 ming4] /life span/life expectancy/受难者 [shou4 nan4 zhe3] /sufferer/售票处 [shou4 piao4 chu4] /ticket office/售票口 [shou4 piao4 kou3] /ticket window/售票员 [shou4 piao4 yuan2] /ticket seller/授权 [shou4 quan2] /to authorize/瘦弱 [shou4 ruo4] /thin and weak/受伤 [shou4 shang1] /suffer injuries (in an accident, etc.)/受伤害 [shou4 shang1 hai4] /be injured/授时 [shou4 shi2] /time service/受事 [shou4 shi4] /recipient/寿桃 [shou4 tao2] /birthday peaches/受托人 [shou4 tuo1 ren2] /trustee/寿星 [shou4 xing1] /god of longevity/兽性 [shou4 xing4] /brutal/兽穴 [shou4 xue2] /animal den/授勋 [shou4 xun1] /to award an honor/寿衣 [shou4 yi1] /burial clothes/兽医 [shou4 yi1] /veterinary/授意 [shou4 yi4] /to inspire/to incite/授予 [shou4 yu3] /to award/to confer/授与 [shou4 yu3] /grant/confer/瘦子 [shou4 zi5] /(n) a thin person/抒 [shu1] /to strain/pour out/叔 [shu1] /uncle in direct address/书 [shu1] /book/letter/梳 [shu1] /comb/殊 [shu1] /unique/疏 [shu1] /negligent/sparse/thin/舒 [shu1] /(surname)/relax/枢 [shu1] /hinge/pivot/蔬 [shu1] /vegetables/输 [shu1] /to transport/to lose/殳 [shu1] /(surname)/spear/姝 [shu1] /pretty woman/纾 [shu1] /slow/to free from/毹 [shu1] /rug/摅 [shu1] /set forth/to spread/书包 [shu1 bao1] /schoolbag/satchel/书本 [shu1 ben3] /book/蔬菜 [shu1 cai4] /vegetables/produce/舒畅 [shu1 chang4] /happy/entirely free from worry/输出 [shu1 chu1] /to export/to output/书店 [shu1 dian4] /bookstore/书法 [shu1 fa3] /calligraphy/penmanship/书房 [shu1 fang2] /study (i.e. the kind of room)/叔父 [shu1 fu4] /father's younger brother; uncle/舒服 [shu1 fu5] /comfortable/疏忽 [shu1 hu1] /neglect/negligence/书籍 [shu1 ji2] /books/works/书记 [shu1 ji5] /secretary/clerk/书架 [shu1 jia4] /bookshelf/书刊 [shu1 kan1] /(n) books and magazines/书面 [shu1 mian4] /in writing/written (guarantee, etc.)/书面许可 [shu1 mian4 xu3 ke3] /written permission/written authorization/输入 [shu1 ru4] /to import/to input/输入法 [shu1 ru4 fa3] /input method/书圣 [shu1 sheng4] /a great calligraphy master/舒适 [shu1 shi4] /cozy/snug/叔叔 [shu1 shu5] /(informal) father's younger brother; uncle/输送 [shu1 song4] /transport/carry/输送媒介 [shu1 song4 mei2 jie4] /transport medium/书写 [shu1 xie3] /to write/书写符号 [shu1 xie3 fu2 hao4] /writing symbol/书写语言 [shu1 xie3 yu3 yan2] /written language/书信 [shu1 xin4] /epistle/舒展 [shu1 zhan3] /(v) unroll; smooth out; unfold/叔丈母 [shu1 zhang4 mu3] /wife's aunt/叔丈人 [shu1 zhang4 ren2] /wife's uncle/枢轴 [shu1 zhou2] /pivot/fulcrum/书桌 [shu1 zhuo1] /desk/梳子 [shu1 zi5] /comb/孰 [shu2] /who/which/what/塾 [shu2] /private tutorage/熟 [shu2] /familiar/skilled/ripe/done/ripe/cooked/赎 [shu2] /redeem/to ransom/秫 [shu2] /Panicum italicum/赎回 [shu2 hui2] /redeem/赎金 [shu2 jin1] /ransom/熟练 [shu2 lian4] /practiced/proficient/skilled/skillful/孰能生巧 [shu2 neng2 sheng1 qiao3] /practice makes perfect/熟人 [shu2 ren2] /acquaintance/friend/熟思 [shu2 si1] /deliberation/熟悉 [shu2 xi1] /to know well/熟知 [shu2 zhi1] /acquaintance/赎罪 [shu2 zui4] /atonement/暑 [shu3] /heat/hot weather/summer heat/黍 [shu3] /broomcorn millet/glutinous millet/署 [shu3] /office/bureau/蜀 [shu3] /Sichuan/鼠 [shu3] /rat/mouse/数 [shu3] /to count/薯 [shu3] /potato/yam/属 [shu3] /category/class/family/to belong to/鼠标器 [shu3 biao3 qi4] /mouse (computer)/数不清 [shu3 bu4 qing1] /countless/属地 [shu3 di4] /dependency/possession/annexed territory/属国 [shu3 guo2] /vassal state/暑假 [shu3 jia4] /summer vacation/署名 [shu3 ming2] /sign (a signature)/暑期 [shu3 qi1] /summer vacation time/暑气 [shu3 qi4] /(summer) heat/暑热 [shu3 re4] /hot (summer) weather/属实 [shu3 shi2] /turn out to be true/verified/true/暑天 [shu3 tian1] /hot (summer) day/暑瘟 [shu3 wen1] /tropical disease/summertime disease/属下 [shu3 xia4] /subordinate/属性 [shu3 xing4] /attribute/property/属於 [shu3 yu2] /be classified as/to belong to/to be part of/术 [shu4] /method/technique/戍 [shu4] /garrison/束 [shu4] /bunch/(a measure word)/to bind/to control/述 [shu4] /to state/to tell/to narrate/to relate/恕 [shu4] /forgive/庶 [shu4] /ordinary/术 [shu4] /method/technique/墅 [shu4] /villa/漱 [shu4] /to rinse (mouth)/数 [shu4] /number/figure/to count/to calculate/several/竖 [shu4] /(straight down character stroke)/to erect/vertical/树 [shu4] /tree/澍 [shu4] /moisture/timely rain/数百 [shu4 bai3] /several hundred/数百万 [shu4 bai3 wan4] /several million/数不尽 [shu4 bu2 jin4] /countless/数词 [shu4 ci2] /numeral/数额 [shu4 e2] /(n) amount; fixed number/束缚 [shu4 fu4] /bind/restrict/tie/树干 [shu4 gan4] /(n) tree trunk/竖钩 [shu4 gou1] /(straight down hooked character stroke)/束紧 [shu4 jin3] /gird/tighten/数据 [shu4 ju4] /data/numbers/digital/数据传输 [shu4 ju4 chuan2 shu1] /data transmission/数据接口 [shu4 ju4 jie1 kou3] /data interface/数据介面 [shu4 ju4 jie4 mian4] /data interface/数据库 [shu4 ju4 ku4] /database/数据库软件 [shu4 ju4 ku4 ruan3 jian4] /database software/数据链路层 [shu4 ju4 lian4 lu4 ceng2] /data link layer/数据链路连接识别码 [shu4 ju4 lian4 lu4 lian2 jie1 shi2 bie2 ma3] /Data Link Connection Identifier/DLCI/数据通信 [shu4 ju4 tong1 xin4] /data communication/数据网络 [shu4 ju4 wang3 luo4] /data network/树篱 [shu4 li2] /hedge/树立 [shu4 li4] /set up/establish/数量 [shu4 liang4] /amount/quantity/树林 [shu4 lin2] /woods/grove/forest/数目 [shu4 mu4] /amount/number/树木 [shu4 mu4] /trees/树皮 [shu4 pi2] /tree bark/竖起 [shu4 qi5] /hold up (high)/raise up/竖琴 [shu4 qin2] /harp/数十亿 [shu4 shi2 yi4] /several billion/数位 [shu4 wei4] /digital/数位网路 [shu4 wei4 wang3 lu4] /digital network/digital network/数位信号 [shu4 wei4 xin4 hao4] /digital signal/数学 [shu4 xue2] /mathematic/mathematics/束腰 [shu4 yao1] /girdle/树叶 [shu4 ye4] /tree leaves/述语 [shu4 yu3] /predicate/术语 [shu4 yu3] /term/terminology/数月 [shu4 yue4] /several months/竖折 [shu4 zhe2] /(downwards-starting right angle character stroke)/数种 [shu4 zhong3] /numerous types/many kinds/树桩 [shu4 zhuang1] /tree stump/数字 [shu4 zi4] /number/figure/amount/digital (electronics, etc)/numeral/digit/数字订购线路 [shu4 zi4 ding4 gou4 xian4 lu4] /digital subscriber line/DSL/数字通信 [shu4 zi4 tong1 xin4] /digital communications/数字网 [shu4 zi4 wang3] /digital network/数字信号 [shu4 zi4 xin4 hao4] /digital signal/刷 [shua1] /brush/刷子 [shua1 zi5] /brush/scrub/耍 [shua3] /play with/to juggle/刷 [shua4] /to select/衰 [shuai1] /weak/feeble/衰 [shuai1] /decay/decline/摔 [shuai1] /throw on ground/to fall/衰败 [shuai1 bai4] /decay/衰减 [shuai1 jian3] /to weaken/to attenuate/摔角 [shuai1 jiao3] /wrestle/wrestling/衰老 [shuai1 lao3] /(adj) feeble and old/衰落 [shuai1 luo4] /decompose/衰弱 [shuai1 ruo4] /weak/feeble/衰退 [shuai1 tui4] /decline/fall/drop/falter/衰微 [shuai1 wei1] /be in decline/decline/wane/be weakened/衰运 [shuai1 yun4] /decline in fortunes/甩 [shuai3] /fling/帅 [shuai4] /commander-in-chief/to command/率 [shuai4] /to lead/command/蟀 [shuai4] /cricket/率领 [shuai4 ling3] /lead/command/head/率领 [shuai4 ling3] /lead/head/command/率先 [shuai4 xian1] /take the lead (showing initiative)/拴 [shuan1] /tie up/闩 [shuan1] /to bolt/栓 [shuan1] /bottle stopper/wooden pin/plug/拴住 [shuan1 zhu4] /hitch/涮 [shuan4] /rinse/霜 [shuang1] /frost/双 [shuang1] /two/double/pair/both/孀 [shuang1] /widow/泷 [shuang1] /name of a river in Guangdong/霜白 [shuang1 bai2] /frosty/双胞胎 [shuang1 bao1 tai1] /twin/双边 [shuang1 bian1] /bilateral/双边贸易 [shuang1 bian1 mao4 yi4] /bilateral trade/双重 [shuang1 chong2] /double/双方 [shuang1 fang1] /bilateral/both sides/both parties involved/双绞线 [shuang1 jiao3 xian4] /unshielded twisted pair/UTP/双连接站 [shuang1 lian2 jie1 zhan4] /dual attachment station/双人房 [shuang1 ren2 fang2] /double room/双生 [shuang1 sheng1] /twins/双生兄弟 [shuang1 sheng1 xiong1 di4] /twin brothers/双手 [shuang1 shou3] /pair of hands/双数 [shuang1 shu4] /even number/双子 [shuang1 zi3] /Gemini (star sign)/爽 [shuang3] /invigorating/straightforward/frank/open/bright/clear/爽快 [shuang3 kuai4] /(adj) refreshed; rejuvenated/谁 [shui2] /who/水 [shui3] /water/river/水槽 [shui3 cao2] /sink/水产 [shui3 chan3] /(n) aquatic product/水池 [shui3 chi2] /pond/pool/水稻 [shui3 dao4] /rice/paddy/水滴 [shui3 di1] /drop/水电 [shui3 dian4] /(n) hydroelectric power/水分 [shui3 fen4] /moisture content/水果 [shui3 guo3] /fruit/水果酒 [shui3 guo3 jiu3] /wine/水壶 [shui3 hu2] /kettle/水浒传 [shui3 hu3 zhuan4] /Water Margin/水晶 [shui3 jing1] /crystal/水库 [shui3 ku4] /reservoir/水力 [shui3 li4] /water power/water conservancy/irrigation works/水利 [shui3 li4] /water conservancy/irrigation works/水路 [shui3 lu4] /waterway/水落石出 [shui3 luo4 shi2 chu1] /everything comes to light/水面 [shui3 mian4] /water surface/水泥 [shui3 ni2] /cement/水牛 [shui3 niu2] /water buffalo/水泡 [shui3 pao4] /bubble/blister/水盆 [shui3 pen2] /basin/水平 [shui3 ping2] /level (of achievement, etc.)/standard/水平面 [shui3 ping2 mian4] /plane/水手 [shui3 shou3] /mariner/sailor/seaman/水桶 [shui3 tong3] /bucket/水土 [shui3 tu3] /(n) water and soil/(n) climate/水银 [shui3 yin2] /mercury/quicksilver/水域 [shui3 yu4] /(territorial) waters/水源 [shui3 yuan2] /(n) river headwaters/(n) water source/水灾 [shui3 zai1] /(n) flood/水蒸气 [shui3 zheng1 qi4] /vapor/水蛭 [shui3 zhi4] /leech/水准 [shui3 zhun3] /level/税 [shui4] /taxes/duties/睡 [shui4] /to sleep/说 [shui4] /persuade (politically)/税关 [shui4 guan1] /pike/睡过头 [shui4 guo4 tou2] /oversleep/睡觉 [shui4 jiao4] /to go to bed/to go to sleep/睡眠 [shui4 mian2] /sleeping/slumber/睡眠者 [shui4 mian2 zhe3] /sleeper/税前 [shui4 qian2] /pre-tax/before taxes/税收 [shui4 shou1] /taxation/睡衣 [shui4 yi1] /pajamas/睡椅 [shui4 yi1] /couch/睡着 [shui4 zhao1] /asleep/吮 [shun3] /to suck/吮吸 [shun3 xi1] /to suck/舜 [shun4] /name of an emperor/顺 [shun4] /to obey/to follow/to arrange/to make reasonable/along/favorable/瞬 [shun4] /to wink/顺便 [shun4 bian4] /conveniently/in passing/顺差 [shun4 cha1] /(trade or budget) surplus/顺从 [shun4 cong2] /obedient/瞬间 [shun4 jian1] /moment/momentary/顺利 [shun4 li4] /smoothly/without a hitch/顺路 [shun4 lu4] /(adv) while out doing something else; convenietly/顺手 [shun4 shou3] /handy/convenient and easy to use/smoothly/顺序 [shun4 xu4] /sequence/order/顺序数 [shun4 xu4 shu4] /ordinal number/顺应 [shun4 ying4] /comply with/be in conformance with/说 [shuo1] /to speak/to say/说不出话来 [shuo1 bu4 chu1 hua4 lai2] /speechless/说不定 [shuo1 bu5 ding4] /can't say for sure/maybe/说出 [shuo1 chu1] /utter/说法 [shuo1 fa5] /statement/statement/wording/(someone's) version (of events)/说服 [shuo1 fu2] /to persuade/to convince/to talk sb. over/说谎 [shuo1 huang3] /(v) lie; tell an untruth/说谎者 [shuo1 huang3 zhe1] /liar/说明 [shuo1 ming2] /to explain/to illustrate/explanation/directions/caption/说明书 [shuo1 ming2 shu1] /synopsis (of a play or film)/说情 [shuo1 qing2] /(v) plead for somebody else/妁 [shuo4] /(surname)/matchmaker/朔 [shuo4] /beginning/first day of lunar month/硕 [shuo4] /large/big/数 [shuo4] /frequently/repeatedly/烁 [shuo4] /bright/luminous/铄 [shuo4] /bright/melt/fuse (metal)/搠 [shuo4] /daub/thrust/槊 [shuo4] /long lance/蒴 [shuo4] /pod/capsule/硕士 [shuo4 shi4] /master's (degree)/司 [si1] /company/control/私 [si1] /personal/private/selfish/思 [si1] /to think/to consider/斯 [si1] /(phonetic)/this/丝 [si1] /silk/thread/trace/嘶 [si1] /hiss/neigh/撕 [si1] /to tear/鸶 [si1] /heron/澌 [si1] /drain dry/to exhaust/缌 [si1] /fine linen/蛳 [si1] /snail/锶 [si1] /strontium/丝柏 [si1 bo2] /cypress/思潮 [si1 chao2] /(n) train of thought/(n) surge of thoughts reflecting a time in history/丝绸 [si1 chou2] /silk cloth/silk/司法 [si1 fa3] /judicial/(administration of) justice/司法部 [si1 fa3 bu4] /Justice Department (of the US government)/司法权 [si1 fa3 quan2] /jurisdiction/丝毫 [si1 hao2] /the slightest amount or degree/a bit/撕毁 [si1 hui3] /tear up (a contract, etc)/司机 [si1 ji1] /chauffeur/driver/斯卡伯勒礁 [si1 ka3 bo2 le4 jiao1] /Scarborough Shoal (Philippines' name for Huangyan Island)/思考 [si1 kao3] /think/司空见惯 [si1 kong1 jian4 guan4] /a common occurrence/斯拉夫 [si1 la1 fu1] /Slavic/斯拉夫语 [si1 la1 fu1 yu3] /Slavic language/私利 [si1 li4] /personal gain/(one's own) selfish interest/撕裂 [si1 lie4] /mangle/司令 [si1 ling4] /commanding officer/司令部 [si1 ling4 bu4] /(n) headquarters; military upper command/斯洛伐克 [si1 luo4 fa2 ke4] /Slovakia/斯洛伐克语 [si1 luo4 fa2 ke4 yu3] /Slovak (language)/斯密约瑟 [si1 mi4 yue1 se4] /Joseph Smith/思念 [si1 nian4] /think of/long for/miss/斯佩林 [si1 pei4 lin2] /Spelling (e.g. Spelling Entertainment Group)/斯佩罗 [si1 pei4 luo2] /(Joan) Spero (Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs)/撕破 [si1 po4] /tear/思前想后 [si1 qian2 xiang3 hou4] /(saying) to consider over and over again/私人 [si1 ren2] /private (citizen)/private/私人钥匙 [si1 ren2 yao4 shi5] /private key (in encryption)/丝绒 [si1 rong2] /velvet/嘶嘶声 [si1 si1 sheng1] /hiss/思索 [si1 suo3] /think deeply/ponder/斯特凡诺普洛斯 [si1 te4 fan2 nuo4 pu3 luo4 si1] /Stephanopoulos (e.g. former Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos)/斯瓦希里 [si1 wa3 xi1 li3] /Swahili/斯瓦希里语 [si1 wa3 xi1 li3 yu3] /Swahili (language)/Kiswahili/思维 [si1 wei2] /(line of) thought/thinking/斯文 [si1 wen2] /(adj) refined; polite; gentle; cultured/私下 [si1 xia4] /in private/思想 [si1 xiang3] /thought/thinking/idea/思绪 [si1 xu4] /(n) train of thought/(n) emotional state; mood; feeling/嘶哑声 [si1 ya3 sheng1] /hoarse/私营 [si1 ying2] /privately-owned/private/私有 [si1 you3] /private/privately owned/私有制 [si1 you3 zhi4] /(n) private ownership of property/私语 [si1 yu3] /murmur/丝状物 [si1 zhuang4 wu4] /filament/私自 [si1 zi4] /(adv) secretly; privately; without explicit approval/死 [si3] /to die/inpassable/uncrossable/inflexible/rigid/死板 [si3 ban3] /rigid/inflexible/死不了 [si3 bu4 liao3] /Portulaca Sundial (a type of plant)/死记 [si3 ji4] /cram/rote learning/死亡 [si3 wang2] /death/deadly/死亡率 [si3 wang2 lu:4] /mortality rate/死刑 [si3 xing2] /death penalty/巳 [si4] /6th earthly branch/9-11 a.m./四 [si4] /four/寺 [si4] /Buddhist temple/伺 [si4] /to watch/to wait/to examine/to spy/似 [si4] /to seem/to appear/similar/like/to resemble/兕 [si4] /rhinoceros indicus/姒 [si4] /(surname)/wife of older brother/泗 [si4] /place name/snivel/祀 [si4] /offer sacrifice to/俟 [si4] /until/wait for/食 [si4] /to feed/耜 [si4] /plough/ploughshare/肆 [si4] /four (fraud-proof)/market/饲 [si4] /to raise/to rear/to feed/驷 [si4] /team of 4 horses/汜 [si4] /stream which returns after branching/笥 [si4] /hamper/trunk/四百万 [si4 bai3 wan4] /four million/四百亿 [si4 bai3 yi4] /40 billion/饲槽 [si4 cao2] /feeding trough/饲草 [si4 cao3] /forage grass/四处 [si4 chu4] /all over the place/everywhere and all directions/四川 [si4 chuan1] /Sichuan province, China/四川省 [si4 chuan1 sheng3] /(N) Sichuan, a south west China province/似的 [si4 de5] /seem as if/rather like/四方 [si4 fang1] /four-way/four-sided/四分之一 [si4 fen1 zhi1 yi1] /one-quarter/伺服 [si4 fu2] /servo/伺服器 [si4 fu2 qi4] /server (computer)/四个小时 [si4 ge4 xiao3 shi2] /four hours/似乎 [si4 hu5] /apparently/to seem/to appear/as if/seemingly/似乎很安全 [si4 hu5 hen3 an1 quan2] /to appear (to be) very safe/伺机 [si4 ji1] /to watch for one's chance/四季 [si4 ji4] /(n) the four seasons/饲料 [si4 liao4] /feed/fodder/四轮马车 [si4 lun2 ma3 che1] /chariot/四门轿车 [si4 men2 jiao4 che1] /sedan (motor car)/四面八方 [si4 mian4 ba1 fang1] /in all directions/all around/far and near/四面体 [si4 mian4 ti3] /tetrahedron/寺庙 [si4 miao4] /temple/monastery/shrine/四年 [si4 nian2] /four years/四年前 [si4 nian2 qian2] /four years previously/四年制的大学 [si4 nian2 zhi4 de5 da4 xue2] /four-year university/四千 [si4 qian1] /four thousand/4 000/四十 [si4 shi2] /forty/40/四十多 [si4 shi2 duo1] /more than 40/四十六 [si4 shi2 liu4] /forty six/46/四十三 [si4 shi2 san1] /43/forty three/似是而非 [si4 shi4 er2 fei1] /(saying) appeared right but actually was wrong/四天 [si4 tian1] /four days/似笑非笑 [si4 xiao4 fei1 xiao4] /(saying) resemble a smile yet not smile/似雪 [si4 xue3] /snowy/饲养 [si4 yang3] /to raise/to rear/饲养者 [si4 yang3 zhe3] /feeder/寺院 [si4 yuan4] /cloister/四月 [si4 yue4] /April/fourth month/四月十七号 [si4 yue4 shi2 qi1 hao4] /April 17/四肢 [si4 zhi1] /(n) the four limbs of the body/四周 [si4 zhou1] /all around/松 [song1] /loose/pine/崧 [song1] /lofty/name of a mountain in Henan/淞 [song1] /name of a river/嵩 [song1] /lofty/name of a mountain in Henan/松 [song1] /loose/菘 [song1] /(cabbage)/Brassica chinensis/松饼 [song1 bing3] /muffin/松弛 [song1 chi2] /sag/松鸡 [song1 ji1] /grouse/松紧带 [song1 jin3 dai4] /elastic/松开 [song1 kai1] /loose/松鼠 [song1 shu3] /squirrel/松树 [song1 shu4] /pine/松下 [song1 xia4] /Matsushita (Japanese electronics company)/松下电气工业 [song1 xia4 dian4 qi4 gong1 ye4] /Matsushita Electronics Industry/悚 [song3] /frightened/怂 [song3] /arouse/耸 [song3] /excite/raise up/to shrug/high/lofty/towering/竦 [song3] /horrified/incite/raise/耸动 [song3 dong4] /to create a sensation/耸肩 [song3 jian1] /to shrug one's shoulders/耸立 [song3 li4] /to tower above (on top of sth)/erect/宋 [song4] /(surname)/name of a dynasty/送 [song4] /to deliver/to carry/to give (as a present)/to present (with)/to see off/to send/讼 [song4] /litigation/颂 [song4] /to praise/诵 [song4] /read aloud/送别 [song4 bie2] /farewell/颂词 [song4 ci2] /ode/颂歌 [song4 ge1] /carol/送礼 [song4 li3] /give sb. a present/present a gift to sb./送人 [song4 ren2] /to see (or walk) someone home/to see someone off/送行 [song4 xing2] /to see someone off/搜 [sou1] /to search/艘 [sou1] /M for warships/馊 [sou1] /rancid/soured (as food)/飕 [sou1] /blow (as of wind)/sound of wind/溲 [sou1] /urinate/搜捕 [sou1 bu3] /hunt and arrest (fugitives)/搜查 [sou1 cha2] /search/搜集 [sou1 ji2] /collect/gather/搜索 [sou1 suo3] /(v) search for; meticulously look for; scour/do a search (for)/look up/search/搜索引擎 [sou1 suo3 yin3 qing2] /(Internet) search engine/叟 [sou3] /old gentleman/嗾 [sou3] /to urge on/incite/擞 [sou3] /shake/trembling/薮 [sou3] /marsh/place of concourse/瞍 [sou3] /blind/嗽 [sou4] /cough/苏 [su1] /revive/酥 [su1] /flaky/稣 [su1] /revive/苏 [su1] /(plant)/place name/revive/苏俄 [su1 e2] /Soviet Russia/苏格兰 [su1 ge2 lan2] /Scotland/苏格兰帽 [su1 ge2 lan2 mao4] /bonnet/苏联 [su1 lian2] /Soviet Union/苏醒 [su1 xing3] /(v) regain consciousness/苏州 [su1 zhou1] /Suzhou (city)/俗 [su2] /vulgar/俗称 [su2 cheng1] /be commonly referred to as/俗话 [su2 hua4] /common saying/proverb/夙 [su4] /morning/素 [su4] /plain/宿 [su4] /lodge for the night/old/former/速 [su4] /fast/rapid/quick/粟 [su4] /grain/millet/肃 [su4] /Gansu/respectful/诉 [su4] /complain/sue/tell/嗉 [su4] /crop (of bird)/塑 [su4] /to model (a figure) in clay/溯 [su4] /go upstream/trace the source/簌 [su4] /dense vegetation/sieve/涑 [su4] /name of a river/愫 [su4] /guileless/sincere/僳 [su4] /Lisu (ethnic group)/嗉 [su4] /crop of a bird/fat/觫 [su4] /tremble with fear/蔌 [su4] /(surname)/vegetables/谡 [su4] /composed/rise/to begin/素菜 [su4 cai4] /vegetable dish/速成 [su4 cheng2] /crash course/速冻 [su4 dong4] /quick-freeze/速度 [su4 du4] /speed/rate/velocity/速记 [su4 ji4] /shorthand/速记员 [su4 ji4 yuan2] /stenographer/塑胶 [su4 jiao1] /plastic cement/速决 [su4 jue2] /quick decision/诉苦 [su4 ku3] /grumble/素来 [su4 lai2] /(adv) usually/塑料 [su4 liao4] /plastics/速率 [su4 lu:4] /speed/rate/素描 [su4 miao2] /sketch/肃清 [su4 qing1] /purge/宿舍 [su4 she4] /dormitory/living quarters/速射 [su4 she4] /rapid-fire/素食 [su4 shi2] /vegetables/vegetarian food/诉说 [su4 shuo1] /tell (to another person)/诉讼 [su4 song4] /lawsuit/宿题 [su4 ti2] /assignment/速效 [su4 xiao4] /quick results/速写 [su4 xie3] /quick sketch/速行 [su4 xing2] /rush/宿怨 [su4 yuan4] /an old grudge/old scores to settle/塑造 [su4 zao4] /(v) model or mould sth/(v) use words or writing to portray/素质 [su4 zhi4] /(n) inner quality; basic essence/(n) change over time/酸 [suan1] /sour/sore/ache/acid/狻 [suan1] /(mythical animal)/酸痛 [suan1 tong4] /ache/酸性 [suan1 xing4] /acidity/算 [suan4] /regard as/to figure/to calculate/to compute/蒜 [suan4] /garlic/算了 [suan4 le5] /let it be/let it pass/算盘 [suan4 pan2] /abacus/算是 [suan4 shi4] /considered to be/at last/算术 [suan4 shu4] /arithmetic/算数 [suan4 shu4] /(do) arithmetic/尿 [sui1] /urinate/urine/睢 [sui1] /(surname)/stare/虽 [sui1] /although/even though/眭 [sui1] /evil look of deep-set eyes/荽 [sui1] /coriander/濉 [sui1] /name of a river/虽然 [sui1 ran2] /although/even though/虽说 [sui1 shuo1] /though/although/隋 [sui2] /name of a dynasty/绥 [sui2] /pacify/随 [sui2] /to follow/to comply with/to allow/(surname)/随便 [sui2 bian4] /as one wishes/as one pleases/casual/随地 [sui2 di4] /(n) any location; all locations/随和 [sui2 he5] /amiable (disposition)/easy-going/随后 [sui2 hou4] /soon after/随机 [sui2 ji1] /random/随机存取记忆体 [sui2 ji1 cun2 qu3 ji4 yi4 ti3] /Random access memory (RAM)/随机时间 [sui2 ji1 shi2 jian1] /random period of time/random interval/随即 [sui2 ji2] /immediately/presently/following which/随时 [sui2 shi2] /at any time/随手 [sui2 shou3] /conveniently/without extra trouble/随同 [sui2 tong2] /accompanying/随意 [sui2 yi4] /as one wishes/according to one's wishes/随员 [sui2 yuan2] /attendant/随着 [sui2 zhe5] /along with/in the wake of/随之而后 [sui2 zhi1 er2 hou4] /from that/following from that/after that/髓 [sui3] /marrow/祟 [sui4] /evil spirit/岁 [sui4] /year/years old/(a measure word)/碎 [sui4] /to break down/to break into pieces/fragmentary/遂 [sui4] /forthwith/谇 [sui4] /abuse/隧 [sui4] /subterranean/underground passage/燧 [sui4] /fire/speculum/穗 [sui4] /ear of grain/邃 [sui4] /deep/distant/mysterious/碎布条 [sui4 bu4 tiao2] /shred/隧道 [sui4 dao4] /tunnel/碎片 [sui4 pian4] /chip/fragment/splinter/tatter/岁入 [sui4 ru4] /revenue/annual income/碎石 [sui4 shi2] /gravel/gravely/穗饰 [sui4 shi4] /tassel/岁数 [sui4 shu5] /age (number of years old)/岁月 [sui4 yue4] /the years of a person's life/孙 [sun1] /grandson/飧 [sun1] /supper/荪 [sun1] /fragrant grass/狲 [sun1] /(monkey)/孙女 [sun1 nu:3] /son's daughter; granddaughter/孙女婿 [sun1 nu:3 xu5] /son's daughter's husband; granddaughter's husband/孙女儿 [sun1 nu:r3] /granddaughter (daughter of one's son)/孙媳夫 [sun1 xi2 fu5] /son's son's wife; grandson's wife/孙中山 [sun1 zhong1 shan1] /(N) Sun Yat-sen, first president of the Republic of China/孙子 [sun1 zi5] /son's son; grandson/笋 [sun3] /bamboo shoot/损 [sun3] /to damage/injure/to lose/to harm/榫 [sun3] /tenon and mortise/损害 [sun3 hai4] /harm/to harm/to damage/to injure/损耗 [sun3 hao4] /wear and tear/损坏 [sun3 huai4] /to damage/to injure/损人利己 [sun3 ren2 li4 ji3] /(saying) to profit at the expense of others/损伤 [sun3 shang1] /to harm/to damage/to injure/损失 [sun3 shi1] /a (financial, etc.) loss/to lose/损益 [sun3 yi4] /profit and loss/increase and decrease/唆 [suo1] /incite/suck/娑 [suo1] /(phonetic)/loose/梭 [suo1] /shuttle/莎 [suo1] /(grass)/Cyperus rotundus/缩 [suo1] /to withdraw/to pull back/to contract/to shrink/to reduce/挲 [suo1] /feel/to fondle/桫 [suo1] /Stewartia pseudocamellia/羧 [suo1] /carboxyl (radical)/缩短 [suo1 duan3] /to curtail/to cut down/缩减 [suo1 jian3] /to cut/to reduce/缩小 [suo1 xiao3] /reduce/decrease/缩小模型 [suo1 xiao3 mo2 xing2] /miniature/缩写 [suo1 xie3] /abbreviation/所 [suo3] /actually/place/索 [suo3] /to search/to demand/to ask/to exact/large rope/isolated/琐 [suo3] /fragmentary/trifling/锁 [suo3] /to lock up/to lock/索道 [suo3 dao4] /ropeway/所得 [suo3 de2] /(n) that which one acquires; one's gains/所得税 [suo3 de2 shui4] /(n) tax on one's gains; income tax/索杰纳 [suo3 jie2 na4] /Sojourner (Martian land rover)/索具装置 [suo3 ju4 zhuang1 zhi4] /rig/索马里 [suo3 ma3 li3] /Somalia/索赔 [suo3 pei2] /compensation/(be awarded) damages/索取 [suo3 qu3] /to ask/to demand/索然 [suo3 ran2] /dull/dry/琐事 [suo3 shi4] /trifle/所属 [suo3 shu3] /(n) those that are under one's leadership/(n) that which one is associated to/所谓 [suo3 wei4] /so-called/琐细 [suo3 xi4] /trivial/索性 [suo3 xing4] /(adv) frankly; bluntly; directly/所以 [suo3 yi3] /therefore/as a result/索引 [suo3 yin3] /index/所有 [suo3 you3] /all/to have/to possess/to own/所有权 [suo3 you3 quan2] /ownership/possession/所有物 [suo3 you3 wu4] /belongings/所有者 [suo3 you3 zhe1] /proprietor/owner/所有制 [suo3 you3 zhi4] /(n) system that determines who owns the means of production; system of ownership/所在 [suo3 zai4] /place/location/所在地 [suo3 zai4 di4] /location/site/所长 [suo3 zhang3] /head of an institute, etc./他 [ta1] /he/him/它 [ta1] /it/她 [ta1] /she/塌 [ta1] /collapse/铊 [ta1] /thallium/它本身 [ta1 ben3 shen1] /itself/他们自己 [ta1 men2 zi4 ji3] /themselves/他们 [ta1 men5] /they/它们 [ta1 men5] /they (for inanimate objects)/她们 [ta1 men5] /they/them (for females)/他们都 [ta1 men5 dou1] /all of them/他人 [ta1 ren2] /other person/someone else/塌下 [ta1 xia4] /collapse/他自己 [ta1 zi4 ji3] /himself/她自己 [ta1 zi4 ji3] /herself/塔 [ta3] /pagoda/tower/獭 [ta3] /otter/塔吉克斯坦 [ta3 ji2 ke4 si1 tan3] /Tajikistan/塔克拉马干 [ta3 ke4 la1 ma3 gan1] /Taklamakan (desert)/塔利班 [ta3 li4 ban1] /Taliban/拓 [ta4] /make rubbing/榻 [ta4] /couch/漯 [ta4] /name of a river/踏 [ta4] /step on/挞 [ta4] /flog/rapid/蹋 [ta4] /step on/沓 [ta4] /(surname)/again and again/many/嗒 [ta4] /to despair/闼 [ta4] /door of an inner room/踏上 [ta4 shang4] /set foot on/踏实 [ta4 shi2] /(adj) practical/胎 [tai1] /fetus/litter/苔 [tai1] /coating (of tongue)/台 [tai2] /your/抬 [tai2] /to lift/to raise/(of two or more persons) to carry/苔 [tai2] /moss/薹 [tai2] /Carex dispalatha/邰 [tai2] /(surname)/name of a feudal state/炱 [tai2] /soot/骀 [tai2] /tired/worn out horse/鲐 [tai2] /globefish/台北 [tai2 bei3] /Taipei (capital of Taiwan)/台币 [tai2 bi4] /New Taiwan dollar/台风 [tai2 feng1] /(n) typhoon/台阶 [tai2 jie1] /(n) flight of steps/(n) chance to get out from an embarrassing situation/抬起 [tai2 qi3] /uplift/台商 [tai2 shang1] /Taiwanese businessman/抬头 [tai2 tou2] /to raise one's head/to gain ground/台湾 [tai2 wan1] /Taiwan/台湾关系法 [tai2 wan1 guan1 xi4 fa3] /Taiwan Relations Act (of 1975)/台湾话 [tai2 wan1 hua4] /Taiwanese Chinese (language)/苔藓 [tai2 xian3] /moss/台座 [tai2 zuo4] /pedestal/太 [tai4] /highest/greatest/too (much)/very/extremely/汰 [tai4] /to discard/to eliminate/too/泰 [tai4] /safe/peaceful/most/Thai(land)/grand/态 [tai4] /attitude/钛 [tai4] /titanium/太长 [tai4 chang2] /oversize/态度 [tai4 du5] /manner/bearing/attitude/approach/太古 [tai4 gu3] /immemorial/泰国 [tai4 guo2] /Thailand/Thai/太好了 [tai4 hao3 le5] /very good/太湖 [tai4 hu2] /Tai hu Lake, a big lake by Wuxi City/太极剑 [tai4 ji2 jian4] /a kind of traditional Chinese sword-play/太极拳 [tai4 ji2 quan2] /a kind of traditional Chinese shadowboxing (tai chi chuan)/太空 [tai4 kong1] /outer space/泰罗 [tai4 luo2] /(English surname) Tylo/太忙 [tai4 mang2] /too busy/泰米尔语 [tai4 mi3 er3 yu3] /Tamil language/太平 [tai4 ping2] /peace and security/太平洋 [tai4 ping2 yang2] /the Pacific Ocean/太平洋周边 [tai4 ping2 yang2 zhou1 bian1] /Pacific Rim/泰然 [tai4 ran2] /calm/self-composed/泰山 [tai4 shan1] /Taishan (mountain)/太太 [tai4 tai5] /married woman/Mrs./Madam/wife/泰文 [tai4 wen2] /Thai (language)/太阳 [tai4 yang2] /sun/太阳公司 [tai4 yang2 gong1 si1] /Sun corporation/太阳黑子 [tai4 yang2 hei1 zi3] /sunspot/太阳能 [tai4 yang2 neng2] /(n) solar energy/太阳微系统公司 [tai4 yang2 wei2 xi4 tong3 gong1 si1] /Sun Microsystems/泰语 [tai4 yu3] /Thai (language)/太原 [tai4 yuan2] /(N) Taiyuan, capitol of Shanxi province in central China/太子 [tai4 zi3] /prince/坍 [tan1] /collapse/贪 [tan1] /greedy/摊 [tan1] /spread out/vendor's stand/滩 [tan1] /beach/shoal/瘫 [tan1] /paralyzed/瘫痪 [tan1 huan4] /paralysis/瘫软 [tan1 ruan3] /limp/weak/贪污 [tan1 wu1] /(political, moral) corruption/贪心 [tan1 xin1] /greedy/摊子 [tan1 zi5] /booth/瘫子 [tan1 zi5] /paralyzed person/覃 [tan2] /(surname)/deep/痰 [tan2] /phlegm/spittle/弹 [tan2] /impeach/to pluck a string/to play (a stringed musical instrument with fingers)/潭 [tan2] /(surname)/deep/谈 [tan2] /to speak/to talk/to converse/to chat/to discuss/(surname)/坛 [tan2] /altar/昙 [tan2] /dark clouds/澹 [tan2] /(surname)/檀 [tan2] /sandal wood/谭 [tan2] /(surname)/郯 [tan2] /(surname)/name of an ancient city/锬 [tan2] /long spear/镡 [tan2] /(surname)/knob on a sword-handle/弹斥 [tan2 chi4] /accuse and criticize/谈到 [tan2 dao4] /to refer to/to speak about/to talk about/谈得来 [tan2 de2 lai2] /able to talk to or get on with/get along with/弹劾 [tan2 he2] /impeach/谈话 [tan2 hua4] /talk/conversation/谈论 [tan2 lun4] /to discuss/to talk about/谈判 [tan2 pan4] /to negotiate/negotiation/conference/弹琴 [tan2 qin2] /to play or strum a lute or other stringed instrument/谈天 [tan2 tian1] /(v) chat/坦 [tan3] /flat/open-hearted/level/smooth/袒 [tan3] /to bare/毯 [tan3] /blanket/rug/忐 [tan3] /nervous/坦白 [tan3 bai2] /honest/forthcoming/to confess/坦荡 [tan3 dang4] /magnanimous/broad and level/坦克 [tan3 ke4] /tank (military vehicle)/坦克车 [tan3 ke4 che1] /tank (armored vehicle)/坦然 [tan3 ran2] /calm/undisturbed/坦桑尼亚 [tan3 sang1 ni2 ya4] /Tanzania/坦率 [tan3 shuai4] /frank (discussion)/blunt/open/坦途 [tan3 tu2] /highway/level road/毯子 [tan3 zi5] /a blanket/炭 [tan4] /carbon/charcoal/探 [tan4] /to explore/to search out/to scout/to visit/叹 [tan4] /to sigh/碳 [tan4] /carbon/叹 [tan4] /to sigh/探测 [tan4 ce4] /probe/take readings/探测器 [tan4 ce4 qi4] /detector/probe/craft/叹词 [tan4 ci2] /interjection/炭疽病 [tan4 ju1 bing4] /anthrax/探路 [tan4 lu4] /to find a path/探路者 [tan4 lu4 zhe3] /Pathfinder (space craft sent to Mars by NASA)/叹气 [tan4 qi4] /sigh/heave a sigh/探亲 [tan4 qin1] /to go home to visit one's family/探视 [tan4 shi4] /pay a visit to/探索 [tan4 suo3] /quest/探讨 [tan4 tao3] /investigate/probe/探头探脑 [tan4 tou2 tan4 nao3] /(saying) to stick one's head out and look around/探望 [tan4 wang4] /(v) pay a visit/叹息 [tan4 xi1] /sigh/探险 [tan4 xian3] /to explore/探险者 [tan4 xian3 zhe3] /explorer/探照灯 [tan4 zhao4 deng1] /searchlight/汤 [tang1] /(surname)/soup/镗 [tang1] /noise of drums/羰 [tang1] /carbonyl (radical)/唐 [tang2] /Tang dynasty (618-907)/堂 [tang2] /(main) hall/large room/棠 [tang2] /cherry-apple/塘 [tang2] /pond/搪 [tang2] /keep out/瑭 [tang2] /(jade)/膛 [tang2] /chest (of body)/hollow space/throat/糖 [tang2] /sugar/sweets/candy/螳 [tang2] /praying mantis/醣 [tang2] /carbohydrate/溏 [tang2] /noncoagulative/pond/螗 [tang2] /(cicada)/搪瓷 [tang2 ci2] /enamel/糖醋 [tang2 cu4] /sweet-and-sour/唐代 [tang2 dai4] /the Tang Dynasty/糖果 [tang2 guo3] /candy/堂皇 [tang2 huang2] /imposing/grand/糖浆 [tang2 jiang1] /syrup/唐纳 [tang2 na4] /Tanner (English surname)/唐山 [tang2 shan1] /Tang Shan (a Chinese city in Hebei 河北 province)/堂兄弟 [tang2 xiong1 di4] /father's brother's sons; paternal male cousin/堂姊妹 [tang2 zi3 mei4] /father's brother's daughters; paternal female cousin/帑 [tang3] /treasury/倘 [tang3] /if/淌 [tang3] /drip/to shed (tears)/躺 [tang3] /to recline/to lie down/傥 [tang3] /if/unexpectedly/惝 [tang3] /disappointed/倘若 [tang3 ruo4] /provided/趟 [tang4] /a time/a trip/烫 [tang4] /to scald/to burn/to iron/hot/烫伤 [tang4 shang1] /scald/叨 [tao1] /be in receipt of/掏 [tao1] /fish out (from pocket)/滔 [tao1] /overflow/torrent-dash/绦 [tao1] /braid/cord/sash/涛 [tao1] /big wave/韬 [tao1] /bow case/to cover/饕 [tao1] /gluttonous/掏 [tao1] /fish out (from pocket)/滔滔不绝 [tao1 tao1 bu4 jue2] /(saying) gushing; torrential; non-stopping/洮 [tao2] /cleanse/name of a river/桃 [tao2] /peach/逃 [tao2] /to escape/to run away/to flee/淘 [tao2] /cleanse/eliminate/to clean out/to wash/陶 [tao2] /(surname)/pleased/pottery/萄 [tao2] /grapes/啕 [tao2] /wail/逃避 [tao2 bi4] /escape/evade/shirk/陶瓷 [tao2 ci2] /pottery and porcelain/ceramics/淘河 [tao2 he2] /pelican/桃花心木 [tao2 hua1 xin1 mu4] /mahogany/桃花运 [tao2 hua1 yun4] /luck with the opposite sex/逃荒 [tao2 huang1] /(v) run away from a famine/淘金 [tao2 jin1] /panning (for precious metals)/淘箩 [tao2 luo2] /basket (for washing rice)/逃跑 [tao2 pao3] /(v) flee from sth; run away; escape/淘气 [tao2 qi4] /naughty/bad/陶器 [tao2 qi4] /pottery/淘神 [tao2 shen2] /troublesome/bothersome/桃树 [tao2 shu4] /peach tree/淘汰 [tao2 tai4] /to die out/to eliminate (in a competition)/natural selection/逃亡 [tao2 wang2] /fugitive/逃亡者 [tao2 wang2 zhe3] /runaway/桃园 [tao2 yuan2] /Taoyuan (city in Taiwan)/逃之夭夭 [tao2 zhi1 yao1 yao1] /escape/make a getaway (from the scene of a crime)/桃子 [tao2 zi5] /peach/逃走 [tao2 zou3] /escape/flee/讨 [tao3] /ask for/send punitive expedition/to demand/to marry/讨价还价 [tao3 jia4 huan2 jia4] /haggle over price/讨论的议题 [tao3 lun2 de5 yi4 ti2] /topic of discussion/讨论 [tao3 lun4] /to discuss/to talk over/讨论会 [tao3 lun4 hui4] /symposium/discussion forum/讨厌 [tao3 yan4] /disgusting/troublesome/nasty/to hate (doing something)/套 [tao4] /to cover/covering/case/cover/(a measure word, a set of something)/sheath/套房 [tao4 fang2] /suite/套钟 [tao4 zhong1] /chime/套子 [tao4 zi5] /cap/特 [te2] /special/unusual/extraordinary/特殊 [te2 shu2] /special/particular/unusual/extraordinary/特 [te4] /male animal/special (-ly)/慝 [te4] /evil thought/忒 [te4] /excessive/to change/忑 [te4] /nervous/铽 [te4] /terbium/特别 [te4 bie2] /especially/special/particular/unusual/特别待遇 [te4 bie2 dai4 yu4] /special treatment/特别感谢 [te4 bie2 gan3 xie4] /special thanks/particular thanks/特别是 [te4 bie2 shi4] /especially/特别行政区 [te4 bie2 xing2 zheng4 qu1] /Special Administrative Region/特产 [te4 chan3] /special local product/(regional) specialty/特此 [te4 ci3] /hereby/特地 [te4 di4] /(adv) especially for.../特点 [te4 dian3] /characteristic (feature)/trait/feature/特定 [te4 ding4] /special/specific/designated/particular/designated/特定含义 [te4 ding4 han2 yi4] /specific meaning/特工 [te4 gong1] /secret service/special service/特派 [te4 pai4] /dispatch/特区 [te4 qu1] /special (administrative) region/特权 [te4 quan2] /prerogative/privilege/privileged/特色 [te4 se4] /characteristic/distinguishing feature or quality/特务 [te4 wu5] /(n) special assignment (military)/(n) special agent; operative; spy/特写 [te4 xie3] /feature article/特性 [te4 xing4] /property/characteristic/特许状 [te4 xu3 zhuang4] /charter/特意 [te4 yi4] /(adv) especially for...; with the special intention of.../特徵 [te4 zheng1] /characteristics/features/trait/特制 [te4 zhi4] /special/unique/特种部队 [te4 zhong3 bu4 dui4] /(military) special forces/疼 [teng2] /(it) hurts/love fondly/ache/pain/sore/滕 [teng2] /(surname)/place name/誊 [teng2] /make a (clean) copy/藤 [teng2] /rattan/cane/腾 [teng2] /to soar/to gallop/to rise/to prance/to hover/to move out/藤蔓 [teng2 man2] /vine/腾腾 [teng2 teng2] /steaming/scathing/疼痛 [teng2 tong4] /ache/sore/藤野 [teng2 ye3] /name of a person, Teng Ye, a Japanese friend of Lu3 Xun4 鲁迅/剔 [ti1] /pick (as teeth)/梯 [ti1] /ladder/踢 [ti1] /kick/play (football or soccer)/锑 [ti1] /antimony/啼 [ti2] /mourn/to cry/hoof/提 [ti2] /to carry/to lift/to put forward/(upwards character stroke)/lifting (brush stroke in painting)/to mention/缇 [ti2] /orange red silk/蹄 [ti2] /hoof/pork shoulder/题 [ti2] /topic/subject/to inscribe/to superscribe/荑 [ti2] /(grass)/绨 [ti2] /coarse greenish black pongee/鹈 [ti2] /pelican/提案 [ti2 an4] /proposal/motion (to be debated)/propose a bill/make a proposal/提拔 [ti2 ba2] /to promote to a higher job; give a promotion/题跋 [ti2 ba2] /short comments/preface and postscript/提包 [ti2 bao1] /handbag/bag/valise/题材 [ti2 cai2] /subject matter/提倡 [ti2 chang1] /to promote/to advocate/提出 [ti2 chu1] /to raise (an issue)/to propose/to put forward/to post (Usenet)/题词 [ti2 ci2] /inscription/dedication/提到 [ti2 dao4] /mention/提多书 [ti2 duo1 shu1] /Titus/提纲 [ti2 gang1] /outline/提高 [ti2 gao1] /raise/increase/提供 [ti2 gong1] /to supply/to provide/to furnish/提供商 [ti2 gong1 shang1] /provider (company)/提供者 [ti2 gong1 zhe3] /supplier/provider/题花 [ti2 hua1] /title design/提及 [ti2 ji2] /mention/提交 [ti2 jiao1] /submit (a report, etc)/refer (a problem) to/题解 [ti2 jie3] /notes/key (to exercises)/提炼 [ti2 lian4] /to extract (ore, minerals, etc)/to refine/to purify/to process/提名 [ti2 ming2] /nominate/题名 [ti2 ming2] /autograph/to sign one's name/提摩太后书 [ti2 mo2 tai4 hou4 shu1] /2 Timothy/提摩太前书 [ti2 mo2 tai4 qian2 shu1] /1 Timothy/题目 [ti2 mu4] /subject/title/topic/题签 [ti2 qian1] /to write the title of a book on a label/提前 [ti2 qian2] /to shift to an earlier date/to bring forward/to advance/提取 [ti2 qu3] /(v) extract; refine/(v) withdraw from a bank or storage location; pick up/提升 [ti2 sheng1] /to promote/to upgrade/提示 [ti2 shi4] /(v) point out; call attention to/提问 [ti2 wen4] /put questions to/quiz/提心吊胆 [ti2 xin1 diao4 dan3] /(saying) to be very scared and on edge/提醒 [ti2 xing3] /remind/call attention to/warn of/提要 [ti2 yao4] /(n) summary; abstract/提议 [ti2 yi4] /proposal/suggestion/to propose/to suggest/提早 [ti2 zao3] /(v) be earlier than expected/题字 [ti2 zi4] /inscription/autograph/体 [ti3] /body/form/style/system/体操 [ti3 cao1] /gymnastic/gymnastics/体重 [ti3 chong2] /(body) weight/体会 [ti3 hui4] /know (through learning or by experience)/体积 [ti3 ji1] /volume/bulk/体力 [ti3 li4] /physical strength/physical power/体谅 [ti3 liang4] /(v) empathiz; express sympathy/体面 [ti3 mian4] /(n) face; dignity/(adj) honest; creditable/体内 [ti3 nei4] /internal (to the body)/体认 [ti3 ren4] /realization/realize/体贴 [ti3 tie1] /considerate/体团 [ti3 tuan2] /community/体温 [ti3 wen1] /(body) temperature/体系 [ti3 xi4] /system/setup/体现 [ti3 xian4] /to embody/to reflect/to give expression to/to be reflected in/exemplify/体验 [ti3 yan4] /to experience for oneself/体育 [ti3 yu4] /physical culture/physical training/sports/体育场 [ti3 yu4 chang3] /stadium/体育馆 [ti3 yu4 guan3] /gym/gymnasium/stadium/体育之窗 [ti3 yu4 zhi1 chuang1] /Window on Sports/体制 [ti3 zhi4] /system/organization/体质 [ti3 zhi4] /(n) physique/剃 [ti4] /shave/悌 [ti4] /do one's duty as a younger brother/涕 [ti4] /nasal mucus/tears/屉 [ti4] /drawer/tier/tray/惕 [ti4] /fearful/respectful/逖 [ti4] /far/替 [ti4] /to substitute for/to take the place of/to replace/for/on behalf of/to stand in for/嚏 [ti4] /sneeze/倜 [ti4] /energetic/exalted/magnanimous/剃 [ti4] /shave/to weed/替代 [ti4 dai4] /(v) be a substitute for/剃刀 [ti4 dao1] /razor/替换 [ti4 huan4] /exchange/shift/switch/天 [tian1] /day/sky/heaven/添 [tian1] /to add/to increase/to replenish/天安门 [tian1 an1 men2] /Tiananmen (square)/添补 [tian1 bu5] /fill (up)/replenish/天才 [tian1 cai2] /talent/gift/genius/talented/gifted/天长地久 [tian1 chang2 di4 jiu3] /(saying) as eternal and unchanging as the universe/天地 [tian1 di4] /(n) heaven and earth; world/天鹅 [tian1 e2] /swan/天父 [tian1 fu4] /Heavenly Father/天赋 [tian1 fu4] /gift/innate skill/天花 [tian1 hua1] /smallpox/天花板 [tian1 hua1 ban3] /ceiling/天津 [tian1 jin1] /Tianjin (city in northern China)/天津市 [tian1 jin1 shi4] /Tianjin (city in northern China)/天空 [tian1 kong1] /sky/天蓝色 [tian1 lan2 se4] /azure/天篷 [tian1 peng2] /canopy/天气 [tian1 qi4] /weather/天然 [tian1 ran2] /natural/天然气 [tian1 ran2 qi4] /natural gas/天色 [tian1 se4] /time of the day/天上 [tian1 shang4] /celestial/heavenly/天生 [tian1 sheng1] /(adj) innate; natural/天使 [tian1 shi3] /angel/天坛 [tian1 tan2] /Temple of Heaven (in Beijing)/天堂 [tian1 tang2] /paradise/heaven/天天 [tian1 tian1] /every day/天文 [tian1 wen2] /astronomy/天文台 [tian1 wen2 tai2] /observatory/天文学 [tian1 wen2 xue2] /astronomy/天文学家 [tian1 wen2 xue2 jia1] /astronomer/天下 [tian1 xia4] /land under heaven/rule/domination/天线 [tian1 xian4] /antenna/mast/天晓得 [tian1 xiao3 de5] /Heaven knows!/天性 [tian1 xing4] /inborn/天真 [tian1 zhen1] /naive/innocent/artless/天竺牡丹 [tian1 zhu2 mu3 dan1] /dahlia/天主教 [tian1 zhu3 jiao4] /Catholic church/田 [tian2] /(surname)/field/farm/畋 [tian2] /cultivate (land)/to hunt/甜 [tian2] /sweet/填 [tian2] /to fill in/钿 [tian2] /gold inlaid work/阗 [tian2] /fill up/rumbling sound/填补 [tian2 bu3] /(v) fill in a gap or omission/甜菜 [tian2 cai4] /beet/填充 [tian2 chong1] /pad/padding/田地 [tian2 di4] /field/farmland/cropland/甜点 [tian2 dian3] /dessert/田间 [tian2 jian1] /(n) field; farm; farming/田径 [tian2 jing4] /(n) track and field/甜酒 [tian2 jiu3] /rum/填空 [tian2 kong4] /(v) fill a job vacancy/填满 [tian2 man3] /cram/甜美 [tian2 mei3] /sweetness/填塞 [tian2 se4] /stuff/填写 [tian2 xie3] /(v) fill or write in a blank spot on a form/田野 [tian2 ye3] /field/open land/忝 [tian3] /to shame/腆 [tian3] /make strong (as liquors)/virtuous/舔 [tian3] /to lick/to lap/殄 [tian3] /exterminate/舔吮 [tian3 shun3] /to lick and suck/挑 [tiao1] /carry on a pole/choose/祧 [tiao1] /ancestral hall/挑选 [tiao1 xuan3] /choose/select/迢 [tiao2] /remote/条 [tiao2] /measure word for long, thin things (i.e. ribbon, river, etc.)/a strip/item/article/蜩 [tiao2] /cicada/调 [tiao2] /harmonize/reconcile/苕 [tiao2] /Teocoma grandiflora/笤 [tiao2] /broom/髫 [tiao2] /tufts of hair on children/龆 [tiao2] /shed the milk teeth/young/鲦 [tiao2] /Chub leuciehthys/条板箱 [tiao2 ban3 xiang1] /crate/调和 [tiao2 he2] /harmonious/harmony/调剂 [tiao2 ji4] /(v) make an adjustment/条件 [tiao2 jian4] /condition/prerequisite/factor/调节 [tiao2 jie2] /adjust/regulate/调解 [tiao2 jie3] /(v) mediate; bring together to an agreement/条款 [tiao2 kuan3] /clause (of contract or law)/条理 [tiao2 li3] /(n) arrangement; orderliness/条例 [tiao2 li4] /regulations/rules/调皮 [tiao2 pi2] /naughty/mischievous/unruly/调情 [tiao2 qing2] /flirt/调停 [tiao2 ting2] /reconcile/调味肉汁 [tiao2 wei4 rou4 zhi1] /gravy/调味汁 [tiao2 wei4 zhi1] /dressing/sauce/条文 [tiao2 wen2] /(n) an explanatory article or clause in a document/条纹 [tiao2 wen2] /stripe/条约 [tiao2 yue1] /treatypact/调整 [tiao2 zheng3] /adjustment/revision/调制 [tiao2 zhi4] /to modulate/modulation/调制解调器 [tiao2 zhi4 jie3 diao4 qi4] /modem/条子 [tiao2 zi5] /a short note/a slip of paper/挑 [tiao3] /incite/窕 [tiao3] /quiet and elegant/挑拨 [tiao3 bo1] /(v) incite disharmony; stir up tensions among others/挑起 [tiao3 qi3] /stir up/incite/挑衅 [tiao3 xin4] /provoke/挑战 [tiao3 zhan4] /challenge/眺 [tiao4] /gaze afar/跳 [tiao4] /jump/hop/skip (a grade)/to leap/to bounce/to beat/跳动 [tiao4 dong4] /to beat/to pulse/跳高 [tiao4 gao1] /(n) high jump/跳进 [tiao4 jin4] /plunge/jump into/眺望 [tiao4 wang4] /lookout/跳舞 [tiao4 wu3] /to dance/跳远 [tiao4 yuan3] /(n) long jump/跳跃 [tiao4 yue4] /to jump/to leap/to bound/to skip/跳蚤 [tiao4 zao3] /flea/帖 [tie1] /fit snugly/贴 [tie1] /to stick/to paste/to keep close to/to fit snugly/allowance/帖 [tie3] /invitation card/notice/铁 [tie3] /iron/铁板 [tie3 ban3] /iron panel/铁道 [tie3 dao4] /(n) railroad; railway tracks/铁饭碗 [tie3 fan4 wan3] /"iron rice bowl" -- secure employment/铁匠 [tie3 jiang5] /blacksmith/铁路 [tie3 lu4] /railroad/railway/铁器 [tie3 qi4] /hardware/ironware/帖撒罗尼迦后书 [tie3 sa1 luo2 ni2 jia1 hou4 shu1] /2 Thessalonians/帖撒罗尼迦前书 [tie3 sa1 luo2 ni2 jia1 qian2 shu1] /1 Thessalonians/铁_ [tie3 xiu4] /rust/铁砧 [tie3 zhen1] /anvil/帖 [tie4] /rubbing from incised inscription/餮 [tie4] /gluttonous/汀 [ting1] /sand-bank/听 [ting1] /listen/hear/obey/厅 [ting1] /(reception) hall/office/烃 [ting1] /hydrocarbon/听得见 [ting1 de2 jian4] /audible/听话 [ting1 hua4] /(v) obey an elder/(adj) be obedient/听见 [ting1 jian4] /hear/听讲 [ting1 jiang3] /attend a lecture/listen to a talk/听力 [ting1 li4] /hearing/听取 [ting1 qu3] /hear (news)/listen to/听说 [ting1 shuo1] /to hear told/听说过 [ting1 shuo1 guo5] /to hear said/听写 [ting1 xie3] /dictate/dictation/听众 [ting1 zhong4] /audience/listeners/廷 [ting2] /palace courtyard/亭 [ting2] /pavilion/庭 [ting2] /court/courtyard/停 [ting2] /to stop/to halt/婷 [ting2] /graceful/蜓 [ting2] /dragonfly/霆 [ting2] /clap of thunder/莛 [ting2] /stalk of grass/葶 [ting2] /Draba nemerosa bebe carpa/停泊 [ting2 bo2] /anchorage/mooring (of a ship)/停车 [ting2 che1] /to stop/to park/停顿 [ting2 dun4] /pause/停火 [ting2 huo3] /cease fire/停火协议 [ting2 huo3 xie2 yi4] /cease fire agreement/停留 [ting2 liu2] /stay somewhere temporarily/stop over/庭园 [ting2 yuan2] /flower garden/庭院 [ting2 yuan4] /courtyard/庭长 [ting2 zhang3] /presiding judge/停止 [ting2 zhi3] /to stop/to halt/to cease/停滞 [ting2 zhi4] /be at a standstill/bogged down/亭子 [ting2 zi5] /pavilion/挺 [ting3] /be straight and stiff/rather (good)/梃 [ting3] /a club (weapon)/艇 [ting3] /small boat/町 [ting3] /raised path between fields/铤 [ting3] /big arrow/walk fast/挺拔 [ting3 ba2] /(adj) tall and straight/挺好 [ting3 hao3] /very good/挺立 [ting3 li4] /to stand erect/to stand upright/听 [ting4] /let/allow/通 [tong1] /go through/know well/to connect/to communicate/open/通报 [tong1 bao4] /bulletin/journal/circulate information/bulletin/通常 [tong1 chang2] /regular/usual/ordinary/normal/通道 [tong1 dao4] /(communications) channel/thoroughfare/passage/通风 [tong1 feng1] /airy/ventilate/ventilation/通告 [tong1 gao4] /to announce/to give notice/通过 [tong1 guo4] /by means of/through/via/to adopt/to pass through/to get through/to switch over/通航 [tong1 hang2] /connected by air, sea traffic or service/通红 [tong1 hong2] /very red/red through and through/to blush (deep red)/通货膨胀 [tong1 huo4 peng2 zhang4] /inflation/通缉 [tong1 ji1] /wanted by the police (fugitive or criminal)/通路 [tong1 lu4] /access/通商 [tong1 shang1] /(v) have a trading relationship (i.e. between nations)/通顺 [tong1 shun4] /smooth/clear and coherent/通俗 [tong1 su2] /(adj) common; everday; average/通通 [tong1 tong1] /all/entire/complete/通宵 [tong1 xiao1] /overnight/通信 [tong1 xin4] /to communicate/通信服务 [tong1 xin4 fu2 wu4] /communication service/通信负载 [tong1 xin4 fu4 zai4] /communications load/通信技术 [tong1 xin4 ji4 shu4] /communications technology/通信协定 [tong1 xin4 jie2 ding4] /communications protocol/通信量 [tong1 xin4 liang4] /communications volume/通信密度 [tong1 xin4 mi4 du4] /communications density/通信网络 [tong1 xin4 wang3 luo4] /communications network/通行 [tong1 xing2] /license (computer)/通行税 [tong1 xing2 shui4] /toll/通讯 [tong1 xun4] /communications/a news story (e.g. dispatched over the wire)/通讯行业 [tong1 xun4 hang2 ye4] /communications industry/通讯社 [tong1 xun4 she4] /a news service (e.g. Xinhua)/通讯通道 [tong1 xun4 tong1 dao4] /communications channel/通讯系统 [tong1 xun4 xi4 tong3] /communication system/通讯协定 [tong1 xun4 xie2 ding4] /communications protocol/通讯自动化 [tong1 xun4 zi4 dong4 hua4] /communications automation/通用 [tong1 yong4] /common (use)/interchangeable/通用电器 [tong1 yong4 dian4 qi4] /General Electric/GE/通用汽车 [tong1 yong4 qi4 che1] /General Motors/通用资源识别号 [tong1 yong4 zi1 yuan2 shi2 bie2 hao4] /universal resource identifier/URI/通用字元组 [tong1 yong4 zi4 yuan2 zu3] /Universal character set (UCS)/通知 [tong1 zhi1] /notify/inform/notice/notification/同 [tong2] /like/same/similar/together/alike/with/彤 [tong2] /(surname)/red/峒 [tong2] /name of a mountain/桐 [tong2] /Aleurites cordata/童 [tong2] /(surname)/boy/child/children/僮 [tong2] /boy/铜 [tong2] /copper/潼 [tong2] /high/name of a pass/瞳 [tong2] /pupil of the eye/仝 [tong2] /together/same/佟 [tong2] /(surname)/侗 [tong2] /ignorant/茼 [tong2] /Chrysanthemum coronarium/酮 [tong2] /ketone/同班同学 [tong2 ban1 tong2 xue2] /classmate/同伴 [tong2 ban4] /companion/comrade/fellow/同胞 [tong2 bao1] /fellow citizen or countryman/同胞兄妹 [tong2 bao1 xiong1 mei4] /sibling/同辈 [tong2 bei4] /peer/同步 [tong2 bu4] /synchronous/同步数位阶层 [tong2 bu4 shu4 wei4 jie1 ceng2] /synchronous digital hierarchy/SDH/同等 [tong2 deng3] /(adj) having the same social class or status/同行 [tong2 hang2] /(n) person in the same business or occupation/童话 [tong2 hua4] /children's fairy tales/同类 [tong2 lei4] /(n) the same type/同龄 [tong2 ling2] /of the same age/同盟 [tong2 meng2] /alliance/同盟国 [tong2 meng2 guo2] /confederation/同谋 [tong2 mou2] /to conspire with someone/(be an) accomplice/to plot/(co)conspirator/partner in crime/同年 [tong2 nian2] /the same year/童年 [tong2 nian2] /childhood/同期 [tong2 qi1] /the corresponding time period (e.g. compare inflation now with the rate during the same month last year)/同情 [tong2 qing2] /compassion/relent/sympathize/sympathy/同时 [tong2 shi2] /at the same time/simultaneously/同时代 [tong2 shi2 dai4] /contemporary/同事 [tong2 shi4] /colleague/co-worker/同位 [tong2 wei4] /par/同屋 [tong2 wu1] /roommate/同性 [tong2 xing4] /homosexual/同性恋 [tong2 xing4 lian4] /homosexual (love)/同学 [tong2 xue2] /(fellow) classmate/同样 [tong2 yang4] /same/equal/equivalent/同一 [tong2 yi1] /identical/the same/同意 [tong2 yi4] /to agree/to consent/to approve/同义字 [tong2 yi4 zi4] /synonym/同志 [tong2 zhi4] /comrade/同质 [tong2 zhi4] /homogeneous/童子军 [tong2 zi3 jun1] /boy scout/桶 [tong3] /pail/bucket/bin/barrel/统 [tong3] /to gather/to unite/to unify/whole/筒 [tong3] /tube/cylinder/捅 [tong3] /poke through/统称 [tong3 cheng1] /collectively called/common name/统筹 [tong3 chou2] /(v) plan in entirety; plan for entire project/统计 [tong3 ji4] /statistics/统计结果 [tong3 ji4 jie2 guo3] /statistical results/统计数据 [tong3 ji4 shu4 ju4] /statistical data/统计学 [tong3 ji4 xue2] /statistics/统帅 [tong3 shuai4] /command/commander-in-chief/统统 [tong3 tong3] /totally/统一 [tong3 yi1] /to unify/to unite/to integrate/统一码 [tong3 yi1 ma3] /Unicode/统一招生 [tong3 yi1 zhao1 sheng1] /national unified entrance exam/统战 [tong3 zhan4] /(n) united front; consolidation/统治 [tong3 zhi4] /(political) rule (over)/to rule/to dominate/rule/domination/统治者 [tong3 zhi4 zhe1] /ruler/痛 [tong4] /ache/pain/sorrow/恸 [tong4] /grief/痛恨 [tong4 hen4] /abhor/痛苦 [tong4 ku3] /pain/suffering/painful/痛快 [tong4 kuai5] /jolly/偷 [tou1] /to steal/to pilfer/偷看 [tou1 kan4] /peep/偷懒 [tou1 lan3] /to goof off/to be lazy/偷窃 [tou1 qie4] /steal/theft/偷税 [tou1 shui4] /(v) evade paying taxes/偷听 [tou1 ting1] /to eavesdrop/to monitor (secretly)/偷偷 [tou1 tou1] /stealthily/secretly/covertly/on the sly/投 [tou2] /to throw/to send/骰 [tou2] /cuboid bone/dice/头 [tou2] /head/头版 [tou2 ban3] /(newspaper's) front page/投奔 [tou2 ben1] /to seek shelter/to seek asylum/投标 [tou2 biao1] /(v) submit a bid/头部 [tou2 bu4] /head/投产 [tou2 chan3] /invest/头发 [tou2 fa5] /hair (on the head)/投放 [tou2 fang4] /to put in (circulation)/to throw in/投放市场 [tou2 fang4 shi4 chang3] /to put sth on the market/头盖骨 [tou2 gai4 gu3] /skull/投稿 [tou2 gao3] /contribute/投机 [tou2 ji1] /be a speculator (profit seeking)/congenial/agreeable/be opportunistic/投机倒把 [tou2 ji1 dao3 ba3] /(saying) to buy and sell on speculation/投了票 [tou2 le5 piao4] /past tense of to vote/头脑 [tou2 nao3] /brains/mind/头脑清楚 [tou2 nao3 qing1 chu3] /sane/头皮 [tou2 pi2] /scalp/投票 [tou2 piao4] /to vote/vote/投票站 [tou2 piao4 zhan4] /polling station (for a vote)/投入 [tou2 ru4] /put into operation/throw into battle/to put into/投射 [tou2 she4] /dart/projection/投手 [tou2 shou3] /pitcher/头痛 [tou2 tong4] /headache/投降 [tou2 xiang2] /surrender/头向前 [tou2 xiang4 qian2] /headlong/头晕 [tou2 yun1] /dizzy/投掷 [tou2 zhi4] /to throw something a long distance; hurl/投资 [tou2 zi1] /investment/to invest/投资者 [tou2 zi1 zhe3] /investor/骰子 [tou2 zi5] /dice/头子 [tou2 zi5] /(n) boss, gang leader/透 [tou4] /to penetrate/thorough/penetrating/to pass through/to pierce/透彻 [tou4 che4] /(adj) careful and thorough/透红 [tou4 hong2] /rosy/透露 [tou4 lu4] /to leak out/to divulge/to reveal/透露消息 [tou4 lu4 xiao1 xi5] /to disclose information/透明 [tou4 ming2] /transparent/open (non-secretive)/透明度 [tou4 ming2 du4] /transparency/(policy of) openness/透视 [tou4 shi4] /to examine by fluoroscope or X-ray/perspective/fluoroscopy/透通性 [tou4 tong1 xing4] /transparency (networking)/透印版印刷 [tou4 yin4 ban3 yin4 shua1] /offset/透支 [tou4 zhi1] /(bank) overdraft/头 [tou5] /suff. for nouns/凸 [tu1] /(adj) convex; stick out/秃 [tu1] /bald/blunt/突 [tu1] /to dash/to move forward quickly/突出 [tu1 chu1] /prominent/give prominence to/突发 [tu1 fa1] /outburst/突击 [tu1 ji1] /make a sudden and violent attack/do a crash job/突厥 [tu1 jue2] /Turkic (minority group in China)/突破 [tu1 po4] /breakthrough/突然 [tu1 ran2] /sudden/abrupt/unexpected/突显 [tu1 xian3] /make something stand out/make something prominent/徒 [tu2] /apprentice/disciple/屠 [tu2] /slaughter/slaughter man/荼 [tu2] /Sonchus oleraceus/途 [tu2] /way/route/road/涂 [tu2] /to smear/daub/图 [tu2] /diagram/to plan/picture/drawing/chart/酴 [tu2] /yeast/涂 [tu2] /(surname)/to smear/daub/to apply (paint)/to spread/图案 [tu2 an4] /design/pattern/图标 [tu2 biao1] /(computer) icon/图表 [tu2 biao3] /chart/diagram/徒步旅行 [tu2 bu4 lu:3 xing2] /hiking/徒弟 [tu2 di4] /apprentice/disciple/屠夫 [tu2 fu1] /butcher/图画 [tu2 hua4] /drawing/picture/图解说明 [tu2 jie3 shuo1 ming2] /illustrate/途径 [tu2 jing4] /way/channel/图克 [tu2 ke4] /(Gary L.) Tooker (Motorola Chairman of the Board)/徒劳 [tu2 lao2] /futile/涂抹 [tu2 mo3] /to smear/to doodle/图谋 [tu2 mou2] /conspire/图片 [tu2 pian4] /image/picture/图签 [tu2 qian1] /(computer) icon/屠杀 [tu2 sha1] /massacre/图书 [tu2 shu1] /books (in a library or bookstore)/图书馆 [tu2 shu1 guan3] /library/图书管理员 [tu2 shu1 guan3 li3 yuan2] /librarian/图象 [tu2 xiang4] /(n) image; picture/图像 [tu2 xiang4] /image/picture/graphic/图像互换格式 [tu2 xiang4 hu4 huan4 ge2 shi4] /GIF/graphic interchange format/图像用户介面 [tu2 xiang4 yong4 hu4 jie4 mian4] /graphical user interface/GUI/徒刑 [tu2 xing2] /(prison) sentence/图形 [tu2 xing2] /(n) graph or figure/涂油於 [tu2 you2 yu2] /anoint/图纸 [tu2 zhi3] /(n) graph paper; blueprint; drawing; design plans/途中 [tu2 zhong1] /en route/土 [tu3] /earth/dust/吐 [tu3] /to spit/钍 [tu3] /thorium/土地 [tu3 di4] /land/territory/土豆 [tu3 dou4] /potato/土堆 [tu3 dui1] /mound/土耳其 [tu3 er3 qi2] /Turkey/土耳其语 [tu3 er3 qi2 yu3] /Turkish (language)/吐蕃 [tu3 fan1] /ancient name for Tibet/土匪 [tu3 fei3] /bandit/吐根 [tu3 gen1] /ipecac/吐鲁番 [tu3 lu3 fan1] /the Turfan Basin, in Xinjiang Province/吐露 [tu3 lu4] /to tell/to disclose/to reveal/吐气 [tu3 qi4] /aspirated/to blow off steam/吐弃 [tu3 qi4] /to spurn/to reject/土壤 [tu3 rang3] /soil/吐绶鸡 [tu3 shou4 ji1] /turkey/吐穗 [tu3 sui4] /to have the ears of grain come up/吐絮 [tu3 xu4] /the opening of a boll/土着 [tu3 zhu4] /native, aboriginal/吐 [tu4] /vomit/兔 [tu4] /rabbit/菟 [tu4] /dodder/cuscuta/堍 [tu4] /side of bridge/兔子 [tu4 zi5] /hare/rabbit/湍 [tuan1] /to rush (of water)/团 [tuan2] /regiment/round/circular/group/society/团 [tuan2] /dumpling/抟 [tuan2] /roll round with hand/团队 [tuan2 dui4] /team/团结 [tuan2 jie2] /(hold a) rally/join forces/团聚 [tuan2 ju4] /to reunite/to have a reunion/团体 [tuan2 ti3] /group/organization/team/团员 [tuan2 yuan2] /member/group member/团圆 [tuan2 yuan2] /to have a reunion/团长 [tuan2 zhang3] /regimental command/head of a delegation/彖 [tuan4] /running hog/推 [tui1] /push/refuse (responsibility)/shove/推测 [tui1 ce4] /conjecture/speculate/speculation/surmise/推迟 [tui1 chi2] /to postpone/to put off/推崇 [tui1 chong2] /value/accord great importance to/推出 [tui1 chu1] /to release/推辞 [tui1 ci2] /to decline (an appointment, invitation, etc.)/推动 [tui1 dong4] /to push (for acceptance of a plan)/to push forward/to promote/推动力 [tui1 dong4 li4] /driving force/推翻 [tui1 fan1] /overthrow/推广 [tui1 guang3] /popularize/make more widespread/推荐 [tui1 jian4] /recommend/推荐 [tui1 jian4] /recommend/recommendation/推荐信 [tui1 jian4 xin4] /recommendation letter/推进 [tui1 jin4] /impel/推举 [tui1 ju3] /elect/choose/推来推去 [tui1 lai2 tui1 qu4] /(idiom) to rudely push and pull others/(idiom) to evade responibility and push it to others/推理 [tui1 li3] /reasoning/speculative/推论 [tui1 lun4] /infer/推算 [tui1 suan4] /(v) calculate an amount; extrapolate/推销 [tui1 xiao1] /to market/to sell/推卸 [tui1 xie4] /avoid or shift (usu. responsibility)/推行 [tui1 xing2] /(v) put into effect; carry out/推选 [tui1 xuan3] /elect/choose/颓 [tui2] /become bald/decadent/腿 [tui3] /leg/退 [tui4] /retreat/to decline/to move back/to withdraw/蜕 [tui4] /exuviae of insects or reptiles/退避 [tui4 bi4] /withdraw/退步 [tui4 bu4] /degenerate/regress/退潮 [tui4 chao2] /ebb/退出 [tui4 chu1] /to withdraw/to abort/to quit/退黑激素 [tui4 hei1 ji1 su4] /melatonin/退还 [tui4 huan2] /return/send back/退落 [tui4 luo4] /subside/退票 [tui4 piao4] /bounce (a check)/退位 [tui4 wei4] /abdicate/退伍军人 [tui4 wu3 jun1 ren2] /veteran/退休 [tui4 xiu1] /retirement (from work)/退休金 [tui4 xiu1 jin1] /retirement pay/pension/退学 [tui4 xue2] /to quit school/退役 [tui4 yi4] /retire from the military/吞 [tun1] /to swallow/to take/暾 [tun1] /sun above the horizon/吞并 [tun1 bing4] /to annex/吞金 [tun1 jin1] /to commit suicide by swallowing gold/吞没 [tun1 mo4] /to embezzle/吞声 [tun1 sheng1] /to swallow one's cries/吞食 [tun1 shi2] /to devour/吞噬 [tun1 shu4] /to swallow/to engulf/吞吐 [tun1 tu3] /to take in and send out (in large quantities)/屯 [tun2] /to station (soldiers)/to store up/囤 [tun2] /to store/hoard/豚 [tun2] /suckling pig/饨 [tun2] /Chinese ravioli/臀 [tun2] /butt/buttocks/臀部 [tun2 bu4] /butt/buttocks/褪 [tun4] /fade/take off (clothes)/褪色 [tun4 se4] /fade/托 [tuo1] /to hold in one's hand/to entrust/to support in one's palm/拖 [tuo1] /dragging (brush stroke in painting)/to drag along/托 [tuo1] /entrust/脱 [tuo1] /to shed/to take off/to escape/to get away from/拖把 [tuo1 ba3] /mop/拖车 [tuo1 che1] /tow/拖船 [tuo1 chuan2] /tow/脱掉 [tuo1 diao4] /strip off/托儿所 [tuo1 er5 suo3] /nursery/托付 [tuo1 fu4] /entrust/托架 [tuo1 jia4] /bracket/拖拉 [tuo1 la1] /haul/拖拉机 [tuo1 la1 ji1] /tractor/脱离 [tuo1 li2] /separate/break away/脱落 [tuo1 luo4] /(v) drop off; shed; fall off/拖鞋 [tuo1 xie2] /slippers/脱氧 [tuo1 yang3] /deoxidation/脱氧核糖核酸 [tuo1 yang3 he2 tang2 he2 suan1] /DNA/脱衣服 [tuo1 yi1 fu2] /undress/拖曳机 [tuo1 yi4 ji1] /tractor/托运 [tuo1 yun4] /to book or check through (baggage)/佗 [tuo2] /carry on the back/沱 [tuo2] /tearful/to branch (of river)/陀 [tuo2] /(phonetic)/declivity/steep bank/跎 [tuo2] /stumble/驮 [tuo2] /carry on back/驼 [tuo2] /humpback/鸵 [tuo2] /ostrich/坨 [tuo2] /lump/spherical substance/柁 [tuo2] /main beam of roof/砣 [tuo2] /steelyard weight/酡 [tuo2] /flushed (from drinking)/橐 [tuo2] /sack/tube for blowing fire/鼍 [tuo2] /large water lizard/鸵鸟 [tuo2 niao3] /ostrich/妥 [tuo3] /secure/sound/椭 [tuo3] /ellipse/庹 [tuo3] /length of 2 outstretched arms/妥当 [tuo3 dang4] /appropriate/proper/ready/妥善 [tuo3 shan4] /appropriate/proper/妥协 [tuo3 xie2] /compromise/椭圆 [tuo3 yuan2] /(n) ellipse/(adj) elliptical; oval/椭圆形 [tuo3 yuan2 xing2] /oval/拓 [tuo4] /expand/support on palm/to develop/to open up/柝 [tuo4] /watchman's rattle/唾 [tuo4] /saliva/spit at/箨 [tuo4] /sheath around joints of bamboo/唾沫 [tuo4 mo5] /(n) saliva/拓展 [tuo4 zhan3] /expand/哇 [wa1] /sound of child's crying/挖 [wa1] /to dig/to excavate/to scoop out/娲 [wa1] /(surname)/sister of Fu2 Xi1/蛙 [wa1] /frog/洼 [wa1] /depression/sunken/swamp/洼 [wa1] /winding ditch/蛙泳 [wa1 yong3] /(swimming) breaststroke/娃 [wa2] /baby/doll/挖掘 [wa2 jue2] /excavation/娃娃 [wa2 wa5] /(n) baby/(n) doll shaped as a baby/瓦 [wa3] /tile/佤 [wa3] /Kawa/瓦解 [wa3 jie3] /(v) collapse; disintegrate/瓦斯 [wa3 si1] /gas/袜 [wa4] /socks/stockings/腽 [wa4] /castor/袜带 [wa4 dai4] /garter/袜子 [wa4 zi5] /socks/stockings/歪 [wai1] /askew/歪曲 [wai1 qu1] /distort/misrepresent/外 [wai4] /outside/in addition/foreign/external/外邦人 [wai4 bang1 ren2] /gentile/外边 [wai4 bian5] /(n) outside/(n) exteriorsurface/(n) place other than one's home town/外表 [wai4 biao3] /external/outside/outward appearance/外宾 [wai4 bin1] /(n) foreign guests/外部 [wai4 bu4] /external part/external/外出 [wai4 chu1] /(v) go out; go away from one's present physical position/外地 [wai4 di4] /parts of the country other than where one is/foreign lands/外电 [wai4 dian4] /reports from foreign (non-Chinese) news agencies/外公 [wai4 gong1] /(informal) mother's father; maternal grandfather/外观 [wai4 guan1] /(n) exterior condition; exterior appearance/外国 [wai4 guo2] /foreign (country)/外国公司 [wai4 guo2 gong1 si1] /foreign company/外国旅游者 [wai4 guo2 lu:3 you2 zhe3] /foreign traveler/外国人 [wai4 guo2 ren2] /foreigner/外国投资者 [wai4 guo2 tou2 zi1 zhe3] /foreign investor/外国资本 [wai4 guo2 zi1 ben3] /foreign capital/外行 [wai4 hang2] /layman/amateur/外号 [wai4 hao4] /nickname/外汇 [wai4 hui4] /foreign (currency) exchange/外汇储备 [wai4 hui4 chu3 bei4] /foreign-exchange reserves/外交 [wai4 jiao1] /diplomacy/diplomatic/foreign affairs/外交部 [wai4 jiao1 bu4] /Foreign Affairs ministry/foreign office/Dept. of State/外交部长 [wai4 jiao1 bu4 zhang3] /minister of foreign affairs/外交风波 [wai4 jiao1 feng1 bo1] /diplomatic crisis/外交官 [wai4 jiao1 guan1] /diplomat/外交关系 [wai4 jiao1 guan1 xi4] /foreign relations/diplomatic relations/外交手腕 [wai4 jiao1 shou3 wan4] /diplomatic/外界 [wai4 jie4] /the outside world/external/外科 [wai4 ke1] /surgical department/外科手术 [wai4 ke1 shou3 shu4] /surgery/外科医生 [wai4 ke1 yi1 sheng1] /surgeon/外来 [wai4 lai2] /external/foreign/outside/外来投资 [wai4 lai2 tou2 zi5] /foreign investment/外力 [wai4 li4] /(n) external force; foreign pressure/外流 [wai4 liu2] /outflow/to flow out/to drain/外贸 [wai4 mao4] /foreign trade/外貌 [wai4 mao4] /profile/appearance/外面 [wai4 mian5] /outside/外袍 [wai4 pao2] /robe/外婆 [wai4 po2] /(informal) mother's mother; maternal grandmother/外商 [wai4 shang1] /foreign businessman/外甥 [wai4 sheng1] /nephew/外甥 [wai4 sheng5] /sister's son/外甥 [wai4 sheng5] /wife's sibling's son/外甥女 [wai4 sheng5 nu:3] /sister's daughter/外甥女 [wai4 sheng5 nu:3] /wife's sibling's daughter/外甥女婿 [wai4 sheng5 nu:3 xu5] /sister's daughter's husband/外甥媳妇 [wai4 sheng5 xi2 fu4] /sister's son's wife/外事 [wai4 shi4] /foreign affairs/外孙 [wai4 sun1] /daughter's son; grandson/外孙女 [wai4 sun1 nu:3] /daughter's daughter/granddaughter/外孙女儿 [wai4 sun1 nu:r3] /granddaughter (daughter of one's daughter)/外滩 [wai4 tan1] /Waitan (the Bund), in Shanghai/外套 [wai4 tao4] /coat/外头 [wai4 tou5] /outside/out/外围 [wai4 wei2] /surrounding/外文 [wai4 wen2] /foreign language (written)/外向型 [wai4 xiang4 xing2] /(n) economic system where products are manufactured for distant or foreign export/外小腿 [wai4 xiao3 tui3] /shin/外形 [wai4 xing2] /figure/shape/外衣 [wai4 yi1] /outer clothing/semblance/appearance/外用 [wai4 yong4] /external/外语 [wai4 yu3] /foreign language/外长 [wai4 zhang3] /foreign minister/secretary of state/minister of foreign affairs/外资 [wai4 zi1] /foreign investment/外祖父 [wai4 zu3 fu4] /mother's father; maternal grandfather/外祖母 [wai4 zu3 mu3] /mother's mother; maternal grandmother/剜 [wan1] /scoop out/蜿 [wan1] /to move (as snake)/豌 [wan1] /peas/弯 [wan1] /bend/bent/湾 [wan1] /bay/gulf/豌豆 [wan1 dou4] /(n) pea (Pisum sativum)/豌豆粥 [wan1 dou4 zhou1] /pea gruel/弯曲 [wan1 qu3] /bend/bent/curve/warp/wind/弯腰 [wan1 yao1] /stoop/丸 [wan2] /pill/完 [wan2] /to finish/to be over/whole/complete/entire/玩 [wan2] /curios/antiques/to play/to amuse oneself/顽 [wan2] /mischievous/obstinate/to play/stupid/stubborn/naughty/芄 [wan2] /Metaplexis stauntoni/纨 [wan2] /white/white silk/烷 [wan2] /alkane/完备 [wan2 bei4] /perfect/complete/完毕 [wan2 bi4] /to finish/to end/to complete/完成 [wan2 cheng2] /complete/accomplish/完蛋 [wan2 dan4] /(v) fall from prestige; be finished, done for/顽固 [wan2 gu4] /stubborn/obstinate/玩具 [wan2 ju4] /plaything/toy/完美 [wan2 mei3] /perfect/perfection/perfectly/玩弄 [wan2 nong4] /resort to/engage in/play with/玩偶 [wan2 ou3] /doll/顽皮 [wan2 pi2] /naughty/顽强 [wan2 qiang2] /tenacious/hard to defeat/完全 [wan2 quan2] /complete/whole/totally/entirely/完全懂得 [wan2 quan2 dong3 de5] /to understand completely/完全兼容 [wan2 quan2 jian1 rong4] /completely compatible/完善 [wan2 shan4] /perfect/complete/顽童 [wan2 tong2] /urchin/玩笑 [wan2 xiao4] /joke/jest/玩意儿 [wan2 yi4 er5] /(n) thing (used in speech)/(n) toy/(n) act; trick (in a performance, stage show, acrobatics, etc.)/完整 [wan2 zheng3] /complete/intact/完整性 [wan2 zheng3 xing4] /integrity/completeness/宛 [wan3] /(surname)/similar/winding/娩 [wan3] /complaisant/agreeable/挽 [wan3] /draw/pull/send funeral ode/婉 [wan3] /graceful/tactful/晚 [wan3] /evening/night/late/莞 [wan3] /smile/皖 [wan3] /Anhui/碗 [wan3] /bowl/cup/绾 [wan3] /bind up/string together/挽 [wan3] /draw/pull/send funeral ode/琬 [wan3] /ensign of royalty/菀 [wan3] /luxuriance of growth/畹 [wan3] /a field of 20 or 30 mu/晚报 [wan3 bao4] /evening paper/晚餐 [wan3 can1] /evening meal/dinner/晚饭 [wan3 fan4] /supper/碗柜 [wan3 gui4] /cupboard/晚会 [wan3 hui4] /evening party/晚间 [wan3 jian1] /evening-time/in the evening/挽救 [wan3 jiu4] /save/remedy/rescue/晚年 [wan3 nian2] /(n) person's later years in life/晚上 [wan3 shang5] /in the evening/惋惜 [wan3 xi1] /to feel sorry for a person over sth that should have happened/晚宴 [wan3 yan4] /banquet/dinner party/玩 [wan4] /curios/antiques/腕 [wan4] /wrist/万 [wan4] /(surname)/ten thousand/a great number/万 [wan4] /(surname)/10,000/万分 [wan4 fen1] /very much/extremely/万古长青 [wan4 gu3 chang2 qing1] /remain fresh or last forever/万古长青 [wan4 gu3 chang2 qing1] /(saying) eternal; remain forever/万事达 [wan4 shi4 da2] /Master(Card)/万事达卡 [wan4 shi4 da2 ka3] /MasterCard/万寿山 [wan4 shou4 shan1] /name of a place, Longevity Hill, in Summer Palace 颐和园/万水千山 [wan4 shui3 qian1 shan1] /(saying) the trails and tribulations of a long journey/万岁 [wan4 sui4] /live long/wish a long life/万万 [wan4 wan4] /absolutely/wholly/万维天罗地网 [wan4 wei2 tian1 luo2 di4 wang3] /World Wide Web (WWW)/literal: ten-thousand dimensional net covering heaven and earth/万维网 [wan4 wei2 wang3] /World Wide Web (WWW)/literal: ten-thousand dimensional net/万县 [wan4 xian4] /Wanxian County, in Sichuan Province/万一 [wan4 yi1] /just in case/if by any chance/contingency/万有引力 [wan4 you3 yin3 li4] /gravity/尢 [wang1] /lame/汪 [wang1] /(surname)/expanse of water/ooze/汪洋 [wang1 yang2] /(n) vast body of water/亡 [wang2] /to die/to perish/王 [wang2] /king/Wang (proper name)/王朝 [wang2 chao2] /dynasty/王丹 [wang2 dan1] /Wang Dan (Chinese dissident)/忘恩负义 [wang2 en1 fu4 yi4] /ungrateful/王冠 [wang2 guan1] /crown/王国 [wang2 guo2] /kingdom/realm/王后 [wang2 hou4] /queen/王家 [wang2 jia1] /princely/王牌 [wang2 pai2] /trump card/王权 [wang2 quan2] /royalty/royal power/王羲之 [wang2 xi1 zhi1] /name of a person, a famous calligrapher/王子 [wang2 zi3] /prince/son of a king/王座 [wang2 zuo4] /throne/往 [wang3] /to go (in a direction)/past/previous/towards/枉 [wang3] /in the wrong/in vain/罔 [wang3] /deceive/there is none/惘 [wang3] /desolate/网 [wang3] /net/network/辋 [wang3] /tire/wheel band/魍 [wang3] /elf/sprite/网 [wang3] /a net/往常 [wang3 chang2] /habitually in the past/as one used to do formerly/as it used to be/网点 [wang3 dian3] /node in a network/branch/website/网段 [wang3 duan4] /network segment/往返 [wang3 fan3] /to go back and forth/to go to and fro/往复 [wang3 fu4] /to reciprocate/网管 [wang3 guan3] /network management/网管接口 [wang3 guan3 jie1 kou3] /network management interface/网管系统 [wang3 guan3 xi4 tong3] /network management/网管员 [wang3 guan3 yuan2] /network manager/network administrator/往后 [wang3 hou4] /(idiom) from now on.../往还 [wang3 huan2] /contacts/dealings/网际 [wang3 ji4] /Internet/net/cyber-/网际电话 [wang3 ji4 dian4 hua4] /Internet phone/网际色情 [wang3 ji4 se4 qing2] /cyberporn/网际网路 [wang3 ji4 wang3 lu4] /Internet/网际网路协会 [wang3 ji4 wang3 lu4 xie2 hui4] /Internet Society/网际网络 [wang3 ji4 wang3 luo4] /Internet/网际协定 [wang3 ji4 xie2 ding4] /internet protocol/IP/网架 [wang3 jia4] /rack/网孔 [wang3 kong3] /mesh/往来 [wang3 lai2] /dealings/contacts/to go back and forth/网路 [wang3 lu4] /network/网路服务 [wang3 lu4 fu2 wu4] /network service/网路环境 [wang3 lu4 huan2 jing4] /network environment/网路架构 [wang3 lu4 jia4 gou4] /network infrastructure/网路节点 [wang3 lu4 jie2 dian3] /network node/网路节点介面 [wang3 lu4 jie2 dian3 jie4 mian4] /network node interface/网路连接层 [wang3 lu4 lian4 jie2 ceng2] /network link layer/网路平台 [wang3 lu4 ping2 tai2] /network platform/网路应用 [wang3 lu4 ying4 yong4] /network application/网路作业系统 [wang3 lu4 zuo4 ye4 xi4 tong3] /network operating system/网络 [wang3 luo4] /(computer, telecom, etc.) network/网络操作系统 [wang3 luo4 cao1 zuo4 xi4 tong3] /network operating system/网络层 [wang3 luo4 ceng2] /network layer/网络层协议 [wang3 luo4 ceng2 xie2 yi4] /network layer protocol/网络打印机 [wang3 luo4 da3 yin4 ji1] /network printer/网络管理 [wang3 luo4 guan3 li3] /network management/网络管理系统 [wang3 luo4 guan3 li3 xi4 tong3] /network management system/NMS/网络管理员 [wang3 luo4 guan3 li3 yuan2] /network administrator/网络规划人员 [wang3 luo4 gui1 hua4 ren2 yuan2] /network planner/网络环境 [wang3 luo4 huan2 jing4] /network environment/网络技术 [wang3 luo4 ji4 shu4] /network technology/网络科技 [wang3 luo4 ke1 ji4] /network technology/网络浏览器 [wang3 luo4 liu2 lan3 qi4] /network browser/Internet browser/网络迁移 [wang3 luo4 qian1 yi2] /network migration/网络设备 [wang3 luo4 she4 bei4] /network equipment/网络设计 [wang3 luo4 she4 ji4] /network design/network plan/网络协议 [wang3 luo4 xie2 yi4] /network protocol/网络应用 [wang3 luo4 ying4 yong4] /network application/网络直径 [wang3 luo4 zhi2 jing4] /network diameter/往年 [wang3 nian2] /in former years/in previous years/网桥 [wang3 qiao2] /(network) bridge/网球 [wang3 qiu2] /tennis/往日 [wang3 ri4] /in former days/往事 [wang3 shi4] /past events/former happenings/往往 [wang3 wang3] /often/frequently/往昔 [wang3 xi1] /in the past/网站 [wang3 zhan4] /network station/node/网址 [wang3 zhi3] /(Internet) site/妄 [wang4] /absurd/fantastic/忘 [wang4] /to forget/to overlook/to neglect/往 [wang4] /toward/(of a train) bound for/旺 [wang4] /prosperous/flourishing/to prosper/to flourish/望 [wang4] /hope/expect/to visit/to gaze (into the distance)/look towards/towards/忘记 [wang4 ji4] /forget/旺季 [wang4 ji4] /busy season/peak period/忘却 [wang4 que4] /(v) forget, usually only used in writing/旺盛 [wang4 sheng4] /vigorous/exuberant/妄图 [wang4 tu2] /(adj) absurd, outlandish/try in vain/妄想 [wang4 xiang3] /(v) vainly attempt/(n) vain attempt/望远镜 [wang4 yuan3 jing4] /telescope/旺月 [wang4 yue4] /busy (business) month/玩儿 [wanr2] /to play/危 [wei1] /danger/to endanger/委 [wei1] /crooked/威 [wei1] /power/might/prestige/偎 [wei1] /to cuddle/萎 [wei1] /spiritless/withered/微 [wei1] /micro/tiny/miniature/煨 [wei1] /simmer/to roast in ashes/隈 [wei1] /bay/cove/葳 [wei1] /luxuriant/微波 [wei1 bo1] /microwave/微不足道 [wei1 bu4 zu2 dao4] /negligible/insignificant/危殆 [wei1 dai4] /grave danger/危地马拉 [wei1 di4 ma3 la1] /Guatemala/危笃 [wei1 du3] /deathly ill/威尔士 [wei1 er3 shi4] /Wales/威尔士语 [wei1 er3 shi4 yu3] /Welsh (language)/危房 [wei1 fang2] /decrepit house/威风 [wei1 feng1] /(n) impressive force; power/微观 [wei1 guan1] /(adj) sub atomic/微光 [wei1 guang1] /glimmer/危害 [wei1 hai4] /to jeopardize/to harm/to endanger/危机 [wei1 ji1] /crisis/危急 [wei1 ji2] /critical/desperate (situation)/危局 [wei1 ju2] /perilous situation/危惧 [wei1 ju4] /afraid/apprehensive/威力 [wei1 li4] /(n) power that invokes fear; might/威廉斯堡 [wei1 lian2 si1 bao3] /Williamsburg (Virginia)/微妙 [wei1 miao4] /subtle/微明 [wei1 ming2] /twilight/危难 [wei1 nan4] /calamity/微弱 [wei1 ruo4] /weak/faint/feeble/威士忌酒 [wei1 shi4 ji4 jiu3] /whisky/危亡 [wei1 wang2] /at stake/in peril/威望 [wei1 wang4] /prestige/危险 [wei1 xian3] /danger/dangerous/微小 [wei1 xiao3] /small/little/微笑 [wei1 xiao4] /smile/威胁 [wei1 xie2] /to threaten/to menace/威信 [wei1 xin4] /(n) prestige; veneration; trust/微型 [wei1 xing2] /tiny/miniature/违章 [wei1 zhang1] /to break the rules/to violate regulations/圩 [wei2] /dike/为 [wei2] /act as/take...to be/to be/to do/to serve as/to become/韦 [wei2] /(surname)/soft leather/桅 [wei2] /mast/唯 [wei2] /-ism/only/alone/帷 [wei2] /curtain/screen/惟 [wei2] /-ism/only/围 [wei2] /to circle/to surround/帏 [wei2] /curtain/women's apartment/tent/违 [wei2] /to disobey/to violate/to separate/to go against/维 [wei2] /to preserve/to maintain/to hold together/dimension/潍 [wei2] /name of a river/闱 [wei2] /door to women's room/gate to palace/囗 [wei2] /enclosure/嵬 [wei2] /rocky/违碍 [wei2 ai4] /taboo/prohibition/违傲 [wei2 ao4] /to disobey/违背 [wei2 bei4] /to violate/to be contrary to/微薄的 [wei2 bo2 de5] /meager/围城 [wei2 cheng2] /siege/维持 [wei2 chi2] /to keep/to maintain/to preserve/维持费 [wei2 chi2 fei4] /maintenance costs/围兜 [wei2 dou1] /bib/惟独 [wei2 du2] /(adv) soley; singley/韦尔弗雷兹 [wei2 er3 fu2 lei2 zi5] /(George) Wehrfritz (Beijing bureau chief of Newsweek)/维尔容 [wei2 er3 rong2] /(Johannes Lodewikus) Viljoen (South African ambassador to Taiwan)/违法 [wei2 fa3] /illegal/to break the law/违反 [wei2 fan3] /to violate (a law, e.g.)/违犯 [wei2 fan4] /to violate/to infringe/桅竿 [wei2 gan1] /(n) ship mast; mast/围攻 [wei2 gong1] /besiege/维护 [wei2 hu4] /defense/safeguard/protect/uphold/maintain/围巾 [wei2 jin1] /scarf/shawl/违禁 [wei2 jin4] /to violate a prohibition or ban/违抗 [wei2 kang4] /to disobey/违例 [wei2 li4] /to break the rules/帏幕 [wei2 mu4] /screen/backdrop/为难 [wei2 nan2] /make things difficult for/为期 [wei2 qi1] /(to be done) by (a certain date)/lasting (a certain time)/围棋 [wei2 qi2] /(n) the game of Go/围墙 [wei2 qiang2] /enclosure/围裙 [wei2 qun2] /apron/围绕 [wei2 rao3] /revolve around/center on (an issue)/微软 [wei2 ruan3] /Microsoft/微软公司 [wei2 ruan3 gong1 si1] /Microsoft corporation/为生 [wei2 sheng1] /to make a living/维生素 [wei2 sheng1 su4] /vitamin/为时 [wei2 shi2] /timewise/pertaining to time/为时过早 [wei2 shi2 guo4 zao3] /premature/too soon/维士卡 [wei2 shi4 ka3] /Visa Card/为首 [wei2 shou3] /head/be headed by/为所欲为 [wei2 suo3 yu4 wei2] /do whatever one pleases/维他命 [wei2 ta1 ming4] /vitamin/维吾尔 [wei2 wu2 er3] /Uighur/维吾尔人 [wei2 wu2 er3 ren2] /Uighur person or people/维吾尔族 [wei2 wu2 er3 zu2] /the Uygur (Uighur) nationality, living in Xinjiang/唯物论 [wei2 wu4 lun4] /(n) philosophy of materialism/唯物主义 [wei2 wu4 zhu3 yi4] /(n) philosophy of materialism/违宪 [wei2 xian4] /unconstitutional/违心 [wei2 xin1] /against ones will or feelings/唯心论 [wei2 xin1 lun4] /(n) philosophy of idealism /唯心主义 [wei2 xin1 zhu3 yi4] /(n) philosophy of idealism/维修 [wei2 xiu1] /(v) protect and maintain; preserve/维也纳 [wei2 ye3 na4] /Vienna/唯一 [wei2 yi1] /only/sole/惟一 [wei2 yi1] /the only/sole/违约 [wei2 yue1] /to break a promise/to violate an agreement/为止 [wei2 zhi3] /until/围住 [wei2 zhu4] /gird/surround/尾 [wei3] /tail/委 [wei3] /give up/indeed/to commission/洧 [wei3] /name of a river/娓 [wei3] /active/comply with/伪 [wei3] /false/fake/forged/bogus/伟 [wei3] /big/large/great/唯 [wei3] /yes/猥 [wei3] /humble/rustic/plentiful/萎 [wei3] /wither/痿 [wei3] /atrophy/苇 [wei3] /reed/rush/Phragmites communis/纬 [wei3] /latitude/诿 [wei3] /shirk/give excuses/鲔 [wei3] /little tuna/Euthnnus allecteratus/炜 [wei3] /glow/raging fire/玮 [wei3] /(reddish jade)/precious/rare/隗 [wei3] /(surname)/eminent/lofty/韪 [wei3] /correct/right/尾巴 [wei3 ba5] /tail/伪币 [wei3 bi4] /counterfeit currency/伟大 [wei3 da4] /great/mighty/large/伪顶 [wei3 ding3] /false roof/伟绩 [wei3 ji1] /great acts/伟晶岩 [wei3 jing1 yan2] /pegmatite/伪军 [wei3 jun1] /puppet army/伪君子 [wei3 jun1 zi3] /hypocrite/委屈 [wei3 qu1] /(v) feel wronged/(v) wrong sb/伟人 [wei3 ren2] /great person/委任 [wei3 ren4] /appoint/伪善 [wei3 shan4] /hypocritical/伪书 [wei3 shu1] /(forged, dubious, misclassified) old books/委托 [wei3 tuo1] /entrust/trust/伪托 [wei3 tuo1] /faking a modern object as an ancient one/纬线 [wei3 xian4] /latitude/猥亵 [wei3 xie4] /licentious/尾牙 [wei3 ya2] /a year-end dinner for employees/伟业 [wei3 ye4] /exploit/great undertaking/委员 [wei3 yuan2] /committee member/committee/council/委员会 [wei3 yuan2 hui4] /committee/委员会会议 [wei3 yuan2 hui4 hui4 yi4] /committee meeting/委员长 [wei3 yuan2 zhang3] /head of a committee/伪造 [wei3 zao4] /to forge/to fake/伪证 [wei3 zheng4] /perjury/伪装 [wei3 zhuang1] /to fake/to feign/to pretend/未 [wei4] /1-3 p.m./8th earthly branch/not yet/did not/have not/not/位 [wei4] /position/location/(measure word for persons)/place/seat/味 [wei4] /taste/为 [wei4] /because of/for/to/畏 [wei4] /to fear/胃 [wei4] /stomach/尉 [wei4] /(surname)/milit. official/to quiet/喂 [wei4] /(interjection) hello/to feed (someone or some animal)/hey/telephone greeting/渭 [wei4] /name of a river/慰 [wei4] /reassure/蔚 [wei4] /Artemisia japonica/luxuriant/卫 [wei4] /to guard/to protect/to defend/(surname)/谓 [wei4] /speak of/喂 [wei4] /to feed/魏 [wei4] /(surname)/name of a dynasty/慰安妇 [wei4 an1 fu4] /comfort woman/未必 [wei4 bi4] /may not/not necessarily/卫兵 [wei4 bing1] /(body) guard)/胃病 [wei4 bing4] /stomach trouble/stomach illness/未成年人 [wei4 cheng2 nian2 ren2] /minor/未成年者 [wei4 cheng2 nian2 zhe3] /minor (not an adult)/为此 [wei4 ci3] /for this reason/with regards to this/in this respect/in order to do this/to this end/味道 [wei4 dao5] /flavor/未婚 [wei4 hun1] /unmarried/慰藉 [wei4 jie4] /consolation/console/魏京生 [wei4 jing1 sheng1] /Wei Jingsheng (Chinese dissident)/畏惧 [wei4 ju4] /(n) fear; foreboding/未决定 [wei4 jue2 ding4] /pending/未可 [wei4 ke3] /cannot/未来 [wei4 lai2] /future/tomorrow/approaching/coming/pending/为了 [wei4 le5] /in order to/for the purpose of/so as to/未免 [wei4 mian3] /(adv) truly; rather a bit too/伪善者 [wei4 shan4 zhe3] /hypocrite/为甚么 [wei4 shen2 me5] /why/为什么 [wei4 shen3 me5] /why/for what reason/卫生 [wei4 sheng1] /health/hygiene/sanitation/卫生部 [wei4 sheng1 bu4] /health department/卫生官员 [wei4 sheng1 guan1 yuan2] /health official/卫生设备 [wei4 sheng1 she4 bei4] /sanitary equipment/卫生暑 [wei4 sheng1 shu3] /ministry of health/卫生纸 [wei4 sheng1 zhi3] /toilet paper/bathroom tissue/未提及 [wei4 ti2 ji2] /not mentioned/未完成 [wei4 wan2 cheng2] /undone/unfinished/蔚为 [wei4 wei2] /to afford (a view of sth, e.g.)/慰问 [wei4 wen4] /express sympathy, greetings, consolation, etc./未武装 [wei4 wu3 zhuang1] /unarmed/卫星 [wei4 xing1] /(space) satellite/卫星城 [wei4 xing1 cheng2] /"satellite" town/edge city/exurb/胃炎 [wei4 yan2] /gastritis/位於 [wei4 yu2] /be situated (in, at)/谓语 [wei4 yu3] /(grammatical) predicate/位元 [wei4 yuan2] /bit/位元组 [wei4 yuan2 zu3] /a byte/伪造的 [wei4 zao4 de5] /forged/未知 [wei4 zhi1] /unknown/位置 [wei4 zhi5] /position/place/seat/位子 [wei4 zi5] /place/seat/温 [wen1] /(luke)warm/to review/瘟 [wen1] /epidemic/pestilence/plague/温带 [wen1 dai4] /temperate zone/温度 [wen1 du4] /temperature/温度计 [wen1 du4 ji4] /thermograph/温哥华 [wen1 ge1 hua2] /Vancouver (city in Canada)/温和 [wen1 he2] /moderate (policy, etc.)/温和性 [wen1 he2 xing4] /tenderness/温暖 [wen1 nuan3] /warm/温柔 [wen1 rou2] /gentle and soft/tender/温室 [wen1 shi4] /greenhouse/瘟疫 [wen1 yi4] /epidemic/文 [wen2] /language/culture/writing/formal/literary/玟 [wen2] /veins in jade/纹 [wen2] /line/trace/mark/蚊 [wen2] /mosquito/雯 [wen2] /multicolored clouds/闻 [wen2] /(surname)/hear/sniff at/文档 [wen2 dang4] /(computer) file/文法 [wen2 fa3] /grammar/文化 [wen2 hua4] /culture/civilization/cultural/文化传统 [wen2 hua4 chuan2 tong3] /cultural tradition/文化的交流 [wen2 hua4 de5 jiao1 liu2] /cultural exchange/文化宫 [wen2 hua4 gong1] /cultural palace/文化障碍 [wen2 hua4 zhang4 ai4] /cultural barrier/文件 [wen2 jian4] /document/file/文件服务器 [wen2 jian4 fu2 wu4 qi4] /file server/文具 [wen2 ju4] /stationery/文具商 [wen2 ju4 shang1] /stationer/文盲 [wen2 mang2] /illiterate/文明 [wen2 ming2] /civilized/civilization/culture/闻名 [wen2 ming2] /well-known/famous/renowned/eminent/文明化 [wen2 ming2 hua4] /civilize/文凭 [wen2 ping2] /(n) diploma/文人 [wen2 ren2] /(n) scholar/闻人 [wen2 ren2] /famous person/文书处理 [wen2 shu1 chu3 li3] /word processing/文物 [wen2 wu4] /cultural relic/historical relic/文献 [wen2 xian4] /document/文献学 [wen2 xian4 xue2] /Philology/Historical Linguistics/文学 [wen2 xue2] /literature/文学家 [wen2 xue2 jia1] /writer/man of letters/文雅 [wen2 ya3] /elegant/refined/文言 [wen2 yan2] /(n) Classical Chinese/文艺 [wen2 yi4] /literature and art/文章 [wen2 zhang1] /article/essay/蚊帐 [wen2 zhang4] /(n) mosquito net/文职 [wen2 zhi2] /civilian/non-military/文字 [wen2 zi4] /character/文字档 [wen2 zi4 dang4] /text file/蚊子 [wen2 zi5] /mosquito/刎 [wen3] /cut across (throat)/吻 [wen3] /kiss/mouth/稳 [wen3] /settled/steady/stable/稳当 [wen3 dang5] /(adj) stable; firm/(adj) reliable/稳定 [wen3 ding4] /stable/steady/稳定性 [wen3 ding4 xing4] /stability/稳健 [wen3 jian4] /firm/stable and steady/紊乱 [wen3 luan4] /disorder/稳妥 [wen3 tuo3] /(adj) reliable; safe; trustworthy/汶 [wen4] /name of a river/紊 [wen4] /involved/tangled/问 [wen4] /to ask/问答 [wen4 da2] /(n) question and answer/问好 [wen4 hao3] /say hello to/send one's regards to/问候 [wen4 hou4] /give someone one's respects/send a greeting/问路 [wen4 lu4] /ask for directions/问世 [wen4 shi4] /to be published/to come out/问题 [wen4 ti2] /problem/issue/topic/翁 [weng1] /(surname)/elderly person/嗡 [weng1] /-oin (chem.) as in anisoin/嗡嗡 [weng1 weng1] /buzz/drone/hum/蓊 [weng3] /a plant in bloom/thick/瓮 [weng4] /earthen jar/urn/倭 [wo1] /Japanese/dwarf/涡 [wo1] /eddy/whirlpool/莴 [wo1] /(lettuce)/Lactuca sativa/窝 [wo1] /nest/窝藏 [wo1 cang2] /to harbor/to shelter/窝巢 [wo1 chao2] /nest/窝囊 [wo1 nang5] /(adj) annoyed/(adj) pointless; asinine/feel vexed/be annoyed/screw up/good-for-nothing/(corruption of 无能, c.f.)/蜗牛 [wo1 niu2] /snail/我 [wo3] /I/me/myself/我的 [wo3 de5] /my/mine/我国 [wo3 guo2] /our country/我们自己 [wo3 men2 zi4 ji3] /ourselves/我们 [wo3 men5] /we/us/ourselves/我自己 [wo3 zi4 ji3] /myself/沃 [wo4] /fertile/rich/卧 [wo4] /to lie/to crouch/握 [wo4] /shake hands/to hold/to grasp/渥 [wo4] /enrich/moisten/斡 [wo4] /to turn/龌 [wo4] /dirty/small-minded/幄 [wo4] /tent/柜边 [wo4 bian1] /to lie on one's side/握别 [wo4 bie2] /to shake hands/卧房 [wo4 fang2] /bedroom/握力 [wo4 li4] /(strength of one's) grip/握拳 [wo4 quan2] /to make a fist/卧室 [wo4 shi4] /bedroom/握手 [wo4 shou3] /to shake hands/卧位 [wo4 wei4] /berth/斡旋 [wo4 xuan2] /mediate (a conflict, etc.)/握住 [wo4 zhu4] /grip/hold/圬 [wu1] /to plaster/whitewash/污 [wu1] /see 污 [wu1]/污 [wu1] /dirt/filth/巫 [wu1] /witch/屋 [wu1] /house/room/乌 [wu1] /a crow/black/呜 [wu1] /(onomat. for humming)/诬 [wu1] /accuse falsely/钨 [wu1] /tungsten/邬 [wu1] /(surname)/ancient place name/污点 [wu1 dian3] /stain/taint/屋顶 [wu1 ding3] /roof/乌干达 [wu1 gan1 da2] /Uganda/乌合之众 [wu1 he2 zhi1 zhong4] /mob/污痕 [wu1 hen2] /blot/污秽 [wu1 hui4] /nasty/sordid/filthy/乌克兰 [wu1 ke4 lan2] /Ukraine/乌鲁木齐 [wu1 lu3 mu4 qi2] /Urumqi (capital of Xinjiang autonomous region)/污蔑 [wu1 mie4] /(v) slander/诬蔑 [wu1 mie4] /slander/vilify/smear/乌木 [wu1 mu4] /ebony/巫婆 [wu1 po2] /witch/污染 [wu1 ran3] /pollution/巫山 [wu1 shan1] /Mt. Wu, on the Changjiang River by the Three Gorges/巫术 [wu1 shu4] /witchcraft/巫峡 [wu1 xia2] /Wuxia Gorge, in the Changjiang River Three Gorges/诬陷 [wu1 xian4] /(v) entrap; frame; plant false evidence against sb/乌鸦 [wu1 ya1] /crow/raven/屋檐 [wu1 yan2] /eaves/呜咽 [wu1 ye4] /sob/whimper/乌云 [wu1 yun2] /(n) black clouds/屋子 [wu1 zi5] /house/room/毋 [wu2] /no/not/吾 [wu2] /I/my/吴 [wu2] /(surname)/province of Jiangsu/梧 [wu2] /Sterculia platanifolia/无 [wu2] /-less/not to have/no/none/not/to lack/un-/蜈 [wu2] /centipede/芜 [wu2] /overgrown with weeds/鼯 [wu2] /Petaurista leucogenys/无比 [wu2 bi3] /matchless/无产阶级 [wu2 chan3 jie1 ji2] /proletariat/无偿 [wu2 chang2] /(adj) free; with no obligation/无耻 [wu2 chi3] /(adj) without any sense of shame; unembarrassed/无处 [wu2 chu4] /nowhere/无从 [wu2 cong2] /(n) not have the means or bility/无党派 [wu2 dang3 pai4] /politically unaffiliated/independent (candidate)/无法 [wu2 fa3] /unable/incapable/无法忍受 [wu2 fa3 ren3 shou4] /intolerable/无法无天 [wu2 fa3 wu2 tian1] /outlaw/无法形容 [wu2 fa3 xing2 rong2] /unspeakable/indescribable/无非 [wu2 fei1] /(adv) only; but/无缝 [wu2 feng4] /seamless/无缝连接 [wu2 feng4 lian2 jie1] /seamless connection/无辜 [wu2 gu1] /innocence/innocent/无关 [wu2 guan1] /unrelated/having nothing to do (with something else)/无关紧要 [wu2 guan1 jin3 yao4] /indifferent/insignificant/无害 [wu2 hai4] /harmless/无花果 [wu2 hua1 guo3] /fig/无话可说 [wu2 hua4 ke3 shuo1] /(idiom) to have no other alternative/(idiom) above criticism; perfect/无价 [wu2 jia4] /invaluable/priceless/无价珍珠 [wu2 jia4 zhen1 zhu1] /Pearl of Great Price/芜菁 [wu2 jing1] /turnip/无可奉告 [wu2 ke3 feng4 gao4] /(idiom) ?no comment?/无可奈何 [wu2 ke3 nai4 he2] /have no way out/have no alternative/无籁 [wu2 lai4] /scoundrel/无理 [wu2 li3] /irrational/unreasonable/无礼 [wu2 li3] /rude/rudely/无力 [wu2 li4] /powerless/lacking strength/无连接 [wu2 lian2 jie1] /connectionless/无聊 [wu2 liao2] /nonsense/bored/无论 [wu2 lun4] /no matter what|how/regardless of whether.../无论何处 [wu2 lun4 he2 chu4] /anywhere/wherever/无论何人 [wu2 lun4 he2 ren2] /whoever/无论何时 [wu2 lun4 he2 shi2] /whenever/无论何事 [wu2 lun4 he2 shi4] /anything/whatever/无论如何 [wu2 lun4 ru2 he2] /anyhow/anyway/whatever/无名 [wu2 ming2] /nameless/obscure/无能 [wu2 neng2] /inability/incapable/powerless/无能为力 [wu2 neng2 wei2 li4] /(idiom) powerless; impotent/无期徒刑 [wu2 qi1 tu2 xing2] /life imprisonment/无情 [wu2 qing2] /pitiless/ruthless/无情无义 [wu2 qing2 wu2 yi4] /(saying) to have no emotion or sense of justice/无穷 [wu2 qiong2] /endless/无人 [wu2 ren2] /unmanned/uninhabited/无人驾驶 [wu2 ren2 jia4 shi3] /unmanned/unpiloted/无神论 [wu2 shen2 lun4] /atheism/无声 [wu2 sheng1] /noiseless/noiselessly/silent/无生命 [wu2 sheng1 ming4] /inert/lifeless/无数 [wu2 shu4] /countless/numberless/innumerable/无所不卖 [wu2 suo3 bu2 mai4] /to sell anything/to sell everything/无所不能 [wu2 suo3 bu4 neng2] /omnipotent/无所不在 [wu2 suo3 bu4 zai4] /omnipresent/无所不知 [wu2 suo3 bu4 zhi1] /omniscient/无所谓 [wu2 suo3 wei4] /to be indifferent/not to matter/无所作为 [wu2 suo3 zuo4 wei2] /(saying) coasting; without any initiative or drive/梧桐 [wu2 tong2] /(n) wutong tree (fermiana platanifolia), a lightweight and strong wood often used for musical instuments; Chinese parasol tree/无微不至 [wu2 wei1 bu2 zhi4] /(saying) very carefully and meticulously/无尾猿 [wu2 wei3 yuan2] /ape/无误 [wu2 wu4] /verified/unmistaken/无锡 [wu2 xi1] /Wuxi (city), in Jiangsu Province/无限 [wu2 xian4] /unlimited/unbounded/无线 [wu2 xian4] /wireless/无线电 [wu2 xian4 dian4] /wireless/无限期 [wu2 xian4 qi1] /unlimited (time) duration/无限制 [wu2 xian4 zhi4] /limitless/unrestricted/无效 [wu2 xiao4] /in vain/无形 [wu2 xing2] /invisible/无烟煤 [wu2 yan1 mei2] /anthracite/无疑 [wu2 yi2] /no doubt/undoubtedly/无益 [wu2 yi4] /no good/not good for/not beneficial/无意 [wu2 yi4] /inadvertent/accidental/无意识 [wu2 yi4 shi4] /unconsciously/无用 [wu2 yong4] /useless/worthless/无知 [wu2 zhi1] /ignorance/无知觉 [wu2 zhi1 jue2] /senseless/无助 [wu2 zhu4] /helpless/吴作栋 [wu2 zuo4 dong4] /Goh Chok Tong (Prime Minister of Singapore)/五 [wu3] /five/5/午 [wu3] /11 a.m.-1 p.m./7th earthly branch/noon/伍 [wu3] /associate with/five/company/武 [wu3] /martial/military/侮 [wu3] /insult/舞 [wu3] /to dance/to wield/to brandish/妩 [wu3] /flatter/to please/怃 [wu3] /disappointed/startled/鹉 [wu3] /parrot/仵 [wu3] /opponent/忤 [wu3] /disobedient/unfilial/捂 [wu3] /(v) seal up; muffle/庑 [wu3] /veranda/五百 [wu3 bai3] /five hundred/五百万 [wu3 bai3 wan4] /five million/舞弊 [wu3 bi4] /fraud/五彩宾纷 [wu3 cai3 bin1 fen1] /colorful/午餐 [wu3 can1] /lunch/luncheon/武打 [wu3 da3] /acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance/舞蹈 [wu3 dao3] /dance/舞蹈家 [wu3 dao4 jia1] /dancer/午饭 [wu3 fan4] /lunch/五分美金 [wu3 fen1 mei3 jin1] /nickel/武官 [wu3 guan1] /military attache/武汉 [wu3 han4] /(N) Wuhan, capitol of Hubei province in central China on the Yangtze River/五号 [wu3 hao4] /the fifth/fifth day of a month/五花八门 [wu3 hua1 ba1 men2] /myriad/all kinds of/all sorts of/舞会 [wu3 hui4] /dance/ball/party/五角 [wu3 jiao3] /pentagon/五角大楼 [wu3 jiao3 da4 lou2] /the Pentagon/五角大楼官员 [wu3 jiao3 da4 lou2 guan1 yuan2] /Pentagon official/舞剧 [wu3 ju4] /dance drama/ballet/武库 [wu3 ku4] /arsenal/store of arms/武力 [wu3 li4] /(make use of) military force/military force/military power/military might/五六十岁 [wu3 liu4 shi2 sui4] /(in one's) fifties or sixties (years of age)/五年计划 [wu3 nian2 ji4 hua4] /Five-Year Plan/舞弄 [wu3 nong4] /to wave/to brandish/武器 [wu3 qi4] /weapon/arms/武器系统 [wu3 qi4 xi4 tong3] /weapon system/五千吨 [wu3 qian1 dun1] /5000 tons/侮辱 [wu3 ru4] /insult/五十 [wu3 shi2] /fifty/武术 [wu3 shu4] /wushu, martial arts such as shadow-boxing, swordplay, etc./武松 [wu3 song1] /Wusong, name of a person, a hero in Shui Hu Zhuan/舞台 [wu3 tai2] /(theatrical or political) stage/arena/五天 [wu3 tian1] /five days/舞厅 [wu3 ting1] /(n) dance hall; ballroom/五万 [wu3 wan4] /50 thousand/午夜 [wu3 ye4] /midnight/五一 [wu3 yi1] /5-1 (May 1st)/五月 [wu3 yue4] /May/fifth month/五月十五号 [wu3 yue4 shi2 wu3 hao4] /May 1 5/武装 [wu3 zhuang1] /arms/equipment/to arm/military/armed (forces)/武装部队 [wu3 zhuang1 bu4 dui4] /armed forces/兀 [wu4] /(surname)/cut off the feet/rising to a height; towering/bald/勿 [wu4] /do not/戊 [wu4] /5th heavenly stem/物 [wu4] /thing/object/matter/悟 [wu4] /comprehend/务 [wu4] /affair/business/matter/晤 [wu4] /meet (socially)/恶 [wu4] /to hate/to loathe/坞 [wu4] /dock/low wall/寤 [wu4] /awake from sleep/误 [wu4] /mistake/error/to miss/to harm/to delay/to neglect/雾 [wu4] /fog/mist/骛 [wu4] /fast/greedy/run rapidly/杌 [wu4] /low stool/芴 [wu4] /fluorine/婺 [wu4] /beautiful/痦 [wu4] /(flat) mole/鋈 [wu4] /-plated/to plate/务必 [wu4 bi4] /(adv) must; need to/be sure to/误差 [wu4 cha1] /(n) difference; inaccuracy; error/误会 [wu4 hui4] /to misunderstand/to mistake/misunderstanding/物价 [wu4 jia4] /(commodity) prices/物件 [wu4 jian4] /object/误解 [wu4 jie3] /misunderstanding/物理 [wu4 li3] /physics/physical/物理层 [wu4 li3 ceng2] /physical layer/物理结构 [wu4 li3 jie2 gou4] /physical composition/物理学 [wu4 li3 xue2] /physics/物力 [wu4 li4] /(n) physical resources (as opposed to labour resources)/晤面 [wu4 mian4] /interview/物品 [wu4 pin3] /articles/goods/materials/务实 [wu4 shi2] /pragmatic/dealing with concrete issues/物体 [wu4 ti3] /object/body/substance/误用 [wu4 yong4] /misuse/物质上 [wu4 zhi2 shang4] /materially/物质 [wu4 zhi4] /(physical) matter/物主 [wu4 zhu3] /owner/物资 [wu4 zi1] /goods and materials/夕 [xi1] /evening/兮 [xi1] /(part.)/西 [xi1] /west/吸 [xi1] /to breathe/to suck in/to absorb/to inhale/希 [xi1] /rare/infrequent/昔 [xi1] /past/former/析 [xi1] /to separate/to divide/to analyze/唏 [xi1] /sound of sobbing/奚 [xi1] /what why/息 [xi1] /news/interest/breath/rest/悉 [xi1] /in all cases/know/淅 [xi1] /sound of rain/sleet etc./烯 [xi1] /alkene/晰 [xi1] /understanding/栖 [xi1] /to roost/犀 [xi1] /rhinoceros/稀 [xi1] /diluted/sparse/溪 [xi1] /creek/僖 [xi1] /(surname)/cautious/merry/joyful/熙 [xi1] /prosperous/splendid/熄 [xi1] /(v) extinguish; quench/go out (of fire)/蜥 [xi1] /chameleon/Eumeces latiscutatus/嘻 [xi1] /laugh/giggle/嬉 [xi1] /amusement/膝 [xi1] /knee/熹 [xi1] /bright/warm/羲 [xi1] /(surname)/name of an emperor/蟋 [xi1] /cricket/溪 [xi1] /creek/蹊 [xi1] /footpath/曦 [xi1] /light of day/牺 [xi1] /sacrifice/栖 [xi1] /to roost/浠 [xi1] /name of a river in Hubei/欷 [xi1] /to sob/硒 [xi1] /selenium/粞 [xi1] /ground rice/thresh rice/皙 [xi1] /white/樨 [xi1] /Osmanthus fragrans/螅 [xi1] /(intestinal worm)/醯 [xi1] /acyl/鼷 [xi1] /mouse/西安 [xi1 an1] /Xi'an (city), the capitol city of Shaanxi Province/西班牙 [xi1 ban1 ya2] /Spain/西班牙文 [xi1 ban1 ya2 wen2] /Spanish (language)/西班牙语 [xi1 ban1 ya2 yu3] /Spanish (language)/西半球 [xi1 ban4 qiu2] /Western Hemisphere/西北 [xi1 bei3] /northwest/西北方 [xi1 bei3 fang1] /northwest/northwestern/西边 [xi1 bian1] /(n) west side; to the west of/希伯来书 [xi1 bo2 lai2 shu1] /Hebrews/希伯来语 [xi1 bo2 lai2 yu3] /Hebrew (language)/西薄 [xi1 bo4] /cake/西部 [xi1 bu4] /western part/西餐 [xi1 can1] /Western-style food/析出 [xi1 chu1] /to separate out/西点 [xi1 dian3] /West Point/吸毒 [xi1 du2] /to take drugs/西番雅书 [xi1 fan1 ya3 shu1] /Book of Zephaniah/稀饭 [xi1 fan4] /porridge/gruel/西方 [xi1 fang1] /the West/the Occident/Western countries/西服 [xi1 fu2] /Western-style clothes/膝盖 [xi1 gai4] /knee/西瓜 [xi1 gua1] /watermelon/吸管 [xi1 guan3] /(drinking) straw/西哈努克 [xi1 ha1 nu3 ke4] /(King) Sihanouk (of Cambodia)/西红柿 [xi1 hong2 shi4] /tomato/西湖 [xi1 hu2] /the West Lake, in Hangzhou/细菌 [xi1 jun1] /bacterial/virus/germ/细菌武器 [xi1 jun1 wu3 qi4] /biological weapon (using germs)/希腊 [xi1 la4] /Greece/希腊语 [xi1 la4 yu3] /(modern) Greek (language)/西里尔 [xi1 li3 er3] /Cyrillic/西里尔字母 [xi1 li3 er3 zi4 mu3] /Cyrillic alphabet/Cyrillic letters/溪流 [xi1 liu2] /stream/西面 [xi1 mian4] /west side/west/熄灭 [xi1 mie4] /extinguish/go out (of fire)/die out/西乃山 [xi1 nai3 shan1] /Mount Sinai/西南 [xi1 nan2] /southwest/西南亚 [xi1 nan2 ya4] /southwest Asia/悉尼 [xi1 ni2] /Sydney (Australia)/昔年 [xi1 nian2] /former years/previous years/西宁 [xi1 ning2] /(N) Xining, capitol of Qinghai province in west China/西欧 [xi1 ou1] /Western Europe/吸气 [xi1 qi4] /sniff/吸取 [xi1 qu3] /to absorb/to draw [a lesson or an insight]/to assimilate/昔日 [xi1 ri4] /formerly/in olden days/吸入 [xi1 ru4] /to breathe in/to suck in/to inhale/膝上型 [xi1 shang4 xing2] /laptop (adj)/膝上型电脑 [xi1 shang4 xing2 dian4 nao3] /laptop (computer)/稀少 [xi1 shao3] /rare/rarely/牺牲 [xi1 sheng1] /sacrifice (one's life, etc.)/吸收 [xi1 shou1] /absorb/assimilate/蟋蟀 [xi1 shuai4] /cricket/吸吮 [xi1 shun3] /to suck in/西王母 [xi1 wang2 mu3] /name of a goddess/希望 [xi1 wang4] /to wish for/to desire/to hope/吸烟 [xi1 yan1] /to smoke/西洋棋 [xi1 yang2 qi2] /chess/西洋杉 [xi1 yang2 shan1] /cedar/西医 [xi1 yi1] /Western medicine/a doctor trained in Western medicine/析疑 [xi1 yi2] /to resolve a doubt/蜥蜴 [xi1 yi4] /lizard/吸音 [xi1 yin1] /sound-absorbing/吸引 [xi1 yin3] /attract (interest, investment, etc.)/西游记 [xi1 you2 ji4] /Pilgrimage to the West/Journey to the West/稀有 [xi1 you3] /uncommon/西藏 [xi1 zang4] /Tibet/Xizang/Xizang autonomous region/西藏自治区 [xi1 zang4 zi4 zhi4 qu1] /(N) TibetanAutonomous Region, far west Chinese province/西装 [xi1 zhuang1] /(Western-style) clothes/席 [xi2] /banquet/woven mat/seat/place/习 [xi2] /to practice/to study/habit/媳 [xi2] /daughter in law/席 [xi2] /woven mat/锡 [xi2] /tin/檄 [xi2] /dispatch/order/袭 [xi2] /inherit/raid/suit of clothes/觋 [xi2] /wizard/隰 [xi2] /(surname)/low/marshy land/锡安 [xi2 an1] /Zion/锡安山 [xi2 an1 shan1] /Mount Zion/熄灯 [xi2 deng1] /turn out the lights/lights out/媳妇 [xi2 fu4] /son's wife; daughter-in-law/媳妇儿 [xi2 fur5] /wife/young married woman/习惯 [xi2 guan4] /habit/custom/usual practice/to be used to/习惯性 [xi2 guan4 xing4] /customary/袭击 [xi2 ji1] /(make a) surprise attack/席卷 [xi2 juan3] /engulf/sweep/carry away everything/席卷亚洲 [xi2 juan3 ya4 zhou1] /to sweep through Asia/习俗 [xi2 su2] /(n) custom; tradition/(local) convention/习题 [xi2 ti2] /(n) school work exercises/席位 [xi2 wei4] /parliamentary or congressional seat/习以为常 [xi2 yi3 wei2 chang2] /be accustomed or used to/洗 [xi3] /to wash/to bathe/徙 [xi3] /change one's residence/喜 [xi3] /to be fond of/to like/to enjoy/to be happy/to feel pleased/happiness/delight/glad/禧 [xi3] /joy/玺 [xi3] /ruler's seal/葸 [xi3] /feel insecure/unhappy/屣 [xi3] /slippers/蓰 [xi3] /(grass)/increase five fold/喜爱 [xi3 ai4] /to like/to love/to be fond of/favorite/洗涤 [xi3 di2] /rinse/wash/washing/喜欢吵架 [xi3 huan1 chao3 jia4] /quarrelsome/喜欢 [xi3 huan5] /to like/to be fond of/喜剧 [xi3 ju4] /comedy/洗礼 [xi3 li3] /baptism/喜马拉雅山 [xi3 ma3 la1 ya3 shan1] /the Himalayas/喜鹊 [xi3 que4] /(n) magpie, legend has it that when heard a good event will soon follow/喜事 [xi3 shi4] /(n) wedding/(n) happy occasion/洗刷 [xi3 shua1] /wash/brush/scrub/喜糖 [xi3 tang2] /sweet given on a happy occasion (esp. wedding)/喜新厌旧 [xi3 xin1 yan4 jiu4] /literal: to like the new, and hate the old/figurative: enamored with new people (e.g. new girlfriend), bored with the old/喜讯 [xi3 xun4] /(n) good news/洗衣店 [xi3 yi1 dian4] /laundry/洗衣机 [xi3 yi1 ji1] /washer/washing machine/喜悦 [xi3 yue4] /happy/joyous/洗澡 [xi3 zao3] /bathe/夕 [xi4] /dusk/系 [xi4] /be/system/to tie/department/faculty/系 [xi4] /be/connection/relation/tie up/bind/细 [xi4] /fine/minutely/thin/slender/隙 [xi4] /crack/occasion for dislike/戏 [xi4] /trick/drama/play/show/系 [xi4] /connect/to tie/舄 [xi4] /shoe/slipper/禊 [xi4] /purification ceremony/饩 [xi4] /grain ration/sacrificial victim/细胞 [xi4 bao1] /cell/细长 [xi4 chang2] /slender/细粉 [xi4 fen3] /powder/隙缝 [xi4 feng4] /aperture/细节 [xi4 jie2] /details/particulars/细颈瓶 [xi4 jing3 ping2] /jug/戏剧 [xi4 ju4] /drama/play/theater/戏剧化 [xi4 ju4 hua4] /theatrical/戏剧性 [xi4 ju4 xing4] /dramatic/细菌战 [xi4 jun4 zhan4] /biological warfare/germ warfare/细看 [xi4 kan4] /peer/scan/系列 [xi4 lie4] /series/系列片 [xi4 lie4 pian1] /film series/细嫩 [xi4 nen4] /tender/戏弄 [xi4 nong4] /caper/jest/系上 [xi4 shang4] /to buckle up/to fasten/戏耍 [xi4 shua3] /tease/系统 [xi4 tong3] /system/细线 [xi4 xian4] /string/thread/系小 [xi4 xiao3] /tiny/细小 [xi4 xiao3] /petty/wee/细心 [xi4 xin1] /careful/attentive/戏院 [xi4 yuan4] /theater/细致 [xi4 zhi4] /careful/meticulous/细致 [xi4 zhi4] /(adj) delicate; fine/瞎 [xia1] /blind/虾 [xia1] /shrimp/prawn/匣 [xia2] /box/狎 [xia2] /be intimate with/侠 [xia2] /heroic/柙 [xia2] /cage/pen/scabbard/峡 [xia2] /gorge/狭 [xia2] /narrow/narrow-minded/暇 [xia2] /leisure/瑕 [xia2] /blemish/flaw in jade/遐 [xia2] /abandon/distant/辖 [xia2] /have jurisdiction over/霞 [xia2] /red clouds/黠 [xia2] /(phonetic)/crafty/硖 [xia2] /place name/狭隘 [xia2 ai4] /(adj) narrow; tight/(adj) narrow (minded); lacking in experience/瑕疵 [xia2 ci1] /blemish/flaw/峡谷 [xia2 gu3] /canyon/gill/ravine/狭谷 [xia2 gu3] /glen/狭路 [xia2 lu4] /gorge/狭窄 [xia2 zhai3] /narrow/下 [xia4] /under/second (of two parts)/next (week, etc.)/lower/below/underneath/down(wards)/to decline/to go down/latter/夏 [xia4] /summer/Xia (proper name)/厦 [xia4] /tall building/吓 [xia4] /to frighten/to scare/to intimidate/to threaten/罅 [xia4] /crack/grudge/下巴 [xia4 ba5] /chin/下班 [xia4 ban1] /to come or go or get off work/下半身 [xia4 ban4 shen1] /lower half of one's body/下边 [xia4 bian1] /(n) under/下场 [xia4 chang3] /(n) end; finish/下齿 [xia4 chi3] /bottom teeth/下唇 [xia4 chun2] /lower lip/下达 [xia4 da2] /(v) transmit to lower level people/吓得发抖 [xia4 de2 fa1 dou3] /tremble with fear/下跌 [xia4 die1] /fall/tumble/下定义 [xia4 ding4 yi4] /to define/下放 [xia4 fang4] /(v) get transferred to a lower job position; demoted/(v) transfer a cadre to the factory or countryside to work/下个星期 [xia4 ge4 xing1 qi1] /next week/下个月 [xia4 ge4 yue4] /next month/下工夫 [xia4 gong1 fu5] /to put in time and energy/to concentrate one's efforts/下跪 [xia4 gui4] /kneel/下级 [xia4 ji2] /(n) low level group or people/夏季 [xia4 ji4] /summer/下降 [xia4 jiang4] /to decline/to drop/to fall/to go down/to decrease/下决心 [xia4 jue2 xin1] /determine/resolve/下课 [xia4 ke4] /class is over/夏历 [xia4 li4] /the traditional Chinese lunar calendar/下列 [xia4 lie4] /following/下令 [xia4 ling4] /give an order/下落 [xia4 luo4] /whereabouts/下马 [xia4 ma3] /dismount a horse/下面请看 [xia4 mian4 qing3 kan4] /please see below/下面 [xia4 mian5] /below/next/the following/under/below/下去 [xia4 qu5] /go down (descend)/go on (continue)/下手 [xia4 shou3] /start/put one's hand to/set about/the seat to the right of the main guest/下属 [xia4 shu3] /subordinate/underling/下水道 [xia4 shui3 dao4] /sewer/下榻 [xia4 ta4] /stay at (a hotel, etc. during a trip)/下台 [xia4 tai2] /(v) go off the stage/(v) fall from position of prestige/夏天 [xia4 tian1] /summer/下午 [xia4 wu3] /afternoon/下乡 [xia4 xiang1] /(v) go to the countryside/下旬 [xia4 xun2] /last third of the month/下一次 [xia4 yi1 ci4] /next/下游 [xia4 you2] /lower reaches/backward position/下雨 [xia4 yu3] /rainy/下狱 [xia4 yu4] /imprison/下载 [xia4 zai4] /to download/下至上 [xia4 zhi4 shang4] /bottom to top/下来 [xia5 lai5] /(verb suffix indicating continuation, etc.)/仙 [xian1] /immortal/先 [xian1] /early/prior/former/in advance/first/掀 [xian1] /lift (cover)/暹 [xian1] /Siam/鲜 [xian1] /fresh/纤 [xian1] /fine/delicate/minute/氙 [xian1] /xenon/仙 [xian1] /immortal/跹 [xian1] /manner of dancing/walk around/仙草 [xian1 cao3] /a kind of plant used as a medicinal herb in ancient times/纤度 [xian1 du4] /size/先锋 [xian1 feng1] /herald/pioneer/先后 [xian1 hou4] /early or late/priority/in succession/one after another/鲜花 [xian1 hua1] /fresh flowers/先见者 [xian1 jian4 zhe3] /seer/先见之明 [xian1 jian4 zhi1 ming2] /foresight/先进 [xian1 jin4] /advanced (technology)/to advance/先进水平 [xian1 jin4 shui3 ping2] /advanced level/先进武器 [xian1 jin4 wu3 qi4] /advanced weapon/仙境 [xian1 jing4] /fairyland/先例 [xian1 li4] /antecedent/precedent/先令 [xian1 ling4] /shilling/纤毛 [xian1 mao2] /cilium/鲜明 [xian1 ming2] /bright/clear-cut/distinct/仙女 [xian1 nu:3] /fairy/掀起 [xian1 qi3] /(v) lift/(v) raise in height/(v) begin/先前 [xian1 qian2] /before/previously/纤巧 [xian1 qiao3] /delicate/dainty/先驱 [xian1 qu1] /pioneer/纤弱 [xian1 ruo4] /fragile/delicate/先生 [xian1 sheng5] /sir/mister/teacher/(title of respect)/纤维 [xian1 wei2] /fiber/纤细 [xian1 xi4] /fine/slim/tender/纤小 [xian1 xiao3] /fine/delicate/纤芯 [xian1 xin4] /core (of a fiber)/纤芯直径 [xian1 xin4 zhi2 jing4] /core diameter (of a fiber)/先行 [xian1 xing2] /(v) go in advance o others/鲜血 [xian1 xue4] /blood/鲜艳 [xian1 yan4] /bright-colored/gally-colored/先知 [xian1 zhi1] /prophet/弦 [xian2] /bow string/string of mus. instr./咸 [xian2] /all/in all cases/salty/衔 [xian2] /hold in mouth/涎 [xian2] /saliva/shamelessly/弦 [xian2] /string of mus. instr./舷 [xian2] /sides of boat/闲 [xian2] /to stay idle/to be unoccupied/not busy/leisure/enclosure/嫌 [xian2] /to dislike/衔 [xian2] /hold in mouth/nominal office/娴 [xian2] /elegant/refined/贤 [xian2] /worthy (person)/咸 [xian2] /salty/痫 [xian2] /epilepsy/insanity/嫌恶 [xian2 e4] /abhor/dislike/闲话 [xian2 hua4] /digression/gossip/complaint/贤惠 [xian2 hui4] /(adj) chaste; virtuous/衔接 [xian2 jie1] /(v) join together; combine/贤能 [xian2 neng2] /sage/嫌疑 [xian2 yi2] /suspicion/(be) suspected (of)/蚬 [xian3] /Cyclina orientalis/铣 [xian3] /shining metal/险 [xian3] /danger (ous)/rugged/鲜 [xian3] /few/rare/藓 [xian3] /mosses on damp walls/显 [xian3] /prominent/conspicuous/冼 [xian3] /(surname)/筅 [xian3] /bamboo brush for utensils/跣 [xian3] /barefooted/猃 [xian3] /long-snout dog/燹 [xian3] /conflagration/显得 [xian3 de5] /appear (to be)/seem/显而易见 [xian3 er2 yi4 jian4] /(conj) obviously; clearly; it's clear to see.../险峻 [xian3 jun4] /arduous/steep/显目 [xian3 mu4] /outstanding/conspicuous/显然 [xian3 ran5] /clear/evident/obvious/显示 [xian3 shi4] /to show/to illustrate/to display/to demonstrate/显示器 [xian3 shi4 qi4] /monitor (computer)/显微镜 [xian3 wei1 jing4] /microscope/显现 [xian3 xian4] /appearance/to appear/显着 [xian3 zhu4] /outstanding/notable/remarkable/见 [xian4] /appear/限 [xian4] /limit/bound/岘 [xian4] /steep hill/现 [xian4] /appear/present/now/existing/current/苋 [xian4] /Amarantus mangostanus/陷 [xian4] /to fall/trap/羡 [xian4] /to envy/腺 [xian4] /gland/线 [xian4] /thread/string/wire/line/宪 [xian4] /statute/constitution/县 [xian4] /a district/county/馅 [xian4] /stuffing/forcemeat/献 [xian4] /to offer/霰 [xian4] /sleet/馅饼 [xian4 bing3] /pie/现场 [xian4 chang3] /scene (of event or incident)/现成 [xian4 cheng2] /ready made/县城 [xian4 cheng2] /county seat/county town/现存 [xian4 cun2] /extant/现代 [xian4 dai4] /modern times/modern age/modern era/现代化 [xian4 dai4 hua4] /modernization/现代音乐 [xian4 dai4 yin1 yue4] /modern music/contemporary music/限度 [xian4 du4] /limitation/limit/宪法 [xian4 fa3] /constitution (of a country)/陷害 [xian4 hai4] /(v) cast the blame on; frame/现阶段 [xian4 jie1 duan4] /at the present stage/现今 [xian4 jin1] /now/nowadays/modern/现金 [xian4 jin1] /cash/陷阱 [xian4 jing3] /snare/现款 [xian4 kuan3] /cash/线路 [xian4 lu4] /line/circuit/陷落 [xian4 luo4] /slump/羡慕 [xian4 mu4] /envious/envy/admire/现年 [xian4 nian2] /current age/现钱 [xian4 qian2] /(n) cash/现任 [xian4 ren4] /at the present/hold an office/occupy a post/陷入 [xian4 ru4] /sink into/get caught up in/land in (a predicament)/线上 [xian4 shang4] /online/献身 [xian4 shen1] /(v) commit ones energy to; devote to/现时 [xian4 shi2] /current/现实 [xian4 shi2] /reality/actuality/real/actual/现实情况 [xian4 shi2 qing2 kuang4] /current state/current situation/线索 [xian4 suo3] /trail/clues/thread (of a story)/线条 [xian4 tiao2] /streak/现象 [xian4 xiang4] /appearance/phenomenon/现行 [xian4 xing2] /be in effect/in force/现役 [xian4 yi4] /(military) active duty/现有 [xian4 you3] /currently existing/currently available/限於 [xian4 yu2] /restrict at/陷於 [xian4 yu2] /caught in (a bad situation)/fall into (a trap, etc.)/现在 [xian4 zai4] /modern/current/present/at present/now/nowadays/县长 [xian4 zhang3] /(n) county's head commisioner/限制 [xian4 zhi4] /(impose) restrictions/to limit/to bound/to restrict/线轴 [xian4 zhou4] /thread spool/现状 [xian4 zhuang4] /current situation/相 [xiang1] /each other/one another/mutually/香 [xiang1] /fragrant/incense/(of food) savory/appetizing/sweet/scented/popular/厢 [xiang1] /box (in theater)/side room/湘 [xiang1] /name of a river/乡 [xiang1] /country/village/箱 [xiang1] /box/trunk/chest/襄 [xiang1] /assist/镶 [xiang1] /to inlay/to embed/ridge/border/葙 [xiang1] /Celosia argentea/缃 [xiang1] /light yellow color/芗 [xiang1] /(Fujian drama)/骧 [xiang1] /prance (as a horse)/相比 [xiang1 bi3] /compared to/香槟酒 [xiang1 bin1 jiu3] /champagne/香菜 [xiang1 cai4] /parsley/香草 [xiang1 cao3] /herb/相差 [xiang1 cha4] /differ/香肠 [xiang1 chang2] /sausage/乡村 [xiang1 cun1] /rustic/village/相当 [xiang1 dang1] /equivalent to/appropriate/considerably/to a certain extent/fairly/相等 [xiang1 deng3] /equal/equally/equivalent/相对 [xiang1 dui4] /relatively/opposite/to resist/to oppose/relative/vis-a-vis/相反 [xiang1 fan3] /opposite/contrary/相仿 [xiang1 fang3] /similar/相符 [xiang1 fu2] /(v) match up to; tally/香港 [xiang1 gang3] /Hong Kong/香港人 [xiang1 gang3 ren2] /Hong Kong person|people/相隔 [xiang1 ge2] /be separated by (distance or time, etc)/相关 [xiang1 guan1] /interrelated/相互 [xiang1 hu4] /each other/mutual/相互兼容 [xiang1 hu4 jian1 rong2] /mutually compatible/相继 [xiang1 ji4] /(adv) in succession; closely follow after/相交 [xiang1 jiao1] /(v) cross; intersect/(v) make friends/香蕉 [xiang1 jiao1] /banana/相近 [xiang1 jin4] /close/similar to/相连 [xiang1 lian2] /to link/to join/link/connection/香料 [xiang1 liao4] /spice/相配 [xiang1 pei4] /match/香气 [xiang1 qi4] /incense/镶嵌 [xiang1 qian4] /to inlay/to embed/to set (in sth)/乡亲 [xiang1 qin1] /(n) people from same home town/香山 [xiang1 shan1] /Fragrance Hill (a park in Beijing)/乡绅 [xiang1 shen1] /squire/相识 [xiang1 shi4] /acquaintance/香水 [xiang1 shui3] /perfume/cologne/相似 [xiang1 si4] /to resemble/similar/like/resemblance/similarity/相似性 [xiang1 si4 xing4] /resemblance/similarity/相通 [xiang1 tong1] /(v) be closely linked; have a connection/相同 [xiang1 tong2] /identical/same/相同名字 [xiang1 tong2 ming2 zi4] /like-named/having the same name/香味 [xiang1 wei4] /(n) smell; fragrance/乡下 [xiang1 xia4] /country (as opposed to town or city)/rural/相信 [xiang1 xin4] /be convinced (that something is true)/believe/to accept sth. as true/香烟 [xiang1 yan1] /cigarette/相应 [xiang1 ying4] /relevant/corresponding (reaction)/香皂 [xiang1 zao4] /perfumed soap/toilet soap/箱子 [xiang1 zi3] /bin/葙子 [xiang1 zi5] /suitcase/庠 [xiang2] /asylum for the aged/school/降 [xiang2] /surrender/祥 [xiang2] /auspicious/propitious/翔 [xiang2] /soar/详 [xiang2] /detailed/comprehensive/详述 [xiang2 shu4] /recount/详细 [xiang2 xi4] /detailed/in detail/minute/享 [xiang3] /enjoy/想 [xiang3] /to think/to believe/to suppose/to wish/to want/to miss/饷 [xiang3] /soldier's pay/响 [xiang3] /to make a sound/to sound/to ring/(a measure word for sound)/loud/飨 [xiang3] /offer or enjoy sacrifice/鲞 [xiang3] /wine-preserved pomfret/饷 [xiang3] /soldier's pay/想法 [xiang3 fa3] /idea/what (someone) is thinking/to think of a way (to do sth)/想方设法 [xiang3 fang1 she4 fa3] /(saying) to think of or try every possible method to do sth/享福 [xiang3 fu2] /(v) live in comfort/想家 [xiang3 jia1] /homesick/享乐 [xiang3 le4] /(v) seek pleasure/响亮 [xiang3 liang4] /loud and clear/resounding/想念 [xiang3 nian4] /miss/remember with longing/long to see again/响声 [xiang3 sheng1] /noise/享受 [xiang3 shou4] /to enjoy (rights, benefits, etc.)/想睡 [xiang3 shui4] /drowsy/sleepy/想象 [xiang3 xiang4] /to imagine/to fancy/想像 [xiang3 xiang4] /imagine/visualize/想像力 [xiang3 xiang4 li4] /conception/imagination/响应 [xiang3 ying4] /respond to/answer/响应时间 [xiang3 ying4 shi2 jian1] /response time/享有 [xiang3 you3] /enjoy (rights, privileges, etc.)/向 [xiang4] /direction/part/side/towards/to/guide/opposite to/巷 [xiang4] /lane/alley/相 [xiang4] /appearance/portrait/picture/象 [xiang4] /shape/form/appearance/to be like/to resemble/to take after/to seem/elephant/项 [xiang4] /(surname)/back of neck/item/thing/像 [xiang4] /(look) like/similar (to)/look/appearance/elephant/to look/to appear/to seem/image/portrait/resemble/seem/橡 [xiang4] /oak/Quercus serrata/向 [xiang4] /guide/opposite to/向北地 [xiang4 bei3 di4] /northward/向导 [xiang4 dao3] /guide/向东 [xiang4 dong1] /towards the east/向何处 [xiang4 he2 chu4] /whither/向后 [xiang4 hou4] /backward/相架 [xiang4 jia4] /picture frame/橡胶 [xiang4 jiao1] /rubber/向来 [xiang4 lai2] /always/all along/项炼 [xiang4 lian4] /necklace/项链 [xiang4 lian4] /(n) necklace; neck chain/项目 [xiang4 mu4] /item/project/sports event/橡木 [xiang4 mu4] /oaken/向南 [xiang4 nan2] /southward/橡皮 [xiang4 pi2] /(n) rubber/橡皮搽 [xiang4 pi2 ca1] /eraser/相片 [xiang4 pian4] /image/photograph/像片簿 [xiang4 pian4 bu4] /album/向前 [xiang4 qian2] /forward/onward/向上地 [xiang4 shang4 di4] /up/upward/upwards/相声 [xiang4 sheng1] /(n) cross talk, comic dialogue/象声词 [xiang4 sheng1 ci2] /onomatopoeia/橡树 [xiang4 shu4] /oak/向往 [xiang4 wang3] /to yearn for/to look forward to/向西 [xiang4 xi1] /westward/向西南 [xiang4 xi1 nan2] /southwestward/向下 [xiang4 xia4] /down/downward/象牙 [xiang4 ya2] /ivory/像样 [xiang4 yang4] /presentable/decent/up to par/像银 [xiang4 yin2] /silvery/象征 [xiang4 zheng1] /symbol/signify/象徵 [xiang4 zheng1] /emblem/symbol/token/馅儿 [xianr4] /stuffing/filling/削 [xiao1] /to scrape/哮 [xiao1] /pant/roar/bark (of animals)/宵 [xiao1] /night/消 [xiao1] /consume/news/subside/to disappear/to vanish/枭 [xiao1] /brave/owl/strix uralensis/逍 [xiao1] /leisurely/easy-going/硝 [xiao1] /saltpeter/to tan (leather)/销 [xiao1] /to melt/to do away with/to sell/霄 [xiao1] /firmament/heaven/萧 [xiao1] /mournful/箫 [xiao1] /(flute)/pan pipes/xiao - a vertical bamboo flute/潇 [xiao1] /river name/sound of rain and wind/嚣 [xiao1] /clamor/骁 [xiao1] /brave/good horse/strong/枵 [xiao1] /empty/hollow of a tree/绡 [xiao1] /raw silk/蛸 [xiao1] /Octopus octopodia/mantis egg nest/哓 [xiao1] /a cry of alarm/querulous/魈 [xiao1] /elf/消除 [xiao1 chu2] /to eliminate/to remove/消毒 [xiao1 du2] /disinfect/sterilize/消防 [xiao1 fang2] /fire-fighting/fire control/消防队员 [xiao1 fang2 dui4 yuan2] /fireman/消防栓 [xiao1 fang2 shuan1] /fire hydrant/消费 [xiao1 fei4] /to consume/消费者 [xiao1 fei4 zhe3] /consumer/消耗 [xiao1 hao4] /to use up/to consume/消耗量 [xiao1 hao4 liang4] /rate of consumption/消化 [xiao1 hua4] /digest/digestion/digestive/销毁 [xiao1 hui3] /to destroy (by melting or burning)/消极 [xiao1 ji2] /passive/销路 [xiao1 lu4] /(n) sale; sales event/消灭 [xiao1 mie4] /perish/cause to perish/消遣 [xiao1 qian3] /amusement/pastime/diversion/消去 [xiao1 qu4] /eliminate/消失 [xiao1 shi1] /disappear/fade away/销售 [xiao1 shou4] /sell/market/to sell/sales/萧条 [xiao1 tiao2] /(economic) depression/消息灵通人士 [xiao1 xi1 ling2 tong1 ren2 shi4] /a well-informed source/a person with inside information/消息 [xiao1 xi5] /news/information/硝烟 [xiao1 yan1] /smoke (from guns)/消炎药 [xiao1 yan2 yao4] /antibiotic medicine/小 [xiao3] /small/tiny/few/young/晓 [xiao3] /dawn/to know/to tell (sb sth)/dawn/筱 [xiao3] /dwarf bamboo/thin bamboo/小斑点 [xiao3 ban1 dian3] /speckle/小包 [xiao3 bao1] /packet/小报 [xiao3 bao4] /tabloid newspaper/小便 [xiao3 bian4] /urinate/pass water/urine/小标题 [xiao3 biao1 ti2] /subtitle/closed-captioning/小册子 [xiao3 ce4 zi5] /booklet/pamphlet/小车 [xiao3 che1] /(n) wheelbarrow/小吃 [xiao3 chi1] /snack/refreshments/小吃店 [xiao3 chi1 dian4] /snack bar/lunch room/小冲突 [xiao3 chong1 tu1] /skirmish/小丑 [xiao3 chou3] /clown/小船 [xiao3 chuan2] /boat/小袋 [xiao3 dai4] /pouch/小岛 [xiao3 dao3] /isle/晓得 [xiao3 de5] /to know/小碟子 [xiao3 die2 zi5] /saucer/小贩 [xiao3 fan4] /peddler/小费 [xiao3 fei4] /tip/小狗 [xiao3 gou3] /pup/puppy/小姑 [xiao3 gu1] /husband's younger sister; sister-in-law/小鬼 [xiao3 gui3] /(idiom) an endearing term of address to a child; little demon/小孩 [xiao3 hai2] /child/小河 [xiao3 he2] /brook/小伙子 [xiao3 huo3 zi5] /lad/young fellow/youngster/小鸡 [xiao3 ji1] /chick/小结 [xiao3 jie2] /summary/short/brief/小姐 [xiao3 jie5] /young lady/miss/小精灵 [xiao3 jing1 ling2] /elf/小径 [xiao3 jing4] /alley/小舅子 [xiao3 jiu4 zi5] /(informal) wife's younger brother/小路 [xiao3 lu4] /lane/小马 [xiao3 ma3] /colt/pony/小麦 [xiao3 mai4] /wheat/小猫 [xiao3 mao1] /kitten/小毛虫 [xiao3 mao2 chong2] /slug/小米 [xiao3 mi3] /millet/小牛 [xiao3 niu2] /calf/小朋友 [xiao3 peng2 you3] /children/小牝牛 [xiao3 pin4 niu2] /heifer/小瀑布 [xiao3 pu4 bu4] /cascade/小起重机 [xiao3 qi3 zhong4 ji1] /jack/小气 [xiao3 qi4] /stingy/narrow/petty/小汽车 [xiao3 qi4 che1] /compact car/小青 [xiao3 qing1] /name of a person, Xiaoqing, from Madam White Snake/小丘 [xiao3 qiu1] /hill/knoll/小舌 [xiao3 she2] /uvula/小声 [xiao3 sheng1] /in a low voice/(speak) in whispers/小时 [xiao3 shi2] /hour/晓示 [xiao3 shi4] /to tell/to notify/小叔 [xiao3 shu1] /husband's younger brother; brother-in-law/小数 [xiao3 shu4] /(n) decimal; decimal value/小数点 [xiao3 shu4 dian3] /(n) decimal point/小树林 [xiao3 shu4 lin2] /grove/小说 [xiao3 shuo1] /novel/fiction/{CL 篇}/小说家 [xiao3 shuo1 jia1] /novelist/小淘气 [xiao3 tao2 qi4] /rascal/小题大做 [xiao3 ti2 da4 zuo4] /make a big fuss over a minor issue/小提琴 [xiao3 ti2 qin2] /fiddle/violin/小偷 [xiao3 tou1] /(n) thief/小屋 [xiao3 wu1] /cabin/lodge/小写 [xiao3 xie3] /lowercase/小写字母 [xiao3 xie3 zi4 mu3] /lowercase (letters)/小心 [xiao3 xin1] /careful/小心翼翼 [xiao3 xin1 yi4 yi4] /(saying) carefully; cautiously/小型 [xiao3 xing2] /small scale/small size/小型柜橱 [xiao3 xing2 gui4 chu2] /cabinet/小型企业 [xiao3 xing2 qi3 ye4] /small business/小学 [xiao3 xue2] /primary school/小学生 [xiao3 xue2 sheng1] /(n) student in primary school; schoolchild/小羊 [xiao3 yang2] /lamb/小妖精 [xiao3 yao1 jing1] /goblin/小夜曲 [xiao3 ye4 qu3] /serenade/小姨 [xiao3 yi2] /(informal) wife's younger sister; sister-in-law/小游 [xiao3 you2] /outing/short trip/小脏鬼 [xiao3 zang1 gui3] /dirty little monster (spoken affectionately to a child who has gotten him(her)self dirty; literally "little dirty ghost")/小子 [xiao3 zi5] /(n) boy/(n) an implolite term for a person; bloke/小组 [xiao3 zu3] /a group/孝 [xiao4] /filial/肖 [xiao4] /similar/resembling/to resemble/to be like/效 [xiao4] /effect/efficacy/imitate/校 [xiao4] /school/笑 [xiao4] /laugh/smile/效 [xiao4] /imitate/啸 [xiao4] /to hiss/to whistle/效果 [xiao4 guo3] /result/effect/笑话 [xiao4 hua4] /joke/jest/校徽 [xiao4 hui1] /(n) school bae/孝敬 [xiao4 jing4] /to respect/to give presents (to one's elders or superiors)/效力 [xiao4 li4] /(n) positive effect; efficacy/(v) to offer one's help/笑林 [xiao4 lin2] /Humor/Jokes/效率 [xiao4 lu:4] /efficiency/效能 [xiao4 neng2] /efficient/笑容 [xiao4 rong2] /smile/smiling expression/校舍 [xiao4 she4] /school building/笑声 [xiao4 sheng1] /laughter/孝顺 [xiao4 shun4] /filial piety/肖像 [xiao4 xiang4] /portrait/效益 [xiao4 yi4] /benefit/效应 [xiao4 ying4] /effect (e.g. greenhouse effect)/效用 [xiao4 yong4] /usefulness/effectiveness/校园 [xiao4 yuan2] /campus/校园骨干 [xiao4 yuan2 gu3 gan4] /campus backbone/校园网络 [xiao4 yuan2 wang3 luo4] /campus network/校长 [xiao4 zhang3] /(college, university) president/schoolmaster/校正 [xiao4 zheng4] /regulate/效忠 [xiao4 zhong1] /vow loyalty and devotion to/些 [xie1] /some/few/several/(a measure word)/楔 [xie1] /to wedge/wedge/歇 [xie1] /to rest/蝎 [xie1] /scorpion/蝎 [xie1] /scorpion/些许 [xie1 xu3] /trifling/邪 [xie2] /demonical/iniquitous/nefarious/协 [xie2] /cooperate/harmonize/to help/to assist/to join/挟 [xie2] /clasp under the arm/coerce/胁 [xie2] /side of body/threaten/偕 [xie2] /in company with/斜 [xie2] /slanting/勰 [xie2] /harmonious/鞋 [xie2] /shoe/颉 [xie2] /(surname)/fly upwards/neck/谐 [xie2] /harmonious/撷 [xie2] /collect/携 [xie2] /to carry/to take along/to bring along/to hold (hands)/缬 [xie2] /knot/tie a knot/挟持 [xie2 chi2] /(v) hold sombody from both sides against their will/携带 [xie2 dai4] /to carry/portable/协定 [xie2 ding4] /(reach an) agreement/protocol/邪恶 [xie2 e4] /sinister/vicious/wicked/evil/斜钩 [xie2 gou1] /(downwards-right concave hooked character stroke)/协会 [xie2 hui4] /an association/a society/胁迫 [xie2 po4] /coerce/compel/协商 [xie2 shang1] /consult with/talk things over/协调 [xie2 tiao2] /to coordinate/斜纹软呢 [xie2 wen2 ruan3 ni2] /tweed/协议 [xie2 yi4] /agreement/pact/protocol/协助 [xie2 zhu4] /provide assistance/aid/协作 [xie2 zuo4] /cooperation/coordination/血 [xie3] /blood/写 [xie3] /to write/写成 [xie3 cheng2] /to compile (fashion through writing)/写信 [xie3 xin4] /to write a letter/写字台 [xie3 zi4 tai2] /(n) writing desk/写作 [xie3 zuo4] /writing/written works/卸 [xie4] /unload/take off/泄 [xie4] /divulge/leak out/屑 [xie4] /crumbs/filings/worth while/械 [xie4] /tools/绁 [xie4] /leash/rein/解 [xie4] /(surname)/榭 [xie4] /pavilion/懈 [xie4] /lax/negligent/燮 [xie4] /(surname)/harmony/harmonize/亵 [xie4] /licentious/谢 [xie4] /(surname)/to thank/邂 [xie4] /meet unexpectedly/泻 [xie4] /to flow (out) swiftly/diarrhea/蟹 [xie4] /crab/渫 [xie4] /(surname)/get rid of/scatter/骱 [xie4] /joint of bones/廨 [xie4] /office/獬 [xie4] /(mythical animal)/薤 [xie4] /Allium bakeri/shallot/scallion/瀣 [xie4] /mist/vapor/躞 [xie4] /to walk/亵渎的话 [xie4 du2 de5 hua4] /blasphemy/泻肚 [xie4 du4] /to have diarrhea/泻湖 [xie4 hu2] /lagoon/谢绝 [xie4 jue2] /(v) politely refuse/谢里夫 [xie4 li3 fu1] /(Nawaz) Sharif (Prime Minister of Pakistan)/泄露 [xie4 lou4] /leak (information)/divulge/泻露 [xie4 lu4] /to leak out (information)/泄气 [xie4 qi4] /(v) despair; feel like giving up/卸下 [xie4 xia4] /unload/谢谢 [xie4 xie5] /to thank/谢辛 [xie4 xin1] /Chea Sim (Cambodian National Assembly President)/楔形物 [xie4 xing2 wu4] /wedge/泻盐 [xie4 yan2] /epsom salts/泻药 [xie4 yao4] /laxative/心 [xin1] /heart/mind/辛 [xin1] /8th heavenly stem/tired/昕 [xin1] /dawn/欣 [xin1] /happy/芯 [xin1] /lamp pith/core/莘 [xin1] /Asarum sieboldi/欣 [xin1] /happy/新 [xin1] /meso- (chem.)/new/newly/锌 [xin1] /zinc/薪 [xin1] /fuel/salary/馨 [xin1] /fragrant/忻 [xin1] /happy/歆 [xin1] /pleased/moved/鑫 [xin1] /(used in names)/心爱 [xin1 ai4] /beloved/新兵 [xin1 bing1] /new (army) recruit/新陈代谢 [xin1 chen2 dai4 xie4] /(saying) metabolism/(saying) to replace the old with the new/心得 [xin1 de2] /knowledge gained/新德里 [xin1 de2 li3] /New Delhi (capital of India)/新房 [xin1 fang2] /(n) brand new house/(n) bridal chamber/心寒 [xin1 han2] /be very disappointed/新华社 [xin1 hua2 she4] /Xinhua news agency/新加坡 [xin1 jia1 po1] /Singapore/新加坡人 [xin1 jia1 po1 ren2] /Singaporean person/新疆 [xin1 jiang1] /Xinjiang (Uygur Autonomous Region)/新教 [xin1 jiao4] /protestant/薪金 [xin1 jin1] /(n) salary; wage/新近 [xin1 jin4] /newly/辛苦 [xin1 ku3] /hard/exhausting/with much toil/新郎 [xin1 lang2] /bridegroom/辛劳 [xin1 lao2] /laborious/心理 [xin1 li3] /mental/psychological/心_ [xin1 li3] /(n) ones heart and mind/心理学 [xin1 li3 xue2] /psychology/心理学家 [xin1 li3 xue2 jia1] /psychologist/心灵 [xin1 ling2] /(n) internal spirit/心灵上 [xin1 ling2 shang4] /spiritual/心目 [xin1 mu4] /mentality/mental attitude/viewpoint/新年 [xin1 nian2] /New Year/新娘 [xin1 niang2] /bride/新奇 [xin1 qi2] /novel/辛勤 [xin1 qin2] /hardworking/industrious/心情 [xin1 qing2] /mood/frame of mind/新人 [xin1 ren2] /(n) new-age person; new type of person/(n) newlywed, in particular a new bride/新任 [xin1 ren4] /newly-appointed/newly elected/new (in a political office)/欣赏 [xin1 shang3] /to appreciate/to enjoy/to admire/新生 [xin1 sheng1] /newborn/心事 [xin1 shi4] /a load on one's mind/worry/新式 [xin1 shi4] /new type/latest type/new-style/心手 [xin1 shou3] /new hand/novice/新书 [xin1 shu1] /new book/薪水 [xin1 shui3] /salary/wage/心思 [xin1 si5] /(n) idea/(v) thinking about doing sth/(n) inclination; mood/心疼 [xin1 teng2] /(v) love with all one's heart/心头 [xin1 tou2] /(n) thoughts; mind/新闻 [xin1 wen2] /news/新闻处 [xin1 wen2 chu4] /news service/information agency/新闻界 [xin1 wen2 jie4] /the press/the media/新闻媒体 [xin1 wen2 mei2 ti3] /news media/新闻周刊 [xin1 wen2 zhou1 kan1] /Newsweek magazine/新闻记者 [xin1 wen4 ji4 zhe1] /journalist/新闻学 [xin1 wen4 xue2] /journalism/新西兰 [xin1 xi1 lan2] /New Zealand/新鲜 [xin1 xian1] /fresh (experience, food, etc.)/freshness/欣欣向荣 [xin1 xin1 xiang4 rong2] /(saying) flourishing; thriving/新兴 [xin1 xing1] /new/up and coming/newly developing/rising/新型 [xin1 xing2] /new type/new kind/新修 [xin1 xiu1] /revise/revised/心血 [xin1 xue4] /(n) meticulous care/心眼 [xin1 yan3] /(n) consideration; thoughtfulness; ability to be considerate/social grace; ability to see how to treat others/(NOT mind's eye)/心眼大 [xin1 yan3 da4] /(adj) magnanimous; considerate; thoughtful; able to think of everything that needs to be thought of/心眼多 [xin1 yan3 duo1] /have unfounded doubts/over concerned/心眼儿 [xin1 yan3 er5] /(n) one's thoughts; mind/(n) intention/(n) willingness to accept new ideas/(n) baseless suspicions/心眼好 [xin1 yan3 hao3] /well-intentioned/good-natured/kind-hearted/心眼小 [xin1 yan3 xiao3] /(adj) (derogatory) selfish/unable to be considerate/selfishly oversensitive/心意 [xin1 yi4] /regard/kindly feelings/intention/新颖 [xin1 ying3] /(adj) new and unique/心愿 [xin1 yuan4] /(n) goal; desire/新约全书 [xin1 yue1 quan2 shu1] /New Testament/新月 [xin1 yue4] /crescent moon/心脏 [xin1 zang4] /heart/心脏病 [xin1 zang4 bing4] /heart disease/心脏移殖 [xin1 zang4 yi2 zhi2] /heart transplant/心中 [xin1 zhong1] /(n) in one's thoughts; in one's mind/信 [xin4] /letter/true/to believe/sign/evidence/囟 [xin4] /skull/top of head/衅 [xin4] /offer blood in sacrifice/信差 [xin4 chai1] /messenger/信贷 [xin4 dai4] /(n) financial credit/信道 [xin4 dao4] /signal path/信封 [xin4 feng1] /envelope/信奉 [xin4 feng4] /belief/to believe (in sth)/信服 [xin4 fu2] /to convince/信号 [xin4 hao4] /signal/信件 [xin4 jian4] /a letter (i.e. sent in the mail)/信赖 [xin4 lai4] /confide/trust/信念 [xin4 nian4] /faith/belief/conviction/芯片 [xin4 pian4] /chip/信任 [xin4 ren4] /trust/have confidence in/信守 [xin4 shou3] /abide by/keep (promises, etc)/信徒 [xin4 tu2] /believer/信息 [xin4 xi1] /information/news/message/信息管理 [xin4 xi2 guan3 li3] /information management/信息技术 [xin4 xi2 ji4 shu4] /information technology/IT/信息时代 [xin4 xi2 shi2 dai4] /information age/信息系统 [xin4 xi2 xi4 tong3] /information system/信息资源 [xin4 xi2 zi1 yuan2] /information resource/信箱 [xin4 xiang1] /mailbox/信心 [xin4 xin1] /confidence/faith (in someone or something)/信仰 [xin4 yang3] /firm belief/conviction/信用 [xin4 yong4] /credit/信用卡 [xin4 yong4 ka3] /credit card/信用证 [xin4 yong4 zheng4] /letter of credit/信誉 [xin4 yu4] /(n) prestige; distinction; reputation/星 [xing1] /star/satellite/small amount/惺 [xing1] /tranquil/understand/猩 [xing1] /ape/腥 [xing1] /fishy (smell)/兴 [xing1] /flourish/it is the fashion to/to become popular/兴办 [xing1 ban4] /(v) begin; set in motion/星岛日报 [xing1 dao3 ri4 bao4] /Sing Tao Daily (newspaper)/兴奋 [xing1 fen4] /(be) excited/兴建 [xing1 jian4] /build/construct/星期 [xing1 qi1] /week/星期二 [xing1 qi1 er4] /Tuesday/星期六 [xing1 qi1 liu4] /Saturday/星期日 [xing1 qi1 ri4] /Sunday/星期三 [xing1 qi1 san1] /Wednesday/星期四 [xing1 qi1 si4] /Thursday/星期天 [xing1 qi1 tian1] /Sunday/星期五 [xing1 qi1 wu3] /Friday/星期一 [xing1 qi1 yi1] /Monday/兴起 [xing1 qi3] /(v) rise; come in vogue/星球 [xing1 qiu2] /celestial body (e.g. planet, satellite, etc)/heavenly body/兴荣 [xing1 rong2] /flourish/prosper/兴盛 [xing1 sheng4] /flourish/thrive/星体 [xing1 ti3] /celestial body (e.g. planet, satellite, etc)/兴旺 [xing1 wang4] /prosperous/thriving/to prosper/to flourish/星星 [xing1 xing5] /(n) star in the sky/星云 [xing1 yun2] /nebula/星座 [xing1 zuo4] /constellation/刑 [xing2] /punishment/行 [xing2] /all right/capable/competent/OK/okay/to go/to do/to travel/temporary/to walk/to go/will do/形 [xing2] /to appear/to look/form/shape/邢 [xing2] /(surname)/place name/型 [xing2] /model/陉 [xing2] /border the stove/defile/pass/硎 [xing2] /whetstone/荥 [xing2] /place name/饧 [xing2] /malt-sugar/molasses/饧 [xing2] /malt-sugar/行不通 [xing2 bu5 tong1] /won't work/will get (you) nowhere/刑场 [xing2 chang3] /(n) execution field/行程 [xing2 cheng2] /travel route/形成 [xing2 cheng2] /to form/to take shape/行动 [xing2 dong4] /operation/action/to move/mobile/行动电话 [xing2 dong4 dian4 hua4] /mobile telephone/形而上学 [xing2 er2 shang4 xue2] /(saying) outside actual experience; metaphysics/刑法 [xing2 fa3] /(n) criminal laws/型号 [xing2 hao4] /(n) model number/行贿 [xing2 hui4] /(v) bribe/行将 [xing2 jiang1] /be about to (do something)/行径 [xing2 jing4] /(n) bad act; misdeed/行军 [xing2 jun1] /(v) go on a march/行李 [xing2 li5] /luggage/刑期 [xing2 qi1] /prison term/行人 [xing2 ren2] /pedestrian/形容 [xing2 rong2] /describe/look or appearance/形容词 [xing2 rong2 ci2] /adjective/形容辞 [xing2 rong2 ci2] /adjective/行使 [xing2 shi3] /exercise (a right, etc.)/行驶 [xing2 shi3] /(vehicles, etc.) travel along a route/刑事 [xing2 shi4] /criminal/penal/形式 [xing2 shi4] /form/shape/situation/circumstance/形势 [xing2 shi4] /circumstances/situation/terrain/形态 [xing2 tai4] /shape/form/pattern/行为 [xing2 wei2] /action/conduct/behavior/activity/形象 [xing2 xiang4] /image/form/figure/形像 [xing2 xiang4] /form/image/行星 [xing2 xing1] /planet/行星际 [xing2 xing1 ji4] /interplanetary/形形色色 [xing2 xing2 se4 se4] /all kinds of/all sorts of/every (different) kind of/形影不离 [xing2 ying3 bu4 li2] /inseparable (as form and shadow)/行政 [xing2 zheng4] /administration/administrative/行政长官 [xing2 zheng4 chang2 guan1] /magistrate/行政院 [xing2 zheng4 yuan4] /Executive Yuan (government body in Taiwan)/形状 [xing2 zhuang4] /form/shape/型状 [xing2 zhuang4] /shape/行踪 [xing2 zong1] /whereabouts/(lose) track (of)/行走 [xing2 zou3] /walk/省 [xing3] /comprehend/introspect/visit/醒 [xing3] /to wake up/to be awake/擤 [xing3] /blow nose/醒来 [xing3 lai2] /waken/行 [xing4] /behavior/conduct/杏 [xing4] /apricot/姓 [xing4] /surname/family name/name/幸 [xing4] /fortunate/lucky/性 [xing4] /sex/nature/surname/suffix corresponding to -ness or -ity/幸 [xing4] /lucky/悻 [xing4] /angry/兴 [xing4] /interest/荇 [xing4] /Limnanthemui nymphoides/性伴侣 [xing4 ban4 lu:3] /sex partner/性别 [xing4 bie2] /distinguishing between the sexes/性病 [xing4 bing4] /venereal disease/sexually transmitted disease/VD/幸存者 [xing4 cun2 zhe3] /survivor/幸福 [xing4 fu2] /blessed/happiness/happy/兴高采烈 [xing4 gao1 cai3 lie4] /(saying) excited/兴高采烈 [xing4 gao1 cai3 lie4] /in high spirits/in great delight/性格 [xing4 ge2] /nature/disposition/temperament/character/性关系 [xing4 guan1 xi5] /sexual relations/幸好 [xing4 hao3] /fortunately/性交 [xing4 jiao1] /sexual intercourse/性接触 [xing4 jie1 chu4] /sexual encounter/幸亏 [xing4 kui1] /fortunately/luckily/幸免 [xing4 mian3] /narrowly and luckily escape/姓名 [xing4 ming2] /name and surname/性命 [xing4 ming4] /(n) life/性能 [xing4 neng2] /function/performance/性情 [xing4 qing5] /nature/temperament/兴趣 [xing4 qu5] /interest (directed towards, not inherent in something)/杏仁 [xing4 ren2] /almond/apricot/杏仁豆腐 [xing4 ren2 dou4 fu5] /almond junket/性骚扰 [xing4 sao1 rao3] /sexual harassment/性行 [xing4 xing2] /sexual activity/性欲 [xing4 yu4] /sexual desire/幸运 [xing4 yun4] /fortunate/lucky/fortune/luck/幸运儿 [xing4 yun4 er2] /a lucky guy/a person who always gets good breaks/性质 [xing4 zhi4] /nature/characteristic/兴致 [xing4 zhi4] /interest/性子 [xing4 zi5] /temper/凶 [xiong1] /fierce/terrible/ominous/兄 [xiong1] /elder brother/凶 [xiong1] /fierce/匈 [xiong1] /Hungary/thorax/chest/汹 [xiong1] /torrential rush/tumultuous/胸 [xiong1] /chest/bosom/heart/mind/thorax/胸部 [xiong1 bu4] /chest/兄弟 [xiong1 di4] /brothers/younger brother/brethren/兄弟会 [xiong1 di4 hui4] /fraternity/凶恶 [xiong1 e4] /fierce/ferocious/fiendish/凶恶 [xiong1 e4] /(adj) fierce; frightening/凶狠 [xiong1 hen3] /(adj) fierce and antagonistic/(adj) vengeful/胸怀 [xiong1 huai2] /(v) think about; cherish/凶猛 [xiong1 meng3] /fierce/凶手 [xiong1 shou3] /murderer/凶手 [xiong1 shou3] /assailant/murderer/assassin/胸膛 [xiong1 tang2] /chest/匈牙利 [xiong1 ya2 li4] /Hungary/匈牙利语 [xiong1 ya2 li4 yu3] /Hungarian (language)/汹涌 [xiong1 yong3] /(v) (used in reference to an ocean, river, lake, etc.) violently surge up/(adj) turbulent/胸针 [xiong1 zhen1] /brooch/雄 [xiong2] /heroic/male/熊 [xiong2] /bear/to scold/to rebuke/雄辩 [xiong2 bian4] /eloquent/熊蜂 [xiong2 feng1] /bumblebee/熊猴 [xiong2 hou2] /Assamese macaque/雄厚 [xiong2 hou4] /(adj) strong and solid/雄黄 [xiong2 huang2] /realgar/red orpiment/雄鸡 [xiong2 ji1] /rooster/雄鹿 [xiong2 lu4] /buck/stag/熊猫 [xiong2 mao1] /panda/雄伟 [xiong2 wei3] /grand/雄心 [xiong2 xin1] /(n) great goals; large aspirations/雄性 [xiong2 xing4] /male/熊熊 [xiong2 xiong2] /raging/flaming/熊掌 [xiong2 zhang3] /bear paw (as food)/雄壮 [xiong2 zhuang4] /(adj) majestic; awesome/休 [xiu1] /to rest/咻 [xiu1] /call out/jeer/修 [xiu1] /to decorate/to embellish/to repair/to build/to study/to write/to cultivate/羞 [xiu1] /shy/ashamed/shame/bashful/庥 [xiu1] /protection/shade/貅 [xiu1] /(leopard)/髹 [xiu1] /red lacquer/to lacquer/鸺 [xiu1] /owl/馐 [xiu1] /delicacies/修补 [xiu1 bu3] /mend/修补匠 [xiu1 bu3 jiang4] /tinker/羞耻 [xiu1 chi3] /(a feeling of) shame/修辞 [xiu1 ci2] /rhetoric/修道院 [xiu1 dao4 yuan4] /monastery/修订 [xiu1 ding4] /revise/修复 [xiu1 fu4] /restoration/修改 [xiu1 gai3] /amend/alter/休会 [xiu1 hui4] /adjourn/修剪 [xiu1 jian3] /prune/trim/修建 [xiu1 jian4] /to build/to construct/羞愧 [xiu1 kui4] /ashamed/修理 [xiu1 li3] /repair/perform maintenance/to overall/to fix/修理厂 [xiu1 li3 chang3] /repair shop/修女 [xiu1 nu:3] /nun/羞辱 [xiu1 ru4] /baffle/humiliate/修饰 [xiu1 shi4] /adorn/do up/休息室 [xiu1 xi1 shi4] /lobby/lounge/休惜 [xiu1 xi2] /recess/休息 [xiu1 xi5] /rest/to rest/休养 [xiu1 yang3] /(v) recover; recuperate/修养 [xiu1 yang3] /accomplishment/training/self-cultivation/休战 [xiu1 zhan4] /armistice/修正 [xiu1 zheng4] /to revise/to amend/修筑 [xiu1 zhu4] /(v) build/朽 [xiu3] /rotten/宿 [xiu3] /(a) night/秀 [xiu4] /handsome/elegant/岫 [xiu4] /cave/mountain peak/臭 [xiu4] /sense of smell/smell bad/宿 [xiu4] /constellation/袖 [xiu4] /sleeve/嗅 [xiu4] /sense of smell/溴 [xiu4] /bromine/绣 [xiu4] /to embroider/锈 [xiu4] /rust/绣花 [xiu4 hua1] /to embroider/to do embroidery/袖口 [xiu4 kou3] /cuff/秀丽 [xiu4 li4] /(adj) beautiful; pretty/绣帷 [xiu4 wei2] /tapestry/袖子 [xiu4 zi5] /sleeve/吁 [xu1] /sh/hush/戌 [xu1] /11th earthly branch/7-9 p.m./胥 [xu1] /all/assist/to store/虚 [xu1] /devoid of content/void/false/empty/vain/须 [xu1] /beard/necessary/must/需 [xu1] /to require/to need/to want/necessity/need/嘘 [xu1] /exhale/hiss/墟 [xu1] /old burial grounds/须 [xu1] /beard/mustache/盱 [xu1] /(surname)/anxious/stare/虚电路 [xu1 dian4 lu4] /virtual circuit/VC/虚构 [xu1 gou4] /imaginary/虚构小说 [xu1 gou4 xiao3 shuo1] /fiction/虚假 [xu1 jia3] /(adj) false; untrue/虚拟 [xu1 ni3] /fictitious/theoretical/virtual/虚拟环境 [xu1 ni3 huan2 jing4] /theoretical environment/虚拟连接 [xu1 ni3 lian2 jie1] /virtual connection/虚拟通道标志符 [xu1 ni3 tong1 dao4 biao1 zhi4 fu2] /virtual channel connection identifier/VCI/虚拟通道连接 [xu1 ni3 tong1 dao4 lian2 jie1] /virtual channel connection/VCC/虚拟网络 [xu1 ni3 wang3 luo4] /virtual network/需求 [xu1 qiu2] /requirement/虚弱 [xu1 ruo4] /weak/in poor health/虚腕 [xu1 wan4] /empty wrist (method of painting)/虚伪 [xu1 wei4] /false/hypocritical/artificial/虚心 [xu1 xin1] /modest/须要 [xu1 yao4] /must/have to/需要 [xu1 yao4] /to need/to want/to demand/needs/to require/虚张声势 [xu1 zhang1 sheng1 shi4] /bluff/须知 [xu1 zhi1] /(n) preliminary instructions; rules that must be known before starting sth/徐 [xu2] /slow/gentle/Xu (a surname)/徐悲鸿 [xu2 bei1 hong2] /name of a famous painter, Xu Beihong/徐步 [xu2 bu4] /to stroll/to walk slowly/徐行 [xu2 xing2] /walk slowly, stroll/徐徐 [xu2 xu2] /slowly/gently/栩 [xu3] /Quercus serrata/许 [xu3] /to allow/to permit/to praise/(surname)/诩 [xu3] /brag/harmony/make known/糈 [xu3] /official pay/sacrificial rice/醑 [xu3] /spiritus/strain spirits/许多 [xu3 duo1] /many/a lot of/much/许可 [xu3 ke3] /to allow/to permit/许仙 [xu3 xian1] /name of a person, Xu Xian, from Madam White Snake/旭 [xu4] /dawn/rising sun/序 [xu4] /order/sequence/preface/恤 [xu4] /give relief/sympathy/恤 [xu4] /give relief/sympathy/畜 [xu4] /to raise (animals)/叙 [xu4] /narrate/酗 [xu4] /drunk/婿 [xu4] /son-in-law/絮 [xu4] /line with cotton wadding/绪 [xu4] /beginnings/clues/mental state/thread/蓄 [xu4] /to store/续 [xu4] /continue/replenish/勖 [xu4] /exhort/stimulate/溆 [xu4] /name of a river/畜产品 [xu4 chan3 pin3] /(n) domesticated animal products/絮叨 [xu4 dao5] /(adv) long winded; not getting to the point/(v) talk without getting to the point/续订 [xu4 ding4] /renew/酗酒 [xu4 jiu3] /(v) binge drink; drink to excess/叙利亚 [xu4 li4 ya4] /Syria/叙利亚文 [xu4 li4 ya4 wen2] /Syriac (language)/序列 [xu4 lie4] /sequence/序幕 [xu4 mu4] /prologue/畜牧 [xu4 mu4] /(v) raise animals/叙述 [xu4 shu4] /relate (a story or information)/tell or talk about/叙谈 [xu4 tan2] /(v) chat/序言 [xu4 yan2] /(n) preface of a book, used to explain the book's objective/绪言 [xu4 yan2] /preface/宣 [xuan1] /to declare (publicly)/to announce/轩 [xuan1] /covered carriage/pavilion/喧 [xuan1] /clamor/noise/暄 [xuan1] /genial and warm/萱 [xuan1] /Hemerocallis flava/谖 [xuan1] /Hemerocallis flava/false/forget/揎 [xuan1] /pull up sleeves/strike with fists/儇 [xuan1] /ingenious/frivolous/喧 [xuan1] /clamor/noise/deceitful/宣布 [xuan1 bu4] /announce/declare/宣布 [xuan1 bu4] /to declare/to announce/to proclaim/宣称 [xuan1 cheng1] /assert/claim/宣传 [xuan1 chuan2] /publicize/宣读 [xuan1 du2] /(v) read out loud to an audience/宣告 [xuan1 gao4] /declare/proclaim/宣判 [xuan1 pan4] /pronounce a (judicial) sentence (after a verdict in a court of law)/宣示 [xuan1 shi4] /to vow/to pledge/宣誓 [xuan1 shi4] /swear an oath (of office)/make a vow/宣言 [xuan1 yan2] /declaration/manifesto/宣扬 [xuan1 yang2] /(v) make public or well known/玄 [xuan2] /black/mysterious/旋 [xuan2] /revolve/漩 [xuan2] /eddy/悬 [xuan2] /hang/suspend/璇 [xuan2] /(jade)/悬垂 [xuan2 chui2] /overhang/旋风 [xuan2 feng1] /whirlwind/悬挂 [xuan2 gua4] /(car) suspension/hang/旋律 [xuan2 lu:4] /melody/rhythm/悬念 [xuan2 nian4] /(n) suspense in a movie, play, etc/(n) concern for the welfare of someone else/玄孙 [xuan2 sun1] /great great grandson/悬崖 [xuan2 ya2] /precipice/悬岩 [xuan2 yan2] /cliff/悬疑 [xuan2 yi2] /suspense/旋转 [xuan2 zhuan3] /whirl/选 [xuan3] /to choose/to pick/to select/to elect/癣 [xuan3] /ringworm/选拔 [xuan3 ba2] /(v) select the best/选单 [xuan3 dan1] /(software) menu/选定 [xuan3 ding4] /(v) select out; choose/选集 [xuan3 ji2] /(n) anthology/选举 [xuan3 ju3] /to elect/election/选举法庭 [xuan3 ju3 fa3 ting2] /election court/选民 [xuan3 min2] /voter/选派 [xuan3 pai4] /set apart/选票 [xuan3 piao4] /a vote/ballot/选区 [xuan3 qu1] /electoral district/选取 [xuan3 qu3] /(v) choose/选手 [xuan3 shou3] /athlete/contestant/选修 [xuan3 xiu1] /take as an elective course/选用 [xuan3 yong4] /(v) select and put to use/选择 [xuan3 ze2] /to select/to pick/to choose/to make a choice/炫 [xuan4] /dazzle/to show off/眩 [xuan4] /dizzy/dazzled/旋 [xuan4] /lathe/specially for an occasion/渲 [xuan4] /wash (color)/绚 [xuan4] /adorned/swift/泫 [xuan4] /weep/炫 [xuan4] /to boast/to show off/楦 [xuan4] /block (hat)/stretch (shoe)/镟 [xuan4] /lathe/thread in screw/漩涡 [xuan4 wo1] /eddy/swirl/炫耀 [xuan4 yao4] /show off one's talent/削 [xue1] /to reduce/to pare (away)/to cut (down)/靴 [xue1] /boots/薛 [xue1] /(surname)/wormwood/削减 [xue1 jian3] /to cut down/to reduce/to lower/削弱 [xue1 ruo4] /weaken/靴子 [xue1 zi5] /(n) boots; Wellingtons/穴 [xue2] /hole/cave/学 [xue2] /learn/study/science/-ology/踅 [xue2] /to walk around/turn back midway/穴播 [xue2 bo1] /bunch planting/学费 [xue2 fei4] /tuition fee/tuition/学会 [xue2 hui4] /institute/学级 [xue2 ji2] /class/学籍 [xue2 ji2] /school roll(s)/学家 [xue2 jia1] /scholar/穴居 [xue2 ju1] /to live in a cave/学科 [xue2 ke1] /subject/branch of learning/course/学历 [xue2 li4] /(n) school record/学龄 [xue2 ling2] /school age/学年 [xue2 nian2] /academic year/学派 [xue2 pai4] /(n) common studies; school of thought/学期 [xue2 qi1] /term/semester/学生 [xue2 sheng5] /student/学时 [xue2 shi2] /class hour/period/学士 [xue2 shi4] /bachelor degree/学术 [xue2 shu4] /learning/science/academic/学术界 [xue2 shu4 jie4] /academic circles/academia/学说 [xue2 shuo1] /theory/doctrine/学童 [xue2 tong2] /schoolboy/学徒 [xue2 tu2] /apprentice/穴位 [xue2 wei4] /acupuncture point/学位 [xue2 wei4] /educational level/学问 [xue2 wen4] /learning/knowledge/学习 [xue2 xi2] /to learn/to study/学校 [xue2 xiao4] /school/学员 [xue2 yuan2] /student/学院 [xue2 yuan4] /college/educational institute/school/faculty/学者 [xue2 zhe3] /scholar/学制 [xue2 zhi4] /educational system/length of schooling/雪 [xue3] /snow/鳕 [xue3] /codfish/Gadus macrocephalus/雪白 [xue3 bai2] /(adj) snow white/雪花 [xue3 hua1] /snowflake/雪茄烟 [xue3 jia1 yan1] /cigar/雪撬 [xue3 qiao4] /sled/sledge/sleigh/血 [xue4] /blood/血管 [xue4 guan3] /vein/artery/血汗 [xue4 han4] /blood and sweat/sweat and toil/血块 [xue4 kuai4] /gore/血肉 [xue4 rou4] /flesh/血统 [xue4 tong3] /lineage/parentage/of (Chinese, etc.) extraction/血压 [xue4 ya1] /blood pressure/血液 [xue4 ye4] /blood/血制品 [xue4 zhi4 pin3] /blood products/勋 [xun1] /medal/merit/勋 [xun1] /medal/merit/熏 [xun1] /to smoke/scent/fumigate/薰 [xun1] /Coumarouna odorata/醺 [xun1] /helplessly intoxicated/埙 [xun1] /ancient porcelain wind-instrument/熏 [xun1] /to smoke/scent/fumigate/窨 [xun1] /to scent tea with flowers/獯 [xun1] /name of a tribe/曛 [xun1] /twilight/sunset/勋绩 [xun1 ji1] /exploit/熏肉 [xun1 rou4] /bacon/熏陶 [xun1 tao2] /(v) aid; train; nurture/薰衣草 [xun1 yi1 cao3] /lavender/旬 [xun2] /ten days/ten years/巡 [xun2] /to patrol/to make one's rounds/洵 [xun2] /truly/whirlpool/荀 [xun2] /(surname)/寻 [xun2] /to search/to look for/to seek/循 [xun2] /to follow/to adhere to/to abide by/询 [xun2] /inquire/驯 [xun2] /attain gradually/tame/浔 [xun2] /name of a river/steep bank/峋 [xun2] /ranges of hills/恂 [xun2] /sincere/郇 [xun2] /name of a feudal state/鲟 [xun2] /acipenser sp./sturgeon/巡查 [xun2 cha2] /to go around and inspect/to inspect (by moving around)/寻常 [xun2 chang2] /usual/common/ordinary/寻的 [xun2 di4] /homing/target seeking/寻访 [xun2 fang3] /to inquire after/to look for (sb)/巡航 [xun2 hang2] /cruise/巡航导弹 [xun2 hang2 dao3 dan4] /cruise missile/循环 [xun2 huan2] /circle/loop/寻机 [xun2 ji1] /to look for an opportunity/巡警 [xun2 jing3] /police officer/寻开心 [xun2 kai1 xin1] /to make fun of/巡逻 [xun2 luo2] /be on (police) patrol/巡逻艇 [xun2 luo2 ting3] /patrol boat/寻觅 [xun2 mi4] /to look for/寻求 [xun2 qiu2] /to seek/to look for/寻事生非 [xun2 shi4 sheng1 fei1] /to look for trouble/寻味 [xun2 wei4] /to think sth over/询问 [xun2 wen4] /inquire about/寻衅 [xun2 xin4] /to provoke/to start a fit/循序渐进 [xun2 xu4 jian4 jin4] /(saying) to make progress in a stepwise manner/巡弋 [xun2 yi4] /cruise/patrol by a ship/寻找 [xun2 zhao3] /to seek/to look for/汛 [xun4] /high water/sprinkle water/迅 [xun4] /rapid/徇 [xun4] /follow/quick/殉 [xun4] /buried with dead/die for a cause/讯 [xun4] /to question/to ask/to interrogate/rapid/speedy/fast/news/information/训 [xun4] /example/pattern/to teach/to train/instruction/巽 [xun4] /a sign in the trigram/obey/逊 [xun4] /to yield/蕈 [xun4] /mold/mushroom/徇 [xun4] /buried with dead/die for a cause/驯服 [xun4 fu4] /tame/讯框传送 [xun4 kuang4 chuan2 song4] /frame relay/讯框传送服务 [xun4 kuang4 chuan2 song4 fu2 wu4] /frame relay service/讯框传送论坛 [xun4 kuang4 chuan2 song4 lun4 tan2] /frame relay forum/讯框传送网路 [xun4 kuang4 chuan2 song4 wang3 lu4] /frame relay network/训练 [xun4 lian4] /drill/exercise/train/training/训练者 [xun4 lian4 zhe3] /trainer/训令 [xun4 ling4] /order/instruction/驯鹿 [xun4 lu4] /reindeer/迅速 [xun4 su4] /rapid/speedy/fast/迅速蔓延 [xun4 su4 man4 yan2] /rapid spread/to spread rapidly/讯问 [xun4 wen4] /interrogate/ask about/讯息 [xun4 xi1] /message/讯息处理系统 [xun4 xi1 chu3 li3 xi4 tong3] /Message Handling System/MHS/讯息传递中介 [xun4 xi1 chuan2 di4 zhong1 jie4] /message transfer agent/MTA/讯息 [xun4 xi2] /message (used for text messages on a cellphone aka SMS)/丫 [ya1] /slave girl/押 [ya1] /detain in custody/哑 [ya1] /(onomat.)/鸦 [ya1] /crow/鸭 [ya1] /duck/压 [ya1] /to press/to push down/to keep under (control)/桠 [ya1] /forking branch/压扁 [ya1 bian3] /squash/squeeze/压倒 [ya1 dao3] /overwhelming/overpower/压倒性 [ya1 dao4 xing4] /overwhelming/压紧 [ya1 jin3] /compress/压力 [ya1 li4] /pressure/鸦片 [ya1 pian4] /opium/压迫 [ya1 po4] /oppress/oppression/押沙龙 [ya1 sha1 long2] /Absalom/压碎 [ya1 sui4] /crush/压缩 [ya1 suo1] /to compress/compression/亚太国家 [ya1 tai4 guo2 jia1] /Asian country/Asian nation/压抑 [ya1 yi4] /(v) /(v) constrain or repress one's emotions/压韵 [ya1 yun4] /(v) rhyme/压制 [ya1 zhi4] /suppress/inhibit/鸭子 [ya1 zi5] /duck/牙 [ya2] /tooth/ivory/芽 [ya2] /bud/sprout/蚜 [ya2] /aphis/涯 [ya2] /border/horizon/shore/衙 [ya2] /(surname)/office/yamen/牙齿 [ya2 chi3] /dental/tooth/牙床 [ya2 chuang2] /alveolar ridge/牙膏 [ya2 gao1] /toothpaste/牙科医生 [ya2 ke1 yi1 sheng1] /dentist/牙刷 [ya2 shua1] /toothbrush/押韵 [ya2 yun4] /rhyme/哑 [ya3] /dumb/mute/雅 [ya3] /elegant/亚伯拉罕 [ya3 bo2 la1 han3] /Abraham/亚当 [ya3 dang1] /Adam/亚尔发和奥米加 [ya3 er3 fa1 he2 ao4 mi3 jia1] /Alpha and Omega/雅歌 [ya3 ge1] /Song of Solomon/雅各书 [ya3 ge4 shu1] /James/亚 [ya4] /Asia/Asian/second/next to/inferior/轧 [ya4] /crush/in the first place/讶 [ya4] /astounded/压 [ya4] /in the first place/to crush/迓 [ya4] /receive (as a guest)/砑 [ya4] /to calender/娅 [ya4] /address term between sons-in-law/揠 [ya4] /eradicate/pull up/亚伯 [ya4 bo2] /Abe (short form for Abraham)/亚丁 [ya4 ding1] /Aden/亚格门农 [ya4 ge2 men2 nong2] /Agamemnon/亚军 [ya4 jun1] /second place (in a sports contest)/runner-up/亚拉巴马 [ya4 la1 ba1 ma3] /Alabama/亚利桑那 [ya4 li4 sang1 na4] /Arizona/亚伦 [ya4 lun2] /Aaron (a man's name)/亚麻 [ya4 ma2] /flax/亚麻布 [ya4 ma2 bu4] /linen/亚太 [ya4 tai4] /Asia-Pacific/亚太经合组织 [ya4 tai4 jing1 he2 zu3 zhi1] /APEC (organization)/亚特兰大 [ya4 te4 lan2 da4] /Atlanta/亚洲 [ya4 zhou1] /Asia/Asian/亚洲国家 [ya4 zhou1 guo2 jia1] /Asian country/Asian nation/亚洲太平洋地区 [ya4 zhou1 tai4 ping2 yang2 di4 qu1] /Asia-Pacific region/亚洲与太平洋 [ya4 zhou1 yu3 tai4 ping2 yang2] /Asia-Pacific/亚洲与太平洋地区 [ya4 zhou1 yu3 tai4 ping2 yang2 di4 qu1] /Asia-Pacific region/呀 [ya5] /(final part.)/崖 [yai2] /precipice/奄 [yan1] /castrate/to delay/咽 [yan1] /narrow pass/throat/殷 [yan1] /dark red/胭 [yan1] /rouge/淹 [yan1] /drown/submerge/焉 [yan1] /where/how/湮 [yan1] /obscured/submerged/腌 [yan1] /to salt/pickle/菸 [yan1] /cigarette/tobacco/烟 [yan1] /cigarette/tobacco/smoke/嫣 [yan1] /captivating/腌 [yan1] /to salt/pickle/燕 [yan1] /(surname)/place name/崦 [yan1] /name of a mountain in Gansu/鄢 [yan1] /(surname)/name of a feudal state/阏 [yan1] /first wives of xiong-nu chiefs/阉 [yan1] /castrate/恹 [yan1] /contented/peaceful/烟草 [yan1 cao3] /tobacco/烟囱 [yan1 cong1] /chimney/厌恶 [yan1 e4] /loath/腌黄瓜 [yan1 huang2 gua1] /pickle/烟灰缸 [yan1 hui1 gang1] /ashtray/烟火 [yan1 huo3] /smoke and fire/fireworks/烟卷儿 [yan1 juan3 er5] /(n) cigarette/燕麦 [yan1 mai4] /oat/淹没 [yan1 mo4] /flush/submerge/烟雾 [yan1 wu4] /smoke/胭脂 [yan1 zhi1] /rouge/妍 [yan2] /beautiful/言 [yan2] /to speak/to say/talk/word/岩 [yan2] /cliff/延 [yan2] /to prolong/to extend/to delay/沿 [yan2] /along/炎 [yan2] /flame/inflammation/-itis/研 [yan2] /grind fine/study/research/筵 [yan2] /bamboo mat for sitting/阎 [yan2] /(surname)/gate of village/檐 [yan2] /eaves/癌 [yan2] /cancer (old pronuniation)/carcinoma/颜 [yan2] /(surname)/color/countenance/檐 [yan2] /eaves/严 [yan2] /(air or water) tight/stern/serious/strict/severe/岩 [yan2] /cliff/盐 [yan2] /salt/阽 [yan2] /dangerous/埏 [yan2] /boundary/闫 [yan2] /(surname)/蜒 [yan2] /slug/沿岸 [yan2 an4] /(n) coastal area/延长 [yan2 chang2] /extend/prolong/延迟 [yan2 chi2] /delay/latency/岩床 [yan2 chuang2] /bedrock/严词 [yan2 ci2] /(criticize, etc.) forcefully/using strong words/沿儿 [yan2 er5] /(n) edge, usually used directly after a noun/严格 [yan2 ge2] /strict/stringent/tight/沿海 [yan2 hai3] /coastal/严寒 [yan2 han2] /(adj) frigid or bitter cold/盐湖城 [yan2 hu2 cheng2] /Salt Lake City/延缓 [yan2 huan3] /defer/stay/岩浆 [yan2 jiang1] /lava/严禁 [yan2 jin4] /strictly prohibit/研究 [yan2 jiu1] /research/研究报告 [yan2 jiu1 bao4 gao4] /research report/研究机构 [yan2 jiu1 ji1 gou4] /research institute/研究领域 [yan2 jiu1 ling3 yu4] /research area/field of research/研究生 [yan2 jiu1 sheng1] /graduate student/研究所 [yan2 jiu1 suo3] /research institute/研究员 [yan2 jiu1 yuan2] /researcher/研究者 [yan2 jiu1 zhe1] /investigator/researcher/研究中心 [yan2 jiu1 zhong1 xin1] /research center/严峻 [yan2 jun4] /grim/severe/rigorous/严竣 [yan2 jun4] /tight/strict/severe/stern/difficult/严厉 [yan2 li4] /severe/strict/颜料 [yan2 liao4] /paint/言论 [yan2 lun4] /expression of (political) opinion/言论自由 [yan2 lun4 zi4 you2] /(constitutional) freedom of speech/严密 [yan2 mi4] /strict/tight (organization, surveillance, etc.)/言明 [yan2 ming2] /state explicitly/延期 [yan2 qi2] /delay/extension/postpone/炎热 [yan2 re4] /(adj) blistering hot; sizzling hot (weather)/颜色 [yan2 se4] /color/延伸 [yan2 shen1] /to extend/to spread/岩石 [yan2 shi2] /rock/严肃 [yan2 su4] /solemn/solemnity/研讨会 [yan2 tao3 hui4] /discussion forum/seminar/颜体 [yan2 ti3] /Yan Style (in Chinese calligraphy)/沿途 [yan2 tu2] /(idiom) along the way; the sides of the road/延续 [yan2 xu4] /continue/last longer/言语 [yan2 yu3] /speech/talk/延展 [yan2 zhan3] /to scale/scalable/沿着 [yan2 zhe5] /along/颜真卿 [yan2 zhen1 qing1] /name of a person, Yan Zhenqing, a famous calligrapher/严正 [yan2 zheng4] /sternly/研制 [yan2 zhi4] /to manufacture/to develop/研制过程 [yan2 zhi4 guo4 cheng2] /manufacturing environment/严重 [yan2 zhong4] /grave/serious/severe/critical/严重关切 [yan2 zhong4 guan1 qie4] /serious concern/严重问题 [yan2 zhong4 wen4 ti2] /serious problem/奄 [yan3] /suddenly/to embrace/兖 [yan3] /place name/衍 [yan3] /to spread out/to develop/to overflow/to amplify/偃 [yan3] /(surname)/to lie supine/to stop/to fall down/掩 [yan3] /cover up/to surprise/眼 [yan3] /eye/郾 [yan3] /place name/演 [yan3] /to develop/to evolve/to practice/to perform/to play/to act/俨 [yan3] /majestic/dignified/鼹 [yan3] /mole/魇 [yan3] /nightmare/剡 [yan3] /sharp/琰 [yan3] /gem/glitter of gems/罨 [yan3] /foment/valve/厣 [yan3] /operculum/衍变 [yan3 bian4] /to develop/to evolve/演变 [yan3 bian4] /to develop/to evolve/演唱 [yan3 chang4] /(v) sing (in front of an audience)/演出 [yan3 chu1] /(acting) play/perform/掩盖 [yan3 gai4] /conceal/hide behind/cover up/眼光 [yan3 guang1] /vision/掩护 [yan3 hu4] /screen/shield/cover/眼花缭乱 [yan3 hua1 liao2 luan4] /be dazzled/眼尖 [yan3 jian1] /to have good eyes/演讲 [yan3 jiang3] /(give) a speech or lecture/眼界 [yan3 jie4] /ken/scope/眼睛 [yan3 jing1] /eye/眼镜 [yan3 jing4] /spectacles/eyeglasses/眼看 [yan3 kan4] /soon/in a moment/眼泪 [yan3 lei4] /tear/眼力 [yan3 li4] /(n) eyesight; vision power/(n) ability to make discerning judgments/眼皮 [yan3 pi2] /eyelid/眼前 [yan3 qian2] /now/present/俨然 [yan3 ran2] /just like/solemn/dignified/眼色 [yan3 se4] /(n) hint or signal given with one's eyes/衍射 [yan3 she4] /diffraction/眼神 [yan3 shen2] /(n) expression or emotion showing in one's eyes/衍生 [yan3 sheng1] /derivative/掩饰 [yan3 shi4] /to conceal a fault; gloss over/演示 [yan3 shi4] /to demonstrate/to show/鼹鼠 [yan3 shu2] /mole/演说 [yan3 shuo1] /(deliver a) speech/演说者 [yan3 shuo1 zhe3] /orator/speaker/演算 [yan3 suan4] /to calculate/to perform calculations/演习 [yan3 xi2] /exercise/practice/to put on a play/to act/眼下 [yan3 xia4] /now/at present/演绎 [yan3 yi4] /(Logic) deductive/演绎法 [yan3 yi4 fa3] /(Logic) deduction/演员 [yan3 yuan2] /actor or actress/performer/演奏 [yan3 zou4] /(v) play a musical instrument in a performance/沿 [yan4] /riverside (with -r)/咽 [yan4] /to swallow/彦 [yan4] /accomplished/elegant/唁 [yan4] /condole with/宴 [yan4] /feast/repose/晏 [yan4] /(surname)/late/quiet/堰 [yan4] /weir/焰 [yan4] /flame/砚 [yan4] /ink-stone/雁 [yan4] /wild goose/厌 [yan4] /loathe/燕 [yan4] /swallow (a type of bird)/焰 [yan4] /flame/谚 [yan4] /proverb/赝 [yan4] /false/餍 [yan4] /eat to the full/验 [yan4] /to examine/to test/to check/艳 [yan4] /glamorous/酽 [yan4] /strong (of tea)/焱 [yan4] /flames/宴 [yan4] /feast/repose/谳 [yan4] /decide judicially/滟 [yan4] /tossing of billows/厌恨 [yan4 hen4] /hate/艳红色 [yan4 hong2 se4] /crimson/宴会 [yan4 hui4] /banquet/宴会 [yan4 hui4] /banquet/feast/dinner party/焰火 [yan4 huo3] /fireworks/厌倦 [yan4 juan4] /dreary/燕麦粥 [yan4 mai4 zhou1] /oatmeal/宴请 [yan4 qing3] /(v) invite sb to dinner/验收 [yan4 shou1] /(v) inspect and then accept (i.e. received goods)/宴席 [yan4 xi2] /(n) banquet/谚语 [yan4 yu3] /proverb/验证 [yan4 zheng4] /(v) inspect and verify/燕子 [yan4 zi5] /swallow/央 [yang1] /beg/center/泱 [yang1] /agitated (wind/cloud)/boundless/殃 [yang1] /calamity/秧 [yang1] /shoots/sprouts/鸯 [yang1] /mandarin duck/秧苗 [yang1 miao2] /seedling/羊 [yang2] /(surname)/sheep/佯 [yang2] /pretend/徉 [yang2] /walk back and forth/洋 [yang2] /foreign/ocean/烊 [yang2] /molten/smelt/扬 [yang2] /hurl/to raise/to scatter/阳 [yang2] /positive (electric.)/sun/杨 [yang2] /(surname)/poplar/炀 [yang2] /molten/smelt/疡 [yang2] /ulcers/sores/杨百翰 [yang2 bai3 han4] /Brigham Young/杨百翰大学 [yang2 bai3 han4 da4 xue2] /Brigham Young University/洋葱 [yang2 cong1] /onion/阳光 [yang2 guang1] /sunshine/杨柳 [yang2 liu3] /(n) willow tree/(n) poplar and willow trees/羊毛 [yang2 mao2] /fleece/wool/woolen/洋琵琶 [yang2 pi2 pa2] /mandolin/羊皮纸 [yang2 pi2 zhi3] /parchment/羊肉 [yang2 rou4] /mutton/阳伞 [yang2 san3] /parasol/扬声器 [yang2 sheng1 qi4] /speaker/杨树 [yang2 shu4] /(n) poplar tree/阳台 [yang2 tai2] /porch/洋娃娃 [yang2 wa2 wa2] /doll/洋溢 [yang2 yi4] /brimming with/steeped in/仰 [yang3] /look up/氧 [yang3] /oxygen/鞅 [yang3] /martingale/养 [yang3] /give birth/keep (pets)/to support/to bring sb. up/to raise (pig, etc.)/痒 [yang3] /to itch/to tickle/养成 [yang3 cheng2] /form/acquire/cultivate/养儿防老 [yang3 er2 fang2 lao3] /(of parents) to bring up children for the purpose of being looked after in old age/养分 [yang3 fen4] /(n) nutrient/养父 [yang3 fu4] /foster, adopted father/氧化 [yang3 hua4] /oxidize/养活 [yang3 huo5] /(v) raise animals/(v) feed and clothe/养鸡场 [yang3 ji1 chang3] /chicken farm/养老金 [yang3 lao3 jin1] /pension/养料 [yang3 liao4] /nutriment/nourishment/养母 [yang3 mu3] /foster, adopted mother/氧气 [yang3 qi4] /oxygen (gas)/痒痒 [yang3 yang5] /to itch/to tickle/养育 [yang3 yu4] /foster/rear/养殖 [yang3 zhi2] /cultivate/cultivation/怏 [yang4] /discontented/恙 [yang4] /sickness/漾 [yang4] /d (23rd)/ripples/样 [yang4] /manner/pattern/way/appearance/shape/样本 [yang4 ben3] /sample/specimen/样机 [yang4 ji1] /prototype/样品 [yang4 pin3] /sample/specimen/样式 [yang4 shi4] /type/style/样子 [yang4 zi5] /manner/air/looks/aspect/么 [yao1] /one on dice/small/夭 [yao1] /tender/gentle/to die prematurely/吆 [yao1] /shout/妖 [yao1] /goblin/witch/devil/bewitching/enchanting/monster/phantom/约 [yao1] /weigh/要 [yao1] /demand/ask/request/coerce/腰 [yao1] /waist/邀 [yao1] /invite to come/腰部 [yao1 bu4] /waist/small of the back/么点 [yao1 dian3] /ace/妖风 [yao1 feng1] /evil wind/妖怪 [yao1 guai4] /monster/devil/妖精 [yao1 jing5] /evil spirit/alluring woman/妖媚 [yao1 mei4] /seductive/妖魔 [yao1 mo2] /demon/妖孽 [yao1 nie4] /evildoer/邀请 [yao1 qing3] /invite/要求 [yao1 qiu2] /request/require/stake a claim (to something)/to ask/to demand/妖娆 [yao1 rao4] /enchanting/妖人 [yao1 ren2] /magician/sorcerer/腰肉 [yao1 rou4] /loin/妖物 [yao1 wu4] /monster/妖言 [yao1 yan2] /heresy/妖艳 [yao1 yan4] /pretty and flirtatious/妖冶 [yao1 ye3] /pretty and flirtatious/爻 [yao2] /lines on a trigram/肴 [yao2] /meat dishes/姚 [yao2] /Yao (a surname)/尧 [yao2] /(surname)/emperor Yao/摇 [yao2] /shake/to rock/瑶 [yao2] /(jade)/Yao/mother-of-pearl/遥 [yao2] /distant/remote/far/far away/窑 [yao2] /kiln/oven/肴 [yao2] /meat dishes/谣 [yao2] /popular ballad/rumor/珧 [yao2] /mother-of-pearl/肴 [yao2] /mixed/viands/轺 [yao2] /light carriage/徭 [yao2] /compulsory service/铫 [yao2] /(surname)/weeding tool/繇 [yao2] /folk-song/forced labor/鳐 [yao2] /ray (fish)/摇摆 [yao2 bai3] /wag/waver/遥测 [yao2 ce4] /telemetry/谣传 [yao2 chuan2] /rumor/摇动 [yao2 dong4] /shake/sway/遥感 [yao2 gan3] /remote sensing/摇晃 [yao2 huang4] /falter/遥控 [yao2 kong4] /remote control/遥控操作 [yao2 kong4 cao1 zuo4] /remote operation/摇篮 [yao2 lan2] /cradle/遥望 [yao2 wang4] /to look into the distance/谣言 [yao2 yan2] /rumor/遥遥 [yao2 yao2] /distant/remote/遥远 [yao2 yuan3] /distant/remote/杳 [yao3] /dark and quiet/disappear/咬 [yao3] /bite/nip/窈 [yao3] /deep/quiet and elegant/舀 [yao3] /to scoop/要 [yao4] /important/vital/to want/to be going to/must/疟 [yao4] /malaria/曜 [yao4] /dazzle/glorious/药 [yao4] /medicine/drug/cure/耀 [yao4] /brilliant/glorious/鹞 [yao4] /sparrow hawk/Accipiter nisus/钥 [yao4] /key/要不 [yao4 bu5] /otherwise/or/or else/要不然 [yao4 bu5 ran2] /otherwise/or else/or/要部然 [yao4 bu5 ran2] /otherwise/要不是 [yao4 bu5 shi4] /if it were not for/but for/药材 [yao4 cai2] /(n) drug ingredients/要得 [yao4 de2] /good/fine/要地 [yao4 di4] /strategic location/要点 [yao4 dian3] /main point/essential/药方 [yao4 fang1] /prescription/药膏 [yao4 gao4] /ointment/要好 [yao4 hao3] /be on good terms/be close friends/药剂 [yao4 ji4] /medicine/药剂师 [yao4 ji4 shi1] /druggist/pharmacist/药剂士 [yao4 ji4 shi4] /druggist/pharmacist/要紧 [yao4 jin3] /important/urgent/要领 [yao4 ling3] /(n) main aspects; essentials/要么 [yao4 me5] /(conj) either X or Y (used when given a choice between two things)/要命 [yao4 ming4] /(v) cause sb to die/(adj) extremely; frighteningly; very/(adj) annoyance/药品 [yao4 pin3] /medicaments/medicine/drug/药瓶 [yao4 ping2] /medicine bottle/要人 [yao4 ren2] /important person/要塞 [yao4 sai1] /stronghold/药商 [yao4 shang1] /druggist/要是 [yao4 shi4] /if/钥匙 [yao4 shi5] /key/药水 [yao4 shui3] /liquid medicine/lotion/药水儿 [yao4 shui3 er5] /(n) liquid medicine/要素 [yao4 su4] /essential/factor/constituent/药丸 [yao4 wan2] /pill/药物 [yao4 wu4] /medicaments/pharmaceuticals/medication/medicine/drug/耀眼 [yao4 yan3] /dazzle/要有 [yao4 you3] /need/require/耶 [ye1] /(final part.)/(phonetic)/掖 [ye1] /tuck (in)/噎 [ye1] /choke/耶利米哀歌 [ye1 li4 mi3 ai1 ge1] /Lamentations/耶利米书 [ye1 li4 mi3 shu1] /Book of Jeremiah/耶路撒冷 [ye1 lu4 sa1 leng3] /Jerusalem/耶稣 [ye1 su1] /Jesus/耶稣基督 [ye1 su1 ji1 du1] /Jesus Christ/耶稣基督末世圣徒教会 [ye1 su1 ji1 du1 mo4 shi4 sheng4 tu2 jiao4 hui4] /The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/椰子 [ye1 zi5] /coconut/爷 [ye2] /grandpa/etc./old gentleman/揶 [ye2] /gesticulate/play antics/爷爷 [ye2 ye5] /(informal) father's father; paternal grandfather/也 [ye3] /also/too/冶 [ye3] /smelt/野 [ye3] /field/plain/open space/limit/boundary/rude/wild/也不 [ye3 bu4] /neither/nor/野餐 [ye3 can1] /picnic/冶金 [ye3 jin1] /metallurgy/冶炼 [ye3 lian4] /(v) smelt metal/野蛮 [ye3 man2] /barbarous/野蛮人 [ye3 man2 ren2] /barbarian/野猫 [ye3 mao1] /wildcat/野禽 [ye3 qin2] /fowl/野生 [ye3 sheng1] /wild/undomesticated/野生动物 [ye3 sheng1 dong4 wu4] /wild animal/野兽 [ye3 shou4] /beast/野兔 [ye3 tu4] /hare/野外 [ye3 wai4] /(n) countryside; undeveloped areas outside the city/野心 [ye3 xin1] /wild schemes/wild ambitions/也许 [ye3 xu3] /perhaps/maybe/曳 [ye4] /drag/夜 [ye4] /night/咽 [ye4] /to choke (in crying)/拽 [ye4] /drag/页 [ye4] /page/leaf/液 [ye4] /liquid/fluid/腋 [ye4] /armpit/业 [ye4] /business/occupation/study/叶 [ye4] /(surname)/leaf/page/晔 [ye4] /bright light/to sparkle/谒 [ye4] /to visit (a superior)/邺 [ye4] /(surname)/name of ancient district/靥 [ye4] /dimple/烨 [ye4] /blaze of fire/glorious/夜班 [ye4 ban1] /(n) the night work shift/页边 [ye4 bian1] /margin/液化 [ye4 hua4] /liquefy/业绩 [ye4 ji1] /outstanding achievement/夜间 [ye4 jian1] /nighttime/evening or night (e.g., classes)/业界 [ye4 jie4] /industry/业界标准 [ye4 jie4 biao1 zhun3] /industry standard/液晶 [ye4 jing1] /liquid crystal/业经 [ye4 jing1] /already/液晶显示 [ye4 jing1 xian3 shi4] /LCD/liquid crystal display/夜_ [ye4 li3] /(n) during the night; at night/叶利钦 [ye4 li4 qin1] /(Russian president) Yeltsin/页码 [ye4 ma3] /page number/页面 [ye4 mian4] /web page/液态 [ye4 tai4] /liquid (state)/液态水 [ye4 tai4 shui3] /liquid water (as opposed to steam or ice, e.g.)/液体 [ye4 ti3] /liquid/夜晚 [ye4 wan3] /night/业务 [ye4 wu4] /business/profession/页心 [ye4 xin1] /type page/液压 [ye4 ya1] /hydraulic pressure/页岩 [ye4 yan2] /shale/夜莺 [ye4 ying1] /nightingale/业余 [ye4 yu2] /spare time/amateur/业余大学 [ye4 yu2 da4 xue2] /college for people who attend after work (lit.: spare-time college)/业馀者 [ye4 yu2 zhe3] /amateur/业主 [ye4 zhu3] /owner/proprietor/叶子 [ye4 zi5] /foliage/leaf/一 [yi1] /one/single/a(n)/伊 [yi1] /he/she/衣 [yi1] /clothes/依 [yi1] /according to/depend on/near to/咿 [yi1] /(onomat.)/壹 [yi1] /one (alternate form of 一)/揖 [yi1] /greet (by raising the joined hands)/漪 [yi1] /ripple/噫 [yi1] /(interj. of approval)/belch/医 [yi1] /medical/medicine/doctor/to cure/to treat/猗 [yi1] /(interj.)/欹 [yi1] /interjection/铱 [yi1] /iridium/黟 [yi1] /black and shining ebony/一巴掌 [yi1 ba1 zhang3] /spank/一百 [yi1 bai3] /a hundred/一百二十六 [yi1 bai3 er4 shi2 liu4] /126/一百五十多年 [yi1 bai3 wu3 shi2 duo1 nian2] /more than 150 years/一百五十亿 [yi1 bai3 wu3 shi2 yi4] /15 billion/一般性 [yi1 ban1 xing4] /(in) general (terms)/generalized/一半 [yi1 ban4] /half/一辈子 [yi1 bei4 zi5] /(for) a lifetime/一臂之力 [yi1 bi4 zhi1 li4] /(lend) a helping hand/一边 [yi1 bian1] /one side/一部分 [yi1 bu4 fen4] /portion/一层 [yi1 ceng2] /layer/一匙 [yi1 chi2] /spoonful/衣厨 [yi1 chu2] /wardrobe/一触即发 [yi1 chu4 ji2 fa1] /could happen at any moment/on the verge/一串 [yi1 chuan4] /strand/一吹 [yi1 chui1] /puff/一次 [yi1 ci4] /first/first time/once/依次 [yi1 ci4] /(adv) in correct order; one by one/一打 [yi1 da3] /dozen/一代 [yi1 dai4] /generation/一带 [yi1 dai4] /region/district/一旦 [yi1 dan4] /in case (something happens)/once (something becomes true, then...)/in one day/一道 [yi1 dao4] /together/一点 [yi1 dian3] /a bit/a little/伊甸园 [yi1 dian4 yuan2] /Garden of Eden/一点儿 [yi1 dianr3] /a bit/a little/一定 [yi1 ding4] /surely/certainly/necessarily/fixed/a certain (extent, etc.)/given/particular/一定要 [yi1 ding4 yao4] /must/一度 [yi1 du4] /for a time/at one time/one time/once/一堆 [yi1 dui1] /pile/一对 [yi1 dui4] /couple/pair/一帆风顺 [yi1 fan2 feng1 shun4] /(saying) very smoothly; plain sailing /一方面 [yi1 fang1 mian4] /one aspect is/一分钱 [yi1 fen1 qian2] /cent/penny/一服 [yi1 fu2] /dose/衣服缝边 [yi1 fu2 feng4 bian1] /hem/衣服 [yi1 fu5] /clothes/一概 [yi1 gai4] /(adv) all without any exceptions/一概而论 [yi1 gai4 er2 lun4] /(saying) lump different matters together/一干二净 [yi1 gan1 er4 jing4] /(saying) thoroughly; completely/一个 [yi1 ge4] /a/an/一个劲儿 [yi1 ge4 jin4 er5] /(adv) persistently; continues on/一个中国政策 [yi1 ge4 zhong1 guo2 zheng4 ce4] /one China policy/一贯 [yi1 guan4] /consistent/constant/一号 [yi1 hao4] /first day of the month/一哄而散 [yi1 hong1 er2 san4] /(saying) disperse in confusion/一技之长 [yi1 ji4 zhi1 chang2] /(saying) skill or proficiency/衣夹 [yi1 jia1] /peg/衣架 [yi1 jia4] /clothes-hanger/clothes rack/一角银币 [yi1 jiao3 yin2 bi4] /dime/一节诗 [yi1 jie2 shi1] /stanza/一九九七年 [yi1 jiu3 jiu3 qi1 nian2] /the year 1997/一九四九年 [yi1 jiu3 si4 jiu3 nian2] /the year 1949 (Communist revolution)/依旧 [yi1 jiu4] /as before/still/一局 [yi1 ju2] /inning/一举 [yi1 ju3] /(n) move; an act; an action/(adv) with one move; at one stroke/依据 [yi1 ju4] /according to/basis/foundation/依靠 [yi1 kao4] /rely on (for support, etc)/depend on/一口 [yi1 kou3] /readily/flatly (deny)/一口气 [yi1 kou3 qi4] /one breath/in one breath/一块 [yi1 kuai4] /piece/一块儿 [yi1 kuai4 er5] /(adv) together/(n) at the same location/一块面 [yi1 kuai4 mian4] /loaf/伊拉克 [yi1 la1 ke4] /Iraq/依赖 [yi1 lai4] /to depend on/to be dependent on/伊朗 [yi1 lang3] /Iran/一连 [yi1 lian2] /in a row/in succession/running/医疗 [yi1 liao2] /medical treatment/医疗经验 [yi1 liao2 jing1 yan4] /medical expertise/一路顺风 [yi1 lu4 shun4 feng1] /have a pleasant journey/一律 [yi1 lu:4] /(adj) same; uniform/(adj) all; without exception/一毛不拔 [yi1 mao2 bu4 ba2] /(saying) stingy; parsimonious/衣帽间 [yi1 mao4 jian4] /cloakroom/伊尼亚斯 [yi1 ni2 ya4 si1] /Aeneas/伊尼伊德 [yi1 ni2 yi1 de2] /Aeneid/一年半 [yi1 nian2 ban4] /a year and a half/一年多 [yi1 nian2 duo1] /more than a year/一排 [yi1 pai2] /row/一旁 [yi1 pang2] /aside/to the side of/一片 [yi1 pian4] /piece/slice/一瞥 [yi1 pie1] /glance/glimpse/一齐 [yi1 qi2] /at the same time/simultaneously/一千 [yi1 qian1] /one thousand/一千吨 [yi1 qian1 dun1] /1000 tons/一千零五十亿 [yi1 qian1 ling2 wu3 shi2 yi4] /105 billion/一千七百万 [yi1 qian1 qi1 bai3 wan4] /seventeen million/一千四百二十九 [yi1 qian1 si4 bai3 er4 shi2 jiu3] /1429/一千四百亿 [yi1 qian1 si4 bai3 yi4] /140 billion/一切事物 [yi1 qie4 shi4 wu4] /everything/一群 [yi1 qun2] /gang/regiment/依然 [yi1 ran2] /still/as before/衣裳 [yi1 shang5] /(n) clothes/一身 [yi1 shen1] /(n) the entire body/(meas) for wearing a suit/医生 [yi1 sheng1] /doctor/医师 [yi1 shi1] /doctor/一手 [yi1 shou3] /(n) skill/(adv) all by oneself; without the help of others/依属 [yi1 shu3] /dependence/伊斯兰堡 [yi1 si1 lan2 bao3] /Islamabad (Pakistan)/伊斯兰教 [yi1 si1 lan2 jiao4] /Islam/伊索 [yi1 suo3] /Aesop/一套 [yi1 tao4] /suit/a set/一天 [yi1 tian1] /one day/一同 [yi1 tong2] /along/together/一头 [yi1 tou2] /(adv) headlong; directly/(adv) rapidly/(adv) simultaneously/一团 [yi1 tuan2] /regiment/一碗 [yi1 wan3] /bowl/一万 [yi1 wan4] /ten thousand/一万四千二百 [yi1 wan4 si4 qian1 er4 bai3] /14200/一万五千 [yi1 wan4 wu3 qian1] /15000/依偎 [yi1 wei1] /nestle/医务 [yi1 wu4] /(n) medical affairs/医务室 [yi1 wu4 shi4] /clinic/医务所 [yi1 wu4 suo3] /clinic/一系列 [yi1 xi4 lie4] /a series of/(adj) a collection of/一下 [yi1 xia4] /(adj) one time; once/(adv) in a short time; suddenly; all at once/一线微光 [yi1 xian4 wei2 guang1] /gleam/一小时 [yi1 xiao3 shi2] /one hour/一些 [yi1 xie1] /some/a few/a little/一心 [yi1 xin1] /wholeheartedly/heart and soul/一心一意 [yi1 xin1 yi1 yi4] /intently/医学 [yi1 xue2] /medicine/medical science/study of medicine/医学家 [yi1 xue2 jia1] /medical scientist/医学中心 [yi1 xue2 zhong1 xin1] /medical center/医学专家 [yi1 xue2 zhuan1 jia1] /medical expert/medical specialist/医药 [yi1 yao4] /medicine/一一 [yi1 yi1] /one by one/one after another/一亿 [yi1 yi4] /1 00 million/医院 [yi1 yuan4] /hospital/一月 [yi1 yue4] /first month/January/一再 [yi1 zai4] /repeatedly/一张 [yi1 zhang1] /sheet/依照 [yi1 zhao4] /according to/in light of/一阵 [yi1 zhen4] /a burst/a fit/a peal/一致 [yi1 zhi4] /unanimous/identical (views or opinions)/医治 [yi1 zhi4] /(v) treat a sickness/一致资源定址器 [yi1 zhi4 zi1 yuan2 ding4 zhi3 qi4] /uniform resource locator (URL)/一周 [yi1 zhou1] /one week/衣装 [yi1 zhuang1] /garment/夷 [yi2] /a barbarian/沂 [yi2] /name of a river/宜 [yi2] /proper/should/suitable/appropriate/怡 [yi2] /harmony/pleased/姨 [yi2] /one's mother's sister/aunt/迤 [yi2] /winding/胰 [yi2] /soap/痍 [yi2] /bruise/sores/移 [yi2] /to move/to shift/to change/to alter/to remove/贻 [yi2] /bequeath/饴 [yi2] /syrup/疑 [yi2] /to doubt/to misbelieve/to suspect/仪 [yi2] /apparatus/rites/appearance/present/ceremony/遗 [yi2] /to lose/to leave behind/颐 [yi2] /cheeks/nourish/彝 [yi2] /normal nature of man/rule/眙 [yi2] /place name/荑 [yi2] /to weed/酏 [yi2] /elixirs/sweet wine/诒 [yi2] /a present in writing/bequeath/嶷 [yi2] /name of a mountain in Hunan/仪表 [yi2 biao3] /meter/bearing/appearance/一步 [yi2 bu4] /(single) step/遗产 [yi2 chan3] /heritage/遗传 [yi2 chuan2] /hereditary/一但 [yi2 dan4] /if/in case/in a short time/once/移动 [yi2 dong4] /mobile/movement/to move/to shift/移动电话 [yi2 dong4 dian4 hua4] /mobile telephone/移动式 [yi2 dong4 shi4] /mobile/移动式电话 [yi2 dong4 shi4 dian4 hua4] /mobile telephone/姨夫 [yi2 fu5] /mother's sister's husband; husband of mother's sister/一共 [yi2 gong4] /altogether/遗骨 [yi2 gu2] /(dead) human remains/遗骸 [yi2 hai2] /(dead) human remains/遗憾 [yi2 han4] /regret/pity/sorry/颐和园 [yi2 he2 yuan2] /Summer Palace (in Beijing)/遗恨 [yi2 hen4] /grudge/疑惑 [yi2 huo4] /(a sense of) uncertainty/feel unsure about something/遗迹 [yi2 ji1] /trace/vestige/remain/移交 [yi2 jiao1] /transfer/hand over/姨姐 [yi2 jie3] /wife's elder sister; sister-in-law/姨姥姥 [yi2 lao3 lao5] /mother's mother's sister; great-aunt/遗留 [yi2 liu2] /(leave or be a) legacy/left over/hand down (to next generation)/一路平安 [yi2 lu4 ping2 an1] /to have a pleasant journey/bon voyage/疑虑 [yi2 lu:4] /hesitation/姨妈 [yi2 ma1] /(informal) mother's sister; maternal aunt/姨妹 [yi2 mei4] /wife's younger sister; sister-in-law/一秘 [yi2 mi4] /first secretary/一面 [yi2 mian4] /one side/移民 [yi2 min2] /to immigrate/to migrate/移民者 [yi2 min2 zhe3] /migrant/immigrant/姨母 [yi2 mu3] /mother's sister; maternal aunt/疑难 [yi2 nan2] /(adj) difficult to solve; complicated/仪器 [yi2 qi4] /(scientific, etc) instrument/一切 [yi2 qie4] /all/every/everything/姨甥男女 [yi2 sheng5 nan2 nu:3] /wife's sister's children/遗失 [yi2 shi1] /(v) lose due to carelessness/仪式 [yi2 shi4] /ceremony/遗体 [yi2 ti3] /remains (of a dead person)/一望无际 [yi2 wang4 wu2 ji4] /as far as the eye can see (lit: look afar no bound)/疑问 [yi2 wen4] /interrogation/interrogative/query/疑问句 [yi2 wen4 ju4] /interrogative sentence/遗物 [yi2 wu4] /remnant/一下子 [yi2 xia4 zi5] /in a short while/all at once/all of a sudden/一向 [yi2 xiang4] /all long/the whole time/constantly/earlier/lately/一项 [yi2 xiang4] /an item/a thing/一下儿 [yi2 xiar4] /a little bit/a little while/疑心 [yi2 xin1] /suspicion/一样 [yi2 yang4] /same/like/equal to/the same as/just like/遗赠 [yi2 zeng4] /bequeath/姨丈 [yi2 zhang4] /mother's sister's husband; husband of mother's sister/移植 [yi2 zhi2] /to transplant/移殖 [yi2 zhi2] /to transplant/移殖手术 [yi2 zhi2 shou3 shu4] /(organ) transplant operation/移植性 [yi2 zhi2 xing4] /portability/遗址 [yi2 zhi3] /(n) ancient ruins/遗嘱 [yi2 zhu3] /testament/will/乙 [yi3] /"B" (in a sequence of examples involving "A", "B", "C", etc.)/2nd heavenly stem/2nd in order/已 [yi3] /already/to stop/then/afterwards/以 [yi3] /to use/according to/so as to/in order to/by/with/because/矣 [yi3] /final part./迤 [yi3] /extending to/倚 [yi3] /to lean on/rely upon/椅 [yi3] /chair/旖 [yi3] /fluttering of flag/蚁 [yi3] /ant/苡 [yi3] /plantago major l. var. asiatica/钇 [yi3] /yttrium/舣 [yi3] /moor a boat to the bank/以便 [yi3 bian4] /so that/so as to/in order to/以弗所书 [yi3 fu2 suo3 shu1] /Ephesians/已故 [yi3 gu4] /the late/deceased/以后 [yi3 hou4] /after/later/afterwards/following/later on/in the future/已婚 [yi3 hun1] /married/以及 [yi3 ji2] /as well as/too/and/已经 [yi3 jing1] /already/已经进行 [yi3 jing1 jin4 xing2] /already underway/already in progress/倚靠 [yi3 kao4] /to lean on/re on/以来 [yi3 lai2] /since (a previous event)/以马内利 [yi3 ma3 nei4 li4] /Emanuel/以免 [yi3 mian3] /in order to avoid/so as not to/已灭 [yi3 mie4] /extinct/以内 [yi3 nei4] /within/less than/以前 [yi3 qian2] /before/formerly/previous/以赛亚书 [yi3 sai4 ya3 shu1] /Book of Isaiah/以色列 [yi3 se4 lie4] /Israel/以上 [yi3 shang4] /more than/above/over/the above-mentioned/以身作则 [yi3 shen1 zuo4 ze2] /(saying) set a good example/以斯拉记 [yi3 si1 la1 ji4] /Book of Ezra/以斯帖记 [yi3 si1 tie3 ji4] /Book of Esther/乙太 [yi3 tai4] /ether/以太 [yi3 tai4] /Ether-/以太网 [yi3 tai4 wang3] /Ethernet/乙太网路 [yi3 tai4 wang3 lu4] /Ethernet/以太网络 [yi3 tai4 wang3 luo4] /Ethernet/以太网络端口 [yi3 tai4 wang3 luo4 duan1 kou3] /Ethernet port/以太网络帧 [yi3 tai4 wang3 luo4 zheng4] /Ethernet frame/以外 [yi3 wai4] /apart from/other than/except for/external/outside of/以往 [yi3 wang3] /in the past/formerly/以为 [yi3 wei2] /consider (that)/believe/以西结书 [yi3 xi1 jie2 shu1] /Book of Ezekiel/以下 [yi3 xia4] /below/under/following/以牙还牙 [yi3 ya2 huan2 ya2] /a tooth for a tooth (retaliation)/倚仗 [yi3 zhang4] /to lean on/rely on/以至 [yi3 zhi4] /down to/up to/以致 [yi3 zhi4] /to such an extent as to/down to/up to/以至于 [yi3 zhi4 yu2] /(conj) down to; up to/(conj) to the extent that.../倚重 [yi3 zhong4] /to rely heavily upon/椅子 [yi3 zi5] /chair/弋 [yi4] /to shoot/刈 [yi4] /mow/亦 [yi4] /also/屹 [yi4] /high and steep/衣 [yi4] /gown/to dress/to wear/佚 [yi4] /(surname)/idle/役 [yi4] /service/抑 [yi4] /to restrain/to restrict/to keep down/or/邑 [yi4] /city/佾 [yi4] /row of dancers at sacrifices/易 [yi4] /(surname)/change/easy/simple/奕 [yi4] /abundant/graceful/弈 [yi4] /Chinese chess game/疫 [yi4] /epidemic/plague/羿 [yi4] /name of a famous archer/益 [yi4] /benefit/increase/异 [yi4] /different/unusual/strange/翌 [yi4] /bright/tomorrow/轶 [yi4] /disperse/put in order/surpass/逸 [yi4] /escape/leisurely/outstanding/意 [yi4] /idea/meaning/wish/desire/溢 [yi4] /overflow/义 [yi4] /justice/righteousness/meaning/肄 [yi4] /descendants/distress/practice/裔 [yi4] /descendents/frontier/诣 [yi4] /go/蜴 [yi4] /chameleon/Eumeces latiscutatus/亿 [yi4] /a hundred million/calculate/毅 [yi4] /perseverance/谊 [yi4] /friendship/劓 [yi4] /cut off the nose/忆 [yi4] /remember/缢 [yi4] /hang/strangle oneself/翳 [yi4] /feather screen/to screen/to shade/翼 [yi4] /wing/臆 [yi4] /feelings/opinion/thoughts/镒 [yi4] /abrasion/gold-20 taels in weight/绎 [yi4] /continuous/explain/unravel/艺 [yi4] /skill/art/议 [yi4] /criticize/discuss/译 [yi4] /to translate/to interpret/呓 [yi4] /talk in sleep/懿 [yi4] /restrain/virtuous/驿 [yi4] /remount stations/仡 [yi4] /strong/brave/异 [yi4] /(interj.)/raise/to stop/悒 [yi4] /anxiety/worry/挹 [yi4] /give up/ladle out/pour out/埸 [yi4] /border/翊 [yi4] /assist/ready to fly/respect/熠 [yi4] /to glow/flash/瘗 [yi4] /bury/sacrifice/峄 [yi4] /name of hills in Shandong/怿 [yi4] /pleased/rejoice/殪 [yi4] /exterminate/薏 [yi4] /Coix lacryma/镱 [yi4] /ytterbium/议案 [yi4 an4] /proposal/motion/一般 [yi4 ban1] /same/ordinary/common/general/一般来说 [yi4 ban1 lai2 shuo1] /generally speaking/一般原则 [yi4 ban1 yuan2 ze2] /general principle/疫病 [yi4 bing4] /plague/异步 [yi4 bu4] /asynchronous/异步传输模式 [yi4 bu4 chuan2 shu1 mo2 shi4] /asynchronous transfer mode/ATM/臆测 [yi4 ce4] /assumption/guess/异常 [yi4 chang2] /exceptional/议程 [yi4 cheng2] /agenda/溢出 [yi4 chu1] /overflow/意大利 [yi4 da4 li4] /Italy/Italian/意大利语 [yi4 da4 li4 yu3] /Italian (language)/议定书 [yi4 ding4 shu1] /(n) protocol; treaty/一国两制 [yi4 guo2 liang3 zhi4] /one country, two systems (China-Taiwan)/议会 [yi4 hui4] /parliament/legislative assembly/一会儿 [yi4 huir3] /a while/亦即 [yi4 ji2] /namely/that is/议价 [yi4 jia4] /bargain/意见 [yi4 jian4] /view/opinion/意见不合 [yi4 jian4 bu4 he2] /dissension/异教 [yi4 jiao4] /heresy/heathenism/异教徒 [yi4 jiao4 tu2] /heathen/heretic/易接近 [yi4 jie1 jin4] /accessible/一举两得 [yi4 ju3 liang3 de5] /kill two birds with one stone/义理 [yi4 li3] /doctrine (esp. religious)/argumentation (in a speech or essay)/毅力 [yi4 li4] /perseverance/willpower/意料 [yi4 liao4] /(v) anticipate; think ahead/议论 [yi4 lun4] /to comment/to talk about/to discuss/discussion/义卖会 [yi4 mai4 hui4] /bazaar/疫苗 [yi4 miao2] /vaccine/意念 [yi4 nian4] /idea/一匹马 [yi4 pi3 ma3] /one horse/一篇 [yi4 pian1] /one-sided/一起 [yi4 qi3] /together/意气相投 [yi4 qi4 xiang1 tou2] /congenial/疫情 [yi4 qing2] /epidemic situation/易取得 [yi4 qu3 de2] /accessible/毅然 [yi4 ran2] /(adv) without hesitation; resolutely/艺人 [yi4 ren2] /performing artist/actor/一身汗 [yi4 shen1 han4] /sweating all over/一生 [yi4 sheng1] /all one's life/throughout one's life/一时 [yi4 shi2] /temporary/momentary/轶事 [yi4 shi4] /anecdote/意识 [yi4 shi4] /consciousness/易受攻击 [yi4 shou4 gong1 ji1] /vulnerable/艺术 [yi4 shu4] /art/艺术家 [yi4 shu4 jia1] /artist/意思 [yi4 si1] /idea/opinion/meaning/易碎 [yi4 sui4] /brittle/fragile/议题 [yi4 ti2] /topic of discussion/topic/subject/issue (under discussion)/意图 [yi4 tu2] /intent/intention/intend/意外 [yi4 wai4] /unexpected/亿万 [yi4 wan4] /(n) millions and millions/意味 [yi4 wei4] /significance/imply (that)/意味着 [yi4 wei4 zhe5] /signify/mean/imply/义务 [yi4 wu4] /volunteer/voluntary/duty/obligation/义务教育 [yi4 wu4 jiao4 yu4] /compulsory education/议席 [yi4 xi2] /seat in a parliament or legislative assembly/意想不到 [yi4 xiang3 bu4 dao4] /unexpected/previously unimagined/意向 [yi4 xiang4] /disposition/一小部分 [yi4 xiao3 bu4 fen5] /a small part/a small section/一小时以后 [yi4 xiao3 shi2 yi3 hou4] /a short time later/一行 [yi4 xing2] /party/delegation/异性 [yi4 xing4] /heterosexual/异性性接触 [yi4 xing4 xing4 jie1 chu4] /heterosexual sex/翳眼 [yi4 yan3] /cataract/异议 [yi4 yi4] /objection/dissent/意义 [yi4 yi4] /meaning/significance/议员 [yi4 yuan2] /member (of a legislative body)/representative/译员 [yi4 yuan2] /(n) interpreter/意愿 [yi4 yuan4] /aspiration/wish (for)/desire/议院 [yi4 yuan4] /parliament/legislative assembly/议长 [yi4 zhang3] /speaker (of a legislative assembly)/一直 [yi4 zhi2] /continuously/always/from the beginning of ... up to .../all along/抑制 [yi4 zhi4] /to inhibit/to keep down/to suppress/异质 [yi4 zhi4] /heterogeneous/意志 [yi4 zhi4] /will/异质网路 [yi4 zhi4 wang3 lu4] /heterogeneous network/衣子 [yi4 zi3] /covering/因 [yin1] /cause/reason/because/姻 [yin1] /marriage connections/音 [yin1] /sound/noise/news/殷 [yin1] /(surname)/dynasty/flourishing/氤 [yin1] /generative forces/magic emanation/茵 [yin1] /Skimmia japonica/cushion/阴 [yin1] /(of weather) overcast/Yin/feminine/moon/cloudy/negative (electric.)/shady/湮 [yin1] /obscured/submerged/喑 [yin1] /dumb/堙 [yin1] /bury/mound/to dam/close/铟 [yin1] /indium/阴暗 [yin1 an4] /dim/somber/因此 [yin1 ci3] /that is why/for that reason/therefore/for this reason/印地安那 [yin1 di4 an1 na4] /Indiana/音调 [yin1 diao4] /tone/印度尼西亚 [yin1 du4 ni2 xi1 ya4] /Indonesia/因而 [yin1 er2] /therefore/as a result/thus/and as a result, .../阴户 [yin1 hu4] /vagina/音节 [yin1 jie2] /syllable/阴茎 [yin1 jing1] /penis/阴精 [yin1 jing1] /sex fluids/阴凉 [yin1 liang2] /shady/阴凉处 [yin1 liang2 chu4] /shady place/阴谋 [yin1 mou2] /plot/conspiracy/姻亲 [yin1 qin1] /affinity/in-laws/殷勤 [yin1 qin2] /politely, solicitously/因素 [yin1 su4] /element/factor/因特网 [yin1 te4 wang3] /Internet/因特网联通 [yin1 te4 wang3 lian2 tong1] /Internet connection/因特网提供商 [yin1 te4 wang3 ti2 gong4 shang1] /Internet service provider/ISP/阴天 [yin1 tian1] /cloudy day/overcast sky/因为 [yin1 wei2] /because/owing to/on account of/音响 [yin1 xiang3] /(n) acoustics; sound field (i.e in a room or theater)/(n) speakers (electric)/音信 [yin1 xin4] /message/阴性 [yin1 xing4] /feminine/阴影 [yin1 ying3] /shadow/阴郁 [yin1 yu4] /gloomy/音乐 [yin1 yue4] /music/音乐光碟 [yin1 yue4 guang1 die2] /music CD/音乐会 [yin1 yue4 hui4] /concert/音乐家 [yin1 yue4 jia1] /musician/因子 [yin1 zi3] /factor/吟 [yin2] /moan/to hum/垠 [yin2] /bank/寅 [yin2] /3-5 a.m./3rd earthly branch/淫 [yin2] /excessive/wanton/lewd/kinky/obscene/夤 [yin2] /late at night/鄞 [yin2] /name of a district in Zhejiang/银 [yin2] /silver/霪 [yin2] /heavy rain/龈 [yin2] /gums/狺 [yin2] /snarling of dogs/银行 [yin2 hang2] /bank/银行家 [yin2 hang2 jia1] /banker/银行业 [yin2 hang2 ye4] /banking/淫秽 [yin2 hui4] /(adv) obscene; coarse/银幕 [yin2 mu4] /movie screen/淫水 [yin2 shui3] /sexual secretions/淫猥 [yin2 wei3] /abominations/whoredoms/尹 [yin3] /(surname)/to rule/引 [yin3] /to lead/to divert (water)/to guide/殷 [yin3] /roll of thunder/蚓 [yin3] /earthworm/饮 [yin3] /drink/隐 [yin3] /secret/hidden/concealed/瘾 [yin3] /addiction/craving/隐蔽 [yin3 bi4] /conceal/covert/under cover/隐藏 [yin3 cang2] /to hide/to conceal/隐藏处 [yin3 cang2 chu4] /shelter/hiding place/引出 [yin3 chu1] /extract/引导 [yin3 dao3] /to guide/to lead/to conduct/introduction/引渡 [yin3 du4] /extradite/隐晦 [yin3 hui4] /obscurity/引进 [yin3 jin4] /recommend/introduce from elsewhere/引咎 [yin3 jiu4] /take the blame/accept responsibility (for a mistake)/引力场 [yin3 li4 chang3] /gravitational field/饮料 [yin3 liao4] /beverage/隐瞒 [yin3 man2] /to hide/to conceal/隐密 [yin3 mi4] /sly/引起 [yin3 qi3] /to give rise to/to lead to/to cause/to arouse/引擎 [yin3 qing2] /engine (transliteration)/引人注目 [yin3 ren2 zhu4 mu4] /striking/引人注意 [yin3 ren2 zhu4 yi4] /attractive/引入 [yin3 ru4] /to draw into/to pull into/饮食 [yin3 shi2] /(n) food and drink/饮食疗养 [yin3 shi2 liao2 yang3] /diet/隐士 [yin3 shi4] /hermit/隐私 [yin3 si1] /privacy/引言 [yin3 yan2] /forward/introduction/引用 [yin3 yong4] /quote/cite/饮用 [yin3 yong4] /drink/drinking or drinkable (water)/引用句 [yin3 yong4 ju4] /quotation/引诱 [yin3 you4] /(v) coerce sb into doing something bad; lure/隐约 [yin3 yue1] /vague/faint/indistinct/引证 [yin3 zheng4] /quote/引证 [yin3 zheng4] /cite/印 [yin4] /stamp/seal/mark/print/胤 [yin4] /heir/inherit/荫 [yin4] /shade/窨 [yin4] /cellar/印表机 [yin4 biao3 ji1] /printer/印地语 [yin4 di4 yu3] /Hindi (language)/印度 [yin4 du4] /India/印度教 [yin4 du4 jiao4] /(n) Hinduism/印度尼西亚语 [yin4 du4 ni2 xi1 ya4 yu3] /Indonesian (language)/印度人 [yin4 du4 ren2] /Indian (person)/印尼 [yin4 ni2] /(abbreviation for) Indonesia/印欧人 [yin4 ou1 ren2] /Indo-European (person)/印欧文 [yin4 ou1 wen2] /Indo-European (language)/印欧语 [yin4 ou1 yu3] /Indo-European (language)/印欧语言 [yin4 ou1 yu3 yan2] /Indo-European (language)/印染 [yin4 ran3] /printing and dyeing/印刷者 [yin4 shua1 zhe3] /printer/印刷 [yin4 shua4] /print/印象 [yin4 xiang4] /impression/印像 [yin4 xiang4] /impression/印像深刻 [yin4 xiang4 shen1 ke4] /impress/印章 [yin4 zhang1] /seal/stamp/印证 [yin4 zheng4] /seal/英 [ying1] /(surname)/English/brave/瑛 [ying1] /(crystal)/lustrous/婴 [ying1] /infant/baby/应 [ying1] /ought/膺 [ying1] /breast/receive/嘤 [ying1] /calling of birds/罂 [ying1] /earthen jar with small mouth/樱 [ying1] /cherry/璎 [ying1] /necklace/莺 [ying1] /golden oriole/缨 [ying1] /tassel of hat/鹰 [ying1] /eagle/falcon/hawk/鹦 [ying1] /parrot/撄 [ying1] /oppose/to attack/英镑 [ying1 bang4] /pound sterling/英尺 [ying1 chi3] /(English) foot (unit of measurement)/英寸 [ying1 cun4] /(English) inch/英代尔 [ying1 dai4 er3] /Intel/应当 [ying1 dang1] /should/ought to/应得 [ying1 de2] /deserve/婴儿 [ying1 er2] /infant/baby/婴儿期 [ying1 er5 qi1] /infancy/应该 [ying1 gai1] /ought to/should/must/应该说 [ying1 gai1 shuo1] /it should be mentioned that .../英国 [ying1 guo2] /England/Britain/English/英国人 [ying1 guo2 ren2] /British person/British people/樱花 [ying1 hua1] /(n) Japanese oriental cherry tree; oriental cherry blossom/樱花草 [ying1 hua1 cao3] /primrose/英俊 [ying1 jun4] /handsome/英里 [ying1 li3] /mile/英明 [ying1 ming2] /wise/brilliant/英亩 [ying1 mou3] /acre/罂粟 [ying1 su4] /poppy/樱桃 [ying1 tao2] /cherry/英特尔 [ying1 te2 er3] /Intel/英文 [ying1 wen2] /English (language)/鹦鹉 [ying1 wu3] /parrot/英雄 [ying1 xiong2] /hero/英雄式 [ying1 xiong2 shi4] /heroic/英勇 [ying1 yong3] /bravery/gallant/valiant/应有 [ying1 you3] /proper/应有尽有 [ying1 you3 jin4 you3] /everything (one could imagine)/英语 [ying1 yu3] /English (language)/迎 [ying2] /to welcome/盈 [ying2] /full/filled/surplus/茔 [ying2] /a grave/楹 [ying2] /pillar/荧 [ying2] /Polyeonatum officinale/glimmer/glimmering/dazzling/perplexed/莹 [ying2] /luster of gems/嬴 [ying2] /full/profit/win/萦 [ying2] /wind around/萤 [ying2] /firefly/营 [ying2] /army/to deal in/to trade/to operate/to run/camp/nourishment/to manage/瀛 [ying2] /ocean/蝇 [ying2] /fly/musca/赢 [ying2] /to beat/to win/to profit/滢 [ying2] /clear/limpid (of water)/潆 [ying2] /eddy/small river/迎春花 [ying2 chun1 hua1] /winter jasmine, Jasminum nudiflorum/赢得 [ying2 de2] /win/gain/迎风 [ying2 feng1] /in the wind/荧光 [ying2 guang1] /fluorescence/萤火虫 [ying2 huo3 chong2] /firefly/glowworm/lightning bug/迎接 [ying2 jie1] /to meet/to welcome/to greet/营救 [ying2 jiu4] /rescue/盈亏 [ying2 kui1] /profit and loss/waxing and waning/盈利 [ying2 li4] /profit/gain/迎面 [ying2 mian4] /(adv) face to face; headlong/营收 [ying2 shou1] /sales/income/revenue/营养 [ying2 yang3] /nutrition/nourishment/营养品 [ying2 yang3 pin3] /nourishment/营业 [ying2 ye4] /to do business/to trade/营业额 [ying2 ye4 e2] /sum or volume of business/turnover/营业员 [ying2 ye4 yuan2] /clerk/shop assistant/盈余 [ying2 yu2] /surplus/profit/盈馀 [ying2 yu2] /surplus/profit/蝇子 [ying2 zi5] /(n) housefly/郢 [ying3] /name of an ancient city/影 [ying3] /picture/image/reflection/shadow/颖 [ying3] /clever/gifted/瘿 [ying3] /goiter/knob on tree/影片 [ying3 pian4] /film/movie/影响 [ying3 xiang3] /influence/to effect/to influence/影像 [ying3 xiang4] /image/影像处理 [ying3 xiang4 chu3 li3] /image processing/影像档 [ying3 xiang4 dang4] /image file/影像会议 [ying3 xiang4 hui4 yi4] /video conference/影子 [ying3 zi5] /shadow/reflection/映 [ying4] /reflect/shine/硬 [ying4] /hard/stiff/strong/firm/应 [ying4] /(surname)/to answer/to respond/媵 [ying4] /maid escorting bride to new home/硬币 [ying4 bi4] /coin/应酬 [ying4 chou5] /(v) person to person social interaction/(n) banquet or dinner party/硬磁盘 [ying4 ci2 pan2] /hard drive/hard disk/硬度 [ying4 du4] /hardness/应对 [ying4 dui4] /response/to answer/to reply/应付 [ying4 fu5] /deal with/cope/硬件 [ying4 jian4] /hardware/硬领 [ying4 ling3] /collar/硬盘 [ying4 pan2] /hard disk/应聘 [ying4 pin4] /be employed by/to employ/硬体 [ying4 ti3] /(computer) hardware/应邀 [ying4 yao1] /at sb.'s invitation/on invitation/应用 [ying4 yong4] /to use/to apply/application/applicable/应用层 [ying4 yong4 ceng2] /application layer/应用程式 [ying4 yong4 cheng2 shi4] /application/(computer) program/应用程式介面 [ying4 yong4 cheng2 shi4 jie4 mian4] /application programming interface/API/应用平台 [ying4 yong4 ping2 tai2] /application platform/应用软件 [ying4 yong4 ruan3 jian4] /application software/应用软体 [ying4 yong4 ruan3 ti3] /application software/应战 [ying4 zhan4] /face a challenge/face an attack and meet it/应徵 [ying4 zheng1] /apply (for a job)/respond to an employment notice/唷 [yo1] /(exclamatory part.)/哟 [yo5] /(interj) Oh, sound made when expressing surprise/(idiom) used at end of sentence as an exclamation/佣 [yong1] /hire/servant/邕 [yong1] /harmonious/庸 [yong1] /ordinary/to use/雍 [yong1] /(surname)/harmonious/慵 [yong1] /careless/壅 [yong1] /obstruct/stop up/拥 [yong1] /crowd/thong/to hold/crowded/to support/墉 [yong1] /fortified wall/镛 [yong1] /large bell/饔 [yong1] /dressed food/first meal of the day/痈 [yong1] /carbuncle/拥抱 [yong1 bao4] /to embrace/to hug/拥戴 [yong1 dai4] /to support (a person)/拥护 [yong1 hu4] /to endorse/to support/拥护者 [yong1 hu4 zhe3] /supporter (person)/拥挤 [yong1 ji3] /to crowd/雍容大度 [yong1 rong2 da4 du4] /generous/拥塞 [yong1 sai1] /congestion/庸俗 [yong1 su2] /(adj) filthy; vulgar; debased/拥有 [yong1 you3] /to have/to possess/喁 [yong2] /breathing (of fish)/永 [yong3] /forever/always/perpetual (ly)/甬 [yong3] /5 pecks (M)/Ningpo/泳 [yong3] /swimming/to swim/俑 [yong3] /wooden figures buried with the dead/勇 [yong3] /brave/涌 [yong3] /bubble up/rush forth/恿 [yong3] /urge/incite/涌 [yong3] /bubble up/rush forth/咏 [yong3] /sing/蛹 [yong3] /chrysalis/pupa/踊 [yong3] /leap/踊 [yong3] /leap/泳池 [yong3 chi2] /swimming pond/永垂不朽 [yong3 chui2 bu4 xiu3] /(saying) immortal; never to be forgotten/勇敢 [yong3 gan3] /brave/永恒 [yong3 heng2] /eternal/永久 [yong3 jiu3] /everlasting/perpetual/lasting/forever/permanent/永久和平 [yong3 jiu3 he2 ping2] /lasting peace/enduring peace/永久虚电路 [yong3 jiu3 xu1 dian4 lu4] /Permanent Virtual Circuit/PVC/泳裤 [yong3 ku4] /swim trunks/勇气 [yong3 qi4] /courage/valor/勇士 [yong3 shi4] /(n) warrior/涌现 [yong3 xian4] /spring up/emerge prominently/泳衣 [yong3 yi4] /swimsuit/bathing suit/永远 [yong3 yuan3] /forever/eternal/踊跃 [yong3 yue4] /eager/enthusiastically/用 [yong4] /to use/佣 [yong4] /commission (for middleman)/用不着 [yong4 bu5 zhao2] /not need/have no use for/用处 [yong4 chu5] /usefulness/用法 [yong4 fa3] /usage/用功 [yong4 gong1] /diligent/industrious (in one's studies)/用户 [yong4 hu4] /user/用户到网络的接口 [yong4 hu4 dao4 wang3 luo4 de5 jie1 kou3] /User-Network Interface/UNI/用户到网络接口 [yong4 hu4 dao4 wang3 luo4 jie1 kou3] /user-network interface/UNI/用户定义 [yong4 hu4 ding4 yi4] /user-defined/用户端设备 [yong4 hu4 duan1 she4 bei4] /customer premise equipment/CPE/用户数据 [yong4 hu4 shu4 ju4] /user data/用户线 [yong4 hu4 xian4] /subscriber line/佣金 [yong4 jin1] /commission/用尽 [yong4 jin4] /exhaust/用具 [yong4 ju4] /appliance/utensil/用力 [yong4 li4] /exert oneself (physically)/put forth one's strength/用品 [yong4 pin3] /articles for use/用人 [yong4 ren2] /(n) servant/用膳 [yong4 shan4] /dine/用途 [yong4 tu2] /use/application/用心 [yong4 xin1] /motive/intention/diligently/attentively/用以 [yong4 yi3] /in order to/so as to/用意 [yong4 yi4] /(n) purpose; intention; goal/用油炸 [yong4 you2 zha2] /fry/用于 [yong4 yu2] /use in/use on/use for/用语 [yong4 yu3] /syntax/user of words/用字 [yong4 zi4] /diction/幽 [you1] /quiet/secluded/悠 [you1] /at ease/long (in time)/sad/忧 [you1] /worried/呦 [you1] /bleating of the deer/幽暗 [you1 an4] /gloom/优点 [you1 dian3] /merit/strong point/幽谷 [you1 gu3] /dell/优惠 [you1 hui4] /preferential/favorable/幽静 [you1 jing4] /(adj) remote; secluded/(adj) hidden place; difficult to find/悠久 [you1 jiu3] /established/long/优良 [you1 liang2] /fine/good/幽灵 [you1 ling2] /specter/apparition/ghost/优美 [you1 mei3] /graceful/fine/elegant/幽默 [you1 mo4] /humor/humorous/优胜 [you1 sheng4] /winning/superior/优先 [you1 xian1] /priority/优秀 [you1 xiu4] /outstanding/excellent/优雅 [you1 ya3] /grace/graceful/优异 [you1 yi4] /(adj) exceptional/优於 [you1 yu2] /surpass/忧郁 [you1 yu4] /sullen/忧郁症 [you1 yu4 zheng4] /(psychology) depression/优越 [you1 yue4] /superior/superiority/优质 [you1 zhi4] /(n) excellent quality/尤 [you2] /outstanding/particularly/especially/由 [you2] /follow/from/it is for...to/reason/cause/because of/due to/by/to/to leave it (to sb)/油 [you2] /oil/sly/疣 [you2] /nodule/wart/游 [you2] /to walk/to tour/to roam/to swim/to travel/犹 [you2] /Jew/as if/still/to scheme/邮 [you2] /post (office)/mail/猷 [you2] /consult with/to scheme/游 [you2] /to roam/travel/铀 [you2] /uranium/鱿 [you2] /cuttlefish/蚰 [you2] /house centipede/蝣 [you2] /Ephemera strigata/莸 [you2] /Caryopteris divaricata/繇 [you2] /cause/means/游伴 [you2 ban4] /playmate/邮包 [you2 bao1] /postal parcel/parcel/油饼 [you2 bing3] /deep-fried pancake/油布 [you2 bu4] /tarpaulin/油菜 [you2 cai4] /(n) rapeseed plant; canola plant/(n) common vegatable with a dark green leaf/邮差 [you2 chai1] /postman/由此可见 [you2 ci3 ke3 jian4] /from this, it can be seen that.../犹大书 [you2 da4 shu1] /Jude/游荡 [you2 dang4] /stray/邮递 [you2 di4] /to send by mail/to post/邮电 [you2 dian4] /post and telecommunications/邮费 [you2 fei4] /postage/油膏 [you2 gao4] /balm/邮购 [you2 gou4] /(v) purchase by mail; mail order/油光漆 [you2 guang1 qi1] /varnish/油画 [you2 hua4] /oil painting/游击 [you2 ji1] /(n) guerrilla warfare/邮寄 [you2 ji4] /(v) mail; send by post/油价 [you2 jia4] /oil (petroleum) price/邮件 [you2 jian4] /mail/post/尤金塞尔南 [you2 jin1 sai4 er3 nan2] /Eugene Cernan (Apollo 17 astronaut)/邮局 [you2 ju2] /post office/游客 [you2 ke4] /traveler/tourist/由来 [you2 lai2] /origin/游览 [you2 lan3] /to go sight-seeing/to tour/to visit/游历 [you2 li4] /travel/油料 [you2 liao4] /(n) oil producer; vegetable material that can be pressed to extract oil/幼女 [you2 nu:3] /young girl/邮票 [you2 piao4] /(postage) stamp/油漆 [you2 qi1] /(n) oil or lacquer based paint/(v) paint/尤其 [you2 qi2] /especially/particularly/游人 [you2 ren2] /(n) tourist/犹如 [you2 ru2] /(adv) like; seemingly as if/游说 [you2 shui4] /drum up support/sell (an idea)/犹他州 [you2 ta1 zhou1] /Utah/犹太人 [you2 tai4 ren2] /Jew/油田 [you2 tian2] /oil field/游艇 [you2 ting3] /barge/yacht/游戏 [you2 xi4] /game/游戏 [you2 xi4] /game/play/游行 [you2 xing2] /march/parade/demonstration/游泳 [you2 yong3] /swim/游泳池 [you2 yong3 chi2] /swimming pool/油油 [you2 you2] /oily/由于 [you2 yu2] /due to/as a result of/thanks to/because of/owing to/由余 [you2 yu2] /owing to/thanks to/as a result of/由於 [you2 yu2] /due to/as a result of/thanks to/because of/owing to/犹豫 [you2 yu4] /hesitate/油炸圈饼 [you2 zha2 quan1 bing3] /doughnut/邮政 [you2 zheng4] /postal/油脂 [you2 zhi1] /grease/oil/fat/友 [you3] /friend/有 [you3] /to have/there is/there are/to exist/to be/酉 [you3] /10th earthly branch/5-7 p.m./莠 [you3] /Setaria viridis/vicious/牖 [you3] /enlighten/lattice window/黝 [you3] /black/dark green/卣 [you3] /wine container/铕 [you3] /europium/友爱 [you3 ai4] /friendly affection/fraternal love/有帮助 [you3 bang1 zhu4] /helpful/有才干 [you3 cai2 gan4] /capable/有创造力 [you3 chuang4 zao4 li4] /ingenious/有待 [you3 dai4] /not yet (done)/pending/有胆量 [you3 dan3 liang4] /courageous/有道德 [you3 dao4 de2] /chaste/有德行 [you3 de2 xing2] /virtuous/有的 [you3 de5] /(there are) some (who are...)/some (exist)/有的是 [you3 de5 shi4] /have plenty of/there's no lack of/有点儿 [you3 dian3 er5] /(adv) slightly; little; somewhat/有毒 [you3 du2] /poisonous/有风 [you3 feng1] /windy/有攻击性 [you3 gong1 ji2 xing4] /offensive/有关 [you3 guan1] /to have something to do with/to relate to/to concern/concerning/related to/有关连 [you3 guan1 lian2] /relate/有关人士 [you3 guan1 ren2 shi4] /persons involved/those connected with (sth)/有害 [you3 hai4] /destructive/harmful/damaging/友好 [you3 hao3] /friendly (relations)/有好奇心 [you3 hao4 qi2 xin1] /curious/有活力 [you3 huo2 li4] /energetic/vital/有机 [you3 ji1] /organic/有机体 [you3 ji1 ti3] /organism/有价值 [you3 jia4 zhi2] /valuable/有节制 [you3 jie2 zhi4] /temperate/有精神病 [you3 jing1 shen2 bing4] /insane/有经验 [you3 jing1 yan4] /experienced/有决心 [you3 jue2 xin1] /determined/有可能 [you3 ke3 neng2] /it's possible/有口无心 [you3 kou3 wu2 xin1] /(saying) to speak harshly but without any bad intent/有礼貌 [you3 li3 mao4] /courteous/polite/politeness/有力 [you3 li4] /powerful/forceful/vigorous/有利 [you3 li4] /advantageous/to have advantages/favorable/有利可图 [you3 li4 ke3 tu2] /profitable/有联系 [you3 lian2 xi4] /to be connected/to be related/有良心 [you3 liang2 xin1] /conscientious/有两下子 [you3 liang3 xia4 zi5] /have real skill/know one's stuff/有名 [you3 ming2] /famous/well-known/有耐久力 [you3 nai4 jiu3 li4] /durable/有能力 [you3 neng2 li4] /able/有期徒刑 [you3 qi1 tu2 xing2] /limited term of imprisonment (i.e. anything less than life imprisonment)/有气派 [you3 qi4 pai4] /lordly/友情 [you3 qing2] /(n) the feeling of friendship; friendly feelings/有趣 [you3 qu4] /interesting/fascinating/amusing/有权威 [you3 quan2 wei1] /authoritative/友人 [you3 ren2] /(n) friend/有人情 [you3 ren2 qing2] /humane/友善 [you3 shan4] /friendly/有生以来 [you3 sheng1 yi3 lai2] /since birth/for one's whole life/有声有色 [you3 sheng1 you3 se4] /(saying) to have sound and color; vivid; dazzling/有时 [you3 shi2] /sometimes/now and then/有时候 [you3 shi2 hou5] /sometimes/有史以来 [you3 shi3 yi3 lai2] /since the beginning of history/有所 [you3 suo3] /somewhat/to some extent/有弹性 [you3 tan2 xing4] /flexible/有条纹 [you3 tiao2 wen2] /striped/有条有理地 [you3 tiao2 you3 li3 de5] /methodically/systematically/有同情心 [you3 tong2 qing2 xin1] /sympathetic/有希望 [you3 xi1 wang4] /hopeful/promising/prospective/有系统 [you3 xi4 tong3] /systematic/有限 [you3 xian4] /limited/有线 [you3 xian4] /wired/cable (television)/有线电视 [you3 xian4 dian4 shi4] /cable television/有限公司 [you3 xian4 gong1 si1] /corporation/有效 [you3 xiao4] /effective/in effect/valid/有些 [you3 xie1] /some/somewhat/有些人 [you3 xie1 ren2] /some people/有心眼 [you3 xin1 yan3] /considerate/thoughtful/有兴趣 [you3 xing4 qu4] /interested/interesting/有雄心 [you3 xiong2 xin1] /ambitious/有选举权 [you3 xuan3 ju3 quan2] /constituent/有学问 [you3 xue2 wen4] /learned/有药瘾者 [you3 yao4 yin3 zhe3] /addict/有一些 [you3 yi1 xie1] /somewhat/rather/友谊 [you3 yi4] /companionship/fellowship/friendship/有益 [you3 yi4] /wholesome/有意 [you3 yi4] /intend/intentionally/be interested (in)/有意识 [you3 yi4 shi4] /conscious/有意思 [you3 yi4 si5] /interesting/有阴影 [you3 yin1 ying3] /shadowy/有影响 [you3 ying3 xiang3] /influential/有用 [you3 yong4] /useful/有责任 [you3 ze2 ren4] /liable/responsible/有着 [you3 zhe5] /have/possess/有志者事竟成 [you3 zhi4 zhe3 shi4 jing4 cheng2] /where there is a will, there is a way/有助于 [you3 zhu4 yu2] /contribute to/promote/有资格 [you3 zi1 ge2] /entitle/有罪 [you3 zui4] /guilty/又 [you4] /(once) again/also/both... and.../again/右 [you4] /right (-hand)/幼 [you4] /young/佑 [you4] /bless/protect/侑 [you4] /urge to eat/囿 [you4] /park/to limit/be limited to/宥 [you4] /forgive/help/profound/柚 [you4] /pomelo/shaddock/佑 [you4] /protect/釉 [you4] /glaze (of porcelain)/诱 [you4] /entice/tempt/优 [you4] /excellent/superior/蚴 [you4] /larva/右边 [you4 bian1] /right (as opposed to left)/幼虫 [you4 chong2] /larva/幼弟 [you4 di4] /younger brother/幼儿 [you4 er2] /(n) child/幼儿园 [you4 er2 yuan2] /kindergarten/nursery school/诱拐 [you4 guai3] /abduct/诱拐者 [you4 guai3 zhe3] /abductor/诱惑 [you4 huo4] /entice/temptation/又来了 [you4 lai2 le5] /Here we go again/幼妹 [you4 mei4] /younger sister/优势 [you4 shi4] /superior/dominant/右手 [you4 shou3] /right-hand/幼兽 [you4 shou4] /cub/诱陷 [you4 xian4] /snare/右翼 [you4 yi4] /(politically) right-wing/幼稚 [you4 zhi4] /young/childish/naive/柚子 [you4 zi5] /pomelo/shaddock/迂 [yu1] /literal-minded/纡 [yu1] /(surname)/cord/twist/淤 [yu1] /silt/于 [yu2] /(surname)/at/in/予 [yu2] /I/余 [yu2] /extra/surplus/remaining/after/I/me/妤 [yu2] /handsome/fair/於 [yu2] /at/in/in regard to/盂 [yu2] /container/cup/臾 [yu2] /(surname)/a moment/little while/俞 [yu2] /(surname)/accede/禺 [yu2] /(place)/district/竽 [yu2] /(mus. instr.)/娱 [yu2] /amuse/雩 [yu2] /summer sacrifice for rain/鱼 [yu2] /fish/愉 [yu2] /pleased/渝 [yu2] /Chongqing/腴 [yu2] /fat on belly/fertile/rich/萸 [yu2] /cornelian cherry/隅 [yu2] /corner/愚 [yu2] /stupid/榆 [yu2] /elm/瑜 [yu2] /excellence/luster of gems/虞 [yu2] /forewarned/peace/worry/逾 [yu2] /to exceed/to go beyond/to jump over/渔 [yu2] /fisherman/to fish/与 [yu2] /(interrog. part.)/蝓 [yu2] /snail/谀 [yu2] /flatter/馀 [yu2] /remainder/觎 [yu2] /passionately desire/舆 [yu2] /carriage/sedan chair/world/欤 [yu2] /(interrog. part.)/狳 [yu2] /armadillo/舁 [yu2] /to lift/raise/揄 [yu2] /draw out/let hanging/畲 [yu2] /cultivated field/窬 [yu2] /hole in a wall/逾 [yu2] /exceed/jump over/愚笨 [yu2 ben4] /stupid/愚蠢 [yu2 chun3] /silly/鱼夫 [yu2 fu1] /fisher/fisherman/鱼竿 [yu2 gan1] /fishing rod/余悸 [yu2 ji4] /lingering fear/馀烬 [yu2 jin4] /ember/愉快 [yu2 kuai4] /cheerful/cheerily/delightful/pleasant/pleasantly/pleasing/happy/delighted/娱乐 [yu2 le4] /entertainment/娱乐场 [yu2 le4 chang3] /resort/娱乐中心 [yu2 le4 zhong1 xin1] /recreation/舆论 [yu2 lun4] /public opinion/舆论界 [yu2 lun4 jie4] /media/commentators/愚昧 [yu2 mei4] /ignorant/渔民 [yu2 min2] /fisherman/fisher folk/愚弄 [yu2 nong4] /derision/mock/ridicule/鱼排 [yu2 pai2] /fish steak/鱼鳍 [yu2 qi2] /fin/於是 [yu2 shi4] /thereupon/as a result/consequently/thus/hence/榆树 [yu2 shu4] /elm/馀数 [yu2 shu4] /(numerical) remainder/渔业 [yu2 ye4] /(n) fishing industry; fishery/余震 [yu2 zhen4] /(earthquake) aftershocks/予 [yu3] /to give/宇 [yu3] /room/universe/羽 [yu3] /feather/雨 [yu3] /rain/禹 [yu3] /name of an emperor/圄 [yu3] /imprison/庾 [yu3] /(surname)/name of a mountain/与 [yu3] /and/to give/together with/语 [yu3] /dialect/language/speech/屿 [yu3] /islet/龉 [yu3] /irregular teeth/俣 [yu3] /big/伛 [yu3] /hunchbacked/瘐 [yu3] /maltreat (as prisoners)/窳 [yu3] /bad/useless/weak/与此同时 [yu3 ci3 tong2 shi2] /at the same time/meanwhile/雨滴 [yu3 di1] /raindrop/语调 [yu3 diao4] /intonation/语法 [yu3 fa3] /grammar/语法术语 [yu3 fa3 shu4 yu3] /grammatical term/宇航 [yu3 hang2] /space flight/宇航局 [yu3 hang2 ju2] /space agency/宇航员 [yu3 hang2 yuan2] /astronaut/与会 [yu3 hui4] /(v) participate in a meeting/语汇 [yu3 hui4] /vocabulary/雨季 [yu3 ji4] /rainy season/羽茎 [yu3 jing1] /quill/雨量 [yu3 liang4] /rainfall/羽毛 [yu3 mao2] /feather/plumage/plume/羽毛球 [yu3 mao2 qiu2] /badminton/与其 [yu3 qi2] /it's better ... than .../语气 [yu3 qi4] /tone/manner of speaking/mood/语气助词 [yu3 qi4 zhu4 ci2] /modal particle/雨伞 [yu3 san3] /umbrella/雨水 [yu3 shui3] /(n) rainwater/(n) Rainwater (one of 24 solar terms)/语文 [yu3 wen2] /literature and language/语系 [yu3 xi4] /language system/语言 [yu3 yan2] /(spoken) language/语言学 [yu3 yan2 xue2] /linguistics/语言学家 [yu3 yan2 xue2 jia1] /linguist/雨衣 [yu3 yi1] /raincoat/予以 [yu3 yi3] /(v) bestow; give/语音 [yu3 yin1] /voice/语音通讯通道 [yu3 yin1 tong1 xun4 tong1 dao4] /voice (communications) channel/语音信号 [yu3 yin1 xin4 hao4] /voice signal/语源 [yu3 yuan2] /etymology/语支 [yu3 zhi1] /language branch/宇宙 [yu3 zhou4] /outer space/语族 [yu3 zu2] /language branch/玉 [yu4] /jade/吁 [yu4] /implore/聿 [yu4] /introductory part./pen/育 [yu4] /nourish/to rear/芋 [yu4] /Colocasia antiquorum/谷 [yu4] /(surname)/昱 [yu4] /bright light/郁 [yu4] /(surname)/elegant/峪 [yu4] /valley/浴 [yu4] /bath/to bathe/域 [yu4] /region/territory/domain/御 [yu4] /defend/imperial/to drive/欲 [yu4] /desire/longing/appetite/wish/喻 [yu4] /allegory/寓 [yu4] /reside/residence/驭 [yu4] /manage/to drive/愈 [yu4] /heal/the more...the more/to recover/better/毓 [yu4] /nourish/rear/煜 [yu4] /brilliant/glorious/裕 [yu4] /abundant/遇 [yu4] /meet with/预 [yu4] /to advance/in advance/beforehand/to prepare/妪 [yu4] /brood over/old woman/protect/狱 [yu4] /prison/与 [yu4] /take part in/语 [yu4] /tell to/欲 [yu4] /desire/wish/熨 [yu4] /reconciled/smooth/蔚 [yu4] /(surname)/place name/御 [yu4] /defend/resist/谕 [yu4] /order (from above)/豫 [yu4] /beforehand/prepare/燠 [yu4] /warm/愈 [yu4] /heal/誉 [yu4] /reputation/郁 [yu4] /dense (growth)/melancholy/吁 [yu4] /implore/饫 [yu4] /full (as of eating)/钰 [yu4] /hard metals/蜮 [yu4] /mythical creature/toad/worm/阈 [yu4] /threshold/蓣 [yu4] /dioscoreaceae/鹆 [yu4] /mynah/鬻 [yu4] /vend/鹬 [yu4] /common snipe/预报 [yu4 bao4] /forecast/预备 [yu4 bei4] /to prepare/to make ready/preparation/preparatory/预卜 [yu4 bu3] /foretell/predict/预测 [yu4 ce4] /forecast/predict/浴场 [yu4 chang3] /bathing spot/浴池 [yu4 chi2] /public bath/遇到 [yu4 dao4] /to meet/to run into/to come across/预定 [yu4 ding4] /schedule in advance/预订 [yu4 ding4] /(v) place an order; book ahead/预防 [yu4 fang2] /to prevent/to take precautions against/to protect/to guard against/预防措施 [yu4 fang2 cuo4 shi1] /protective step/protective measure/预付 [yu4 fu4] /pay in advance/预告 [yu4 gao4] /advance notice/herald/愈合 [yu4 he2] /to heal/预计 [yu4 ji4] /to forecast/predict/to estimate/愈加 [yu4 jia1] /all the more/even more/further/遇见 [yu4 jian4] /meet/预见 [yu4 jian4] /(v) envision; foresee/(n) foresight; intuition/浴巾 [yu4 jin1] /bath towel/郁金香 [yu4 jin1 xiang1] /tulip/预料 [yu4 liao4] /anticipate/玉米 [yu4 mi3] /corn/maize/域名 [yu4 ming2] /domain name/域名服务器 [yu4 ming2 fu2 wu4 qi4] /domain name server/域名注册 [yu4 ming2 zhu4 ce4] /domain name registration/遇难船 [yu4 nan2 chuan2] /shipwreck/浴盆 [yu4 pen2] /bathtub/预期 [yu4 qi1] /expect/expected/预赛 [yu4 sai4] /(n) preliminary competition/(v) hold apreliminary competition/浴室 [yu4 shi4] /bathroom (room used for bathing)/玉蜀黍 [yu4 shu3 shu3] /corn/预算 [yu4 suan4] /budget/寓所 [yu4 suo3] /dwelling/欲望 [yu4 wang4] /lust/desire/预习 [yu4 xi2] /to prepare a lesson/预先 [yu4 xian1] /beforehand/prior/浴血 [yu4 xue4] /blood-soaked/寓言 [yu4 yan2] /fable/预言 [yu4 yan2] /prophecy/预言家 [yu4 yan2 jia1] /prophet/浴衣 [yu4 yi1] /bathrobe/预约 [yu4 yue1] /reservation/reserve/预兆 [yu4 zhao4] /omen/预知 [yu4 zhi1] /anticipate/foresee/预祝 [yu4 zhu4] /congratulate beforehand/offer best wishes for/冤 [yuan1] /injustice/to wrong/渊 [yuan1] /abyss/鸢 [yuan1] /kite/鸳 [yuan1] /mandarin duck/眢 [yuan1] /inflamed eyelids/parched/冤枉 [yuan1 wang5] /(n) hatred/(n) injustice/(n) bad luck/be treated unjustly/be wronged/not be worthwhile/鸢尾花 [yuan1 wei3 hua1] /iris (flower)/元 [yuan2] /(dynasty)/dollar/primary/first/沅 [yuan2] /name of a river/垣 [yuan2] /wall/爰 [yuan2] /therefore/to lead on to/原 [yuan2] /former/original/primary/raw/level/cause/source/员 [yuan2] /person/employee/member/袁 [yuan2] /(surname)/媛 [yuan2] /a beauty/援 [yuan2] /to help/to assist/to aid/园 [yuan2] /garden/圆 [yuan2] /circle/round/circular/spherical/(of the moon) full/unit of Chinese currency (Yuan)/tactful/to justify/源 [yuan2] /root/source/origin/猿 [yuan2] /ape/缘 [yuan2] /along/predestined affinity/reason/edge/辕 [yuan2] /shafts of cart/yamen/芫 [yuan2] /daphne genkwa/圜 [yuan2] /circle/round/螈 [yuan2] /Diemyelilus pyrogaster/鼋 [yuan2] /sea turtle/橼 [yuan2] /Citrus medica/原本 [yuan2 ben3] /originally/original/原材料 [yuan2 cai2 liao4] /(n) raw or unprocessed materials/元旦 [yuan2 dan4] /New Year's Day/源点 [yuan2 dian3] /source/源点地址 [yuan2 dian3 di4 zhi3] /source address/园丁 [yuan2 ding1] /gardener/原定 [yuan2 ding4] /originally planned/originally determined/缘份 [yuan2 fen4] /fate (which brings people together/原告 [yuan2 gao4] /complaint/缘故 [yuan2 gu4] /reason/cause/猿猴 [yuan2 hou2] /apes and monkeys/原籍 [yuan2 ji2] /ancestral home (town); birthplace/元件 [yuan2 jian4] /element/component/原来 [yuan2 lai2] /original/former/originally/formerly/at first/元老院 [yuan2 lao3 yuan4] /upper house/senate/senior statesmen's assembly/原理 [yuan2 li3] /principle/theory/原谅 [yuan2 liang4] /to excuse/to forgive/to pardon/原料 [yuan2 liao4] /raw material/园林 [yuan2 lin2] /gardens/park/landscape garden/圆满 [yuan2 man3] /satisfactory/圆盘 [yuan2 pan2] /disk/缘起 [yuan2 qi3] /origin/源泉 [yuan2 quan2] /(n) fountainhead; source or origin (of water)/(n) source/猿人 [yuan2 ren2] /ape man/原生质 [yuan2 sheng1 zhi2] /protoplasm/圆石头 [yuan2 shi2 tou5] /boulder/原始 [yuan2 shi3] /first/original/primitive/original (document, etc)/缘饰 [yuan2 shi4] /fringe/元首 [yuan2 shou3] /head of state/援手 [yuan2 shou3] /succor/元帅 [yuan2 shuai4] /a marshal (in the armed forces)/原苏联 [yuan2 su1 lian2] /former Soviet Union/元素 [yuan2 su4] /(chemical) element/原委 [yuan2 wei3] /the whole story/圆屋顶 [yuan2 wu1 ding3] /dome/原先 [yuan2 xian1] /former/original/元宵 [yuan2 xiao1] /sweet dumplings made of glutinous rice flour/元宵节 [yuan2 xiao1 jie2] /the Lantern Festival, January 15 on the lunar calendar/原形 [yuan2 xing2] /archetype/original shape/true colors/圆形面包 [yuan2 xing2 mian4 bao1] /bun/圆形木材 [yuan2 xing2 mu4 cai2] /log/原性 [yuan2 xing4] /original nature/园艺 [yuan2 yi4] /gardening/元音 [yuan2 yin1] /vowel/原因 [yuan2 yin1] /cause/origin/root cause/reason/原因很简单 [yuan2 yin1 hen3 jian3 dan1] /the reason is very simple/原因是 [yuan2 yin1 shi4] /the reason is .../援引 [yuan2 yin3] /quote/cite/原油 [yuan2 you2] /(n) crude oil/缘由 [yuan2 you2] /reason/cause/原则 [yuan2 ze2] /principle/圆周 [yuan2 zhou1] /circumference/圆珠笔 [yuan2 zhu1 bi3] /ball point pen/援助 [yuan2 zhu4] /aid/assistance/support/help/圆柱 [yuan2 zhu4] /column/cylinder/圆锥体 [yuan2 zhui1 ti3] /cone/原子 [yuan2 zi3] /atom/atomic/原子弹 [yuan2 zi3 dan4] /atom bomb/原子核 [yuan2 zi3 he2] /atomic nucleus/原子科学家 [yuan2 zi3 ke1 xue2 jia1] /atomic scientist/nuclear scientist/原子科学家通报 [yuan2 zi3 ke1 xue2 jia1 tong1 bao4] /Journal of Atomic Scientists/原子能 [yuan2 zi3 neng2] /atomic energy/远 [yuan3] /far/distant/remote/远程 [yuan3 cheng2] /remote/long distance/long range/远程监控 [yuan3 cheng2 jian1 kong4] /RMON/remote monitoring/远大 [yuan3 da4] /(adj) forward looking and ambitious/远东 [yuan3 dong1] /Far East/远端 [yuan3 duan1] /far end/remote end/remote/distant/远方 [yuan3 fang1] /(n) distant location/远景 [yuan3 jing3] /prospect/long-range view/远离 [yuan3 li2] /removed from/远征 [yuan3 zheng1] /expedition/远足 [yuan3 zu2] /excursion/hike/怨 [yuan4] /blame/complain/苑 [yuan4] /(surname)/park/院 [yuan4] /courtyard/institution/媛 [yuan4] /a beauty/愿 [yuan4] /sincere/willing/愿 [yuan4] /hope/wish/desire/ready/willing/掾 [yuan4] /official/瑗 [yuan4] /large jade ring/愿望 [yuan4 wang4] /desire/wish/愿意 [yuan4 yi4] /to wish/to want/ready/willing (to do sth)/愿意不愿意 [yuan4 yi4 bu2 yuan4 yi4] /whether one wants to or not/院长 [yuan4 zhang3] /president (of a university, etc.)/department head/dean/院子 [yuan4 zi5] /courtyard/曰 [yue1] /to speak/to say/约 [yue1] /appointment/agreement/to arrange/to restrict/approximately/约伯记 [yue1 bo2 ji4] /Book of Job/约定 [yue1 ding4] /engage/promise/make an appointment/约定资讯速率 [yue1 ding4 zi1 xun4 su4 lu:4] /committed information rate (Frame Relay)/CIR/约珥书 [yue1 er3 shu1] /Book of Joel/约柜 [yue1 gui4] /Ark of the Covenant/约翰二书 [yue1 han4 er4 shu1] /2 John/约翰福音 [yue1 han4 fu2 yin1] /Gospel According to John/约翰拉贝 [yue1 han4 la1 bei4] /John Rabe (German eyewitness to Nanjing massacre)/约翰内斯堡 [yue1 han4 nei4 si1 bao3] /Johannesburg (city in South Africa)/约翰三书 [yue1 han4 san1 shu1] /3 John/约翰一书 [yue1 han4 yi1 shu1] /1 John/约会 [yue1 hui4] /appointment/engagement/约莫 [yue1 mo5] /about/around/approximately/约拿书 [yue1 na2 shu1] /Book of Jonah/约书亚记 [yue1 shu1 ya3 ji4] /Book of Joshua/约束 [yue1 shu4] /restrict/limit to/月 [yue4] /moon/month/刖 [yue4] /cut off the feet as punishment/岳 [yue4] /(surname)/mountain/wife's father/悦 [yue4] /pleased/越 [yue4] /to exceed/to climb over/to surpass/the more ... the more/粤 [yue4] /Cantonese/Guangdong/乐 [yue4] /(surname)/music/阅 [yue4] /peruse/review/to read/岳 [yue4] /mountain/跃 [yue4] /to jump/to leap/钥 [yue4] /key/钺 [yue4] /battle-axe/樾 [yue4] /shade of trees/龠 [yue4] /(ancient measure)/flute/瀹 [yue4] /cleanse/to boil/阅兵 [yue4 bing1] /to review troops/月饼 [yue4 bing3] /moon cake (esp. for the Mid-Autumn Festival)/越冬 [yue4 dong1] /(v) go through the winter; overwinter/阅读 [yue4 du2] /to read/乐队 [yue4 dui4] /band/月份 [yue4 fen4] /month/月份会议 [yue4 fen4 hui4 yi4] /monthly meeting/monthly conference/岳父 [yue4 fu4] /wife's father, father-in-law/月光 [yue4 guang1] /moonlight/月桂树 [yue4 gui4 shu4] /laurel/越过 [yue4 guo4] /(v) overcome; rise above/跃进 [yue4 jin4] /make a leap/leap forward/越来越 [yue4 lai2 yue4] /more and more/越来越多 [yue4 lai2 yue4 duo1] /more and more/越来越严重 [yue4 lai2 yue4 yan2 zhong4] /to become more serious every day/阅览 [yue4 lan3] /to read/阅览室 [yue4 lan3 shi4] /reading room/月历 [yue4 li4] /monthly calendar/阅历 [yue4 li4] /to see/to experience/月亮 [yue4 liang4] /moon/岳母 [yue4 mu3] /wife's mother, mother-in-law/越南 [yue4 nan2] /Vietnam/Vietnamese/越南语 [yue4 nan2 yu3] /Vietnamese (language)/越南战争 [yue4 nan2 zhan4 zheng1] /Vietnam war/Vietnam conflict/乐器 [yue4 qi4] /musical instrument/月球 [yue4 qiu2] /(the) Moon/月球表面 [yue4 qiu2 biao3 mian4] /lunar surface/surface of the moon/乐曲 [yue4 qu3] /(n) musical composition/月蚀 [yue4 shi2] /eclipse/阅世 [yue4 shi4] /to see the world/越野 [yue4 ye3] /cross country/越野车 [yue4 ye3 che1] /off-road vehicle/all terrain vehicle/sport utility vehicle/晕 [yun1] /confused/dizzy/giddy/faint/氲 [yun1] /heavy atmosphere/晕眩 [yun1 xuan4] /daze/giddy/云 [yun2] /say/匀 [yun2] /even/evenly (divided)/uniform/芸 [yun2] /Ruta graveolens/纭 [yun2] /confused/numerous/耘 [yun2] /to weed/云 [yun2] /cloud/筠 [yun2] /skin of bamboo/郧 [yun2] /name of a feudal state/云彩 [yun2 cai5] /(n) cloud (lit by the rising or setting sun)/匀称 [yun2 chen4] /well proportioned/well shaped/匀净 [yun2 jing4] /even/uniform/匀溜 [yun2 liu5] /even and smooth/云南 [yun2 nan2] /Yunnan province, China/云南省 [yun2 nan2 sheng3] /(N) Yunnan, a south west Chinese province/云雀 [yun2 que4] /lark/skylark/匀实 [yun2 shi5] /even/uniform/芸芸 [yun2 yun2] /all/every/匀整 [yun2 zheng3] /neat and well-spaced/允 [yun3] /just/fair/to permit/to allow/陨 [yun3] /fall/meteor/perish/狁 [yun3] /name of a tribe/殒 [yun3] /perish/die/允当 [yun3 dang4] /proper/suitable/陨落 [yun3 luo4] /fall down/decay/允诺 [yun3 nuo4] /to promise/to consent (to do sth)/允许 [yun3 xu3] /to permit/to allow/孕 [yun4] /pregnant/愠 [yun4] /indignant/feel hurt/晕 [yun4] /dizzy/ring around moon or sun/运 [yun4] /to move/to transport/to use/to apply/fortune/luck/fate/熨 [yun4] /an iron/to iron/酝 [yun4] /to brew/韵 [yun4] /rhyme/蕴 [yun4] /bring together/collect/恽 [yun4] /(surname)/郓 [yun4] /place name/韫 [yun4] /contain/蕴藏 [yun4 cang2] /(v) store up; contains untapped quantities/晕船 [yun4 chuan2] /seasick/运动 [yun4 dong4] /movement/campaign/sports/运动场 [yun4 dong4 chang2] /playground/exercise yard/运动会 [yun4 dong4 hui4] /a sports competition/运动家 [yun4 dong4 jia1] /athlete/sportsman/运动鞋 [yun4 dong4 xie2] /sports shoes/运动员 [yun4 dong4 yuan2] /athlete/熨斗 [yun4 dou3] /(an) iron/运费 [yun4 fei4] /fare/孕妇 [yun4 fu4] /pregnant woman/运河 [yun4 he2] /canal/运货马车 [yun4 huo4 ma3 che1] /cargo wagon/酝酿 [yun4 niang4] /mull over (an issue)/carry on a preliminary round of exploratory discussions/运气 [yun4 qi5] /luck (good or bad)/运输 [yun4 shu1] /transit/transport/运送 [yun4 song4] /to transport/to carry/运算 [yun4 suan4] /(mathematical) operation/运算环境 [yun4 suan4 huan2 jing4] /operating environment/韵文 [yun4 wen2] /verse/运行 [yun4 xing2] /be in motion/to move/to run/运行状况 [yun4 xing2 zhuang4 kuang4] /operational state/running state/运用 [yun4 yong4] /to use/to put to use/孕育 [yun4 yu4] /(v) be pregnant; produce offspring/运转 [yun4 zhuan3] /to work/to operate/to revolve/to turn around/运作 [yun4 zuo4] /thread (computing)/扎 [za1] /to tie/to bind/匝 [za1] /go round/扎 [za1] /tie with string or ribbon/bind with rope or cord/to stop/咂 [za1] /smack one's lips/扎营 [za1 ying2] /encamp/咱 [za2] /we (incl.)/砸 [za2] /smash/smashed/杂 [za2] /mixed/miscellaneous/various/to mix/杂工 [za2 gong1] /porter/杂货 [za2 huo4] /groceries/杂货商 [za2 huo4 shang1] /grocer/杂技 [za2 ji4] /acrobatics/杂交 [za2 jiao1] /(v) create a hybrid/杂乱 [za2 luan4] /mess/杂文 [za2 wen2] /essay/杂项 [za2 xiang4] /miscellaneous/杂志 [za2 zhi4] /magazine/杂质 [za2 zhi4] /impurity/灾 [zai1] /disaster/calamity/哉 [zai1] /(exclamatory or interrog. part.)/栽 [zai1] /to force/to stick in/to plant/甾 [zai1] /steroid nucleus/栽跟头 [zai1 gen1 tou5] /to suffer a setback/灾害 [zai1 hai4] /scourge/灾荒 [zai1 huang1] /(n) natural disaster; famine/灾难 [zai1 nan4] /disaster/catastrophe/栽培 [zai1 pei2] /to grow/to cultivate/灾区 [zai1 qu1] /disaster area/stricken region/栽赃 [zai1 zang1] /to frame someone (by planting sth on them)/栽植 [zai1 zhi2] /to plant/to transplant/栽种 [zai1 zhong4] /to plant/to grow/栽子 [zai1 zi5] /seedling/young plant/宰 [zai3] /slaughter/butcher/govern/rule/official/载 [zai3] /year/崽 [zai3] /young of animals/宰割 [zai3 ge1] /invade/宰杀 [zai3 sha1] /slaughter/butcher/宰相 [zai3 xiang4] /prime minister (in feudal China)/宰制 [zai3 zhi4] /rule/dominate/再 [zai4] /again/once more/re-/second/another/在 [zai4] /(located) at/in/exist/载 [zai4] /to carry/to convey/to load/to hold/and/also/as well as/simultaneously/再保证 [zai4 bao3 zheng4] /reassure/在车 [zai4 che1] /aboard/再出现 [zai4 chu1 xian4] /reappear/在传输过程中 [zai4 chuan2 shu1 guo4 cheng2 zhong1] /while transmitting/during transmission/在此处 [zai4 ci3 chu4] /herein/再次 [zai4 ci4] /one more time/again/one more/once again/在大多数情况下 [zai4 da4 duo1 shu4 qing2 kuang4 xia4] /in most instances/在地下 [zai4 di4 xia4] /underground/再度 [zai4 du4] /once more/once again/one more time/在附近 [zai4 fu4 jin4] /nearby/在高处 [zai4 gao1 chu4] /aloft/在很多方面 [zai4 hen3 duo1 fang1 mian4] /in many aspects/in many regards/在后 [zai4 hou4] /behind/在户外 [zai4 hu4 wai4] /outdoors/在乎 [zai4 hu5] /(v) be determined by/(v) care about; mind/再会 [zai4 hui1] /adieu/vale/载货汽车 [zai4 huo4 qi4 che1] /lorry/再见 [zai4 jian4] /good bye/在今年年底 [zai4 jin1 nian2 nian2 di3] /at the end of this year/在密切注意 [zai4 mi4 qie4 zhu4 yi4] /to pay close attention (to sth)/在某种程度上 [zai4 mou3 zhong3 cheng2 du4 shang4] /to a certain extent/在内 [zai4 nei4] /including/在旁 [zai4 pang2] /by (a place)/在旁边 [zai4 pang2 bian1] /aside/在其中 [zai4 qi2 zhong1] /therein/wherein/在前 [zai4 qian2] /forward/再三 [zai4 san1] /over and over again/again and again/在深处 [zai4 shen1 chu4] /deeply/再生产 [zai4 sheng1 chan3] /(n) reproduction/在室内 [zai4 shi4 nei4] /indoors/在水步行 [zai4 shui3 bu4 xing2] /wade/再说 [zai4 shuo1] /let's talk about it later/what's more/besides/在头版 [zai4 tou2 ban3] /on the front page/在外 [zai4 wai4] /outer/在未来 [zai4 wei4 lai2] /in the future/在下 [zai4 xia4] /under/在下方 [zai4 xia4 fang1] /beneath/在下面 [zai4 xia4 mian4] /underneath/载携 [zai4 xie2] /to carry/to bear/在眼前 [zai4 yan3 qian2] /now/at the present/在野 [zai4 ye3] /be out of (political) office/out of power/再一次 [zai4 yi1 ci4] /again/在意 [zai4 yi4] /(v) care about; mind/在於 [zai4 yu2] /(the problem or explanation or advantage etc.) lies in (the fact that...)/to lie in/to reside in/to rest in/to depend on/再者 [zai4 zhe3] /furthermore/在这期间 [zai4 zhe4 qi1 jian1] /during time/in this time/在之上 [zai4 zhi1 shang4] /over/载重 [zai4 zhong4] /load/carrying capacity/在座 [zai4 zuo4] /be present/簪 [zan1] /hairpin/咱 [zan2] /we (incl.)/咱们 [zan2 men5] /we (including the person spoken to)/拶 [zan3] /punish by squeezing fingers/攒 [zan3] /collect/hoard/趱 [zan3] /hasten/urge/暂 [zan4] /temporarily/赞 [zan4] /to patronize/to support/to praise/錾 [zan4] /engrave/瓒 [zan4] /libation cup/赞 [zan4] /to praise/赞成 [zan4 cheng2] /approve/endorse/赞美 [zan4 mei3] /admire/applause/praise/to eulogize/暂且 [zan4 qie3] /(adv) temporarily/赞赏 [zan4 shang3] /to admire/to praise/to appreciate/暂时 [zan4 shi2] /temporary/provisional/赞叹 [zan4 tan4] /highly praise/gasp in admiration/赞叹 [zan4 tan4] /(v) sigh or exclaim in admiration/暂停 [zan4 ting2] /suspend/赞同 [zan4 tong2] /assent/赞同 [zan4 tong2] /approve/endorse/(vote) in favor/赞扬 [zan4 yang2] /praise/approve of/赞助 [zan4 zhu4] /sponsor/臧 [zang1] /(surname)/good/lucky/赃 [zang1] /booty/spoils/脏 [zang1] /dirty/filthy/脏 [zang1] /dirty/脏话 [zang1 hua4] /bad language/speaking rudely/脏脏 [zang1 zang1] /dirty/驵 [zang3] /powerful horse/奘 [zang4] /great/葬 [zang4] /bury (the dead)/藏 [zang4] /storehouse/depository/Buddhist or Taoist scripture/Zang/Tibet/脏 [zang4] /viscera/葬礼 [zang4 li3] /burial/funeral/藏文 [zang4 wen2] /Tibetan language/藏语 [zang4 yu3] /Tibetan (language)/藏族 [zang4 zu2] /Tibetan nationality/遭 [zao1] /a time/incident/meet by chance/turn/糟 [zao1] /dregs/to waste/spoil/糟 [zao1] /to waste/spoil/遭到 [zao1 dao4] /suffer/meet with (something unfortunate)/糟糕 [zao1 gao1] /too bad/how terrible/what bad luck/terrible/bad/遭受 [zao1 shou4] /suffer/sustain (loss, misfortune)/糟蹋 [zao1 ta4] /(v) waste; wreck; spoil/(v) slander/遭殃 [zao1 yang1] /(v) go through a disaster/遭遇 [zao1 yu4] /befall/encounter/凿 [zao2] /chisel/凿石场 [zao2 shi2 chang3] /rock quarry/凿子 [zao2 zi3] /chisel/早 [zao3] /early/morning/蚤 [zao3] /flea/枣 [zao3] /jujube/澡 [zao3] /bath/藻 [zao3] /(aquatic grasses)/elegant/早餐 [zao3 can1] /breakfast/早晨 [zao3 chen2] /early morning/早点 [zao3 dian3] /(n) breakfast; light breakfast/早饭 [zao3 fan4] /breakfast/早期 [zao3 qi1] /early period/early phase/early stage/早日 [zao3 ri4] /(adv) soon; shortly; on a day quite soon/早上 [zao3 shang5] /early morning/枣树 [zao3 shu4] /jujube tree/date tree/Zizyphus vulgaris/早晚 [zao3 wan3] /morning and evening/sooner or later/早先 [zao3 xian1] /previously/before/早些 [zao3 xie1] /(a bit) earlier/早已 [zao3 yi3] /long ago/for a long time/灶 [zao4] /kitchen stove/皂 [zao4] /black/造 [zao4] /to make/to build/to invent/to manufacture/噪 [zao4] /chirp/mixture of voices/noise/buzzing/clamor/燥 [zao4] /dry/parched/impatient/噪 [zao4] /disturbance/noise of crowd/躁 [zao4] /hot-tempered/impatient/造成 [zao4 cheng2] /to bring about/to create/to cause/造成问题 [zao4 cheng2 wen4 ti2] /to create an issue/to cause a problem/造反 [zao4 fan3] /rebel/revolt/造价 [zao4 jia4] /(n) construction cost/造句 [zao4 ju4] /sentence-making/噪声 [zao4 sheng1] /noise/造型 [zao4 xing2] /(n) make a model; molding/噪音 [zao4 yin1] /rumble/noise/static/咋 [ze2] /gnaw/则 [ze2] /(expresses contrast with a previous sentence or clause)/standard/norm/rule/to imitate/to follow/then/principle/笮 [ze2] /board under tiles on roof/narrow/责 [ze2] /duty/responsibility/to reproach/to blame/啧 [ze2] /(interj. of admiration or of disgust)/to click one's tongue/to attempt to (find an opportunity to) speak/择 [ze2] /to select/to choose/to pick/泽 [ze2] /beneficence/marsh/迮 [ze2] /haste/to press/舴 [ze2] /small boat/帻 [ze2] /conical cap/赜 [ze2] /mysterious/责备 [ze2 bei4] /blame/be critical of (someone)/责成 [ze2 cheng2] /give somebody a task/责怪 [ze2 guai4] /(v) blame/责骂 [ze2 ma4] /scold/责难 [ze2 nan4] /censure/责任 [ze2 ren4] /responsibility/blame/duty/责任制 [ze2 ren4 zhi4] /(n) sense of duty; sense of responsibility/啧啧 [ze2 ze2] /to click one's tongue/仄 [ze4] /oblique tone/昃 [ze4] /afternoon/decline/贼 [zei2] /thief/怎 [zen3] /how/怎么 [zen3 me5] /(interrogative pronoun)/how (can it be that)/怎么办 [zen3 me5 ban4] /what's to be done/怎么样 [zen3 me5 yang4] /how about/(used in the negative)(not) so good/怎么着 [zen3 me5 zhe5] /(pron) what/(idiom) ?whatever?, used to replace some verbs in a sentence to form a more general sentence/怎样 [zen3 yang4] /how/why/谮 [zen4] /slander/曾 [zeng1] /(surname)/great-grand (father)/增 [zeng1] /to increase/to expand/to add/憎 [zeng1] /detest/缯 [zeng1] /(surname)/silk fabrics/罾 [zeng1] /large square net/增产 [zeng1 chan3] /increase production/增订 [zeng1 ding4] /revise and enlarge/增订本 [zeng1 ding4 ben3] /revised and enlarged edition/增多 [zeng1 duo1] /to increase/to grow in number/憎恶 [zeng1 e4] /loathe/增高 [zeng1 gao1] /heighten/raise up/憎恨 [zeng1 hen4] /detest/hatred/增加 [zeng1 jia1] /to raise/to increase/增进 [zeng1 jin4] /promote/enhance/增强 [zeng1 qiang2] /to increase/to strengthen/增设 [zeng1 she4] /(v) add something new/曾孙 [zeng1 sun1] /great grandson/曾孙女 [zeng1 sun1 nu:3] /great grandson/增添 [zeng1 tian1] /add to/increase/增援 [zeng1 yuan2] /reinforce/增长 [zeng1 zhang3] /grow/increase/增长率 [zeng1 zhang3 lu:4] /growth rate/增值 [zeng1 zhi2] /appreciation (of a car, house, etc.)/increase in value/曾祖父 [zeng1 zu3 fu4] /father's father's father; paternal great grandfather/曾祖母 [zeng1 zu3 mu3] /father's father's mother; paternal great grandmother/缯 [zeng4] /to tie/to bind/赠 [zeng4] /give present/甑 [zeng4] /caldron/rice pot/赠送 [zeng4 song4] /give as a present/present as a gift/赠与者 [zeng4 yu2 zhe1] /giver/扎 [zha1] /to prick/to run or stick (a needle, etc.) into/查 [zha1] /(surname)/渣 [zha1] /dregs/楂 [zha1] /Chinese quince/hawthorn/扎实 [zha1 shi5] /(adj) firm, strong/(adj) practical; solid/sturdy/扎伊尔 [zha1 yi1 er3] /Zaire/扎针 [zha1 zhen1] /to give or have an acupuncture treatment/扎 [zha2] /penetrating (as of cold)/struggle/札 [zha2] /short note/炸 [zha2] /fry/闸 [zha2] /gear/watergate/札 [zha2] /write down/铡 [zha2] /lever-knife/炸糕 [zha2 gao1] /fried cake/眨 [zha3] /wink/砟 [zha3] /fragments/眨眼 [zha3 yan3] /wink/twinkle/very short time/眨眼睛 [zha3 yan3 jing1] /wink/乍 [zha4] /for the first time/suddenly/吒 [zha4] /upbraid/咋 [zha4] /loud noise/shout/suddenly/栅 [zha4] /fence/炸 [zha4] /explode/蚱 [zha4] /grasshopper/诈 [zha4] /crafty/dishonest/榨 [zha4] /salted vegetable/to extract/痄 [zha4] /mumps/炸弹 [zha4 dan4] /bomb/栅栏 [zha4 lan2] /fence/蚱蜢 [zha4 meng3] /grasshopper/诈骗 [zha4 pian4] /(v) cheat; bilk/炸药 [zha4 yao4] /explosive (substance)/侧 [zhai1] /lean on one side/摘 [zhai1] /to borrow/to pick (flowers/fruit)/to pluck/to take/to select/斋 [zhai1] /a fast/studio/摘抄 [zhai1 chao2] /to extract/to excerpt/摘除 [zhai1 chu2] /to excise/摘记 [zhai1 ji4] /to take notes/to excerpt/摘借 [zhai1 jie4] /to borrow money/摘录 [zhai1 lu4] /to extract/to excerpt/摘要 [zhai1 yao4] /summary/abstract/摘引 [zhai1 yin3] /quote/摘由 [zhai1 you2] /high points (of a document)/resume/斋月 [zhai1 yue4] /Ramadan (Muslim month of fasting)/宅 [zhai2] /residence/翟 [zhai2] /(surname)/择 [zhai2] /pick over/窄 [zhai3] /narrow/祭 [zhai4] /(surname)/债 [zhai4] /debt/寨 [zhai4] /stronghold/stockade/砦 [zhai4] /stronghold/stockade/瘵 [zhai4] /foci of tubercular infection/债权人 [zhai4 quan2 ren2] /creditor/债务 [zhai4 wu4] /debt/债务人 [zhai4 wu4 ren2] /debtor/占 [zhan1] /to divine/占 [zhan1] /to observe/to divine/沾 [zhan1] /infected by/moisten/receive favors/詹 [zhan1] /(surname)/excellent/verbose/沾 [zhan1] /moisten/毡 [zhan1] /felt/瞻 [zhan1] /gaze/view/谵 [zhan1] /incoherent talk/talkative/旃 [zhan1] /felt/silken banner/粘 [zhan1] /to stick/paste/觇 [zhan1] /keep at/to spy/占卜 [zhan1 bu3] /to divine/沾光 [zhan1 guang1] /(v) bask in the light of sb or sth; take advantage of reflected glory/瞻仰 [zhan1 yang3] /(v) revere; admire/展 [zhan3] /to use/to spread out/to postpone/to unfold/斩 [zhan3] /behead/chop/盏 [zhan3] /M for lamp/崭 [zhan3] /precipitous peak/辗 [zhan3] /roll over on side/turn half over/搌 [zhan3] /bind/wipe/斩草除根 [zhan3 cao3 chu2 gen1] /(saying) to pull up by the roots; completely eliminate/展出 [zhan3 chu1] /to put on display/to be on show/to exhibit/斩钉截铁 [zhan3 ding1 jie2 tie3] /(saying) definitely; without any doubt/展开 [zhan3 kai1] /to unfold/to carry out/to be in full swing/to launch/展览 [zhan3 lan3] /to put on display/to exhibit/exhibition/show/展览会 [zhan3 lan3 hui4] /exhibition/show/展示 [zhan3 shi4] /to open up/to reveal/斩首 [zhan3 shou3] /behead/展望 [zhan3 wang4] /outlook/展现 [zhan3 xian4] /(v) come out; emerge/展销 [zhan3 xiao1] /(v) display and sell/崭新 [zhan3 xin1] /brand new/占 [zhan4] /to occupy/to constitute/to make up/to account/站 [zhan4] /station/to stand/to halt/to stop/栈 [zhan4] /warehouse/湛 [zhan4] /deep/clear (water)/绽 [zhan4] /ripped seam/战 [zhan4] /to fight/fight/war/battle/颤 [zhan4] /to tremble/to shiver/to shake/to vibrate/蘸 [zhan4] /to dip in (ink, sauce, etc.)/战场 [zhan4 chang3] /battlefield/战车 [zhan4 che1] /war chariot/颤动 [zhan4 dong4] /to tremble/战斗 [zhan4 dou4] /to fight/to battle/战斗机 [zhan4 dou4 ji1] /fighter (aircraft)/战斗者 [zhan4 dou4 zhe3] /fighter/站岗 [zhan4 gang3] /(v) stand guard; set up a sentry/站管理 [zhan4 guan3 li3] /station management/战机 [zhan4 ji1] /see 战斗机/占据 [zhan4 ju4] /to occupy/to hold/战力 [zhan4 li4] /military strength/military power/military capability/颤栗 [zhan4 li4] /to tremble/to shiver/占领 [zhan4 ling3] /to occupy (a territory)/to hold/占领者 [zhan4 ling3 zhe3] /occupant/战略 [zhan4 lu:e4] /strategy/战略夥伴 [zhan4 lu:e4 huo3 ban4] /strategic partner/占便宜 [zhan4 pian2 yi5] /advantageous/favorable/战区 [zhan4 qu1] /war zone/(military) theater of operations/战胜 [zhan4 sheng4] /prevail/surmount/战士 [zhan4 shi4] /fighter/soldier/warrior/战事 [zhan4 shi4] /fighting/战术 [zhan4 shu4] /tactics/站台 [zhan4 tai2] /railway platform/占先 [zhan4 xian1] /to take precedence/占线 [zhan4 xian4] /busy (telephone)/战线 [zhan4 xian4] /battle line/battlefront/front/占星家 [zhan4 xing1 jia1] /astrologer/占星术 [zhan4 xing1 shu4] /astrology/战役 [zhan4 yi4] /(n) military campaign/占有 [zhan4 you3] /to have/to own/to hold/to possess/战友 [zhan4 you3] /comrade-in-arms/battle companion/战争 [zhan4 zheng1] /war/conflict/站住 [zhan4 zhu4] /stand/张 [zhang1] /(a measure word)/(a surname)/open up/章 [zhang1] /(surname)/chapter/seal/section/彰 [zhang1] /manifest/漳 [zhang1] /name of a river/獐 [zhang1] /river deer/roebuck/樟 [zhang1] /camphor/Cinnamonum camphara/璋 [zhang1] /ancient stone ornament/蟑 [zhang1] /cockroach/嫜 [zhang1] /husband's parent/lady in the moon/鄣 [zhang1] /place name/章程 [zhang1 cheng2] /(n) written rules, regulations/张纯如 [zhang1 chun2 ru2] /(American author) Iris Chang/张灯结彩 [zhang1 deng1 jie2 cai3] /be decorated with lanterns and colored banners/章节 [zhang1 jie2] /chapter/section/张开 [zhang1 kai1] /stretch/蟑螂 [zhang1 lang2] /cockroach/张望 [zhang1 wang4] /peep/look around/章孝严 [zhang1 xiao4 yan2] /John Chang (Taiwan Foreign Minister)/张扬 [zhang1 yang2] /publicize/make known/长 [zhang3] /chief/head/elder/to grow/to develop/掌 [zhang3] /in charge of/palm of hand/涨 [zhang3] /to rise (of prices/rivers)/仉 [zhang3] /mother/surname of Mencius/涨潮 [zhang3 chao2] /high tide/rising tide/长官 [zhang3 guan1] /senior official/掌管 [zhang3 guan3] /control/be in charge of/掌柜 [zhang3 gui4] /shopkeeper/掌击 [zhang3 ji2] /slap/长老 [zhang3 lao3] /elder/掌权 [zhang3 quan2] /wield (political, etc.) power/be in power/掌声 [zhang3 sheng1] /applause/掌握 [zhang3 wo4] /grasp/长兄 [zhang3 xiong1] /older brother/长姊 [zhang3 zi3] /older sister/长子的名份 [zhang3 zi3 de5 ming2 fen4] /birthright/丈 [zhang4] /ten feet/仗 [zhang4] /battle/帐 [zhang4] /account/mosquito net/tent/curtain/debt/credit/胀 [zhang4] /dropsical/swollen/to swell/to be bloated/幛 [zhang4] /hanging scroll/涨 [zhang4] /to swell/distend/障 [zhang4] /to block/to hinder/to obstruct/账 [zhang4] /account/瘴 [zhang4] /malaria/miasma/嶂 [zhang4] /cliff/range of peaks/障碍 [zhang4 ai4] /barrier/obstruction/hindrance/impediment/obstacle/胀大 [zhang4 da4] /swollen/帐单 [zhang4 dan1] /bill/check/账单 [zhang4 dan1] /bill/丈夫 [zhang4 fu5] /husband/帐号 [zhang4 hao4] /account number/帐户 [zhang4 hu4] /(bank, computer, etc.) account/涨价 [zhang4 jia4] /appreciate/increase in price/帐帘 [zhang4 lian2] /drapery/涨满 [zhang4 man3] /swell/帐蓬 [zhang4 peng5] /tent/帐篷 [zhang4 peng5] /tent/wigwam/胀起 [zhang4 qi3] /bulge/仗义执言 [zhang4 yi4 zhi2 yan2] /speak out on a matter of principle or justice/招 [zhao1] /provoke/to recruit/昭 [zhao1] /illustrious/manifest/钊 [zhao1] /encourage/to cut/to strain/朝 [zhao1] /morning/着 [zhao1] /catch/receive/suffer/嘲 [zhao1] /to ridicule/招待 [zhao1 dai4] /to receive (guests)/to entertain/reception/招待会 [zhao1 dai4 hui4] /(press) conference/reception/招待所 [zhao1 dai4 suo3] /(n) guest house; small hotel/招待员 [zhao1 dai4 yuan2] /usher/greeter/招呼 [zhao1 hu5] /(v) call out to sb/(v) greet sb/(v) inform sb; instruct sb to do sth/(v) take care of sb/招募 [zhao1 mu4] /to recruit/to enlist/招聘 [zhao1 pin4] /take job applications/advertise job offers/to be hiring/朝气 [zhao1 qi4] /(n) vitality; dynamism/朝气蓬勃 [zhao1 qi4 peng2 bo2] /(saying) full of energy; spirited/招生 [zhao1 sheng1] /(v) enroll new students/招收 [zhao1 shou1] /hire/recruit/招手 [zhao1 shou3] /to wave/beckon/招致 [zhao1 zhi4] /incur/lead to/着 [zhao2] /(resultat. compl.)/ignited/to touch/着 [zhao2] /(having the meaning of "attaining or reaching")/着急 [zhao2 ji2] /worry/feel anxious/着凉 [zhao2 liang2] /catch cold/着迷 [zhao2 mi2] /fascinated/着实 [zhao2 shi2] /truly/找 [zhao3] /to try to find/to look for/to call on (sb)/to find/to seek/to return/to look for/沼 [zhao3] /pond/pool/找不到 [zhao3 bu4 dao4] /couldn't find/找到 [zhao3 dao4] /find (what one was searching for)/succeeded in finding/找钱 [zhao3 qian2] /to give change/沼泽 [zhao3 ze2] /glade/marsh/swamp/召 [zhao4] /to call together/to summon/to convene/兆 [zhao4] /omen/trillion/诏 [zhao4] /imperial order/照 [zhao4] /according to/in accordance with/to shine/to illuminate/to reflect/photograph/罩 [zhao4] /cover/fish trap (basket)/shade/肇 [zhao4] /at first/devise/originate/赵 [zhao4] /(surname)/笊 [zhao4] /loosely woven bamboo ladle/照搬 [zhao4 ban1] /to copy/to imitate/照常 [zhao4 chang2] /(business, etc) as usual/照顾 [zhao4 gu5] /take (good) care of/show some consideration/to attend to/to look after/召唤 [zhao4 huan4] /beckon/call/召回 [zhao4 hui2] /recall/照会 [zhao4 hui4] /(n) letters of understanding or concern exchanged between govermnts/召集 [zhao4 ji2] /convene/gather/照旧 [zhao4 jiu4] /(adj) as before; as in the past/召开 [zhao4 kai1] /convene (a conference or meeting)/to convoke/to call together/召开会议 [zhao4 kai1 hui4 yi4] /to call a conference/to convene a meeting/照例 [zhao4 li4] /as a rule/as usual/usually/照亮 [zhao4 liang4] /lighten/照料 [zhao4 liao4] /tend/照明 [zhao4 ming2] /(n) the illumination supplied by lights; lighting/照片 [zhao4 pian4] /photograph/picture/罩衫 [zhao4 shan1] /smock/照射 [zhao4 she4] /shine/irradiate/照相 [zhao4 xiang4] /take a photograph/照相机 [zhao4 xiang4 ji1] /camera/照样 [zhao4 yang4] /as before/(same) as usual/照耀 [zhao4 yao4] /shine/illuminate/照应 [zhao4 ying5] /(v) take care of/赵紫阳 [zhao4 zi3 yang2] /Zhao Ziyang (former Chinese leadership figure)/蜇 [zhe1] /to sting/遮 [zhe1] /cover up (a shortcoming)/screen off/to hide/to conceal/螫 [zhe1] /to sting/遮掩 [zhe1 yan3] /to cover/折 [zhe2] /tenth (in price)/to break/to fold/to turn/哲 [zhe2] /philosophy/wise/蜇 [zhe2] /jellyfish/摺 [zhe2] /folded document/to fold/谪 [zhe2] /disgrace (an official)/find fault/辙 [zhe2] /rut/track/磔 [zhe2] /tearing off limbs as punishment/蛰 [zhe2] /hibernate/折笔 [zhe2 bi3] /against the bristles (brush movement in painting)/折断 [zhe2 duan4] /snap/折合 [zhe2 he2] /convert into/amount to/折扣 [zhe2 kou4] /discount/折磨 [zhe2 mo5] /persecute/torment/折射 [zhe2 she4] /refraction/折射率 [zhe2 she4 lu:4] /index of refraction/折腾 [zhe2 teng5] /(v) turn from side to side/(v) cause sb to fell depressed/(v) repeatedly do over/哲学 [zhe2 xue2] /philosophy/哲学家 [zhe2 xue2 jia1] /philosopher/哲学上 [zhe2 xue2 shang4] /philosophic/者 [zhe3] /-ist, -er (person)/person (who does sth)/赭 [zhe3] /ocher/锗 [zhe3] /germanium/浙 [zhe4] /Zhejiang/这 [zhe4] /this/these/蔗 [zhe4] /sugar cane/鹧 [zhe4] /partridge/Francolinus chinensis/柘 [zhe4] /Cudrania triloba/这边 [zhe4 bian1] /this side/here/这次 [zhe4 ci4] /present/now/current/这次危机 [zhe4 ci4 wei1 ji1] /present crisis/current crisis/这个 [zhe4 ge4] /this/鹧鸪 [zhe4 gu1] /partridge/这会儿 [zhe4 hui4 er5] /(tw) now/浙江 [zhe4 jiang1] /Zhejiang province, China/浙江省 [zhe4 jiang1 sheng3] /(N) Zhejiang, an east central China province/这类 [zhe4 lei4] /this kind (of)/这里 [zhe4 li3] /here/这么 [zhe4 me5] /so (much)/like this/这么着 [zhe4 me5 zhe5] /(v) this way; in this manner/这天 [zhe4 tian1] /today/this day/这位 [zhe4 wei4] /this (person)/这项 [zhe4 xiang4] /this (thing)/这些 [zhe4 xie5] /these/这样 [zhe4 yang4] /this (kind of, sort of)/this way/such/like this/such/这样一来 [zhe4 yang4 yi1 lai2] /if this happens then/这种 [zhe4 zhong3] /this kind of/this sort of/this type of/这种方式 [zhe4 zhong3 fang1 shi4] /(in) this way/着 [zhe5] /part. indicates accompanying action/着 [zhe5] /-ing (indicates an action in progress)/这 [zhei4] /this/these/这个月 [zhei4 ge4 yue4] /this (current) month/珍 [zhen1] /precious thing/treasure/贞 [zhen1] /chaste/真 [zhen1] /real/true/genuine/砧 [zhen1] /anvil/针 [zhen1] /injection/needle/pin/侦 [zhen1] /to scout/to spy/斟 [zhen1] /pour/to deliberate/桢 [zhen1] /evergreen shrub/榛 [zhen1] /hazel tree/Corylus heterophylla/甄 [zhen1] /(surname)/to mold/祯 [zhen1] /auspicious/lucky/箴 [zhen1] /warn/臻 [zhen1] /to reach/utmost/胗 [zhen1] /gizzard/溱 [zhen1] /name of a river/针 [zhen1] /needle/珍爱 [zhen1 ai4] /cherish/珍藏 [zhen1 cang2] /collection/collect (valuables)/侦查 [zhen1 cha2] /detect/investigate/侦察 [zhen1 cha2] /(v) investigate a crime/detect/scout/真诚 [zhen1 cheng2] /(adj) sincere/针对 [zhen1 dui4] /in connection with/directed towards/to direct at/to aim at/to point against/针对性 [zhen1 dui4 xing4] /direction/针法 [zhen1 fa3] /stitch/针锋相对 [zhen1 feng1 xiang1 dui4] /tit for tat/珍贵 [zhen1 gui4] /precious/贞洁 [zhen1 jie2] /chastity/针灸 [zhen1 jiu3] /acupuncture and moxibustion/to give or have acupuncture and moxibustion/真空 [zhen1 kong1] /vacuum/真理 [zhen1 li3] /truth/真纳 [zhen1 na4] /(Mohammad Ali) Jinnah (founder of Pakistan)/真情 [zhen1 qing2] /real situation/the truth/真实 [zhen1 shi2] /true/real/真是 [zhen1 shi4] /(idiom) ?it is truly...?/真是的 [zhen1 shi4 de5] /(idiom) ?it truly is? (expressing dissatisfaction)/侦探 [zhen1 tan4] /detective/珍惜 [zhen1 xi1] /treasure/value/cherish/真相 [zhen1 xiang4] /(n) the truth about sth; the actual facts/真心 [zhen1 xin1] /(adj) sincere; heartfelt/箴言 [zhen1 yan2] /Proverbs/真正 [zhen1 zheng4] /real/true/genuine/真挚 [zhen1 zhi4] /sincere/sincerity/珍珠 [zhen1 zhu1] /pearl/枕 [zhen3] /pillow/疹 [zhen3] /measles/rash/诊 [zhen3] /examine or treat medically/缜 [zhen3] /fine and close/畛 [zhen3] /border/boundary/field-path/轸 [zhen3] /d (11th)/strongly (as of emotion)/稹 [zhen3] /accumulate/fine and close/诊断 [zhen3 duan4] /diagnosis/诊断功能 [zhen3 duan4 gong1 neng2] /diagnostic function/诊所 [zhen3 suo3] /clinic/枕头 [zhen3 tou5] /pillow/疹子 [zhen3 zi5] /rash/振 [zhen4] /rouse/朕 [zhen4] /I/we (imperial use)/subtle/阵 [zhen4] /disposition of troops/short period/wave/spate/burst/spell/赈 [zhen4] /to relieve (the distressed)/震 [zhen4] /shake/shock/sign in trigram/鸩 [zhen4] /poisonous/to poison/镇 [zhen4] /composed/small town/to suppress/to press down/to post/震荡 [zhen4 dang4] /(v) vibrate; shake; shudder/阵地 [zhen4 di4] /position/front/镇定 [zhen4 ding4] /(adj) calm; unperturbed; cool/振动 [zhen4 dong4] /vibration/震动 [zhen4 dong4] /shake/shock/振奋 [zhen4 fen4] /(v) stir oneself up; raise one's spirits; inspire/阵风 [zhen4 feng1] /gust/镇江 [zhen4 jiang1] /Zhenjiang (city), in Jiangsu province/震惊 [zhen4 jing1] /to shock/to astonish/镇静 [zhen4 jing4] /calm/cool/镇区 [zhen4 qu1] /township/阵容 [zhen4 rong2] /(n) troop arrangement/镇痛 [zhen4 tong4] /analgesic/pain killer/阵线 [zhen4 xian4] /a front (i.e. militant group)/振兴 [zhen4 xing1] /promote/cause to develop/镇压 [zhen4 ya1] /suppression/repression/to suppress/to put down/to quell/阵营 [zhen4 ying2] /group of people/camp/faction/正 [zheng1] /Chinese 1st month of year/征 [zheng1] /attack/levy (troops or taxes)/journey/trip/expedition/怔 [zheng1] /be startled/争 [zheng1] /struggle/fight/症 [zheng1] /obstruction of bowels/峥 [zheng1] /excel/lofty/挣 [zheng1] /struggle/狰 [zheng1] /hideous/fierce-looking/睁 [zheng1] /to open (eye)/筝 [zheng1] /(mus. instr.)/蒸 [zheng1] /to steam/徵 [zheng1] /levy (troops or taxes)/铮 [zheng1] /clang of metals/small gong/钲 [zheng1] /gong used to halt troops/争吵 [zheng1 chao3] /dispute/strife/争端 [zheng1 duan1] /dispute/controversy/conflict/争夺 [zheng1 duo2] /fight over/contest/vie over/蒸发 [zheng1 fa1] /evaporate/evaporation/征服 [zheng1 fu2] /conquer/subdue/vanquish/征服者 [zheng1 fu2 zhe3] /conqueror/蒸馏 [zheng1 liu4] /distill/争论 [zheng1 lun4] /to argue/to debate/to contend/argument/contention/controversy/debate/争论点 [zheng1 lun4 dian3] /contention/狰狞 [zheng1 ning2] /mean and ferocious/争气 [zheng1 qi4] /(v) work hard for sth/蒸汽 [zheng1 qi4] /steam/蒸汽机 [zheng1 qi4 ji1] /steamer/征求 [zheng1 qiu2] /solicit/seek/ask for/争取 [zheng1 qu3] /fight for/compete for (a prize)/to struggle/征收 [zheng1 shou1] /levy (fine)/impose (tariff)/徵收 [zheng1 shou1] /levy/争先恐后 [zheng1 xian1 kong3 hou4] /(saying)to compete with each other over sth/争议 [zheng1 yi4] /controversy/dispute/正月 [zheng1 yue4] /(n) first month of the lunar new year/挣扎 [zheng1 zha2] /struggle/征战 [zheng1 zhan4] /campaign/expedition/徵召 [zheng1 zhao4] /enlist/draft/徵兆 [zheng1 zhao4] /omen/蒸蒸日上 [zheng1 zheng1 ri4 shang4] /becoming more prosperous with each passing day/争执 [zheng1 zhi2] /dispute/disagree/郑州 [zheng1 zhou1] /Zhengzhou/拯 [zheng3] /to raise/to aid/to support/to save/to rescue/整 [zheng3] /exactly/in good order/whole/complete/entire/in order/orderly/整顿 [zheng3 dun4] /rectify/consolidate/reorganize/整风 [zheng3 feng1] /(pol.) rectifying incorrect work styles/整个 [zheng3 ge4] /whole/entire/total/整合 [zheng3 he2] /to conform/to integrate/整洁 [zheng3 jie2] /neatly/tidy/拯救 [zheng3 jiu4] /to save/to rescue/整理 [zheng3 li3] /arrange/sort out/list systematically/整齐 [zheng3 qi2] /tidy/neat/整数 [zheng3 shu4] /(n) integer; whole number/整体 [zheng3 ti3] /overall/as a whole/whole (thing, situation)/entirety/integrated/整体服务数位网路 [zheng3 ti3 fu2 wu4 shu4 wei4 wang3 lu4] /Integrated Services Digital Network/ISDN/整体数位服务网路 [zheng3 ti3 shu4 wei4 fu2 wu4 wang3 lu4] /Integrated Service Digital Network/ISDN/整天 [zheng3 tian1] /all day long/all/整整 [zheng3 zheng3] /whole/full/正 [zheng4] /just (right)/main/upright/straight/correct/principle/症 [zheng4] /disease/illness/挣 [zheng4] /to earn/to make (money)/帧 [zheng4] /frame/one of a pair (scrolls)/picture/郑 [zheng4] /(surname)/证 [zheng4] /certificate/proof/证 [zheng4] /to prove/to demonstrate/to confirm/certificate/proof/正比 [zheng4 bi3] /(n) in direct proportion; directly related/政变 [zheng4 bian4] /coup d'etat/政策 [zheng4 ce4] /policy/正常 [zheng4 chang2] /regular/normal/ordinary/正常工作 [zheng4 chang2 gong1 zuo4] /normal operation/proper functioning/正常化 [zheng4 chang2 hua4] /normalization (of diplomatic relations, etc)/证词 [zheng4 ci2] /testimony/正当 [zheng4 dang1] /timely/well-timed/just when (needed)/政党 [zheng4 dang3] /political party/正方形 [zheng4 fang1 xing2] /square/正锋 [zheng4 feng1] /frontal attack (brush movement in painting)/政府 [zheng4 fu3] /government/政府部门 [zheng4 fu3 bu4 men2] /government branch/政府机构 [zheng4 fu3 ji1 gou4] /government organization/政府机关开放系统互连总则 [zheng4 fu3 ji1 guan1 kai1 fang4 xi4 tong3 hu4 lian2 zong3 ze2] /Government Open system Interconnection Profile/GOSIP/政府警告 [zheng4 fu3 jing3 gao4] /government warning/帧格式 [zheng4 ge2 shi4] /frame format/正规 [zheng4 gui1] /(adj) regular; according to standards/正好 [zheng4 hao3] /just (in time)/just right/just enough/to happen to/to chance to/by chance/it just so happens that/政绩 [zheng4 ji1] /(political) achievements/track record/帧检验序列 [zheng4 jian3 yan4 xu4 lie4] /frame check sequence/FCS/政见 [zheng4 jian4] /political views/证件 [zheng4 jian4] /paperwork/credentials/政界 [zheng4 jie4] /political and government circles/正经 [zheng4 jing5] /(adj) decent; proper/(adj) serious/(adj) according to standards/政局 [zheng4 ju2] /political situation/证据 [zheng4 ju4] /proof/证据 [zheng4 ju4] /evidence/proof/testimony/正门 [zheng4 men2] /portal/正面 [zheng4 mian4] /front/positive/direct/open/证明 [zheng4 ming2] /prove/证明 [zheng4 ming2] /proof/testimony/prove/confirm the truth of/证明书 [zheng4 ming2 shu1] /certificate/正气 [zheng4 qi4] /(n) healthy environment; healthy atmosphere/正巧 [zheng4 qiao3] /(adv) just by chance; happen to/政权 [zheng4 quan2] /regime/(wield) political power/证券 [zheng4 quan4] /(financial) securities/negotiable securities/正确 [zheng4 que4] /correct/proper/证人 [zheng4 ren5] /witness/正如 [zheng4 ru2] /be just like/证实 [zheng4 shi2] /confirm (something to be true)/to verify/证实礼 [zheng4 shi2 li3] /confirmation/正式 [zheng4 shi4] /formal/official/帧首定界符 [zheng4 shou3 ding4 jie4 fu4] /start of frame delimiter/证书 [zheng4 shu1] /credentials/certificate/帧太长 [zheng4 tai4 chang2] /oversize frame/giant/正统 [zheng4 tong3] /orthodox/政委 [zheng4 wei3] /political commissar (within the army)/正午 [zheng4 wu3] /midday/noon/noonday/政务 [zheng4 wu4] /government affairs/证物 [zheng4 wu4] /exhibit (legal)/政协 [zheng4 xie2] /CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Committee)/证验 [zheng4 yan4] /real results/to verify/正义 [zheng4 yi4] /justice/righteous/righteousness/正在 [zheng4 zai4] /in the process of (doing something or happening)/while (doing)/正在中国访问 [zheng4 zai4 zhong1 guo2 fang3 wen4] /during a trip to China/证章 [zheng4 zhang1] /badge/正直 [zheng4 zhi2] /upright/upstanding/honest/正值 [zheng4 zhi2] /honest/upright/政治 [zheng4 zhi4] /politics/political/政治犯 [zheng4 zhi4 fan4] /political prisoner/政治关系 [zheng4 zhi4 guan1 xi4] /political relations/政治机构 [zheng4 zhi4 ji1 gou4] /political organization/政治家 [zheng4 zhi4 jia1] /statesman/politician/政治局 [zheng4 zhi4 ju2] /politburo/政治气候 [zheng4 zhi4 qi4 hou4] /political climate/政治性 [zheng4 zhi4 xing4] /political/政治学 [zheng4 zhi4 xue2] /politics/political science/郑重 [zheng4 zhong4] /serious/症状 [zheng4 zhuang4] /symptom (of an illness)/这儿 [zher4] /here/之 [zhi1] /(literary equivalent of 的)/(subor. part.)/him/her/it/支 [zhi1] /(a measure word)/to support/to sustain/to erect/to raise/branch/division/to draw money/卮 [zhi1] /goblet/只 [zhi1] /(a measure word, for birds and some animals, etc.)/single/only/汁 [zhi1] /juice/枝 [zhi1] /branch/(a measure word)/知 [zhi1] /to know/to be aware/肢 [zhi1] /limb/芝 [zhi1] /Zoysia pungens/胝 [zhi1] /callous/祗 [zhi1] /respectful (ly)/脂 [zhi1] /fat/只 [zhi1] /M for one of a pair/栀 [zhi1] /gardenia/蜘 [zhi1] /spider/织 [zhi1] /weave/支部 [zhi1 bu4] /(n) /(n) branch of a political party/织布机 [zhi1 bu4 ji1] /loom/支撑 [zhi1 cheng5] /prop up/support/支持 [zhi1 chi2] /to be in favor of/to support/to back/support/backing/to stand by/支持率 [zhi1 chi2 lu:4] /support level/popularity rating/支持者 [zhi1 chi2 zhe3] /supporter/支出 [zhi1 chu1] /(v) spend; pay out/(n) expense/知道 [zhi1 dao5] /know/be aware of/支店 [zhi1 dian4] /branch store/只读 [zhi1 du2] /read only/脂肪 [zhi1 fang2] /(n) body fat/支付 [zhi1 fu4] /pay (money)/知更鸟 [zhi1 geng4 niao3] /redbreast/robin/指关节 [zhi1 guan1 jie2] /knuckle/之后 [zhi1 hou4] /after(wards)/following/later/after/芝加哥 [zhi1 jia1 ge1] /Chicago/芝加哥大学 [zhi1 jia1 ge1 da4 xue2] /University of Chicago/指甲 [zhi1 jia5] /fingernail/之间 [zhi1 jian1] /between/among/inter-/知觉 [zhi1 jue2] /perception/芝兰 [zhi1 lan2] /irises and orchids/之类 [zhi1 lei4] /and so on/and such/芝麻 [zhi1 ma5] /sesame (seed)/知名 [zhi1 ming2] /well known/famous/知名人士 [zhi1 ming2 ren2 shi4] /public figure/celebrity/之内 [zhi1 nei4] /inside/支配 [zhi1 pei4] /dominate/allocate/支票 [zhi1 piao4] /(bank) check/check/之前 [zhi1 qian2] /before/prior to/ago/之上 [zhi1 shang4] /above/知识份子 [zhi1 shi2 fen4 zi3] /intellectual/learned person/知识工程师 [zhi1 shi4 gong1 cheng2 shi1] /knowledge worker/知识库 [zhi1 shi4 ku4] /knowledge base/知识 [zhi1 shi5] /intellectual/knowledge-related/knowledge/知识产权 [zhi1 shi5 chan3 quan2] /intellectual property rights/知识分子 [zhi1 shi5 fen4 zi3] /intellectual/intelligentsia/之外 [zhi1 wai4] /outside/excluding/知悉 [zhi1 xi1] /to know/之下 [zhi1 xia4] /under/beneath/less than/汁液 [zhi1 ye4] /juice/之一 [zhi1 yi1] /one of (sth)/one out of a multitude/one (third, quarter, percent, etc.)/支援 [zhi1 yuan2] /provide assistance or backing/to support/to back/之中 [zhi1 zhong1] /inside/蜘蛛 [zhi1 zhu1] /spider/蜘蛛网 [zhi1 zhu1 wang3] /cobweb/spider web/支柱 [zhi1 zhu4] /mainstay/支柱产业 [zhi1 zhu4 chan3 ye4] /mainstay industry/直 [zhi2] /straight/vertical/frank/directly/straightly/upright/侄 [zhi2] /nephew (of the same surname)/值 [zhi2] /value/(to be) worth/to happen/执 [zhi2] /execute (a plan)/grasp/植 [zhi2] /to plant/殖 [zhi2] /grow/reproduce/摭 [zhi2] /pick up/to select/职 [zhi2] /office/duty/踯 [zhi2] /hesitating/to stop/跖 [zhi2] /sole of foot/絷 [zhi2] /connect/tie up/蛰 [zhi2] /hibernate/值班 [zhi2 ban1] /(v) be on duty/直播 [zhi2 bo1] /(n) live broadcast/(v) broadcast live, not recorded/职称 [zhi2 cheng1] /(n) title; name (in reference to technical positions)/直达 [zhi2 da2] /through/nonstop/直到 [zhi2 dao4] /until/值得 [zhi2 de5] /to be worth/to deserve/值得注意的是 [zhi2 de5 zhu4 yi4 de5 shi4] /it's worth noting that.../质地 [zhi2 di4] /texture/执法 [zhi2 fa3] /law enforcement/职工 [zhi2 gong1] /workers/staff/直接 [zhi2 jie1] /direct (opposite of indirect)/immediate/直接竞争 [zhi2 jie1 jing4 zheng1] /direct competitor/direct competition/直接数据 [zhi2 jie1 shu4 ju4] /data-direct (in LAN emulation)/直接影响 [zhi2 jie1 ying3 xiang3] /direct influence/immediate impact/直截了当 [zhi2 jie2 liao3 dang4] /plain-talking/blunt/straightforward/直径 [zhi2 jing4] /diameter/直觉 [zhi2 jue2] /intuition/直立 [zhi2 li4] /erect/upright/殖民 [zhi2 min2] /colony/colonial/殖民地 [zhi2 min2 di4] /colony/殖民主义 [zhi2 min2 zhu3 yi4] /(n) colonialism/职能 [zhi2 neng2] /(n) function; role/侄女 [zhi2 nu:3] /niece/brother's daughter/侄女 [zhi2 nu:3] /brother's daughter; niece/侄女婿 [zhi2 nu:3 xu5] /brother's daughter's husband; niece's husband/执勤 [zhi2 qin2] /(v) be on duty/职权 [zhi2 quan2] /(n) authority; power over others/直升机 [zhi2 sheng1 ji1] /helicopter/执事 [zhi2 shi4] /deacon/侄孙 [zhi2 sun1] /grandnephew/侄孙女 [zhi2 sun1 nu:3] /grand niece/直通车 [zhi2 tong1 che1] /"through train" (refers to the idea of retaining previous legislature after transition to Chinese rule in Hong Kong or Macao)/指头 [zhi2 tou5] /finger/职位 [zhi2 wei4] /post/office/position/植物 [zhi2 wu4] /botanical/plant/vegetation/职务 [zhi2 wu4] /a post/a position/植物群 [zhi2 wu4 qun2] /flora/植物学 [zhi2 wu4 xue2] /botany/侄媳妇 [zhi2 xi2 fu5] /brother's son's wife; nephew's wife/直辖市 [zhi2 xia2 shi4] /(n) directly governed city region (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Chongqing)/直线 [zhi2 xian4] /straight line/执行 [zhi2 xing2] /implement/carry out/to execute/to run/直言不讳 [zhi2 yan2 bu4 hui4] /speak frankly and bluntly/职业 [zhi2 ye4] /job occupation/profession/职业中学 [zhi2 ye4 zhong1 xue2] /vocational high school/职员 [zhi2 yuan2] /office worker/staff member/执掌 [zhi2 zhang3] /wield (power, etc.)/执照 [zhi2 zhao4] /license/执政 [zhi2 zheng4] /be in power/be in office/执政党 [zhi2 zheng4 dang3] /ruling party/the party in power/直至 [zhi2 zhi4] /(v) up until the time.../执着 [zhi2 zhuo2] /attachment/stubborn/be attached to/侄子 [zhi2 zi5] /(n) brother's son or daughter/侄子 [zhi2 zi5] /brother's son; nephew/止 [zhi3] /to stop/toe/只 [zhi3] /only/merely/just/but/旨 [zhi3] /imperial decree/purport/aim/purpose/址 [zhi3] /location/site/芷 [zhi3] /(plant root used for medicine)/咫 [zhi3] /8 in. length unit of Zhou dynasty/指 [zhi3] /finger/to point/to direct/to indicate/祉 [zhi3] /felicity/只 [zhi3] /but/only/纸 [zhi3] /paper/趾 [zhi3] /toe/徵 [zhi3] /note in Chinese musical scale/枳 [zhi3] /(orange)/hedge thorn/轵 [zhi3] /end of axle outside of hub/黹 [zhi3] /embroidery/酯 [zhi3] /ester/指标 [zhi3 biao1] /norm/index/target/只不过几年前 [zhi3 bu4 guo4 ji3 nian2 qian2] /only a few years ago/just a few years ago/指出 [zhi3 chu1] /to indicate/to point out/指导 [zhi3 dao3] /to guide/(give) directions/to direct/指导教授 [zhi3 dao3 jiao4 shou4] /adviser/advising professor/只得 [zhi3 de2] /have no alternative but to/be obliged to/指点 [zhi3 dian3] /give directions/指定 [zhi3 ding4] /appoint/designated/指法 [zhi3 fa3] /finger method (in painting)/只顾 [zhi3 gu4] /(adv) be focused on; be absorbed in/(adv) simply; just; merely/只管 [zhi3 guan3] /(adv) no need to think about; by all means/(adv) simply; just; merely/只好 [zhi3 hao3] /to have to/to be forced to/指挥 [zhi3 hui1] /to conduct/to command/to direct/指挥官 [zhi3 hui1 guan1] /commander/指挥者 [zhi3 hui1 zhe3] /conductor/director/指挥中心 [zhi3 hui1 zhong1 xin1] /command center/纸夹 [zhi3 jia1] /paperclip/趾尖 [zhi3 jian1] /tiptoe/指控 [zhi3 kong4] /accusation/a (criminal) charge/to accuse/指令 [zhi3 ling4] /order/command/instruction/指令名字 [zhi3 ling4 ming2 zi4] /command name/指明 [zhi3 ming2] /(v) clearly show; explain clearly/指南 [zhi3 nan2] /to guide/指南针 [zhi3 nan2 zhen1] /compass/只能 [zhi3 neng2] /not having any other choice; obliged to do sth/纸牌 [zhi3 pai2] /playing card/旨趣 [zhi3 qu4] /objective/只是 [zhi3 shi4] /merely/simply/only/but/指示 [zhi3 shi4] /point out/(give) directives or instructions/指示符 [zhi3 shi4 fu2] /indicator/指手画脚 [zhi3 shou3 hua4 jiao3] /(saying) to gesticulate while talking; wave ones hands about as criticism/指数 [zhi3 shu4] /(numerical, statistical) index/止痛 [zhi3 tong4] /to relieve pain/to stop pain/止痛法 [zhi3 tong4 fa3] /method of relieving pain/指望 [zhi3 wang4] /(v) hope for; count on/(n) hope/止血 [zhi3 xue4] /stanch (bleeding)/纸烟 [zhi3 yan1] /cigarette/只要 [zhi3 yao4] /if only/so long as/旨意 [zhi3 yi4] /decree/order/指引 [zhi3 yin3] /guide/show/只有 [zhi3 you3] /only/指责 [zhi3 ze2] /criticize/find fault with/纸张 [zhi3 zhang1] /(n) paper/指针 [zhi3 zhen1] /(n) pointer on a guage; clock hand/至 [zhi4] /arrive/most/to/until/志 [zhi4] /the will/制 [zhi4] /system/to make/to manufacture/to control/to regulate/治 [zhi4] /to rule/to govern/to manage/to control/to harness (a river)/cure/treatment/to heal/炙 [zhi4] /broil/峙 [zhi4] /peak/to store/致 [zhi4] /to send/to devote/to deliver/to cause/to convey/秩 [zhi4] /order/orderliness/痔 [zhi4] /piles/hemorrhoid/窒 [zhi4] /obstruct/stop up/智 [zhi4] /wisdom/knowledge/痣 [zhi4] /birthmark/mole/蛭 [zhi4] /fluke/leech/hirudinea/稚 [zhi4] /infantile/young/置 [zhi4] /to install/to place/to put/轾 [zhi4] /back and lower of chariot/short/low/雉 [zhi4] /ringed pheasant/滞 [zhi4] /sluggish/制 [zhi4] /manufacture/志 [zhi4] /sign/mark/to record/write a footnote/帜 [zhi4] /flag/挚 [zhi4] /(surname)/sincere/致 [zhi4] /fine and close/质 [zhi4] /hostage/substance/nature/quality/掷 [zhi4] /toss/识 [zhi4] /to record/write a footnote/踬 [zhi4] /stumble/忮 [zhi4] /aggressive/豸 [zhi4] /(mythical animal)/帙 [zhi4] /(surname)/book cover/郅 [zhi4] /(surname)/extremely/桎 [zhi4] /fetters/陟 [zhi4] /advance/ascend/彘 [zhi4] /swine/贽 [zhi4] /gifts to superiors/觯 [zhi4] /goblet/骘 [zhi4] /determine/promote/stallion/鸷 [zhi4] /birds of prey/治安 [zhi4 an1] /law and order/public security/质变 [zhi4 bian4] /(n) fundamental change/治病 [zhi4 bing4] /treat an illness/治病救人 [zhi4 bing4 jiu4 ren2] /cure the sickness to save the patient/criticize a person in order to help him/制裁 [zhi4 cai2] /(economic) sanctions/致词 [zhi4 ci2] /(v) make a small speech/make some remarks/致辞 [zhi4 ci2] /see 致词/致电 [zhi4 dian4] /(v) send a telegram/制定 [zhi4 ding4] /to draw up/to formulate/制订 [zhi4 ding4] /work out/formulate/制度 [zhi4 du4] /(political) system or institution/至多 [zhi4 duo1] /(adv) upper limit; at most/制服 [zhi4 fu4] /uniform/致富 [zhi4 fu4] /(v) become rich/至高 [zhi4 gao1] /paramount/supremacy/致函 [zhi4 han2] /send a letter/智慧 [zhi4 hui4] /wisdom/knowledge/智慧产权 [zhi4 hui4 chan3 quan2] /intellectual property/雉鸡 [zhi4 ji1] /pheasant/制剂 [zhi4 ji4] /(chemical or pharmaceutical) preparation/至今 [zhi4 jin1] /until now/致敬 [zhi4 jing4] /greet/治理 [zhi4 li3] /govern/administer/control/致力 [zhi4 li4] /work for/devote one's efforts to/智力 [zhi4 li4] /intelligence/intellect/智利 [zhi4 li4] /Chile/质量 [zhi4 liang4] /quality/治疗 [zhi4 liao2] /to treat/to cure/(medical) treatment/cure/智能 [zhi4 neng2] /intelligent/智能大楼 [zhi4 neng2 da4 lou2] /intelligent building/制片 [zhi4 pian4] /moviemaking/制片人 [zhi4 pian4 ren2] /moviemaking/制品 [zhi4 pin3] /products/goods/志气 [zhi4 qi4] /(n) resolve; drive/至上 [zhi4 shang4] /supreme/至少 [zhi4 shao3] /(to say the) least/(at the very) least/致使 [zhi4 shi3] /cause/result in/致死 [zhi4 si3] /deadly/制陶工人 [zhi4 tao2 gong1 ren2] /potter/志同道合 [zhi4 tong2 dao4 he2] /(v) have a common objective/质问 [zhi4 wen4] /(ask a) question/inquire/interrogate/窒息 [zhi4 xi1] /choke/stifle/suffocate/秩序 [zhi4 xu4] /order (orderly)/order (sequence)/质疑 [zhi4 yi2] /call into question/question (truth or validity)/至於 [zhi4 yu2] /go so far as to/as for/as to/置于 [zhi4 yu2] /place/put (at or in a position)/治愈 [zhi4 yu4] /cure/志愿 [zhi4 yuan4] /aspiration/wish/ideal/volunteer/志愿者 [zhi4 yuan4 zhe3] /volunteer/制约 [zhi4 yue1] /to restrict/condition/制造 [zhi4 zao4] /to manufacture/to make/制造商 [zhi4 zao4 shang1] /manufacturing company/制造业者 [zhi4 zao4 ye4 zhe3] /manufacturer/制造者 [zhi4 zao4 zhe1] /maker/置之度外 [zhi4 zhi1 du4 wai4] /disregard/制止 [zhi4 zhi3] /to curb/to put a stop to/to stop/to check/to limit/制作 [zhi4 zuo4] /make/manufacture/制作者 [zhi4 zuo4 zhe3] /producer/中 [zhong1] /within/among/in/middle/center/while (doing sth)/during/China/Chinese/忪 [zhong1] /restless/agitated/忠 [zhong1] /loyal/盅 [zhong1] /cup/衷 [zhong1] /inner feelings/终 [zhong1] /end/finish/锺 [zhong1] /(ancient measure)/(surname)/钟 [zhong1] /clock/time as measured in hours and minutes/bell/螽 [zhong1] /(grasshopper)/Gompsocleis mikado/钟摆 [zhong1 bai3] /pendulum/钟表 [zhong1 biao3] /(n) clock/中部 [zhong1 bu4] /middle part/central section/中餐 [zhong1 can1] /Chinese meat/Chinese food/忠诚 [zhong1 cheng2] /devoted/fidelity/loyal/loyalty/中等 [zhong1 deng3] /medium/终点 [zhong1 dian3] /destination/钟点 [zhong1 dian3] /(n) hour/(n) specified time/终点地址 [zhong1 dian3 di4 zhi3] /destination address/中东 [zhong1 dong1] /Middle East/终端 [zhong1 duan1] /end/terminal/终端用户 [zhong1 duan1 yong4 hu4] /end user/中断 [zhong1 duan4] /to discontinue/to break off/中俄 [zhong1 e2] /China-Russia/忠告 [zhong1 gao4] /advice/advise/中共 [zhong1 gong4] /(abbreviation for) Chinese Communist (party, regime, etc.)/中共中央 [zhong1 gong4 zhong1 yang1] /Chinese Communist Party Central Committee/中国 [zhong1 guo2] /China/Chinese/中国大陆 [zhong1 guo2 da4 lu4] /Chinese mainland/中国当局 [zhong1 guo2 dang1 ju2] /Chinese authorities/中国科学院 [zhong1 guo2 ke1 xue2 yuan4] /Chinese Academy of Science/中国民航 [zhong1 guo2 min2 hang2] /General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC)/中国人 [zhong1 guo2 ren2] /Chinese person/Chinese people/中国人民 [zhong1 guo2 ren2 min2] /the Chinese people/中国日报 [zhong1 guo2 ri4 bao4] /China Daily (an English language newspaper)/中国时报 [zhong1 guo2 shi2 bao4] /China Times (newspaper)/中国式 [zhong1 guo2 shi4] /Chinese style/a la chinoise/中国银行 [zhong1 guo2 yin2 hang2] /Bank of China/中国政府 [zhong1 guo2 zheng4 fu3] /Chinese government/中华 [zhong1 hua2] /China (alternate formal name)/中华民国 [zhong1 hua2 min2 guo2] /Republic of China/中华人民共和国 [zhong1 hua2 ren2 min2 gong4 he2 guo2] /The People's Republic of China/中级 [zhong1 ji2] /middle-level (in a hierarchy)/中继 [zhong1 ji4] /to relay/to repeat/中继器 [zhong1 ji4 qi4] /repeater/中间 [zhong1 jian4] /betwixt/intermediate/mid/middle/中将 [zhong1 jiang4] /lieutenant general/vice admiral/air marshal/中介 [zhong1 jie4] /agent (computer)/终究 [zhong1 jiu1] /(adv) in the end; after all is said and done/中立 [zhong1 li4] /neutral/中美 [zhong1 mei3] /China-USA/中美洲 [zhong1 mei3 zhou1] /Central America/中南 [zhong1 nan2] /(abbreviation for) China - South Africa/中年 [zhong1 nian2] /middle-aged/终年 [zhong1 nian2] /(n) entire year/(n) age at death/中欧 [zhong1 ou1] /Central Europe/中秋 [zhong1 qiu1] /(N) Mid-Autumn Festival/中秋节 [zhong1 qiu1 jie2] /the Mid-Autumn Festival/中日 [zhong1 ri4] /China-Japan/中日韩越 [zhong1 ri4 han2 yue4] /China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam/中山装 [zhong1 shan1 zhuang1] /Chinese tunic suit/终身 [zhong1 shen1] /lifelong/忠实 [zhong1 shi2] /faithful/中式 [zhong1 shi4] /Chinese style/中世纪 [zhong1 shi4 ji4] /medieval/Middle Ages/中庭 [zhong1 ting2] /courtyard/钟头 [zhong1 tou2] /hour/中途 [zhong1 tu2] /midway/中文 [zhong1 wen2] /Chinese language/中文版 [zhong1 wen2 ban3] /Chinese (language) version/中文广播 [zhong1 wen2 guang3 bo1] /Chinese (language) broadcast/中午 [zhong1 wu3] /noon/midday/中心 [zhong1 xin1] /center/heart/core/衷心 [zhong1 xin1] /heartfelt/wholehearted/cordial/中心语 [zhong1 xin1 yu3] /qualified word/中型 [zhong1 xing2] /(adj) medium sized/中性 [zhong1 xing4] /neutral/中学 [zhong1 xue2] /middle school/中旬 [zhong1 xun2] /middle third of a month/中亚 [zhong1 ya4] /Central Asia/中央 [zhong1 yang1] /central/middle/center/中央处理机 [zhong1 yang1 chu3 li3 ji1] /central processing unit (CPU)/中央情报局 [zhong1 yang1 qing2 bao4 ju2] /Central Intelligence Agency/CIA/中央全会 [zhong1 yang1 quan2 hui4] /plenary session of the Central Committee/中央委员会 [zhong1 yang1 wei3 yuan2 hui4] /Central Committee/中央银行 [zhong1 yang1 yin2 hang2] /central bank/中药 [zhong1 yao4] /(traditional) Chinese medicine/中医 [zhong1 yi1] /traditional Chinese medical science/中游 [zhong1 you2] /(n) middle portion of a river/(n) middle state/忠於 [zhong1 yu2] /loyal to/终于 [zhong1 yu2] /at last/in the end/finally/终於 [zhong1 yu2] /eventually/中原 [zhong1 yuan2] /(n) the central plains of China/忠贞 [zhong1 zhen1] /(adj) loyal and dependable/中止 [zhong1 zhi3] /to cease/to suspend/to break off/to stop/to discontinue/终止 [zhong1 zhi3] /(v) stop/中转站 [zhong1 zhuan3 zhan4] /hub (network equipment)/中子 [zhong1 zi3] /neutron/冢 [zhong3] /great/mound/冢 [zhong3] /mound/肿 [zhong3] /swollen/种 [zhong3] /kind/type/race (of people)/seed/type/踵 [zhong3] /arrive/follow/heel/种类 [zhong3 lei4] /class/kind/sort/species/肿瘤 [zhong3 liu2] /(n) tumor/种种 [zhong3 zhong3] /all kinds of/种子 [zhong3 zi5] /seed/种族 [zhong3 zu2] /race/ethnicity/种族清洗 [zhong3 zu2 qing1 xi3] /"ethnic cleansing"/genocide/种族主义 [zhong3 zu2 zhu3 yi4] /racism/种族主义者 [zhong3 zu2 zhu3 yi4 zhe3] /racist (person)/中 [zhong4] /hit (the mark)/仲 [zhong4] /2nd in seniority/重 [zhong4] /heavy/serious/众 [zhong4] /multitude/种 [zhong4] /to grow/to plant/中保 [zhong4 bao3] /advocate/仲裁 [zhong4 cai2] /arbitration/重大 [zhong4 da4] /great/important/major/significant/种地 [zhong4 di4] /(v) do farming; work the land/重点 [zhong4 dian3] /emphasis/focal point/众多 [zhong4 duo1] /numerous/重工业 [zhong4 gong1 ye4] /(n) heavy manufacturing/重击 [zhong4 ji1] /bang/thump/仲夏 [zhong4 jia3] /midsummer/重力 [zhong4 li4] /gravity/重量 [zhong4 liang4] /weight/众人 [zhong4 ren2] /(n) everyone/重视 [zhong4 shi4] /importance/to pay attention to/attach importance to/value/众所周知 [zhong4 suo3 zhou1 zhi1] /(saying) as is known to everone/众望 [zhong4 wang4] /people's expectations/重心 [zhong4 xin1] /(n) center of gravity/(n) core; main part/重型 [zhong4 xing2] /(adj) heavy duty/重要 [zhong4 yao4] /important/significant/major/重要的是 [zhong4 yao4 de5 shi4] /It is important (that) .../重要问题 [zhong4 yao4 wen4 ti2] /an important issue/重要性 [zhong4 yao4 xing4] /importance/众议员 [zhong4 yi4 yuan2] /member of the US House of Representatives/众议院 [zhong4 yi4 yuan4] /House of Representatives (USA)/重音 [zhong4 yin1] /accent/stress/重用 [zhong4 yong4] /to put in an important position/种植 [zhong4 zhi2] /plant/grow/众志成城 [zhong4 zhi4 cheng2 cheng2] /"Unity of will is an impregnable stronghold" (proverb)/州 [zhou1] /(United States) state/province/sub-prefecture/舟 [zhou1] /boat/周 [zhou1] /(surname)/complete/encircle/circuit/lap/week/cycle/all/every/attentive/thoughtful/洲 [zhou1] /continent/island/啁 [zhou1] /twittering of birds/粥 [zhou1] /congee/gruel/porridge/周 [zhou1] /cycle/week/周 [zhou1] /bestow alms/周边 [zhou1 bian1] /periphery/rim/周长 [zhou1 chang2] /perimeter/circumference/周到 [zhou1 dao4] /thoughtful/considerate/周恩来 [zhou1 en1 lai2] /Zhou Enlai/周刊 [zhou1 kan1] /weekly publication/weekly/周密 [zhou1 mi4] /careful/thorough/周末 [zhou1 mo4] /weekend/周末 [zhou1 mo4] /weekend/周年 [zhou1 nian2] /annual/anniversary/周年 [zhou1 nian2] /anniversary/周期 [zhou1 qi1] /period/cycle/周速 [zhou1 su4] /cycle time/cycle speed/周围 [zhou1 wei2] /encompass/surrounding/周围 [zhou1 wei2] /surroundings/environment/周游 [zhou1 you2] /tour/州长 [zhou1 zhang3] /governor (of a US state)/周折 [zhou1 zhe2] /(n) setback to a matter; problem/周转 [zhou1 zhuan3] /(v) the exchange of money or items between groups and people; turnover/周总理 [zhou1 zong3 li3] /Premier Zhou/妯 [zhou2] /wives of brothers/轴 [zhou2] /axis/axle/肘 [zhou3] /elbow/pork shoulder/帚 [zhou3] /broom/咒 [zhou4] /put a curse on/宙 [zhou4] /universe/胄 [zhou4] /helmet/纣 [zhou4] /name of an emperor/saddle crupper/胄 [zhou4] /descendants/昼 [zhou4] /daytime/皱 [zhou4] /to wrinkle/wrinkled/to crease/绉 [zhou4] /crepe/wrinkle/籀 [zhou4] /(surname)/(writing)/develop/酎 [zhou4] /strong wine/繇 [zhou4] /interpretations of the trigrams/咒骂 [zhou4 ma4] /damn/curse/皱眉头 [zhou4 mei2 tou2] /scowl/皱纹 [zhou4 wen2] /wrinkle/昼夜 [zhou4 ye4] /(n) day and night/(adv) continuously, without stop/朱 [zhu1] /(surname)/vermilion/侏 [zhu1] /dwarf/株 [zhu1] /(a measure word, use with plants)/trunk of tree/珠 [zhu1] /bead/pearl/茱 [zhu1] /cornelian cherry/朱 [zhu1] /vermilion/蛛 [zhu1] /spider/诛 [zhu1] /execute/punish/铢 [zhu1] /forty-eighth part of a tael/诸 [zhu1] /(surname)/all/many/various/猪 [zhu1] /hog/pig/swine/洙 [zhu1] /(surname)/name of a river/邾 [zhu1] /(surname)/name of a feudal state/潴 [zhu1] /pool/pond/槠 [zhu1] /Quercus glanca/橥 [zhu1] /Zelkova acuminata/珠宝 [zhu1 bao3] /(n) jewels and other precious stones; pearls/猪肉 [zhu1 rou4] /pork/诸如此类 [zhu1 ru2 ci3 lei4] /(idiom) so on and so on; etc/着手 [zhu1 shou3] /commence/诸位 [zhu1 wei4] /(pron) everone/猪油 [zhu1 you2] /lard/珠子 [zhu1 zi5] /bead/术 [zhu2] /Atractylis lancea var. ovata/竹 [zhu2] /bamboo/竺 [zhu2] /(surname)/逐 [zhu2] /to pursue/to chase/individually/one by one/筑 [zhu2] /build/five-string lute/轴 [zhu2] /axis/axle/烛 [zhu2] /candle/舳 [zhu2] /poopdeck/stern of boat/瘃 [zhu2] /chilblain/逐步 [zhu2 bu4] /progressively/step by step/逐出 [zhu2 chu1] /expel/逐渐 [zhu2 jian4] /gradually/逐年 [zhu2 nian2] /(adv) yearly/逐退 [zhu2 tui4] /repulse/竹子 [zhu2 zi5] /bamboo/主 [zhu3] /to own/to host/master/lord/primary/拄 [zhu3] /post/prop/渚 [zhu3] /islet/bank/煮 [zhu3] /to cook/to boil/属 [zhu3] /enjoin/嘱 [zhu3] /enjoin/瞩 [zhu3] /to gaze at/to stare at/麈 [zhu3] /leader of herd/stag/主办 [zhu3 ban4] /host (a conference or sports event)/主编 [zhu3 bian1] /editor/主持 [zhu3 chi2] /preside over/direct/主词 [zhu3 ci2] /subject/主导 [zhu3 dao3] /to lead/to manage/主祷文 [zhu3 dao3 wen2] /Lord's Prayer/主动 [zhu3 dong4] /(to take the) initiative/主妇 [zhu3 fu4] /housewife/嘱咐 [zhu3 fu4] /enjoin/tell/exhort/主干 [zhu3 gan4] /trunk/main/core/主干网路 [zhu3 gan4 wang3 lu4] /core network/backbone network/主干网络 [zhu3 gan4 wang3 luo4] /core network/主干线 [zhu3 gan4 xian4] /backbone (cable)/主格 [zhu3 ge2] /nominative/主观 [zhu3 guan1] /subjective/主管 [zhu3 guan3] /(be) person in charge of (a position, etc.)/responsible/in charge/主管人员 [zhu3 guan3 ren2 yuan2] /executive/主环 [zhu3 huan2] /primary ring/主机 [zhu3 ji1] /core/主机板 [zhu3 ji1 ban3] /motherboard/主教 [zhu3 jiao4] /bishop/主角 [zhu3 jue2] /leading role/lead/主科 [zhu3 ke1] /required courses in the major subject/主力 [zhu3 li4] /main force/main strength of an army/主力舰 [zhu3 li4 jian4] /battleship/主流 [zhu3 liu2] /(n) main stream of a fluid/(n) main aspect of a matter/瞩目 [zhu3 mu4] /to focus on/主权 [zhu3 quan2] /sovereignty/主人 [zhu3 ren2] /master/host/主人翁 [zhu3 ren2 weng1] /master (of one's own destiny, etc.)/主任 [zhu3 ren4] /director/head/主日学 [zhu3 ri4 xue2] /Sunday School/主食 [zhu3 shi2] /(n) main food/煮熟 [zhu3 shou2] /boil/贮水处 [zhu3 shui3 chu4] /reservoir/主题 [zhu3 ti2] /theme/subject/主体 [zhu3 ti3] /main part/subject/嘱托 [zhu3 tuo1] /(v) entrust a ask to someone else/瞩望 [zhu3 wang4] /to look forward to/主席 [zhu3 xi2] /chairperson/premier/chairman/主修 [zhu3 xiu1] /(school) major/主要 [zhu3 yao4] /main/principal/major/primary/主要来源 [zhu3 yao4 lai2 yuan2] /principle source/main source/主要原因 [zhu3 yao4 yuan2 yin1] /main reason/primary cause/主页 [zhu3 ye4] /home page/主义 [zhu3 yi4] /-ism/ideology/主意 [zhu3 yi5] /plan/idea/decision/主语 [zhu3 yu3] /(grammatical) subject/主宰 [zhu3 zai3] /dominate/rule/主张 [zhu3 zhang1] /to advocate/to stand for/view/position/stand/proposition/viewpoint/assertion/住 [zhu4] /to live/to dwell/to reside/to stop/助 [zhu4] /to help/to assist/杼 [zhu4] /shuttle of a loom/注 [zhu4] /to inject/to pour into/to concentrate/to pay attention/to note/to comment on/to record/to register/to annotate/柱 [zhu4] /pillar/苎 [zhu4] /Boehmeria nivea/祝 [zhu4] /invoke/pray to/wish/to express good wishes/蛀 [zhu4] /termite/to bore (of insects)/着 [zhu4] /to make known/to show/to prove/to write/book/outstanding/注 [zhu4] /annotate/箸 [zhu4] /chopsticks/驻 [zhu4] /resident in/stationed in/located at/to station (troops)/铸 [zhu4] /cast metals/to coin (money)/炷 [zhu4] /candlewick/incense stick/翥 [zhu4] /soar/注册 [zhu4 ce4] /to register/筑城 [zhu4 cheng2] /fortification/助词 [zhu4 ci2] /particle (grammatical)/注定 [zhu4 ding4] /be doomed/be destined (to failure, etc.)/住房 [zhu4 fang2] /housing/祝福 [zhu4 fu2] /blessings/wish well/祝贺 [zhu4 he4] /to congratulate/congratulations/祝贺词 [zhu4 he4 ci2] /congratulatory speech/驻华 [zhu4 hua2] /stationed in China/located in China/助教 [zhu4 jiao4] /teaching assistant/注解 [zhu4 jie3] /comment/助理 [zhu4 li3] /assistant/着名 [zhu4 ming2] /famous/celebrated/well-known/注目 [zhu4 mu4] /(v) stare at; gaze at/注入 [zhu4 ru4] /pour in/empty into/注射 [zhu4 she4] /injection/to inject/注视 [zhu4 shi4] /watch attentively/注释 [zhu4 shi4] /(v) make notes in the margin; annotate/(n) comment; annotation/助手 [zhu4 shou3] /assistant/helper/驻守 [zhu4 shou3] /(man a post and) defend/着述 [zhu4 shu4] /writing/住宿 [zhu4 su4] /lodging/住所 [zhu4 suo3] /habitation/注意 [zhu4 yi4] /take note of/(pay) attention (to)/注意看 [zhu4 yi4 kan4] /watch carefully/注意力 [zhu4 yi4 li4] /attention/注音符号 [zhu4 yin1 fu2 hao4] /a phonetic notation for Chinese aka bopomofo/住院 [zhu4 yuan4] /to be in hospital/to be hospitalized/祝愿 [zhu4 yuan4] /wish/铸造 [zhu4 zao4] /(v) cast (pour metal into a mold)/驻扎 [zhu4 zha1] /to station/to garrison (troops)/住宅 [zhu4 zhai2] /residence/tenement/助长 [zhu4 zhang3] /encourage/foster/foment/注重 [zhu4 zhong4] /pay attention to/emphasize/柱子 [zhu4 zi5] /pillar/着作 [zhu4 zuo4] /literary work/writings/to write/抓 [zhua1] /to grab/to catch/to arrest/to snatch/挝 [zhua1] /beat/抓饭 [zhua1 fan4] /a kind of food popular among believers in Islam/抓紧 [zhua1 jin3] /grasp/抓伤 [zhua1 shang1] /scratch/抓住 [zhua1 zhu4] /grab/爪 [zhua3] /claw/爪哇 [zhua3 wa1] /Java (programming language)/爪子 [zhua3 zi5] /(animal's) paw/拽 [zhuai1] /throw/拽 [zhuai4] /drag/专 [zhuan1] /concentrated/specialized/专 [zhuan1] /for a particular person, occasion, purpose/focused on one thing/special/expert/particular (to sth)/concentrated/specialized/砖 [zhuan1] /brick/颛 [zhuan1] /(surname)/good/simple/专案组 [zhuan1 an4 zu3] /special (legal|judicial) investigations group/专长 [zhuan1 chang2] /(n) specialty/专程 [zhuan1 cheng2] /special-purpose trip/专家 [zhuan1 jia1] /expert/specialist/专家评论 [zhuan1 jia1 ping2 lun4] /expert commentary/专科 [zhuan1 ke1] /(n) vocational school/专科院校 [zhuan1 ke1 yuan4 xiao4] /academy/专栏 [zhuan1 lan2] /special column/专利 [zhuan1 li4] /(n) patent/专门 [zhuan1 men2] /specialist/specialized/customized/专门化 [zhuan1 men2 hua4] /specialize/专人 [zhuan1 ren2] /(n) person specifically appointed for a task/专属经济区 [zhuan1 shu3 jing1 ji4 qu1] /exclusive economic zone/专题 [zhuan1 ti2] /(n) special matter or subject/砖瓦 [zhuan1 wa3] /tile/专线 [zhuan1 xian4] /special-purpose phone line or communications link/专心 [zhuan1 xin1] /absorption/concentrate/concentrate/concentration/engrossed/专业 [zhuan1 ye4] /specialized field/专业户 [zhuan1 ye4 hu4] /(n) family that produces a special product/专业人才 [zhuan1 ye4 ren2 cai2] /expert (in a field)/专用 [zhuan1 yong4] /special/dedicated/专用集成电路 [zhuan1 yong4 ji4 cheng2 dian4 lu4] /ASIC/Application-specific integrated circuit/专用网路 [zhuan1 yong4 wang3 lu4] /dedicated network/专有名词 [zhuan1 you3 ming2 ci2] /proper noun/专员 [zhuan1 yuan2] /assistant director/专政 [zhuan1 zheng4] /dictatorship/专制 [zhuan1 zhi4] /(n) autocracy; dictatorship/转 [zhuan3] /to convey/to forward (mail)/to transfer/to turn/to shift/转变 [zhuan3 bian4] /change/transform/转播 [zhuan3 bo1] /relay/broadcast (on radio or TV)/转达 [zhuan3 da2] /pass on/convey/communicate/转道 [zhuan3 dao4] /make a detour/go by way of/转动 [zhuan3 dong4] /turn/转告 [zhuan3 gao4] /pass on/communicate/transmit/转化 [zhuan3 hua4] /change/transform/转换 [zhuan3 huan4] /to transform/to change/to covert/转机 [zhuan3 ji1] /(take a) turn for the better/转交 [zhuan3 jiao1] /(v) pass on to somebody else; carry and give to somebody else/转来转去 [zhuan3 lai2 zhuan3 qu4] /rove around/转让 [zhuan3 rang4] /transfer (technology, goods, etc.)/转入 [zhuan3 ru4] /change over to/shift to/switch to/转身 [zhuan3 shen1] /(of a person) to turn round/to face about/转送 [zhuan3 song4] /transfer/转弯 [zhuan3 wan1] /turn (around)/转向 [zhuan3 xiang4] /change of direction/to change direction/转移 [zhuan3 yi2] /shift/divert (investment, attention, etc.)/migrate/转运 [zhuan3 yun4] /transportation/transfer/转帐 [zhuan3 zhang4] /transfer money from|into an account/转账卡 [zhuan3 zhang4 ka3] /a debit card/转折 [zhuan3 zhe2] /(v) turning point; shift in the trend of events/(n) plot shift in a book/传 [zhuan4] /biography/撰 [zhuan4] /compose/compile/篆 [zhuan4] /seal characters/赚 [zhuan4] /earn/make a profit/转 [zhuan4] /to revolve/to turn/to circle about/to walk about/撰 [zhuan4] /compose/compile/discourse in praise/馔 [zhuan4] /food/delicacies/赚得 [zhuan4 de2] /earn/传记 [zhuan4 ji4] /biography/撰写 [zhuan4 xie3] /write/compose/妆 [zhuang1] /adornment/adorn/庄 [zhuang1] /farm/village/装 [zhuang1] /adornment/adorn/costume/dress/clothing/桩 [zhuang1] /item/stump/stake/pile/庄 [zhuang1] /farm/village/装扮 [zhuang1 ban4] /dress up as/be disguised as/装备 [zhuang1 bei4] /equipment/装船 [zhuang1 chuan2] /shipment/装货 [zhuang1 huo4] /shipping/装甲车 [zhuang1 jia3 che1] /armored car/庄稼 [zhuang1 jia5] /(n) farm crops/装配 [zhuang1 pei4] /(v) assemble/装入 [zhuang1 ru4] /to load/装饰 [zhuang1 shi4] /decorate/decorative/ornamental/装饰物 [zhuang1 shi4 wu4] /ornament/ornamentation/装束 [zhuang1 shu4] /attire/clothing/装卸 [zhuang1 xie4] /(v) load or unload; transfer/庄严 [zhuang1 yan2] /stately/装载 [zhuang1 zai4] /to load/装置 [zhuang1 zhi4] /equipment/system/装置物 [zhuang1 zhi4 wu4] /fixture/installation/庄重 [zhuang1 zhong4] /(adj) grave; solemn/奘 [zhuang3] /fat/stout/壮 [zhuang4] /to strengthen/strong/robust/状 [zhuang4] /accusation/suit/state/condition/strong/great/僮 [zhuang4] /name of an ethnic group in Guangxi/撞 [zhuang4] /to hit/to strike/to meet by accident/to run into/to bump against/to bump into/戆 [zhuang4] /simple/stupid/壮大 [zhuang4 da4] /to expand/to strengthen/壮观 [zhuang4 guan4] /spectacular/撞击 [zhuang4 ji1] /to strike/to hit/to ram/撞击式打印机 [zhuang4 ji1 shi4 da3 yin4 ji1] /impact printer/撞击式印表机 [zhuang4 ji1 shi4 yin4 biao3 ji1] /impact printer/撞见 [zhuang4 jian4] /to meet by accident/状况 [zhuang4 kuang4] /condition/state/situation/壮丽 [zhuang4 li4] /magnificence/magnificent/majestic/glorious/壮烈 [zhuang4 lie4] /(adj) brave and honorable/撞骗 [zhuang4 pian4] /to swindle/撞锁 [zhuang4 suo3] /lock/状态 [zhuang4 tai4] /state of affairs/state/mode/状语 [zhuang4 yu3] /adverbial adjunct/撞针 [zhuang4 zhen1] /firing pin/壮志 [zhuang4 zhi4] /(adj) great goal; magnificent aspiration/隹 [zhui1] /short-tailed bird/追 [zhui1] /pursue (a problem)/to chase/椎 [zhui1] /spine/锥 [zhui1] /awl/to bore/骓 [zhui1] /(surname)/piebald/追查 [zhui1 cha2] /investigate/track down (information)/追悼 [zhui1 dao4] /mourning/memorial (service, etc.)/追赶 [zhui1 gan3] /(v) chase after; pursue/追究 [zhui1 jiu1] /investigate/look into/追求 [zhui1 qiu2] /seek/pursue (a goal, etc)/追上 [zhui1 shang4] /overtake/追问 [zhui1 wen4] /(v) intensively ask questions in order to fully understand/追逐 [zhui1 zhu2] /chase/惴 [zhui4] /anxious/worried/坠 [zhui4] /fall/赘 [zhui4] /superfluous/缒 [zhui4] /let down with a rope/坠毁 [zhui4 hui3] /(plane) crash/赘瘤 [zhui4 liu2] /useless/superfluous/赘述 [zhui4 shu4] /to say more than is necessary/赘婿 [zhui4 xu4] /son-in-law living at wife's parent's house/赘疣 [zhui4 you2] /wart/something superfluous/屯 [zhun1] /difficult/stingy/肫 [zhun1] /gizzard/谆 [zhun1] /repeatedly (in giving advice)/窀 [zhun1] /grave/准 [zhun3] /to allow/to grant/to permit/accurate/standard/准 [zhun3] /accurate/standard/准备 [zhun3 bei4] /preparation/prepare/准确 [zhun3 que4] /accurate/exact/precise/准时 [zhun3 shi2] /on time/punctual/on schedule/准许 [zhun3 xu3] /to allow/to grant/to permit/准则 [zhun3 ze2] /(n) standard or norm/捉 [zhuo1] /to clutch/to grab/to capture/桌 [zhuo1] /table/涿 [zhuo1] /place name/棹 [zhuo1] /table/桌别林 [zhuo1 bie2 lin2] /(Charlie) Chaplin/桌布 [zhuo1 bu4] /tablecloth/桌灯 [zhuo1 deng1] /desk lamp/桌面 [zhuo1 mian4] /desktop/tabletop/桌面系统 [zhuo1 mian4 xi4 tong3] /desktop system/捉取 [zhuo1 qu3] /to capture/捉取图像 [zhuo1 qu3 tu2 xiang4] /capture image/桌上型 [zhuo1 shang4 xing2] /desktop/桌上型电脑 [zhuo1 shang4 xing2 dian4 nao3] /desktop computer/桌子 [zhuo1 zi5] /table/desk/灼 [zhuo2] /brilliant/cauterize/卓 [zhuo2] /(surname)/outstanding/拙 [zhuo2] /awkward/clumsy/dull/inelegant/(polite) my/斫 [zhuo2] /chop/carve wood/茁 [zhuo2] /increase/sprout/酌 [zhuo2] /consider/pour wine/啄 [zhuo2] /to peck/琢 [zhuo2] /to cut (gems)/着 [zhuo2] /plan/settlement/to wear/着 [zhuo2] /to wear (clothes)/to contact/to use/apply/浊 [zhuo2] /impure/muddy/擢 [zhuo2] /pull out/select/濯 [zhuo2] /rinse/to cleanse/镯 [zhuo2] /bracelet/禚 [zhuo2] /place name/诼 [zhuo2] /complain/着陆 [zhuo2 lu4] /landing/touchdown/着陆 [zhuo2 lu4] /to land/to touch down/着陆点 [zhuo2 lu4 dian3] /landing site/琢磨 [zhuo2 mo2] /(v) think about; mull over/polish (jade)/啄木鸟 [zhuo2 mu4 niao3] /woodpecker/酌情 [zhuo2 qing2] /(v) carefully consider the situation/擢升 [zhuo2 sheng1] /exalt/promote/着想 [zhuo2 xiang3] /(v) gives thought to (others); gives consideration to (others)/着眼 [zhuo2 yan3] /have one's eyes on (a goal)/have something in mind/卓越 [zhuo2 yue4] /distinction/excellence/splendid/着重 [zhuo2 zhong4] /put emphasis on/to stress/to emphasize/仔 [zi1] /duty/responsibility/吱 [zi1] /(phonetic)/孜 [zi1] /unwearied effort/咨 [zi1] /consult/姿 [zi1] /beauty/disposition/looks/appearance/兹 [zi1] /herewith/淄 [zi1] /black/name of a river/孳 [zi1] /industrious/produce/bear/滋 [zi1] /excite/nourish/this/訾 [zi1] /(surname)/backbite/wealth/资 [zi1] /resources/capital/to provide/to supply/to support/money/expense/赀 [zi1] /fine instead of punishment/property/缁 [zi1] /Buddhists/black silk/dark/辎 [zi1] /milit. supply/谘 [zi1] /consult/锱 [zi1] /ancient weight/one-eighth of a tael/髭 [zi1] /mustache/龇 [zi1] /projecting teeth/嵫 [zi1] /name of a mountain in Gansu/粢 [zi1] /common millet/觜 [zi1] /(zodiacal sign)/鲻 [zi1] /Mugil cephalus/grey mullet/资本 [zi1 ben3] /capital (as in capitalism)/资本家 [zi1 ben3 jia1] /capitalist/资本主义 [zi1 ben3 zhu3 yi4] /capitalism/资产 [zi1 chan3] /property/assets/资产阶级 [zi1 chan3 jie1 ji2] /the capitalist class/the bourgeoisie/资格 [zi1 ge5] /qualifications/资金 [zi1 jin1] /funds/funding/资料 [zi1 liao4] /data/material/资料传输 [zi1 liao4 chuan2 shu1] /data transmission/资料传送服务 [zi1 liao4 chuan2 song4 fu2 wu4] /data delivery service/资料介面 [zi1 liao4 jie4 mian4] /data interface/资料库 [zi1 liao4 ku4] /database/资料链结层 [zi1 liao4 lian4 jie2 ceng2] /data link layer/资料量 [zi1 liao4 liang4] /quantity of data/姿容 [zi1 rong2] /looks/appearance/姿色 [zi1 se4] /good looking/姿势 [zi1 shi4] /posture/position/姿态 [zi1 tai4] /attitude/posture/stance/滋味 [zi1 wei4] /taste/咨询 [zi1 xun2] /consultative/advisory/资讯 [zi1 xun4] /information/滋养 [zi1 yang3] /nourish/资源 [zi1 yuan2] /(natural) resources/滋长 [zi1 zhang3] /(v) grow and develop (used as an abstraction)/资助 [zi1 zhu4] /subsidize/provide financial aid/吱吱声 [zi1 zi1 sheng1] /squeak/子 [zi3] /11 p.m.-1 a.m./1st earthly branch/child/midnight/son/child/seed/egg/small thing/仔 [zi3] /minutely/young/姊 [zi3] /older sister/籽 [zi3] /seeds/梓 [zi3] /Catalpa kaempferi/紫 [zi3] /purple/滓 [zi3] /dregs/sediment/訾 [zi3] /backbite/dislike/耔 [zi3] /hoe up soil around plants/秭 [zi3] /billion/茈 [zi3] /Lithospermum officinale/笫 [zi3] /planks of bed/sleeping-mat/子层 [zi3 ceng2] /sublayer/仔畜 [zi3 chu4] /newborn animal/子弹 [zi3 dan4] /bullet/子弟 [zi3 di4] /(n) children/(n) the younger generation/紫丁香 [zi3 ding1 xiang1] /lilac/子房 [zi3 fang2] /ovary/姊夫 [zi3 fu5] /older sister's husband/紫罗兰色 [zi3 luo2 lan2 se4] /violet/姊妹 [zi3 mei4] /(older and younger) sisters/子女 [zi3 nu:3] /children/sons and daughters/紫色 [zi3 se4] /purple/violet/子孙 [zi3 sun1] /offspring/posterity/子午线 [zi3 wu3 xian4] /meridian/仔细 [zi3 xi4] /careful/attentive/cautious/子音 [zi3 yin1] /consonant/姊丈 [zi3 zhang4] /older sister's husband/姊姊 [zi3 zi3] /older sister/字 [zi4] /letter/symbol/character/word/自 [zi4] /from/self/oneself/since/恣 [zi4] /throw off restraint/渍 [zi4] /saturate/soak/自拔 [zi4 ba2] /free oneself/extricate oneself from a difficult situation/自白书 [zi4 bai2 shu1] /confession/自卑 [zi4 bei1] /(adj) feel inferior/字串 [zi4 chuan4] /character string/自从 [zi4 cong2] /since (a time)/ever since/字典 [zi4 dian3] /dictionary/character dictionary/自动 [zi4 dong4] /automatic/自动地工作 [zi4 dong4 de5 gong1 zuo4] /automatic operation/自动化 [zi4 dong4 hua4] /automation/自动楼梯 [zi4 dong4 lou2 ti1] /escalator/自动售货机 [zi4 dong4 shou4 huo4 ji1] /vending machine/字段 [zi4 duan4] /(numeric, data) field/自发 [zi4 fa1] /(adj) spontaneous/自费 [zi4 fei4] /(be) at one's own expense/自负 [zi4 fu4] /conceited/responsible/自负盈亏 [zi4 fu4 ying2 kui1] /(idiom) take on full responsibility for the success of a business/自古 [zi4 gu3] /(since) ancient times/(from) time immemorial/自豪 [zi4 hao2] /(feel a sense of) pride/字汇 [zi4 hui4] /1/(computer) character repertoire 2/glossary, lexicon/字集 [zi4 ji2] /character set/自己 [zi4 ji3] /self/(reflexive pronoun)/own/字节 [zi4 jie2] /byte/字节数 [zi4 jie2 shu4] /byte count/自觉 [zi4 jue2] /conscious/aware/自夸 [zi4 kua1] /boast/自来水 [zi4 lai2 shui3] /running water/tap water/自力更生 [zi4 li4 geng1 sheng1] /(idiom) self reliant/字码 [zi4 ma3] /character code/自满 [zi4 man3] /complacent/self-satisfied/字母 [zi4 mu3] /letter (of the alphabet)/自然 [zi4 ran2] /nature/natural/naturally/自然而然 [zi4 ran2 er2 ran2] /involuntary/automatically/自杀 [zi4 sha1] /to kill oneself/to commit suicide/自身 [zi4 shen1] /itself/oneself/one's own/自身利益 [zi4 shen1 li4 yi4] /one's own interests/自食其果 [zi4 shi2 qi2 guo3] /reap what one has sown/自始至终 [zi4 shi3 zhi4 zhong1] /from start to finish/字首 [zi4 shou3] /prefix/自私 [zi4 si1] /selfish/selfishness/自私自利 [zi4 si1 zi4 li4] /(saying) selfish/字帖 [zi4 tie4] /copybook (for calligraphy)/字图 [zi4 tu2] /glyph/字尾 [zi4 wei3] /suffix/自卫 [zi4 wei4] /self-defense/自我 [zi4 wo3] /self-/自相矛盾 [zi4 xiang1 mao2 dun4] /contradict oneself/be self-contradictory/自信 [zi4 xin4] /confidence/字型 [zi4 xing2] /font/自行 [zi4 xing2] /(adj) do by oneself/自行车 [zi4 xing2 che1] /bicycle/自学 [zi4 xue2] /self-study/study on one's own/自言自语 [zi4 yan2 zi4 yu3] /talk to oneself/think aloud/soliloquize/自由 [zi4 you2] /freedom/free/liberty/自由化 [zi4 you2 hua4] /liberalization/freeing (from sth)/自由贸易 [zi4 you2 mao4 yi4] /free trade/自由派 [zi4 you2 pai4] /liberal/自由市场 [zi4 you2 shi4 chang3] /(n) free market/自由选择权 [zi4 you2 xuan3 ze2 quan2] /free agency/字元 [zi4 yuan2] /(computer) character (tw)/字元集 [zi4 yuan2 ji2] /character set/自愿 [zi4 yuan4] /voluntary/字斟句酌 [zi4 zhen1 ju4 zhuo2] /weighing every word/自治 [zi4 zhi4] /autonomy/自制 [zi4 zhi4] /homemade/自治区 [zi4 zhi4 qu1] /autonomous region (in China)/自主 [zi4 zhu3] /to act for oneself/autonomous/自主系统 [zi4 zhu3 xi4 tong3] /autonomous system/自尊 [zi4 zun1] /self pride/子 [zi5] /(noun suff.)/宗 [zong1] /school/sect/purpose/model/ancestor/family/棕 [zong1] /palm/综 [zong1] /to sum up/纵 [zong1] /vertical/踪 [zong1] /footprint/trace/tracks/鬃 [zong1] /bristles/horse's mane/综合 [zong1 he2] /composite/synthesized/to sum up/to integrate/to synthesize/综合报导 [zong1 he2 bao4 dao3] /summary report/press release/brief/综合布线 [zong1 he2 bu4 xian4] /integrated wiring/综合服务数位网络 [zong1 he2 fu2 wu4 shu4 wei4 wang3 luo4] /Integrated Services Digital Network/ISDN/综合性 [zong1 he2 xing4] /synthesis/踪迹 [zong1 ji1] /(n) track; footprint/宗教 [zong1 jiao4] /religion/棕闾 [zong1 lu:2] /palm/宗派 [zong1 pai4] /sect/棕色 [zong1 se4] /brown (the color)/宗旨 [zong1 zhi3] /(n) objective; aim; goal/偬 [zong3] /busy/hurried/despondent/总 [zong3] /always/to assemble/gather/total/overall/head/chief/general/in every case/总部 [zong3 bu4] /general headquarters/总裁 [zong3 cai2] /chairman/director-general (of a company, etc)/总参谋部 [zong3 can1 mou2 bu4] /(military) General Staff Headquarters/总参谋长 [zong3 can1 mou2 zhang3] /(military) Chief of Staff/总的来说 [zong3 de5 lai2 shuo1] /generally speaking/to sum up/in summary/in short/总得 [zong3 dei3] /must/have to/be bound to/总动员 [zong3 dong4 yuan2] /general mobilization (for war, etc)/总督 [zong3 du1] /(n) govenor general, a person in charge of a foreign possession or territory/总额 [zong3 e2] /total (amount or value)/总而言之 [zong3 er2 yan2 zhi1] /in short/in a word/in brief/总共 [zong3 gong4] /altogether/in sum/in all/in total/总和 [zong3 he2] /sum/总后勤部 [zong3 hou4 qin2 bu4] /(military) General Logistics Department/总会会长 [zong3 hui4 hui4 zhang3] /president/总机 [zong3 ji1] /central exchange/telephone exchange/switchboard/总计 [zong3 ji4] /(grand) total/总结 [zong3 jie2] /summarize/summary/总经理 [zong3 jing1 li3] /general manager/总理 [zong3 li3] /premier/prime minister/总是 [zong3 shi4] /always/总书记 [zong3 shu1 ji5] /general-secretary (of Communist Party)/总数 [zong3 shu4] /a total/a sum/总司令 [zong3 si1 ling4] /(n) top military commander for a country or theater of operations/总算 [zong3 suan4] /at long last/finally/on the whole/总体 [zong3 ti3] /completely/totally/total/entire/overall/总统 [zong3 tong3] /president (of a country)/总统大选 [zong3 tong3 da4 xuan3] /presidential election/总统府 [zong3 tong3 fu3] /presidential palace/总统任期 [zong3 tong3 ren4 qi1] /presidency/term of office/总统选举 [zong3 tong3 xuan3 ju3] /presidential election/总务 [zong3 wu4] /(n) general matters; general affairs division/(n) person in charge of general matters/总则 [zong3 ze2] /profile/总政治部 [zong3 zheng4 zhi4 bu4] /(military) General Political Department/总之 [zong3 zhi1] /in a word/in short/in brief/从 [zong4] /second cousin/粽 [zong4] /rice dumplings wrapped in leaves/纵 [zong4] /even if/release/纵横 [zong4 heng2] /(n) length and width/(adj) easy; able to move unhindered/陬 [zou1] /corner/foot of mountain/邹 [zou1] /(surname)/name of district in Shandong/诹 [zou1] /choose/consult/诌 [zou1] /make up (a story)/鲰 [zou1] /(surname)/minnows/small fish/驺 [zou1] /go/mythical animal/走 [zou3] /to walk/to go/to move/走出 [zou3 chu1] /to move away from/to walk away from/走错 [zou3 cuo4] /astray/misstep/走道 [zou3 dao4] /pavement/sidewalk/path/walk/footpath/走访 [zou3 fang3] /(v) pay a visit/走狗 [zou3 gou3] /(n) lackey; running dog; a person who helps someone harm people/走后门 [zou3 hou4 men2] /(saying) use back door connections to get an advantage; use influence to get what one wants/走后门 [zou3 hou4 men2] /get in by the back door/do something by unofficial channels/走开 [zou3 kai1] /Get out of the way!/走廊 [zou3 lang2] /corridor/piazza/veranda/走漏 [zou3 lou4] /(v) leak out (information); reveal/走私 [zou3 si1] /smuggle/走弯路 [zou3 wan1 lu4] /to take an indirect route/走向 [zou3 xiang4] /trend/be trending towards/奏 [zou4] /present a memorial/揍 [zou4] /beat up/break to pieces/骤 [zou4] /sudden/suddenly/骤雨 [zou4 yu3] /shower/租 [zu1] /rent/taxes/租金 [zu1 jin1] /rent/租税 [zu1 shui4] /land tax/租约 [zu1 yue1] /lease/足 [zu2] /foot/to be sufficient/卒 [zu2] /die/soldier/族 [zu2] /race/nationality/ethnicity/clan/镞 [zu2] /arrowhead/sharp/足够 [zu2 gou4] /enough/sufficient/足球 [zu2 qiu2] /football (British English)/soccer (American English)/足球迷 [zu2 qiu2 mi2] /football fan/族群 [zu2 qun2] /ethnic group/足以 [zu2 yi3] /(adv) sufficient to.../so much so that/so that/阻 [zu3] /to hinder/to block/to obstruct/俎 [zu3] /a stand for food at sacrifice/祖 [zu3] /ancestor/forefather/grandparents/组 [zu3] /to form/compose/make up/group/to organize/cord/诅 [zu3] /curse/swear (oath)/阻碍 [zu3 ai4] /to obstruct/to hinder/to block/组成 [zu3 cheng2] /component/part/element/constitute/make up/阻挡 [zu3 dang3] /to stop/to resist/to obstruct/祖父 [zu3 fu4] /father's father; paternal grandfather/阻隔 [zu3 ge2] /to separate/to cut off/祖姑母 [zu3 gu1 mu3] /father's father's sister; great aunt/祖国 [zu3 guo2] /homeland/motherland/组合 [zu3 he2] /assemble/阻击 [zu3 ji1] /to check/to stop/阻抗 [zu3 kang4] /impedance/阻拦 [zu3 lan2] /to stop/to obstruct/阻力 [zu3 li4] /obstacle/hindrance/resistance/obstruction/祖母 [zu3 mu3] /father's mother; paternal grandmother/阻挠 [zu3 nao2] /to thwart/to obstruct (sth)/阻尼 [zu3 ni2] /damping/阻桡 [zu3 rao2] /thwart/obstruct/阻塞 [zu3 se4] /to block/to clog/祖先 [zu3 xian1] /ancestor/forefather/组长 [zu3 zhang3] /group leader/组织 [zu3 zhi1] /organization/组织者 [zu3 zhi1 zhe3] /organizer/阻止 [zu3 zhi3] /to prevent/to block/诅咒 [zu3 zhou4] /curse/组装 [zu3 zhuang1] /assemble and install/祖宗 [zu3 zong1] /ancestor(s)/forebears/钻 [zuan1] /enter (a hole)/probe/钻孔 [zuan1 kong3] /bore a hole/钻研 [zuan1 yan2] /study intensively/dig into/纂 [zuan3] /compile/缵 [zuan3] /carry on/赚 [zuan4] /cheat/swindle/钻 [zuan4] /an auger/diamond/钻石 [zuan4 shi2] /diamond/嘴 [zui3] /mouth/觜 [zui3] /mouth/嘴巴 [zui3 ba1] /mouth/嘴唇 [zui3 chun2] /lip/最 [zui4] /(the) most/-est/罪 [zui4] /guilt/crime/fault/blame/sin/醉 [zui4] /intoxicated/蕞 [zui4] /assemble/small/最长 [zui4 chang2] /longest/最初 [zui4 chu1] /first/primary/initial/最大 [zui4 da4] /biggest/largest/maximum/最大化 [zui4 da4 hua4] /to maximize/最大能力 [zui4 da4 neng2 li4] /maximum capacity/最大速率 [zui4 da4 su4 lu:4] /maximum speed/maximum velocity/最低 [zui4 di1] /lowest/最低点 [zui4 di1 dian3] /lowest point/minimum (point)/最低限度 [zui4 di1 xian4 du4] /minimum/最多 [zui4 duo1] /at most/maximum/largest (number of sth)/the most/罪恶 [zui4 e4] /sin/罪犯 [zui4 fan4] /criminal/最高 [zui4 gao1] /highest/highest-level/最高法院 [zui4 gao1 fa3 yuan4] /supreme court/最好 [zui4 hao3] /best/(you) had better (do what we suggest)/最后 [zui4 hou4] /final/last/finally/ultimate/最后更新 [zui4 hou4 geng1 xin1] /latest update/most recent update/最惠国 [zui4 hui4 guo2] /most-favored nation (trade status)/最佳 [zui4 jia1] /optimum/optimal/peak/最佳利益 [zui4 jia1 li4 yi4] /best interests/最近 [zui4 jin4] /recent/recently/soon/最近几年 [zui4 jin4 ji3 nian2] /the last few years/last several years/recent years/罪名 [zui4 ming2] /a (criminal) charge/accusation/最年长 [zui4 nian2 zhang3] /eldest/罪人 [zui4 ren2] /sinner/最少 [zui4 shao3] /smallest/least/最为 [zui4 wei2] /the most/最喜爱 [zui4 xi3 ai4] /favorite/最先 [zui4 xian1] /(the) very first/最新 [zui4 xin1] /latest/newest/罪行 [zui4 xing2] /crime/offense/最终 [zui4 zhong1] /final/ultimate/最主要 [zui4 zhu3 yao4] /main/罪状 [zui4 zhuang4] /accusation/尊 [zun1] /to honor/樽 [zun1] /goblet/bottle/wine-jar/遵 [zun1] /to observe/to obey/to follow/尊称 [zun1 cheng1] /(n) deferential or respectful form of address to sb/尊敬 [zun1 jing4] /respect/respectfully/revere/reverence/遵守 [zun1 shou3] /comply with/respect (an agreement)/遵循 [zun1 xun2] /to follow/to abide by/尊严 [zun1 yan2] /dignity/sanctity/honor/尊鱼 [zun1 yu2] /trout/遵照 [zun1 zhao4] /(v) in accordance with; follow/尊重 [zun1 zhong4] /to value (something)/to esteem/to respect/撙 [zun3] /regulate/restrain/嘬 [zuo1] /suck/昨 [zuo2] /yesterday/作料 [zuo2 liao5] /condiments/seasoning/昨天 [zuo2 tian1] /yesterday/作者 [zuo2 zhe3] /author/writer/左 [zuo3] /left/佐 [zuo3] /assist/左边 [zuo3 bian1] /left/左轮手枪 [zuo3 lun2 shou3 qiang1] /revolver/左面 [zuo3 mian4] /(n) left side of sth/左右 [zuo3 you4] /about/approximately/left and right/around/作 [zuo4] /to regard as/to take (somebody) for/to do/to make/坐 [zuo4] /to sit/to take a seat/to take (a bus, airplane etc.)/柞 [zuo4] /oak/Quercus serrata/座 [zuo4] /to sit/to take a seat/祚 [zuo4] /blessing/the throne/做 [zuo4] /to do/to make/to produce/凿 [zuo4] /chisel/怍 [zuo4] /ashamed/阼 [zuo4] /steps leading to the eastern door/胙 [zuo4] /confer upon/sacrificial flesh/唑 [zuo4] /(phonetic)/-z + ole (chem.)/酢 [zuo4] /toast to host by guest/作爱 [zuo4 ai4] /to make love/作案 [zuo4 an4] /(v) commit a crime/坐班 [zuo4 ban1] /keep office hours/作弊 [zuo4 bi4] /fraud/to cheat/to plagiarize/座标 [zuo4 biao1] /coordinate/做出 [zuo4 chu1] /to put out/to issue/做祷告 [zuo4 dao3 gao4] /to pray/座儿 [zuo4 er5] /(n) seat for sitting/(n) the base or lowest blocks of a structure; pedestal/作法 [zuo4 fa3] /course of action/method of doing something/practice/modus operandi/做法 [zuo4 fa3] /way of doing things/a (regular) practice/a behavior/作废 [zuo4 fei4] /(v) expire and thus lose validity/作风 [zuo4 feng1] /style/style of work/way/做工 [zuo4 gong1] /(v) do manual work/(n) workmanship/坐好 [zuo4 hao3] /to sit properly/to sit up straight/作哼声 [zuo4 heng1 sheng1] /snort/作家 [zuo4 jia1] /author/做客 [zuo4 ke4] /to be a guest or visitor/坐牢 [zuo4 lao2] /imprisonment/imprisoned/做梦 [zuo4 meng4] /dream/have a dream/作品 [zuo4 pin3] /works (of art)/座谈 [zuo4 tan2] /have a informal discussion/作为 [zuo4 wei2] /accomplish/action/to regard (sth as sth)/to look upon (sth as)/conduct/座位 [zuo4 wei4] /seat/作文 [zuo4 wen2] /composition/作物 [zuo4 wu4] /crop/坐下 [zuo4 xia5] /sit down/作业 [zuo4 ye4] /school assignment/work/task/operation/to operate/作业环境 [zuo4 ye4 huan2 jing4] /operating environment/作业系统 [zuo4 ye4 xi4 tong3] /operating system/作用 [zuo4 yong4] /action/activity/actions/acts/effect/to play a role/座右铭 [zuo4 you4 ming2] /motto/作战 [zuo4 zhan4] /conduct (military operations)/作主 [zuo4 zhu3] /(v) decide/(v) give support or back sb/